Adam Brody rebounds with Ashlee Simpson

Adam Brody was flirting up a storm with Ashlee Simpson at a recent event. Adam is newly single and has been hitting the LA hot spots with his friends after splitting with gorgeous O.C. costar Rachel Bilson. This news from Star makes it seem like he was being flirty with Ashlee, and they were probably just talking, but maybe these two will hook up at some point:

Adam Brody, 27, and Rachel Bilson, 25, are officially over. Adam was spotted with Ashlee Simpson at the Volkswagen Tiguan Concept party in L.A. on November 28. A source tells Star, “Ashlee was giggling up a storm, like she really loved all the attention.” The two seemed infatuated with one another; Brody couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!

[from the Star Magazine e-mail newsletter.]

I might call these two the new couple of Adam couldn’t keep his hands off Ashlee, but maybe he was just staring at her because he was amazed at how much her face has changed recently.

Meanwhile Star also says that Ashlee and Lindsay have made up after their public spat over scumbag Wilmer Valderrama. Lindsay was said to have made sure Ashlee and sister Jessica didn’t get into an MTV party she was hosting. Ashlee later said on The Charlotte Church show that she has a song called “I didn’t steal your boyfriend” which is dedicated to Lindsay. (Part is 2:30 minutes into video clip on the linked post.) Now Ashlee and Lindsay were seen arm and arm on November 9th and Star calls them the latest frenemies. (That’s such a popular word lately although it seems like I just learned it last week.)

Here is Ashlee getting takeout. Thanks to I’m Not Obsessed for these pics.

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  1. Eva says:

    what a horrible thought: Adam and Ashlee

  2. just me says:

    She has ugly feet. Her big toe is funky looking.

  3. alarmjaguar says:

    There was a Sex in the City ‘frenemies’ episode…

  4. Timperament says:

    Charlotte can sing heaps better than the two combined

  5. AC says:

    for a second i thought it was britney

  6. t i z i a n i t a * ,, tiziana says:

    dios miooo! ashlee simpson se ve horrible en las fotosss.. y hace fea pareja con adammmm ..
    adam esta saliedo conmigo y cual hay? jajaja sisi esta re divi

  7. Sanjay says:

    Adam Brody is good boy