Bruce Willis calls his daughters ‘spoiled & selfish’ for ignoring their mom

In our coverage of the news that Demi Moore’s daughters are refusing to contact her, the comments have been divided between considering it tough love for an addict and finding the girls self-centered and spoiled for refusing to get in touch with their mom. It seems that Demi’s ex, Bruce Willis, is in the “spoiled” camp. He’s allegedly chastised the girls and threatened them with being cut off from his money if they don’t make up with their mom. That’s one way to get your daughters to fall in line. Here’s more:

Since Rumer, 23, Scout, 21, and Tallulah, 18, distanced themselves from their mom to get away from her emotional meltdowns, Bruce has let them know their behavior is unacceptable. “Bruce is very disappointed in them, and he’s been calling them spoiled and selfish. He doesn’t understand why they are turning on their mom when, for the most part, she’s been an incredibly supportive parent.”

The girls supported Demi through the split from Ashton Kutcher and her stay in rehab, but now they feel she should get it together on her own. Bruce, however, feels differently. “He thinks they are being way too hard on Demi,” says the source. “He still really loves her, but he has a new wife and baby to look after so it’s not as though he can do much for her.” But Bruce has a trump card to bring the girls in line: Shape up or no more allowance. “If he cuts them off, they will all be in serious trouble. None of them has money saved, and they all rely on Bruce and Demi to pay their bills. The sad thing is this means that Demi’s girls have to be paid to be nice to her.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 6, 2012]

There’s got to be a way for the girls to talk to their mom and set limits on how much they’re willing to be drawn into her drama. They’ve probably tried that, but let’s face it they’re all under 25 and likely have a very low tolerance for Demi. She’s partied with them, hit on their male friends, and reportedly acted like more of a “little sister” than a mom. It’s up to Demi to fix some things before she can repair her relationship with her daughters. If you believe the latest (PR-planted) reports, Demi has a hot new romance with a younger actor who could really use the publicity. Things are looking up for her and maybe she’ll be able to get her act together. If that story is a fake romance, at least she’s saving face in the media after seeing her ex so loved-up with Mila Kunis. She’s better off without the douche, but she still doesn’t seem to have realized it.

Bruce is shown in Cannes on 5-16-12. He’s also shown with daughter Rumer and wife Emma on 10-11-10. He’s shown with Demi and Rumer on 3-24-11. Demi is shown with her new “boyfriend” in a recent candid, thanks to Life & Style. Credit:

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  1. brin says:

    I didn’t think I could love Bruce Willis any more, but I do now!

    • Micki says:

      He doesn’t mince words, doesn’t he?

    • Bamster says:


    • Tif says:

      Totally agree!

    • Boo says:

      I feel the same way! My love for him knows no bounds!

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        He seems to be one of the very few celebs that has some common sense and is not full of sh.t.

    • Irishae says:

      Whether or not Bruce actually said these things, they’re true. Demi is obviously going through a terrible mid-life crisis that is negatively impacting her daughters’ lives, but I guess all those years she lived away from Hollywood to give her children “normal” lives counts for nothing. Despite her issues, their mother needs them for once and all they can do is turn their back on her and threaten a restraining order (lol, get real). Pathetic.

      • cali says:

        There is an issue not adressed which causes the girl not wanting to deal with their mom:
        Her temper tantrums and anger towards them because they keep in touch with Ashton. Demi does not want them too and, it makes her furious. This is why the girl try to stay away.

    • Lulu says:

      Yes! He has been more of a husband to her than Ashton ever was even while she was married to Ashton! The man is a gem.

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        Come’on! Let’s not even compare Bruce Willis to Ashton!

        One is a man’s man, the other…a TODDLER for goodness sake. Yet Demi picked them both!

    • Anne says:

      Agreed !~~~

  2. Jackie O says:

    these poor girls. a screwed up mother and a father who has moved onto his second family and who probably doesn’t have the interest, time, or patience to deal with the dysfunction.

    grand parenting all around.

    • Dusty says:

      But they love dad’s money so they don’t have to really work 8hours a day five days a week like the rest of us. Dad should just cut the purse strings!

      • Kasey says:

        It’d be interesting if they held their tough love stance and decided to just get jobs. Although w/o their parents’ help job hunting don’t know that they could get jobs that would pay their bills.

    • mimi says:

      So the mother is criticized for being human, a woman who wants love, who had her heart broken and is going through a rough time.

      Why is she to be blamed for having to suffer from the humiliation and heartache of the actions of her husband?

      • Erinn says:

        Because usually, when a human mother suffers heartbreak they don’t jump into the mode of acting younger than their daughters, and trying to party like a high school kid. I felt some sympathy for Demi early on, but her antics got annoying, and she came off as just a desperate mess. Instead of being a mother to her children she has tried so adamantly to be one of them, that it becomes hard to feel sorry for her.

      • Genevieve says:

        I agree.

        Not to mince words, her husband is a douche and those three rotten, pampered girls are spoiled little SH*TS.

  3. whatthehell456 says:

    Even after Bruce and Demi split, they still seemed to have a united front when it comes to their kids. I can kinda see where Bruce is coming from (suporting Demi) but I think the girls are old enough to make up their own minds whether they want Demi in their lives or not.

  4. Esmom says:

    Nice to see someone acting like a parent. This makes me wish he and Demi had never broken up. I’d guess she’d be in a far better place today if they’d somehow stayed together.

  5. RocketMerry says:

    I agree, Bruce. One thing is taking some distance because the mother is acting crazy and is toxic, another thing is abandoning her because you don’t feel like dealing with her problems. She is still family, you know? You wouldn’t do that to a friend, let alone a mother!

    • Jordan says:

      This I agree with. There were no reports of Demi’s bad parenting until recently and I’m not denying that an addict is probably hell to be around, even when recovering, but she is family. Rumor needs to recognize that she would have never have been offered a job as a “model” if it wasn’t for her mom. She has been supportive of them in the past, now that she needs them, they should do the same. Not everything about family is fun, and sometimes it’s only done out of obligation, but you do it.

  6. blacksred says:

    I love that no matter what is going on in Bruce’s life he always has cared about Demi and wanted the best for her.

    • Aubra says:

      Me too. I am also amazed that divorced families still make a way somehow to be family…I’ve seen it, so I know it’s possible.

  7. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Anyone know why Bruce & Demi split in the first place? Looks like they would have been happier together in long run.

    • lafairy says:

      He cheated on her with multiple strippers and waitresses and it all came to light at the same timeit was a huge scandal, so she left him, left hollywood and went in hiding in Idaho for several years!

      He sais many times that it was the biggest mistake of his life but it was too late.

      • Kate says:

        Oh God, poor woman. i didn’t know that – it must make the AK mess feel a million times worse, history repeating itself.

        I don’t think anyone here can know how good a mother she was behind closed doors, really. Addicts are rarely easy people to love.

  8. Hipocrisy says:

    It doesn’t matter that he may be wrong, what’s matter is that he actS as a responsable parent, trying to fix things between the mother of his children and his children.

    He cares and intervenes in his own way, taking his responsability as a father and an ex husband.

    Even if it doesn’t pay of, taking responsability in trying to fix things instead of staying in the sidewalk is honorable.

  9. mayamae says:

    Is this Rumer’s original nose? I think her face is thrown off balance with that little thin nose.

    Who knows what happens between Demi and her daughters. While I do think the girls are pretty spoiled and lacking in ambition, their mom has really lost it of late and how much should they tolerate? I can’t imagine what it’s like for your mom to become competetive with you and party on a teenage level.

    I think Demi gets away with a lot because we remember how she “sacrificed” her career to live in BF USA to raise her girls. Her career slumped so she really sacrificed nothing. And she still managed to raise three girls with the substance of Paris Hilton.

    I have always felt a parent should unconditionally love their children. However, I don’t believe it’s a 2 way street. Sometimes a mother is so damaging she needs to be cut out of your life. If she’s lucky, her girls will be waiting for her when she gets her shit together.

    Demi has become a pathetic shell of what she once was. She used to be known for her strength and confidence – to the extent that many critics believe it affected her ability to play vulnerable characters. I imagine she has undone a lot of hard work she put in teaching her girls to be strong and independent.

    • Diana says:

      +1 Agree with every word of this post.

    • Carolyn says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better. I may be naive here…I think Demi’s problems really began when she & Bruce split. Happy to be corrected and for those with good memories to fill in gaps as to why they split etc.

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        @Carolyn: just as I was thinking it, I ran across your post!

        It seemed that the split with Bruce did some major damage to Demi which probably led to her hooking up with a young Ashton and compounded her issues exponentially.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Bruce but perhaps he has been the wonderful ex- all these years because of some measure of “guilt” about the affect his actions had on her.

        It’s hard to believe that the Demi today is that same refreshing, tough brunette I enjoyed seeing so many years ago on General Hospital…

  10. MK yarwood says:

    Time to cut them off anyway!

    • MK yarwood says:

      And as for Bruce and Demi’s breakup, I bet it had to do with his temper over her wanting to include other people in their bed. Different ideas on sexuality are pretty much always the reason for a breakup!

      • lafairy says:

        actually they split because of HIS cheating, it was huge and he gave her the same humiliating treatment than asston gave her: scandal with multiple girls surfacing to tell their “stories”.She was very hurt and left totally heartbroken and humiliated, at their time they were THE power couple of Hollywood

      • MK yarwood says:

        Yes, yes, I remember. But we know Demi is a swinger, and likely was from the Elmo days. I’m just sayin’, he’s known to have a temper and was unfair about it. I was not saying it was on her 🙂

  11. shannon says:

    IMO he’s right. If she’s been a responsible and loving parent up until now, when she’s going through a really difficult time, they need to stand by their mother. ‘Tough love’ is great, but cutting off all contact with her for having a mid-life crisis of sorts is ridiculous. Good for Bruce for laying down the law.

    I don’t always get along with the fathers of my two sons, but never would I be okay with them cutting off contact with their father when their father needed them. You put your life into raising a child, these girls are old enough to know to give back now.

  12. Lady_Luck says:

    Bruce is right. And he seems like such a good father. It’s lovely that he has so much unconditional love for the mother of his children too – despite not being together. The children are so used to the good times and having a drama free life that they wish to just wash their hands of their mum because she is a little bit maintenance. Very sad and selfish of them.

  13. TheOriginalKitten says:

    They’re selfish? Really? You know what’s selfish? Acting like a 22-year-old, dancing on stage like a teen in front of thousands, doing drugs and drinking, dating a guy half your age, and generally acting like a teenager when your girls need a MOTHER and a role model. Yes, there is no doubt she loves her daughters but I can tell you that I would probably be a MESS if my mom acted like this. Then again, my mom never craved the attention the way this one does. I don’t blame these girls for being pissed. I’m sure they love Demi dearly, which probably makes it even harder to realize that at 25, they can look back and see all the things that their mother DIDN’T do for them. She’s not a terrible person or a terrible mom, but maybe her girls are starting to see that being their “best friend” isn’t an adequate way of parenting.

    • Mimi says:

      Thank you! ^^

    • beyonce's bump says:

      but you would also think that it is too late to throw the “mom is acting like a teenager” card when they are all in their twenties non? besides, I think it is even more fcked up if it was because demi told them to stop talking to ashton. If I had kids, I would CUT OFF my kids, if they even DARED to side with my ex boyfriend or hubby (who is not their dad – biological or otherwise who, say, raised them from childhood) who CHEATED on me. it is not like the relationship just deteriorated and then she asked them to pick sides. Nah, F that.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ beyonce’s bump-Sometimes it takes until your early-twenties to look back and see the mistakes your parents made. I’m 33 and I had AMAZING parents but I can see now that they weren’t always perfect. And no, it’s NEVER “too late” to excuse drinking and drugging. Sorry. If you’re still doing that when you’re in your late 40s/early 50s it’s STILL going to be a problem and it’s STILL going to affect your children, even if they’re in their 20s.

        “If I had kids, I would CUT OFF my kids, if they even DARED to side with my ex boyfriend or hubby”

        You would cut off your children for remaining close to someone that YOU brought into their lives? THAT’S f*cked up if you ask me. They didn’t ask to have a kid who was BARELY older than them as a “step-dad”. It was all very convenient for her when they accepted Ashton and they were *one big happy family* but now that she’s not with him, she expects that love to just vanish?? No, honey, it goes both ways. She brought him into their lives and she’s responsible for the relationship they still have with him. She has no one to blame but herself for that sh*t.

      • Riana says:

        Exactly, so if Demi happens to want to be friends with a guy if they cheated on her daughters they shouldnt be the least bit hurt.

      • Chatcat says:

        I am going to jump in here, because I DO have 3 children…17, 21 and 24. So I am sharing my experiences.

        First…you can love your kid and not like them. I imagine young adults have the same exact feelings about their parents…and it revolves around behavior. Yes there is a difference between loving and liking.

        Second…my boys have had girlfriends who they have hurt/dumped and who have dumped/hurt them. It happens, if I like the girl then I got pissed at MY son for being an asshole, or got pisssed at her for being an asshole to my son. But hate and cutting off? That is simply the true form of biting your nose off despite your face, and is petty and immature. And that is just dating.

        Third…never burden your children with your insecurities and failures. Share your feelings with them yes, yell, scream, kick and bite your anger out, but never, ever, make them make a choice that is not their own over situatons like picking sides! IT NEVER EVER WORKS.

      • LAK says:

        @beyonce’s bump – many, single parents do not introduce a new person to their child[ren] until they are sure that person is going to love the child[ren]. decisions are made for the unit rather than the individual. Ashton was in a relationship with Demi for 8yrs. That means the youngest daughter was 10yrs old whilst the oldest was 16yrs old. That means for 8 very crucial developmental years, these girls have had a mutual love with Ashton.

        How do you expect that love to just disappear?? We have never heard that Ashton was a bad parent or an uninvolved parent. I wold think him a dbag beyond repair for hurting the mother as well as the children.

        people are on here hi-fiving Bruce….the man who cheated on Demi with strippers and waitresses multiple times same as Ashton. Why don’t we ask him to stop talking to the girls. He hurt their mother exactly the same way.

        He is a kettle calling the pot black when he did exactly the same thing to their mother.

        Why was he happy to stand by Ashton all these years if Ashton had been a complete rat and dbag to Demi and the girls??

        Now he has a new family, he hasn’t offered his time and effort to help Demi. Yes he has a new family, but he that doesn’t mean he forgets about the old one. Where is his time and effort to look after Demi? r was he relieved that Ashton was taking care of his parental responsibilities and he could therefore swoop in for photo ops so they all looked like one big family that wasn’t??

        Finally, the thing about ultimatums, is that you have to be prepared for them not to go your way. If Demi Issued an ‘Ashton or me’ ultimatum, she should be prepared for it going against her. ditto Bruce. ditto the girls.

    • Diana says:

      Perfectly said!!!

    • Mira says:

      @Kitten – I disagree. Demi’s marriage to AK was embarrassing and selfish but they made it work. Demi did not abandon the girls post- her marriage to AK. She made sure they all bonded and that’s a lot of work, especially when your mother brings home a man half her age as their step-father. Cut Demi some slack. This is her first public meltdown. She’s not Courtney Love. Whatever the arrangement they had in their marriage, it’s terrible to know that your second marriage failed for the same reasons as your first – cheating husbands. I don’t expect barely 20 something girls to have the emotional intelligence required to deal with such situations but it’s not impossible. There are many minor/barely adult kids supporting their parents/families emotionally and taking charge of more severe situations than this one. These girls don’t have to earn a penny, yet they don’t have it in them or don’t want to support their mom. The older one is sensible enough to talk to Bruce, take his advice and lead the situation instead of showing some tough love. They should stand by her, help her cross the bridge but throw in the towel if she gets back to acting like a 22-year old again. Age has nothing to do with having emotional problems. Just because she’s 48 years old does not mean she cannot crack. That is something expected of an older person and yes people should learn to behave as they grow old. It’s not a gone case if for some reason a 48 year old burns out and is the one who requires a little help. And it takes time for that help to show results.

      • jwoolman says:

        It sounds as though Demi did start behaving inappropriately again after rehab and “the last straw” was reached. Her relationship with the two younger ones was already tenuous. Bruce didn’t live with her and he’s hardly in a position to talk. I doubt she just suddenly became an addict recently. Addicts are awful to live with, those kids might not have had such a “spoiled” life after all. Rumer is the only one who hung around, the other two seem to have left as soon as they could. But Rumer may have come to the point where she thought it was doing more harm than good to stay in the picture as long as her mom was being so self-destructive. My feeling is that they remain close to Ashton because they know exactly what he had to put up with and why he did what he did. They stayed close to their father despite his cheating ways, after all. Demi seems quite capable of using emotional blackmail to keep Ashton, and the public cheating may very well have been the only exit he could figure out – making himself the bad guy and letting her have all the sympathy as the woman wronged. Some things you just can’t fix, and addicts really need to hit rock bottom before they have even a chance of recovering. Cushioning their fall is counterproductive.

        If Bruce really did say he would cut off the kids financially unless they played Demi’s game- that’s pretty tacky. Hope it’s not true. But if it is true – hope it’s a wakeup call, but not the way some people think. I hope his daughters would realize both parents could turn on them any time and make plans to be truly independent of both of them. If you depend on someone else’s money, then they control you. Learn to live without it, and you will be free.

      • LAK says:

        @Mira – this isn’t Demi’s first public meltdown. She was a substance abuser in her brat pack days. SOme producer gave her an ultimatum before she cleaned up. We don’t know what happened in Idaho after the Bruce breakup, and i firmly believe that the girls’ public response, this time isn’t the first time they are dealing with this. It takes years to reach breaking point with a person with any kind of issues.

        Bruce has been a long distance partner in all this, so he can issue ultimatums without necessarily having to deal with the daily fall out.

        BTW- issuing monetary ultimatums is so manipulative as a parenting tool that i really hope that if all of this is true, they take both parents at their word and walk away until the parents get a grip and deal with their own issues.

  14. Lisa says:

    When parents complain how “spoiled” their kids are…well who spoiled them? They didn’t spoil themselves.

  15. mln76 says:

    I think Demi is out of control…BUT I do think she loves her daughters and has done her best to be a loving parent she isn’t a Courtney Love for example. I’m in total agreement with Bruce.
    I don’t think the girls are coming from a place of tough love. I honestly think they are so vapid and fame hungry that they just see Demi as dead weight. Which is pretty awful…
    Oh and I said it yesterday but I’ll repeat it. When are Demi and Ashton going to file for divorce? He’s already living with someone else and he hasn’t had the inclination to file even for separation? Totally fishy makes me believe they were never legally married.

    • Nikki says:

      I’d bet my last dollar they weren’t legally married. It was a spiritual ceremony. I’m sure both of them knew it wouldn’t last.

      Given that they are both wealthy, their lawyers probably drew up a co-habitation agreement, so I’m sure all matters have been settled.

  16. dorothy says:

    The girls are 18, 21 and 23 and still getting an allowance? I think Bruce has quite a few things he needs to be worried about.

  17. Riana says:

    I agree with him.

    Those girls are going to have to learn there are no ‘perfect’ parents and as much as their Mom may have issues they didn’t pop up out of nowhere.

    Something needs to be done but IF the rumors are true then ignoring their Mom and hanging of with the dude who cheated on her is incredibly disrespectful and frankly stupid.

    People don’t cheat on spouses, they cheat on families. I’m sure there’s been more than one occassion Kutcher wasn’t around because there was a tall blonde he needed to bang against a wall.

    And considering those girls are likely living off their parents money right now…no bueno.

    • Naye in VA says:

      “people dont cheat on spouses they cheat on families”

      THANK YOU! what a perfect way to put it. You didnt just deceive the spouse by cheating you deceived EVERYONE that was invested in your union.
      My sister still doesnt get why i wont even acknowledge her ex-husband after he cheated on her, and its for this very reason.
      As a family we opened our arms, and embraced him, and GAVE my sister to him with the understanding that he would love honor and respect her. So yes he betrayed all of us..
      douchebag lol

    • Minime says:

      You are so right!

    • LAK says:

      ok then….let’s talk about Bruce’s cheating that broke up his marriage to Demi. There were strippers and Waittresses involved. several times. Should he be cut off from his daughters?? It was just as public and humiliating as Ashton. And please don’t say it’s different because he is their bio dad. He was present when they were kids, Ashton was present through the teen years. They are both those girls’ fathers.

  18. Newyorking says:

    Easy for Bruce to say, what a hypocrite. He himself has divorced her and he expects his daughters to put up with the crap. Easy to talk, why isn’t Bruce there for her?

    • RHONYC says:

      Uhhh…he has a new wife & baby. I’m sure he’s doing his best to be there as much as possible. They’ve always maintained a strong friendship despite being divorced. 🙂

    • lafairy says:

      actually SHE divorced him, he would have take her back in a heartbeat if she just wanted to… but his excessive wandering ways had distroyed their family…

      It’s interesting that people see now Bruce willis like a saint when he was a total wreck for more than a decade before meeting Emma, hitting on barely legal girls, partying and hooking up with everything that walks under 25!

      Even if it’s hard to believe now that she is such in an awful place, Demi is the one who raised their daughters not in Hollywood, in Idaho she even left her career for many years to be a normal mom doing normal things, when Bruce was “having fun” all over the world with “party girls”.

    • spinner says:

      Sing it, Sister!!

  19. Naye in VA says:

    Its been what a year since Demi started to spiral down. There are families with addicts that try to love and support them for years and years and these girls coudnt be bothered. Its not like Demi is some addict that pops up when she wants money, she supports THEM, and she seems like a woman badly in need of someone to care about her, and clearly her daughters dont really.
    in fact, i think their brand of support was “lets go out and party”
    which amounts to fun for them, more damange to mom. i think they realized it wasnt a party anymore and bailed.
    Partially Demi’s fault for doing so in the first place, but talk about selfish from those girls.

    • mln76 says:


    • RHONYC says:


    • A Girl Named Mikki says:

      But Naye, how EMOTIONALLY MATURE are you in your early 20’s when it comes to dealing with a mom who was behaving more like a sister with addiction issues?! (allegedly)

      I have a daughter who just turned 20, majoring in pre-law and is a fantastic girl but emotionally…I’m still helping her to “do the work”.

      My point is, dealing with a parent who is an addict and the issues Demi have takes EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE which is why parents need to be responsible and get their asses to the nearest psychiatrist to deal with their own needs when it interferes with their quality of life.

      Hell spouses have left other spouses because of addiction yet we expect these kids to bombard themselves with toxic behavior?

  20. Nikkers says:

    Good for him. These girls do seem spoiled and selfish. I think there are absolutely situations when a child needs to sever a relationship with a parent but thats when it’s abusive or toxic. This seems more like a good supportive mom has fallen into a bad place (divorce, depression, etc) and now that she could use their support, they abandon her.

  21. RHONYC says:

    JERSEY REP-RE-SENT! woop-woop!

    love, love, LOVE papa Willz for keepin’ it real standing up for his ex & smackin’ down those spoiled tatertot brats! 😉

    i mean you can’t have it both ways:

    a great mom who made it a POINT to give you a loving, NORMAL childhood close to your dad…but, then you get to Hollywood & start showing’ ur a*s WHILE spending ur momi’s cash, and SHE’S the problem? 🙄

    i repeat: f*ck those kids. 👿

  22. M.GAYbender says:

    Hmm i wonder who raised these kids..since they are so spioled and all.
    They are kids!!!!They shouldnt have to deal with these grown up(s) that cant hold their live(s) together.

  23. Christina says:

    I for one don’t think that children should be forced to be with a mother who is destructive and behaving like this. My mother is a drug abuser and an alcoholic. Even though I’m 27 now, I don’t want to be forced to be taking care of her. It’s just not right. Clearly a lot of people don’t realise what kind of damage this does to the children. They should be allowed to make that decision on their own.

    • Emily says:

      I had this reaction, too. It’s really easy for Bruce, who at this point probably has very limited contact with Demi, to say that his daughters should be more forgiving. He doesn’t have to put up with the daily dramas, broken promises, unpredictability, and all around craziness that is being forced to deal with an addict. His daughters are bearing the most of that right now, and if they’ve decided it’s best for them to cut her out, they should.

      If he’s so concerned, he can take care of her.

    • lunabell says:

      Yeah but if this story is true, he is “forcing” them by cutting off their allowance.

      The girls are all adults – Bruce does not legally have any financial obligations to them. If he feels that giving them cash is enabling some sort of “spoiled” behavior than he has the right to stop.

      Besides, if they felt so strongly on their stance about staying away from Demi, you think they should be able to back it up by getting jobs and supporting themselves right?

  24. Jill says:

    That is why friendship with kids should be limited. Be a parent first and foremost.

  25. Toot says:

    If this story is true, good Bruce, but just cut them off. The girls seem very selfish and should go hit up there “great” second dad Ashton for money if they need it. Since they still love him and all.

    Also, since Demi has gotten out of rehab what has she actually done that shows she’s still spiraling out of control?

    Tabs have said she’s wallowing and a mess, but all we’ve seen is her lay low at first after rehab then go back to work. In pics since she left rehab she looks healthy so I don’t believe the tabs.

  26. hmmmm..... says:

    I hope that Demi gets her mojo back and that the POS who can’t act to save his life, gets what he deserves in the end.

    And her girls seem to have forgotten which side their collective bread is buttered on and since none of them are doing anything but living off their parents, they should at the very least try to support her through this situation and get her the help she needs; even if they need to go so far as an intervention of sorts, to do it.

    She would do it for them if the tables were turned.

  27. Dawn says:

    You know if these girls are selfish and spoiled well that is on the parents. And Demi was not exactly a warm and loving daughter herself. She cut her mom off for many years until her mother was dying. Maybe these three simply learned from the best. What goes around apparently comes around.

  28. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    So hard to know what the truth is here, but for what it’s worth here’s my 2 cents:

    Having had a mother who tried to act like she was 20 when she was in her 40s, always out partying, boyfriends, wanting to be my best friend and go out to clubs with me, etc. …I hated it. It was embarassing and I felt like I was the mother and never had a mother when I needed one. Plus she would have these dramatic breakups and fights with her lovers and I would be expected to listen to weeks and weeks of her wallowing in self pity. If I wanted to go out with friends and she was in the midst of one of her blue moods then I was selfish for not dropping everything to sit in the dark and drink wine with her and tell her how badly she was treated blahblahblah. She was also an addict to prescription drugs. So I guess I can feel some sympathy for the daughters here. There comes a point when you reach your limit with someone like this who seems to wallow in self pity and immature behaviour and doesn’t seem to even want to get better or see any wrong in their own behaviour. You can only be sympathetic for so long and even the article says that the girls supported her through the breakup and scandel, rehab, etc.

    But when is enough enough? Friend or relative…if the person just wants you there to complain to constantly and never moves on or tries anything new to get better (therapy or whatever) then at some point you aren’t helping them anymore and they are sucking the life out of you. It becomes a very toxic relationship. If you keep just sitting and listening and murmuring soothing things they want to hear you just enable them to stay stuck in self pity and focus on the past hurt. It sounds to me like that is what Demi is doing and her daughters have listened and soothed and been there for months now and are finally done. It’s hard to be endlessly sympathetic when it’s the same thing over and over and the person never seems to want to move on to a healthier place (or more mature place emotionally).

    They may have come together and decided that the only way to force their Mom to move on and try things to get her life back on track is to take a drastic step and cut her off. We don’t know the circumstances, but I know in the past there was a point where I had to say to my Mom that I couldn’t listen to her anymore if she wasn’t willing to make some changes because it was a never-ending pattern. She seemed to thrive on it because she was s star of the drama but for everyone else it was exhausting. Plus it gets to a point where you realize that they aren’t even listening to you …they just want someone to talk at. They aren’t interested in real help, they just want to wallow in how horribly they were treated. Expecting your children to be the people that sit and listen to that over and over for years sometimes…that’s unreasonable. Even a friend will eventually cut them off.

    Now as for getting an allowance…I agree that they are old enough that they should be out working and making their own money, at least the older two. Imo, using money to force your children to be there for your ex-wife and calling them selfish and spoiled is just rude and manipulative. He’s off with his new family, and yeah…even if she was a good Mom way back when, it’s a long time since and he hasn’t had to live with her acting like a teenager, huffing, etc. Has he sat down and talked to the girls about what is going on and what they really feel and their motivation for cutting Demi off?

    Lastly, I hate when a woman brings someone into a child’s life, expects the child to love them while things are good and then if the relationship turns sour they expect the child to cut them off. That is so immature. If the person and child have created a solid bond and care about one another and the adult hasn’t abused the child, then I can see the child wanting to continue to be friendly.

    I’m surprised the girls weren’t more angry at Ashton for cheating, but we don’t know the whole story. There have been hints of an open marriage and her allowing him to cheat and being okay with it until the tabloids got evidence that made her acceptance look bad. Either way, their issues and while I can see them being sympathetic to their Mom’s position and what he did to her, I think it’s pretty highschool of her to expect them to cut him off and never speak to him again.

    I think Demi needs to put on her big girl panties and recognize that she’s a grown woman. Her daughters were there for her and supported her through the cheating scandel and even the huffing/rehab thing (and who knows how bad that whole addiction thing has really been for them to deal with? I mean a woman in her 40’s huffing? really?). Demi needs to see that she’s wallowed long enough. She is a beautiful woman, has lots of money, she can still have a career acting I’m sure. She has resources that most of us would kill for. Get a good therapist. Go away to a spa for a few weeks and get your focus back on your future and yourself in a positive way, a healthy way. Choose to stop wallowing in the pain and decide to start making steps to get better. I think if she did that she’d find her daughters would be back in her life supporting that and her.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Excellent well written post – thank you I enjoyed reading it and you make very good points – I think this is what Christina means as well – you can’t take on the care taker role for this kind of parent – who is being an energy vampire by self created drama and not wanting to do anything about their problems except drain off others of their life force and then needy for more and more …there is only so much one can take of this behavior.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Good Ol’ Mom is and was exactly as you so very eloquently described, and it literally gives me the heebie jeebies to talk to her or be around her. I don’t even want her to touch me.

      We don’t know how long or if Demi has been all about her, but we do have solid revealing video history of her being an inappropriate lush from the start of her ‘General Hospital’ days.

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        NOOOooo…not since her General Hospital days!!!!

        Please say it ain’t so!!

      • RHONYC says:

        don´t be so provincial.

        she was at a dinner party where, oooh, shocks of all shocks, cocktails & wine were served.

        and those kisses were affectionate, not sexual. let´s be frank…she M-A-D-E that kid´s teenage-hood.
        getting kissed by an older chick at that age i bet made him ´da man´in high school.

        nothin´wrong with a lil´encouragement, eh? 😉

        p.s.- i know now why Dem´s Tatertots are pissed at her. that video revealed that she actually is nearly as beautiful now as she was then. and they look like…well, you know. smh 🙁

    • Mira says:


      But when is enough enough?

      Great question, no certain answer though. I’m sorry about your relationship with your mother but you held on for years, right? Why? Love, compulsion, guilt, duty, responsibility? It takes LONG LONG time to get to a stage where you take a position of not being sympathetic anymore. I had/have the same experience with my older sister. From the time I’ve known her, I have seen her in one crisis or the other. She was a difficult child for my parents, still is, but we thought she would change after high school. That she’ll be more responsible (which she is but only for herself). Didn’t happen though. She is 33 years old and she’s still a huge drama. She’s sucked the blood out of my mom, who has stood by her like a rock and continues to do so. My dad and sister always had a conflicted relationship because of her constantly getting into a crisis mode. Now they don’t talk anymore. He has cut off from her completely despite her longing for him, which is all good but she does not want to do anything about the status quo and instead expects him to make the first move. So there’s a LOT of ego playing out. Continues to this day. I grew up watching the choices my sister made, learned quickly, was/is more mature than her. My parents lean towards me for emotional support and friendship because I’m patient, polite and understanding. They can’t deal with her temper tantrums and it scares my poor mom. Yet, she’s helped her through her ten thousand problems and continues to because she feels she should as a parent, and especially when my dad has stopped talking to my sister. She’s doing it out of her perceived duty as a mother but I know there’s no love or respect anymore.

      I’m 29 years old and it has taken me more than two decades to tell myself that it’s okay to not like my sister. It’s only in the last six months that I’ve stopped taking sh-t or empathizing with her and her problems. I’ve never had to counsel her because she does not talk much but all the drama is mentally exhausting. It’s only now that I’m reevaluating everything and I can see that she’s responsible for all the f-ckups in her life. She blames my parents, particularly dad, for it and I tried to see her point all these years. But now I’ll not hesitate to tell her that she needs to get over herself and shut the f-uck up about my parents screwing her life up. The freedom I’ve been sensing in the last six months is amazing. I love my sister, but do I like her? I can clearly say NO.

      The point of this long story is that it takes years to cut off loved ones, and Demi’s daughters are doing it without even going the entire stretch of helping their mom, at least once.

  29. serena says:

    Way to go Bruce!

    Gotta love this man.. seriously.

  30. anemone blue says:

    it’s true…these girls are hollywood kids who live off their parents’ money and have a very cushy life….their mother needs their support now. they might like ashton, but bottom line is that Demi is their mother.

  31. Anguishedcorn says:

    Bullshit. He doesn’t have to deal with her, and got himself away. But now that’s he’s at a safe distance, he has the chutzpah to say they need to be there to subject themselves to her emotional manipulation? That’s rich. And so typical of a man– easy to call the shots but sure as hell not willing to endure any of it himself.

    • mzthirtyeight says:

      I agree with the “emotional manipulation” part-but was it nescessary to write, “so typical of a man?” I don’t know why that bothered me enough to respond, but it did. The men ever in my life wouldn’t react that way, if that is in fact the way Willis did-the whole backseat-til-now thing.

    • Anguishedcorn says:

      Sorry, I actually hesitated and almost deleted that part. I know it’s not true of most men, and that was an unfair generalization. I admit that this post hit a real nerve as a child of divorced parents who was put in similar situations as these two daughters are in, and I typed from a place of emotional reaction.

      • Chatcat says:

        @anguish…don’t be too hard on yourself. Myself, been there/lived that. Us women are just simply stronger sooner then men after a divorce…whether it be the wife or child 🙂

  32. Madpoe says:

    Team Willis!
    I <3 this man!

  33. The Original Mia says:

    He should cut them off anyway. If they aren’t in school, then they need to get jobs. He doesn’t need to support them the rest of their lives.

    As for supporting Demi…not sure. Unless she’s been the worse parent in the world, then there are other ways to handle this situation than turning their backs on her & supporting Ashton.

  34. LeeLoo says:

    Bruce is right his girls are spoiled and selfish but not because they cut Demi off. IMO, that’s the only smart decision they have made if the relationship is as toxic as it seems. They shouldn’t be mooching off either of their parents. Especially Rumer and Scout and especially after all those scandals involving the girls. The last thing Bruce should do is dictate the relationship these girls have with their mom, especially since he is divorced from their mother. It sounds like he is enabling Demi to continue down her path. Also, being that this article is in Star, I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s a thought. Maybe the daughters should go out and get jobs (OK, 2 are still in school) and then they can have the joy of telling their controlling parents to f**k off. However when parents pay the bills, your right to tell them that is compromised. Maybe not so good to look to someone else to pay all your bills. Its the down side of love + money for a rich kid. Your independence goes out the window.

  36. Jenna says:

    Off topic, but something seems “off” about her knees. Was there some plastic surgery rumor/fact about that? Do any of you have a clue what I’m talking about, because I can’t put it together better than this. Friday brain cloud!

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I think the knee thing was something to do with the Charlies Angels movies – she saw a tabloid photo and didn’t like the way her knees looked so apparently had some kind of surgery.

  37. Angel says:

    There are recovery programs out there for family members of alcoholics and addicts. Her children should look into that. Alcoholism is a family disease. There is a way to detach from the disease and still love your family member. I mean, who knows if any of this is true or not, but if it is, it’s sad to me that they cannot support their mother better. Unless it’s a case of abuse on Demi’s part, be it physical, emotional, etc., I agree that her kids are being selfish brats. Recovering addicts need support. They could throw her a bone and give her a call once a week, wouldn’t kill them.

    • Trek Girl says:

      You don’t know how bad Demi’s meltdown truly has been or how she has been interacting with the daughters. Sometimes seperation is the best thing and a call – yes, one call – can cause problems.

      Hopefully the seperation won’t be permanent, but they are under no obligation to subject themselves to the destructive behavior of their parents. It would be best if they were able to cut the finacial ties as well, but considering how young the youngest two are, that might not be feasible.

  38. Reece says:

    It’s called McDonald’s ladies. You should go apply.

  39. Maritza says:

    If they aren’t going to college then they need to get jobs, either that or marry some rich guy but Willis is doing them no favors by supporting these spoiled brats.

  40. HK9 says:

    1. If the kids are spoiled and selfish, that is curtesy of Bruce & Demi
    2. Although I love Bruce, I have a feeling this is out of self preservation rather than what the kids should really do. Meaning, if he goes and saves her, his current wife will have his ass on a platter so he wants the kids to help him out
    3.As a parent, if your ex is trying to get your kids (who are fed up) to take care of you, admit you’re a mess, know that you have abdicated your role as a parent, go to rehab/therapy, make your apologies and straighten yourself out.

  41. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    Bruce Willis didn’t say this.
    A SOURCE said this.
    If it isn’t directly from the mouth of the celebrity, we can’t know what they said.
    Talk about a misleading header.

  42. Shannon says:

    Bleh, I think everyone is right in this situation. The girls were right to distance themselves when Demi was being inappropriate and refusing to act her age/get help from people who can actually do something for her instead of just putting all her problems in her daughters’ laps. And Bruce is also right, the girls need to go back to Demi because she’s in a rough place and does need her family’s support. Addicts can’t just magically recover on their own – they need a strong support system. So while it may have been in the kids’ best interest to cut off contact temporarily, they also need to keep Demi’s best interests in mind too, and she does need them. Hopefully the time apart was a wake up call for Demi, and she will work on getting better.

  43. Jaxx says:

    Way to go Bruce! As for cutting off these girls allowances? The oldest two should be on their own anyways with the youngest coming right up to cutting the strings.

    And you don’t call out a restraining order on your mom because she is too needy. You work with it until you fix it. This meltdown has gone on less than a year. Several years and I could see them getting tougher on her. But a year of grief and acting out is not unusual after a big loss. Demi has had several back to back. I have always felt like the girls were treating her terribly bad and now Bruce agrees. Shaping up will be happening any minute.

    • Trek Girl says:

      The public meltdown might have been going on for less than a year, but we have no idea how long the private meltdown has been going on, or how much she has relied on her daughters or interacted with her daughters in inappropriate ways.

  44. skuddles says:

    I was wondering where Bruce stood on this whole mess… good for him! It’s pretty sad that he has to threaten to cut off their financial support just to get them to talk to their Mom but I imagine his tactic will work.

  45. Ravensdaughter says:

    I knew Bruce would weigh in. He has been amazingly supportive of the mother of his children all these years, even pro-active. He’ll straighten out that trio of whiners.
    The “new wife” is young and gorgeous. Fortunately, it seems that hasn’t factored into Demi’s self-persecution scheme. She’s too busy thinking of Mila, I’m sure.

  46. Amy says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know Bruce cheated on Demi! It now makes A LOT of sense why she fell apart when she found out Ashton cheated on her. One husband cheating on you–devastating but you learn to move on. Two husbands? It obviously was a huge blow to her self-esteem and I can see why Demi is hurt by her daughers’ decision to stay in contact with Ashton (granted Bruce cheated on her too but she couldn’t cut off her daughters from their father).

    I also think the daughters have been really selfish by cutting off contact with their mother. So glad Bruce is (hopefully) smacking some sense into them.

    • Trek Girl says:

      I understand why people aren’t happy with the girls for cutting off contact, but consider this: if the part of the meltdown that has been public has included drugs, drinking, partying, allegedly hitting on the friends of one of the daughters, and other behavior that was bad enough to land her in rehab, how bad was the private meltdown. In matters like these, the public rarely knows how bad things got.

      It really does not make sense to call these girls brats and say they are whining and abandoning her, when for all we know, she could have been doing much worse things for a much longer time than anyone is aware of. Sometimes children have to protect themselves from their parents.

      I’m indifferent when it comes to the Willis/Moore girls; I don’t like them or dislike them. I say this as someone who does not agree that children should subject themselves to the destructive behavior of a parent for no other reason than “He/She is your parent”. Hopefully this is just a temporary split from their mother and the girls will reunite with her once they don’t feel threatened by her behavior.

  47. Loulou says:

    Good for him! The girls should start making their way in life and/or settle down and start families of their own. That would give them a fresh perspective and neither parent would have to keep raising them into their 20s. If they weren’t so present piggybacking on their parents’ lifestyle, there would be no overlap with exes like Ashton Kutcher. Time for everyone to grow up. Interestingly enough, it seems Bruce Willis is the one setting the right tone. Again, good for him!

  48. Nancy w says:

    Yeah for Bruce, and the first thing that needs to be cut off are their phone accounts. That way the girls win, no more communication!

  49. DANDILION says:

    Blame the nannies.. they raised these poor rich shallow girls ..Bruce, but I agree .. they should be forced to cope with Demi’s mental breakdown and unreasonable, selfish behavior first hand and learn from it how to behave and avoid a lot of trouble for themselves in the future..

  50. Moi says:

    He’s right. Parents are only human as all we other mature adults know. Even though there may be disappointment there, they should not abandon their mother. Nice to see that Bruce has her back. If this is all true that is.

  51. Anon says:

    Regarding the divorce, Willis stated, “I felt I had failed as a father and a husband by not being able to make it work.” He credited actor Will Smith for helping him cope with the situation. from wiki. Maybe he’s projecting onto his daughters, time for family counseling from a professional on dealing with Demi and maybe him, too.
    Another thing, Demi doesn’t allow her girls to see Ashton–might be part of their anger–he didn’t divorce the girls, he divorced Demi. She should be grateful Ashton will take the time for them, Bruce won’t.

  52. foozy says:

    if i recall, demi had put her career aside to raise the kids. i think bruce is right! they should be more supportive..

  53. Zooyork says:

    Yay! I love Bruce Willis so much.

  54. Zooyork says:

    Bruce and Demi were such a hot couple. I wish they had never split.

  55. Lady LaLa says:

    Bitch needs to stop believing her own hype, buckle down and be a MOM, not a girlfriend….Eat a fckn sandwich and learn how to AGE GRACEFULLY.She used to be BADASS.. Now she’s just one of those Women who determines her self worth by what Man she’s with…. SAD

    • mimi says:

      Because Mothers are not really human, so they are not allowed to hurt ever.
      How dare she be in pain and act as if she has just went through hell because of her husband and a man she trusted and loved.

      As a mother, she must always be very confident and strong. She cannot even feel weak or in a hard place.

      Good thing fathers are exempt from such judgement that is reserved only to mothers.

  56. mimi says:

    Some people here are creating this impossible standard of mothers.

    Mothers are allowed to be going through a tough time.

    Their ADULT daughters should learn not just to take, but actually offer a support and understanding to their mother.

    She did a lot to raise them alone and went through some hard times when they were young, and now it’s their time to give and support her.

    Ashton has humiliated her, betrayed her trust and moved on with a gorgeous young and talented woman. Of course she is probably having a tough time coping with this all.

    Shame on her spoiled daughters and their unbelieveable lack of any normal emotions of love, compassion and want of support to their mother.

    Good for Bruce for acting like a father.

    • Layzoe says:


      For years, we have read stories about what a good mother DM was to her daughters and how she managed to create a blended family including her ex. All of sudden after a lapse of judgement and downward spiral after an emotional trauma that affected her not once but twice.. she is considered a lifelong addict? We are so quick to throw that label around.

      The narcissism is so prevalent in this society and this is a prime example of it. Yes, you can emotionally distance yourself from a damaging parent but to completely cut them out but still financially depend on the same parent.. just screams spoiled little brats with empathies of gnats. Family is family.. they are your blood.. if you can’t depend and be there for your family then who do you have really?

      What they should be doing is trying to get their mom into therapy or back to rehab if she is regressing back to her “addiction” I agree with others. I think they are concerned more about their own fame and see her as a dead weight.

      I don’t agree that DM should issue ultimatums about AK but she’s in a very bad place at the moment. No one is perfect and anyone is capable of breakdown at any age. I do agree, she DOES need to get act together and straighten up but with support of her daughters.. I can see if it has going on for years and years.. but there is absolutely no reports of that. A year and they are ready to cut their mother off? That’s just sad and pathetic.

      • Nancy w says:

        You’re 100% on this one! From what I’ve been able to tell, the girls haven’t seen or talked to their mother for several weeks, how do they know anything about her condition? The problem seems to be more that she’s hurt that they would choose to stay close to Ashton than to communicate with her. I can’t imagine ever choosing a cheating ex over my own mother, sounds like they all have crushes on Ashton.

    • RHONYC says:

      mimi, you are a BILLION percent right!

      we as mothers are C-O-V-E-N-I-E-N-T when it´s time for support, nuturing, organizing, cooking, cleaning, feeding, raising, etc, etc, ETC! but the moment our chips are down we´re fed to the wolves?
      f*cking really?
      trying to be a ´perfect´mother is a one-way ticket to the straight-jacket chamber folks. don´t kid yourselves otherwise. ´cause in the end…NO-BO-DY. F*CK-ING. CARES.

      or that´s at least what i´ve heard, lol…. 😉

  57. Nonee Friend says:

    Here’s what I don’t get. If Demi is still so “distraught” about the breakup with AK, why is she dating someone? We KNOW why he is dating her, however. She needs to be alone so she can straighten her head out.
    She is acting like a teenager and setting a very bad example for those girls.
    Plus they are already spoiled rotten, and you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube. 🙂

    • RHONYC says:

      el wrongo!

      the only thing that soothes the sting of getting d*cked over by your ex is…….well….getting d*cked over be a new-future-ex.

      men have lived by this rule for a millennia, & hey if it ain´t broke…don´t try to fix it.

      lay away Demi! orgasms for errrba-dy! 😆

  58. CM says:

    I am a believer that we are the sum of our experiences, and from what I know of Demi’s, she’s had a tough way to go. People have commented on Demi seeming to lack her former strength, but I don’t think she ever really had any. Her power was derived from her paychecks, her toned body, and her ‘power couple’ marriages to Bruce and Ashton, never from what she had to offer the world/who she was as a person. So naturally, I think she feels lost without that. While I understand her daughters’ frustration, with her, I don’t think cutting her off is going to make anyone happy. Also, if this is true, it is rather hypocritical to say that you can’t tolerate her behavior while still cashing her checks.