Why did Jon Hamm & ‘Mad Men’ get shut out of this year’s Emmys?

Jon Hamm brought his girlfriend of some-odd 13 or 14 years to the Emmys. Jennifer Westfeldt pretty much acted like she always acts when she’s on the red carpet with her man – she looked like she could eat him up, which, just by the way, is how most women look at Jon Hamm. Jennifer wore a J. Mendel dress that’s okay… I don’t really get all of the “slits” and “mullet dresses” that were the trend last night, but whatever. It’s a pretty color on her. And now you can sleep at night knowing that a single-and-ready-to-mingle Jon Hamm is NOT on the loose. Jon Hamm still has a girlfriend. He probably always had her, you know? As for the Hamm Dong specifically… I think Jon was wearing underwear. Can you see it? I can’t see it.

Mad Men fans are super-depressed because Mad Men went into the Emmys as the most-nominated show, and the show was completely shut out of everything. In fairness to Mad Men, Homeland is a really wonderful and groundbreaking show. But… Mad Men has won Best Drama for however many years in a row, and they definitely went into the Emmys as the favorite. So what happened? One theory: Homeland is simply a more topical and well-acted show? Sure. That’s one theory. Second theory: BLAME MEGAN DRAPER. I don’t blame Jessica Pare the actress. But I do blame a bit of this shut-outon the show’s swing to include all of those Megan-centric storylines when it turned out that Megan is really not that different than Betty, you know? That being said, Christina Hendricks was flat-out ROBBED for Supporting Actress. And Jon Hamm has never won an Emmy for playing the iconic Don Draper, and that’s simply ridiculous.

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  1. L says:

    It’s because Homeland is just that awesome. The story, the actors-it really is fantastic. And it’s new (compared to mad men which is 5 plus years now) and the voters tend to more excited about the new shows.

    And Breaking Bad is also just as awesome (which is why they got alot of the other drama awards). And as a bummer of Christina Hendricks not winning, Maggie Smith is one of the best parts of Downton Abbey and her award was very well deserved.

    Now what’s really upsetting? JON CRYER WINNING A EMMY. That’s absurd and awful.

  2. Esmom says:

    Yeah, Hamm definitely deserves an Emmy for his DD portrayal. And I would have loved to have seen Jared Harris win supporting actor, he really brought it last season.

    I just cannot with the girlfriend and her adoring looks. Gag.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      She’s dickmatized!

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Her legs are fantastic but I find her acting, directing and dress from last night far too contrived.

      Christine got robbed. I started cursing at the screen, looking looney. I watch most of the women in her category and she was simply robbed. Also, sad the closer and kyra didnt get noms for lead/show.

      Game of Thrones also robbed!

      I made a joke about how Harry Potter won some many oscars for yrs and then with the last 2 barely a mention at the oscars and how it seems that way this yr also for drama and drama roles. Seasoned shows like Mad Men – nada but others like homeland, all in?

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    Just came in to say his girlfriend’s shoes are tragically awful. Like I hate them.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Jennifer Westfeldt nosejob…it’s simply awful

  5. Amy says:

    WTF is wrong with his girlfriend’s face?!

  6. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’d eat green eggs if it was with Hamm.

  7. dina says:

    I’m sorry, but goddamn is she ugly.

  8. Merritt says:

    This past season of Mad Men seemed darker than previous seasons. The other seasons seemed to balance the dark side with levity, and this season was depressing.

    There was far to much focus on Megan. I felt that there should have been more focus on Peggy and Joan. The show also dropped the ball with not giving Dawn much of a story. They introduce her but she doesn’t get to do much.

  9. Macey says:

    I have to go with the Megan Draper theory. I was late getting into Mad Men and just finished up season 5 cpl weeks ago and I could NOT believe how lame the story lines were with Megan. They were just so odd and out of place but then i liked how the rest of the story lines were being played outwith the rest of the cast, although i think it needs more Joan, she seems to be pushed back for some reason.
    I wonder if Megan’s character isnt some odd fantasy for John Hamm since he produces the show but what ever it is its just lame and hard to watch. Hate to think of her as a show killer but she is really annoying, glad to know I wasnt the only one that thinks that.

  10. Dorothy#1 says:

    OK, I’m going to say it….

    I don’t think Jon Hamm is good looking. I know I am in the minority but he just looks doofy to me.

  11. silvermistie says:

    is that a HUGE engagement ring??

  12. gloaming says:

    John Hamm isn’t as good an actor as Damien Lewis, he didn’t deserve to win an Emmy and he certainly doesn’t deserve to win against Bryan Cranston. Ever.

    Also, he went a bit heavy on the blusher last night.

  13. Chatcat says:

    I agree L. Homeland is that awesome week in and week out and earned it’s Emmy. I am looking forward to the new season beginning next week.

  14. Mira says:

    Agree Homeland is terrific. However, Mad Men season 5 was brilliant. I’m disappointed that MM got shut out big time.

  15. LG says:

    Jon Hamm’s girlfriend looks so delusional… why is she flashing an engagement ring when everyone knows Hamm doesnt want to get married! like guuuurl… no! plus stop with the botiox and surgery, you almost have no nose anymore

  16. Lizi says:

    Really? I LOVE Megan! I thought this was the less boring season! Betty Draper is the most boring thing that ever happened to Mad Men…well,since it started =D And it was great that Megan suddenly came into the picture. And I love Jane,I want to see more of super Jane. Is it just me or is everything about January Jones plain and boring? I don’t even think she’s pretty. Megan on the other hand,(and I know how some people hate her teeth) is pretty and interesting. For me,people that have “perfect” features are never pretty or attractive,just boring. Angelina Jolie is the exception. Angelina is a goddess.

  17. Diana says:

    OMG I love him. You think he had on any underwear? I doubt it too.

  18. emmieapricot says:

    I think Jon deserves an Emmy for playing Don Draper but — as a HUGE Mad Men and Jon Hamm fan, this past season wasn’t their best (compared to the others) so I can see how/why they got shut out of awards. And I agree with others who said the season focused too much on Megan. She’s boring. Hopefully next season will get back on track.

    As for Jon, I think he’s using Jen’s left-over (as if) botox!! Doesn’t he look a little too smooth in some places?? I don’t like it at all!

    And Jennifer is hard to look at. All I think is “muppet”. At this point all of her work has actually made her look older than Jon, which is hard to do because he already has a mature look to begin with.

  19. tru tru says:

    MadMen deserved the award, I love the show and my honey was looking tooo damn SEXY!!

    I was swearing at the tv and swigging wine at the same time–I had to change the station.

    I have no desire to watch any of the shows that did win, no matter how great folks claim they are-none.

    I agree, Megan’s character screwed it all up, I never thought she’d be more dingy/annoying than Betty’s character but she is.

    Jon’s gf’s face looks swollen, like she took prednisone, its tight and looks painful.

  20. michele123 says:

    You guys are so friggin’ nasty! She is beautiful, she looks great, and she has a handsome man on her arm. Get over it!
    Wow – just be nice.

  21. tripmom says:

    Here’s where you all pile on the hate…

    I was thrilled that Mad Men was shut out. I don’t think there’s any category on the planet in which Mad Men is a better show than Breaking Bad or Homeland. Mad Men completely bores me to tears, whereas Breaking Bad literally has me holding my breath. No one in Mad Men is doing anything acting-wise that can hold a candle to what Bryan Cranston or Claire Danes is pulling off. They’re not in the same league.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Just because they were both nominated for some of the same categories doesn’t mean that it’s fair to compare the two. Homeland and Mad Men are both amazing shows, but they are DRASTICALLY different in subject matter, tone, stylistically, character-wise etc.

      Mad Men moves at a much slower pace than a show like Homeland or Breaking Bad and is focused on character studies rather than plot-driven like Homeland and BB. Mad Men is very drama/soap opera-ish and Homeland/BB are for the most part, action shows. The beauty of a show like Mad Men is in the subtlety, the ambiguity, and the dark mystery that it evokes. The actors do a phenomenal job of getting into the characters’ heads without relying on obvious plot devices to disclose who that character is. Only truly talented actors can effectively accomplish this.

      I personally love all three shows, but I wouldn’t bother comparing them because they’re all very different.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      Agree with trip mom, I LOVED MM at the beginning but now the dark mystery, angsty irrational behavior just meanders and repeats to the point of boredom. I think that is why the Megan focus– the writers had no idea what to do next to move the story along. Now Don seems back to square one. I just can’t bring myself to care about any of them because they all seem so torpid and miserable all the time. I say that as someone for whom this was once my very favorite show.

      Yet I really really care about Walter and Jessie.

    • tripmom says:

      That seems like an odd criticism. Isn’t comparing the two in the same category exactly the point of the Emmys?

    • Aotearovian says:

      +1. Couldn’t agree more. I tried really hard to like Mad Men, watched the first three seasons before I had to admit that I find it as dull as a wet week. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but it bores me to tears.

      BBad and Homeland, conversely, are two of my favorite TV shows ever. I wasn’t unhappy to see Damian Lewis win, but I thought that rightly the Emmy should have gone to Bryan Cranston.

    • flan says:

      Yeah, glad it was not Mad Men again. I get that some people totally adore this series, but there are also series that are best in their genre. The most deserving probably Homeland.

  22. Isabel says:

    Without reading the article: because he wasn’t wearing underwear and his sack was showing? xD

  23. taxi says:

    Westfield has nice body, a very strange face, & downright odd facial expressions. Her body language always seems to be an act. After 10+ years, can’t she tone it down so she looks less predatory?

  24. Shelly says:

    I agree that Christina was robbed! She was magical this past season. The woman can say so much with her eyes, body language, and facial expressions, without ever having to say a word.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    She has a strange shaped face – she might look better with a decent haircut and hairstyle – what she is wearing now is sloppy and accentuates her strange face.

  26. RobN says:

    Maybe it’s because MM has been on forever at this point and has gotten boring and pedestrian.

  27. Amy says:

    Jennifer Westfeldt was on one of my favorite shows, “Children’s Hospital” (on Adult Swim), recently. (Jon Hamm appears on it occasionally, too.) She was actually cute in her small role as a television producer. My previous knowledge of her was limited to what was posted on this site.

  28. Alexis says:

    I’m not surprised. There was too much focus on a character that was barely interesting until the last two episodes. It’s tragic, just because the other characters are so rich. Even Don Draper had drastically less to do Season 5. I hope MW learns his lesson from this.

  29. Gal says:

    Ok, Two and a Half Men was good the first couple of years, now it’s painful to watch and the only reason to watch is Jon Cryer. When Charlie left (thank goodness) they should’ve never replaced him with Ashton Douchebag. Jon deserved the Emmy because he is a great actor, can you imagine dealing with Charlie Sheen for all those years? AND Jon Hamm’s character has not changed at all (nor has his acting). Have you seen Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad? Have you seen Damien Lewis in Homeland? Both actors are awesome.

  30. Paloma says:

    I wanted Jim Parsons to win. I can’t say anything bad about Jon Cryer; he’s got to be the greatest guy in the biz.

  31. Canda says:

    I think the better question is why did Sons of Anarchy get shut out of the Emmys AGAIN? Someone’s gotta really hate Kurt Sutter over there, and the entire cast is suffering for it. Jerks!

  32. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Hollywood women need to stop it with the cheek implants. They look absurd. If you weren’t born with high cheek bones, it’s not going to look natural if a money hungry PS puts implants in your face.

  33. HotPockets says:

    I am going to say it. I don’t care for Jon Hamm or Mad Men. I see why people enjoy it, but I think it is overrated. I also don’t care for Christina Hendricks as an actress and I don’t think she has much range as one either. Her Joan impression is just like her character on Firefly. She was also in Drive for a full 2 minutes and I felt like I was still watching Joan on Mad Men.

    With all that being said, I think there are much better shows on television and that are more relate-able. The acting is excellent on Breaking Bad, same with Game of Thrones.

  34. DemoCat says:

    My husband is getting caught up on season 5 of “Mad Men.” The other night he said, “He’s a good-looking guy, isn’t he?” I guess so. My sister has gotten me started on “Breaking Bad” – so far I’ve seen the first 4 episodes of season 1 and can say the acting is fantastic. I was especially happy that Aaron Paul won (he shares my birthday and seems like a generally cool guy, not to mention a fine actor). I’ve never seen “Homeland” – not really into that stuff and resent the usage of the word. What is this, Nazi Germany? Anyway, without even seeing the latest season of “Breaking Bad,” I think Bryan Cranston was more robbed than Jon Hamm (although I’d like to see Jon get his due).

    • KC says:

      Point of correction: The Nazis mostly used the term Fatherland, not homeland. (Technically Vaterland, but it directly translates to Father-country.) Homeland has a more benign connotation for most people.

      And Homeland is a very fitting title for the show. (mild spoiler) One of the things the show deals with the concept of whether you should stay loyal to your country even when it no longer feels like your home. Is if justified to abandon it if you think your country is actively hurting the world? If you decide to make another place your home will you be able to turn your on your original homeland? (ie. Can you completely change your country loyalty or will your old feelings for your original home always remain in some form?)

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Homeland Security.

  35. mln89 says:

    first all, hiring dawn and refusing to do anything with her character except to reflect back to peggy that she was more racist then she thought she was really pissed me off. they could have done a lot with her character and for the first time, followed a black character home and showed her perspective on the office dynamics.

    i actually really liked megan when she first came on because she was young, ambitious, had dreams of her own, and most of all because she didn’t take don’s sh!t. (those aspects of her character reminded me a bit of myself, and i noticed a lot of other young women felt the same about her.) but they spent entirely too much time on her this past season to the detriment of other story lines and characters (like dawn and even joan, who i don’t like). megan often came off petulant, childish, and spoiled. i think next season, if megan is on, they need to back off her character, and let the audience see some of the other new characters be developed (particularly dawn).

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      That’s the only reason they’ve ever had any black characters on the show. They’re trying to have it both ways and it’s been successful exactly 0% of the time. They’ve always used the excuse that the whole world relegated blacks, so it wouldn’t be realistic for the show not to do that. Don’t you see, they don’t have free will or writers, they HAVE to treat these characters as window dressing to illuminate the characters who matter.

      How could make it work, anyway? Don’t you know they have a tight schedule of attractive white people committing adultery and expecting beatification for treating people like shit–especially when those characters are fan favourites (for some reason)? You can’t tamper with that delicate alchemy. At this point, it’s evident that the show doesn’t care about that part of the decade, but doesn’t want that to appear to be the case, so blame that blinkered official view of the era, not the writing.

      I see Sheila, Dawn, Carla, the elevator operator, the Playboy restaurant Chocolate Bunny, trapped in the forty syllables (total) allotted to their characters and thinking, ‘free us, or let us die’.

  36. lucy2 says:

    I personally would have voted for Breaking Bad, but Homeland and Mad Men are great too. I’m OK with Mad Men not winning, as they have several years in a row.
    Anything from 2 1/2 Men winning is a travesty. There are some fantastic comedies on the air now, but that is not one of them. No offense to Jon Cryer, but really? Are the voters actually watching?
    Also kind of bummed Modern Family won again – I still like it, but it was a weaker season and there are better comedies out there.

  37. hannah says:

    my theory , because it’s an overrated show that puts me to sleep within 15 minutes

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      I’ve started feeling the same way but ya know MM is such a critical and fan fave that criticizing it as boring puts you in the same position as Elaine on Seinfeld whe she scandalized everyone by saying The English Patiebt “sucked”!

  38. apsutter says:

    The Emmys were pure bullshit again this year. Of course Modern Family sweeps because its the show that the academy has latched onto even though last season sucked. I cant believe Julie Bowen won again, her character is the WORST on the entire show. Ty Burrell should have won over Eric Stonestreet. P&R wasn’t nominated for Best Comedy which is crazy. I’m bummed that Mad Men got shut out because it is amazing and I waited with bated breath for each new episode. I think Christina Hendricks should have won, she was excellent this year. The only win I could really get behind was for Aaron Paul. How in the hell did Jon Cryer win?!? WTF

    Oh and Breaking Bad should have won for Best Drama. At least it has two more years for the Emmy to reward it and Bryan Cranston.

  39. bea says:

    Why does Community always get shut out too?

  40. PleaseICU says:

    Outside of Christina Hendricks, Mad Men deserved the Emmy shut out for Season 5. That season was a mess. It felt like filler and like the writers had no clue how to move anyone forward, or Weiner decided that it wasn’t time to move them plot-wise, so they just shoved Megan Draper front and center. And filled in everyone else around her story/airtime when they felt like it and half-ass plotted for everyone as the season went along.

    Megan was the only character that appeared to have any sort of season-long development and arc planned. And she was played by an actress that was not up to the task of carrying her own character let alone the carrying the focus of large storylines each episode. For everyone else, it was largely just a disjointed, incoherent mess more often than not. Don wasn’t exempted from that writer’s mess. He existed as Megan’s husband and did little else all season long.

  41. Patrice says:

    I’ll admit that Jennifer’s face majorly BUGS (she did not have those insane cartoon-like cheeks back in her Kissing Jessica Stein days!) but after seeing ‘Friends With Kids’ last week, I can’ help but ADORE her!! Did you guys see that movie?! Who knew she was such a talent?? (She wrote, directed and starred in the film.) *Honorable mention goes to Adam Scott who is like my dream guy on Parks and Rec and totally stole my heart even more in that movie*

    Now I clearly can understand why The Hamm has been under her spell for so long, despite whatever crazy shizz she keeps insisting upon doing to her face.

    THIS is the type of woman (at least in my wildest dreams) that Clooney should want to be with. Smart, crazy-talented and wouldn’t need a cent of his money or fame; girlfriend’s holding it down all on her own! :)

    • Becky1 says:

      Yes-I agree. I thought “Friends with Kids” was good. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I wish Jennifer Westfeldt would stop messing with her face because she’s actually a smart, talented lady (although you wouldn’t know it by looking at pictures of her on the red carpet).

  42. lisa2 says:

    I think he is an attractive man. In character on TV he has huge presence. But all that goes missing when he is on the Big Screen. It doesn’t translate. That is the case with a lot of actors/actresses in TV. They can’t bring that IT from the small screen to the Big Screen.

    not sure why I’m on that topic. But I had just seen him in a film and it hit me.

  43. Sachi says:

    I think Homeland just blew everything else (save Breaking Bad) in its very first season. Almost every aspect of the show was very strong.

    I’ve read it’s on many critics’ “Best of” 2011 TV shows.

    Mad Men, on the other hand, had a weak season 4 and an even weaker season 5. You know something is wrong when many people were commenting that they miss seeing Betty on the show, as well as missing her interaction with Don and preferring her over Megan.

    Jon Hamm is a good actor, but against the likes of Cranston, Michael C. Hall, and Damien Lewis? NO.

    Hamm’s character on Mad Men has also become stale and loathsome. I dislike cheating, lying, manipulative Don, but I dislike puppy-eyed Don going gaga over Megan so much more. There’s no side to him that could still appear sympathetic. Don is just icky now. The way he treated Peggy at the test kitchen? Jerk.

    Megan is so annoying, IMO. The Megan overload turned me off season 5. Some characters went stagnant, some went off the deep end, and some regressed. Megan was the only one given so much screen time and made to look like she’s perfect and can’t do wrong. I don’t know if it’s the actress playing her or the way the character is written but Megan just seems so try-hard and she doesn’t ‘captivate’ me the same way January Jones’s Betty does. January is a limited actress, but playing Betty is perfect for her.

  44. Moana says:

    Jon Hamm makes my stomach do flips, he’s truly one of the only H’wood men that I am gaga about. HATE Megan Draper and her teeth. Hope a bus hits her and Don grieves by becoming an even bigger horn dog and maybe lets something slip out a little.

  45. Maritza says:

    She does look like a chipmunk, maybe if she showed some teeth when she smiles she would look better, her smug smile looks awful.

  46. B says:

    I was really rooting for Elisabeth Moss! That was disappointing.

    I like Mad Men, but season five wasn’t my favorite. There were lots of GREAT moments, but when I step back and look at it overall…there was just too much Megan and many of the episodes were fairly forgettable. Still, I really did want it to win at least ONE award.

    My main show is Breaking Bad, though, so I’ll root for that one to the death! ;)

  47. B says:

    Hopefully MM’s big “shut out” will help to end Weiner’s Jessica Pare obsession. Her character is loathesome.

  48. Az says:

    This is totally a classic case of massive penis envy.

  49. celine says:

    probably because this season was isht.

    i mean come on….admit it.

  50. Mandy says:

    God, I love Jon Hamm. Oh, to just have one night!!!

  51. Meg says:

    Sometimes I feel like Mad Men just tries TOO hard, with all the long pauses and long music sequences. It doesn’t have to have that shit to make it good quality TV. Let’s let people like Joan and Pete have more story lines and let those great actors do their thing.

    Also, I guess I need to start watching Homeland :)

  52. hhyy says:

    Homeland showrunner, Howard Gordon, has a lot juice in ‘normal TV’. Was previously with ’24′, the Academy trying to compensate for cable overkill.