Jennifer Aniston claims she only spends $200 a month on her beauty treatments

Last week, we covered a story from The Daily Mail, all about how much money Jennifer Aniston allegedly spends on beauty treatments. Personally, I wasn’t really judging her for the (fake-sounding) story. If I had Aniston’s money, I would be spending thousands of dollars on beauty treatments, massages, facials, spas, etc. Which is basically what The Mail claimed – that Aniston shells out about $8000 a month on all of her beauty stuff. But People Magazine caught up with Aniston, and she totally denied it:

What’s the cost of beauty?

For Jennifer Aniston, it’s a whole lot less than you may have heard.

The Wanderlust star tells PEOPLE she can only laugh about reports sweeping the Internet that she runs up an $8,000-a-month tab for her beauty regime.

“Although I am a sucker for an amazing moisturizer, love a great facial, have been using the same cleansing bar since I was a teenager and have always been a dedicated tooth-brusher, reports that I am spending eight thousand a month on a beauty regime are greatly exaggerated,” she says.

So what’s the true total? “By my tally,” she shares, “this month I’m in for about two hundred bucks.”

[From People]

Only $200? Rachel Green, please. This has me convinced that she actually is shelling out a ton of money in beauty treatments. For God’s sake, her hair stylist, Chris McMillian is ON CALL 24-7 for her. The studios often foot the bill so her hair guy can travel with her when she’s promoting her films overseas, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars a week. Beyond THE HAIR, I’m guessing she does spend a lot on skincare, yoga, personal trainers, etc. Why does she feel the need to lie about it?

Also: how much to you love/hate that Aniston actually granted a personal denial about this story? She and her spokesman won’t deign to go on the record about any number of damaging or negative stories (like the whole “retard” debacle), but when it comes to something as superficial as how much money she spends on her beauty treatments, Aniston is front and center with a denial! Weird.

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    • Emma says:

      I buy that she personally only spends 200 dollars a month. Lots of places give celebrities (espeically high profile ones like Jennifer) free stuff and they’re practically begging her to use it, in the hopes that she’ll mention in a magazine like Allure or something about what she uses.

      That said, i think it’s misleading how she makes it seem like only $200 is what she uses for her face, body, etc. when the real value is much more

      • ZenB!tch says:

        She said “this month” so maybe there was no La Mer refill this month. La Mer is not all that. I tried it when it first came out. JA is 2 months older than I am so I guess I was about 30 when I tried it. I’m sure she has moved along. I’m serious I was a product ho before the recession hit. I was using $200 eyecream, $500 skincream etc. It was not a monthly expense.

        That said I never thought to include other stuff like yoga and training and whatever as a “beauty” expense. I didn’t have a chance to read the $8K article so I thought lasers, microdermabrasion. She is “natural” other than her nose. Look at those wrinkles!

    • Carolyn says:

      Huvane has hit rock-bottom if he’s pulling out the Beauty Jen angle again. That was so 1999. Face it (pun intended), there’s nothing interesting about Jen at all.

    • gag! says:

      Hah! She looks like she spends 2 cents a day on her ugly face. What a stupid cow to believe the hype! Jen is a dawg!

  1. Katyusha says:

    She’s raved about Creme de la Mer moisturizer which is $200 by itself.

    • iloveretro says:


      Take that figure of $200 and add at least one more zero to approximate the true cost of her monthly beauty budget.It is public knowledge that she is incredibly fortunate, financially and otherwise. Why does she feel like she has to lie about it? It’s insulting when she pretends she lives a $50K-a-year-income lifestyle rather than just being honest.

    • gigi says:

      Exactly. Why the I’m-just-like-you schtick anyway? I don’t know if she understands yet that we kinda expect our A-list celebrities to have some pricey beauty voodoo to help us cope with the fact that we’re just never really going to look like them, at least not on our salaries.

  2. Sisi says:

    Well, if the studios pay the hairstylist bill, her personal exenses would indeed be much lower. Savvy phrasing Aniston ;) tbh I also don’t care about her expenses, amd find it strange that she chose to deny it. Is the girl-next-door image in danger?

    • Dhavy says:

      There are only so many movies she can promote and that’s only a few weeks a year.
      She’s not a rare species that only requires moisturizer and walks out the door, she’s a 40+ yr old woman who worships the sun and smokes and pays very good money to a publicist who wants us commoners to think its all fairy dust and bubbles

      • hoya_chick says:

        hahahahaha THIS!

        She is so vain! She is a 40 something woman who reads all the gossip that’s out there about her. What about getting a hobby Jen? Or getting involved with some meaningful charity? Or picking up a newspaper and see what’s actually happening in the world. Instead she makes the same horrible movies over and over again, jumps from man to man, tans and talks about her her divorce. Rinse and Repeat.

        I mean I want to like her but she seems so vapid! I remember when she responded to a report that she eats baby food, lol really? I’m embarrassed for her.

      • Photo lab says:

        @hoya_chick “Getting a hubby”? Are you serious? Like that needs to be a priority for every woman? Also, she’s involved with St. Jude’s (an incredibly worthy charity) and her animal charities. Just because you don’t like the woman doesn’t mean she’s not involved in meaningful endeavors.

      • Bobby sue says:

        @Photo Lab: You read that too quickly. She wrote “hobby” not “hubby.” I agree…more hobbies, MORE charity work and less tanning.

    • telesma says:

      Between studios paying for the hair stylist, makeup artist, stylist etc, and event goody bags full of high end products, and gratis services from salons that are counting on her for word of mouth not with magazines but with her wealthy friends, I can see her not spending that much on a monthly basis on products or services.

      The thing is, she looks like a product of Thermage and fillers, and while that isn’t a monthly expense, it isn’t cheap, especially when you go to the kind of doctors that can keep your visits under wraps.

  3. birdie says:

    She always knows the smallest rumors about her, it is really weird. Yeah, why does she comment on this silly stupid rumor? Like she reads all the gossip about her all the time.

    Hi Jennifer!

    • lisa says:

      I was going to say the same thing. I get that someone may have said something to her, but she does this all the time. Refute the most silly rumors and let the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM rumors stand without a whimper. She has admitted to reading gossips sites. And now we know it must be the case. I just don’t know why she cares what people think she spends on maintenance. Especially when she talks so much about her diet, exercise and treatments in interviews.

      She denied eating baby food for gosh sake. When the press said she looked pregnant she could have just said nope, but she talked about the weight coming because she stopped smoking. Which was maybe not true since she was seen smoking.

      well another day another superficial Jennifer Aniston story.

    • Kara says:

      She is very insecure. She cried and said it ruined her day because Rod Stewarts daughter called her homely! Seriously she needs to grow up.
      She often wears scarfs to cover her chin, wears her hair so it covers half her face. Always touching her hair.

      And she knows every single tabloid story about herself. I imagine her and Handler sitting their goggling their names and posting on Female First.

    • Lolie says:

      Agreed. She obviously has thin skin because she always reacts to rumours. Shes really sad.

    • Vesper says:

      It’s all about appearances with Jennifer.

      Funny how some people defend her by saying she has meaningful hobbies yet the only things she talks about are superficial.

      She once admitted that she kept a pair of scissors in her glove compartment so that she could clip off split ends as soon as they were noticed. Big surprise.

  4. Hypocricy says:

    She is really bimbo isn’t she ? Commenting about that stupid stuff at her age, making sure we get the real (sarcasm) number when it comes to her makeup/hair/spa/pedi/mani/yoga monthly expenditures.

    She must be the most KARDASHIANISH actress out there, worst than Megan Fox and Jessica Simpson put together…!

    So silly !

  5. really says:

    She probably gets a lot of products and services for free, just for mentioning them once in a while, or telling her “people” about them. So I might believe that she spent 200 bucks, but the real value was probably closer to 2000. Of course, if this is the case, then she should have said so (or said nothing at all).

  6. Marjalane says:

    I guess it’s important to her that we think she’s a “natural beauty”. Kind of like the Hollywood bitches who claim, “I never diet, I’m just naturally thin, I eat like a pig!”

    It reaffirms their own opinion that they’re better than the masses, I think.

  7. Agnes says:

    she’s so full of it. i would respect it more if she was like “yeah, i do, and?” lying liar. $200? yeah, add a couple of zeros to it, and then i might buy her story.

  8. heyhey says:

    celebrities get things for free… and i doubt she has facials , fillers every week or even doing her hair everyday.

    she only does glam hair when she is at an event or photoshoot..

    most times her hair looks unkept to me.

  9. Kara says:

    Just shows how shallow she really is.
    She cares way too much what other people think about her.

    She is 43 and all she can talk about is her hair/exercise/makeup! She has no substance, no wonder she is friends with Chealsea Handler, Terry Richardson etc.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’m 2 months younger than her. In the face I say she looks older. I would kill for her legs and tummy (not the boobs) I know I would kill to be as toned as her but with my body but the face looks old. Her forehead, her crow’s feet, and her puppet lines yikes! I’m *sniff* starting to get those but they aren’t that bad. They are at the level where I tell myself its because I’m fat. LOL.

      I’m not a fan but the only positive thing I can say about her is she is not toxed (no major telltale under eye lines and THAT forehead!) I think she does get lasered for spots considering all that sun exposure she has. That is the first thing on my post-recession to do list so I’ll get back to you all to see she’s had that done.

  10. Minx2 says:

    An average woman with longer, highlighted hair can easily spend $200 on hair maintenance (cuts, colouring etc) to make it look as good as Aniston’s. And what about the face and the body? So unless she’s getting it for free, she’s lying. End of story.

    • hstl1 says:

      She pays about $300 every 6 weeks just for her highlights.I know because I went to the same guy for 6 years.

      @heyhey-you are right…she knows how to blow dry her own hair to get the beachy look on her down time.

      So her hair care alone is a big bill.

  11. Norma says:

    “by my tally this month I’m in for two hundred bucks”. what woman in their forties would use this mangled phrase?
    She uses this “evasive corporate fratboy-speak”. inarticulate and condescending at the same time.
    (*shudders and yawns*)

  12. mln76 says:

    Why did she feel the need to respond to this? I guess this rumor hit too close to home because we know she’s obsessed with her looks and ‘beauty’(I put that in quotes for obvious reasons) regime. But yeah I’m guessing the studio foots the bill for her hair,make-up,and skin people during shooting and promotions and she must get freebies all the time.
    Whenever she does this my sneaking suspicion is this was planted by Huvane just so she can deny this story in several places for the next few weeks like that dumb babyfood story from a while back. Notice no one is talking about how badly her movie bombed ;)

  13. folly says:

    she seems to know every gossips written about her,even the meaningless ones,how many A listers does this,she is not better than the kardishians

  14. lucy2 says:

    Silly to respond in such a way.
    And anyway, who cares what she spends? It’s her money, she can spend millions on that stuff if she wants.

  15. keri says:

    who the f cares? I know if I had an indelible supply of money I’d probably up my ante on my beauty regimen. And lest we peasants forget, our looks aren’t as heavily judged and public as hers, so maybe we should cut her some slack? Yea, she’s probably exaggerating but it has to suck when your job is predicated on your looks (sans acting ability). Agree? Fyi creme de la mer pales in comparison to (indulgence for me at 40$) Dr.Hauschka rose cream. Ain’t nothing wrong with the cheaper alternative. rant over.

  16. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Yeah, maybe $200/ month if she averages her total amount ever spent on ‘beauty regimes’ over the total # of months in her life. $200* 12 * 43 = around $103,000. Nah..Even with that “tally” I wouldn’t believe this.

  17. Franny says:

    I’m in an entry level job and I basically spend that much a month! No way that someone with that much money only uses clean and clear to wash her face and always does her own hair.

  18. thinkaboutit says:

    $200 “this month” she said. So it must have been 12:01 a.m. on the 1st…

  19. Lem says:

    Dedicated tooth brusher ? ? ?

  20. deb says:

    maybe this month it’s really USD200, since maybe she’s not doing anything high profile. just chillin’ out and letting go.

    the bills mgiht rack up during “high-season”, red carpets, etc. during filming i’d guess hair & makeup is wholly taken care of by the production (i mean, that’s why they put Best Hair & Makeup as oscar category right?)

    maybe she just thinks that “spending” is really about the amount that she pays for and the things that she really use daily (note she’s just talking about moisturizer, cleansing bar) not including special stuff that just gets broken out during important occasions.

    she does say that she has that scary peeling thing (chemical peel)? but maybe not every month. the 200bucks is just her tally for *this* month. maybe this month, no facial, no visit for highlights, no spa visit to i dunno.

    and she differentiate between beauty regime (care products, face/hair), and health regime (like gym, exercise, oxygen chambers if applicable, etc)

  21. I spend at least $200/month on the average between hair, skin, gym membership, makeup… and I’m not in the public eye except when I teach. I’m also a product junkie.

  22. Eve says:

    $200? That’s probably what she spends in mascara (you know, for Justin).

  23. Wendi says:

    I think her definition of “beauty treatments” probably doesn’t include yoga, personal trainers, massages at the spa, mani/pedis or haircuts.

    Do any of you consider your gym membership a “beauty treatment”? I don’t. Unless I’m getting a facial at the spa, I wouldn’t consider that a beauty treatment either. Sure you can quibble about a haircut, but ask yourself if you would apply the same label to your husband’s / boyfriend’s / brother’s / son’s monthly trim? Probably not.

    I’m sure she spends more than $200 a month on face creams, facials, having lashes dyed etc, but maybe hadn’t spent that much yet at the time they asked her.

  24. axio says:

    Duh i bet her hairsprays alone already cost more than $200 a month

  25. sullivan says:

    Ridiculous woman. She is an empty, expensive vessel.

  26. lisa says:

    Well I saw a picture of her feet on some site from the ceremony pictured in the header picture.

    And looking at her toes I guess she doesn’t focus on her feet as much as her skin and hair. The toes were not looking good at all and her skin on her legs was scary.

  27. kira says:

    I agree w/Kaiser. I find it funny that she picks the silliest things to deny. Yet, she ignores all the write-ups calling her a lying cheater for dating Justin while he was still living w/his longtime girlfriend. That is never denied…but say she spends a lot on her beauty routine, and it’s “Oh no you didn’t!” Too funny.

    And only $200? Who is she kidding? She’s trying to put a low figure down so she still seems like the average girl. Plus, she’s told one too many whoppers (Justin and I are only “good friends”) for anyone but the hardiest of fans to believe her anymore.

  28. Bree says:

    She is just very shallow with nothing interesting in her life. Why in the world can’t she just ignore a silly tabloid story that is in no way evil.

    This is the same person who said that not wearing Mascara in Just Go With It, was proof of great acting and pushing herself!

    She also said that trips to Mexican resorts were a form of charity. Such an idiot.

  29. Gaia132 says:

    What ever “beauty treatments” she’s using aren’t working. She looks rough. Maybe it’s the smoking?

  30. Linda says:

    She is so lying about the price. My “regular” facial alone cost me $150. It is in NY. I am sure it costs more in Beverly Hills.If she has special facial treatments which I’m sure she does, it will cost more. Plus, pedi & mani will cost her another 30-50 and probably more since she lives in Beverly Hills. How about tips? I don’t believe it only costs her $200.

  31. jennyo says:

    She went to people to deny it? she doesn’t want the mini van think of her differently. It is a status situation.

  32. drdoolittling says:

    I regally don’t care, but not to change the subject, does anyone miss the days of good comedy: cheers, Frasier, snl (with belushi and radner), etc… I know I’m totally OT but foursome reason I’m up extremely early for no good reason and frasier’s on. Such a truly funny show. Say what you will about Kelsey grammar, but he is one hell of a comedian.

    • pwal says:

      You’re not the only one. I love old sitcoms, especially Frasier. Old TV shows are the main things I rent. And right now, my obsession is Night Court. I think that’s my favorite 80s sitcom, although I loved the Golden Girls too.

    • lisa says:

      Nope you are not the only one. I will freely admit I don’t watch any of the new comedy shows. I watch reruns of Frasier, King of Queens, MASH, Seinfield and of course TVLAND..

      these are iconic shows well minus one but they were ground breaking. And yes Kelsey was so perfect in that role. Not many actors can take a successful character from one show and create a new show.. Cheers to Fraiser. The man is funny and so was the supporting cast.


  33. Lee says:

    You don’t have to spend a lot when companies are willing to give you their products for FREE just so the celeb’s publicist can name drop the product when convenient. Its nice that people who can afford expensive things are given them for free, no?!!!!

  34. The Original Mia says:

    Honey, please. Who do you think you’re fooling?

    Why is she even commenting on this? Does she really think anyone believes her face, body, and hair is natural? Really?

  35. Beatriz says:

    Yeah right and that’s her original nose too.

  36. sup says:

    200 dollars is still a lot i mean i don’t even spend that much in a year-just a couple of creams, lotions, tonic and shower gels and maybe a couple of make-up thingies will not cost nearly as much as she spends. i think it’s kinda silly that she denies that with this statement though. i mean she’s dressed to be a movie star, of course she’s going to spend a whole lot more than the average jane, it’s her job to look good. let’s be real she’s no Katy Bates she has no acting talent to lean back on so she has to spend a small fortune on her looks monthly. and i hear even the tanning beds are far more expensive where she lives. i am not even shaming her, to be honest if i were rich i would never ever leave the spa and i would have my personal masseuse and everything =) i would sleep in a spa all day lol

  37. Diana says:

    I don’t get why she feels the need to deny it. She’s a hollywood actress, that in it self tells you that a lot of money form her paychecks must go to taking care of her image. Who cares how much it is? it is her money after all, but denying it tells me she must feel guilty about it.

    • Lolie says:

      Exactly. She is always reacting to critizism. I don’t know whether she’s hypersensitive or whether she does it to elongate the attention/spotlight on her. But she is always reacting to the slightest critizism or rumor. The ONLY one she hasn’t reacted to or answered is her affair with Justin when he was still living with Heidi. Shes too gutless to answer that so evades it.

  38. Noel says:

    A lot of people spend $200 or more a month on beauty stuff. It is not that hard. I am 22 and I spend that much. I do not even use expensive skin care stuff and my hairdresser is affordable. I think it is rude when celebrities act like they are really natural and never work hard to look great. It puts unrealistic expectations on women. It makes me feel genetically inferior.

  39. truthSF says:

    So she personally spends $200, but uses $30,000 worth monthly because she gets it for free. Ok, I got it now.

  40. blah says:

    Whatever buddy. I spend 200 bucks a month on self maintenance and I’m a certified bum. Why does she deign to talk about such inane shit?

  41. Anon says:

    How much does Jen spend monthly or yearly on her PR Guru (her own term), Stephen Huvane? Without him and Jen prompting his other clients to remind everyone how wonderful Jen looks and feeding the tabloids, maybe people could actually think and see for themselves. All that bologna cost bucks too.

  42. skuddles says:

    Only $200 you say? Yes, that looks about right.

  43. Shelly says:

    $200 a month my ass! That’s the cost of ONE jar of good face cream. She’s a liar.

  44. Mara says:

    It is her business how much she spend ,she earn millions for sure she will spend a lot of money to look good she is very beautiful.

  45. Jesse says:

    I tend to believe this yahoo story about her. She has gone on record about using lasers and all these types of expensive treatments. That’s all she can seem to talk about in her life. But no way is it $200.

  46. pinns says:

    I went to see ‘Wanderlust’ the other day (it wasn’t great but I like Jen) but I have to say her skin was not looking great in that movie, no matter how much she is (or isn’t) spending!

    In the film they keep talking about her “luminous skin” – unfortunately she was looking the leathery-est I have ever seen her – picture no2. is certainly the most accurate!!
    By comparison, Paul Rudd’s skin looked amazing – really soft and youthful, he HAS to have a portrait in his attic somewhere….

  47. Meadowlark says:

    It takes tens of thousands of dollars a week for her hair to look as un-brushed and boring as it always does while she’s promoting movies? Oh.

  48. OhYeah says:

    So I guess she only spends 200 of her personal money. When she literally picks it up off the shelf and puts it in a bag and pays for it with cash or personal credit card.

    But I’m sure the value of the treatments she writes off as “expenses” runs into the thousands.

    The stars don’t speak about money the way we normal folks do.

    and yeah.. she should care less about what the tabloids say about her, she needs to stop responding

    if she did actually did respond voluntarily or wasn’t prompted by a reporter’s/journalist’s question


  49. samira677 says:

    I believe Jennifer when she says she only spent $200. Her hairstylist and yoga instructer probably don’t charge her. I can’t remember the last time she hasn’t talked about them in an intervew. She probably gets a ton of freebees from the studios, photoshoots, and appearances and doesn’t need to buy stuff for months. Maybe I’m in the minority but I don’t buy shampoo, moisturizer, etc every month. But I’m sure if add the real value of her maintenance the number is closer to 8000 than 200. But of course her fans believe she spends nothing. So the the statement worked.

  50. LoveMeDo says:

    Most celebs are gifted products. Not that it manners. It’s her money and she’s in the business of looking good.

  51. G says:

    Sorry, $200. or $2000. she still looks 43.

    She’s a very attractive and current looking 43, but still 43.

  52. April says:

    its not our business, and we really dont care. its just stupid for her to even comment on it, or state the actual price. she could deny spending the number that they said, but she doesnt have to defend herself by telling us the actual amount. we really dont care that much. we are looking at this more because of her commenting on it at all.

  53. Cheryl says:

    Dude, I spend like 25 dollars every two months. That’s a lot of money!

  54. Alexis says:

    Why do women in Hollywood always feel the need to pretend to be naturally perfect? I for one don’t care how much Jen spends on herself. It’s her money, it’s her life. She can spend it how she wants. She’s not hurting anyone. But it’s pathetic that she won’t own up to the cost of her care, or better yet, say it’s none of our darn business.

  55. e says:

    well, she did say “this month” so technically it could have been last week and the tally is still counting…
    and you tricks whining about how she brings it up, i’m sure the People reporter asked her at least 10 questions about it hoping to get a rebuttal. give her some slack, all actresses and actors are vein and narcissistic. that’s how they got to the top!

  56. Sugar says:

    I used the basic neutrogena clear bar soap from my teens too Jen, but as I reached my 40′s it was to drying. hate admitting I have a few years on Jen & I still use my Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper lipsmackers Hey Jennifer I am the girl next door you are a Hollywood star who wishes you were me. Now that’s ironic;)

  57. Julia says:

    I think she is not lying. She is just treated everywhere for free and they give her free stuff. I bet she got free supply of Crem de la Mer for the rest of her life just for mentioning it somewhere in an interview. So, I think she is lying, it is just regular folks need to pay for everything, rich people and celebrities get most of the stuff for free.

  58. FeverDream says:

    You know, I can’t wait to watch Jen age in to a 50-something.

    She’s too vain to do it with any degree of grace like the beautiful Michelle Pfieffer
    or anyone amazing like that.

    No, she’s going to continue talking like a stupid 19 year old girl and acting like her life and existence is only to look beautiful.

    I find Jennifer Aniston insufferable and incredibly pathetic.

  59. Emily says:

    Does any of that money go towards sunscreen? No point doing anything if you then go drink margaritas in the sun with no protection.

  60. Lolie says:

    Yeah, right! I believe that like I’d believe she only spends one dollar a month. She is extremely self-absorbed, she probably spends more than $800 a month. I’d say $800 was a conservative estimate.

  61. Kara says:

    No, all celebs don’t google themselves everyday like Jen.

    Some actually have families and lives to spend their time with. At 43 Jen acts she still has zero self confidence and has to respond to any story she thinks makes her look bad.

    By responding to this non-story she gives it more attention because most people don’t care how much she spends.

  62. cameron says:

    What HW star refutes stupid things and confronts Bloggers in a parking lot i.e. Perez Hilton about being mean to them. It’s weird. A list stars; even if they know what’s being said about them they act like they don’t and keep it moving.