Shia LaBeouf, indie king, demands $18 million for next ‘Transformers’ film

Shia LaBeouf

These are photos from a few months ago of the premiere of The Company You Keep at the Venice film festival. They’re not really noteworthy except to say that Shia looks gross (as he always does these days) and that he’s obviously thrilled to be hanging on the arm of Robert “Bob” Redford, who apparently feels the same way and will let Shia get away with bar fighting and then welcome him on set with open arms the next day. If I were Shia, I’d make sure I didn’t screw up this professional relationship with “Bob” because it turns out that Steven Spielberg has finally had enough of Shia’s crap.

It turns out that Spielberg has been quietly resenting how Shia publicly rambled on about Spielberg “dropping the ball” in regards to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Of course, Shia had already decided by that time that he was going to go on to rule the world of indie film, so (during the promotion for Lawless) he progressed into ranting about how studios “stick a finger up your ass,” and he claimed to be totally done with blockbusters. Then Shia took a shot at Transformers by saying, “I would just like to make movies about people now,” and “If I could give the money back and get all the credibility in the world that I’m seeking, I would do it tomorrow.” Well of course Shia didn’t mean a damn word of what he was spewing because he’s apparently on board for the fourth Transformers movie, and he’s demanded an $18 million salary as if the franchise should be grateful to have him. In an interesting twist and according to Star, Spielberg has apparently told Shia to stuff it. No raise for him, and if he doesn’t like it, get lost:

Shia LaBeouf

Just kidding! Shia LaBeouf is backtracking on his vow to stop making blockbusters. Despite his repeatedly bac-mouthing the Transformers franchise, he is on board for the next flick, Star has learned. Not only that, he wants a $3 million raise from the $15 million paycheck he received for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But his lips may have cost him!

“It wasn’t lost on producer Steven Spielberg how well The Amazing Spider-Man didwithout Tobey Maguire,” reveals the source. “Besides, special effects are th real star of Transformers. And Steven isn’t about to divert CGI funds to please Shia — he’ll find another actor.

But the 26–year-old is dissing his studio bosses and demanding more money. “Shia complains about the lack of a script but talks like being in the movie is a foregone conclusion.” With all this flip-flopping, maybe he should run for public office!

[From Star, print edition, November 12, 2012]

Shia is so deluded if he thinks he’s indispensible to Hollywood. While it’s true that he should have been thrown out on his ear a few years ago, he ended up outlasting the likes of Megan Fox (who also said some really stupid things, but nothing worse than Shia) because he’s “one of the guys.” Eventually, he’ll get his due, but first, he’ll make us watch him have actual sex first. Gross.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

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  1. Lemonade says:

    I think, given the HUGE transformers total gross performance at the box office, he could do with 3 million raise if he wasnt such a douche about it. The movies kind of center around his nerdy sarcasm and the robots after all. Never bite the hand that feeds you though. Look at Megan Fox….she’s up to nothing in the film industry even prior to having a baby. Shia may have more indie options these days but its the blockbusters who make it possible for him to do indie films and still have a beverly hills roof over his head

  2. Ann says:

    The key words in this article were “according to Star”. Which pretty much means it’s likely bullsh*t.

    They days of $18 million actor fees are pretty much over. Anyone being compensated close to that neighborhood would have to be A+++ list actors. Which Shia is not.

    I never understood his appeal. He’s not attractive, or charming, or especially talented. My reaction to him has always been “meh”.

    Did anyone ever figure out what that artsy fartsy short was, that he did in the nude, like he was a butterfly or something? That was one of the weirdest things I ever saw. Career suicide potential, IMO.

    • carrie says:

      +1 on “according to Star”

    • Tapioca says:

      K-Stew made $34 million this (last?) year because she’s an integral part of a huge pile of cinematic excrement movie franchise so I can easily believe these figures.

      I would, however, give Spielberg my spare kidney if he told Shia LaDouche to spin on his middle finger and hired an unknown.

      • Ann says:

        But KStew’s haul included $25 mil for two Twilight movies that were filmed together, or $12.5 mil each. So it’s really unlikely Shia would get anywhere near $18 mil for one Transformers movie.

        And I agree, Shia’s role could easily be recast, with no loss.

  3. flan says:

    The most annoying young ‘star’ in Hollywood.

  4. dref22 says:

    Why does he have a movie career when so many awesome and talented actors can only work in TV business? I agree with the commenter above: He has no talent, he is not handsome, he is not charming, he is too boring!

    • bcgirl says:

      I have always assumed that Shia (and Toby M.) were both cast in their roles to appeal to the average MALE, sort of an “average unattractive guy gets the hot girl…so can you!” thing. Kind of like all of the fat guy / skinny pretty wife tv shows out there.

      Cause males are more important to appeal to in Hollywood, right? Girls will swoon over anyone you cast, even Shia! It’s men that need to be dragged to the box office.
      I really believe this, but I was also hoping Hollywood would learn from this stupid idea with the likes of grown up Shia. Haha joke’s on them. And by the way we ladies need not only more hot males in movies but also at least ONE hot guys magazine, á la Maxim etc. God that would be sweet.

  5. Bubbling says:

    I understand the poor bastard, it’s not like he is ever again going to get paid, or that he will do another mega box office hit. Head shot is hilarious in it’s douchiness!!! I know word douche is dated, but seriosly how better to describe him?!

  6. debbi says:

    this dude’s ego knows no bounds, wow. When are these idiots in these Transformer movies (him/MF) going to realize no one goes to action movies for the stars. They go for the action and the explosions. Open a movie that doesn’t have CGI and then talk about your paycheck.

  7. Bobby the K says:

    He looks like a goof.

    I don’t understand why studios don’t call the bluff on these diva like ‘actors’.

    ‘Your movie won’t be popular without ME ME ME’

    Are you all sure about that? There are easily dozens if not hundreds of equally talented performers who could do the same job just as well or better.

    Different actors sometimes play the same character in the same franchise, like Batman. Why not expand the concept and give the work and money to someone more authentic who would appreciate what they have been offered.

  8. jani says:

    Shia just wants to be fairly compensated for being the truly towering artistic talent that he is. So does my cat. Unfortunately, she’s not going to see 18 million cans of tuna and she’s actually cute. I hope that Homely La Douche receives only his paltry $15 million. I really, really hope he gets fired so that he can be free to pursue his art freely for free.

    Mr. Redford please stop whatever is going on on top of your head. You were lucky enough to be one of the most gorgeous human beings on the planet for many decades. Don’t kill that for me now.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      @jani – If there must be another Transformers film (why, God? why?), I can honestly say I’d rather see your cat acting in them. Might actually make the films watchable.

      But as she’s a first time film kitty – I’d lower your asking price to 6 million cans of tuna. 😉

  9. T.C. says:

    Shia has talked more trash than Megan Fox ever did but kept his job because he is a better actor than her but he is taking this too far. You are replaceable homes. Read the writing on the wall.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      THIS. I don’t have anything against Fox, but she’s not a good actress.

      Actors in big-budget action movies re completely replaceable. They’re basically the equivalent of props, meaning their secondary to the explosions and robots. People who go see Transformers aren’t there for Shia, they’re there for Optimus.

      He might be asking for a raise as a bluff. If he’s not locked into contract then I would imagine, based on what he’s been saying, that he’s not too keen on doing another Transformers.

  10. Mauibound says:

    Teenage Shia seemed like a sweet, akward and hard working young man, boy did he sink into douchedom

  11. mk yarwood says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Robert Redford looks so skeevy

  12. mk yarwood says:

    p.s. Nice lifts. He is teeny IRL.

  13. lisacuddy says:

    Am i the only one who can’t see what is all the fuss about him? He’s not that much of a good actor and not a looker by any means. How can he make that much money?

  14. j.eyre says:

    Oh but I love Robert Redford. I do, I really do. And I know he has aged and not in the best way and I don’t like that he is photographed next to that greasy Dick Tracy wanna-be but honestly, when I clicked on this post (lord knows why – must have been the power of Redford calling me) I gasped and swooned.

    I am going to go watch Up Close and Personal now and replay the scene of him at the bottom of the escalator until I am forced, sobbing, into a fetal position.

  15. Kaboom says:

    He was spot on in his evaluation of Indiana Jones IV, though.

  16. Incredulous says:

    I cannot look at Shia these days without thinking of Tom Hardy’s hilarious response to Shia saying he knocked Tom out.

    Seriously, look it up, Tom Hardy is a funny guy.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      He said: “[Pnut] was concerned for me. I was like, ‘What was that? It was lightning fast’. And he said, ‘That was Shia’. I said, ‘F**kin’ hell. Can we go home now?’ ‘No, we’ve still got three weeks to finish.””

      Bahaha, Tom Hardy gained just major points.

  17. Danilo says:

    Who do ya’ll like? Seems to me that there’s a consensus that ya’ll can’t stand him. I’m not a Shia honk but I do like him on Transformers And ‘The Crystal Skulls”. I haven’t seen Lawless but I’m sure it ain’t sh*tty. Sure he acts stupid sometimes and says a lot of dumb crap but what celebrity doesn’t? I’m not going to sit here and Proclaim that he’s god’s gift to acting or show business, because he isn’t obviously. But he’s also not the representation of everything that’s wrong with the world either

  18. Danilo says:

    Who do ya’ll like? Seems to me that there’s a consensus that ya’ll can’t stand him. I’m not a Shia honk but I do like him on Transformers And ‘The Crystal Skulls”. I haven’t seen Lawless but I’m sure it ain’t shitty. Sure he acts stupid sometimes and says a lot of dumb crap but what celebrity doesn’t? I’m not going to sit here and Proclaim that he’s god’s gift to acting or show business, because he isn’t obviously. But he’s also not the representation of everything that’s wrong with the world either

  19. karen says:

    We’re also there for Tyrese and Josh. But their characters are never developed at all. The way I heard it Tyrese got a massive $6mill for the first Transformers, which was way more than any of the other actors. Shia’s big advantage is that he can act act act. Bay was totally dismissive of Megan’s acting ability in the commentary for Transformers1. So that’s obviously an important quality. Might as well get back on board. Would love a 4th movie in the series.

  20. Shy says:

    I don’t believe it’s true. I don’t believe that Michael Bay will take ask back. Because there is no need. Megan was out and no one even noticed. It still made huge money. And Michael Bay is so fed up and angry with all those actors complain and call Transformers joke that he will not want to have whiny Shia again. Remember that angry letter to Hugo Weaving few weeks ago?

    And problem with Shia is that he lost all his teenage charm. He was charming and funny teen in first Transformers. But all his charm is gone. He was pathetic and sad in last Transformers. It was painful to watch his depressing face.

    I don’t believe he has any chance to come back. They will find another pretty face and will make huge money. They can easily take Chris Hemsworth and make 400 millions. Or Liam, or any other charismatic young actor. It’s all about franchise now and not about specific actor. Everybody is replaceable.

  21. jan says:

    The Transformer movies have made Billions and Billions of dollars worldwide, so Shia asking for 18 mil is reasonable. He deserves it. Naive to think the corporation and executives are not making more than the starring actor.