Halle Berry & Gabriel with Nahla at the pumpkin patch: truce or chilly?

These are photos of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry yesterday at a pumpkin patch in Simi Valley, CA called Stu Miller’s. At first I thought that they were at seasonal paparazzi target, Mr. Bones’ pumpkin patch, in L.A. In that case both of them would have known that they would be photographed. Several photographers were there to document the custody handoff of Gabriel and Halle’s four year-old daughter, Nahla. We can assume that one of them called the paps. Judging by how much we’re seeing Nahla with her mom, it might be Halle who alerted the media, but she claims to be afraid of the paparazzi after all. This couldn’t be a photo op to promote Cloud Atlas, Halle’s epic film with Tom Hanks, out later this month. (It looks incredible, I’m actually looking forward to it.) Did Gabriel call the paps in order to get under Halle’s skin? It doesn’t take much.

The title of this story is somewhat misleading, as it’s hard to believe it’s possible for Halle to get along with Gabriel, and there are no actual photos of these two even speaking to each other. It looks like Nahla spent some time with her dad, went off to be with her mom and then Gabriel went his own way. It’s a little sad actually. How must it be for a kid to have to see their parents actively ignore and avoid one another? It’s better than fighting I guess.

As TMZ reports, Halle Berry’s bid to move to France with Nahla is ongoing. We heard in late August that the case was about to be wrapped up within a couple of weeks, but obviously that hasn’t happened. Judging by the lack of reports about it, I would guess that it’s delayed and/or not going in Halle’s favor.

Instead of complaining about Halle’s boots, I’ll end on a positive note. It looks like Nahla is having fun and this reminds me to take my kid to do some fall activities this weekend. We went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze last year (an easy one, I hate the scary ones where you can get lost!) and it was a blast. Fall is my favorite season by far. Halloween is the best!

photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    I wish they would get back together.

    • Honey Poo Poo formally known as beyonce's bump says:

      IKR? they were such a HOT couple. too bad.

      • autumndaze says:

        Only on the surface; she is a raging narcissist who is using all of her resources to keep Nahla from her Daddy.

  2. brin says:

    That last pic makes it look like she didn’t call the paps but Halle is crazy so who knows. Doubt there is a truce.

    • Jacq says:

      She is an actress. I believe she staged the screaming fight at Nahla’s school to try to further her custody war. If Gabriel handed her off & left, leaving us with loads of pictures of a happy reunion & fun times with Mommy – it was Halle who brought them IMO

    • Bones says:

      She didn’t need to call the paps, this particular pumpkin patch is where all the LA-based celebrities go for their autumnal photo-ops with their kids. Until Halloween comes expect weekly photos of celebs pumpkin shopping with their tots.

      I think it looks like the paps were using a long-range lense and gave her plenty of space, but of course she couldn’t give up the chance to make a big fuss and further her “cause.” (The cause of moving to France to be closer to her cheating French fiance, and keeping her daughter away from her father… What a noble cause.)

      • MW says:

        This is not the regular one, Mr. Bones, that the celebs regularly go to, as Celebitchy said. This one is miles and miles Northwest of LA, in the Simi Valley. I still bet Halle called the paps so she could “prove” that even that far away, she was still being hassled by the paps. And to think I used to like Halle.

  3. Cam S says:

    She called them, lousy actress that she is (my opinion) and then acted like they were harassing her to help her case

    • jen d. says:

      I agree with the lousy actress thing. I thought she was incredible in Monster’s Ball, but I can’t think of another movie I thought she was good in.

      That being said, she looks amazing….

  4. Jenny says:

    All of the celebrities who go to the “pumpkin patch” know damn well they are going to get photographed. She did not have to call them, the paparrazi hang out there. So, I won’t come down just on her because they all do it. It is an annual “get my photo taken with my kids” opportunity. It is just getting started.

    • MW says:

      This is not the “normal” pumpkin patch. Look on a map to see how far this place is from Hollywood. Gabriel probably went way out there for privacy with Nahla, Halle “agreed” to meet him do the switch-off with Nahla, only so she could alert the paps. Notice all the photos are of Halle? Like the paps are not at all interested in the GA factor, only in Halle. Halle is playing this custody case, and Gabriel, like a violin. She is truly diabolical. Please judge, don’t fall for Halle’s games.

      • Jenny says:

        I won’t get into a game of defending her since that is a pointless gesture here. No, probably not interested in him since he is not the most famous of the two. And of course it is her who is the villain and not possibly Aubrey. No, she does not have a good history, but man, she gets beat up without proof.

        I don’t think that children should ever be used in a custody case, but he always gets a pass as do other parents who pimp their children out on an almost daily basis and never get slammed like she does. With others it is “oh,isn’t that cute”, with her, it is bitch this and bitch that.

        I guess I get annoyed when others get complements and she is trashed. Is she guilty, probably, but she is not alone in using her children for publicity when it suits them, then screaming when it does not.

      • MW says:

        Without proof? This is way more complex than “pimping out your kid” to keep yourself in the tabloids. Just for starters, this is Halle trying to destroy a healthy relationship between a father and his daughter just because she has her mind made up to do it, for whatever reasons, and the resources to do it with. And when she wins, she wants laugh in his face. And then walk off into the sunset with her “fiancé” taking the place of the child’s father, just to put the screws in a little further. If you go back and read all the sources you can find, (and look at all the pictures) from multiple sources, you will see that this is the truth. That is why so many people here, and elsewhere, are on Gabriel Aubry’s “side”. It is SO far beyond mindbogglingly wrong. Especially to those of us who have really had truly lousy fathers, or lousy fathers to our kids, and admire Aubry’s attempts to be a wonderful, loving dad to his child, even against these odds. And I hope the Court continues to see through Halle’s nonsense.

  5. V4Real says:

    She may be a little coo coo but her body would rattle the bodies of most 25 year olds. (Her bod is sick)!

    • dooliloo says:

      (Her bod is sick)!

      yes… so is her mind…

      • V4Real says:

        Hey I even called the lady coo coo but what has she really done to make us call her crazy? Has she made claims of being abducted by UFO’s, has she been hearing voices, did she attack the paps car with an umbrella, did she crash several cars while getting high or did she partake in the activity of couch jumping on Oprah. Seriously, I want to know.

    • dooliloo says:

      @ V4Real

      well… dropping the father of your child like a hot potato and then trying to stop him from seeing his daughter by moving to France with lame excuses as the paps, and using the nanny incident as an “almighty proof” that he’s a “dangerous man” then dropping it again and re-focusing on the paps excuse and staging paps photos PR stuff to prove your point… Just as sick, it’s not all about UFO and cult who belong to that category see?

      • TG says:

        Don’t forget the “amnesia” she experienced in her hit and run case. Nahla does not look happy in any of the photos with her mom, but that is as usual.

      • V4Real says:

        Actually he dropped her. Plenty of women who have bad break-ups tend to try to make the father look bad to gain full custody. That don’t make her crazy it just makes her desperate to keep her child. Hardly any one play fair when it comes to these types of custody battle.

        Also what kind of man is Gabe to get financial support from a woman? That’s crazy more so then the length she is going through to keep her child. He’s a douche but yet you call Halle crazy.

    • dooliloo says:

      Because she’s earning more money than he does. If it was proven they were equals on a financial matter, then I highly doubt it’d have been a problem. Now on the whole a woman-gets-child-support-whereas-a-man-does-not thing, I’m almost sure he asks her that money as in a bid to stop her from moving to France, say she’d realize it’s expensive to pay the man child support and other accommodations whilst living in another continent, hence reconsider things. And hello perhaps he isn’t as hot of a model as he used to be, thus getting lucrative contracts like back, so why shouldn’t he asks for child support? What kind of a man? What kind of a woman is she then? Both on the same wagon then, fair enough.

      Ah so he dropped her? Wonder why…

      And please to stop a father from seeing his child (same goes to the opposite)? You can have all the bitterness in the world but you have no right to do such, and that is not desperate, it plain cruel and non sense. What has he done sooo bad than she go to these great lengths but won’t tell us then eh?

      • V4Real says:

        Why so angry did Halle personally do somthing to you? I don’t care if she makes more money than him. A man like Gabe should be able to stand on his own two feet and support his child, not look for money from the mother. That’s a California Law anyways, that crap don’t usually play on the East Coast.

        She shouldn’t have to give him money when she has primary custody, regardless if he is broke.

        I agree that it is wrong for one parent to try and prevent the other from seeing their kids. But like you said we don’t know what he could have done to make her go to these lengths that she’s not telling us. Personally it’s none of our business.

        You think he’s asking for money as a ploy to make her realize how expensive it is to pay him plus live abroad. I think it’s a ploy to get money for himself because his modeling career is just as over as Mark Schenkenberg’s is and he doesn’t have a back-up plan.

    • dooliloo says:


      well… regarding his career fading isn’t that what I said but in a shorter way? perhaps you missed it.

      Anyway her word is worthless since she is determined to stop Gabriel from his child, I don’t see how him asking for child support is any worse compared to that.

      And our business or not, she definitely made it public her so called battle now I’m sorry but people, insiders or plain outsiders will have a say.

      And I’m not angry, it’s all about good sense, which clearly Halle is lacking of.

  6. dooliloo says:

    Adding two photos of him in a Halle and Nahla set does not equal together does it? I wish the paps actually *did* snap pics of them together.

  7. Kim says:

    TEAM Halle. GA get a job. They were never together it was a dropoff .There is not one pic of them in the same frame.

    • Kimlee says:

      He has a job try again Halle.

      • hmm says:

        Yeah, his job is cashing his support checks from Halle. After all, she needs to pay for his Mercedes. He’s the model version of KFed but because he’s hot he gets a pass. Halle’s been working for over twenty years and she’s earned what she’s made.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @hmm “Halle’s been working for over twenty years and she’s earned what she’s made.”

        I presume that you apply the same logic to mothers who dare to cash their child support checks from ex-husbands who ‘have been working for many years and earned what they made’.

    • TG says:

      I agree with Ducky La Rue – Why shouldn’t he get child support? Women do it all the time demanding money from the father’s of their children because they make more.

    • MW says:

      Did it ever occur to you that a Judge ordered her to pay him that money? The Judge apparently thought it was fair and reasonable, and he knows all of the facts surrounding this matter. It is supposed to be for child support – for the benefit of Nahla – to live on the level her Mother insists on, when she is with her Dad, anyway. GA does work and has his own money. But he is probably going through it at record speed, having to go to Court constantly to defend himself, and prevailing thus far, from Halle’s numerous false and ludicrous accusations of him being unfit to care for, or spend time with, his child.

      • V4Real says:

        Yes it occured to me that the judge ordered her to pay, it sure wasn’t the cable guy who ordered her to do it. But like I said that’s a Cali law and I’m aware the person who has the most money pay but that does’t make it right because it’s a law. That’s why things like this varries from state to state.

  8. Kimlee says:

    I think Halle big move to France is a no go because she and Olivier were seen house hunting in Malibu. I mean why would she be house hunting in Malibu when she already has a house there when she plan to move to France.

    Unless the house will be/is Olivier pay off.

    • MW says:

      I think you are right, or they continued the matter for a later date. And I think this pumpkin patch trade-off, with the paps present, was designed by Halle to make her look like the great mom, (with Halle’s “friend” there as a witness in case GA acted up or got mad) while she humiliated GA, and caused him to end up looking like a kicked dog, skulking around on the sidelines. I will give Halle one thing — she thinks her every nasty move through, with diabolical precision.

  9. valleymiss says:

    Yay! I grew up in Simi! My hometown. :-) It’s far removed from Hollywood, very out of the way. One of them HAD to have called the paps, and I’m betting it was Halle. She’s still trying to establish that the paps harrass and stalk her…

    • OXA says:

      Totally agree wit u that Halle was behind the paps. If Gabe wanted to be papped he would not so far out of the way. I think he did this so he could give Nahla a normal experience with no paps till Berry showed up.

      • TG says:

        Notice there have been zero pics of Nahla the past 4 weeks or so and suddenly there are some at this park. This is probably her idea of showing the judge that she knows how to co-parent. I won’t be watching anything she is in either or buying any products she is paid to endorse. Same goes for crazy Cruise.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      and why would Gabe call the paps, when he is trying to keep Nahla from going to France and Halle’s excuse is the paps…wouldn’t make sense…on the other hand, it makes perfect sense for her to call them!

  10. Jane says:

    I have a question: if Halle has been calling the paps for PR or something, couldn’t Gabriel get evidence and use this against her, showing that she’s hypocritical? If he did her whole argument would fall apart!

    • jen d. says:

      It would be pretty hard to prove. She could easily get someone else to call for her. Also, if she does have an arrangement with them they’ll keep it under wraps.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I don’t know how credible that is when he’s taken her to the Pap Pumpkin Patch in earlier years.

      • MW says:

        As the article says, this is NOT the same pumpkin patch the celebs usually go to. This one is waaay northwest, at the least 45 minutes away from Hollywood, in the Simi Valley. Somebody called the paps and I am betting it was Halle! To give herself more Court ammo to “prove” she is such a huge star that they follow, and harass her, everywhere!

  11. mel2 says:

    Cant stand Halle and no I wont be supporting her movie even though I like Tom Hanks I will not support this lunatic.

  12. Elisabeth says:

    that kid is gonna grow up with all kinds of issues

  13. Pix says:

    Isn’t a little early for these never-ending celebrity pumpkin patch pics. Next up… X-tina.

  14. Iar says:

    Never been to Stu Miller’s but this looks like Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark – unless Stu Miller’s also has a giant tractor and a cow train ride.

  15. Grace says:

    That woman has an incredible body. They need to just have the makeup sex already and get married. They want to get back together. Halle knows her french guys past. She already doesn’t trust him. She just used him to try to get to France. Now that she can’t I’m sure she’s already planning the breakup. Halle and Gabriel might as well just lay down the past and get therapy for the sake of their daughter.

  16. TG says:

    @V4Real – Why should he not be entitled to child support? Why is it any different for a woman to get child support than it is for a man? I am a woman and I would never ask for a dime from a man but that is me but if women can do it I don’ see why men can’t. I know there are lot’s of deadbeat dads, but I have feeling there are just as many moms out there who don’t spend their child support wisely, or their own money and gladly take from a man when they don’t need it. The mother of my 2 step children fits this category. She quit work to have 2 more kids by another guy and not once sent a penny to us for child support while we had both kids, yet when my husband quit work for a year to raise our daugther we continuted to send money to support the one kid of his that lives with her. Not because a judge made us, because it was the moral thing to do, even if her own morals and character are extremely low. Even now we send her money when we have one of the kids and she has the other and she makes more than my husband. I despise women like this.

  17. F5 says:

    Damage control. They know they both look like a$$es.

  18. Hakura says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous. I admit, Halle always comes across conniving & manipulative… & you always see way more pictures taken of her (always in ‘I’m such a good mom’ poses).

    I don’t know much about this. But I will say I think this whole thing is only hurting that poor little girl. They both need to stop being selfish & get their shit together for her sake.

  19. deehunny says:

    Summer is my favorite season, but my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the idea that you can dress as anyone you want to be, and binge drinking is acceptable.

    I also love scary movies and all things spooky so I’m sure that plays into it.

    • TG says:

      I love the entire month of October and Halloween in particular. I love that you can dress up and be somebody else at any age. I am not a big drinker if even at all these days but I love pumpkins, maizes, apple bobbing, animals farms and all that good stuff.