Ben Affleck on Garner’s ‘wonder sperm’ comment: ‘that’s what she said, really?’

Ben Affleck was interviewed by Access Hollywood to promote Argo, a film about the true story of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. (He’s interviewed in two parts, videos are here and here and also below.) It’s out October 12. I’m actually getting excited for the film and hope it earns him at least an Oscar nod for directing. So far it has an impressive 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. On Access, Ben said a few things we’ve heard before about how he feels like he’s come a long way in his career and personal life in the past 10 years. I find him to be sincere, charming and genuine, but I know a lot of you disagree.

Let’s discuss Ben’s reaction to his wife Jennifer Garner’s statement that he has “wonder sperm.” In case you missed it, Garner told Ellen Degeneres that she considered herself done with having children, with the caveat that “my husband is kind of a wonder sperm kind of guy. You never know. You just have [to] look at him” The Access Hollywood interviewer, Shaun Robinson, asked Ben what he thought about this, and then made the hilarious move of then staring at him pointedly as if he could get her pregnant on the spot. It was funny!

Ben got flustered and said “I like the role reversal now. It’s usually me that says the like outrageous thing. They ask her the thing and she has to justify it. Is that what she said, really? That’s something. I’m going to put that on the poster for Argo” He looked kind of embarrassed at that point. Jenn must not have given him a heads up or anything!

On whether he wanted more kids, Ben hinted that he did (which Jennifer has also said before) but that it was up to her. “I think being a good husband means that you’re not the boss. We’re very very happy with it.”

In the second part of his interview with Access Hollywood, Ben discusses Argo and you can tell he freaking loved making that movie. He gets all excited discussing it and praises the scriptwriter especially. Ben revealed how George Clooney, his co-producer, brought him the script and joked “He and his partner, Grant – and I mean his producing partner not his life partner although sometimes I don’t know with those two – he and Grant sent the script and said ‘Hey you want to do it?’… next thing I knew it was off and running.”

Ben got rolling at that point talking about 70s hair and clothing, and said he was going for an Andy Gibb vibe. Scroll to 2:50 in this video to see him unbutton his shirt a little. Take it off Ben!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here’s Affleck on his motorcycle outside a meeting at the Beverly Hills Hilton yesterday. Hot! He’s also shown at the San Sebastian film festival on 9-22-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Lem says:

    He is doing a great job of bringing back a swoon worthy Ben

  2. Kristen says:

    I absolutely love Ben Affleck. He’s wicked smart, really funny, charming, cute… and while he does have some good performances (*some*), I don’t think he takes himself too seriously as an actor.

    Hopefully all sorts of great things keep falling into place for him!

  3. Lizzie says:

    I remember seeing him in Pearl Harbour when I was 10 and having the biggest crush on him. Affleck is like my ‘forever crush’.

    • Bina says:

      Oh god, Pearl Harbor is what did it for me too. He looked so good! He’s also my forever crush. Love him!

  4. Isadora says:

    Him and Matt will always have a soft spot in my heart.

    Plus I think either could get me pregnant from across the room.

  5. Talie says:

    I do think he’s smart, charming, blah, blah, blah, but no, I don’t think he’s a good person. He reminds me of guys I knew in college who went out of their way to make girls they were with feel stupid. And going by Lainey’s blind items, he did/does that with Jennifer.

  6. Cathy says:

    He’s a good actor, I loved him in Pearl Harbor. He seems to be in one of those Hollywood marriages that will actually last. Good for them.

  7. twoblues says:

    He’s on my top ten list and that shot from the back just moved him up several places. Wow!

  8. Mimi says:

    Why does his voice annoy me? He’s a good looking man for sure, but much more so when the vid clip is on mute.

  9. Jayna says:

    I love love love him. And to those that bashed his comments about not feeling present with the children, it was while directing. A director’s job is all consuming, especially on a film of this magnitude. If he was acting, too, I think. Really bright guy who turned his career around on his own.

    • mimi (a different one) says:

      Once you bring children- you need to be there for them.

      Perhaps a doctor’s job is all-consuming.

      Not a director. Seriously. He is not even a dentist.
      What’s the horrible outcome of him combining work and fatherhood?
      Spending less hours on set?

  10. V4Real says:

    I’ve always kind of liked Ben and I still do even with the rumors of him cheating on Jennifer with Blake. I can’t deny that he’s a talented good looking man. If he’s a douche, that has yet to be proven. BTW, his body is banging in these photos.

    • Kimlee says:

      ” If he’s a douche, that has yet to be proven”

      So him cheating on both Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez doesn’t prove he a douchebag? What about when he went all over the media saying that JLO was the cause his career slop.

      No one forced him to take part in JLO photo op’s nor did any one force him ask JLO to marry him. Sorry but he a grown ass man who needs to take responsibly for his own action instead of blaming other people.

      I happen to dislike all three of them but right is right and wrong is wrong.

      • marie says:

        haha, I think the fact that JLO dated him proves he’s a douche.. does she date decent guys?

        He will always be the dude that got painted, Fred O’Bannion to me.. haha, I may have to go home and watch that tonight..

      • V4Real says:

        I’m not defending Ben for his actions. Notice I did mentioned the rumors about him cheating on Garner with Blake. Yes, I did say until proven he’s a douche. I’m only speaking for myself when I say I haven’t seen any concrete proof of him cheating on these ladies, these are all just rumors unless he came out and made a public statement like K. Stewart.
        I know he went to a strip club in Canada when he was with JLO but does that make him a douche; I guess in some people’s opinion it does. So therfore Ben’s a douche because he allegedly cheated on these women. (Bad Ben).

        I challenge you to name one actor in Hollywood you can honestly say has never cheated on their significant other. If cheating can be defined as being a douche, Hollywood cup is over running with them. I’m not condoning cheating but Ben is just one of the douches I decided I like.

        As for him blaming JLO for his career flop, a lot of celebrities tend to say negative things about each other once the relationship is over. JLO even blamed P Diddy for almost ruining her image after that night club incident. But she didn’t say that until after the relationship ended.

      • marie says:

        ha, I challange you and raise you..
        Jonah Hill, ha ha ha.. oh, were you speaking of attractive actors? cause if not I got another..
        BAM!! Seth Rogen..

        nah, I really don’t know/care if any of them cheated (including Affleck)I just wanted to play a game and waste some time on this dreary Monday..

      • V4Real says:

        Well played Marie, well played. LOL.

      • Hana says:

        Hmmm, I don’t believe that cheating rumor. First of all, had Ben cheated on Jennifer with Blake he wouldn’t be talking about her now about how she made him feel old. Second, Blake also wouldn’t say in her interview with Allure Oct 2012 “as someone who know Ben and Jennifer, they couldn’t be more sacred with their family and home life”. Third, I think Ben was waaaay to busy to think about cheating while he was shooting the movie because it’s time consuming and it was the first time for him to act and direct at the same time. Forth, you can really tell they both feel the age gap between them, like she was half his age!

        Some rumors are way too ridiculous to believe, this is one of them!

  11. virginia says:

    I think his brother is cuter :P

  12. Chicagogurl17 says:

    He seems very humble.

  13. Molly says:

    I don’t think he likes being married. He doesn’t act like it. He acts all mopey and burdened. It makes me not like him.

  14. Dinah says:

    Hilarious pic to use with headline!

  15. mOOsey says:

    Good lord, his feet… those boots, they’re HUGE. ;o)

  16. Blannie says:

    I love him. I loved The Town and I can’t wait to see Argo. I loved his comments about George Clooney and his “partner”. What a good sense of humor! HA!

  17. ShanKat says:

    I Still Would : now, with added enthusiasm!

  18. Nessa says:

    I have to say… I used to think he was kind of douchey, but now I kind of like him.

  19. vvy says:

    I’ve always liked him..very articulate and funny. Have no idea what he’s really like as a man though…he could be a cheater. Sounds like he’s all about work and he’s never really there for the kids….so many workaholic men are like that though.

  20. jk says:

    Just because some gossip site says he cheated doesn;t mean its true. He was not married to JLO or anyone else when he cheated. Unless that ring is on the finger and the vows have been spoken I do not consider it cheating, Blake has denied that he cheated with her so too bad for the gossip sites that some people think are the Bible of the day lol He is the happiest I have ever seen him. He loves his family and never have I seen him try to make JG look stupid..some gosspi sites are nothing but just that gossip and crap.

    • Kimlee says:

      Your comment made me laugh cheating is ok as long as your not married, lol what twisted world do you little world you live in. Sorry but cheating is cheating married or not.

      If you like him fine but don’t make excuses for his shity behaved.

    • mimi (a different one) says:

      I thought the rumor was that he cheated with Rebecca Hall, who also did the same with the director who used to be married to Kate Winslet.

      Being somebody’s significant otheris and cheating is the same whether you have a ring or not. A ring is just symbol to the same thing.

      I don’t think anyone blames him for sleeping with Rebecca Hall, other than showing his taste in women has gone off-beat ever since he dated Jen Garner.

      No one blames him and it doesn’t reflect on his character, because we all know how Jen Garner pulled the oldest trick in the book and forced marriage and fatherhood on him, after cheating on her husband and then fiance…

      So if you got stuck in a marriage, just because you messed with the wrong woman and happened to be a bit credulous- no one will think you have a character flaw.
      However, if you diss a woman like he did to Jen Lopez, and if you hint that you didn’t stay with a woman, because you were stupid enough to think that was not a wise career move then, people would think you are stupid and lack character and any decency.

      If he really loved Lopez, he should have stayed with her period. Nothing in his career changed because of her, and he must be really silly to buy into thinks “buddies” like Mat Damon would tell him.

      Dude, Damon probably likes guy and is having a crush on you, so why don’t take a guy who has a beard for advice about women.

      I think he’s got talent and looks, but he’s probably not the best guy out there as a person.
      Perhaps from that perspective, he actualluy deserves someone like Jen Garner.

  21. Elvie says:

    That interviewer was embarrassing to watch. He just wanted to talk about the movie and she kept gushing.

  22. axis2cluster_b says:

    I love him, totally unashamedly.

  23. mkyarwood says:

    WB, hot Ben!