Jennifer Aniston allegedly getting $2000 facials in preparation for her wedding

The tabloids love to run stories about Jennifer Aniston’s beauty treatments. They love to run those stories just as much as they love to talk about the state of her womb. Beauty-treatment stories are so popular, I kind of wonder why Jennifer didn’t choose to “spoof” them in her somewhat idiotic Smartwater commercial. I guess she just felt like getting people to talk about her womb some more? Anyway, Jennifer claimed recently that she only spends $200 a month on beauty treatments. Which I feel comfortable saying is total bullsh-t. Now In Touch Weekly (the tabloid that usually resides deep within Aniston’s ass) claims that she’s been spotted getting $2000 treatments at a fancy Beverly Hills spa!

Jennifer Aniston is sparing now expense to look breathtaking for her upcoming nuptials with Justin Theroux. The 43-year-old, who has yet to reveal her wedding date, recently plunked down close to $2000 for a Customized Rejuvenation Treatment at Mila Moursi Skin Care in Beverly Hills. The luxe facial, which runs 90 minutes, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates sun-damaged skin.

“Our leading ladies like to get the treatment,” says a staffer. Jen’s been a regular at Mila Moursi since August, when she got engaged.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I would love to hear more details about what you get for $2000. They better be wrapping your face in gold and diamonds for that kind of money. So… which do you believe: that Jennifer was full of it when she claimed to only spend $200 a month on beauty treatments, or that she’s really just like you, a girl on a budget who uses old fashioned beauty treatments like Vaseline and prayer?

Menawhile, there’s a hilarious (and absolutely fictitious) story about what kind of wedding gown Aniston will wear:

If we were betting men we’d put money on Angelina Jolie being the bride who’d want a black gown for her big day, but nope it’s actually Brad Pitt’s ex Jennifer Aniston who apparently wants a less than conventional dress!

Jen, who’s planning her wedding to fiance Justin Theroux, has chosen her theme for her big day according to insiders. Not only have the happy couple decided on a theme they’ve also apparently bought forward the wedding!

A source has told Now magazine that Jen and Justin are planning to get married as soon as this Christmas! And to set aside her second wedding from her first to Brad, she’d set on some pretty unusual touches: “Jen wants to flip the script on her wedding to Brad, which was very traditional, in favour of something smaller, cooler and weirder – and it doesn’t get much weirder than a black-themed do. She’s even talking about a black wedding dress!”

Although Jen loves her LBD’s, apparently the colour choice could actually be down to the groom: “It’s Justin’s favourite colour and it’s important to them both to stand out visually.”

According to the source her team thinks a black wedding would look fab in photos, which has encouraged her even more. It seems like the plans are well underway as they’ve allegedly already told their friends to keep December free for their big day in New York.

“That was a huge decision as most of Jen’s friends are in LA, but she’s determined to make it as different as possible to her Malibu wedding to Brad. Plus she’s already had one wedding, so she’s letting Justin have the final say on this.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

Black is Justin’s favorite color? Okay, I’ll buy that. It would crack me up if Justin somehow managed to make Aniston into some kind of goth biker-chick bride. You know that won’t happen, though – she isn’t changing for him, HE is changing for HER. Pretty soon Justin will be getting the $2000 facials.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Women who are not in their 20s anymore should really stay away from the sun and tanning salons. Reddish/too tanned skin reeeeally ages you.

  2. Go Figure! says:

    Why I thought the only thing she used on her skin was plain ole vasoline. LOL!

  3. Micki says:

    “Jen wants to flip the script on her wedding to Brad, which was very traditional, in favour of something smaller, cooler and weirder …”

    I thought she is SOOO over Brad that she doesn’t give a sh*t and compare anymore.

    And I don’t believe she’ll be a goth bride.She’s just not THAT adventurous in her taste.

  4. samira25 says:

    How is $2000 on facials any different from what she usually does? If Jennifer does get married I wouldn’t be shocked at a black dress. She’s been trying to go biker for months now.

    • Lem says:

      She totally morphs her Rachel into the wardrobe style of whomever she’s dating. A main reason she’s been looking extra ridiculous lately, Justin’s NYC hipster persona does not match her underlying Malibu motif.
      Black on black and white Terry Richards wedding photos would still look like grainy Terry Richards photos.
      * sigh* I still think JustJen is a tragic mess.

    • Violet says:

      I have no thoughts about what she’ll wear, but I agree about the facials. I’m sure she regularly spends a fortune on her body, and probably makes Justin join her in the salon for treatments. (Which I’m sure he secretly loves.)

  5. Tifygodess24 says:

    I can only imagine how ugly this thread is going to get…… BUT Seriously its hollywood do you know how many celebs spend Ridicoulus amounts of money on everything and anything including beauty treatments. And many claim they don’t – Hello look at how many stars have gotten obvious work done and still deny deny. It’s their business to look good , if I was making millions based off my look, I would be the first in line to do whatever to keep me looking that way. If you compare her income based to what she spends it’s not a crazy amt and NO different than someone who makes 60,000 a year spending 50$ a mth or whatever is comparable.
    I did LOL at the fact the tab HAD to put a Angie/ Jen comparison , guess that will never just die.

  6. Gia says:

    Once again, kudos for using my favorite JT pic ever….40 year old virgin/cat that caught the muli-million dollar canary face!

  7. superjoy says:

    I believe she spends a fortune on beauty treatments. This is longtime smoker who lives in Malibu and loves the sun. She also strikes me as fairly vain. Hey, if I had the cash I would treat myself too.
    Brad Pitt. Treat yo self.
    $2000 facials. Treat yo self.
    Ignoring David Schwimmer calls. Treat yo self.

  8. What happened to her getting married in Kenya? Really hope that that rumour is true.

  9. Shitler says:

    She should demand her money back. The facials are obviously not working

  10. carrie says:

    in fact,she did $2,000 facial treatment this week like every week.She’s 40 and something and she lives in Hollywood so it’s the standart

  11. marie says:

    I’m betting the $2000 is more accurate. I mean really, that would be a drop in the bucket for her. Whatever though, it’s her money-she can spend it how she wants.

    In other news, Aniston has been using a private jet to fly around the world hitting up small villages with raffles of kids who can be in her wedding. The “contestants” have been told that if she picks their number not only will they walk down the aisle throwing petals at Maman’s feet but that there will be enough cake to feed the whole village.

  12. GoodCapon says:

    2,000 is a bit too much for us plebs, but it’s probably on par with Hollywood standards.

    I think I spend barely a tenth of that amount for facial skin care and I always go to my dermatologist if I’m having problems.

  13. DenG says:

    Facials ain’t gonna help.
    That first picture of Theroux–look up Smilin’ Bob of Enzyte (male enhancement) fame and tell me that’s not him. Creepy.

  14. JulieM says:

    $2000 facial- So? Hope she doesn’t wear a black dress. Sarah Jessica Parker did and said she always regretted it. 10 years down the road, you look at the pictures and wonder what you were thinking. Alternative style is good. I don’t get the trend in black wedding dresses, though.

  15. spinner says:

    Jen & Justin are laying low & not giving the tabloids a great deal of fodder, so they have to make stuff up. I think they lock up all of the writers in a room…with a case of beer & plenty of pot. Nobody leaves until they come up with something like the above. FUN!!

  16. I read somewhere that Justjen will have planned a nine-night
    private safari in Kenya for
    the first week of December where they
    will have an informal blessing
    although they will also have a formal
    ceremony in Los Angeles on their

    • spinner says:

      I read that too but it sounded & felt decidedly false to me. Kenya?? Come on.

      • lisa2 says:

        I don’t think that Jennifer has ever really gone to that many countries outside her time with Brad. She and Justin did pretty much the same travel schedule she did with her ex. She seems to like certain places. Even when she has a movie to promote I don’t recall her doing a lot of overseas promotion outside the UK and such. That whole Kenya thing just seems random unless he is the one that wants to travel.

      • Allie May says:

        Yeah, I can so see Malibu Barbie in Kenya.

      • spinner says:

        Hi lisa2

        I remember reading, quite a while back, that Jen had fear of flying. She flew only when she had to. Maybe she has overcome this a bit. And I agree with you…if there is any truth to the Kenya rumor, that would have originated with Justin.

      • lisa2 says:

        @ spinner..

        I don’t really buy that fear of flying. She travels to Mexico and does that on a plane. I’m foggy on this, but I do recall some discussion on some site that she said she was afraid after 911. but She is and has been seen on planes many many times for work and play. And not just commercial flights but private ones too. She just doesn’t have a history of some really interested in the world at large.. at least to travel to see different places.

        I wish I had that kind of money. I would take a couple of years off and just see the world. The USA and every country or remote whatever I could. Shame that people that really have the means don’t do travel enough, and those of us that are not exactly and just enjoy the experience.

  17. Liberty says:

    Kaiser: Before I hand you my card, what exactly am I getting here for my $2000?

    Caring Spa Tech: — oh. You can GET the $2000 treatment, but for your lovely skin, I recommend something a bit better. Using a proprietary creme made from the milk of the goats whose ancestors fed Jesus, we first prep the skin, then enliven it with an organic honey paste, allowed to absorb under Lake Como silk swaths. We steam that off with natural waters from Mars while you listen to an unreleased flute solo by Javier Bardem and then, the skin- freeing finish that will leave you glowing: natural, searching, mutual exfoliation as we rub the unshaven cheeks of Fassie across your own in a room lit only by caramel candles. The price for The Fassial is $3000. $5000 without banter. $10000 Autumn Magic Full Body Fassie.

    Kaiser: ok, but only because it is autumn!

  18. says:

    If I had her money I’d get $2000 facials every week. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Eleonor says:

      That’s what I was going to write!

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Except she doesn’t look that great in spite of it. I spend maybe 30 to 50 bucks a month average in products and do it all myself, including manis and pedis.

        It isn’t that hard to look great as you age, without spending and injecting and tweaking.

        For that amount of money, plus all the lasers, botox and fillers, I’d expect to look amazingly beautiful. Since that stuff look fake as hell to me, I’ll skip it.

        I’d take the facials just for the pampering.

  19. Beatrix says:

    That guy is such a phony, which speaks volumes about this woman, though.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    Squiggy (theroux) gives me a serious case of the CREEPS! I don’t care what she does with her money, unless she does get married in Kenya it would be nice for her to put in a village well or something…but instead, I see a stupid wedding. I really wish they will ELOPE on Justin’s motorcycle and leave us out of it for once!

  21. diana says:

    K. This lady has tons of money. She could spend a measly 2k on facials.

    But of course she wants to be seen as a down to earth, next door friend and that too just like any other hollywood actor. So nothing differennt there.

    But what really irritates me is how shitty sn actress she is. Or may be it’s just me. Pls go back to TV, Jen. You can easily win tons of Emmys and also increase your fan base.

  22. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Twenty bucks says she gets married in a dirty club on the lower east side wearing leather surrounded by a small group of Justin’s artsy/cool friends. They’ll depart by motorcycle after the festvities and then Terry Richardson will release some candids to People the next morning.

  23. maya says:

    Well if she really does, she needs a refund!

    Her skin is really bad, especially in HQ photos.

  24. Jaded says:

    I’d love to see them dressed up as Morticia and Gomez Addams for their wedding – Terry Richardson can be Uncle Fester, I’m sure they’re friends with Ron Perlman so he can play Lurch. Get a couple of friends’ kids to play Wednesday and Pugsly and you’re all set!

  25. The Original Mia says:

    Those eyebrows are the stuff of nightmares. Like catapillars walking on your face. Sheesh!

  26. mar says:

    she is such a fake.
    She did a PSA for the Dolphins in Japan a while back. Now that it is slaughter season, I have not seen her say one word about all of the pilot whales and dolphins being slaughtered.

    Why pretend to care about something , if you really don’t???


  27. butch says:

    do you people have any grip on what treatments cost? lazers or red light sessions can rang from $500 – $thousands. Who thinks 2K is a lot of money anyway?

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    Justin is wearing his big boy watch today.

  29. G says:

    I personally find her the dullest actress on earth. The tabloid drama she fuels to keep herself relevant is kind of entertaining in an escapist-down-time-something-to-do-on-my-break-way.

    Maybe my taste is not her taste, but I do think the snarking about her appearance is ridiculous.

  30. Contrived says:

    I missed the last thread about her crap-ass smart water video and wanted to mention and ask if it’s just me or did anyone else notice the not so subtle dig at AJ with the MARIEANN PEARL wig and baby bump included???

    I used to think she was just desperate and obsessed with Angelina and Brad’s life, but now I’m starting to seriously think she has a screw loose!

    She has passed the point of just being obsessed this has moved into stalker behavior—she’s full on ‘Hedy’from SWF!

    • lisa2 says:

      I saw a few people say that, but Marianne is beautiful inside and out. And if it was a dig.. which I really hope not because it would be sick of her to hold on to not being asked to do that part.

      but like I said I doubt it. Besides until you said this I for one had forgotten all about that video.

    • ann h says:

      That looks exactly like the wig that Angie wore in “A mighty heart” movie. She loves to keep the triangle going and has clearly not moved on. At least she didn’t get Chelsea to do her dirty work for her this time. Would have liked to see a dump truck back up to the pool and empty a load of plastic dumb water bottles into it at the end of the ad.

  31. Katherine says:

    Black for a wedding isn’t all that edgy especially at Christmas or for a second wedding.

    Jennifer Connelly got married over a Christmas/New Year’s holiday in a black IIRC velvet gown and looked lovely and romantic.

    The less said about that embarrassing and cry-for-attention video the better. She needs to leave the baby thing alone. She comes across as simply foolish and desperate.

  32. MrsBPitt says:

    well, I wouldn’t mind a black and white wedding, when the bride and groom wear white and the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear black…I’ve been to a wedding like that and it was beautiful…

  33. hmm says:


    We’re talking about her wedding…
    yet we haven’t seen them pictured together in like a month..

  34. Sara says:

    I watched Waderlust the other day and thought it was pretty funny. I thought Justin and Paul were the stars and Jen was okay. Her face moved in this movie, much better than her face in Marley and Me.

  35. Lurkeelee says:

    So Jen spends years trying to convince her fans and the public that she is, can and will have children. Then she calls people narrow minded to assume she wants children. Now in her latest Smartwater Video she is making fun of the tabs and their preggo stories of which it is HER FANS that buy them. Now her fans love and defend her for this video. Interesting to say the least. As far as the rest of the video is concerned, Jimmy Kimmel as the grown kid was funny and the fake hair thing, but the other stuff I did not get. What was with the car stunt and the bottles of water filling the pool supposed to be other than making her out to be a total bish? I don’t get it. Plus this not only shows she or her people read the tabs, but also read the comments bloggers write on the web. For instance, I had never seen or heard rumors in the tabs of her wearing wigs, but have seen posters over at JustJared write that she wears extentions. hehe, I think Huvane probably reads everyone’s comments y’all. As for the wedding, I just don’t think it will happen, but I do believe in the $2000 facials and thinks she spend alot more in general considering botox, fillers, personal trainers, etc. She trying hard to stay relevant.

  36. And? says:

    Oh no! A woman spending money to look good for her own wedding! Say it isn’t so! The nerve of the woman!

    Lol, all brides do that, and lots of them spend the same amount of money on skin/face treatments beforehand, without having 100+ million in the bank. She probably won’t wear a burlap sack either.