Rihanna on Chris Brown to Oprah: “It was embarrassing, I lost my best friend.”


These days, it always amazes me when the bigger pop stars sit down for an interview with Oprah, as if Oprah is still “a thing” when (clearly) very few poople watch OWN, and the network itself is shuttling steadily towards its own impending doom. But alas, now Rihanna has done an interview, which was conducted in RiRi’s own native Barbados, with O; and of course, the subject of Chris Brown came up. At one point, Rihanna also says, “I’m super-duper afraid of the pedestal that comes with fame,” which is just more of the same crap Rihanna always says about learning to ignore the attention while she has one finger on the mouse to post her latest batch of bikini and boozing photos on Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, I don’t mean to make light of the fact that Chris Brown beat the living hell out of his girlfriend three ago, but I do find it strange that Rihanna characterizes the incident as, “I lost my best friend.” She’s still very conflicted about what happened, right?

Rihanna broke into tears about Chris Brown in a recent interview with Oprah.

Turns out not even Oprah can end an interview with Rihanna without asking the singer about Chris Brown. In promo clips for an upcoming interview, the “Rude Boy” singer is seen crying after the TV host asks her about her relationship with Brown, who brutally assaulted her in 2009.

“It was embarrassing,” Rihanna said. “It was humiliating. I lost my best friend. I was resentful. I held a grudge. I was dark.”

Her interactions with Brown continue to set the tabloid world on fire. Rumors that the two had begun dating again were bolstered by her decision to release his-and-her remixes they collaborated on. Rihanna appeared on the remix to his “Turn Up the Music,” and Brown provided a sex-laced verse on the “Birthday Cake” remix.

The TV legend said she had expected Rihanna to be an edgy “badass,” but found that the 24-year-old singer defied all her expectations.

Oprah and Rih also chatted about the singer’s native Barbados, where the interview took place. The full conversation airs on OWN during “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” at 9 pm on Sunday, August 19th.

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Meanwhile, the battle over Rihanna’s finances continues unabated. In 2009, there were whisperings that Rihanna was actually broke (to the tune of only having $20,000 because allegedly, she was “not properly funded by her record label Def Jam“). Then last year, Rihanna reportedly listed her mansion as a “short sale” on the market. Now RiRi has sued her former accountants for taking too high of a commission (which she agreed to beforehand) as well as “mismanag[ing] her dough and fail[ing] to inform her that her 2009 “Last Girl on Earth” tour was losing cash.” Honestly? I obviously don’t know the entire situation, but it sounds like RiRi’s accountants tried to warn her years ago, and Rihanna basically ignored them. Also, exactly where does Jay-Z (as her manager) figure into this huge mess, hmm?



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  1. Monday Blues says:

    My best friend never beat the sh-t out of me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Dammit-you beat me to it!

      I always get mildly irritated by the “he’s my best friend” comment in regards to a relationship. I understand that when you’re in a serious relationship/marriage that you spend an inordinate amount of time with your partner and you get very close to that person. However, you can’t divorce your best friend-a best friend is someone who will always be by your side, no matter how many marriages, divorces, relationships you go through. A best friend won’t leave you if you get fat or because you won’t have sex with him/her, and certainly wouldn’t physically abuse you. I’m not saying all relationships are like that, I’m just talking about potential scenarios. Ideally, a best friend is there forever,a husband/wife/partner is a different, more complicated dynamic.

      EDIT: I shouldn’t say that your wife/husband CAN’T be your best friend I just think that it’s more involved than JUST simply a best friend.

      • Devon says:

        It is more involved than a ‘best friend’ but for me, my husband is really and truly my best friend and I am his. We are each others yings to our yangs, the part that completes us, our everythings. I know it sounds stupid and naive but I know my husband is in this for the long haul and he will never leave me. We have been through so much together, long distance, moving abroad, financial struggles, personal struggles, health issues, death… we have been through the ringer in the last 7 years and we spend all of our time together (literally 24/7 until a month ago since he worked from home and I am a stay at home wife). My husband has seen me get fat (two hip surgeries will do that to you), he has been there when I was raped while he was on a work trip and adjusted to my warped views on sex and he would never, ever, hurt me. Your spouse, if it’s a good relationship, can and should be your best friend. It will always be more but if they aren’t your best friend, you shouldn’t be marrying them.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Your husband sounds like a “keeper”, Devon! :)

      • Erinn says:


        Sounds like you have an amazing husband. That’s how I feel about my boyfriend. He truly is my best friend, and we’ve been together for more than 7 years at this point. Working on getting a house, starting to plan for a wedding, and things like that. We’ve gone through the long distance thing, the stress, the ups and downs and he has NEVER let me down. I’ve had best friends let me down before…but he never has.

      • Canda says:

        Ideally, all relationships are like that. I’d love to have a female BFF who would always be there for me, etc. etc., but I’ve never had one and probably never will. I do, however, have that with my husband. He is my rock and my absolute best friend on the planet. My parents, who have been married almost 40 years, still say things to me like “Oh don’t tell him you think that” and “don’t burden him with that”, but we have totally open lines of communication and trust each other implicitly. I don’t expect to ever have the level of trust and loyalty from a woman that I have with my husband.

    • lucy2 says:

      Word. And part of me still feels sorry for her that she doesn’t get it.

    • corny says:

      she needs a different best friend

    • Kim says:

      She is not referring to Chris wait for interview.

  2. lilred says:

    Looks like Oprah is sporting a mighty big bump-it there.

  3. marie says:

    I dunno, did I read somewhere (or was it a blind) that Jay-Z pretty much washed his hands of her after she kept messing with Chris, could be totally wrong about this..

    On a seperate note, I would love to be sitting on a beach in Barbados right now..

  4. diana says:

    Doormat! 3 yrs and crying to Oprah? Rihanna, why don’t you go listen to Pink’s songs?

  5. Mimi says:

    She comes across as sweet and likable here. I like her accent. She’s a pretty girl if she is not trying so hard.

  6. Meg says:

    it suprrises you people do interviews with oprah? it surprises me people do interviews with jimmy kimmel. oprah is huge-everyone knows her whether you own a tv or not. oprah will fall down, but wont’ stay down.

  7. Anon says:

    It is time Rihanna “cease and desist” where talking about abuse is concern. All kinds of men were beating the “shit ” out of women long before she was born and will continue long after she is gone; she is not responsible to fix it.
    Why give this interview?
    The only plus is that going home to the beautiful island of Barbados. I cannot understand why she does not just live her life; make her mistakes; learn from them and not give a “f**k”; there is nothing to be gain being in the unforgiving and bitter gaze called “the public eye”. Move on with your life for ####s sake. Total waste of time.

  8. Karolina says:

    hmm I think her constant partying and dragging around a huge entourage which she clearly pays for, are very costly

  9. beyonce's bump says:

    It’s kind of sad the lengths Oprah will go to to try to boost ratings for her failed network. First she interview the Kardashians and now trying to rehash this incident…smh….You still have billions miss O, just cut your losses and keep it moving.

  10. stellalovejoydiver says:

    She´s delusional. I don´t get how she still has some kind of affection for him even though he has been disrespecting her the past 3 years, not just beating her up (that´s bad enough), but also the whole ménage à trois situation with Karrueche.

  11. Nev says:

    still very conflicted which equals bouts of partying and acting out..drinking or doing drugs to numb pain, embarrassment and a broken heart….NO big mystery or her being TRASH or SKANKY….actually completely text-book behavior when there is not enough therapy/inner work done afterwards…human reaction…that’s completely logical if you ask me.

    end of story.

  12. wonderwoman21 says:

    But Rihanna is sooo talented, she should have MILLIONS for bestowing our undeserving selves with her beautiful voice!!!!

  13. DreamyK says:

    Never a good idea to make alcohol your new best friend.

  14. Zorbitor says:

    She andCharlie Sheen didn’t become mouthpieces for the counseling industry.. It happens sometimes.

  15. Jaded says:

    You know, the old expression “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind with this girl. She was catapulted to stardom, and what did it get her? A douchetard of a boyfriend who beat her senseless, a endless string of sexual escapades, boozing, drugging, posing half naked, and what does she have now? A whole lotta debt and rapidly losing the respect of a number of influential music biz people (coughcoughJay-Zcoughcough).

    It’s sad and it speaks to the violence she’s experienced growing up. But it’s time for her to get past that, to get some therapy, to get some kind of business sense into her head instead of partying her brains out, and to stop seeing herself as some kind of martyr/sex icon.

    And “best friend” my ass, if she sees or saw Chris Brown as a “best friend” then her idea of friendship is pretty screwed up. She’s been running with a bad crowd and it’s time she got some new friends who can help her get back on track.

  16. Elisabeth says:

    I think she dropped Chris because she had to, not because she wanted to. She is such a dumbass, I have a feeling that wasn’t the first time her ‘best friend’ beat the shit out of her

  17. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Riri is a talentless moron and Queen Oprah is so full of herself she is going to explode – both need to disappear.

  18. Lisa says:

    If her humiliation comes from being beaten, that’s bullshit. She shouldn’t carry any shame from what happened to her. She was a victim. He should be ashamed to show his face after what he did. Do people ever ask him about it? Nobody ever corners him in an interview to get the facts, it’s always her.

  19. kdlaf says:

    After reading her statements from this interview it appears to me that she is very removed from the abuse (lets be real, it was probably more than that one time) she went through. Which would be healthy if she wasnt still reconecting with him as rumors over the past year or so have suggested. Both she and Chris are probably not getting the help they both need and its all because of the enablers around them, the money, the egos, the greed, etc, etc. All a recipe for disaster.

    As for the money thing, I heard she made like 50 million or something this year but it wouldnt surprise me if she had money problems. She has an entourage she all pays for, her jet setting lifestyle, bills, and basic upkeep could cost her hundreds of thousands per month. So many stars have lost millions within a few years, its not uncommon at all.

    Hopefully she gets the help she needs, its unlikely but you never know.

  20. Sarah Talks says:

    You’re not going to cover the Ochocinco beats Evelyn story???

    One of the biggest celebrity stories in the media right now.

    I can’t believe this site is so racist that the only black people you guys acknowledge are Rhianna, The Smith’s and Beyonce.

    • S.joy says:

      I think this site only posts stories about black celebs that are considered A list. Even a white celeb that is D list can get a headline story but not a black celeb. Probably why there’s no story about Chad and Evelyn.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      I can honestly say I’ve never heard of Ochocinco before this moment, but now that I’ve Googled him, I see he’s an NFL player.

      Back I go to my Ochocinco-free existence – I don’t care about sports.

      • Jennipher says:

        Same here. Sports stories bore me to tears. I couldn’t care less about pro athletes, though this recent olympics stuff is mildly interesting.

        To the OP, a lot of black stars are athletes and rappers – two groups that this site just doesn’t cover regularly. I know I’m totally indifferent to them. There are stories here about Zoe Saldana whenever she does anything. I don’t think this site makes the best choices regarding the celebs they talk about, but I don’t think I’d call them racist.

    • soapfish says:

      Would you mind sharing your take on that? I saw it on some other sites but don’t quite get how big it is. I know Ochocinco was a big deal a few years ago, but don’t really follow football (didn’t realize he’d changed his name back?). And not much context for Basketball Wives; is his wife famous-ish in her own right?

      Sadly, hearing about a NFL player getting popped for DV doesn’t really ping as highly unusual to me. And I didn’t think he was really that big a star – so I’m trying to understand why it’s a big story. Realize I sound pretty foolish, but I’d love to hear any thoughts you have.

    • menlisa says:

      Same here. I’m surprised it isn’t covered yet.
      Yet Lohan is covered everyday and she is Z list.

  21. skuddles says:

    Right, because a best friend always smashes your face in. This girl makes me sad… her judgement is so skewed when it comes to men – and dirtbag Brown in particular.

  22. Dee says:

    Ha ha, Beyonce & Jay Z spent all of Rihanna’s money.

  23. Bubbling says:

    I believe she is basically broke(and has been like that since she started) in that dependable way, but won’t feel it as long as she is slaving for master Camel. That’s the way he runs his business. He signed DMX just to keep him at his side and to destroy competition. Poor bastard even believed for a while he will publish a record, but of course nothing happened.

    • Hautie says:

      I thought that Rihanna fired her management earlier this year. After Jay-z made it clear he was not happy about Rihanna shagging Chris Brown again. And she felt it was none of his business. So she fired him. Hired new management. Who went after the previous ones for fraud. And mismanagement of her funds.

      Or maybe not.

      Either way. She has cash problems, like so many others. Whom come into a lot of cash in a short period of time. They have no money management skills. And think the cash flow will never stop.

      And like MC Hammer. She will be broke from dragging around a huge entourage. Whom will leave her as soon as she can’t pay all their bills.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I’m not sure I buy that she’s having money woes. After Nivea decided not to renew their contract with her, she tweeted a picture of her flipping their President the bird. IMO, that’s not the behavior of someone who needs money.

  24. F5 says:

    Oprah is just an ambulance chaser these days..

  25. Riana says:

    She’s a mess, but I have to admit I pity her.

    I was raised to have self-confidence and never take crap, especially from a guy.

    I can’t imagine the mindset of a woman with millions to her name and a dozen resources who 100% believes the best she’ll have in life is some immature a-hole who beats her.

    That child is screwed up mentally and sadly she’s had a childhood that supported this. Dad on crack, beating her Mom, family supporting it.

    Even now her family probably doesn’t get why everyone just doesnt let her get back with Chris and likely thinks he’s so ‘good’ to her. Smh.

    Much as she annoys me and I think she’s stupid she’s got my sympathy 100% for the mere fact I don’t think anyone actually related to her sympathizes with what happened to her.

    • d says:

      I’ve been thinking along the sames lines as this lately. You can’t expect someone to behave a certain way or have a certain amount of self-respect and believe in themselves if they’ve never been exposed to normal healthy behaviour. I really think she has no clue and it’s compounded by living and working in showbiz.
      If all she knows is disrespect and dysfunction, no amount of criticism, advice, or concern-trolling from anyone is going to make a bit of difference. She’ll grow up when she gets tired of where she is and how she feels and what she’s doing to herself and then decides to make a change and do somethng about it like ditch the sycophants, and moochers and losers, and gets some real help and real friends. IF she has the wherewithall to do so at that time. It’s got to come from within, and she’s got to be ready. Until then, there’s nothing anyone can really do. It will be a triumph if she succeeds and a tragedy if she fails. I feel sorry for her. I think she’s got talent, but also that she is wasting it, not to mention her time and her potential. Oh well.

  26. melissa says:

    These are the first pictures I’ve ever seen of her smiling. I’d dislike her a whole lot less if she stopped trying to be so “gangsta”.

  27. Ella says:

    “I was resentful. I held a grudge.” When you resent someone for beating your face to a pulp, it’s not a “grudge.”

  28. Diana says:

    Rhianna resembles a young Whitney to me in the face. Too bad that accent and her voice could not be as convincing – otherwise she would be perfect for a leading role in Whitney’s biopic! Too bad casting takes into consideration other details besides just looks.

  29. Embee says:

    I’m sure he did seem like her best friend. He probably isolated her from everyone else in the manner so typical to a users. He was her only friend, and he betrayed her. My heart breaks for her, but I agree she is the one who has to take stock and decide she is tired of feeling this way, do the work and behave/perceive differently. It’s a rough road.

  30. Dibba says:

    Oprah trying to rehab Girls image while boosting her ratings I guess. They both bore me to tears

  31. Lucy says:

    I have such a soft spot for this one and feel sorry for her more than anything. It makes me so sick that Chris Brown has been able to continue his career. Che clearly is from an abusive background and doesn’t know how to value and respect herself.

  32. Str8Shooter says:

    Man, this chick really doesn’t get it, does she?

    Her ‘best friend’ put her in the f*ckin hospital and got arrested and convicted for battery.

    The only thing she should be embarrassed about his how pathetic she comes across pining over someone who beat her.

  33. The Real Deal says:

    Im sorry, I guess I am in the small population of people that’s just annoyed. If you’ve seen real abuse then you know that what happened with both Chris Brown/Rihanna and Chad and Evelyn was not abuse. Ive seen abuse up close when women were beaten up everyday…ive seen abuse in my own family, the united states and in the middle east..this was not abuse..we want to put these women as the “face” of abuse but understand this. When a man attacks first or defends himself, it is always considered abuse but when a woman attacks first, when is it called abuse? men have always been told not to put their hands on a woman so when they do, even in defense, its called abuse..the man is labeled an abuser forever. I am not defending real abusers–I just want to say let’s look it from both sides.
    My sister just told me that she “playfully” hits her boyfriend all time on his body when she thinks he acts or says something stupid. He even mentioned to her “hey you hit me alot”
    he never strikes back–but the minute he does, guess what? he’s an abuser. I think this is what happened with the Rihanna situation..that’s why she wanted to patch things up with Chris so much because she knew that..i believe this was a blow up of many times she hit him…and by the way, her forehead hit the steering wheel which was why it looked so busted. She was not wearing a seat belt and when he hit the breaks, bang, there it went.

    • Naye in VA says:

      Yes abuse can be termed as a lontimge, ongoing situation, but your discrediting everyday domestic violence does not help the overall situation. Neither party should ever put their hands on the other. And it is called abuse when the woman starts it. The message that needs to be out there is that it is neither right nor cute to have “squabbles” where violence is involved. I think the big issue is that there are women who hit their man back so they think it is okay to stay when he hits her. it isn’t. No one has a right to anyone else’s body as property. It isnt love. Its sick. And speaking as one of the “unabused” i can tell you that it makes you feel just as lonely to be hit or choked once in a blue moon, especially when women are so very quick to ask nowadays “wonder what SHE did”

  34. mia says:

    Ol’ Rihanna needs to take a couple of months off and hook up with Maya Angelo.
    Take a long, hard look at where you put yourself and why.

  35. shutup says:

    This is one of the dumbest articles and comments I have ever read in my life. The person who wrote the blog is a fumb ass and so are the commenters before me. Oh and rihanna is not broke. Try fact checking next time you dumb asses.

  36. shutup says:

    This is one of the dumbest articles and comments I have ever read in my life. The person who wrote the blog is a fumb ass and so are the commenters before me. Oh and rihanna is not broke. Try fact checking next time you losers.