Demi Moore on the cover of People: ‘jealous & frustrated’ of Ashton and Mila

People Magazine, despite its reputation as a celebrity-friendly rag that will run just about any publicist-generated story, has not been the kindest to Demi Moore. We’ve had the impression that they’re firmly in Ashton’s camp, judging from their last cover story on Demi, in February after her OD and hospitalization. They titled their online story “Inside Demi Moore’s Dangerous Desperation to ‘Stay Young and Skinny‘” They’ve run articles about Demi grinding up on young guys while partying with her daughters, and last November, after Demi and Ashton announced their separation, People ran a cover suggesting that Demi’s insecurities help drive their split. (Although they did mildly acknowledge Ashton’s cheating.)

All of that is leading me to believe that People’s latest cover was sanctioned by Ashton, with some details from Demi’s side to try and make it sound neutral. Demi is said to be “jealous and frustrated” and “threatened” by Ashton’s public romance with Mila Kunis. Of course she is. I mean I believe this easily. So I guess all those tabloids reports on Demi’s reaction to her ex’s new relationship were true. Here’s a preview of their cover story:

The actress, who will mark her 50th birthday on Nov. 11, is wrapping a challenging year: Her 6-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher, 34, ended last November in the wake of the actor’s public cheating scandal; she was hospitalized last January; and since then she has endured intense scrutiny of her well-being.

Multiple sources close to her circle say some friends are worried Moore hasn’t fully recovered. Her thinness is still raising concerns, a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story: “Her friends aren’t convinced she’s all better.”

Now, with her milestone birthday fast approaching, she must cope with her ex’s very public new romance with actress Mila Kunis, 29.

One source close to her says she is “jealous and frustrated” by the romance.

Another insider says the actress is taking Kutcher’s cheating the hardest.

“What was humiliating was having her husband cheat on her in such a public way,” the insider says. “But once that happened, she has not looked back.”

But another source maintains she’s doing well: “As hard as it has been, despite the depression of going through a divorce, she came through it.”

For much more on how Demi is coping, her relationship with her three daughters and why Demi and Ashton have yet to finalize their divorce, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE

[From People]

I really want to hear why Demi and Ashton haven’t “finalized” their divorce. I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence that they’ve even filed, and I buy the stories that they were never legally married. The evidence otherwise is very weak.

It’s been at least year since Demi was with Ashton, but I get why it’s hard for her to move on, and painful to see Ashton hanging all over Mila in public. (It’s painful for us, too, and we have no personal connection to these people.) Obviously Demi needs to let go, though, and find something else to focus on. She needs to get a hobby or something, since it’s not like her daughters are welcoming her back into their lives.

Here’s what I’m wondering – why is People running this story? Is Demi bugging the sh*t out of Ashton, and did he sanction this as some kind of “move the F on” message to Demi? That’s my theory.

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  1. Ravens says:

    Poor Demi. Being with Ashton has just made her look old and pathetic in the long run. It may have started as a sexy cougar thing, but it certainly hasn’t ended that way. Totally agree with her needing a hobby or something.

    • Sirsnarksalot says:

      Yep. Dating younger does nothing but highlight how much older you are. And it makes you feel older too.

    • V4Real says:

      Poor Demi come here, you need a hug. She needs to let go already. A lot of people said it wouldn’t last and they were right but isn’t that usually the case with a lot of Hollywood marriages.

      I’m not going to call her old and pathetic because she was with a younger man. I tend to use the word cougar a lot myself but what do we call the older man who marries the younger woman. Why do they get off so easy? What is Donald Trump, Kelsey Grammer, Bo Dereks deceased husband, Woody Allen and the list goes on. People joke about Mariah marrying Nick Cannon who is 10 years younger than her but no one is saying anything about Ryan Reynolds marrying Blake who is 10 years younger than him.

      Why is it okay for the man but not for the woman?

      BTW Demi might have had some work done but I bet Mila hopes she could look as good as Demi when she’s her age.

      • endlesscircles says:

        The answer lies in biology.

      • Devyn says:

        @ endlesscircles:


        Same with the slut/stud “double standard”… It’s not just social conditioning that causes most people to judge promiscuity differently depending on whether it’s carried out by a man or a woman. Many of our opinions about these things are based just as much on instinct as they are on “reason,” or what we’ve been told.

      • RN says:

        @endlesscircles, there’s truth in your response, except, as thinking creatures, we can move past the “man+woman makes a baby” way of being and acknowledge that there are all sorts of ways for human beings to come together. I would argue that it’s more social conditioning at this point, in the same vein that women were once seen as too unintelligent to vote, for example, or that different races shouldn’t marry.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        @RN +1

        I agree with you completely. We have a lot of instincts, but we have even more social conditioning, and our brains are developed enough that “biology” cannot be an excuse for everything.

      • lafairy says:


        This is what we thought for centuries but now science has put in light that this is a quite false belief since men’s fertilty decrease with age , from 35, that’s why ageing actors with younger partners are seen hitting fertility centers in order to enhance their remaining possibility to have kids.

        As RN said once women were judged to e too unintelligent to vote, or to work or etc… Relying to supposed biological reasons is today’s trick to maintain women in an unbalanced situation toward there male counterparts. that’s it. W

        Why nobody talk about all these 50+ women who have birthed naturally without any medical help healthy kids while it is well publicized when men do so? Our society is biased and the bias do not stand on biology at all.

        @RN: totally agree with you

        PS: here’s a link to the effects of the paternal age:

      • endlesscirclesss says:

        Ladies and @RN – You said “thinking creatures” – so you’re betting that men are thinking creatures. ;) ;)

      • V4Real says:

        @RN +2

        Biology alone is an unacceptable answer for me. In today’s society people are still to quick to accept social conditioning and social ideas which leads to these types of double standards in the first place.

        A relative once said to me it’s okay for an older man to marry a young woman but not vice versa because the young man might want to have kids and an older woman may not be able to conceive past child bearing age. Even though there is some truth to that I replied by saying not every man wants kids. Hopefully this is something a younger man and older woman would have discussed before entering into a committed relationship. I have a male friend who is about 36 years of age and to this day he is still saying he does not want to ever have children.

        Since then I’ve heard the child bearing excuse from others. Even though men can produce children in their 60′s and 70′s and perhaps beyond; why would they want to? By time that child is ready to leave home the, parents will be ready for one

      • bustyou says:

        Um…OK. I think @endlesscircles’ reply put it succinctly, and you’re all missing the point.

        You can’t slap a “social conditioning” label over this set-up: A 50-year-old man is looking at a line-up of gorgeous women he doesn’t know. Sight on scene, as a biological knee-jerk response, he is going to choose a younger woman over an older woman. 99 out of 100 times.

        If you don’t realize this to be true, you’re either deluded or you need to pick up a science book.

        Now, notice how I mentioned “did not know.” This is key: a lot comes into play with age when a man becomes attracted to a woman’s brain and allure and attitude toward life when she opens her mouth and in how she carries herself. If a 50-year-old man had to choose from a line-up of women HE KNOWS, then the outcome is anyone’s guess. @RN is right about being unsure about what brings people together.

        To sum it up: women have it a lot tougher than men!

      • Me Too says:

        THANK YOU! I am so tired of the double standard and wonder why all these old guys like Trump, Baldwin, Clooney, Eastwood, Ford…and the list goes on…they’re all given a thumbs up, go boy while women are sneered at, sadly usually by other women! I too wonder why it’s okay for the guys but not okay for J Lo or Demi? So if women are cougars, are men wolves or just d-bags?

        As far as the whole Demi Ashton deal, she needs to take a deep breath and thank the universe she’s rid of the idiot. I’ve never found him attractive–he’s a pretty boy and a player and Mila is going to be just as sorry as Demi is now.

        Anyway, thanks for your comments. Really tired of everyone here hand slapping for men who date 10-20 years younger women but attacking women for doing the same thing.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I’ve not really seen Kelsey Grammer, Woody Allen or Trump getting off lightly. I’ve seen them called dirty old men, in fact. Cougar is waaaay more flattering. Though that’s a societal shift, because I never saw that label given to Michael Douglas when he married Catherine Zeta-Jones. (And Woody got the label in the 1990s because he was sleeping with his son’s own sister.)

        Everyone is at their most beautiful in their 20s. (Well – almost. Keanu Reeves, maybe not. Angelina’s aging amazingly as well.) The difference is that historically, men have traded power and money for youth and beauty, and now women, some at least, can do likewise if they so choose. It’s less than a century since women were even able to vote. I think it’ll take time before the ick factor is equal.

        I dunno. I don’t think Demi’s mistake was to marry a younger man. I think her mistake was to marry a wanker.

      • Trashaddict says:

        V$Real, I agreed with absolutely everything you said, up until the part about Demi looking good for her age. She looks emaciated right now. I agree she has good genes and good health impulses but either from depression or anorexia she has overdone it. I wish her well, too. I hope she can take care of herself and get back to looking as good as she was.

      • V4Real says:

        @lafairy; I can agree with that.

    • V4Real says:

      @ bustyou Whoa ladies! I don’t think we are on the same page here; as a matter of fact I don’t think we are in the same book. We have gone way off topic.I was not talking about science and what goes on in a man’s brain to make him attracted to younger women. I simply asked why was it okay for an older man to date a younger woman but it’s not okay for an older woman to date a younger man.

      Let me repeat so we are clear. I wanted to know why society is okay with older men dating younger women but we criticize older women for dating younger men.

      • endlesscircles says:

        Not off topic at all — because again, the answer to your question lies in biology (like I said first but then everyone got buckwild) in that society gives a pass to men because it’s generally accepted that men want women who can procreate and thus are younger.

        As for women dating younger men, again, from a biological standpoint, society thinks the woman has to be something extraordinary (or is fooling herself, society, evolution) to usurp a man’s negation of “nature” (wanting a younger woman). In other words, JLo, Susan Sarandon, and Demi have “defied” biology and snagged themselves a mutant form of man, and the reaction is either “You go, girl!” or “He’ll cheat eventually.” It’s something of a marvel because it goes against nature and biology.

        It’s all laughable, really, but that’s your answer — in general terms. My dad, brother, uncle and two aunts are all psychologists and they and their colleagues answered this question for me at a dinner party a few years ago, and I tend to agree with it. It’s not fair, no.

      • V4Real says:

        @endlesscircles I understand that you have a lot of psychologist in your family but you are relying on the text book answers of why men tend to date younger. I am talking about the morals of the whole thing. I can bet you there are doctors that will probably disagree with what the psychologists in your family are saying.
        It’s not all about biology but it is also about what we have been conditioned to believe over the years. It’s also about what society finds acceptable. Will the psychologist also say that it is biology that had women believing years ago that their place was barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen? This is simply about double standards and the ideology that the vast of society would like you to believe and accept.

        One last thing; it’s also a preference. Not all older men want a younger woman just to procreate, some just like them young. I also know older women who perfer younger men because they believe younger men or more vibrant and last longer in bed. Now there’s some biology for you.

      • Trashaddict says:

        I remember seeing a great documentary about a tribe where the younger men have to spend a period of time with an older female partner and it struck me as brilliant. He’s on public view with this woman and if he acts like an asshole, the younger women will see that he’s not worth squat as a partner for them.
        So all our Donald Trump’s etc. ain’t biology, it’s culture-driven. And while I am a Trash-Addict, what a messed-up culture it is. Oh well, it’s fun to bitch about it.

      • lafairy says:


        Ok you have a lot of psychologist in your family that gave an opinion over dinner, on a subject that I don’t understand how psychologists can stand from a psychological point…
        but anyway I actually was standing from an anthropologist specialized in gender issues point of view: mine.

        The double standard has been built over centuries but there is no REAL point that can back it. there is not such thing as drastic biological differences: the average age of menopause for women on earth is 52, at 50/55 a man is also doomed in that department.

        Sure there are some freak of nature like Chaplin… but in both gender actually since the oldest woman that have bared naturally a children without any medical help did it at 61!!!!the key of the double standard lies in why these elderly fertility ailities are well publicized for men but hidden for women? why??? the answer lies only in sociological reasons.

        So no a woman dating a younger man from a BIOLOGICAL point is anything BUT a freak of nature, since the fertility’s peak for a man , is 24!!!!(and that is a medical fact!)

        and after 35 there is fertility decrease every year.(after 40 in medical studies they talk about “old dads”)

        The point is why there is always a supposed explanation that tends to minimize men’s behaviour and to chasticize the exact same behaviour when done by women : the answer lies in sociological reasons and only that.

        PS: just my 2 cents from a close topic of research of my actual Phd…

      • V4Real says:

        @lafairy Kudos to the sociological explanation.

  2. HotPockets says:

    I sort of feel bad for Demi, even though I shouldn’t care. Being an aging Hollywood actress has to be $hitty. I would rather have my normal life and age gracefully without media scrutiny and financial stability then have a life like this.

  3. Kim says:

    They were never married that’s why neither has filed for divorce IMO

  4. ladybert62 says:

    She needs to continue talking to a therapist as her life seems stuck in a rut – 50 is difficult – but she needs to grow up and face reality – however painful it is.

  5. taylor says:

    You need to work on another theory, that’s ridiculous.

  6. Jackie O says:

    everybody has moved on but her…the current husband, the ex-husband, the kids, the audience.

    must be hard to accept, i guess.

    still would love to see her turn it around, though.

  7. Jesse says:

    I don’t know how this article in People is going to help her to move on. This is more to humiliate her if anything. Are they trying to drive her to kill herself? SMH.

    • tmbg says:

      I think it’s cruel of them. People has really sunk to tabloid levels in the last couple of years. I remember the days when they had interesting articles covering both celebs and average folks, and the articles were more substantial than just a few paragraphs of glossed-over crap. I haven’t bought an issue in ages and wonder who still does.

    • hoya_chick says:

      Exactly Jesse! This article (cover article no less!) is relevant how? It’s been a year since they separated, none of this is new or news. I am no fan of either of them but this seems mean spirited…my favorite part is that they point out “she was hospitalized last January; and since then she has endured intense scrutiny of her well-being.” Yeah, scrutiny of which you are totally a part!

      He’ll probably cheat on Mila too, women always think they can change men. But once a d-bag, always a d-bag. I would advise women, especially older women, not to waste their late 40s with a younger man. If/when it ends they can always rebound with some one their age or younger and you are left turning 50 with a people cover making you look pathetic.


    • GoGoGrammy says:

      That is exactly what I was just thinking. She seems fragile enough emotionally…to snuff out her own life to avoid aging…and be remembered young. Sad but not unlikely, given her addition…and behavior of late. GET over that young snot..and find yourself an educated…class act…they’re out there. And get some counseling…you need to regain your self worth!

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Gotta say, that was my very first reaction to this story, too, and I co-sign 100%. Everyone talks about the actual crime of cyber-bullying, but apparently it’s perfectly okay for the largest celeb weekly to make a COVER STORY of Demi Moore’s slow-mo mental health breakdown after her husband cheated on her and followed that up with ostentatious public make-out sessions with his new piece. If the cyber bullying of vulnerable people is a crime, then wtf is THIS okay? Geesus, PEOPLE MAG, why not just stone her and then hand her a giant economy size bottle of aspirin she can OD on? Then they can run a cover story on the “tragedy” they helped bring about. Makes me sick.

  8. Haha says:

    ‘move on up…to ur destination…u wil find from time to time, a little complication..’tadadatadadadadtatdaddadadadadada

  9. marie says:

    Demi is looking very bobble-heady in those pictures. She’s so beautiful but she’s doing a bad job of taking care of herself..

    • Me Too says:

      Like 90% of actresses in Hollywood–she’s too thin. Somehow they believe the thinner they are the better. It just accentuates their age–it makes them look harder. And, no matter their age, being too thin makes their heads look huge! Not to mention all the injectables they’re all doing to make their thin, sunken cheeks look healthy and plump. It just seems to really accentuate how thin the rest of their bodies are!

  10. Teri says:

    I use to love Demi, I thought of her as strong beautiful women and now she is just someone to feel sorry for…Yes she is 50 so stop acting like a teenager..She is actully getting on my nerves now..The cow is dry move on..

  11. Sirsnarksalot says:

    There have certainly been enough rumors floating around about Mila actually being a queen bee bitch and now that she’s with Ashton I believe it even more. Who is to say that Mila isn’t the one planting these stories or pushing Ashton to plant them? She might be the one pushing for them to finally divorce.

    • candigirl says:

      I completely agree with you, this sounds like Mila to me. Just like what Leann Rimes did when she outed her own affair with a married Eddie Cibrian. It is the selfish motive of a younger woman who is threatened by the ex-wife and really wants to make sure her boyfriend is hers. It started when Mila herself probably called the paps in NY and was photographed with Ashton while wearing matching outfits and hanging on each other. This girl is staking out her territory.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      +1! And even if Ashton is the one fueling this public humiliating of Demi, Mila should be woman enough to influence him to go easy on Demi when she’s so fragile and isolated. And while we’re at it, shame on Demi’s 3 selfish, spoiled daughters who have reportedly abandoned her now that her sometimes-messy breakdown has made her an inconvenience in their privileged, work-free, self-indulgent lives. All through their entire childhoods Demi was such a devoted mom, spending what might otherwise have been her best career years in Idaho or wherever in the godforsaken hell it was, so they would have a more “normal” family life than they could ever have hoped for in cray-cray Hollywood, where all Demi’s opportunities were. I don’t even like Demi that much, but I see all of this ill-treatment of her by those she loves as a f’ing travesty.

      • littlestar says:

        +1 for you too! Demi’s daughters are the worst. Spoiled lazy things who do not work and ride their parents coat-tails, until they think they are an “embarrassment” and don’t need them anymore. You are right when you say that Demi gave up a prime Hollywood career so they would be raised “normally”. And unforunately look how it turned out – her selfish children deserting her in the end, and gladly playing the Hollywood lifestyle because of who their parents are. Sad sad sad.

      • candigirl says:

        I agree! Spoiled, selfish, privileged, and arrogant from all the behavior I’ve seen.
        I wonder how it happened?
        If they were spoiled by Demi or Bruce or both and were the royalty of their small Idaho existence, then moved to Hollywood in their teen years and the entitlement was rewarded. Also I think that Bruce was on the road with his band and cheating on Demi for part of their childhood so maybe they are just emulating their parents, in spite of how they were raised.

  12. OhDear says:

    It reads like either a very dickish move on Ashton’s part (in that case, RUN MILA RUN!!!!) or that Demi is trying to pull a Jen Aniston-esque move (for the lack of a better term) here.

    • lisa2 says:

      When I first saw the cover that is exactly what I thought. Pity Party 2013 style. and then I went back and read the comments. Mila is a “bitch” she is controlling Ashton. Ashton is scum because he left Demi. This article is not a set up for Ashton it is a set up for him to be attacked when she goes down again.

      Look Ashton and Mila are not hiding and not undercover. They are out in the open. Ashton and Demi are not “divorced” which is strange. Why would Demi not file or Ashton for that matter. Especially considering he is in a relationship. A relationship that looks serious now. Not just some fling.

      I think because as many have speculated there is nothing to file. Ashton obviously is not looking for money from Demi. He looks to have just walked away.

      Demi is not a child or a young inexperienced woman. she has been married 3 times. She has been divorced. Divorced in fact from the father of her children, and she managed to move on. Now with Ashton she is not able to. We can sympathize with women divorcing, but I’m not doing the I feel sorry for her because she married a younger man it it didn’t work. She married Bruce and he was older and it didn’t work. so such is life. She has the means to take care of herself and to get help is she needs it. There are millions of women that get divorced every day/year and they are not in the financial situation she is in.

      Tired of the Pity parties lasting for years.

      Put on your big girl pants and take care of your business.

  13. Daniela says:

    Just let them be happy..get over it

  14. India says:

    The uber large fake horse teeth look like cheap dentures.

  15. mln76 says:

    Im so sick of people framing this as a question of age difference Ashton is a douche he was a douche when he ‘married’ Demi in that fake ceremony and he’ll be a douche 10 years from now. Demi is also an immature drug addled narcissistic mesa who can’t deal with the fact that she’ll never be 22 and I’m beginning to think that Mila is an idiot too.

  16. Sassenach says:

    I can’t believe how everyone is feeling sorry for Demi just because she is turning 50 and her husband has moved on. Ashton may have cheated but Demi was no better. Drugs, bikini pics on twitter, dancing like an idiot at Snoop Dogg’s concert and just being an embarrassment to her kids. We still see her kids with Ashton but not with Demi. Why? They live with Bruce and have very little contact with her so why is everyone acting like she is being attacked?

  17. priestess says:

    Demi needs to find a strong rich hubby like an investor or business guy not in entertainment that is smitten with the fact that she is a great looking 50 years old and just let go of Ash and just remember all the fun she had with that young buck! Plus she shouldn’t sweat it Ashton will cheat on Mila too. It’s what cheaters do!

  18. thinkaboutit says:

    I love Mila’s super b1tch face. She will make Ashton miserable, you can just tell she is not easy-going.

  19. Eileen says:

    My mom’s friend grew up with Demi in Roswell, NM (where I grew up) and she still talks to her every once in a while. Demi has always been obsessed with aging. Ashton was just another way to feel young. Though he’s an ass-he’s not to blame for Demi’s crazy behavior. She’s is coming to terms with the fact that she can’t buy her way to looking in her 20′s anymore and her boytoy moved on to a YOUNG girl.

  20. G says:

    This is sad. While I’m no fan of hers, I don’t think she deserves a public flogging for loving the guy and being hurt by their break-up

    • Maggi says:

      I agree. Break ups are hard and it’s even more difficult to move on when there are public reminders all over the place of your ex all over someone whom he had known through the duration of the relationship.

      Of course, she should move on but it will happen when it does, not because we have somehow decided that a year is enough time. It might take another year or two, it might take 6 months. Who knows?

  21. Shelly says:

    Seriously, she needs to move on. It’s been a year. It’s not like he died – he doesn’t want her and has moved on. She needs to stop with the teenage feelings and get a grip.

  22. jc126 says:

    Any sympathy I might’ve felt for Demi vanished when she was caught doing whip-its with her daughter and daughter’s friend. That is low-life behavior.

    As for moving on, if this story is true, it’s a great example of why you have to maintain your dignity and put on a happy face through marital difficulties. There’s nothing more pathetic than being bitter and vocal about being so – save that for your best friend and even then, don’t get caught up in it. Got to move on and keep loving yourself and doing well for yourself, as best you can.

  23. Cathy says:

    It’s time to move on. Spend some money, buy yourself some new clothes, and take a long vacation on some carribean island.

  24. Jezi says:

    I don’t really feel so bad for her. Although I think at one point Ashton really loved her. You can see from the very beginning that Demi was trying her hardest to act young. Hanging out with P-Diddy and the constant bikini self posed pics she would post to Twitter. She was trying way too hard. Ashton is now with someone in his age group and that coupling just makes more sense. I think Demi’s insecurity eventually wore thin on Ashton and he is a young, good looking, Hollywood actor that probably is propositioned each and every day of his life. If Demi works on herself, gets back to a normal weight and focuses on getting her life back, she won’t care so much what Ashton is doing.

  25. Stacie says:

    Damn it’s time for her to move on ! She’s like 50 years old. I understand her heart is broken but move on already . ;)

  26. Natalina says:

    Demi could have any older man she wants, if this is true–get over him and stop making older women cougars look bad

  27. abby says:

    it takes time to move on from something that was nearly a decade of your life, especially when you haven’t found the proper distraction yet. compounding it is the crazy life of hollywod. there is such a false reality and many celebs completely lose themselves in it! Look at Kate Gosslin! She’s hardly a “valid” celebrity but she drank the kool aid and has become utterly dilusional. it happens to the vast majority–this is the root of Demi’s problem, IMHO. Mila is aging faster than an olympic skier coming down the slope and Ashton will do the same to her. just hope she keeps sight of who she really is as her own celebrity fades

  28. Starlight says:

    This will serve as a warning to those women who are thinking of marrying younger men.

  29. Starlight says:

    Demi is beautiful but she needs to move on. I still like her as one of my favorite movie stars.

  30. j.eyre says:

    Oh yay – there is an article on Matthew Perry in the next issue…

  31. Sara says:

    She needs to move on, so many fish in the sea for her to date. The thing is, she could easily look ten years younger by gaining 15 lbs, getting some good sleep, eating healthy, and stop smoking if she still does. Time to put some meat on your bones Demi.

  32. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    My take on the older man/younger woman thing is gonna offend a lot of people but I’ll say it anyway: GENERALLY, men value beauty and women value money, so that’s what they are looking for in the other.

    If you look at classic paintings, we never see paintings of naked men, only women. That’s because women are beautiful and decorative in a way that men aren’t. And through history, women have been disadvantaged with respect to income and power.

    However, as we age, a person’s beauty fades, but money and power tend to increase. That’s why a man doesn’t have to worry about getting older, because what he is valued for (money and power) most likely will still there. Then there’s the biological factor than an older man may still be able to have kids whereas it’s very difficult for an older woman, so men and put things off longer.

    And I know that’s not how things SHOULD be. I’m really a feminist who thinks all women should go to college, supports equal pay for equal work, pro-choice, etc. I think things SHOULD be different. But I believe that’s the way things ARE.

    • lafairy says:

      Thanks for the nice glimpse back to middle -age…

      Also you should study more “paintings” and art in general… as some greatly known painters and sculptors from the exact classical and modern era tend to vehemently differ from you…

      The looks /power in history was based on the fact that women weren’t educated at all and weren’t even considered as intelligent, so they were chosen and offered by their family just like any cow at the farmer market…

      and when they were really powerful (queens and empresses), they tended to suprisingly reverse the looks/power dynamics and be the one with power looking for youth and looks… surprisingly…

      Besides being really offensive, your comment is very abstruse and regarding history or art anything BUT accurate.

    • Jayna says:

      I tebd to agree, but men can also become very handsome in their middle-aged years. Men aren’t pretty, so as they age let’s face it, lines and a rugged look on a man can be very sexy if they’re in shape. Lines and loose skin on an aging woman isn’t so hot.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Noah Wylie were all very beautiful when very young men. None have aged at all well, IMO.

        Elizabeth I liked her toyboys. Ancient Greece worshipped youthful male beauty. I don’t think you can call it “hardwired” when it’s culturally specific, really.

      • lafairy says:

        @Kate (new one): you shouldn’t have bother to answer to Jayna… she is well known to always have this very backward opinion: older men= awesome they can’t do wrong/ women over 30= hags who should dress very conservatively.

        You would get used to it and even find very funny to have a glimpse of what it was like to be a woman in the 19th century;)! LOl!

        We should even thank her for the incredibly vivid historic feeling she is providding…^^;D

    • april says:

      You are absolutely right, Mrs. Krabapple. I’ve read the same things by many experts that men value beauty and women value money. It’s in our hardwiring.

      That’s why it is a huge risk for an older woman to date any man more than 5 years younger than her. And, the break up for an older woman dating a younger man is very hard on her. I feel for Demi, she fits the classic example of dating a man way too young.

      I dated a man 14 years younger than I but had no delusions of it going anywhere but short term. I would not want to go through what Demi went through.

    • Aotearovian says:

      Your post got me thinking of Michelangelo’s David – such a shining example of (nude) masculinity in art, and one of the most-visited artworks in the world . . . but seriously, as far as I can tell, men would rather look at women naked than vice versa, so I see what you’re getting at.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Mrs.Krabapple – Very astute.

      I’m going to accept the probability my comment will offend a couple steps further, and add that women’s reproductive parts (save for the boobs) are all neatly tucked-in on the inside, while men’s are just hanging and dangling out there. I think that adds quite a bit to the whole mystique of and fascination with naked women on the men’s part, and it’s evident in works of art. (Look at all the statues of men with penii removed or broken off, due to what was viewed as “proper” and “obscene” and all that other jazz at the time.)

      I agree that women have been (and still are) valued on their virginity (historically) and their looks (both historically and presently), while men have historically (and presently) been the ones to inherit both the money AND power based on their gender.

      It’s not right, but there it is. (And I haven’t read the article or the other comments, other than yours.)

    • candigirl says:

      Mrs. Krabapple, it’s a pity that a “classic painting” art connoisseur such as yourself has missed the Sistine Chapel, I highly recommend viewing it. Also Michaelangelo’s sculpture of “David” is considered one of the finest interpretations of the human body, in all of art history. See also an artist named “DaVinci.” I believe if you google him dear, his work, many fine sketches of nude men, will appear.

  33. Guest says:

    It is always sad when a relationship/marriage goes bad, however that union was likely doomed from the start.
    I can see a hot romance with a younger man but not permanence. Eventually the time comes when one has to get on with life.
    Aston and Mila make a lovely couple.End of.
    My ex-husband is 10 years younger and there was no bitterness in the parting. I wish him well; one has to be mature about these matters.

  34. Kim says:

    I guess Heidi will be marrying BG.She doesn’t. Like dating

  35. Lachica says:

    I think that they were legally married and that this is how Ashton is forcing her to sign the damn papers.

  36. Phil E Stein says:

    Not only has she been rejected but she also has to put with getting her nose rubbed in it by seeing Ashton and Mila parading around smitten with each other. Yeah, I get it. But so what? Suck it up Princess just like the rest of us have to.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    They were never legally married. I maintain that position (from which I’ve not wavered, not even since their “commitment ceremony”) and will continue to do so.

    Exes, whether married or not, move on (oftentimes prior to break-up/divorce) whether we like it or not. It just IS.

    YES, it sucks. YES, it hurts. But DEAL WITH IT.

  38. Violet says:

    That cover story strikes me as a case of bullying. Worse, they’re going after someone who’s potentially suicidal.

    We could talk until the cows come home about the less-than-stellar choices Demi has made in her personal life, but the bottom line is that she’s in a pretty fragile state of mind and physically she’s not in the best shape either, having recently been hospitalized.

    Whoever is behind this article needs to back the f*ck off and give her some space.

  39. lena horne says:

    i think demi should look to start working again. She had a job when she OD’d last winter. Plus-she should spend some time with people or something that is a charity-to think about less fortunate people.Perhaps, the homeless or a animal shelter.

  40. EllenOlenska says:

    I hope Demi gets her priorities straight and starts taking better care of herself. I will say, I went thru an unexpected divorce about the same time as the brad/jenifer/angelina thing. It was very hard and the end of a long term marriage. I remember going thru the grocery line at the store and thinking, “well at least I dont have to look at my ex and the woman he moved on with every week on the cover of People” Demi has made some goofy mistakes and may well be shallow etc, but it cant be a picnic to be looking at your ex everywhere you go.

  41. Grace says:

    Good heavens really? Demi pull it the fk together. Instead of trying to compete with 25-year-olds why don’t you just grab a Greek billionaire who is 70 years old and lets you do what the hell you want. Then you can rent all the Ashtons you want.Snap out of it.

  42. Grace says:

    Oh and message to Mila: once a cheater always a cheater.

  43. Molly says:

    I hate to put a blanket over ALL age challenged relationships, but this is exactly the reason why “cougar” relationships dont work…

    • lafairy says:

      yeaaah…. maybe we should tip Susan Sarandon on that matter, Susan who dumped franco amurri (12 years her junior) for tim robins (also 12 years her junior) with whom she stayed 20 years before dumping him for a man 30 years a junior…

      It’s not “cougar” (God that word is offfensive!) relationships that don’t work… it’s more “douchebag” relationships that are doomed from the very beginning.

      Otherwise ladies like Julianne Moore, Tilda Swinton or Susan Sarandon apprently have no problem to have and maintain committed relationships with way younger men…

  44. teddy says:

    Pay attention everyone This is Huvane’s rewind of the last and everlasting “Aniston Pitch”
    equals “Poor ditched me”
    He is Demis publicist!!! same old thing
    this man gets paid for this?

  45. Dredz says:

    Many women are heartbroken everyday, but Demi is RICH… RICH… RICH!!!. If I were her, I’d just move to Paris and start a new life. They’re more appreciative of older beauties over there (Catherine Deneuve, Kinski etc). Whatever happened to her pet project the Coco Chanel biography?. She should be able to pull it off, instead she prefers acting like a pathetic teenager.

  46. Hakura says:

    I hate to admit it, but I do feel *some* sympathy (& concern) for her. *Only* because her entire life seems to have fallen apart around her (which was, definitely, the result of her own actions).

    But it’s very sad that she’s damaged her relationship with her daughters on top of being so hung up on someone who has since moved on. Add that to her serious age obsession & self esteem problems that affect her eating habits, & you have a recipe for complete disaster.