Is Ann Curry fired from The Today Show? “It’s hard not to take it personally”

Ann Curry
We’ve heard rumors for a while that Ann Curry is going to be sacked as co-anchor on The Today Show. Ann’s faux concern and milquetoast approach to all subjects gets boring for the audience fast. The show has sagged in ratings since she replaced Meredith Viera as Matt Lauer’s co-host. Plus Matt supposedly can’t stand her.

Current stories of Ann’s departure are making it sound like it’s going to happen any day now, which invites speculation as to who will replace her. Beloved Meredith is a good bet, and Mike Walker in the National Enquirer reports that Meredith has been approached by Today Show producers to go back to her job at a hefty $20 million a year – twice the salary she earned when she left. TMZ claims that Meredith has turned down the offer, and that another today co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie from the show’s third hour, is about to take Ann’s place.

So what’s going to happen to Ann, and considering that she takes everything so damn seriously, how is it affecting her? Ann has a new interview with Ladies Home Journal in which she reveals that the talk does bother her, and that she takes it seriously. She also seems to say that she’s too hard on herself, and that all women are like that. This is why she’s such a shitty interviewer, she assumes that everyone is just like she is, super serious and without a sense of humor. Here’s part of her interview:

With news of her pending departure from The Today Show making headlines, Ann Curry’s future plans are very much in the spotlight. The importance of staying true to herself and doing her best at the job she loves were very much on her mind when she sat down with Ladies’ Home Journal for their August 2012 cover story. She opened up about Good Morning America beating The Today Show in the ratings, how much she values her viewers, her plans for the future and why women need to be each other’s biggest support system. The issue will hit newsstands on July 10, 2012.

The Today Show vs Good Morning America ratings war: “It’s hard not to take it personally. You worry, Am I not good enough? Am I not what people need? Am I asking the right questions? When people say negative things or speculate, you can’t help but feel hurt. I know NBC pays my salary but I have never doubted who I work for. I think about the people who watch. They’re the ones who matter to me. I want to feel I haven’t dropped the ball when it comes to them.”

What she’d change about herself: “I don’t always understand my worth. I think it’s a chronic condition for women. I’m not talking about professionally. I’m talking about in our personal lives. We constantly punish ourselves with degrading thoughts when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We allow people to treat us poorly, we allow our husbands or boyfriends to get away with things or we have relationships with girlfriends or colleagues who don’t treat us well. We don’t defend ourselves as we would our own children. Women have demanded and gotten better jobs and more power. But the one thing we deserve is a better relationship with ourselves. We waste too much time beating ourselves up. I think at my age of 55, it’s time to stop doing that.”

Where she sees herself in five, 10 years from now: “I’ve been at Today for 15 years and I’d love to make it to 20. I think eventually I want to become a teacher, like my father wanted to be, and hopefully positively influence the next generation.”

What she loves about TV news: “I’m in this business because I want to have a life of value. For me that means giving people information that can give them a better life.”

[From Ladies Home Journal]

Doesn’t this sound like Ann knows she’s about to go and is trying to break the news to us gently, as if we’re about to burst into tears at her change of employment status? That’s how she conducts every interview, so I assume that’s her motivation here. Ann is skilled at getting damaged celebrities to cry, and they’ll find another place for her on the network. I won’t miss her at all. Also, can you believe she’s 55?! I thought she was about 42.

Ann Curry

Ann Curry

Ann Curry

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Ann can do better than the today show, she’s a great reporter, this fluff stuff just isn’t her calling

  2. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    Good morning, good morning, good morning and in the news this morning, good morning.

    The immortal words of Ann Curry.

    Maybe if she recognized her own worth, she wouldn’t suck so much.

    Yeah, I’m bitchy. Haven’t slept more than a four hour stretch in weeks

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hi Tiff/fellow-Ann-Curry-hater!

      She should have NEVER been promoted in the first place. Knew it was a terrible idea. This woman grates on my nerves. She might be a good journalist but she does NOT have good interviewing skills in front of the camera. She just doesn’t have the personality to host a morning news show. She stutters and trips over her words, at times she seems socially inept and there is literally ZERO chemistry between her and Matt Lauer.
      I shouldn’t say I *hate* her (hate is a strong word), I just think the Today show needs to put her back to doing the news.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I don’t hate anyone, well Blohan maybe, but Ann Curry is horrible. Her interview comes off like she believes every stereotype about women’s self hatred. Learn to love yourself Ann, you are in your fifties. I can’t believe she hasn’t figured out her self worth yet. She still looks in the mirror and hates what she sees? WTF?

        I just love when the Soup plays that good morning clip over and over.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        You know, with her I believe it. Part of her biggest problem with interviews is that she lacks confidence and that cool-headedness (not a word I know) that you need to be a tough interviewer.
        Maybe she’s just really shy or insecure. Wh’evs. Bottom line: she’s not cut out for co-hosting the Today show.

    • lucy says:

      Aw, dang you beat me to it!! :D

    • melissa says:

      Exactly! I find her very offputting to watch. She’s nervous, panders to guests, gets confused easily and mispeaks, whispers to people in such an odd, breathy way and is overall not terribly good at her job.

      Meredith Vieira’s shoes were hard to fill, but Ann Curry never had a chance.

  3. Rhea says:

    Well, I still feel bad about the way they let her go… I think the show sagged ratings is not all her responsibility/fault…

  4. lisa2 says:

    Anne gets too much crap. I like her and for the most part I don’t like The Today show. CAN NOT STAND MATT. They treated Anne like crap and I won’t forget that. I’m sure she feels the disloyalty. Who wouldn’t. It’s like they gave her the spot as Pity and waited with baited breath for her to fail. I think they are blaming her for Today dropping in the ratings. I think it is not her fault. But I guess you have to blame someone and Anne is the fall guy.

    That sucks..

    • Maguita says:

      Wasn’t Ann the one fawning all over Brad Pitt and constantly caressing his face during interviews?

      She might be a kind lady, but in a vicious world of strongly-possessed women fighting to prove that they could be as professionally-insensitive as men… Well, Ann is weak. Especially on a very competitive show, trying desperately to find balance between hard-hitting journalism, and fun morning entertainment!

      They need someone funny with charisma, but still can manage a seriousness of tone. I am very partial to that Mulroney kid on Canada’s eTalk. He has IT. Could be funny, knows how to connect with his interviewees, puts them at ease, yet manages to ask, at times, very tough-fidget-inducing questions.

      But we need a woman. Personally, I love Joy Behar’s witt, but she could be too much for a morning show, for hours on end… And honestly, she lacks a certain protocol and refinement à la Diane Sawyer. The new generation seems bland.

      But please, NO Menounos. Too cheap and tacky sleaze!

      • mln76 says:

        The Brad Pitt incident is an all time embarrassment I can’t ever look at her the same again…He looked so uncomfortable he was literally squirming and if I remember correctly the next time Matt did the interview. I agree with other assessments she’s a decent teleprompter reporter but not suited for the main co-host position. Matt isn’t that great either to be honest he got lucky with his chemistry with Katie and Meredith and his pretty face but he’s grating and he’s a terrible interviewer.

      • lisa2 says:

        Oh STOP…she only touched Brad one time. lol

        (heck I would have touched Brad too if I had the chance)

        I know Ann is not a hard hitter, but she is not to blame for that show being bad. It is bad because it has not changed and it is boring. I like CBS and Charlie Rose. That show is different and I kind of like it. So that is what I watch.

        Ann should give them her ass to kiss and move on. When they put someone else in the seat and the ratings continue to drop..

        Matt all eyes will go to you. And I hope they fire your butt.

      • Jayna says:

        The same with an Angelina Jolie interview. It was cringeworthy. She had this look of adulation on her face and tried to be buddy buddy bringing up their moms and one time you could see the discomfort with Angie. Such an unprofessional interview.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Maguita-the BP Ann Curry interview was one of the all-time most CRINGEWORTHY thing I have ever seen. As you said, she maybe a nice lady but she’s just not professional enough to hack it. She gets rattled WAY to easy.

        They definitely need to bring in a sassy, witty woman (sorry Savannah Guthrie) to co-host the show.

      • Maguita says:

        Like others have mentioned, Ann is good with humanitarian reportage. She could find herself within a large group, contributing in small sporadic doses, and be perfectly palatable. Even admirable.

        Unfortunately, she doesn’t have what it takes to be a front woman, like @O.Kitten had said, no matter how sweet a lady she is.

        This is media. It is driven by popularity, viewer numbers, and consequently, most importantly, sponsor dollars. It doesn’t matter how one is truly nice and kind in real life, and that is the reality of the business. Whether we approve of it or not.

    • lunabell says:

      lisa2: Agreed. And in the same vein, I don’t know why NBC can’t keep their sh*t tight? Reminds of of the whole Conan / Jay Leno fiasco. If you’re going to let someone go, then why drag it out, especially when it’s already been leaked to the media? It seems unnecessarily cruel to the parties involved.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      @lisa2: I agree with you! I don’t get the hype about Matt Lauer …

  5. Rhiley says:

    That’s how you spell “milk toast”?

  6. vanessa says:

    I have always loved Ann. She is is much better with serious news. What a gorgeous woman!

  7. Jayna says:

    She has handled it all with dignity. She still showed up yesterday and I admired that. While I’m not a huge fan of Ann’s, Savannah is no better at all, and actually worse. Big mistake if they go with her, no spark Natalie would be good.

  8. cr says:

    Savannah Guthrie? No, that’d be even worse than Ann.

  9. Jackie O says:

    she is wound tighter than a fucking alarm clock. i can’t imagine having to work with her. imagine what she is like to live with??

    she can’t go fast enough for me. i have to change the channel when she is interviewing as it is so uncomfortably painful to watch.

    • QQ says:

      Jackie Me EITHER every fucking Morning I pray they sent her away “on Assignment” or to another Vacay with the Dalai Lama, I only don’t watch ABC cause i don’t like anyone in that show particularly

      I’m always yelling at the tv because I can’t understand WHY is she happening for SEVERAL reasons:

      A) She can’t interview celebs without fawning and trying to touch them OR being Intensely uncomfortable ( if they are funny types)

      B)She was good for news reading but now is as if she cant see, isnt reading, the prompter is failing, she didn’t prep shit and a train is coming ALL AT THE SAME TIME

      C) Interviews with the bereaved suck cause she asks the MOST non sensical akwardly worded questions and then that fucking UMMMM HMMMMM-ing to death that she does, that make me rabid

      D)she is completely humorless, she can’t do levity like Meredith ( or Savannah as of late) can, she is always stodgy in between Matt and Al who lately have straight up been snarkily tag teaming her for Lulz.. She should be a foreign correspondent and stuff like that where she can prep, is serious, there will be no off-the-cuffs moments and she doesn’t have to wear them godawful clothes

      E) The.Fucking. Clothes: Ann is a cute lady witha good Figure, so WHO THE EFF is dressing thgis woman in neon crayola ass pregnancy shifts… Is so so so Awful

      The show is almost only watchable when she is out, and I think is really at this point Savannah’s to lose

      Rant Ovah… Lol sorry she just gets on my every last good nerve

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      And QQ, this is why I can’t with morning shows, Ann in particular. So awkward.

      I am sure she would make a great teacher though, she seems nice and sweet, maybe first grade?

  10. Eve says:

    Also, can you believe she’s 55?! I thought she was about 42.

    Is she of Asian descent? Because that could explain why she looks so much younger than her actual age.

    I’m still amazed by Chinese actor Simon Yam, who’s 55 years old, but looks like he’s in his late 30s (tops).

  11. Marcy says:

    i dont know anyone who watches the today show/good morning america. except when its on at the gym or simply as background noise when you are cleaning. so i could care less. she seems nice though

  12. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I would be all for them bringing Meredith back. Love her, and I think she and Matt’s personalities compliment each other. I’ve heard that her husband (I think) has medical issues so she wants to spend more time with her family, which is certainly respectable. At some point, the money just doesn’t make up for lost valuable family time, at least not for some people anyway.

    • mayamae says:

      Her husband has MS and is just about legally blind. They kept the MS a secret until people started whispering he was a falling down drunk. That was back when she was still on The View. He also had cancer – maybe colon? I agree that she left Today to spend more time with him.

  13. TXCinderella says:

    I actually like Ann Curry, and I like her interviewing style. She seems like a sweet person and that is refreshing to me. Someday Diva Matt will be replaced. Let’s see how he feels about that when the time comes.

  14. Agnes says:

    can’t believe she’s 55! she looks amazing.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    I haven’t watched the Today show since Katie left.

    But I think all these rumours circulating before NBC lets Ann know what’s going on is a shitty deal. She needs a serious reporting gig, not this mundane fluff.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I used to watch a bit of the Today show every morning, but their ENDLESS coverage of Michael Jackson’s death made me turn it off for a while. When I tried coming back, there were interviews with Kate Gosslin and Kartrashians. They’re supposed to be a real news show, not Access Hollywood. So no, I don’t think Ann’s to blame at all.

    I like her, but agree she’s not a good interviewer, she was better suited for the news portion. And I can’t believe she’s 55! She looks awesome. If she ends up getting canned, I hope she finds something else good to do.

    • Anon says:


      As for interviewing Kate Gosselin and those on reality, blame dear old Matt, Meredith and Natalie *did a whole hour of loves Kate Gosselin. Should be called a study in narcissism on all sides.

      CBS is bringing back the morning NEWS as news should be.

  17. Kristin says:

    I’ve always liked Ann Curry. Her reporting on Sudan and other humanitarian crises are actually really in depth and really interesting. I think she’s better with the “actual” news and not the celebrity format stuff the Today Show does. I don’t watch morning news that much anymore (I leave for work before the Today Show even starts) so I can’t speak to what she’s been doing these days. It’s probably not the right fit for her.

    I do feel a bit sorry for her, though. She thought this was going to be the job of a lifetime. If *we* think she looks bad and uncomfortable, someone as self-aware as she seems to be probably *knows* she’s horrible at her job. Put her back on Dateline or Nightly News as a special correspondent and let her go into war zones and refugee camps. She’ll be fine.

    • Becky1 says:

      I agree. I just don’t think she’s suited for the “Today Show” co-anchor position-her strengths are elsewhere. I actually feel badly for her sometimes because I can tell that she’s anxious and uncomfortable.

      I’ve heard she’s a nice lady. A friend of a friend who works for NBC worked with her briefly on a project and he said that she’s unusually kind and sweet for someone in the TV news business.

  18. JudyK says:

    Always liked Ann at the news desk, but the chemistry is totally lacking w/ Matt as a co-anchor…don’t think that’s anyone’s fault (I like both Ann and Matt), but it’s just not working.

    Matt is the face of the Today Show, and he does an outstanding job. Without him, I would no longer watch. He and Meredith were great together.

  19. Mrs.Darcy says:

    So is she actually fired? I actually don’t mind her, it’s Matt and Katie Couric I could never stand personally. Matt is probably just annoyed she is older than him and aging so much better, he seems like such an arrogant plankhead.

  20. DuBarry says:

    Why not can balding Matt Lauer and his 30 mil a year contract? I can’t believe you are all supporting the firing of Ann – she is the hard news on the show! Do you really want to bring in some young blonde bimbo and have the show solely around backyard BBQs and pantyhose?!? The last straw for me was when the Kardashians co-hosted. No thanks, I’d like real news in the morning – not fluff.

  21. Kimlee says:

    Rumor is they want Ann to be international reporter.

  22. Lady LaLa says:

    wasn’t she the one who grabbed Brad Pitt???

  23. Vicky says:

    When Ann leaves I will never watch the today show again, regardless I think she is awesome, I remember when Matt took over and he was much better than he is now, he is so stuck up he acts like he is so much better than everyone else, and savannah I’m sorry sucks. And merideth if she came back I believe Matt’s wife better keep a closer eye on him. Ann you are loved keep up the good work

  24. Sybil D. Jarreau says:

    I know that Ann Curry is an excellent reporter.But of course your rateing are more important than a person,that mind set is exactly what’s wrong with this country as we speak. Everything is connected to money,power,and your preious rating.Ann you are to good for that company,go were you will be appreicated and most imporantly respected.

  25. Nan209 says:

    I hate all of those morning talk show and most of their hosts and wouldn’t mind if they all dropped off the face of the earth. They are so incredibly saccharin and pretentious. Meredith bugs me because she comes off as someone who has a stick up her butt and and looks like she is smelling something bad (like the little people who are beneath her feet). All the other hosts irritate me too.

    Maybe morning shows are showing a dip in ratings because they are boring, out of touch, and useless.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      And that is why I read here or watch ESPN in the morning. I hate human interest news fluff shows.

      Though channel 11 in LA is just hilarity in the morning. Steve Edwards and Greg Kelly from NYC deserves a special award.

      Their logic is a pleasin’…

  26. OXA says:

    I do not watch because Matt Lauer makes my skin crawl, I think puppets would be a good replacement.

  27. Mac says:

    I’ve always enjoyed watching Ann Curry on “Today” and elsewhere. Matt Lauer has become too self-absorbed and tries to make himself the focal point of every interview.

    I’d like to see Hoda Kotb be given a chance when Ann eventually leaves.

  28. Stubbylove says:

    Ann did great in her former role at the Today Show. She’s just not good at anchoring, interviewing and the like. She comes across as anxious, fake, uncomfortable, etc. She’s a great news reporter, gorgeous and I’m sure will have excellent opportunities in other things. It’s an excellent example of “know thyself”. I can’t stand watching Today in her current role. That being said, she’s given Today a significant amount of her life, time and talent – she deserves respect and the producers need to give her her walking papers in the vein of class and dignity.

  29. Prim says:

    I just can’t stand her faux concern.

  30. katie says:

    I loved the Today Show with Meredith Viera and then when she left the bitch claws came out. There wasn’t anyone there to soften Matt and Anne anymore. She’ll do better in hard journalism; it’s more her style. The egos on the Today Show are all out of control; it’s not just Anne’s fault.

  31. bluhare says:

    I don’t watch the Today show. I don’t watch any of the early morning shows. I’d get sucked in and then be running late, which I hate.

    But anyway, after reading all your comments I think I like Ann Curry.

  32. LeeLoo says:

    I hope they go with Natalie Morales. I just don’t see Savannah doing very well either but I could be wrong. I never liked Merideth because she seemed very snooty and Savannah seems very similar. Natalie could he a second Katie Couric. Ann is a great journalist, she just needs to not have to do the constant BS that comes with a morning show.

    I miss CBC’s The Early Edition.

  33. Alexa says:

    I like Anne Curry a lot! I don’t understand the alleged ill treatment of her. (Chin up, Anne! It’s NOT you – it’s THEM!)

  34. heatheradair says:

    Sack ‘em all and get Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton to host.

    Oh — wait……….

  35. Dana M says:

    I’m not gonna comment on her current performance…I haven’t seen her anchor or do an interview in years! However, I do remember, In the nineties, she often messed up when she reading the TelePrompter for the news.

    But wow she looks great for 55!

  36. Aubra says:

    Nancy O’Dell may be a good fit…

  37. Me Too says:

    The problem with that show is not Ann Curry who I agree is overly dramatic and weepy on many of her interviews. Yes she fauns over big celebrities but so does every so called reporter we have in this country including Matt Lauer. What bugs me about this story is that once again the woman is being blamed for poor ratings when it’s not just Ann. I can’t stand Lauer. He’s a fake and prima donna. I stopped watching years ago. I like Gutherie as a reporter but find Natalie even more irritating than Ann and Lauer. if they fire her and keep him, I won’t turn it on again.

  38. garvels says:

    Has it ever occurred to the simpletons at NBC that it may not be Ann,but it actually might be the smug,womanizer Matt Lauer who is responsible for the ratings drop? His affairs over the course of the past few years are well known in the main stream.

  39. Lizzie K says:

    Can’t stand her. She is the phoniest thing on morning TV, and that’s saying something. Don’t know how she ever got so far without being able to fake sincerity.

  40. sandy beach says:

    I didn’t realize she was known for her reporting skills and “hard news”. I am not a regular viewer and have only seen her “read” the news and do some softball celeb interviews.

    She’s a real pussycat when it comes to big stars and comes across as a real patsy — the star is the one in charge and she’s never going to force them to answer a tough question. Remember the interview(s) with Brad Pitt??? She was like a lovestruck teenager.

  41. Tonya Georgia says:

    I like Ann as being part of the show,she has always be the compassionate one however, she’s too low key to be the key female host. I don’t care for Matt Lauer, never have and I know alot of people who feel the same, I’ve always watched the Todays show because I liked Katie and Meredith being on the show. They were always alot of fun. With the combo of Ann being low key and not liking Matt, I don’t care to watch it anymore.

  42. lisa2 says:

    Why are people complaining how Ann interviews celebrities. These people are not crooks. they are promoting a film. What “hard” questions do people want her to ask. I get going hard on a celeb that has been arrested or caught doing something criminal. But for someone just promoting a film why do they need to be grilled like they have committed some crime.

    When celebs go on these morning shows they go for the positive. They talk about the film, they may tell a few personal stories. it is suppose to be light and airy. It is early morning. No celebs goes on these shows to be attacked verbally by the host/hostess. And if people want to call it kissing their ass so be it. the show wins with ratings and the celeb gets to be seen and talk their movie. They like Ann because she actually understands her part in the game. Matt tries to grill these people like he would a politician. And they are not the same. And when that happens the celebs don’t have to go on your show to promote. They go else where. And then as we have seen on Today they are reduced to interviewing C/D list stars and reality stars like the Kardashians or Kate G.

    Morning Shows are suffering because they really can’t get the BIG GETS. And the few shows the really big stars will do don’t try to grill them like they are on trial.

  43. phoenix says:

    I can’t stand matt lauer. He has always bothered me. I like ann better than meredith and even katie couric (just never liked her). I like Hoda actually. I think diane sawyer is the best morning anchor if she’s still doing that. Matt lauer and bryant gumbel are like the same person to me.

  44. anne says:

    From her time at the news desk with her Good Morning, Good morning, Good morning everybody – totally got on my nerves. She’s so overly interested and sympathetic in her stories it’s nauseating. I had watched NBC forever, but have now switched to ABC. Like the brief stories so much more than the way NBC dwells forever on some of the most boring and over told stories.

  45. Anon says:

    I switched to CBS morning news with Charlie, now if only they would replace Gayle. Hmm, Ann is available.

    • lisa2 says:

      Aw I would love that.

      Charlie’s show is good. Informative and the celebrity interviews are interesting. Charlie doesn’t do the dumb tabloid stuff. And I love the format. People should give it a try.

      Gayle gets on my nerves. She and Oprah talk the exact same way. UGH

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Love Ann Curry. Always have…shes intelligent, a class act and a great journalist. If they sack her the others they are considering will suck bigtime.
      I agree she should be moved over to Charlie roses show which is a FAR superior show.
      Get rid of Gayle King, cant STAND her. Anne would fit in perfectly. The Today Show has turned into nothing but midless drivel, fluff and tabloid. The producers have taken the “perky, lets feel GOOD!” morning show to stupid, dumb ass extremes. Its a worthless morning show. As far as I cant remember didnt Matt drive off Katie Couric as well?
      Maybe Matt would simply like to have the sofa all to himself? It worked for Kelly Ripa, right? ( Ugh)

    • JudyK says:

      Also can’t stand Gayle…she doesn’t have the class to do that show, and I’m guessing she doesn’t have the educational credentials, either, based on all the speaking errors I’ve heard her make.

  46. Palefire says:

    I’ve never watched her on that show bc I never watch it …LOL, so no opinion about that, but I like what she said above about women …. It’s actually a endearing thing to expose about yourself. Even as successful as she is, she’s vulnerable and pointing out the crappy end of the stick ALOT of women deal with. All the way up the food chain….

  47. Lantana says:

    I really liked Amy Robach and wish she wouldn’t have left Today. Some sites are saying she’s going to ABC. I think she would have made a wonderful co-anchor. I also really liked her paired up with Willie whats-his-name. They were so funny together, but I can’t see NBC replacing Lester on weekends. I have noticed lately that Matt and Ann are spending as little time together in the studio as possible.

  48. Cowgirl27 says:

    Actually one of Matt’s rumored affairs is with Natalie. From what I have read, it is pretty widely ‘accepted’ that one of Natalie’s children could be Matt’s and that is what prompted Matt’s wife to file for divorce. Apparently even Natalie’s husband knows of this detail. If you know of this liason story and then watch Matt and Natalie together – it seems to fit. They apparently were an item during the last Olympics and that is when she ‘conceived.’

    Natalie is protected by Matt but I don’t think she is a great reportor / anchor. I don’t like Ann either. I don’t like Matt either. His arrogance and snobbery is beyond compare. He is out-of-touch.

    I liked the show a long time ago, but then it became too Fifth Avenue and totally all NYC and the show isn’t all about NYC – I thought the market was all of the US. When Katie left, so did I. I once couldn’t imagine starting my day without the Today show. There for a few years I didn’t have any show – maybe a little local news and now I watch the CBS show with Charlie Rose and Erica and Gayle. I refuse to go back to snob Matt Lauer!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Yep. Me too AND Ann is completing her first year of a 3 year, 10 million dollar contract. I would SO take that money and get the f away from Matt Lauer!

      She’s sitting pretty and get that first grade teacher job girl, not many get 10 mil a year!!! The news is she will be a foreign correspondent.

      I hear it won’t be Natalie because of the affair, which is widely known. It’s Savannah. Did I mention ESPN is great in the morning. X games start next week. xxx

  49. Elle says:

    NBC’s problem with ratings is Matt Lauer. He is horrible. He acts like he is God’s gift to women when he really looks like a potato with a goofy smile. He also cannot deliver the news. I know a good 15 or so people who have stopped watching the show because of him!

  50. Clearely says:

    I think she’s a fine journalist, just not cut out for the fluff that pretends to be news that IS the Today Show.

    I only watch Hoda and Kathie Lee….they don’t even pretend to be “news” and I can respect that.

  51. maggie says:

    I never watch TV ever, but I have caught clips of this show and so I’m very objective. Matt is an ass and if he is a cheater too…get rid of him. Ann is polite and nice, but I think she is a deep person (not a shallow idiot) so I do think reporting on something meaningful and more important than a stupid celebrity is more fitting for her talent and depth. Making a lot of money doing mindless chitter chatter on a stupid show with the likes of KIM K is pretty low going for an advanced soul. The show basically is about as upscale as Radar Online. Time for Ann to move out and UP to something better. But Matt is the real drag on the show…he seems like a total jerk.

  52. scarlett says:

    I never could stand Matt Lauer and this whole situation has done nothing to change my opinion.It’s obvious he’s a womanizer but he also sounds like a predator. I think Ann was shafted but I agree that she has too much talent for this morning riff raff anyway. Won’t be watching the Today Show.

  53. mayamae says:

    I don’t watch the network morning shows. I’m a political junky and prefer Morning Joe.

  54. casualobserver says:

    What would you do for a million dollars? We know what Meredith Vieira won’t do for $20 mill, work with Matt Lauer. Pretty telling.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      +1. She won’t go back for 20 million dollars, hm…

    • Jayna says:

      She loved working with Matt. They had great chemistry. He brought her on. She hated getting up at 4 in the morning. She complained about the hours of the show from the very beginning. and hated not being up at night with her children, going to bed so early. She always said she took the job to secure her family’s financial future because of her husband’s health problems and didn’t renew her contract because while her husband is still in okay health she wanted to enjoy their time together. He has had two bouts of cancer and severe MS. He is legally blind and has to walk with a cane. She always kept her game show which pays her a few million a year and is easy work.