Rosie vs. Trump in the 8th grade battle of the put downs

I stepped away from the computer to spend an inordinate amount of time travelling and returned to find another semi-scandal on The View over Rosie’s big mouth. Rosie took the opportunity to cut down and mock Donald Trump after he granted clemency to Miss USA Tara Conner. It seems like the continuation of a long-standing grudge she’s had with the real estate mogul and reality TV star. Rosie said that The Donald wasn’t one to judge anyone’s morals considering that he’s traded in two wives for younger models.

Trump wasted no time issuing a response in which he pointed out repeatedly how fat and disgusting Rosie is, and noted that she’s had it out for him since he publically talked about her failed talk show and magazine. Trump says he’s considering sue her, most likely over her claims that he’s not a self-made man and that he’s a “snake oil salesman.” He said that she’s pretty lucky to have such a hot girlfriend and that he’d send someone over to snatch her away from Rosie.

He had a point with the disgusting thing, but the debate is edging to the lowest common denominator now that both of these clowns are threatening each other. Sure Rosie is heavy, but it’s lame to make someone’s weight the center of your argument. He should have stuck to the facts and not made himself look just as bad by putting her down and saying he’s going to snatch her partner.

Trump also claims that Barbara Walters dislikes Rosie, and recommends that she fire her. I don’t think Rosie’s going to get the boot from The View any time soon. Ratings are up since she joined since everyone is watching to see what crazy shit she’ll spew next.

Here’s Trump’s rebutal to Rosie:

And here’s her response to his response. All she does is point out her girlfriend in the audience and sneer.It would be nice if this shit would end here, but we’ll be hearing about it well into next year.

Thanks to Best Week Ever for linking these videos.

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  1. kailie2 says:

    I just can’t stand Donal Trump. He did the same thing to Martha — going personal and pointing out she’s a failure and his show is “top rated”.. blah.. blah.. The Donald can’t take any heat, particularly from a woman. Rosie is a comedian and she has every right to comment about the stupid Miss USA debacle. I think she could have skipped the bankruptcy part etc. but Trump is ridiculous anyway in his belief that he’s the king of the universe, so why not stick it to him. What really gets to me with him is that he likes his women fuckable and submissive, he can’t take an independed-minded woman (he can’t stand Angelina)and he thinks the best way to hurt them is point out they’re either old (like Martha) or fat and ugly (like Rosie). How Klassy, coming from a dirty old man with a bad comb-over and an inflated ego.

  2. V says:

    I am not going to take sides or insult anyone, but Donald is right about one thing if Rosie does not think before she speaks the View will be destroyed. People will tolerate her for so long before getting sick and tired of seeing the same old routine of her insulting people in order to get laughs and media attention.

  3. Action says:

    I’d love to stick both of these two in a locked room for 24 hours. Neither one would come out alive. Of course, we’d need video tape too.

  4. ER says:

    Celebs need to stop feeding Rosie’s insults and just sum it with the phrase, “consider the source”. It makes everyone look bad when they sink to her level trying to defend themselves.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Trump’s only insult to Rosie is that she’s fat an ugly? Grow up, Trumpie!

  6. KIM says:

    I thought it was hilarious what she said and I think Donald should’ve reframed it and laughed it off. By acting like an idiot and calling her fat he made Rosie look better. C’mon- we all know the only reason he spared this girl is because she looks like a porn star and it’s no secret he has a weakness for the dumb plastic types. I’m glad someone called him on this and you have to admit it was funny. Rosie is annoying, but it’s just like picking the lesser of two evils here.

  7. Melissa says:

    I think Rosie came out looking better in this one too! It just made it seem like there must be some credibility to her insults if he is working so hard to discredit them.

  8. Mr. T says:

    This is not over, however, from what I hear, Baba Wawa told Rosie to cool it. The Donald has a big mouth too but Rosie just loves to trash anyone she can. Good fight. My money is on the Donald to stuff Rosie’s mouth shut.

  9. ertarox says:

    Whats pleasant here is that I dislike both, so it’s fairly nice to just sit back and watch this one unfold, totally unattached to the outcome. Bring it on! 🙂

  10. I think that calling this a 8th grade battle is being kind. More like 5th grade. They are both acting like dorks.

  11. kailie2 says:

    KIM–I agree, Donald lost an apportunity to score a few points by laughing at himself. Rosie can be annoying but she’s very entertaining to watch and she means what she says, which is rare. Besides, she’s a comedian and her thing is to poke fun–it’s like slamming Leno for making jokes about people in the news–but The Donald wuld never threaten a man or called him fat or ugly. HE’s just a little turd with a bad comb-over.

  12. Gigohead says:

    I have to admit,I had such a great chuckle with Donald Trump. He was downright funny. His comments were over the top, but incredibly biting. Rosie is not peach that’s for sure. She’s rude and obnoxious and what she has to say is irrelvant.

    Thanks Donald for the chuckles. Rosie deserves every word.

  13. Toubrouk says:

    I would love to see “The Donald” tore a new a$$hole to Rosie. Last week, she was bitching about Chinese with curse words. This week, she finaly found someone ready to tango with her.

    this WILL be fun to watch.

  14. countrybabe says:

    I thought it was funny when he kept calling her fat. You would think he’s never met anyone who’s fat before.

  15. NYSailorScout says:

    This outrageous behavior by Donald towards Rosie is his way of distracting us. Nice smokescreen by Donald to cover up the Miss USA scandal. Pure racism. Donald Trump only gave Tara Conner a second chance because the runner-up is a black woman. NO other Miss USA has been allowed to keep their crown after breaking the rules.

  16. AC says:

    Rosie didn’t do anything wrong by stating HER VIEW> Its true… he probably isn’t one to judge morals. I don’t see why he had to say anything to begin with. And the things he said about her being disgusting and … all of that, made my skin crawl. Rosie didn’t do anything wrong and I like the way she didn’t really react much to his comments other than to laugh at them. I don’t know why people hate her so much…. and her talk show wasn’t a failure… it was on for like forever and it was fun.

  17. Action says:

    She didn’t do anything wrong?? Everything she said was ‘correct’ but every word that comes out of that chick’s mouth is wrong–said wrong, venomous spewing hatred. I guess she must be perfect because she sure does love to criticize others. She’s digusting. Donald is no better.

  18. Blake says:

    Rosie O’ Donnell of the View lately has been getting herself in trouble with her carefree comments, apparently Donald Trump didn’t find that amusing. I think Donald would win in the poll over Rosie feud in Rosie Vs Trump.

    See for yourself:

  19. Izzy says:

    the poll indicates that men are siding with Trump and women with Rosie…

  20. kailie2 says:

    She made fun of him “pardoning” Miss USA as if he’s some kind of moral compass for America. The comment about bankruptcy was unnecessary but then his companies DID file for bankruptcy so it’s not like she’s making it up (she didn’t say it was personal bankruptcy, btw). She did not, however, say that he’s a fat old bastard with a trophy wife and a bad comb-over (she mentioned the comb-over after he called her all kind of names). Snake-oil salesman fits Donald like a glove. I guess she hit a nerve and he’s acting like a schoolyard bully now, going on all talkshows and calling her names, threatening to “steal” her gf and making comments about her being a lesbian (her being attracted to Miss USA). TOTALLY out of proportion, crass, immature and unnecessary. Rosie is a comedian, he’s supposed to be a serious “businessman”. She can be loud and annoying but he’s a giant SOB who can’t handle any criticism, particularly when it comes from a woman–look where he aims, at her sexuality and looks. He likes them plastic, pliable and subservient. Melania put on some weight after the baby. I wonder when he trades her in for a newer model.

  21. Action says:

    Kailie, I agree with everything you said about Donald except that he’s supposed to be a ‘serious businessman’. I believe he lost that title when he started a reality tv show–most likely before. Now he’s just a celebrity like everyone else. I’d liken him to the Paris Hilton of business. No one really knows why he’s still around since he hasn’t done anything important in years.

    I don’t know. I still dislike Rosie more though. I’m sure it’s the accumulation of negativity that spews from her mouth. The self-righteousness and judgemental attitude is just unbelievable. Donald is an sexist arse, that’s for sure, but he bothers me less than Rosie.

  22. xiaoecho says:

    Donald wasn’t thinking with his brain when he gave what’s her name a second chance. He plain wasn’t thinking when he got into a slanging match with Rosie…she’s got one of the sharpest forked tongues’ in the business.

  23. Mary says:

    It was hilarious.. Rosie is a comedian… And she does her job well. Donald Trump is acting like a five year old… Tara shouldn’t keep her title, she is NOT a good roll model like Trump claims… I think he let her keep the title to get brownie points from her. Who knows, she might be his NEXT wife.
    I love Rosie on the View. They needed another comedian like Joy. Now the show is worth watching. All they have to do now is get rid of Elizabeth..
    You Go Rosie! I love it… 😀

  24. Callie Nicholson says:

    I would like to rell Rosie that she need to check out thing before she talks. She said that they are making up decease when she said that there is no restless legs. WEll let me tell her that there sure is and I have it and it is no fun . It can keep you up at night . If it wasn’t for the pill that I take I would not get any sleep some nights. So there Roise. You need to check before you talk. Cause there sure is a decease called restless leg. I take she has never exsperience it and she can thank God that she has’t it is no fun and due to what she said I will never watch her show again .

  25. just me says:

    He just wants to get into her panties. He’s w/ a woman who could be his daughter. I wouldn’t be surprized if she had to pay him back w/ some ass for looking out for her. Cuz if it were some ugly girl she would’ve been gone.

  26. me says:

    well…i totaly agree with Trump,i dont like Rosie,i will never watch a show that has anything to do with her,and Rosie STFU once in for all!