Alex Skarsgard is either dating Anne V or his costar Lucy Griffiths. Or both?

My take: model Anne V (Anne Vyalitsyna) has been dropping hints and tips to the tabloids about her “relationship” with Alexander Skarsgard for the better part of two months. Some of the Anne V-loonies keep saying that she’s been out of the country, working and holidaying overseas and of course these reports aren’t her doing. Then the Skars-loonies come in and tell me that Alex would never go for a super-skinny blonde famewhore – because of course that isn’t his exact type, right? Nevermind that there seems to be NO photo available of Anne V and Alex ever being in the same place at the same time. Still, the tabloids keep getting tips that Anne and Alex are seeing each other and she’s really into him and he’s up for it, etc, etc. Here’s the latest:

True romance! Victoria’s Secret Angel Anne Vyalitsyna is still aflutter over Alexander Skarsgard, 35, whom she started seeing in June.

“She’s in that nervous, waiting-for-him-to-call phase,” a source says of the model, 26, who ended a two-year relationship with Adam Levine in April.

Adds a second pal, “They don’t have a title, but she’s ready for something serious!”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

I think it’s perfectly possible that Alex and Anne hooked up once or more than once. I think she’s his type (skinny blonde famewhore), and she’s looking to upgrade from Adam Levine. But I’m not sure if all of these little tabloid items amount to much of a relationship.

Oh, and this will probably mean something to those of you watching True Blood – Alex was photographed at LAX over the weekend with his True Blood costar Lucy Griffiths. We don’t have the pics or anything, but you can see them here. Is she his type? Eh. She’s really beautiful, so maybe that’s his type now. I don’t know what they were doing or if they’re an item now or whatever. Maybe Anne V is weeping into her vodka right now.

Lucy Griffiths:

Anne V:

Sex Machine:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Kaye says:

    I read somewhere that Alex and Lucy were just heading to Comic Con in San Diego. True Blood is having a panel thing there.

  2. Gwen says:

    Eh, I doubt he’s dating either of them. He’s been busy finishing TB and he’s been at home in Sweden too. When would he possibly have had time do start a relationship? No, if anything I vote for a quick hookup and no more.

  3. Bad Irene says:

    “She’s in that nervous, waiting-for-him-to-call phase,” Me too, Anne V me too :-(

  4. sara says:

    Option C – neither. He and Anne were at the same party like three months ago but that’s it. And he and Lucy are just friends (yes men and women really can be just friends) who were in the same place at the same time.

    • amurph says:

      ^^agreed. And it’s probable they both caught the same flight back to LA as she’s from London and Sweden doesn’t have a direct flight (it stops in…wait for it…London). Anne V.’s people are making her look desperate and Alex looks like a jerk.

  5. LP says:

    Aw, I’ve loved Lucy Griffiths since….well, embarrassingly, the BBC version of Robin Hood. Don’t judge me, there were hot men in it!

  6. CC says:

    If he is to date either, I hope it’s Lucy. Seems WAAAAY classier. That Anna V looks so trampy.

  7. KWM says:

    I agree cc. Anne V looks hard. and way older than 26.

  8. beyonce's bump says:

    Eh….he is losing me with the hots…

  9. Micki says:

    He dates them both and on sundays he sleeps alone

  10. chromehearts says:

    It seems like all these VS models end up in the recycle bin when these A-list actors are done with them. .

  11. sanna says:

    He’s like any single dude and is dating around. The only woman he was seen in public with more than once was Charlize.

  12. Lady_Luck says:

    Lucy Griffiths seems like a much better option. Very pretty face and looks more like a lady. Sure, Anne V, has a body to die for, but she seems like a tarty famewhore.

    • Mel says:

      Alex! Anyone but Anne V! It’s a lie from Anne’s reps! She’s a famewhore that Adam Levine got rid of! She needs desperately a famous man to raise her profile as Levine did. And I agree: she seems older than 26. Aging fast: genetics, drinking or partying? Alex you can make so much better!

  13. Anne you wh*re says:

    Take a hint alex doesnt want YOU. And if you know Alex he wouldn’t want anything serious and he likes his life private you stupid women. I have no respect for you … And you have no respect for Alex only his fame and looks
    He looks much more comfortable with Lucy in the airport vid he is well into having a conversation with her you can just about her Alex discuss something to with country not sure if he is talking about Sweden ?and alex is smiling at her ignoring the paps I hope he is dating Lucy good for them
    Lucy has class and talent and is not know for sleeping around for fame or trying to get

    a hot bf because we all know Victoria secret models must have hot bfs you cannot be seen
    single oh my god what are you going to do

  14. Pelham says:

    I don’t care who he’s dating, really none of my business. However; of all the dating rumors that have been flying around in the last year, the naked skydiver is my favorite. At least she was something “completely different”. Model, co-star, model, co-star, model, NAKED SKYDIVER!!!! C-c-c-combo breaker!!!

  15. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Ann V has loonies?

  16. April says:

    I agree no to Anne ,but a definite yes for Lucy .

  17. Osacr says:

    Anne V IS NOT A VS ANGEL! She works eventually for the label and takes part on VS Show (btw, I guess she won’t this year….). VS chooses very well her models. Not the case of this famewh@re. Alex? Please…the guy knows what he wants to…..

  18. Jenna says:

    Oh FFS. I highly doubt he’s dating either. And just because he came out of LAX with Lucy doesn’t screaming dating to me. If that’s the case, he’s dating some of the TB cast too. BUT, Lucy’s WAY better than Adam Levine’s ex.

    • cr says:

      He’s really dating Michael McMillian! :)

      I’m going with option C-he’s dating neither AV or LG.

      He was home for a week, out and about, and no hint of being with anyone other than friends.

      And Kaiser, the only tabloid that’s keeping with this is US weekly. Either her PR people are really wanting this relationship, or someone at US Weekly really wants this relationship.

  19. Mirella says:

    From what I hear, he was flying in from Sweden with a layover in London, he probably flew out of London with Lucy. He’s done this with Anna & Stephen too. I don’t think he’s dating either of them, but if he is, please don’t let it be Anne V. One crazy fameho ex is enough.

  20. poof says:

    Anna V. Looks all old and used up.

  21. T.C. says:

    Anne looks rough, Lucy looks much better. He likes them young and fresh. My money is on Lucy. Lucky girl to get the Skarsdong. :D

  22. MerryHappy says:

    I just don’t see his appeal…. Lucy is very pretty. Anne V looks like she came from the same factory as the other vs models. Tall tan blonde, blue/green eyes. Keep rolling them out, guys! The homogeny is thrilling!

  23. martine says:

    I prefer Lucy over this Anne V. Lucy is really pretty, in a more natural way, and doesn’t seem to crave the spotlight. I really doubt he will pursue anything with Anne, especially after all the stuff she keeps putting in the media. If he wants to maintain a private personal life, dating another famewh*re won’t achieve that. I’m hoping he learned his lesson from Kate Bosworth. I don’t think he is seeing anyone seriously at the moment anyways. He totally deserves someone who likes him for the person he is, not just wanting to use him for their own profile boost.

  24. Havik says:

    I’m not even a huge fan of ASkars or anything, but the rumors are so transparent on Anne V’s part it’s laughable.

    Dear PR people, please stop trying to make AnneSkars happen.

  25. Cait says:

    Lucy is gorgeous and judging from their TB sex scene, I’ll buy that there’s chemistry there. Better her than a famewhorey ex of the Maroon 5 guy.

  26. Jessica says:

    Anne V is awful! Nice body, ugly face but full of herself! Lucky Adam Levine who got rid of this famewh@re!And now her PR think we believe Alex fell for her? Why? He has a good taste for women, not the case of Anna V (yes Anna because russian doesn’t say Anne). Why is so difficult to Anne to get a new man? Because he needs someone famous to raise her profile as someone previously said here. Alex! Pay attention! Get rid of this woman!

  27. Mary says:

    Anne who? Give me a break! A model of second class! What does she want with a guy as Alexander! Go back to Russia “girl”!