Tom Cruise took Suri to Cinderella’s Castle Suite, she & Katie ride in taxicabs

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Yesterday, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York City along with the Sculpture Garden, where Suri was spottedsinging, smiling and skipping back and forth, never far from her mom – or a bodyguard.” After their educational adventure, Suri and Katie waited outside the museum for a cab. Over the past few weeks, Katie’s been moving away from using a private car and trying to get Suri used to taking a more plebian form of transportation. It’s not the subway, of course, but that would be a fairly impossible endeavor when it comes to the throngs of paparazzi who follow them. If you’re wondering why Katie is holding Suri as they stand on the curb, the below photos might provide a good indication of just how intimidated Suri was in the presence of all of those paps and tourists.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Meanwhile, Tom’s team is still leaking details about he and Suri’s fabulous Disney World mini-break last week. Not only did Tom shell out thousands of dollars to spoil the hell out of his child, but he also managed to secure a night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite, which “cannot be booked at any price.” But when Tom put in a request? Of course Tom got what he wanted — but he was probably wondering why more slave labor wasn’t involved:

Not everyone gets to step into Cinderella’s shoes.

Suri Cruise was the envy of children everywhere as she toured Disney World with dad Tom Cruise last week.

But perhaps the best part of the 6-year-old’s adventure has been staying in one of Disney’s most coveted rooms, Cinderella’s Castle Suite. The room cannot be booked at any price, but it’s often used by Disney for charity events and promotions, so the mystery of what it’s like to spend a night inside is part of its appeal. Suri – who wore an Ariel costume while exploring the park last Monday – loves princesses and even celebrated her 3rd birthday with a Beauty and the Beast-themed cake, so visiting the suite must have been a dream come true for the young fan.

Four stories above the Magic Kingdom sits Cinderella’s Castle Suite, which is decorated as a 17th-century chamber, with a sitting room, bedchamber and bathroom off a private marble-floored foyer. Staying in the suite includes access to a 24-hour concierge, ready to make your wish his command. Originally conceived as an apartment for Walt Disney and his family to stay in while in Florida (unfortunately, Walt died in 1966, five years before Disney World opened), two queen-sized beds and a pullout couch can accommodate up to six people.

The suite’s layout may sound modest, but its details are extraordinary. In the foyer, a mosaic of Cinderella’s coach was made with more than 30,000 tiles, including 3,400 that are 24-carat gold and more than 120 white gold pieces. In the bedchamber, a 600-lb. antique limestone fireplace utilizes fiber optics to create the likeness of a “fire” with glowing embers, two custom designed 8-ft. tall headboards display “C” for Cinderella, and a painting of the Disney princess that uses special effects to magically transform into a television.

In the sitting room, stained glass windows tell the story of Cinderella’s journey from pauper to princess. In the garden-themed bathroom, dome ceilings display a night sky full of twinkling stars, three mosaics – which feature a glass slipper, a crystal pumpkin and a mouse looking up toward the castle – made of Italian glass contain more than 30,000 tiles, each hand-cut and placed by Disney artists.

[From People]

Certainly, this would be the ultimate dream come true, and you can see some really amazing photos of the suite, which is located on the fourth floor of the world-famous Disney World castle, here. But obviously, Tom isn’t just looking to make his child’s wildest dreams come true. Instead, he’s making a very clear statement — Daddy gives you the life of a princess, and then Mommy makes you take a cab. So nefarious.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Turtle Dove says:

    Poor kid. She hates the attention, but people don’t give a sh*t and get up in her personal space.

    Katie’s doing a good job of normalizing Suri. Now, the child’s behavior is more in keeping with other kids her age.

    I’m team Katie, but I’m NOT Team Katie’s clothes. I get the impression that she wants to dress like a model with the boots, choice of jeans, etc. but it doesn’t work on her body type. She needs to dress for her body and not copy cat.

    • Naye in VA says:

      I think its the word intimidated that got me. I dont know if i could go around having my child nervous and clingy all the time because ppl were following our every move and wouldnt stop. It would hurt my heart immensely. Hopefully, as she grows older the attention will die down some, and she’l lbe able to live her life a bit more normal.

    • BubbaAng says:

      I agree with turtledove, because Suri seems uncomfortable.

      If these pictures are recent, then I have to remark on Katie’s boots. They appear to be the same ones, but now she is wearing them under her pants and I can see the outline of her toes through them. I can understand breaking in a new pair, but, this is too much. Come on Katie, go and buy a few pair. Tom must be able to afford a few pair, and them some… Just sayin’

  2. Kimlee says:


    Your obsession with every little thing they do is really getting scary. It’s gone beyond just posting the story to we’re you seem to have a personal vendetta or this story is close to home.

    • Aria says:

      IT’s a gossip. Please, calm down.

    • ronnie says:

      Personal vendetta? This is a gossip site and the gossip is that Cruise can’t be normal. Everything is an extreme of itself.

    • LeenB says:

      Chill out its just gossip.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Hope your stats are okay this week…

    • Ojulia says:

      Your grammatical issues make me wonder if you are a member of the CO$.

      • jamie says:

        I had the same thought.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Actually the CO$ types seem to have good vocabularies (fancy words), so it does fit (i.e personal vendetta, obsession). They give themselves away by using fancy words that most bloggers just don’t bother with.

      • Kimlee says:

        I’m actually not try going back and reading my other comments on CO$.

      • Genevieve says:

        WOW, guys…I frequently thought the same thing about her when she jumped on my every positive comment about KH on here during the TomKat divorce. I mean, not only jumped on me, but got REALLY aggressive in reply after reply.

        I think I smell Clearwater, FLA ocean air here :(

      • gg says:

        The $cibots seem to think that just because they post to another story, they’re throwing us all off their scent. They really think we’re that dumb?

    • Kate says:

      Celebitchy report on celebrity gossip. These stories are all over the media because people are interested. They get a lot of comments, so they keep getting posted. I’d imagine it’s that simple – if people aren’t interested and don’t comment, the writers won’t post.

      Not sure why anyone would come to a celeb gossip blog to complain about celeb stories.

    • gg says:

      But the cult teacheth not punctuation.

    • Birdie says:

      Yeah, chill. It’s gossip. Seems personal to you,not to Bedhead.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      @ kimlee- I feel as though the concept of a gossip blog is lost on you. Also, this story is immensely popular as it resonates with so many women. If it doesn’t resonate with you, simply move along.

      Bedhead does this for a living. I do not get where you are coming from. Or sadly, I think I do.

  3. May May says:

    She is so cute! I bet she’d make a great model when she grows up.

    • ladybert62 says:

      Actually I disagree with you – I think she is neither cute nor pretty and do wonder what she will look like later in life. She never smiles.

      • May May says:

        She does appear to be smiling in some of those pictures. But for crying out loud, she’s just a little kid! Of course she’s freaked out and upset by all the strangers yelling and shoving cameras in her face. You wouldn’t smile much either in public if you had to put up with that kind of harassment every time you went outside.

      • Amanda G says:

        Wow, you are quite a gem for snarking on a CHILDS looks.

      • gg says:

        … but, don’t forget, she’s still your leader’s spawn!

      • Tara says:

        Suri’s a beautiful child. I was shocked to come to that conclusion b/c I never really thought Tom or Katie was all that in the looks dept. I think Katie is pretty and Tom handsome in that standard frat boy way, but Suri is stunning.

      • GrnMtGirl says:

        My 5 yo Grandson thinks she’s cute, so she must be. And, he usually goes for the older girls – Heidi Klum is a favorite.

      • G says:

        Geez who pissed in your barely water?! What kind of “lady” makes such a rude comment about a littel girl? That’s just pure evil.

    • mimi says:

      I agree! She’s a pretty little girl, and will be lovely when she grows up.

    • corny says:

      why do I picture tommy girl in a disney tiara> is it wrong?

  4. Katie Too says:

    Never realized Katie has such long, elegant fingers. Yeah, that sounds weird.

    And whoever called it that Suri would be wearing her hair tied-back more now that mom can exercise some control utterly nailed it!

  5. RHONYC says:

    i hope that soon ppl will stop treating her & her kid like sideshow freaks!

    wack-a*s tourists need to quit it! no self-respecting New Yorker would gawk & take cell pics. we care less about celeb sightings. f*cking tacky. :evil:

    • TomCruisesShoeLifts says:

      Who said the Pretty Princess bed was for Suri?

    • gg says:

      It infuriates me to see the gawkers waiting for Suri to unbury her head in mom’s skirts just so they can get their photo. Awful, people: she’s hiding because of YOU! Move along!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I was working in a bank in Toronto years ago when Bette Midler came in. She was dressed casually and was very low key. I actually recognized her husband first. I didn’t say a damn thing to the other staff until after she left. I figured even a famous person sometimes just wants to go in, do their banking and be done with it. How crass can these people be especially when a young child is so obviously uncomfortable with their behavior? Leave the kid alone!

      • gg says:

        I was waiting for a table in an Atlanta restaurant and my bf at the time, a movie grip, said, “there’s Steve Martin”, loud enough that the guy standing right in front of me (who WAS Steve Martin) lowered his red baseball cap and looked at the floor. I did him the favor of hurrying on out and not even looking into his face because I was embarrassed for him that my bf said that audibly. I just cannot gawk at people, it’s so rude. I feel bad for them that goofuses bug them all the time.

    • Genevieve says:

      ^^ THIS @ RHONYC ^^

  6. Genevieve says:

    My God…what a truly Machiavellian f*cker Tommygirl really is. Katie = real world, GMD = Disney Dad…on steroids. I really hate this guy, even if just on behalf of every divorced mother who has to hand her child off to a well-to-do father every other weekend,

    On a positive note, it’s good to see Suri starting to live a more pedestrian life w/ her mother…even if taking the subway may never be the norm for her.

    BTW…I see the general interest in CO$ is starting to disintegrate. PLEASE tell me the feds are launching some super-secret investigation, even though TomKat has died down…?

    • Brit says:

      Right on Genevieve! The way Tom is using the media to put his alleged parenting skills on display is disgusting. I’m so sick of him. Why doesn’t he just crawl into a hole somewhere? He’s small enough to fit.

      Btw, would love a government investigation into Scientology. That would be fabulous!

    • Kate says:

      The first thing I thought when I saw the images of them in DW was, wow, he’s taking being a Disney Dad REALLY seriously!

      Poor Katie. It’s fairly obvious, what Tom is up to. Hope like mad it doesn’t work on Suri in the way it did the elder two kids.

    • Chatcat says:

      Gen…I agree on all three of your points And to add…wait until the movie The Master comes out. Whoa! We all know it is about the CO$ and Tiny Tom the Tyrant is going to feel even more agitated when the media coverage ramps up hehehe.

      The narcissistic little creep likes to think he can do no wrong, when in reality he can do no right!

      • Genevieve says:

        Agree with ALL of you ladies. And re: “The Master”…didn’t one of the CB writers post on here a few weeks ago that Tommygirl was ALREADY having fits about it?

        The thought of GMD throwing underwear and spinning w/ rage in his lifts is hysterical. If I wasn’t recovering from surgery, I’d be HOWLING :D


      • Chatcat says:

        Gen…feel better and speedy recovery! :)

      • gg says:

        Heal quickly, Genevieve. :)

      • RHONYC says:

        fell better soon, Genevieve! and don’t worry…we’ll laugh & gaufaw for ya. ;-)

      • RHONYC says:

        fell better soon, Genevieve! and don’t worry…we’ll laugh & gaufaw for ya. ;-) :-D

      • Genevieve says:

        Wow…thank you, ladies! :D

    • Julie says:

      I had commented on another post that TC had a lunch with some honcho from Sony. I’m sure he was told to cool the CO$ crap. The general public always goes to the next thing. He’ll have to do something to bring up the Sciento crap again. Like getting married for a fourth time. It’s terrible to say but I’m looking forward to the comments when he gets married again. I just can’t wait.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Gen – NAILED IT! And ladies, when The Master comes out, I hope Suri is with Katie. The poor child doesn’t need to be exposed to that manic’s reactionary behaviour.

      • Dena says:

        Two thoughts: I think most non-custodial patents spoiled their kids. So, I am not bothered the supposedly lopsided over the top time with TC versus KH.

        Ironically, the paps in Suri face when she is with Mom my be the thing that makes her long for Daddy and the time with daddy because their she isnt surrounded by so many people and overly intrusive paps.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Dena – I truly hope you’re wrong. Custodial parents end up with all the sh-t work, while the “weekend parents” get the fun stuff: no set bedtime; no homework enforcement; no laundry to do; pizza for dinner; etc…

        Kids need continuity, be it from mom or dad. That’s why I insisted that ex-hub could have them every OTHER weekend and two after-school days (until bedtime, because otherwise there would be none) opposing weeks.

        I worked full-time, too, and I deserved some “fun weekend time” with my kids too! But I didn’t spoil them in a race for who was the most-fun parent.

      • Dena says:

        Ooh whew. Just read over what I had written. I was typing from my phone. Won’t do that again. Typos. Grammatical errors. Phew.

        The original bellaluna: I stand corrected. I was thinking weekend parent–as in–Tom Cruise spoiling Suri becausse he won’t have regular access to her and. as a result, doesn’t have to do any heavly lifting in terms of parenting (discipline, i.e.) like the custodial parent has to do.

        Seriously, though, I don’t know what can be done but KH needs to deal with the paps. That’s not cool for either of them. And, as I stated, that might be an added push to make Lil Suri long for the privacy of dad’s house and time with him. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that but then again that’s more exposure to COS.

  7. Justaposter says:

    Look Suri has a real smile in that picture!

  8. Macey says:

    well at least Suri has a semi smile on her face for once.
    Im actually bored with all the Suri pics.
    She obviously hates the camera since she usually has such a scowl on her face, even before the big break up. Not sure thats her natural look or if it is just from the paps.

    • spinner says:

      Hi Macey…what really disturbs me are the photos of Suri & Tom at Disney World. She is smiling broadly in almost every pic & looks completely enamored with Tom. Of course, Tom could have only authorized & released the pics where she was smiling. Who knows…

      • Kate says:

        I think the Disney photos are snatched ones from other holidaymakers, and she isn’t surrounded by paparazzi. I suspect the scowls are that rather than anything else.

    • Kim says:

      She smiles until she.sees cameras.I want to know what happened to all her princess heels, enough w the flipflops Suri.You are a style icon LOL

  9. Ella says:

    How creepy that people are just standing around taking pics. That poor little kid.

  10. carlino altoviti says:

    I’ve seen other pics of suri playing at MoMa and I’ve seen a happy little girl.
    She was alone and I think if she had some friends she would be happiest

  11. heyheybaby says:

    so let me get this right….according to bedhead, when suri’s mother carries her there is a good reason for it but when her father does the same, he is being a jerk that refuses to let his daugther walk lol.

    well i for one is happy to see a smile on suri face the last few days, it good both parents are doing what they can to make their child happy>

    • Mia says:

      ITA. Although I understand the other criticism about Tom, particularly since I’ve read up more on Scientology/heard from the other commenters on here, I don’t think it’s fair to be so biased against him either. There are other things to criticise him on. How come we accept the reason for Katie carrying Suri as a protective mom but when Tom does it, he is babying Suri and must have forced her.

  12. shannon says:

    What a douche. Kids can’t be bought, and I know this from personal experience. Both fathers of my sons have more money than I do, and never fail to show their sons what a “real vacation” is, because I can’t afford to take them to Hawaii, to whatever amusement park, etc.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter. My sons enjoy their trips with their dads, but one week into a trip to Hawaii, my oldest son was on the phone telling me he was homesick and wanted to come home. It usually doesn’t fail, the parent who is there for them every day, all the time (even if it’s the ‘poor’ parent) is the parent who is going to get the loyalty.

    After about the millionth time my oldest son’s dad told me he could have Oliver (our son) any time he wanted, Oliver (17 at the time) called his dad and told his father if he ever said that to me again, he wouldn’t even go visit him. Point: you can’t buy a child.

    • spinner says:

      You’re a lucky woman, Shannon. Alas, it didn’t work out that way for me.

    • Spiffy says:

      Shannon! Goes to show you raised your boys right! Well done!

      It’s about caring, not buying.

      Tom will propably never learn…

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Unfortunately, kids CAN be bought. Until they’re old enough to catch on, that is.

      Once they realise that daddy doesn’t follow through, the ensuing mess is heartbreaking (for both mother and child/ren), and daddy’s lack of reliability is never forgotten by the kids. (Mommy already knew.)

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      I’d say that Oliver sounds like a wonderful kid :) . Thanks the influence of his involved, dedicated mom, he’s growing into a good man with appreciation and respect for women. Screw your ex – some people never grow up.

  13. Jaded says:

    That kid looks more and more like Tommy Davis every day. Just sayin….

  14. Talie says:

    I don’t know if the constant spoiling–from a PR standpoint–looks that good. I also wonder how active he’ll be in her life once she starts school. I have a feeling Katie will restrict his access as to disrupt her schedule.

  15. Sarah says:


    Sorry…I uh….don’t know what came over me….Disney brings out the worst in me.

  16. DeltaJuliet says:

    All I can latch on to is that sick kids can’t stay in the suite with Make A Wish, but no one can say “no” to Tom Cruise.

    F-that. I would LOVE to say “NO” to that turd.

  17. Sol says:

    I believe that maybe Katie is trying that with time Suri will feel confident and find in New York a place to move as John Kennedy Jr did. He took the subway , moved around in bike and had as normal life as anyone could expect being the public figure he was.

  18. heyheybaby says:

    btw why is everyone acting like tom taking suri to disney or giving anything she wants is a new thing just because of the divorce????

    isnt that the way its always been when it come to him and his kids.

    seems he is just following his status quo and continuing in his style of parenting

    the only thing different is that suri now has one other parent that wants to put limits while the other is just doing as he always does.

    so it seems his overindulgence isnt just a new thing for the sake of pr

    • Mac says:

      Suri’s wardrobe cost more than 3 million dollars.

      • Kate says:

        I was always sceptical about that, tbh. I mean, those would be couture costs and they always seemed to be shopping, so pret-a-porter. Still designer but nowhere near the 5 figure level per piece you’d need for a million dollar wardrobe. She’s also been in Burberry dresses and Bonpoint, which are in the hundreds, not thousands, to buy.

        The press said she had custom-made Laboutins, yet it turned out that they were just ballroom dancing kiddie heels, which aren’t that expensive at all. And there’s been a lot of hooha about Duchess Kate wearing £300 wellie boots, which is entertaining as my mother has them (has done for over a decade) and they’re around £100. Which is still expensive, granted, but nowhere near as bad, and they last forever too.

        The media just make stuff up. They invented the 3 million wardrobe, no question.

      • gg says:

        Yes, I think this is baloney too. Also, figure in how fast kids grow. All last season’s dresses are going to be too small, so out they go.

  19. cd says:

    she’s such a beautiful little girl – i hope she grows up as level-headed as she can, what with being so much in the public eye and the influence of that father of hers….

  20. Maritza says:

    Seems unfair that Suri is getting the royal treatment when Conner and what’s her name didn’t. Divorcing Tom was the best thing Katie has ever done.

  21. CC says:

    Looks like gool old TC is pulling the same sh-t he did with his 2 older kinds, only in even grander scale.

    Manipulative f*cker, pulling these cheap tricks with a kid still not old enough to see the real reason behind them.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      She will figure it out eventually. Kids aren’t small adults, but they sure aren’t oblivious.

      Heh, oblivious! ;-)

  22. Kiyoshigirl says:

    The paps are bad enough, but I hate seeing grown arse adults creeping near them to get pics with their cell phones. Isn’t it obvious to them that their harassing a small child?

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    This child is being conditioned by her father to expect the “best of the best of the best SIR, with honors.”

    Once the Whoo-lapalooza (whooing his own kid with trips and stuff) ends, she’s going to rebel at his mundane offerings, like his big private estate (staffed by CO$ lifers, natch); staying behind the gates; and so many trips through the maze hedge (still seeing shades of The Shining here).

    The disenchantment will be EPIC. And I can’t wait! *evil cackling*

  24. Kiyoshigirl says:

    It is being reported that the suite “cannot be booked for any price” but that’s not true. A year or two ago I read a press release stating that Disney was opening this suite to the public for bookings. Yes, it’s extremely expensive, but it can be booked. Has something changed that I’m unaware of?

  25. Len says:

    Eventhough I am Team Katie, I do wonder if she is doing a good thing by living in New York, in the public eye. this seems to be damaging Suri. Why not go live a quiet life in New Jersey or something, just for Suri to get a normal life out of the spotlight?

  26. Erinn says:

    Last time I was at Disney it was either an anniversary type thing or some sort of huge promotional thing. There were cast members everywhere giving away free things. We ended up with free fast passes during one day.

    We saw a little girl and her parents get approached and offered the cinderella suite. I think there must have been a huge language barrier unfortunately, because I think they had a hard time explaining that they had won it.

  27. TG says:

    How can they say it can’t be bought for any price with tom thumb did just that? I mean maybe he donated a million dollars to charity or something but he clearly “bought” the suite for a night. He is famous so we are reading about it, likley lots of super rich people are able to do the same. Wish I was one of them. Of course I would just build my own castle.

    • gg says:

      Meh, it ain’t that great. I’d much rather stay in a real castle in GB where there aren’t cartoon mosaics all over the place.

      • hithere says:

        I know, it’s TACKY as HELL. All kitsch kitsch kitsch. Can’t believe people make a fuss about it…

      • gg says:

        Seems like it was made to delight children, except they used all the wrong colors. Kids would expect a bright, pink and blue colorful interior based on the cartoony exterior (and all the Cinderella kids’ books – hell, you’d think at least Rogers and Hammerstein’s set interiors would govern the palette). Anyway, you can’t even see out the windows; they’re covered in Cinderella scenes stained glass, so what good is that? I’d want to oversee the park at night after everybody was gone, to further cement my special status as esteemed guest of this thing. The idea seems like an afterthought.

  28. Hope says:

    Haven’t even read the article yet, but did anyone else notice Suri biting her middle finger, straight at the paps? I’m not saying she meant to do it, but you can’t tell me that’s not a subconscious remark about how she feels about the photogs. She’s not dumb, somewhere in her head she knows what flipping the middle finger means, and I think it’s hilarious!

    • swack says:

      She is actually chewing on the first two fingers and not just the middle one. Could it be also that the middle finger is the longest finger and that it naturally goes first in the mouth being the longest?

    • Suzen says:

      Yeah, in the first picture it is definitely her middle finger. I am sure she is too young and sheltered to really know what that means though.
      Still, it’s a win.

  29. maggiegrace says:

    I am starting to really pity this kid. She obviously hates the attention. I’ve never once seen any of, say, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewicks’ 3 kids – I think you CAN keep them sheltered from the press… but Tomkat choose not to.

    • Kim says:

      They only have 2 kids both adults now.Ive seen them throughout the years.Paparazzi focus on kids whose pics they can sell.

  30. skuddles says:

    Ugh, Cruise’s motives are just SO transparent and blatant. Does the dumbass really think all this over-the-top spoiling is going to make Suri love him more? And Mommy less? How is he going to top himself each time he sees her? Just p*sses me off that he’s not thinking of what’s best for his daughter – because anyone with half a brain knows that spoiling a child to that extent is not healthy. But Cruise doesn’t care about that – all that matters to him is trying to convince people he’s the best dad that ever existed. Too bad he couldn’t just marry his inflated ego next time round.

  31. mimi says:

    The suite seems more like a museum rather than an actual suite for a family, and the colors and the style is less Disney and less for children and more for adults.

    I can’t see why would a child want to sleep with those colors and a feeling that is not of a home and not of a toy house, but a bit cold.

    A castle may be OK to visit for a 6 years old, but not necessarily fun for a sleep-over.

    Anyhow, I’m not sure who is supposed to be impressed with these “moves”.
    If is was a good father, he would have never alienate his children from his mother, he would have made sure they go to a good school, get proper education and extra-curricular activities with other kids their age, and well prepared for real life, college, normal childhood experiences etc. rather than living secluded, home-schooled by his sister, socializing with adults or some other children of the COS and having a childhood without their mother.

    He looks like a nice guy but really- not decent man would have done such a thing.

    I hope history will not repeat itself.

    • gg says:

      You’re right – it’s decorated strangely. It’s dark and romantic, all the inlaid art and stained glass are cheap looking cartoons, and the bedspreads are polyester – yicch.

  32. Turd Fergussen says:

    I bet Suri is a brat from hell. Katie’s the only chance she’s got of gaining some normalcy, because Tommy Girl’s going to spoil her rotten in an attempt to win favortism. I see (more) designer clothes, pets, lavish trips, cars, jewels and Xenu knows what else. Chances are, she will grow up to be what most kids of celebs probably are: totally insufferable.

  33. Savanna says:

    I’m pretty sure there was a shortage of rooms a few years ago at Disney resorts and Katie, Tom and Suri all stayed the night in the Cinderella suite. I remember vividly because I was hella jealous. So this wasn’t Suri’s first trip there – instead of taking her new places he’s recycling things. Says a lot, if you ask me.

  34. LeeLee says:

    He doesn’t seem to spoil his other daughter. :/

    • Julie says:

      I only write this knowing she’ll never see it but I don’t see from his actions that he gives a damn about Isabella. I feel so bad for her. I can’t imagine how many ways her head is messed up and she’ll never get the mental health assistance she needs.

      • Sol says:

        I totally agree with you. The last photos of Isabella buying ice cream were terrible.She looked like she needed help and it has nothing to do with being fit or not. Her face made me wonder what kind of life she has.
        We know Connor is close to his dad we always see them together, but Isabella is never to be seen.
        Hope they would let her be close to her mom but i guess its too late now.
        Im adopted and when my family had bio kids it was hard , i feel for Isabella and wish her the best.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Isabella is deeply ensconced in CO$, living with her boyfriend (also deeply ensconced in CO$) in an apartment off of Skid Row in LA.

        (Take that however you so choose.)

        I don’t think TC really cares about raising children; I think he cares about WINNING.

    • skuddles says:

      You make an excellent point LeeLee. His other daughter Bella lives in a bummy area of town from what I have read, and she never appears to be dressed all that well. You’d certainly never know from looking at her that she’s Tom Cruise’s kid…

  35. mar says:

    If she has a bodyguard, how are those people getting that close to them?

  36. DB says:

    Both parents seem to be trying to show her that she’s loved and cared for. That is good.

    Trying to “normalize” things this soon after the breakup may be really hard to do because the Paps are in a frenzy.

    Perhaps walking her through the line of Paps is not the best idea, but taking her for more private trips to the zoo or museum or even a playground would seem to be pretty ok.

    Just focus on a place where the Paps can’t shove cameras in her face all day. Take the underground garage in a private car to get away from the paps, then go to some place they can’t really follow.

    If things calm down and the Paps have other stories to focus on, maybe Tom and Katie and Suri can move on with their lives and not be hounded every single time they go out.

    God, I hope so. They all seem to have been put through too much already.

  37. birdgherl says:


  38. Sachi says:

    Suri is Katie’s mini-me, except for the nose.

    It’s nice to see her being with her Mum and looking like any girl her age with her hair tied back and wearing flip-flops. She doesn’t look as “unkempt” as she used to when she was walking around wearing those mini-heels, drinking Starbucks, and her hair all over her face.

    She seems to have more “discipline” and proper adult authority in her life now that she’s mostly with her mother.

    • CF98 says:

      That’s why I’m leaning towards Joshua Jackson, her ex/former DC costar as Suri’s biological daddy they have the same exact nose.

  39. erika says:

    i hope this doesn’t come across as racist, it’s NOT my intent, but i had to chuckle at the last pic of those 3 japanese tourists just standing there frozen…camera….waiting….for that perfect pic of Katie/Suri – Japanese folks are notorious for taking MILLIONS of pics when traveling!!!

    I’ve seen some folks take a photo of the tourist information booth, you know the circle sign with a lower case ‘i’ for information? and then, they asked someone to take a pic of them standing NEXT to the tourist information booth!

    • gg says:

      I got a picture of me standing next to a rubbish bin in Wales that said YWSGYGG RYGHMYSSG or something like that. Had to have that of course.

  40. ViloDeMenus says:

    At least Katie is trying. Tom who is used to being the “BEST SCI-CULTIST EVER” wants her to live in a bubble just like he does. He’s the sick dangerous parent who is keeping her from knowing what normal is, if Katie keeps it up Suri will get wise to what a weird life Dad has and will reject him. Suri may have been caught in time, just barely. Tom’s a real piece of work.

  41. erika says:

    i hate disney…SHOCK i know…

    that palace is just ridiculous, using real karate and white gold tiles? is that really necessary? what a waste of a precious metal…

    the whole thing is ‘self adoration’ at its best. it’s gross..which is why tommy loved it so much!

    • gg says:

      They worded it wrong. I looked at the tiles for that same reason. They’re just gold-leafed glass tiles – not very much precious metal involved. Still, not cheap.

  42. Kosmos says:

    I think it’s a great idea that Katie is attempting to normalize their lives, but how horrible that they are constantly on show and crowds form around them to take cell phone pics, eeewww. Also, why is it that Suri is always being carried, either by Tom or by Katie? Is this so that no one can grab her and run off with her? She is too big for picking up and soon, it will be impossible, gosh. Also, I might add, that it’s probably impossible for Suri not to feel she is more important than others in some way. The attention is not a good thing and almost everything could end up spoiling her in one way or another, too bad.

  43. UniqJaz says:

    I work right on that block !!! Yayyyyy. But i didn’t see them =( Booo

  44. Mom says:

    She is an adorable, pretty little girl.

    Is it just me or does she seem more animated since the split?

  45. Ravensdaughter says:

    Vacation dad extraordinaire!
    You can tell poor Katie is busting her a– to make up for the spoilage of Tom and Co$. She will slip up every now and then, but I hope we can all applaud her courage in breaking free with Suri from Super Tom and the Co$ mafia.
    Team Katie and Suri!!!!