Tom Cruise invited a tabloid reporter to witness his reunion with Suri

Tom Cruise

This week’s tabloid extravaganza has slowed a little bit (and just in time for the lip-biting scandal of the century, right?) in regard to the TomKat divorce. Mainly, Star and In Touch are both running with the story that Tom is playing the full-court press in an effort to spoil the hell out of Suri to the point where she’ll eventually request to live with him instead of Katie. It’s a blatantly unfair tactic that occurs in many divorces, but it’s particularly egregious when Daddy just happens to be an A-list action movie star and one of the richest men in the world. Of course, Katie is nowhere near living a decrepit, poverty-level lifestyle herself, but she’s definitely on a budget, you know? She can’t afford to blow around $200,000 on a two-day trip, but Tom can and will do so on a repeated basis.

Anyway, the title to this post might have been slightly misleading, but Tom was indeed overly warm and welcoming to a Star reporter who went swimming with he and Suri at the Greenwich Hotel. While the reporter didn’t technically identify himself (according to the details revealed in the story), I think it was pretty obvious that Tom knew it was a member of the press, and he fully intends to play the media just like he’s accused Katie of doing. He can’t help himself from grinning at the paps like he’s the best father in the world because he took a few days away from his hectic schedule to acknowledge his daughter’s existence. Just look at how differently Tom treated the reporter and another bystander in this account from Star:

Tom Cruise

It was 98 degrees in NYC, the kind of day when New York kids hole up inside or, if they’re lucky, find some water to play in. The Greenwich Hotel had the best of both options, and indoor pool. That’s where Star’s undercover reporter found Tom and Suri.

“How’s the water? Is it warm?” our reporter asked Tom as she entered the pool room. Other than a security guard posted outside the door and a lifeguard, no one else was there.

“Yeah, it’s pretty warm!” he called back.

“Are you guys going to be here awhile? I don’t want to disrupt your alone time together,” she said.

I don’t know. Suri, are we going to be here awhile?” he asked his daughter.

“Yes,” she chirped.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tom said. “Come on in!”

Our reporter chose not to interfere with their reunion, but for the next hour and half would up swimming and hanging out with Tom and Suri. He and his daughter played “catch,” where Suri would paddle around the pool on a foam noodle as Tom chased her. They also played a game where she was always safe on her “sea horse.” He also taught her how to shoot water out of the foam noodles and blow bubbles in the water.

Towards the end of their pool time, another couple entered the room. When the woman realized who he was, she became excited.

“So you’re the reason all the paparazzi are outside!” she declared. “Someone told me all this commotion was over Mary-Kate Olsen.”

“Can we please not talk about this?” Tom said. But she kept rambling about how she couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just leave him alone. This time, Tom raised his voice and said, “Please, let’s not talk about this, OK?”

Our reporter was left with an overwhelming impression of an extremely doting father and a daughter who trusted him implicitly.”

[From Star, print edition, August 8, 2012]

See? Tom knew right away that the fawning bystander should be dealt with accordingly, but the “undercover” reporter had pretended not to even know who Tom is. And since everyone (for better or worse) in New York City would recognize Tom (and his lifts, which I hope he removed before entering the pool — shrinkage), anyone who acts so casually around him should automatically tip him off that it’s a member of the media trying to get some dirt. Tom may have issues with reality (as evidenced by Xenu worship), but he’s not a stupid man. I really think that Tom knew this person was a reporter, and he played it up immensely.

Of course, I’m not saying that Suri doesn’t adore her father, and she obviously does. I just think this is yet another way that Tom is going to make things difficult for Katie in the long run. At this point, she needs the public’s sympathy on her side because it’s the only real advantage she has over Tom, and now he’s trying to take that away too. He’s such a tool.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Eve says:

    So…he still is the manipulative creep we’ve grown to know.

    Nothing new here.

    • DEB says:

      Eggs-actly. He will continue to turn my stomach forever more. >:(

    • corny says:

      some things never change, like his lifts

    • Turtle Dove says:

      True. It saddens me to see him pamper and coddle that little girl when Katie is doing her best to foster her autonomy.

      I get the distinct feeling that the CO$ doesn’t like it’s women to have a brain or thoughts of her own. Just make little Xenu babies and keep the trap shut. I mean look at the difference between Connor and Bella. Personally, I get the vibe that Bella wants to break free, but is finding it hard.

    • libby says:

      when will the truth come out that this child is NOT his??? she is the spawn of another top scientologist designed in a lab because Tom is sterile. How did Katy allow herself into this hot hot mess?? My heart goes out to Suri.

    • janam says:

      seriously, He is so transparent. I can’t believe ANYONE falls for his antics, or goes to his movies. He tries way too hard! It’s an insult to the public!

      • Genevieve says:

        @ janam:

        Along those lines…

        Yeah, I know it’s hard to do when the media buzz builds around the next M:I XVII, BUT….

        For all of us who despise Tom Cruise and see what an unfair battle he’s waging against Katie, let’s hit him where it hurts. JUST STOP GOING TO HIS MOVIES. I’m aware that this will never make a dent in his accumulated millions, but at least a complete boycott of ALL things Cruise would send a message to every director and producer in town who seeks him for their newest action flick.

        I think dropping box office is the only thing that will register to Hollywood honchos that the public has their blinders off, wants nothing to do with his creepy CO$ cult, and sees through the way he’s working so hard to undermine the mother of his child.

        Personally, I’ve gone out of my way to miss ALL of his movies since the way he summarily “dismissed” NK, his wife of ten years. But occasionally, I’d get sucked into seeing one of his flicks if the hubby or step kid made a big deal out of it. AT THIS POINT: I wouldn’t care if God Almighty commanded me to see a TC movie. No amount of bitching, whining or wheedling from stepson, husband, best friends, etc. will compel me to spend one skinny-a$$ed dime on one of his films.

        Does this seem doable for all of us who cannot bear Tommygirl, what he’s done to the women in his life AND his creepy “religion”?

        HEY. As my Grandad used to say…”Couldn’t hurt”. ;)

    • Azurea says:

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: he’s a sociopath. They can be so charming & deceitful at the same time.

    • Molly says:

      I’m just dying for someone to do a paternity test.

  2. Anne de Vries says:

    For the people who are saying there are no winners in a divorce, I don’t think Tom Cruise agrees. I think he’s very definitely out to win this. He conceded the divorce battle to get Co$ out of the limelight, and is just continueing the battle in different ways.

  3. Relli says:

    Bedhead, I 100% agree with you, this all part of his master plan. The dude is sick.

  4. Indique says:

    God with those skinny jeans and booties – please stop the madness! Does she not see what they do to her thighs?

  5. marie says:

    he did not remove the lifts, he just put htme in his swim shoes..

  6. Talie says:

    This report is so creepy. I would quit my job if it involved having to stalk a celebrity like that…it’s cringeworthy.

  7. Sonia says:

    seriously, he and a lot of other divorced dads who put kids in the middle just suck. On a side note, can’t Katie get lipo or something on her thighs if she insists on wearing skinny jeans? Just sayin.

  8. Sandy says:

    I had NO idea about the spoiling-so-that-you-get-kid’s-custody thing … its CREEPY! And totally influential especially if the child is young!

    • Lee says:

      This spoiling tactic is standard operating procedure in a lot of custody situations. And it is a very effective, very dirty one. Combine it with some not-so-subtle bad-mouthing, and you have a recipe for parental alienation. And that, folks, can damage/destroy a child’s relationship with the victim parent forever, and is psychological abuse of the child.

    • RainbowGirl says:

      Yup, it’s a nasty, horrible trick, and the outcome quite often is some seriously broken young adults with personality disorders. They don’t know who to trust, are unable to take responsibility for their actions, and tend to wind up using people just like they were used by one parent to hurt the other. Katie Holmes would be well advised to spend some money on regular counseling sessions for her daughter.

    • Kath says:

      Hey, it’s worked for him before… Connor seems to lap up all the privileges that come with being Tom’s son. Want to go diving in Iceland? Done! Want to go to any sporting event you like? Done! Want a $10K a gig “career” as a DJ (i.e. Mac button pusher)? Done! Meantime, Nicole lives on a farm in Tennessee… Shame that the kids didn’t see through these tactics.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Really? It happens all the time! My poor sister in law is going through it right now with her ex. And she doesn’t have the unlimited resources to fight it, either.
      And it works both ways. One of my co-workers is going through that with HIS ex.
      Very damaging in both instances.

  9. Toot says:

    Tom’s just fighting fire with fire. Katie will be alright.

    • Genevieve says:


      We thought you’d gone back to your SeaOrg ship…or Clearwater…or “the hole” you crawled out of when you first started your pro-Tom, anti-Katie rhetoric around the time of their divorce.

      Sadly, you’re still here. Getting harder for you and islandgirl to pull “believers” to the side of your creepy Overlord, isn’t it?

      PLEASE crawl away home. It’s time. May Xenu be with you.

    • gg says:

      What “fire”? Divorcing your husband you’re miserable with, enrolling your kid in church and school and taking her to the zoo – you call that “fire”?

      That is wacky, lady.

  10. Boo says:

    He taught her how to blow bubbles in the water? Is she 6 months old or 6 years old? Or maybe, he taught her to blow bubbles through the noodle? Wow, who would’ve guessed he’d know so much about blowing?

    My, what a doting father. I’m so very impressed that he played with his own child in a swimming pool. Fathers never do that where I come from.

  11. Chatcat says:

    Tiny Tom…

    First – you are such a jis-weasel!
    Second – no amount of lifts will make you a bigger man, even your 6 y/o knows that!
    Third – no amount of pandering is going to change the public perception of you. The narcissist pig that you are doesn’t understand that, but I’m a relatively nice person so I’ll offer up that advise anyway…even though your f*cked up pea brain can’t process it.

  12. Aria says:

    Despicable man this Crazy Tom!

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Disgusting. Yeah, Tommygirl & CO$, it’s Katie that’s “playing the press.” SPARE ME.

    Like I’ve said before, in his mind, this whole pesky divorce/custody thing is NOT over. He’s re-grouping: revising his plans of attack; attempting damage control (to his image); trying to give the impression that it’s more about Suri than it is his ego (hint: he’s failing); all while acting like the CO$ had NOTHING, not one little thing thankyouverymuch(!), to do with his divorce fiasco. All while attempting to act like he’s the devastated, wronged, injured party.

    It’s not working, Tom. Give it up!

  14. DEB says:

    I’m going to disagree with you, Tom Cruise is not HALF as smart as he thinks he is, not even close.

  15. bagladey says:

    “No amount of pandering is going to change the public perception of you.” – @Chatcat.

  16. CC says:

    well at least in this story he’s not calling her ‘Precious’

  17. hoya_chick says:

    “Our reporter was left with an overwhelming impression of an extremely doting father and a daughter who trusted him implicitly”…..This sentence shows that this was a total set up.

    I mean it’s so obviously he arranged this. How else would a reporter magically stumble upon him in a luxury hotel at the same exact time he was there with his daughter? Yea right.

    And please stop with lifts! Hahaha I loled so loudly people are now staring.

    • MW says:

      Yeah, and the tip-off, as if TC didn’t already know she was a reporter who knew exactly who he was, is the question about “interfering with their ‘alone time’”. Who would ask that of some guy and his kid that you just ran into in some pool?

  18. nmpq says:

    Please, an undercover reporter in her bloody bikini and he sure knew it? I thought the reporter admitted she was there per Cruise invitation. Where is the 200,000 coming from sshhhh Katie, I am still team Katie but if she keeps on leaking I’ll decamp

  19. toto says:

    the twihard on IMDb are blaming Tom cruise for Kristen rob problem

    one of them said :why tom settled his case fast with cate? the Kristen gate would have not took much publicity if they did not settled fast.

    other one saying : He suspect Scientology setup Kristen fondling with the director to avoid cruise gate.


  20. lucy2 says:

    Fakey McFakerson being fake, shocking.

    I agree the reporter was a set up. I don’t think he’s all that intelligent in an educated way, but conniving, manipulative, and ruthless? Sure. He needs good PR, so he and his goons will manufacturer it.
    I hope Suri had fun with her dad though, and has no idea of the games he’s playing. It’s really sad, and someday she’ll realize it.

    • lori says:

      Yeah, TC is ignorant, a high school dropout I think, and so is Miscavige. Both of them are greedy power hungry men who use the ignorant (non educated) slave labor of the Cult of Scientology to do their bidding for little or no pay. Tom, doesn’t want Suri in a real school because she might one day be more educated and a better thinker than he is. He likes to keep his children home-schooled and ignorant, so they are easier to control and not free thinkers. That how cults work, if you start to question the people in power they get very uncomfortable.

  21. Katija says:

    So… he snaps at a nervous fan, but asks a REPORTER to grab a pop and hop in the pool?

    *shudders* Such a damn creep.

    • MW says:

      Yeah, that bugged me too. Like he is king of the world. He gets to decide whether or not to allow people to swim in a pool in a hotel they are staying in? And he has the nerve to silence someone when he doesn’t want to hear what they have to say? Katie must have been too starstruck to see what was right in front of her face.

  22. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Tom Cruise is turning into such a famewhore – some good partners: Kate Gosselin, or Tara Reid.

    I was thinking Kim Kardashian as well but don’t find her entertaining enough.

    Kate Gosselin would be good for the drama and how she is so much like Tom so it would be like seeing two cats fighting.

    Tara Reid because then Tom could take credit for reforming her.

  23. Feebee says:

    I think he knew exactly who he was talking to. It’s a shame he wasn’t smart enough to think of a more gracious way to be.

  24. JC says:

    Never forget Tom’s audition for American Idol ! Xenu would’ve been proud !

  25. e.non says:

    shorty needs to check himself; his efforts to control suri could easily backfire. i suspect a considerable number of his fan base recognizes what he’s up to and will not like it — esp the divorced ones.

    he is a malicious little prick.

  26. mimi says:

    After what he did to Nicole and her children, I would be very nervous if I were Katie.

    The guy know how to play and manipulate his own children to cut off their own mother from their lives.

    What kind of a person does that?

    He is just dangerous to the well being of Suri. I am sorry. Look what he turned his kids into?

    Are they even in school? Can they attend college or have real professions and a career?

    Can they become normal adults with functioning life and conduct themselves in an independant manner?

    This is just tragic. I hope Suri will be spared such life and will not have a “father” who would try to brainwash her against her own mother and against her religion.

    I hope enrolling Suri in a strict Catholic school would not drive her away from back to COS with a resentment agaisnt her own mother.

    • Chatcat says:

      “I hope enrolling Suri in a strict Catholic school would not drive her away from back to COS with a resentment agaisnt her own mother.”

      What makes you think it is “strict”, are you a parishoner, or is a family member of yours? Do you know anybody who personally attends that school? Is it in your neighborhood? And define “strict”.

  27. AnnieN says:

    Seeing her for a day or two in between your movie flops and showering her with material possessions will only get you so far Tom. Once her tween years come, she will be too busy with her own life to go around your schedule, and you’re too much of an egomaniac to see that. The presents can only go so far and he’s not exactly surrounding her with kids her own age, and partaking in age appropriate activities. Once school starts and she starts having real friends her age things will not look as rosy for Tom’s plan.

  28. Memphis says:

    In the words of Marty McFly as Clint Eastwood…”He’s an a–hole”

  29. Dorothy says:

    Still the same a-hole we all know. What a disgusting human being. Hope Katie picks Suri up soon before he pollutes her mind with crap.

  30. Helenee says:

    Please, they both carry that poor child around like a prop. Katie Holmes is as bad as Cruise. I’m sure if she really wanted to, she could have avoided all (at least some of it) the pap attention she has gotten since the divorce. But she has loved every minute of it!

  31. Ravensdaughter says:

    Tacky, to put it mildly.
    Team Holmes!

  32. Francesca says:

    He pimps his kid. Egomania at it’s finest. He should be medicated.

  33. thinlizzy says:

    Hey have any of you read this piece. If your attention span is that of a gnat, read the last part about how manipulative Katie has been.

  34. d says:

    Tom’s a tool, obviously. But until Katie gets rid of those g-d booties, I have no sympathy. God, I hate those things.

  35. dee says:

    lol no one cares about Tom now. It’s all about Robsten

  36. DANDILION says:

    Just be calm and wait him out;.. his destiny to become an Oscar winning star will supersede any small take away victory with Katie for Suri’s love and loyalty.. and he’s has a career, and is soon off to play another brilliant hero role and win applause from his adoring fans.. but hey, he’s proving that he’s not above petty moves and trickery..

  37. tmbg says:

    I have had two Japanese friends now who IDOLIZE this man, one of whom still does despite the recent drama.

    Do they print different stories in Japan or something? And just what is so special about him? I never understood that. I remember my friend giving me a photo card of him from Cocktail written in Japanese back in 1992. He has obviously had some kind of enduring popularity in that country and I just do not understand.

    • CC says:

      well, most Japanese are very uncertain of their english skills and stay away from using it, they also dislike confrontational environments, so CB isn’t a good place for them to dive into….

      I was told that culturally, their preferred way to say “no” is actually by going along of pointing the difficulties/why it’s a bad idea, sort of like.. “yes, but….”

      Gossip sites would just make their heads spin.

  38. carlino altoviti says:

    Tom is 50 and is action hero carrier can’t last. Surgery doesn’t do miracles.
    I see a not so good future for him in the next days.

  39. Pandy says:

    Maybe it wasn’t a set up. Why wouldn’t he swim with his daughter and not mind one person pretending to mind his/her own business. I just learned how to blow water through a noodle two summers ago lol.
    Edit: I think he was ripped off for an Oscar for Magnolia and Born 4th of July. I don’t know. I don’t mind Tom, I think mega fame can mess you up. I think Katie has been quite dishonorable somehow during all of this.

  40. lori says:

    I hope Katie has lots of playdate for Suri with many non Sciento-robots. Suri will develop friendships and attachments to her friends if Katie can keep regular playdates and a regular home for Suri, so Suri can come to rely and trust things other than the whim of her corrupt globetrotting superstar dad. In time her sense of home and family and friends will be strong enough that she will be able to stand up to super star dad and say “No thanks, I don’t want any part of your ignorant misogynist cult, Dad” Too bad for poor Bella, she looks so sad and under confidant in all the photos of her.

  41. mar says:

    I just love the hypocrisy of Tom fawning over his Suppressive Person and every other cult member has to disengage. Amazing what money can buy.

  42. Jill says:

    Despite how we feel about Cruise it looks like his little girl thinks differently. She loves her daddy. She really is quite lucky to have a father.

  43. mar says:

    It’s lovely that Suri loves her dad Jill. I think all children usually love both of their parents. I’m sure the rest of the “flock” love their children also. It’s just interesting to me to see who gets to communicate with them!$$$$$$$$$$

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Yeah, I mean most kids love their parents. Even kids who are neglected, abused, etc., still try to get love, attention, and affection from their moms and dads. I don’t see any special worth in mentioning she loves her dad.