Courtney Stodden turns 18, gets offers to do p0rn, which she’s of course considering

We haven’t covered Courtney Stodden much lately, as we frankly got a little tired of her antics. As you likely remember and wish you could forget, Courtney is known for marrying a little-known 51 year-old actor when she was just 16. There was a lot of speculation that she was lying about her age for publicity, because people didn’t want to believe that her parents would be so hungry for fame that they would sign off on her marriage to a guy as old as her dad. They did, she was really 16, and she’s since turned 18. In the interim she’s of course tried desperately to be noticed by acting like an oversexed kitten in heat. She’s also tried to land some kind of reality show, and she was moderately successful in that she’ll appear on the upcoming season of VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy” with her husband, Doug Hutchinson. So now that she’s 18, what’s next for Courtney? P0rn of course, which seems like a logical next career step for her. I’m not even being sarcastic. Here’s more, thanks to TMZ:

Courtney Stodden turned 18 years old today … which means she can vote … or play the lotto … or accept any one of the FOUR offers she’s already received to be a HARDCORE P0RN STAR.

Stodden — who married a 50-year-old actor when she was 16 — has been shamelessly teasing her lady parts for years … exploiting the hell out of her underage sexuality in the hopes of staying famous.

Now that she’s “legal” — at least 4 p0rno companies are hoping she puts her money (and a whole lot more) where her mouth is … offering her lucrative XXX contracts.

One of the companies is … which says it wants to “showcase [her] talents” by featuring her in a scene with male porn star Keiran Lee … who Brazzers describes as the man with the “million dollar p3n1s.”

Stodden also got an offer from … which says it already penned a porno movie specifically for Courtney based on her real life experience. The flick is called, “Happily Humping My Hubby.”

[From TMZ]

Courtney called into TMZ Live to discuss her potential new career, and she sounded super proud that she’d been “flooded” with “offers.” She said “I guess you could say that I’m free to, you know, put it all out there without any, you know, problems.” In response to whether she would go forward and do p0rn, she said “I’m not going to say ‘yes,’ and I’m not going to say ‘no.’” Then she got all giggly when Harvey joked that it sounded like a ‘yes’ to him. As to what her 53 year-old husband thinks about her potential new venture, she said “He seems a little frightened… like his little kitten has been unleashed. He’s asking me questions about it, and I tell him the same thing I’m telling you.” Yeah, she’s just figuring out who will pay her the most money and then she’s going to go for it. I bet her marriage will be over just as soon as she hits the big time, but I could be wrong. Doug could end up being as much of a pimp as her mom is. Hell Tooms might even star with her, since his TV career is floundering. Meanwhile Courtney’s parents are divorcing. I guess her mom moved out to L.A. to manage her daughter’s career and left her husband back in Washington. What does Courtney’s mom think about her daughter starring in blue movies? She’s probably fine with it as long as she gets her cut.

This photo is of Courtney “without makeup” according to her. Other photos are from 6-20-12 (yellow dress) and 12-6-11 (black dress). Credit: PCNPhotos and

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  1. lori says:

    How can she be old enough to be nearly 2 years married but only now old enough to make pr0n. I’m not advocating the pr0n, but WTF? There needs to be one universal age of idiocy.

  2. paola says:

    For me she doesn’t need any improvement.. she already looks like a pro POOOOrn actress! with no offence for pron actresses.
    her husdand is beyond disgusting.

    • ya says:

      haha well I think her husband is gay and the marriage is just for publicity. For her sake I hope so.

  3. KellyinSeattle says:

    Sickening. Does she you know, even have a GED or a driver’s license or anything “normal?” Ya know, like, I mean, you know. Can she say anything intelligently? I feel she’s one big act. What will she do when she has to change her hubby’s diapers? go for a younger man?

  4. KelBear says:


  5. Hotpockets says:

    I think her husband is just her handler and he has been grooming her for an adult career for awhile. Not surprised.

  6. Brown says:

    I love celeb photos “without makeup.” They are always hilariously made up. Just because you’re not wearing black eyeshadow and red lipstick doesn’t mean you’re not wearing makeup. Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara still counts. In fact, their “without makeup” is usually my “going out makeup” regimen.

  7. lin234 says:

    I want to judge her but did she ever really have a chance? It’s not like she’s surrounded by people with morals or decent values in life.

    • hopperlea says:


    • Sandy Pandy says:

      I have to agree with lin234 as well.

    • HappyMom says:

      Seriously. I’m saving my disgust for her “mother”.

    • kellyinseattle says:

      Still, there is an instintual moral compass for most people who aren’t sociopaths or have a personality disorder…

      • TrollyDolly says:

        I agree, but for someone who is only 18 and has been groomed and manipulated and brainwashed by the SICK adults around her for years it will take her longer to establish her own moral compass. She can only do that if she extricates herself from their clutches. I know she looks 35, but she is ONLY 18. Show some compassion.

    • TracyK says:

      I agree totally. Talk about blaming the victim. I feel sooooo sorry for this child. And I MEAN child. Good lord, I was no angel as a teen, but looking back, it’s clear to me that my brain wasn’t the same as it is today, 30 years later.

      I hope this poor girl can get out of this mindset and lifestyle, and I hope she doesn’t do porn. At least until she has the capability to properly make such a decision.

  8. someone says:

    what in the bloody hell is she wearing in the 3rd last photo? how does one walk in those heels or whatever they are? then again, she somehow manages to function (walk/talk/breathe) with that brain of hers, so maybe it’s not that shocking…

    • Squiggles says:

      according to the photocredits she is wearing a “dress”. Still wondering (in a train wreck kind of way) what is keeping that thing down pass her butt cheeks?

  9. Tifygodess24 says:

    I still don’t buy she’s only 18…. I’ve seen 40 year olds look younger.

  10. Sandy Pandy says:

    Have to agree with Hotpockets.

  11. pinchofsalt says:


  12. anon says:

    I find it funny that this misguided idiot is flattered by the offers. Probably thinks “omg people must think I’m sexay!” but in reality, if she had a real “career” of any kind to speak of, those offers would be the hugest insult. I don’t know how many established and currently successful actresses get those, I would guess none, but I’m sure they wouldn’t brag about it. She needs to get “rill” (I hate the way she says ‘real’).

    • Linda A says:

      Well, and the other point: as many have pointed how she looks way older than 18, and if in fact, she is 18, she’s going to look really bad at 35 or 40. What’s she going to do to earn a living when she looks so bad she can’t do porn any more, and that time is not that far off.

  13. NerdMomma says:

    Just asking, is there really that much money in p0rn? I mean, I thought the industry was kind of on the decline since there’s so much out on the internet now.

    • Isabel says:

      Generally no, but since she is kinda famous (pains me to say that) and she(aka her mom and hubby) have created a hyper around her, I think the tape would sell well. Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton also doesn’t do much, but their tapes sold very well.

  14. lisacuddy says:

    She is yuck, much worse than whole Kardashian family. Her husband is also creepy.

  15. JudyK says:

    Pure White Trash

  16. dorothy says:

    Might as well, she certainly looks like the part. Cheap, skanky and stupid.

  17. Happy21 says:

    She is so gross. Her body is whack. She is so freakin’ skinny (like bony, grossly skinny) and then she has these huge fake tits.

    I cannot stand this chick and have wished since she was 16 and first came into our sights, that she would just go the f**k away!

  18. Marianne says:

    I like Michael K’s take on it. He said something like “She’s celebrating her 18th Birthday for the 15th time” (or soemthing close to that) amd made me LOL.

    Seriously though, if she is 18, then I feel like someone should be charged for all the soft p0rn pics she poses for. If Dakota Fanning posed in her underwear for something like Maxim, everyone would be up in arms…why does Courtney get a pass? I wouldn’t be surprised if she appears on PlayBoy in 2 months from now.

    • fabgrrl says:

      I don’t think Playboy would stoop this low.

      • Christian says:

        Sure they will. Playboy is hurting financially and will do anything to get their numbers up. Hell, they featured Kim Kardashian at one point. I for one am thrilled Courtney turned 18 – she can do the Playboy spread, do her p0rn, and fade the f*ck away forever.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        They already have, they had Lindsey Lohan!

  19. Shitler says:

    Jesus must be so proud. You know cause she’s such a good christian girl

  20. Wilma says:

    I feel so sad for this girl.

  21. Samigirl says:

    I don’t think she will do it. Or if she does, she will keep her top on. Anything to not show us that her breasts are, in fact, not natural. Also, gross. I would never ever be ok with my spouse doing porn. Uch.

    • lizzi says:

      ^^^ THIS

      omg i had never thought of this!! it would certainly be embarrassing after all she’s done to convince us they’re real! LOL

  22. NeNe says:

    Big shock here. We all saw this coming. Even a blind person could see this coming a mile away. Great aspirations this little girl has.

  23. Sirsnarksalot says:

    She already has the wardrobe so clearly she’s been dying to do this. She reminds me of the Tara Reid character from the Big Lebowski. And as I recall she was a pr0n star…

  24. serena says:

    She’s so much better ‘without’ makeup. I’m sure if she stopped acting and dressing like an assh*le wh*re, she’d probably could land some part on some d-list movie, instead of going for porn and be damn proud about it?!
    She’s really vapid and stupid.

  25. RHONYC says:

    little. girl. lost. 😕

  26. Katyusha says:

    She’s perfect for it!

  27. LouLou says:

    She reminds me of a cigarette butt in a sidewalk crack. Also, is there any way she is sober? What is with her facial expressions?

  28. Kloops says:

    Of course she’s going to do p0rn. It was inevitable. This girl is a walking tragedy. There is no way she’s sober and she’s so far lost she apes what she thinks it means to be a sexual woman. Her parents are a disgrace. This didn’t happen overnight.

    • Kittypants says:

      Agreed. What parents in their right mind would allow this to happen to their daughter? I have to ask though, do people really buy these two as a legit married couple? I saw an interview with Doug Hutchinson recently and the guy was camper than a row of tents.

    • anon says:

      Maybe that’s why they are divorcing. Maybe her dad doesn’t agree with how her mom is encouraging her to behave. I always want to think at least ONE of the parents have some sense, but, maybe neither.

  29. Lisa says:

    HOLY FUCK, I couldn’t understand why that third pic looked so weird until I saw the shoes.

  30. Cathy says:

    She’s a mess, and I hate to say this but I actually feel sorry for her. She never had a chance to grow up and just be a teenager. Her parents should of been tossed in jail.

    • anon says:

      Sorry but…. *should have

      ‘Of’ cannot be used in the way you just did. That makes no sense.

    • TracyK says:

      Why should you hate to say you feel sorry for her? From everything I’ve read and seen of her, she deserves sympathy … and protection from the “caring adults” in her life. She is basically a toddler trying to get a tiara and her “mom” should be held accountable.

      Her husband should be forced to pay for intensive therapy as well.

  31. sarah says:

    Am i missing something here? Wouldnt hardc0re p0rrn require her to actually have sex w other men? How could her husband be okay w that?

  32. sarah says:

    Am i missing something here? Wouldnt hardc0re p0rrn require her to actually have sx w other men? How could her husband be okay w that?

  33. midnightmoon says:

    Mind control does wonders for a girl like her.

  34. sarah says:

    Am i missing something here? Wouldnt hardc0re p0rrn require her to actually have sxe w other men? How could her husband be okay w that?

  35. LouLou says:

    Even p0rn stars don’t do such over-the-top, bizarre exaggerations of sexuality. She really seems like a girl playing dress-up. As for the gay husband, who knows what his deal is?

  36. HappyJoyJoy says:

    She’s made for pron. She doesn’t have to say a lot (THANK GOODNESS!) and people will look at her for all the wrong reasons. I say it’s a win win for her and her… um… fans?

  37. chalkdustgirl says:

    All I can say is, I’m having a hard time keeping my lunch down.

  38. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    One day, she will regret everything she’s doing right now.

  39. ux says:

    Say what you want haters but I have NEVER seen a more realistic cartoon character.

  40. Mindy! says:

    Dear god, if you’re going to marry someone who is 50 make double sure he is Anthony Kiedis hot

  41. Alex says:

    If she does decide to go into industry I really hope she can do it very smartly and pick some good contracts for her and not loose herself. There are smart women in an adult industry that made a household names of themselves, lots of money and became very succeful business women like Jenna Jameson. I don’t care about her at all but I do wish her well and hope that she can be surrounded by people who care for her and have her best interests in their minds.

  42. RHONYC says:

    re: featured links’ Gary Oldman post…

    when watching the movie, am i the only one that wanted to be the Mina to ‘his’ Count Dracula?

    me-ow! 😉

    to bad Jonny Depp is still unsuccessfully trying to ‘bite’ his look from that flick. tsk-tsk.

  43. erika says:

    if she can willingly have sex with that geriatric doug hutchinson than yes…she SHOULD do porn – she’ll shag ANYTHING.

    that dougy boy is sooooo gross!!! “Sun, meet Doug.”

    “Doug, meet Sun. Sun is the star that the earth orbits around so that humans may get some ‘color’ in their skin and not look so ‘pasty’.”

    she’s genuinely pretty and seems just as nice, but poor girl, she’s been mentally whacked. I’m kind of afraid for her, I sense a lot of naivetivity

  44. Francesca says:

    Drugs: coke, meth, whatever. She won’t make it to 30 at this rate.

  45. CJ says:

    Courtney has looked and dressed like a porn star for the last two years. All she needs now is a hard dick in the ass to complete the ensemble.

    • Flim says:

      @ CJ-Wow. This is a rough comment. Lots of sympathy and well-wishers, optimists, friendly neighbors on this thread–until yours.

  46. jwoolman says:

    The “without makeup” actually looked nice except for the way out of proportion breasts. I imagine parental consent would allow such surgery on a young teenager, but isn’t it unethical to do it on someone still growing? Are there any guidelines at all in the profession?