Stephen Colbert launches ‘Operation Humble Kanye West’

Stephen Colbert has declared war on Kanye West. West currently holds the number one spot on the iTunes album chart with his new release “808s and Heartbreak.” Colbert’s Christmas album, “A Colbert Christmas, The Greatest Gift of All,” is at number 16. The talk show host has designs on the top spot and says he’s more deserving of success than Kanye, who needs to be taken down a notch both in the charts and in his own estimation of himself. Colbert made the announcement that he’s striving to topple Kanye and launched “Operation Humble Kanye” on his Comedy Central show last night. He called on fans to buy up his Christmas album at 5pm EST Wednesday night, saying “This is war, and I’m calling for a surge.”

Colbert said “I’m furious that an egomaniac like Kanye is beating me.” He reminded us of Kanye’s statement that “I will go down as the voice of this generation of this decade.”

Colbert addressed Kanye on the air. “Sir, you are not the voice of this generation of this decade. In fact with all the auto-tuning on your records, you’re barely the voice of your own albums.

“You want to be the voice of a generation, get in line. It goes – Me, Obama girl, the guys, then it’s a tie between you and Crocs.”

If all goes according to plan for Colbert, “Kanye will be forced to admit that I am the voice of this generation of this decade of this Wednesday at 5pm.”

You know that Kanye is taking all this personally and getting steamed that Colbert called him out. I hope that Colbert’s Christmas album climbs a few spots on the chart after this. It might not knock Kanye out of the top spot, but the stunt is sure to rattle that fragile ego he keeps trying to puff up.

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24 Responses to “Stephen Colbert launches ‘Operation Humble Kanye West’”

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  1. Exiled says:

    HHAHHAHHHA! I love Colbert!

  2. Baholicious says:

    “…a tie between you and Crocs.” I’m going to be smiling all day 😀

  3. Syko says:

    I love Stephen Colbert. Possibly not as much as I love Jon Stewart because Stephen isn’t as cuddly, but I do adore him.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Syko, I find Colbert cuddly.

    You never know about Kanye – he might get the joke. Like that little “George Bush hates black people” mini-skit on SNL with Mike Meyers.

  5. Dangit says:

    Leave Kanye alone. Obviously someone likes him enough for him to consistently deliver multiplatinum albums in an age where downloading is the norm. His success has been proven and his confidence is grounded in reality. Suck on that.

  6. sanford says:

    I think dangit is really kanye

  7. Anon says:

    Damn, don’t knock my crocs. I like them way better than Windbag Kanye

  8. RReedy says:

    Kanye’s problem is that doesn’t realize how stupid he comes off. Hats off to Colbert!!!

  9. Holly says:

    HA yeah like Kanye really needs defending, Dangit. Give me a break.

  10. Sue D. Nimm says:

    We’re not bashing his music dangit (although it does sound computer generated) we’re saying is ego is ridiculous. Besides, there is no single ‘Voice of a Decade’ because thre are too many different styles of music.

  11. Emily says:

    hahaha I realize Colbert means all this as a joke (like when he tried to “run” for President in South Carolina) but I’m so sure Kanye West is going to fire back something ridiculous. Love it!

  12. brista says:


    No, okay, just kidding. The man is ridiculous with the ego yet amazing, in a way similar to a guy trying to jump over a parking meter or a stair railing and smashing on it. Disastrous and yet hilarious. Did you see him on Conan, when he suddenly declared that they need to wrap up the interview so he can take a tinkle? AWESOME. He’s redonkulous.

    And he ~*might*~ take the joke in the right way…he went along with SNL’s 106 & Park sketch. “Aw, hell no! I got the best pumpkin!”

    Regardless of Kanye’s chart rank and claim to ‘voice of the generation of this decade,’ Colbert is the voice of my nation. 🙂

  13. Lore says:

    I love it when anyone famous or not is called out for being a pompous ass. In KW’s case it’s hilarious what SC said about his voice.Although it’s Crocs, then KW.
    I hope KW takes this seriously and then we’ll all have lots of fun. If he doesn’t then he’s probably not that pompous.

  14. Rissa says:

    kanyewest on Twitter: “who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?” Guess he’s about to find out. 😀

  15. kate says:

    love it…someone needs to smack some sense into kanye.

  16. Colbert, Stewart, Comfort & Joy says:

    I saw the twitter remark – HUMBLE KANYE!!!

  17. JaundiceMachine says:

    Love, love, love Colbert! I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but the song they sing at the end (yes, that one 😉 ) made me tear up a little. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

    That being said, I’d gladly chip in $8 to see Stephen oust Kanye. Or humble him, at least. Part of me hopes they are both playing into it, and that there’s no real animosity, but with Kanye ya never know . . .

    Edit – Here is a little treat for those who need a Colbert-style smile.

  18. DD says:

    colbert is my hero

  19. mojoman says:

    Dangit, where are your CAPS??

  20. tinabobeana says:

    I really don’t know much about Kanye’s music and can only recall “Through the Wire”, however, I am fully aware of who he is and how he portrays himself to the public (as a nauseating narcissist). And let me just say that the fact I know more about how much of a detestable person he is (getting into altercations with paps, having his own fans vandalize portable toilets outside his concert with Kanye-hating graffiti, and his overall attitude of believing the sun shines out his own ass) than I do about his music strongly implies that HE IS NOT THE VOICE OF THIS GENERATION!!! Maybe if he concentrated a bit more on making his music the focus rather than his ego, he might be received much more positively.

    Go Stephen!!!

  21. Israel says:

    Colbert is tired and he needs to stop with this nonsense–there is NO COMPETITION… why does everyone get so offended when a BLACK man exhibits self-esteem? I think JAMES BOND is the cockiest son of a b*&&^ alive and no one complains about his a**
    the days of bleck people shucking an jiving are OVER deal with it !!!
    Obama rules!!!!

  22. Kaye says:

    Colbert is suffering from penis-envy

  23. MOBONIX says:

    I remember after watching that episode, Colbert’s album was in the top 10 on iTunes for that week… but then slowly disappeared.

    Colbert is funny.. but I had already bought the Kanye West album.

  24. Mercy Vasey says:

    MMS must have all the fanfare of one of the most importantt treatments that has ever been released to mankind