Katie Holmes says she won’t ever date an old “geezer” like Tom Cruise again

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Here are some photos of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in NYC earlier this week, and Suri is clearly not enjoying the paparazzi flashbulbs. Some of you have wondered why Katie subjects Suri to such a terrible atrocity as those strange men who take photos for money, but I really do think the paps serve a dual purpose of providing essentially free security because no Scientologist in their right mind would approach Katie while the cameras are snapping. Also, it’s not like Katie and Suri can live underground (although Suri’s new school does have a private parking garage) or never go outside, right? It’s sad to see Suri so disturbed by the cameras, yes, but maybe there’s really not a good solution to the problem. The little girl will always be photographed no matter what.

In yesterday’s story about Tom’s puffy, moob-covering jacket, Kaiser also covered this week’s In Touch story about how Tom hasn’t seen Suri in nearly two months because he’s so busy and important. As always, Tom’s movie-star schedule prevails. The guy never made it a priority to physically spend time with Suri before he and Katie split (as we uncannily pointed out the very day that she filed for divorce), so there’s no logical reason to assume that he’d change his ways for Suri’s sake after Katie left him. By Xenu, he had this All You Need Is Kill on his agenda, and even though he’s Tom Cruise and has the box-office clout (in an action capacity) to postpone production, Tom just can’t do that. Obviously, the guy can’t stand to be himself — he always has to be acting to become someone, anyone else — and I think he honestly cannot take a break for fear that he’d discover the empty shell lovingly created by his years of Scientology auditing.

As I’ve said before, it’s nothing new for Suri to not see Tom for months at a time, and Tom really believes that he can seasonally swoop in for Disneyworld fun and hold Suri while he smiles at the paps and swim with her in front of tabloid reporters, and that will be enough to rehabilitate his public image. Yet it really is true that Tom couldn’t be bothered show up for Suri first day of school. That’s the thing with Tom — he doesn’t even realize what’s really important to his daughter. He only knows how to “play the role of a father” for the cameras (TOOL). Now someone on Tom’s team has realized that Tom skipped out on a major Suri milestone, which doesn’t bode well for his image. So Tom’s lawyer, Burt Fields, has issued a statement that “Tom calls Suri every day, sometimes twice a day. He loves Suri and is a constant presence in her life.” Right.

Now for the more amusing part of this story, which is that Katie Holmes has finally let a bit of smartass attitude slip in regard to Tom. Allegedly, she told one of her friends that she thinks Tom is an old “geezer.” Of course, this is only funny because it’s about Tom:

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

No more older men for eligible bachelorette Katie Holmes! The 33-year-old actress told girlfriends clamoring to fix her up fast that she won’t consider dating a man old enough to be her father — a la “geezer” Tom Cruise, 50 — ever again!

Katie’s made it clear she’s not ready to date, but told pals that when she is, “Don’t even think about introducing me to any man more than five years older than I am! Next time, I want someone more my own age.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, October 1, 2012]

You know, Tom is always so manic and full of energy that I always figured he’d be exhausting to live with. But do you think it’s possible that once the cameras go away, he just fades into the nearest fainting couch? His level of publicly displayed energy is rather unsustainable, and as much as his OT VIII level self would claim to defy the very laws of physics, he’s still confined to his human shell. Poor Tom. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t make him cool.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, and WENN

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  1. cmc says:

    Oh my god, is Suri crying in those pictures? Not cool. Not cool at all. I agree that there’s very little else Katie can do to avoid them (cameras are going to follow them, always, and most pictures are just them trying to get into a car), but damn. That’s NOT cool.

    • Molly says:

      Kids probably get affected a lot by their parents’ dynamic, especially if their mom has been super depressed during their first few years under the control of Xenu and his minions. Katie seems a little damaged herself in some ways, like an extremely anxious person. I hope everything turns out for the best for both of them.

      • Ella says:

        She doesn’t seem anxious or damaged to me – she seems triumphant. Some women emerge from oppressive marriages like goddesses. If anyone’s mentally fragile it’s Tom.

    • Thalia says:

      Don’t think so, I think shes just shielding her eyes from the bright flashes.

    • e.non says:

      yes, she was crying; other sites have more photos. it’s so very sad; because she’s clearly becoming even more traumatized by this daily assault. and it’s compounded by the fact that no one has her back.

      • Belle says:

        Not suggesting that she isn’t being traumatized by the photogs, but it is possible that Suri was already crying or had been crying about something else (this isn’t abnormal… kids cry, and some are more emotional than others). She usually hides her face from the cameras, so she could have been hiding an already red ‘crying face’.

        As far as the options go for Suri and the press…. This is going to sound harsh, but I think she will just get used to it. I’m guessing Katie tries to keep lines of communication open, and maybe she could use a child therapist for a bit to talk through why the cameras upset her so much, along with ways she can work through it. As already mentioned, I think Katie is going to need to stay in the public eye, with Suri, for the forseable future, and Suri will need to work through it somehow.

      • Ella says:

        Whether she was crying because of the paparazzi or not, there are thousands of pictures testifying to her distress in their presence. I think it should be illegal.

  2. DEB says:

    Love it!!! Go Katie!!!

  3. Saphana says:

    So its the age? I would find different things off turning about him. but thats just my cult hating self.

    • Zimmer says:

      His age is probably all she’s at liberty to discuss.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Indeed. She obvs wants someone really different!

        Also, age can be an issue (and 20 years is a huge difference). I used to always go for older, but Mr TMOT is my same age, and we get each other really well.

  4. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’ll take an older man over a younger man any day of the week. Of course, though, I’d take a man in boxers/briefs before one dancing around in a bikini bottom.
    I like Katie , though. Suri is always dressed so cutely! As for Tom, he’s a demigod in Japan; I’m surprised he doesn’t move there.

    • TG says:

      Isn’t that amazing how a celeb can be laughed out of one country but beloved in another? You would think with the internet everyone would know everything but we don’t. I mean I hear and see clips years later about tiny tom’s and other people’s stuff, like that Australian interview of tiny tom. Wish I had seen all his shenanigans as they happened. Somebody needs to inform Japan this guy is unstable.

  5. lem says:

    I’m really bothered by his two front teeth.

    • carol says:

      that’s funnee.. i really took a look-see at them…

    • Jaded says:

      Have you ever seen pictures of him when he was a kid, before he got them fixed? Now that’s scary.


      • TG says:

        Thanks Koala for the link. How do they always get him with a manic grin pasted on his face? This creature has no clue on how to behave normally, like a human being.

      • BeReal says:

        Not just his teeth, every inch of his face has been worked on, plenty of before pics from his teen years.
        Enjoy his original face here:
        You have to scroll down a little bit to see him as a teen. The crazy is that he always denies ever having any work done. As the daughter of a still practicing as well as teaching 83 year Orthodontist, commenters should look at the before shots & compliment the miracle makeover of a truly deformed lower facial challenge that Jaded has described accurately. Lumineers did not exist back then, & they would not have addressed Tom’s condition. When I am told how beautiful my smile is, I reply, thank you as well as the oral surgeon, 4 extractions; my orthodontist father-my perfection is an advertisement, the headgear at night was an added joy; as well as the Periodontic Interventionist who finally formed a perma-retainer by bonding the uppers from behind. As Dolly Parton once noted, it takes a lot of money to look this cheap: the opposite is also true. It was an expensive initial effort as well as a long term overhaul requiring constant maintenance to keep the Cruise manic grin looking white & pretty. Tom won’t acknowledge that his signature face was achieved by others. Fine. A lot of people put in time & effort, from what is said about the inner circle-they did not get paid, either.

    • Canda says:

      It looks like his entire upper row of teeth needs to be rotated to the right (his right) about a quarter inch… they’re “off”.

    • stinky says:

      the center-tooth is strong w/ this one

    • Azurea says:

      Apparently the off-center front teeth is a mark of the genetic abnormality he reportedly has. No, I’m not joking!

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        No Apparently the off-center of his front teeth is the mark of a BAD dentist and he needs a refund…. Those are bad lumineers… looks like they didn’t mold his teeth right.. that is why he has one front tooth that appear to go in the gums higher than the other.. LOL ..I thought I was the only one who noticed… You all are so funny

    • Ennie says:

      Sonic-hedgehog syndrome or something like that? I read somewhere that he had only one front tooth, due to genetics, so one of those is fake, he had his smile corrected. There are pics of him wearing braces. His teeth were totally yellow then.
      Add this to the list of thing sthatbhave undermined his already fragile self esteem.
      Being in a cult that caters to him in exchange of PR does not help either. His family are probably his main enablers due to him being the money source.

    • C. C. Cedras says:

      I really think he needs to file down that right incisor…

  6. ladybert62 says:

    He has always seems manic to me and I wonder if there is the accompanying depressive and when it shows up.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree.
      Also, @Kaiser:
      “Obviously, the guy can’t stand to be himself — he always has to be acting to become someone, anyone else — and I think he honestly cannot take a break for fear that he’d discover the empty shell lovingly created by his years of Scientology auditing”

      Best. Analysis. Ever.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Perfect description of Tom…He really is an empty shell and only exists when pretending to be someone else…

  7. Mia 4S says:

    Why not give the poor kid some sunglasses? Katie’s wearing them and it would take the edge off. Living right in NYC, sadly she’ll have to get used to paparazzi.

    Would Tom even have seen Suri’s first day of school as a good thing? She’s now surrounded by non-Xenu approved people. I have to wonder if he saw it as a positive day at all. Scary, but would it surprise you?

  8. RTR_Girl says:

    He looks like he’s wearing pink lipstick in the turtleneck picture. This tiny little man creeps me out on so many levels.

  9. Kristen says:

    I like that Katie is now wearing clothes from GAP and JCrew – it is so cool! It makes it feel like Tom was really wanting her to always ‘look the part’ by dressing high fashion.

  10. Chatcat says:

    OK, I am in Katie’s corner all the way; however, she needs a bitch slap here.

    Katie Dear,

    Perhaps instead of worrying about old “geezers” at 50, you probably should not audition any man, regardless of age, who is a narcissistic tyrant in need of “beard coverage” who believes in space pod travel as a means to greatness and is not 5′ 4″ tall with ab implants. Following these guidelines will certainly give you a nod in the right direction in your quest to obtain a Real Man of Planet Earth.

    Love and hugs

    • V4Real says:

      I like Katie but she isn’t innoncent in all this either. Don’t forget she broke Chris Klein’s heart to be with old dude. She was looking for the bigger and better deal but she got more than what she signed on for. I bet Chris is starting to look good to her all over again now.

      • Miss T says:

        Katie and Chris had already ended their relationship before she met Tom. Katie moved to NYC and was even linked to other guys like Josh Hartnett before she started dating Tom.

      • V4Real says:

        It was also reported that her and Chris was on again, off again and kept in contact but when Tom came into the picture she ended it for good, even their friendship.

      • swack says:

        @V4Real, could it be she was made to break it off with Chris because Tom made her break it off completely. If he is as controlling as everyone says, then I cannot believe that he would allow her to see an ex-boyfriend, whether they remained friends or not.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Chris Klein is a douche. I’ve disliked him since I read an interview with him where he said, “I only date 10′s.”.

    • V4Real says:

      @swack it’s a huge possibility that’s why she broke it completely off; we all pretty much know that Tom seems very controlling. He would not want her to maintain a friendship with her ex especially if she was still harboring feelings for him. But I wish Katie had more of a backbone to not let a man control her life just because he was this huge celebrity that she admitted to having a crush on before they started dating. I stated before I believe she was in love with the fantasy of him but soon came to realize that it should have stayed a fantasy. Maybe the rumors from a few years back were true when people claimed that she missed Chris.

  11. ZigZagZoey says:

    He seems like the kind of person who will always insist that things are perfect, and he never has a sad day or a bad mood EVER. THAT would absolutely be exhausting to live with.

  12. Stormy says:

    He is so freaking crazy and scary.

  13. vvy says:

    Apparently he cannot ever, ever be alone! So, he can’t stand to be with his own feelings. Scary really. He’s probably OCD and maybe a bit manic. Could have bipolar tendencies perhaps, but I’ve never seen his ‘depressed’ phase before. Manic people have to have the downs if they have the ups, but how does he maintain such a strict training/working schedule if he has the downs. Not sure.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      They train them to dissociate, which may be part of it. I’ve been reading about the training and it is CREEPY. It is all about OBEY, and believing whatever you are told no matter what the truth is. They have training in how to lie! Which, considering they are hooked up to a lie detector… it’s just nuts.

      In any case he is clearly batshit crazy, one way or another. As are so many of them. No wonder they hate psychiatry – when $ci gives them a free pass not to take their meds! Which manic people never want to do. It’s like their brains supply them with free blow. I used to live with a bipolar person. He was great as long as he took his meds. Without them it was a nightmare.

      (Never mind that LRH was drenched in psych meds according to the autopsy…)

  14. Ludakristen says:

    That white turtleneck sweater thing is fucking ridiculous.

  15. TG says:

    You said it all Kaiser. Maybe tiny tom should seek you for counseling. LOL. Though, I have point out your statement about no Co$ freak in their right mind thing. No one involved in the Co$ is in their right mind. Though, they do seem to be very predictable such as Bertie releasing these ridiculous statements. It must be crushing to his ego to see everyone laugh at him too. Everyone who surrounds themselves with tiny tom gets laughed at.

  16. Birdix says:

    He looks like Joshua bell in that pointing photo and Katie’s pursed lips make her look like she’s channeling Kate Middleton

  17. Snowpea says:

    Katie obviously doesnt read this site because she is still wearing those awful jegging skinny jeans things and we have told her plenty of times how unflattering they are.

    Katie is such a pretty girl but when you have piano legs, you really need to stop with those styles. Britney’s another repeat offender. She also has piano legs. You both need a WIDE PANT with a silk blouse or a maxi skirt with a lovely denim jacket.

    Katie in her jegging and Britney in her Herve Leger’s really make me wanna take them both shopping ; )

    • TG says:

      I agree Snowpea. I would at Kristen Stewart to that list. No she doesn’t have big legs but she has an odd look, I don’t know the name for it but I think she has a short torso or is short-waisted. Whatever it is she looks like a bloated teen in skinnies, IMO anyway. You don’t have to be skinny to wear skinnies you just have to find the right type, color and fit, at least I think so.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      There is nothing at all wrong with having thighs. She looks fine. What are you wearing? I’m sure it’s all perfectly flattering and demure, Talbot’s and Peterman and so forth.

      Honestly I hope she doesn’t read these sites (and how would she have time?) because all the body judging would suck.

      • Snowpea says:

        TrustMeOnThis, you really are gonna have to trust me on this! he he

        I was being tongue-in-cheek about Katie reading this site. I highly doubt that she has the time or the inclination to sit down and read gossip sites. Unlike Ms Rimes, she has a full life of raising her child, her fashion line etc

        HOWEVER this is a gossip site and it is perfectly legit to say that Katie Holmes needs to rethink the jeggings. They do not suit her. She looks stumpy and bottom heavy and frumpy when in reality she is actually a very thin girl with a beautiful face.

        I, for example have an outrageously curvaceous figure (very small waist, massive bottom and short legs) so if I wore jeggings I would know doubt look like a small plane. I stick to dresses nipped in at the waist and a small heel.

        That is all ; )

      • TG says:

        Yes, Snowpea was not saying there is anything wrong with having thighs. I have thighs and I love my figure. She was saying that Katie continues to wear clothes, especially jeans that do not flatter her figure. And I think many would agree.

  18. k says:

    Her vision is going to be ruined from all of the flash photography she’s been exposed to.

  19. Dee Cee says:

    Get Suri fun sun glasses and kooky hats..

    • Elizabeth says:

      I would ask her if she wants to wear funny masks like Richard Nixon or something. Let the kid have some fun with it. Let her put on “spy” disguises – big glasses, fake nose, size 6X trench coat and magnifying glass like Inspector Clousea!

  20. Lindsey says:

    I could see how age might be an issue for her, but I mean, the dude is, was and will always be kookoo for coco puffs. THAT was the problem.

  21. Jaxx says:

    The lights hurt anyone’s eyes. It amazes me that parents always wear sunglasses to protect their eyes, but expose their kids to it with no problem. Why not put a pair on the kid too? Have a pair made just their size and slip them on them when they are faced with exploding flashes. So what if the kid looks a little silly?

    Protect her eyes like you do your own Katie.

  22. Working says:

    Maybe i’m just bitchy today, but i don’t feel sorry for Suri at all…she comes across as a brat and she’s probably crying because Katie wouldn’t let her have ice cream or something…back to my coffee

  23. bea says:

    She got new horrible boots.

  24. Kim says:

    I want Katie’s boots! British tan is the new black. ;)
    Anyone know what they are?

  25. TheTruthHurts says:

    Hilarious headline considering that “old geezer” is eons more active than she probably could ever be and doesn’t pig out on cupcakes.

    • lafairy says:

      Yes that’s your opinion…. but it seems to be a very very marginal minor one.
      She is a 33 year old looking and acting her age… he is a 50 yrs old lipo-sucking, cutting, nipping and tucking, hair dying his way to try to look younger than he is and apparently much women find that very pathetic…

      and if we have to compare a young natural woman and an ‘old geezer’ trying to fake the youth glow… the more attractive one is generally the not tampered either…

  26. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I know the divorce is probably awfull for Suri but I have to say Katie has never looked better. She has looked like such a corpse these past few years and now she finally has come color to her face.

  27. lisa2 says:

    I think Tom looks good in that pic. And interesting that comments about Katie go up if Tom is mentioned.

    I hope Katie didn’t say that. He is the father of her child.

  28. JessSaysNo says:

    What in the sam-shit is going on with his two front teeth? Why are his gums different lengths. Concerning…

    • Jaded says:

      He had horribly misaligned teeth when he was a kid and had a huge gap in his front teeth. The one next to the gap was huge and stuck out. He had orthodontic surgery and a new front tooth implanted, but his teeth never aligned properly so his 2 front teeth are wonky. There’s some speculation that it was caused by a genetic defect called holoprosencephaly which in mild forms can cause misalignment of teeth, in severe forms can cause all sorts of horrible facial deformations.

  29. laura says:

    Gente, Tom Cruise é uma pessoa decente. Ele tem todo o direito de exercer suas crenças. Kate entrou nessa para alavancar a carreira, vendeu o útero por dinheiro. Vamos deixar o Tom em paz, ele só fez entreter nos últimos 30 anos. Tom, o Brasil te ama.

  30. hmm says:

    HAHAH! That last photo of Tom is really CREEPY!!

    You can really see how his front tooth is centered–he should get a refund from his orthodontist!

  31. Cece says:

    Not buying this — Katie has no girlfriends in whom to confide.

    She’s also an idiot who has no idea how to raise that kid.

    • Jaded says:

      Well Cece, good to see you Co$ trolls are still at it and that you are so close to the situation you can verify for all of us who aren’t “in the know” that Katie has no friends and is a bad mother. Now go away and stop posting your nonsense here.

      • Cece says:

        Sorry, Jaded, not everyone who disagrees with you and who is not a fan of Katie is a Scientology believer. I’m from the midwest – I don’t even think there are any of the Scientology freaks out this way. the woman has almost never, ever been photographed with a friend, nor does she ever speak of friends.

        Just not buying her PR machine’s victim characterization, and her actions with that kid speak for themselves. I find it more bizarre that people worship some chick that hasn’t done anything worthwhile.

  32. Pat Dorty says:

    I feel bad about the “Paps”, but what would the alternative be? Locking themselves away in an apartment somewhere? I’m sure when she feels safer she’ll move and try to attain more privacy somewhere. I agree 100% that it is for the time being free security. The “Church” of scientology is nothing more than a poorly disguised cult, I still can’t believe that the IRS caved into them and recognizes them as a religion. Anyone who doubts that they’re a cult just GOOGLE Scientology and start reading the horror stories.

  33. Amy says:

    I’ve always hated paparazzi and celebrity child stalking. Yes the children are cute but I feel like there should be laws protecting minors in the States. In Europe their faces are mostly blurred out. Or the paparazzi should stay x amount of distance away. I get so uncomfortable when I see poor children in distress like this.

  34. Dena says:

    Glad to see Suri wearing what looks to be an appropriate for her SIZE and age. Katie often seems to dress Suri (or allows her to dress herself) in dresses that are way too short IMO.

  35. MrsBPitt says:

    I am 52 years old and have a somewhat physically demanding job…at work, I am go, go, go, and never realize how exhausted I am. When I get home, I CRASH…sit my old butt down and don’t get up until its time to roll into bed…so if 50 year old Tom can keep that manic personality up 24 – 7, then point me to the nearest Scientology center…(not really)…

  36. Mari says:

    One of his front teeth is fake. If he reads this, he might freak out that someone took notice

  37. Francesca says:

    His capped front teeth look ready to pop off. Weird