J-Woww, 26, can barely move her face: too much botox and fillers?

Here are some photos of Jenni “J-Woww” Farley attending the in-store promotion (which she endorses) of Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean by Revolution on 7/24. This is 26-year-old woman, and I remain astonished (and perhaps a little bit too trusting) at how early the botox and plastic surgery begins in Hollywood … and necessarily, at the “Jersey Shore” as well. Just last summer, J-Woww had insisted to Star magazine that she hadn’t undergone any plastic surgery other than her previously acknowledged breast augmentation. At the time, I believed her because it truly appeared that her transformation was down to make-up tricks, false eyelashes, and weight loss.

At a certain point though, J-Woww truly started to look different (from a surgical perspective) during the Season 4/Season 5 amalgamation of “Jersey Shore,” and it became clear that Jenni was relying on more than mere falsies and bronzer to achieve the look that was so much more accentuated than her merely overly-highlighted “Shore” origins. Now the crew has just finished shooting Season 6, and J-Woww is promoting her spinoff, “Snooki & J-Woww Versus The World.” NBC has provided a few clips from Jenni’s 7/24 appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and CB thinks she looks even more alien than Heidi Montag after her various surgeries. Here’s J-Woww talking about her latest tattoo and why she got into a bar fight as well as how she dealt with Snooki’s pregnancy announcement and bachelorette party:

She can barely move her face, right? This is such a shame because I’ve always considered J-Woww (for what it’s worth) to be the most “natural beauty” of the “Shore” household — even moreso than Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, who practically negates her own beauty by dating Ronnie “Roid Rage” Ortiz-Magro.


Just for comparison’s sake, here’s Jenni looking much more natural in April 2010.


Here’s a few photos of J-Woww in March 2012 while shooting her spinoff with Snooki. Her lips appear decidedly puffy.


Here’s J-Woww on July 17. She doesn’t look quite as facially plumped up as she did on July 24, but there’s a definite difference from her 2010 self.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, and WENN

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  1. Dahlia Verlaine says:

    Girl looks rough for 26.

  2. Isabel says:

    Sad, because she is such a beautiful girl, the face and boobies are completely creepy right now.. Too much, just too much.
    Same with Snooki (dare I say it?? xD) She is really pretty without makeup, and yet she smears her face with pancake, spiderlashes and too much tan.. Sad.

  3. Joanna says:

    Love Jenni! she’s my fave out of all of them.

  4. sarah says:

    She was actually, once upon a time, very pretty. I hate when pretty people think they need work done and it makes them ugly. :(

  5. beyonce's bump says:

    I honestly don’t know how anyone would consider this artificial botox and fillers ridden face and body more attractive than the real thing.

  6. RocketMerry says:

    Yes, well, I thought Jenny was more of a “good common sense” kind of girl, that’s why I’m so surprised by this. I guess she was really much more insecure than I credited her to be.

    Sammi, on the other hand, may be a complete drama queen, but she IS undenyably beautiful. I mean, I’ve seen many Italian girls from the South and Mid of Italy looking similar to her and always tought “Man, that girl is so pretty, I wish I could be like that”. She kind of reminds me of the Italian standard for cuteness of when I was younger.

  7. jen7waters says:

    Ugh, those huge fake eyelashes…

  8. marie says:

    kinda disappointed, thought she was above that much work, she used to be pretty..

  9. Ari says:

    Apparently she can’t move much else either because according to their show that dude Rob (?) her boyfriend – OH WAIT Roger…hasnt had sex with her in like a year…it keeps bringing brought up and he seems like he is about to lose it LOL mayeb she has had too many surgeries elsewhere?

  10. Cam S says:

    I think her surgeons were trying to give her more feminine features

  11. Stacia says:

    Why would you EFF with your face in your twenty’s or thirtys? She’s really jacked up her face. When I look at her face I think….PUPPETFACE! She looks like one of those Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  12. Kate says:

    I was surprised to hear she was only 26. It’s hard to tell with all that makeup but she could be a pretty girl.

  13. wonderwoman21 says:

    My face hurts just looking at her waxy shellaced mug, she looks like she manufactured by Mattel.

  14. Hannah says:

    Looks like she went to Leah Remini’s doctor.

  15. SalmaNella says:

    I have to question any doctor who would do that to someone as young as Jenni. She seems to be dealing with body dysmorphic disorder. Like Kim K. she probably is trying to achieve some level of outward perfection. Maybe only thinking she is bankable because of her looks. What they don’t realize is that they end up looking like plastic blow up dolls rather than real natural beauties.

  16. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Wow is a term i reserve for supermodels like christy turlington and yasmeen ghauri; not this overexposed brainless bottom feeder.

  17. crazycatlady says:

    Dear Jersey Whores,

    We would like our eyelashes and makeup tricks back.


    Drag Queens

  18. Andrea says:

    Thank you!! I was waiting for someone to say something. This girl is so ugly.

  19. Lady_Luck says:

    Oh Gawd, she is just: awful, trash trash trash. What is it with this “breed” of English women and their fake orange tans, caterpillar eyelashes and horrendously tacky attitudes towards life. Chavtastic.

    • Veruca says:

      Right? I just got back from London and was shocked at all the Chavs! I’d no idea that look was so huge over there…

      in regards to JWoww I’ve got big fake boobs, everytime I see her I think, “you can take the girl out of the trailer park…”.