Did Katie Holmes get to keep the millions of dollars of loot from her marriage?

Last week, Agent Bedhead had the breakdown of what Katie Holmes got in her divorce from Tom Cruise – it wasn’t much, as far as celebrity divorces go. Katie walked away with about $400,000 a year in child support from Tom ($33K a month), plus he pays all of Suri’s education costs (including college), plus all of Suri’s medical bills. Katie will not receive any alimony, and the sources seem to think that Katie did not get any lump-sum payout from Tom either – at least officially, although some of us think Tom might have made a lump-sum payment to Katie separately from the divorce proceedings.

What was not discussed in TMZ’s report last week, and what has not been discussed in the months of divorce coverage up until now is that for years during her marriage to Tom, Katie was a champion shopper. Katie spent money like water during her marriage, at various times “blowing through $200,000 at Barney’s in one year and spending $43,000 in spa treatments” during one season in 2009, and reportedly dropping $14 million over the course of six months when Tom and Katie were living in New York. So, what happened to all of that loot?

Katie Holmes didn’t get a huge payout from ex-husband Tom Cruise because of an ironclad prenup, but the Dawson’s Creek star will be keeping “millions of dollars in jewelry, designer handbags and other gifts” given to her by the Mission Impossible star during the course of their marriage, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“Tom was extremely generous to Katie with lavish gifts during their marriage and she will be keeping millions of dollars of jewelry, Hermes handbags and other luxurious items,” a source tells Radar.

“Tom gave Katie diamond earrings as a birthday gift one year that easily cost over $500k and he had custom design pieces made for her. Under terms of the divorce, Katie is keeping all of the jewelry, handbags, accessories, and designer clothing. What she does with it is up to her. For the time being, the jewels are being kept in a very safe place and knowing Katie, it’s likely she will one day give them to Suri once she is old enough.

“Katie was never with Tom for the money. When it came time for the divorce, she just wanted it to be done quickly and with as little disruption to Suri’s life as possible. Suri has always been Katie’s number one priority and concern. During the divorce settlement talks Katie just wanted to make sure that she and her daughter would be taken care of from a financial standpoint,” the source added.

As we previously reported, Holmes will have primary custody of Suri, with Cruise having liberal visitation. The former couple married in 2006, with Holmes deciding to pull the plug on the marriage earlier this summer.

‘Katie’s handbag collection includes custom made Hermes Birkins that would make any fashionista swoon,” the source reveals. “Katie has an oversize Birkin in a gorgeous shade of red. She also has several iconic Hermes Kelly handbags. Katie probably got at least ten Hermes handbags as gifts from Tom during the course of the marriage, ranging in price from 10k-50k, each! If Katie were ever to decide to auction the handbags off she would get top dollar because she was married to Tom Cruise when she got them. Katie’s Hermes handbag collection definitely rivals her pal Victoria Beckham’s.”

[From Radar]

Is this a strategic leak to dent the image of Saint Katie, who cares nothing for material items nowadays? Perhaps. But I also think it’s probably true – I’ve heard similar things in other celebrity divorces, and I think it’s quite normal for “assets” received by the wife during the marriage are hers to keep in the divorce. So maybe Katie was feathering her nest all along – she allegedly gets to keep millions and millions of dollars worth of clothes, handbags, shoes and most importantly, jewelry. And before you say, “But Katie left during the night, she probably didn’t take any of that stuff with her, she only took Suri and one pair of booties.” BS. She was preparing her getaway for months. You know she moved out all of her pricey stuff before she even dropped the divorce filing.

Here are some new photos of Katie and Suri in NYC over the weekend.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Good for her.
    No amount of money would EVER compensate being the robo-wife of a crazy cult-loving freak. For. 5. Friggin’. Years.

    • boxer says:

      Seriously. I had the same thoughts while reading this. Jewlery: not worth it. Clothes: not worth it. 400k a year: not worth it. Plus the fact that she’ll always have to be fighting with him over how Suri is raised in regards to Scientology. NOT WORTH IT! Girls, learn a lesson from this, marry for love. Don’t be a gold digger or a fame digger.

      • emmieapricot says:

        How do you know Katie didn’t marry for LOVE? I think she was totally in love with Tom, which is what caused her to foolishly accept his craziness. Sure, she probably thought marrying him would help her career/fame — but I don’t think that’s why she married him.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Boxer:

        Katie got primary legal custody of Suri (different from physical custody) which means she makes ALL the major decisions regarding Suri – education, religion, medical. Legally, she doesn’t have to consult or take into consideration any of Tom’s bs. Tom’s team may make it sound like he has a say in how Suri is raised, but he doesn’t. As for Scientology, Tom is strictly prohibitted from talking about his “religious” beliefs to Suri, and is not permitted to take her to any Scientology related activities or events.

        I think it was pretty obvious early in the relationship that Katie was deeply in love and did not marry for money. She had no problem signing a prenup. Tom is the one who took advantage of Katie. He manipulated a young, unsophisticated girl by pretending to be something he wasn’t. Once she was pregnant and married, he isolated her from friends and family and controlled her every move.

    • Layale says:


    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:


    • Genevieve says:

      What bugs me here is the wording…Katie gets to “keep” all of the jewelry and luxury bags, etc…?!

      Well, fcs, I would HOPE so!! Most of the jewelry was gifted to her by Tommygirl…you don’t have to give back GIFTS.

      As far as bags, clothes, etc. SO WHAT. Tom Cruise is a bazillionaire. Bags and clothes that will soon become dated and fall out of fashion, are a paltry compensation for being married to Captain Scibot for 5 years.


      • IzzyB says:

        Maybe Tommy wanted to wear them. The tiara would go beautifully with his man-heels.

      • gg says:

        I would bet that she became an Olympic shopper out of misery and boredom and maybe became addicted. Because, hell, as his wife, the money supply was absolutely endless, and being under full-on control of the co$, there was nothing else to do, since friends wouldn’t be allowed. I would probably do the same thing. However. I would not be purchasing those gawdawful $3- and 4,000+ heavy, chunky, UGLY, suitcase purses. I still don’t get the charm of those hideous things. I mean, how much space does your phone, lipstick and wallet take up? I bet they’re always rattling around in there because the damn thing’s otherwise empty.

      • LeslieM says:

        I just wanted to say yesterday I posted a comment on this website regarding the fact that Tom Cruise’s wife eludes to him being gay during their marriage. You may remember the “priest” comment on a talk show. I mentioned that I had both a male and female friend who were both devastated when they learned their spouse was gay all a long when they left them for another partner. These gay rumors have surrounded Cruise for years. He is a public personality so it’s not illegal to ask this question. Here’s the strange thing, my post from yesterday vanished. I have lots of gay friends I said nothing homophobic still somehow his people made that comment go away. It seems they search his named every day and have found ways to make questions they don’t like disappear. I say all this and I am the biggest Tom Cruise fan, really.

      • LeslieM says:

        When I say his wife, I’m referring to his first wife Mimmie Rodgers. Sorry!

    • Remieray says:

      Why does she dress so badly? She looks like she got dressed in the dark ever time I see her, and those brown boots she wears EVERYDAY should be thrown out!!!

    • sugarcoated turd says:

      She married him knowing full well he was a Scientologist. Cut him some slack, he is not the only guilty party.

  2. Jennifer says:

    She should follow Ellen Barkin’s steps. Another public auction of jewelry and other expensive crap – it’d be ab fab.

    • gg says:

      Now, if she sells the fugly birkins, that would be a good reason to buy them. Because I bet they appreciate like a damn vintage car.

  3. Jacq says:

    My bet is that she got an astronomical, separate pay-out as part of a confidentiality agreement.

  4. Mel says:

    It seems logical and fair that she’d keep anything that was a gift. If Tom gave her bags, jewellery etc – then these items are hers, she can do whatever the heck she likes with them.
    On a side note, I’ve always been a financially independent woman myself but sometimes I read stories like this and have a secret daydream that a super-rich guy loves me and buys me lots of STUFF. However, rich daydream guy is not a $cientologist!

  5. Blerg says:

    Would it kill her to trim Suri’s hair? Lords.

  6. Shay says:

    Suri looks REALLY upset by the paparazzi in every photo I see of her.
    I feel very bad for her, and I think Katie needs to cool it on the paparazzi-friendly outings.
    She’s divorced and she got custody – let your child have some privacy.

    • Ella says:

      I agree that the poor kid looks distressed, but I blame the paparazzi. To keep Suri away from them, Katie would virtually have to hide Suri away, which would be pretty depressing for both. I think she’s trying to give her a normal life.

    • Birdix says:

      yes, that is a sad little face… getting out of the fishbowl of nyc to somewhere with some space might be a relief. Even if they were still taking photos, they wouldn’t be so close. Everyone’s saying it is all about Suri after all…

      • CandyKay says:

        True. Even Long Island or New Jersey, which would be close enough to allow Katie to pursue her Broadway career, would cut down the number of paps. They have zoos and museums there, too.

    • Laurabb says:

      I feel sorry for her, she looks like she hates the paps. On the other hand they do keep them safer from the crazy cult.

  7. mln76 says:

    She may have kept clothes and jewelry but Tom must have all of her heels except those hideous boots.

    • Ella says:

      What really bugs me is that every time The Internets post pictures of this poor child cowering from the aggressive paparazzi (on websites other than this one) people attack Katie for always carrying Suri. As a child it must be really upsetting, and as a parent it would be pretty scary too. With strange men running around everywhere calling your child’s name and flashing cameras, how do you know who’s a legitimate photographer and who’s a stalker? Is there even a difference? It would be pretty hard for a kid not to trip over them all, anyway. I wish people would think twice before accusing Katie of babying her daughter.

      • Ella says:

        Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be posted under mln76’s witty observation about the boots.

      • Polk8dot says:

        But when is enough going to be enough? The child is over 6 years old, she’s starting school already, and she still gets around in her mommy’s arms? You think the other kids at her school will be as understanding as you are? They will laugh and tease Suri about it mercilessly. And when will it end? Is it still OK when she’s 8? How about 11?…
        Katie has plenty of resources to protect her daughter from the papps, including security guys, darkened-windowed cars and privacy gate into the parking garage. Why not use them, and get wherever you’re going that way? Why keep babying the child like this? I gotta think there is some extra purpose behind it. If you want to avoid papps you do not move to NYC and parade yourself and your kid in front of them every single day. Suri is old enough to simply turn away her head if she does not want the papps looking at her, yet she’s choosing a very different bahavior. I makes me think that there is some psychological reason behind it, or some serious kink in her upbringing. Look at other celebrity kids who’ve been photographed since they were born. (e.g. SJP, Brangelina, Gwen Stefani, etc). They simply learned to ignore the cameras and the papps behind them.
        Yet Suri is so ‘scared, almost petrified’ that she needs to be carried everywhere? I don’t know what is REALLY going on, but I do not buy that ‘papparazzi’ excuse anymore.

      • Emma says:

        @ the above.

        She ain’t your child – why does it matter how she is raised?
        Plus, Katie never used to carry her around.

        This is a bit of a different situation – she’s just had a major upheaval and is now separated from her father. That was her family and what she knew for 6 years. There is huge media attention now, more than there have been the last few years. I’d be scared too of all the crazies with cameras yelling things at me too.

        I can completely understand the carrying. I would carry her too. Get some perspective!

      • canadi says:

        You get some perspective! And stop acting like a bully to other posters!
        “She ain’t your child – why does it matter how she is raised?
        Plus, Katie never used to carry her around.”

        Katie “never used to carry her around”? Look at the archives!

        I happen to agree with Polk8dot!

  8. serena says:

    Of course she has million of handbags and jewellers! She had nothing to do all day- she couldn’t do anything literally- and so what?
    Tom payed her silence and submission with gift, but that’s not something he should brag on.

    Thank god she’s out of that.
    Who cares if she keeps them? They’re hers now, and anyway it’s really the minium compensation for what he let her went through.

  9. G says:

    Who the hell is doing Tom’s PR?

    He LET HER keep her own clothes and accessories? Also maybe look up the meaning of “gift.

    At least Birkins aren”t made with Sea Org slave labor.

    • Roxy says:

      Thats exactly what I have been wondering. This all makes him look pretty awful and cheap. $400K a year is lunch money for him. I don’t get it. He is looking very chintzy with all this coming out. If he paid her a lump & it’s being kept private, I am surprised thats not been leaked as a private matter and no amt’s given. At least we’d know Tom isn’t being cheap about it all. Katie can’t keep up her lifestyle in NYC on that, nor can she ever expect to earn enough as an actress, she’s not THAT good! LOL

  10. TheEntrepreneursWife says:

    The Booties of Doom! Ack, my eyes!

    • melangie says:

      Wearing the same clothes everyday is a sign of depression. Having said that, I still don’t get why she wears those horrible boots day after day.

      • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

        I actually don’t care that she wears them everyday. In fact, I salute her (and Kate Middleton and anyone else) for not throwing out a good piece of clothing because she wore it once.

        My issue is that they are just hideous — especially when she stuffs her jeans into them.

  11. Scorellini says:

    OMG Suri looks miserable. That poor kid is going to be so traumatized.

  12. little-red says:

    It’s one thing to say you weren’t in it for the money, but don’t deny that you’re very materialistic when you’re dropping that kind of dough on clothes etc. C’mon.

    • Elizabeth says:

      She was playing the role of trophy wife and that was what Tom wanted. And a trophy wife is expected to shop ALOT.

      • Roxy says:

        Trophy wife? Katie? Seriously? LOL. Meh, me thinks not, not even! She probably shopped to keep from blowing her brains out! & she always looks like crap, so where are all these fabulous fashions? Her & Suri both look like Welfare cases.

    • Elizabeth says:

      @ Roxy :

      I’m not saying she was good at playing a trophy wife and always being perfectly dressed but I still think that was what Tommy Girl wanted her to be. A pretty doll, a stylish accessory for when he went out in public.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      I think it was all part of the dream she thought had suddenly come true when she got together with him – insanely rich movie star suddenly falls insanely in love with you. By the time she twigged that insanity was not just hyperbole in this set-up, the novelty had worn off and she’d realised clothes are just clothes, jewellery is just stones and metal, and her kid was about to get sucked into a cult. If we’re honest, being able to buy whatever the hell you want overnight might be pretty damn cool. Lottery fantasy territory, and most of us have bought a ticket at least once in our lives. And the hidden pricetag here was unlikely to be as obvious to her then as it is with hindsight now. She was very effectively lovebombed, I think.

      As to the rest – I remember reading that Jackie Onassis used to buy expensive clothes with the marital credit card, then return them for a cash refund during her second marriage. That thought did flash through my mind when it was said Katie Holmes had done so (relatively) badly in the divorce. Not that I think she was calculating when they married – I think she was genuinely sweot away by it all – but she must have made good money over the years, her father will probably have invested it well, and she has a lot of very saleable moveables now as well.

      Finally, in the US, aren’t personal items just that? Here, clothes and jewellery aren’t marital assets. They belong to the wearer – they’re personal.

  13. Dap says:

    So she did learn something from playing Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, didn’t she?

  14. Talie says:

    I was thinking that, too. I remember during the early years of her marriage, she seemed to distract herself with material possessions. Now, obviously, Hermes bags do not go with her new image. She should do a big estate sale a la Ellen Barkin.

  15. Boo says:

    Why shouldn’t she keep it? It’s her stuff! If I divorced my husband, he wouldn’t keep my purses or my jewelry even if he gave the stuff to me. Has anyone ever heard of a divorce in which the husband is awarded possession of the wife’s personal items? Ridiculous story.

    • swack says:

      Not only that, but I’m sure Katie gave Tom gifts over the years and he will be keeping those. This is really a nonstory to make Katie look like she is greedy. Tom expected her to look a certain way therefore spent the money on her so she could do so.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I’m not married but if I was and got divorced and my rich ex made a move for my purses, jewellery or my personal sarkovski nic-nacks, I would “cut the bitch”, if you know what I mean. What kind of man wants his ex-wife’s personal items? – someone with boundary issues or a cross-dresser, that’s who.

      • gg says:

        lol, do you mean Swarovski crystals?

    • kudzuqueen says:

      So glad you said this Boo.

      And regarding Suru being carried and looking unhappy…. My girls fall out at least once a day. And usually it is the very reason I take them home where everyone can just take a chill. This is most likely where these paps are taking pictures of her. I would hate for anyone to criticize me based on the pooky faces of my two girls. They are happy one minute, then grumpy the next..they are CHILDREN.

  16. tripmom says:

    I want Suri’s green Mary Janes in my size.

  17. Liberty says:

    Errr — hadn’t there been a lot of talk about the way Tommyboy wanted her to look for red carpets and other appearances? Which is why she retaliated with all her crap haggard looks the last two years? (Though still a weird move if you have a line.)

    That said, I can totally see her going shopping just to get the hell out of Co$ville, then slapping down for a spite bag and oh-yeah? shoes. Maybe design samples too for her own product, such as it is. And then, little Hitler turns up from a movie set and yells, and so she makes sure she is seen in only one pair of boots for weeks. — What a life.

  18. cmc says:

    LMAO! Anyone remember Blu Cantrell’s “Hit em Up” song? Get your hands on his cash and spend it til the last dime for all the hard times!

    Thank you, Katie. Now I can sing that song all day.

  19. Kate says:

    They were gifts from Tom by law she is entitled to keep them not sure why this is news…

    • Amory says:

      Actually, the law is far from clear regarding gifts. I agree that it makes sense for her to keep them, but he could have a go at the items if he wanted.

      I also read that she got one of the houses in L.A. I’m not feeling sorry for this gal – I think she has a great PR team trying to paint her as a tragic victim when I think she knew what she was getting in to and for goodness sake he bought her a fashion line that she gets to keep.

      • gg says:

        I have not seen anything of the kind you describe. All that’s out there are TOM’s PR people’s sad, sad Tommy BS, and a bunch of gossip stuff people have made up for their blogs. She doesn’t even have a “PR team” as far as I have seen.


      • Kudzuqueen says:

        Where do you live that gifts to a wife return to the husband in a divorce?

        If that is true, it would actually infer a sort of ownership to the man…that is…you cant have anything unless you belong to me. I understand that some men think this way, but I am pretty sure no court in the US would allow it.

  20. Jen says:

    All she did the first few years of marriage was shop constantly. So she made out just fine & the whole “independent woman who’s not taking a dime” slant doesn’t wash. One more thing: how in the world does she manage to spend all that on clothing and still dress so badly?

  21. Sabrine says:

    I don’t know why photos of Suri being frightened of the paprats are even posted online. People don’t want to see her being so unhappy. I guess anything sells, even a pap-terrorized child.

  22. Andrea says:

    So someone that has apparently spend millions on cloths, accessories and spa treatments she looks pretty dumpy. I call BS on the story. No question she spend money, but millions? Clothes and handbags for the most part have no significant resale value. Jewelry – sure, but again, we’ve never seen her with anything mind blowing ridiculous.

    • Hautie says:

      I agree. I have never once seen Katie dressed like she was spending millions on clothes. EVER.

      She was always dressed well for big events. And I am sure she did end up with some lovely jewelry.

      But this girl never dressed as if fashion was her life.

      It is why I have always been puzzled by her having a fashion line of clothes. She just never seemed to have much interest in it.

      And honestly Katie is about the only well known female, running around LA/NYC without a Birkin on her arm.

      But she has a closet full of them?

      I guess Victoria Beckham was behind those purchases early in Katie’s marriage. When Katie was allowed to have a friend to shop with.

      • Roxy says:

        Maybe this is her way to get some sympathy? “poor Katie”. It seems she’s not about fashion at all and why would anybody buy her stuff, when she looks like this all the time? She can’t even manage to keep her daughters hair brushed or styled! She’s dumpy looking. She should be happy now and show it. She still looks depressed and sad. Somehow she looks no different from before the split. She should look victorious!

    • gg says:

      The woman has run through the mill and is clearly still depressed. Is that so hard to understand? You don’t suddenly get manic and skip down the street after a divorce, where in the marriage you weren’t allowed friends and still don’t have any.

      And Birkin bags have a serious appreciation in value, especially limited edition ones. She could make quite a bit of money off selling them. Maybe she bought them as an investment, or just out of boredom from being married to The Freak.

      • sugarcoated turd says:

        The Freak? She wasn’t forced to marry the guy!

      • gg says:

        No, but she was stuck to him anyway after she discovered how awful her life was with him because of the rules and isolation.

  23. sapphire says:

    Non-story because who isn’t allowed to keep person items that were gifts?

  24. Kloops says:

    I don’t think she got a massive settlement, but I think her dad was savvy enough to ensure she had reasonable compensation in the prenup in return for a confidentiality agreement. She bluffed with taking Tom to court in order to get legal custody. Even if a judge upheld the prenup the public embarrassment would be too much for Tom. He wouldn’t risk her challenging it and leaking CO$ info.

    • CF98 says:

      I don’t either but I also don’t think she was bluffing you don’t bluff someone with his power and influence even someone as daft as Tom can see right through that.

      I mean really you think she’d get all her ducks in a row to divorce him in such a public fashion if she didn’t have something major to hold over him.

      I don’t think he needed to pay her $$$ for her silence she’d gladly stay silent if she gets custody of Suri and a divorce from him. I know people find that hard to believe but she probably just wanted to be done with him without making it into a ugly custody battle.

  25. Francesca says:

    Remember when Katie Holmes used to smile and wrinkle up her nose, and when she seemed light hearted and free? How much was that worth? Tom Cruise took it all away from her. He got her sparkle, her joie de vie. She looks like a shell of her former self.

    • apsutter says:

      +100 for your wonderful comment and using the phrase joie de vie. I love that phrase and you are spot on about him stealing her sparkle. I can see why she wants to protect Suri so badly so no one can take her innocence.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      The divorce has meant all the old photos, from when they first got together, have resurfaced. It’s really sad. I’d forgotten how beautiful she was, and that was before she had all the money in the world to maintain her looks. Misery is the fastest ager. All that sparkle evaporated – I hope her cult deprogrammer is good.

  26. e.non says:

    that poor child. she looks increasingly traumatized by the paps. the way she buries her head is so sad.

  27. Amory says:

    I agree that she got a separate lump sum for the confidentiality agreement. She would have had to have gotten something (or otherwise there is no consideration, no lawful contract). Her PR team just isn’t keep on divulging that amount, and I’m guessing that Tom’s PR team doesn’t want to announce it either – it always looks bad to pay for someone’s silence. But given her living expenses and super expensive apartment, she definitely has more dough rolling in.

    • CF98 says:

      She wasn’t exactly poor when she met him she had her own income plus DC is aired all over the world she probably go residuals.

      She may not have Tom Cruise $$$ but she probably stashed cash while she was planning this exit strategy.

  28. TippyToes says:

    She made a ton of money from this “marriage”, thing is she received it as part of the prenup agreement not the divorce settlement.

  29. Eener says:

    My eyes! Those fug-boots are hurting me. The cost-per-wear on those things must be best value ever.

  30. Kosmos says:

    There really should be laws in place against papping kids…this just isn’t right. Kids should not be forced into hiding from the photogs, or made to feel intimidated. This is probably why they are continually “holding” Suri because she’s way too big for carrying. It seems clear that Katie used Tom’s clout to buy the best of everything for herself, so why not? What else are they going to do with their money? That’s probably one of the big reasons she married him, of course, but money isn’t everything, so that ran it’s course and now she will still be able to live a very very good life, probably better than any one of us.

  31. apsutter says:

    Why wouldnt she get to keep them? They were all gifts and you don’t have to give back gifts. Especially when you were married to the richest movie star on the planet. If I had been in her shoes I would have spent all my time shopping too. She didn’t have any real friends who weren’t paid to watch her. Also it probably got her out of the house for hours at a time and away from Tom and all the Sci weirdos in the house.

    • LeslieM says:

      She obviously gets to keep her purses and clothes but you are so right she doesn’t get to keep the joy she had when she first fell in love. Believe me I know. My husband went behind my back and lost 1.2 million dollars in stocks and assets I had built up for my family and then got involved in transvestite porn. I am still married to him. We lost our beautiful home and our children have suffered. I stay for the kids and because he treats me well but that sparkle in the eyes went away and never came back. I know how she feels.

  32. Kosmos says:

    I’m sure Katie is thrilled at this point, to be rid of Tom, to have custody of her daughter, and to be her own person again, not trapped into Scientology. Add to that lots of money to live a fantastic lifestyle, so what’s not to be completely happy about? She can find someone more appropriate to love and marry if she wishes, so she seems to be in a really perfect place right about now.