Alex Skarsgard has been dating Swedish brunette Alicia Vikander the whole time?

Bad news, Skars-loonies. Alexander Skarsgard looks like a skinny bum. And now there’s even WORSE news: Alex has had a girlfriend this whole time. In between reports that he’s been bangin’ everybody from Rihanna, to Charlize Theron, to Anne V to Lucy Griffiths, Alex has actually been quietly dating a hot, Swedish brunette named Alicia Vikander. Awesome name, right? I’ve been sitting here, chanting “Vikander, Vikander, Vikander” to myself. Anyway, this is all from Star Mag report, although I do believe there have been rumors about Alex and Alicia for months now – they’ve been friends for a few years, and they’ve been photographed together before.

How do you say “unbearably attractive couple” in Swedish? Try: “Alexander Skarsgard and Alicia Vikander.” Alex, 36, has been quietly dating actress Alicia, 23, a fellow Swede, for the past six months – and a souce close to the couple reveals, it’s getting serious.

“Alex says he’s met his best friend and can really see himself marrying Alicia. They are definitely the real deal,” says the insider.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

She’s 23! Ugh. That made me mad. I mean, obviously, The Viking can do whatever and whoever he wants. But a 23 year old is so… obvious. I do have to give him bonus points for going with a brunette though – I kind of thought he was one of those “Blondes Only” Dudes. Give a brunette a chance, gentlemen!

Here are some photos of Alicia. You know who she reminds me off? Alicja Bachleda, Colin Farrell’s baby-mama. Some kind of fragile, stunning beauty. She’s in the new version of Anna Karenina too.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. sara says:

    Dude I’m a skarsloonie and SIX MONTHS????? No f’n way. I’m not saying in a crazy fan and therefore know every aspect of his life, but yeah. No way.

    She been in movies with his younger brother and they would make a super hot couple but lolololol no

  2. Shitler says:

    Stunning girl. The age difference doesn’t bother me.
    Wasn’t she in the running to be cast as Snow White in SWATH in the part that eventually went to Kristen Stewart? How different history would have been

  3. Samigirl says:

    She’s hot. I approve.

  4. BB says:

    Thought the Alicia rumor was squashed months ago in fact last year at comic con 2011, her mother denied anything to some Swedish paper I cannot remember where I seen it and so did Alicia recently She found if funny being called the other or mystery brunette and they was with 20 other people at comic con.
    And no further sightings of them together no tweets in Sweden , L A Vancouver ?

    So what’s changed now? Who is the source . Have they been seen together recently.

    • Mirella says:

      I remember her mom denying this rumor, but I can’t remember what paper it was from.

      I haven’t heard about any sightings of them since Comic Con.

  5. Mirella says:

    Well, if it’s from Star, it must be true 😀 LOL!

    • sara says:

      It’s such a weird thing for Sar to say though. Like they’ve been “hooking up” or “seen together” I would expect. But where would they get the “dating for half a year even though no one has spotted them together ever in that time” from?

      • Mirella says:

        It is odd, but the gossip rags make up stuff all the time. Could it be true? Sure. I would think that there would be a sighting of them together by now if it were true. I don’t think they’ve been seen together since Comic Con in 2011.

  6. SaftD says:

    Oh, this is from Star Magazine? *Hangs Up*

  7. Nessa says:

    She is absolutely stunning. Good for them both!

  8. Amelia says:

    Damn it. Going back a few months when he was seen with Ellen Page, I thought those two were the cutest, although odd pairing. Ha, the height difference.

  9. Kaye says:

    Lainey had an item on this months ago. She was at some function where they both were, and she said this girl is exquisite in person.

    • cr says:

      That was from ComicCon 2011, so well over a year ago now.
      She’d be a serious improvement from the previous gf, but since the Star has one ‘source’, which is probably the voice in their heads, I’m saying no.

  10. She’s STUNNING. I hope she makes it big in Hollywood.

    Oh and they make a cute coupe too, if it’s true…

  11. ramona says:

    Good lord. She looks about 16 in that headshot. Gorgeous, but sooo young. He could be her papa!

  12. snark says:

    She’s been friends with his brother Gustaf for a long time and she was in a movie with his other brother Bill last year, so they have known each other for ages. And as we all know, for them to be involved, he’d have to be seen angrily loping off 100 yards in front of her somewhere while she trots along behind him. Highly doubt the whole Star story, probably popped up because of her talking about Comic Con recently. Although I will of course selectively believe the Star when it comes up with other rumors that don’t involve hot men I want to remain available!

    • Isabel says:

      ‘And as we all know, for them to be involved, he’d have to be seen angrily loping off 100 yards in front of her somewhere while she trots along behind him. ‘

      Hahhahahaha perfectly said!

  13. Izzy says:

    She IS the one from the Comic-Con pictures, right? If that’s the case, I don’t buy this story. (And not just because it’s in The Star.) Also, if it is and it’s getting serious, I think the age difference might become a factor at some point.

  14. Talie says:

    Alicia’s about to breakout, she’s in The Royal Affair…it’s going to be the big foreign film of the fall/winter, Oscars, all that.

  15. pretty says:

    sorry, he looks like Macaulay Culkin here. hahahahaha
    and i don’t mean Culkin in those Home Alone series. Culkin after

  16. asiont says:

    she reminds me of Alicja Bachleda too, they are both natural beauties.

  17. April says:

    I don’t believe it . No sightings . Friends yes . Lovers no . she is beautiful though. How come everytime one of these actresses even Charlize have a movie getting ready to come out the rumors start . She has a movie coming out soon . Same with Charlize she was out of the limelight a while had two films come out was seen with Alex before that never to been seen again . PR maybe . Something fishy .

    • cr says:

      I noticed that yesterday, that she’s got two movies, Anna Karenina and The Royal Affair (both with Bill S) that’ll be showing at Toronto Film Festival, so I hope it’s not an attempt for publicity on her part. I hope it’s just Star picking up that Swedish interview from a few months ago where she thought it was funny she was the ‘mystery brunette’ from 2011 ComicCom.
      We’ve not had a Skars dating rumor since he was spotted in July on the same flight to LA with Lucy Griffiths, so perhaps Star wanted to throw stuff out there and see what gets them publicity.

      • Isabel says:

        From what I’ve seen of her in interviews, I doubt she set this up. She comes off as someone serious, not attentiongrabbing at all. MOre like someone who wants to be appreciated for her talent instead of relationships/publicity. (But I could be wrong of course, don’t know her personally xD)

      • cr says:

        I didn’t get that impression from her either, but who knows?

        As for the ComicCon sightings from last year, she did hang out with him, but it was with a group, not solo, IIRC.I think even ‘leaving the party with a brunette’ was actually with a group, though that sounds much less interesting gossip-wise than leaving as a ‘couple’.

      • freya says:

        i think it’s an unwritten rule that if you’re a friend of the Skargårds you don’t talk to the press about them, only when it’s workrelated (or silly, like the whole “mystery woman”thing at comicon 2011) and definitely don’t leak.

      • cr says:

        The first rule of the Swedish Posse is don’t talk about the Swedish Posse (at least as far as personal lives are concerned)? 🙂

  18. Zimmer says:

    I heard Swedes often like brunettes b/c there are such an abundance of blondes in Sweden and fewer dark-haired beauties. Haven’t been to fact check! 🙂

    • cr says:

      Having been there I can assure you that there are plenty of non-blondes in Sweden.

      But I would recommend going and fact-checking on your own, just to make sure 🙂

      • Just Lucy, for now says:

        my boyfriend is Swedish( funnily enough tall and named Eric) and though I’ve never been there, his family got a kick outta me not being blond blue eyed. I’m Indian and whenever we talk about stars with have crushes on he definitely picks the darker girls.

  19. andy says:

    her nose is confusing me…

  20. Fabianne says:

    They could be totally dating. Maybe she’s filming in Vancouver too? And we know how he loves living in the DL so we won’t be seeing anything for a while. We’ll see how it goes at TIFF. Both his and her movies will be screening around the same days, I think.

  21. ds says:

    She’s pretty. It’s not that I mind the age difference it’s just that I always tought guys dating girls that are so much younger have some issues.

    • baby mama says:

      You think Stephen Moyer has “issues”?

      • melior says:

        Don’t even get me started with Moyer. I don’t understand why would a very grounded person like Anna get involved with a guy 12 years her senior with a record of non-committment to his baby mummas. He actually referred to his previous relationships as ‘interviewing’ and found that funny. But of course he gushed about how much he loved his children and what a romantic guy he was. Everything about this guy screams phony. I think Anna and Alex would have made a great couple in real life (Alex’s body language in her direction during interviews shows that they enjoy each other’s company very much).

      • Annie says:


  22. Isabel says:

    I don’t believe the story.. He has been in and out of Sweden and there have been tons of fanpics the last year. Never a pic of this girl. Last time they were seen together was at Comicon, Lainey talked about a pretty brunette (Vikander) and later there was a story of Alex leaving the party with a pretty brunette. No one was sure if it was the same brunette as before (Vikander) but he left with someone.

    Vikander and her mom commented on it and claimed it was untrue and funny.

    Vikander did an interview recently in which she talked about the rumors and said they are BS.I guess someone read it and decided to bring up the story of comicon 2011 again, and this time make it sound true/recent.

    If it does turn out to be true (I will look like a fool haha) I have to say she is stunning. Really gorgeous, good actress and very wellspoken. Would love this match:)

  23. JM says:

    True or not, it’d be a vast improvement from his last *cough* gf *cough*. The age difference doesn’t bother me. He’s pushing 40 and if he wants to have a family, a healthy 23 year old is a good move. Plus, she’s Swedish and knows/is friends with his family. I always figured when it came time to settle down, Alex would choose a fellow Swede so good luck to them. That is if any of this is even remotely true.

  24. Really? says:

    While it’s an improvement are people really buying this dating story for 6 months out of the blue no couply sightings,tweets FB she as 2 films promoting at TIFF and so does Alex?

    Very strange slow news day .

  25. baby mama says:

    I just noticed that girl resembles Alex’s “old” Swedish flame Sara Tun very much. Google her photos. She’s a model.

  26. Anna says:

    She was amazing in a film called “Pure”. And she received excellent notes for “A Royal Affair” -Having steamy scenes with Mads Mikkelsen-. Good for the Viking God.

  27. ds says:

    I don’t know; didn’t follow Moyer/Paquin. I just want to say that being 26, or 27 is different than being 23. At least it was for me. I had a short fling with a guy who was 12 years older than me when I was 23. And it was an interesting experience but to be honest I still think guys who date women with that much of an age difference have some issues. It’s other story when the same age difference appears in 30’s and 40’s…

    • Kim says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with this. I’ve experienced it myself as a young woman dating a man who was 10 years my senior. Old men who date young girls are predatory and f’d up. My guess is that he prefers a sweet young thing who bats her eyelashes and is smitten with him and will never ask anything of him. Adult women aren’t so easily fooled and that is intimidating to weak men.

  28. Ashling says:

    I don’t believe this story. However, I have always thought Alex would be happier with a Swedish lady. She’s very pretty and he needs to eat. When will he be finished filming Hidden? When I look at his recent pictures I want to make him food.

  29. Kim says:

    Personally, I think that it’s pretty disgusting and pervy when someone who’s nearly 40 years old insists on dating someone who is that young. There is a HUGE gap in maturity between 23 and 36. I call bullshit. He’s obviously a very shallow person and that is disappointing, although not unexpected.

  30. Alice says:

    WhY all of you think that the perfect mach to him is an actress or a famous women?
    Why most of celebrity dating celebrity?
    It’s like anonymous people are Inferior than celebrity and not enough gorgeous for the celebrity.

  31. Izzy says:

    Just posted on another Viking thread as well, but I’ve read comments from a more recent interview where he talks about not getting back to Sweden very much at all in the last eight months or so. Not to mention he’s been busy working. So, I don’t know how he’d have time to “date and get serious with” her, as she seems to have a full plate as well. Oh well…

  32. Betty says:

    If he has been dating Alicia for six months he has sure managed to keep it quiet. She is beautiful but seems better suited for Alex’s younger brother Bill. I don’t think Alex is a womanizer. Maybe he’s just enjoying being single since his breakup with Kate B. I haven’t seen pica of him with anyone except Ellen Page and that seemed like a buddy thing. He has an effect on women for sure. In interviews they always have to touch him or flirt. He is very charming and has a sense of humorous.