Are Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy fighting on the set of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’?

Charlize Theron made my Enemies List when she actively participated in W Magazine’s odd, Harelquin romance-esque faux-p0rn photo shoot with Michael Fassbender. I wrote her an open letter at the time, detailing my disappointment with her. I get that she loves a rough-and-tumble Irishman. But she really needed to stop throwing herself at Fassy. It was getting gross. Well, Charlize has been MIA for months and months since then – she flew to Namibia to begin work on Mad Max: Fury Road with actors like Tom Hardy, Zoe Kravitz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more. I assumed that Charlize would get along with Tom Hardy – he seems like her type of guy, and God knows, Charlize is a Man’s Woman. But according to Radar, Tom and Charlize did not have a very good relationship at all.

There’s no love lost between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road, is exclusively reporting. The British method actor has been driving the South-African born Oscar winner crazy by constantly talking to himself during breaks in filming the remake of the 70s cult classic, an on-set source claims.

Charlize, the source says, just can’t believe Tom has to stay in character when they’re not filming and thinks he’s a “weirdo!”

“Charlize and Tom are just not getting on together,” the source told “Professionally, they are doing a wonderful job, but in-between takes Tom likes to stay in character and is constantly talking to himself and mumbling things.”

“Charlize has tried to talk to him during breaks in filming but he shuts himself off from the rest of the cast. She has the ability to switch off when she’s not filming, and can immediately turn into her character as soon the camera’s rolling. However, he prefers to isolate himself and Charlize thinks he’s a weirdo! But I don’t think that bothers him, he just does his own thing,” the source revealed.

Mad Max: Fury Road has already been besieged with problems, Warner Bros. reportedly sent out superstar producer Denise Di Novi to Namibia to oversee production after the project ran over budget and behind schedule. George Miller, the director at the helm of the big-budget reboot, has suffered similar fate before; his last film Happy Feet Two also ran over budget and ended up flopping in the movie theaters.

It was enough to cause Warner Bros. to panic and make sure a close eye is kept on the maverick director. The fourth movie in the famed Mad Max series, which made a star of Mel Gibson, is expected to wrap next month. It stars Hardy in Gibson’s role, alongside Theron, Brit stars Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Zoe Kravitz.

[From Radar]

Okay, I could see that. Charlize seems like the kind of person who would prefer to just hang out when she’s done with a scene, but Tom Hardy seems like the kind of dude who thinks he’s the second coming of Marlon Brando (and maybe he is, who knows?). And maybe Tom just doesn’t want to hang out, you know? Every actor doesn’t have to play the bad-boy off-camera, and it always sounds like Tom has already sown his wild oats and he’s into his sobriety and being a better person these days. I doubt it’s some major controversy, though. I’m sure Charlize will be posing Harlequin-style with Tom in no time.

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  1. bns says:

    I believe it. Didn’t she give some quote about method actors being pretentious and full of sh*t?

    • Talie says:

      Yes, she’s very vocal about making fun of people who identify as “artists”

    • Liv says:

      Yes, she complained about those actors before and I totally believe the story 😉 Charlize is probably drinking with the crew and he’s like “Sorry, I’m Mad Max”.

  2. Amelia says:

    I somehow get the feeling Charlize wouldn’t really care one way or the other.
    She’s been working in Hollywood for years, she’s probably seen all there is to see regarding actors’ kooky habits and she’ll know how to deal with them by now. I’m inclined to take this with a rather large pinch of salt.
    Personally, I’m more interested in how anyone could ever possibly label Rosie Huntington-Whitely as an actress.

  3. lisa2 says:

    Well one would think that Charlize would be with her son. I’m sure he is growing up so fast. Not judging her. just saying that is what I would think her spare time is for these days. Her son

  4. jinni says:

    Anyone thinks he’s the actor or one of the actors that she was discussing in that interview about how she hates method actors who act like their saving lives, faux deep, super artistes that take their jobs way too seriously?

    Anyway, maybe he doesn’t want to hang with her because she sometimes seems to try too hard to be down with the boys and flirts mercilessly with them (remember how she was acting on the promo tour with Michael; who has a girlfriend). Maybe he doesn’t want to start rumors about the nature of their working relationship, especially because he has a fiance.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Timeline doesn´t fit, I think she has worked with some method actors before and to them was she referring in general not specifically to Tom, she said this during the Prometheus promo and afterwards she started working on Mad Max, I think.
      If you watch the Lawless Press Conference in Cannes you can see, that Tom didn´t have any reservations getting REALLY close to Jessica Castain, so I doubt his fiancé is the reason for being distant.

    • A says:

      It was Noomi Rapace. Noomi is very method and she and Charlize looked incredibly frosty at the Prometheus press events. Plus, Charlize has said nice things about Chris Hemsworth, Fassy, KStew, and others but I don’t remember her ever complimenting Noomi.

      • Sachi says:

        Noomi also didn’t compliment Charlize. She gave a really awkward answer when asked what she thought of working with Charlize. She said something along the lines of them not spending much time together off set and their characters had a bit of animosity towards each other so they didn’t have much interaction at all. She was also asked if she and Charlize got to know each other better during the press tour but the answer was the same: no.

        Noomi and Tom are also good friends. Make of that what you will. 😉

  5. Flor says:

    Charlize is a cow and a man’s woman. Tom, on the other hand, is a sweetheart and I cannot blame him for wanting to give a good performance and caring about his work. He is a method actor and understands that acting is much more than just faking a personality and saying your lines.

  6. pretty says:

    I want him to cut his hair and that disgusting looking beard and go back to this way!

    is it too much to ask??? he’s so handsome.
    That slik back hair and beard are so not working… T_T

    • Helen says:

      I don’t know who you are, but you just made my list of favorite people of all times.

      Indeed, it’s a shame Tom’s hiding such good looks underneath greasy hair and beard, but I’ll give him a pass this once because it’s for a movie.

      But I do love you for posting these links!

  7. V4Real says:

    Oh she should just deal with it. Even though I would probably be annoyed at someone who stays in character at all times. Maybe it’s his way of staying focused or it’s a ploy to keep her at bay and to avoid all her offscreen antics and come ons. From what I’ve heard about her diva attitude I would probably stay in character as well to avoid talking to her. Then again if he stays in character how much fighting could they be doing?
    On a different note wasn’t Pacino a method actor?

  8. Justyna says:

    I can picture it. Hardy is known for treating his acting very seriously, even too seriously. He had conflicts with other actors before, the biggest probably with Paul Bettany. Hardy himself confirmed or even bragged about slapping Bettany in the face, because he dared to criticise his way of working. I like Hardy as an actor very much, but I think the method acting to the point of being insufferable is too much. It’s called acting for a reason, actors should be able to recreate the story rather than living it. Like Laurence Oliver allegedly said to overly method Dustin Hoffman: “Try acting, my dear!”.

    • Flor says:

      Oh yeah, but Dustin Hoffman is a much better actor than Sir LAurence Olivier, to be honest. It’s the difference between what Daniel Day Lewis does and what say, Tom Hanks does. Both are AMAZING actors but one takes your breath away.

      • Justyna says:

        Different people, different opinions. For me Olivier was the one who “takes your breah away” and he didn’t need to become a king, Russian doctor, former nazi, or an angry, sociopathic aristocrat to play all of those characters wonderfully. I understand how method acting might be really helpful, but too much is too much. If you start behaving like Christian Bale on set of Terminator, you should just stop and try to act instead. Acting-wise, Michael Fassbender is in the same league as Hardy and they are always mentioned together as the future of cinema but Fassbender is known for socializing with everyone on set between takes (joking with JLaw, dancing with that girl from Fish Tank, singing with Viggo etc.) and it doesn’t make him less of an actor or corrupt his acting process. Both him and Hardy can take your breath away, one with being oh so method and the other – with simply acting when needed.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        Oh, wow. I just have to chime in and echo Justyna on the “different opinions” here. For me, Laurence Olivier is in a class of his own. (Sorry, Dustin – you’re good, but you’re not THAT good.)

    • Jess says:

      I remember Shia saying something about TOm as well. Basically that he’s a pain in the ass to work with and they didn’t get along… And that is coming from Shia LaBoueuf.

  9. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I can totally see this being true. I doubt she is angry about it but I can see how she might be irritated. Tom Hardy is an AMAZING actor. I don’t care what he feels he needs to do to turn out an impecable performance, as long as he keeps doing it.

    And I will echo what others said-his mouth is so beautiful and it is a travesty for him to cover it with an unkempt beard.

  10. lori says:

    I buy it too. He’s admitted to extreme neediness. I can’t picture her being able to tolerate that for long.

  11. Sean says:

    Isn’t it good that the hero and the bad guy are fighting in real life too? Might make their performances much better.

  12. Emma says:

    I think she’s beautiful and talented and I’d hate to blame it on the woman but she seems soooooo difficult to get along with. I noticed it in SWATH press and the Oscar round table thing, she’s so obnoxious and tries way too hard. She’s freaking exhausting to listen to.

  13. taxi says:

    He needs to get some thicker eyebrows from somebody like Pattinson who needs to thin his.

    Also shave the neck. Neck hair is too gross.

  14. Nan209 says:

    Tom seems like a sassy lil’ b**ch who would be generally a lot of work to be around. I agree with CT that the method actors are annoying and pretentious ( cuz they are given so much more credit when really that are just a- holes). I’m not a big CT fan either ( over exposure is just as big of annoyance as method actors), I just happen to agree with her.

  15. Feebee says:

    If an actor’s being a horrible person then feel free to bitch about it but to do that because of the way they approach their job/craft is petty. If you can’t deal with your fellow actor being all ‘method’ just stay away and talk to someone else.

    Not begrudging Ms Theron her Oscar but I think we all know that winning an Oscar has little to do with overall acting talent.

  16. dahlianoir says:

    Team Charlize.

  17. j.eyre says:

    I guess I don’t quite understand what she is so rankled about? I understand she wants to chat with her co-stars but if he doesn’t, wouldn’t you just move on? Everybody has their own way of getting through things. I really like Charlize but if this is true, there must be more to it.

    I remember James McAvoy said he had trouble getting close with Forest Whitaker during Last King because he stayed in character the whole time – but not that it was a problem.

    Good lord, I talk to myself all the time – and I have no talent (or reason) at all!

    • Sachi says:

      Yeah, I don’t know why it should bother her. If he’s not nasty to her, IMO it shouldn’t be a source of problem or called ‘not getting along’.

      Some people just like to get along with every one, but when rebuffed or turned down, they get angry. I mean, if the person doesn’t want to be friends and want to keep the relationship only on professional terms, then fine. Move on.

      I talk to myself all the time, too. But that’s because I’m probably a little loopy. 😀

  18. Nicole says:

    I can’t have anyone talking about my imaginary boyfriend, Tom! I saw the press conferences for Rock N Rolla and Lawless, and Tom seemed to get along with his co stars. Charlize seems really bitchy. Doesn’t she hang out with Chelsea Handler?

  19. Sefa says:

    Tom does strike me as the kind of guy who really throws himself into his work when he’s on it. I have no doubt Charlize is the kind of woman who naturally gets on with guys, but even Tom says he’s more of a quiet feminine guy, despite his exterior.

  20. Punisher says:

    Short update from Namibia !!!

    FR is behind and over budget !!!

    The local extras get paid only ZAR 450.00 per day!!!!!

    But the only one to blame is the South African Moonlighting Movie Company !!!

    They fuckt up Gallowalker a cupple of years a go !!!

    Be a ware of that South Africans !!!
    In the future use NAMIBIAN company’s

    Greetings from the desert

  21. Rose says:

    Maybe they’re not close behind the scenes because they’re supposed to hate each other onscreen? A lot of actors playing enemies distance themselves.

    I can’t help but imagine these two getting mad then taking a roll in the hay. Two talents, two egos, I can’t be the only one picturing them getting freaky *sighs*

  22. Miss Beca says:

    Okay I’ll just say it–why do people think Tom Hardy is attractive? He looks hobo-ish and he has the grossest lips I’ve ever seen. I just don’t get it.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      Cosigned! I keep squinting my eyes and looking, but I just don’t get it.

      Oh well, guess we all have different tastes!

  23. shaboo says:

    In don’t think there’s a good excuse for being unfriendly or difficult at work. Bragging about slapping a colleague in the face is just douchey.

  24. Li says:

    I worked for George Miller and the guy is an *sshole. Can’t help myself but I wan’t the movie to flop.
    If George Miller is under pressure I’m sure he is giving anyone on set a hard time. I feel for them. 🙁

  25. Sachi says:

    Funny, because almost every one of Tom’s co-stars seemed to have gotten along fine with him. He and Jessica Chastain get along really well.

    Lots of videos of behind the scenes during Inception filming show him playing with his co-stars (even Leo), and there are those photos of him and Christian Bale just hugging it out during the actual filming of TDKR. Apparently, Christian said in the middle of the big riot/fighting sequence that he was tired and he and Tom just hugged and laughed instead of staying in character.

    I don’t think he’s a method actor, though. He has said in the past that he is not one, and I think being “method” is like a bandwagon nowadays. People see an actor being serious with his craft and they automatically assume they’re method.

    Dustin Hoffman is method. Christian Bale is method.

    Daniel Day Lewis is probably the most method , and he and Liam Neeson fell out because DDL always stayed in character and Liam was not happy about it when DDL wouldn’t call him by his real name when they met in the gym. 😀

    That being said, and this is off-topic, but I can’t wait to see Lincoln. It looks amazing from the trailer and DDL will probably blow my mind like he always does. 😉

  26. Genevieve says:

    They’re not fighting, it’s call sexual tension.

  27. Starsh says:

    I will never understand why you lot give Charlize (and many other strong women actors) such a hard time. it’s galling on a woman’s gossip site. She is known by her peers to be a lot of fun and very down to earth. Yet women seem to be so threatened by her. All this talk of flirting etc is all hearsay or based on promotion for films – its hardly Real! Theron also totally deserved her Oscar. She was fantastic in Young Adult too. Give my girl a break. hardy looks like an over-serious, hairy idiot.

  28. lisa brown says:

    I know nothing about Charlize beside being a fantastic actress. I’m following Tom for years now and he seems to me a very funny, down to earth guy. Yes, he take’s his profession very seriously, but also denies he’s a method actor. He is always very easy-going with his co-stars (see YOUTUBE), so….don’t believe everything they say!