Did Katie Holmes apologize to Tom for humiliating him with such a public divorce filing?

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Here’s the weekly roundup of Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes news, which just keeps on coming albeit at a slower pace now that the dust has settled somewhat. So what have Katie and Suri been up to lately now that the summer is rolling to a close and school will begin in very short order? Well, they spent several days in Katie’s hometown of Toledo, Ohio, (not the photos shown here from NYC) which is part of Katie’s plan to help keep Suri grounded. They skipped Daddy’s private jet and flew commercial. They went to the mall, where they shopped at the Gap and ate at Auntie Anne’s pretzels (which Tom would have died to acknowledge), and a bystander noted that “Katie seemed tired but was very polite and kind” and “looked happy.” Oh, and Suri finally got that puppy she wanted! Sort of … the girls visited the mall’s Build-A-Bear shop where Suri plucked up a German Shepherd kit. You can see those photos here, and Suri reportedly named her new doggie “Sara.”

Meanwhile, a moving van was spotted outside Tom and Katie’s former home in Beverly Hills, so we can draw our own conclusions there. There’s also a semi-new article in Radar about how Suri has adjusted quite well to Tom and Katie’s split because now her parents “aren’t fighting with each other because they haven’t seen each other and so Suri has been protected from any uncomfortable situations.” The article also goes on to state that Suri hasn’t really missed Tom that much because (as I have already suspected for some time), Suri is used to her dad being away filming for months at a time. So in regards to not seeing Tom that often, Suri doesn’t really know the difference because he’s never really been around in the first place. Now, at least he’s paying some one-on-one attention to her on occasion even though he’s spoiling the hell out of her. Hopefully, that won’t include cult indoctrination, but you know he’ll try.

This week’s issue of In Touch has a bizarre article about how Katie (sort of) feels bad for publicly humiliating Tom by surprising him with the divorce. At the same time, Katie realizes that her covert plan was the only way she could get out (especially since the situation was so extreme, and she was monitored to the point where she had to use burner phones). Still, Katie realizes that Tom’s massive ego was very hurt, and she’s hoping that her apology will work a bit of magic for whatever future full-custody revenge Tom has in store for the future. Will it work though?

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Giving her powerful husband fair warning that she was leaving him would probably have hobbled Katie Holmes’ attempt to make a quick, clean break. But while Katie’s swift action — which left manipulative megastar Tom Cruise shell-shocked — may have led to a divorce that was reached in record time, a source close to Tom, 50, claims that Katie regreats humiliating him so profoundly and publicly. Says the source, “Katie has apologized him.”

The thought of Katie falling under Tom’s spell again is chilling. but the 33-year-old actress may have good reasons for appearing to back down. Because they share custody of Suri, 6, the former couple still speak often, which, a friend of Katie’s tells In Touch, can be pretty awkward.

“Tom rarely misses a chance to bring up their relationship,” says the friend, “or say something catty.” Furthermore, Katie can’t ignore — or compete with — the transparent, full-scale campaign Tom’s been waging to win his daughter’s heart. “He’s not parenting her; he’s entertaining her,” a source close to the couple snipes.

Katie is fully aware that Tom’s older children — Isabella, 19, and Connor, 17 — turned away from their mother, Nicole Kidman, after the pair’s split. Despite the fat that she spends far more time with Suri than Tom does, she must be concerned that their vulnerable daughter will prefer the exciting lifestyle he provides. Smoothing things over with him puts her on safer ground.

The source clsoe to Tom reports that Katie told him that “She feels bad about the way everything unfolded, and she’s sorry that she embarrassed him.” That may be salve to Tom’s wounded ego, but Katie’s apology won’t lead to a real reconciliation. “I doubt they’ll ever be friends,” the source says.

[From In Touch, print edition, August 16, 2012]

Sadly and at this point, I have absolutely no faith in Tom as a decent human being. He aims to win every contest at all costs, and to him, Suri is a contest as well. So I don’t think Katie’s apology will work any huge progress in deterring him from trying to win Suri’s favor, but maybe Katie has more mind games in store for the future too. God knows she’s overdue to play some mind games with him, right?

This week’s Enquirer has an article about how Katie has supposedly spent $100,000 on clothes and beauty products since she left Tom because she’s “ready to join the ‘Sex and the City’ club.” While I don’t doubt that Katie is probably dying to have some really good sex (after being married to Tom for five years, who wouldn’t want that?), she probably hasn’t committed such a pricey splurge. She is, after all, now on a budget. Yes, Katie looks much younger now that she’s shed the Gollum influence, but she didn’t need to blow $100,000 to get there. There are also a few details about how Katie’s confidence coach is really a specialist in cult deprogramming, which I totally believe.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

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  1. Cassie says:

    I think one of the only hopes she has is if sciancetology (?) is brought down.

  2. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    This situation is beginning to remind me of Carolyn Jessops situation – the book Escape is an excellent read; the FLDS and Scientology sound very similar.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Oh, you KNOW the Mormons are praying every day “please let the Co$ keep going as long as possible!” Because when it finally collapses, THEY will be the weirdest cult again.

      • KatZamboni says:

        FLDS are not Mormons, and the actual Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is not a cult. “Cult” is a word that bigots use for “religion I don’t like.”

  3. Hautie says:

    Oh good grief.

    First of all, why would Katie need to apologize.

    The girl had to make a dang escape plan to leave the marriage. She had to spend months planning her escape.

    Just so she would not end up in that Cult Prison lock-up compound in California. Like the wife of Miscavige. Who also wanted to leave her marriage and disappeared and has not been seen since.

    Soooo… if Katie gave that asshole an apology, I suspect it went like this…

    “Yeaaaa, Tom… I am sorry that in order for me to leave you and not end up locked up in the Cults prison… I bought burner phones and hired 6 men with guns. I am sorry that you felt humiliated about all that.

    But hey… I didn’t want to end up never seeing my parents or child again either. Sh-t happens.

    Now you have a nice day.

    Oh by the way.

    My bodyguard wants to let you know… next time you try to have me snatched off the street going to spin class. He is going to break his foot off in your ass.”

  4. Sirsnarksalot says:

    I hope she and Suri are both in some kind of therapy to deal with the fallout of the Tom Cruise years. I like that she is scaling back the extravagance and making Suri’s life still privileged but at least more normal. I don’t doubt for a second tho that Tom is holed up with Miscavige and their PR people plotting his return to global domination (or whatever the hell it is COS has Tom believing he deserves). Sad sad little man Tom.

  5. dorothy says:

    Humiliated him? Over the years he has jumped on couches, ranted to Matt Lauer, insists a baby drink barley milk and openly supports a cult. I think Katie that was the humiliated one.

  6. Talie says:

    She’s definitely done a makeunder…I remember when she first hooked up with Tom, she was high fashion for years. And seemed to live at Barneys in Beverly Hills. I think it suits her though, she looks younger without all the “ladies who lunch” drag that Tom forced on her.

  7. void says:

    I wonder how much deprogramming she needs? I mean, she made a pretty strident and confident move with this divorce, it’s hard for me to believe she’s still brainwashed to any troubling degree. Suri, though…

    • Anne de Vries says:

      There’s probably still a lot of underlying thought patterns though. Just like somebody can break out of an abusive relationship but still be messed up underneath the realisation that they need to get out.

  8. Feebee says:

    Please! The only beauty product she needed was the Excise Tommy elixir. Works from the inside out and yes, it appears to be working quite well.

    She may have needed to update some clothing but hardly $100K.

    I hope she didn’t apologise to him. ‘Sorry I had to blindside you in order to get away from you’. Huh? She needs to never let down her guard.

  9. Hautie says:

    Oh yea… you can tell Katie has spent $100K on a new wardrobe full of clothes.

    That is why she is still wearing those ratty suede booties daily.

    Now if someone said she spent $100K on security. I might believe that.

    • duncecap says:

      I hope she’s putting some money to security. The CO$ vans following her were seriously creepy

  10. moxylady007 says:

    Sounds like pretty classic placation of a narcissist. But it still sits horribly. I hope she didnt feel she had to. I am thinking this story is false.

  11. Bess says:

    I completely believe that Katie’s “confidence coach” is really a cult deprogrammer.

  12. Elj says:

    Is that child wearing lipstick..?

  13. miriam says:

    I bet he’s really playing th guilt card with her. And he’s probably using Suri as a conduit.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Of course he is. This is the game that he plays. He is a sad little man that needs a cult to justify & boost his ego. This goes beyond him needing platform shoes, he has totally daddy issues. Something that makes him so appealing & easy for cult to use him like the puppet he is. His ego is as big as the evil in CO$, making the perfect match.

  14. Sabrine says:

    On the contrary, Katie didn’t try to make it public at all. She did what she had to do and it’s not her fault the media was giving us a blow by blow account of the split. Cut the lady some slack.

  15. The Original Mia says:

    The only thing I think she feels bad about is subjecting Suri to Tom for so long. She should have escaped when Suri was a baby, but she didn’t.

    • CF98 says:

      I agree with this but something tells me you can’t just up and leave something like this it takes years of planning however she always made sure Suri was with her most of the time. And figured as a baby she really wouldn’t notice Tom all that much.

      And yes I think the confidence coach was a cult deprogrammer. I want to know what happened to Katie those 16 days she went missing and then showed up as Tom Cruise’s GF out of nowhere. Roger Friedman implied something happened to her during that period.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        I don’t think there’s any doubt that she went through some serious indoctrination in that time

  16. Francesca says:

    I doubt this is true. There is no point in her saying anything like ‘sorry’ to Tom Cruise.

    I watched Risky Business for the first time recently and I think he hasn’t changed at all really; he still dresses like a catholic school boy and still going for some adrenaline soaked dream. Hookers would work better for him than a wife; he could get his kink on.

  17. wilkiecollins says:

    Do you think her apology went something like “I’m sorry you were a horrible husband. Have you considered therapy?” now that would have been bad ass.
    Also did you see the pictures of their return to NY Suri is carrying her own bag and they look cute and dare I say it normal, yaaaaay!

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    You don’t tell a rapist when you’re going to kick him in the balls; you don’t tell a possessed person you’re going to have them exercised; so why would you tell an egomaniacal control-freak cultist (possible abuser) you were planning to leave?

    F*ck him and his delicate ego.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Well said ^

    • carlino altoviti says:

      I don’t think Kate needs a deprogrammer, she has shown to have resisted to the brainwashing. She needs , however, an adviser who knows how the cults act , because the fight is not over yet.

  19. Deeana says:

    Could someone please explain to me exactly what is a “confidence coach”? I’ve never heard the term before.

    • CF98 says:

      Confidence coach= therapist

      Or in this case cult deprogrammer.

      • stupidantiscietolo says:

        lots of bum commenters here all they knowvis talk about Scientology. i don’t care about that religion, but what i do care is how people are stupid thinking their’s better. i left catholic becuse i was molested by our priest when i was a kid and tat is a fact.

  20. Paige says:

    When I first saw this headline I had to laugh. What does she have to feel sorry for? She made a plan and bolted from that lift wearing control freak. Good for her! She does have this glow about her lately. Damn girl can we get rid of those fug boots?

  21. Mark says:

    All women have a divorce fantasy where they leave that bad bad man that society forced them to marry and they become reborn again as the “Classy and Fabulous” single woman that they were before that bad bad man conned and tricked them into marrying. Then they are now available to date all the other hunky men that marriage deprived them. Have a good marriage and you are thought submissive. But divorce well with a good settlement (that you rightfully deserve as a woman), and aha, you are heroine to all women, that strong and independent woman.

    This “apology” is a manipulation of the press. Things had quietened down too much for the publicity she needs for her upcoming movie about single motherhood, so she appears to take the high road by “Apologizing” while Tom, the man, of course, is out “bashing” her to anyone that would listen, even though she was “compelled”, of course, to save her daughter from the bad bad father, the man. She, the woman, is parenting. He, as the father, the man, is not parenting, but rather merely entertaining. She, the woman, is keeping her daughter “grounded” by denying the use of the private jet and exposing her daughter to gawking people and paparazzi instead of utilizing the convenience and security of private jet travel. Of course, the private jet enables fewer photographers to snap photos of our virtuous single mother heroine.

    Men, take a lesson. Never marry a woman. Don’t be a fool and sucker. You can never trust a woman. Modern Evolutionary Psychology is exposing women as the dishonest frauds that they truly are and the modern narrative they wish to convey is a lie. Women want to get married but not to be married. They love and celebrate weddings and divorce. Both make her the center of attention. Being married does not.

    No matter how successful, how famous, how handsome the man, you are subject to having your life torn down by any rationalization that the woman will choose to invoke. The dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, and the roulette wheel is rigged. Never marry a woman.

    A wedding, birth of a child, and divorce are the milestones women value and not a husband, and not successful marriage.