Has Scarlett Johansson officially split from Nate Naylor? (update: yes!)

Scarlett Johansson has been dating ad man Nate “The Most Beautiful Man” Naylor for most of the year. Sort of. I mean, as far as I know, Scar and Nate have been seeing each other since, like, January-ish. But Scarlett being Scarlett, she’s always got Boy Drama. During their relationship, Scarlett has also been spotted looking date-y with Bradley Cooper, holding hands with Jared Leto, and looking friendly with her 1970s-style, Farrah-haired bodyguard. My take? I think Nate Naylor is Scar’s “official” boyfriend but the girl is a player, she’s always been a player, and she has flirtations and lovers on the side. Well, start up the Denial Machine because The Mail claims (again) that Scar and Nate are done:

Sultry Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has broken up with her boyfriend Nate Naylor. The 27-year-old Lost In Translation star, left, met the dashing advertising executive in January – after splitting up with 52-year-old actor Sean Penn – and the romance progressed quickly, with Nate, 38, all but moving into her Manhattan apartment.

But last month she was pictured cuddling up to and holding hands with her ex-boyfriend, actor Jared Leto, 40, during a speech at a political rally in North Carolina.

At the time she insisted they were just good friends and her representatives adamantly denied that she and Nate had split, saying: ‘Scarlett is still dating Nate. This is very innocent. Scarlett and Jared have remained friends, nothing more, nothing less.’

But just a few weeks later Nate – who is a dead ringer for Don Draper from the TV series Mad Men and who has posted hundreds of violent and sexually charged bondage photographs on his personal website – has moved all of his belongings out of her flat and the relationship is over.

‘They never officially lived together, but Nate has moved all of his stuff out and back into his apartment,’ says a source. ‘The relationship is over. It has not been amicable.’

Scarlett’s representative declined to comment last night.

[From The Mail]

Did you notice how “someone” dropped in a line about Nate being a “dead ringer” for Jon Hamm/Don Draper? Bitch, please. Dear Nate: you can talk about your own beauty until you’re blue in the face, I still think you look like an overly-groomed d-bag. Anyway, from what I can see, Nate and Scarlett were still “together” in August, when they were photographed in Paris. But that’s the last time they were seen together? So who knows? I tend to think Scarlett’s probably single again. At least I hope she is, because Single Scarlett is a lot of fun. I want to see her with someone fun now… maybe Jeremy Renner? I think they would be really sexy together.

UPDATE: Yep. They’re over.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Mia 4S says:

    “Dead ringer for Don Draper”? Good Lord who talks like that?! I agree she and Renner are cute together but given her past dating history I am not sure he is enough of a douchebag for her.

  2. Mimi says:

    He’s about as unappealing to me as that tattoo she sports.

  3. Lady_Luck says:

    “Single Scarlett is a lot of fun”

    ………..yes……………..especially for random douches who happen to get in the same elavator as her.

    Easy like Sunday morning.

  4. marie says:

    she could do better, dude looks like a major douche.

  5. Christine says:

    This makes me think she IS the CDAN blind item answer for the actress who broke up with her boyfriend bec she was tired of the S&M thing.

  6. Jackie O says:

    i do love her body. its not too skinny, just very womanly.

  7. sukie says:

    i thought renner was gay????

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Sukie, who wrote: “i thought renner was gay????”

      He is.

      • Mia 4S says:

        This again? Where’s the eye rolling happy face when you need it. Basically there is no proof in either direction (when is there?) so believe whatever your little heart desires. He says he is not, so that’s the official word from the actual person, but for many people it seems not being married by forty is a crime against heterosexuality. Whatever, Insert eye roll here.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Everything Mia 4S said.

        Ugh, the constant speculation about sexuality is so tired. When will people just stop it?
        If someone says they’re straight, why can’t people just accept that? I find it so odd how people insist on defining other people’s sexuality for them. Very disturbing…

      • Liv says:

        I can’t believe he’s straight, he’s sending such strong gay vibes ;-)

        @OriginalKitten Then they should stop lying about their sexuality. I get that it’s hard to build a career in Hollywood when being gay and that it’s sadly still seeing as a restraint. But then they must not wonder that people are speculating about their sexuality.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        There ‘is’ proof … and other gay actors say they are not as well.

      • sandra says:

        Emma, what ‘proof’?

        I have read just about everything about Renner and don’t see any proof at all.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Well … evidently, you haven’t read ‘everything.’ Or perhaps you have, and just filtered it through those rose colored glasses we all tend to wear for our favorite dudes and dudettes. :)

        I can say that he has earned the nickname ‘Princess Geranium’ in certain circles on the Internet.

      • sandra says:

        I understand, just give me some links to what your referrring to, ok?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Um, unless you’re a gay man and you’ve had sex with the dude, I think your “proof” might be a bit lacking.

        As far as “rumors” on the internet, yeah well we all know that nobody ever lies on the internet right?


        And I’m no “stan” of any celeb, just someone that chooses not to define someone else’s sexuality for them because that’s just effin WEIRD to me. It says so much more about people’s general discomfort with others’ sexual preferences that some have an investment in INSISTING they are something that they are saying they’re not.

        @Liv-Um maybe he’s just not lying about his sexuality. That’s number one. Number two, who are you or anyone else to “out” others? Does every straight actor have to proclaim their heterosexuality? Why would they even do that when people like you will define it for them, whether they want you to or not?
        You guys don’t seem to understand that sexual preference is a PRIVATE matter-celebs don’t “owe” you guys anything-and they certainly aren’t obligated to “come out” because you think they should. If they say they’re hetero or homosexual, then I choose to believe them, based on what they’re willing to disclose.

        The underlying homophobia and double-standards here are frightening.

      • sandra says:

        Emma….Seriously, Datalounge? I still see no proof just speculation.

        If he actually comes out or gets caught then that is his life, in the meantime he is straight to me.

        My rose colored glasses are nice and I don’t believe everything I read with them either.

      • Liv says:

        OriginalKitten, I am not homophobic, that’s for sure. And I find it a bit cheeky that you say so.

        I guess we have different opinions on that one. I don’t think we dictate someone his sexuality when we discuss what we think he might be. Plus I don’t think we can “out” him with our comments over here.

        And by the way, I just said that he seems to be gay – if he’s straight, fine. I do not discriminate that ;-)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Liv-I didn’t mean that I think you personally are a homophobe. I simply meant that the speculation about sexuality in terms of one person who says he is not a homosexual, branding him a homosexual, contrary to what he states and acting like he’s obligated to disclose his sexuality is rather homophobic in my eyes.
        I just think it’s wrong-I wasn’t trying to be cheeky (although I kind of love that word for some reason!). ;)

      • Mia 4S says:

        Hahaha, datalounge? Oh Emma – the JP Lover, if anything that would convince me he is straight, LOL! I leave you to your “there’s proof but I’m not going to tell you” proof. To each their own fantasy life I say! Thanks for the laugh though.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Dont let these beeotches gang up on you…part of the fun on here is trying to guess whos gay, whos bearding, whos gonna come out etc etc etc….its all part of the gossip universe….it has NOTHINg to do with homophobia ..and everything to do with the fun of guessing and speculating…..the PC police need to calm the f down and relax ……and PS….to answer your simple question…Jeremey Renner IS gay…..just so ya know…..I know his accountant…..;p

  8. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    For me, Scarlett Johansson is the Roseanna Arquette of her generation. Both women touted as great beauties with unequaled talent … and with both women, I just don’t see it. I don’t understand all the hoopla.

  9. epiphany says:

    I agree he looks like he’s douchtastic, but it’s October 15, 2012, and I still don’t get the appeal of this woman. Mediocre actress. A better looking girl brought me my coffee this morning. Do. Not. Get.

  10. Madhubala says:

    Here’s hoping! The guy looked sinister and sleazy. That said, I’d be totally onboard a ScarJo/Renner hookup. Make it happen Scarlett!

  11. Gracie says:

    Bitch better not even think of touching Hiddleston.

    • dooliloo says:

      You took the words RIGHT OFF MY MOUTH Gracie :-D
      I was about to write the same thing! Not Hiddleston, he’s bright but he’s also the type of dork and sweet guy who could go smitten like a puppy around her…
      Not Cumberbatch either! Although worst case scenarion he could handle her, given his eloquent bitchiness, she’d take a seat…
      Well.. Scarlett I know it is terrible what I’m about to write but I wouldn’t mind if you could snatch Thor from Elsa Pataky, it’d be Christmas coming early.. But one can still dream eh.. (bitchy I know!)
      Still no no no no!
      That’s right Scarlett, your ex husband has fully moved on, now go on and spend all your money on a shopping spree and all. Bye!

    • j.eyre says:

      Now as I have made abundantly clear on this website, I would drag my body across broken glass in ugly shoes to lay a hand on Hiddleston but come on, they would be hot together. I am not advocating any kind of real relationship – but just to blow off a little steam together. Come, come ladies, let’s just turn our backs for a moment and pretend not to hear anything.

      Besides, the sooner he is done with her, the sooner he can settle down with us.

      • dooliloo says:

        “I would drag my body across broken glass in ugly shoes to lay a hand on Hiddleston” –> almighty high five to this :-D

        Still… hell nawl!!!! Why? Because Scarlett has a huge ego and comes off as full of herself, and dating douches rubs on her. And only a full on person would say she doesn’t get roles because she’s too sexy… like she couldn’t land them roles, since producers only at the sight of her they get a boner..? Clearly she has a very high opinion of herself… and I bet she’s so pissed at the fact that Ryan Reynolds has moved on faster than she thought, because y’know she’s hyped by the fact every man wants her

        He is a sweet and humble man, and as we discussed on another thread last week, a theory is Hiddleston being the type of guy who maybe didn’t get a lot of attention from the ladies when he was younger and slightly dorky. Now that so many fans and woman are crazy about him, he can’t help but be flattered, and with a naive eye with his new found fame…

        Now imagine Scarlett landing a hand on him… On the red carpet like the streets, he’d be all lovey dovey like a puppy over her, whilst she’d just give the satisfied look “yeah I got him, I bagged him and all brains ladies, I f***ing him his brains out!”… I can’t… I just… I’m… *FLAILS*

  12. serena says:

    Oh god yes, Scarlett and Jeremy would be stunning together!

  13. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Maybe the break-up has something to do with Blake and Ryan getting married. It was huge slap in the face for her how easily he moved on with someone else, esp since in her mind she´s a sex symbol and every guy wants her. I don´t think she´s over him, he´s the one who got away.
    She´s overrated, both looks and talent, and she strikes me as kind of a mean girl, I don´t like her.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I always got the impression that Johansson was the dumper and Reynolds was the dumpee in that scenario, no?

      • Jegede says:

        Hi @Original Kitten (BIG WAVE)
        Even if the dumpee/dumper scenario is the case it does not mean the dumper won’t have regrets or thought the story would end differently. Very common in relationships
        Also though Scarlett asked for a separation, it was Ryan who actually filed divorce papers first. (I think that was the Sean Penn clause lol)

      • mercy says:

        They obviously wanted it to look that way, but I’m not sure if it was true. He gave her money in the divorce settlement, but maybe that’s standard practise based on who earned more during the marriage? Or was it ‘I just want this over with, give her whatever she wants’? I’ve also heard they were splitting up assets long before the paperwork was filed.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        I think she did the dumping,too, prob because he wanted her to slow down with her career and she didn`t, which is understable, she´s in her mid 20s. She prob regrets, that she wasn´t more willing for compromises and working it out and just dumped him right away. Also she thinks of herself as the ultimate guy´s dream and she wanted him to fight for her and got with Sean Penn to make him jealous, but it worked out the complete opposite she expected, because for him that was a sign it´s over and he moved on pretty quickly. Besides that, he´s the best out of all the guys she dated, not a douche, funny, somewhat intelligent and got a decent career.
        Now he´s married to Blake, who I think is equally hot and desirable as ScarJo, just nicer.

    • Jegede says:

      This is what I think 100%.
      I believe Scarlett has had MANY side dishes asides post Sean Penn yet we still read of her and Ryan meeting up and going out for dinner. But after Ryan seemed to truly move on, probably no longer answering her calls, Scarlett announced Naylor to the world via photo ops, tit bits fed to People/US and even mentioned him in interviews to prove she had ‘moved on’. If the DM story is true Naylor probably only realised he was a hold in (maybe Scarlett probably said to him “Mission Unaccomplished” after Ryan’s wedding) and moved out. Hence the ‘not amicable’ part.

    • Cazzie says:

      Even if you’ve been divorced for years, seeing your ex-spouse get married again can be an emotional bump in the road. It’s proof positive that things are really over, and that the life you had together is gone for good.

      If things weren’t all that solid with Mr. Sadomasochism, then the remarriage of her ex-husband might have pushed them into the fighting zone and then they couldn’t make it.

  14. Nancy says:

    Love her!! she is wholesome and beautiful and keeps a low profile! she’s a scorpio which explains a lot.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    I dont understand the attraction of this woman – she is not beautiful – she looks dumb as a rock and I think a conversation with her would last about 05 seconds and consist of a monologue by me and her standing there with her mouth open waiting for a fly to jump into it.

  16. mercy says:

    Let the dueling press releases begin. I’ve seen other reports that suggest old Nate ‘dumped’ Scarlett after she was seen ‘flirting’ with LiLo’s man of the moment at some club in NYC. You didn’t think ‘Most Beautiful Man’ would go down without a fight, did you? I expect a new story disparaging her ex-husband any day now to knock this mess off the front burner.

  17. sandra says:

    Renner is not gay,(as far as I am concerned)and she better keep her meathooks off of him! I don’t trust her and I also don’t want to see her with Hiddleson either or any of the Avengers cast.
    She strikes me as someone with a high immaturity level while trying to act like a grown woman, strange but that is how I see her.

    I kinda of used to like her but since all I read is how ‘beautiful she is’ or ‘how unbeilvably talented she is’ on every website I want to puke.
    Nowadays,all I see is her face on magazines and its all T and A.

    I’d think I would die if her and Renner hooked up.

    • littlestar says:

      sandra, you have it spot on. That is exactly how I see Scarjo too. Still very immature mentally (what celebrity who starts out young in Hollywood actually matures as fast as they age?), but tries to come across as a worldly sophisticated woman. Something about her has just always seemed insincere to me.

      I will say though that she has a good body (nice to see a “normal” looking healthy celebrity) and that if she wants to sleep around, then good for her, as long as she is safe about it. Enough with the slut shaming already. Women can enjoy sex too, sex without love, sex without attachment etc, just like men do ALL THE TIME. :)

  18. j.eyre says:

    “who has posted hundreds of violent and sexually charged bondage photographs on his personal website” – uhm, this kind of got slipped in there. What, I’m sorry… what?

  19. cc says:

    Great news! Now she can hook up with Renner! :D

  20. G says:

    He probably got tired of her harping and whining over Ryan getting married.

  21. Amy says:

    Actually…I think he looks pretty hot in the August-in-Paris photos to which you linked. All of the other photos I’ve seen of him? Not so much.

  22. dooliloo says:

    She better get her hands off : Renner, Hiddleston, Cumberbatch, Gordon-Levitt, Elba or I swear I’m going to fly to wherever she is and hit her with a real version of the Hammer of Thor! >:-(
    She can have Ben Affleck! Now that’d be a catfight, Sydney Bristow vs Black Widow ha!

    • Ranunculus says:

      Lainey was teaming her up with Jude Law. Great idea, two major douches getting together is always better than one of them is cool, talented and the other one is completely useless. (I never thought Law is very talented, his appeal comes mainly from is bored housewife fan base)

      • dooliloo says:

        LOL at the housewife fanbase comment :-D
        Ah well I’m no housewife but I find him hot, always have since Talented Mr Ripley.. I find his douchiness tolerable because he’s at least a decent actor. I can give Ben the credit of being a good director but if only he’d shut up about JLo. Scarlett always wants to play mature when clearly she’s not and is appalling in interviews. When Scarlett isn’t recycling hooking up back with Jared Leto, Ben is talking about JLo. When Scarlett isn’t fooling around with Sean Penn, Ben is emailing JLo. I mean clearly a match made in hell of heaven they’ll have plenty of “me me me me me” to talk about!

  23. misstrishm says:

    Yeah she needs to stay away from Renner. He’s hot!

  24. evieS says:

    It’s nice to see something put as not being amicable for a change. I have a really hard time believing that all these splits are really on friendly terms.

  25. Ranunculus says:

    Can’t stand Scarlett, she is a terrible actress and acts like she has a clue about what she is doing in interviews. I hope her role in Avengers 2 will be reduced, and with the recent news about Emily Blunt joining the cast, I hope this is going to happen. Yeah I agree that she is dating mostly for attention and to keep her name in the news. But a lot of people do that, it seems to be almost the norm in Hollowood these days. With people like her it just adds another level of yuck, because she has very little talent.

  26. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    She looks like such a bitch even from far away with most of her face blocked.

  27. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    He WISHES he looked ike Don Draper! In his dreams! Where is the resemblance? That they both brillcream their hair?? Thats about it, other than that he’s a total fug!!! And, whats with the s &m freakshow??