Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I’m invincible.’

Jennifer Lawrence

Yesterday, we covered Jennifer Lawrence’s latest, big-haired Elle photoshoot, and I neglected to mention that she was wearing a white Balenciaga dress on the cover of the magazine. Honestly though? The dress doesn’t even matter because JLaw’s lips and extensions are taking center stage. Not to mention the body that just won’t quit.

Speaking of Jennifer’s body (not the dreadful movie starring Megan Fox), parts of the Elle interview have leaked, and sure enough, JLaw is talking about what a fattie she is again. Or at least, she’s paying more lip service to how Hollywood standards dictate that she’s definitely a “heavier” actress because she’s not a “lollipop; instead, she eats like a real person and occasionally indulges in five deep-dish slices of pizza with ranch on the side for dinner. For shame, right? To me, Jennifer’s stance is far different from that of Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga, who seem to be saying, “I shouldn’t be called fat because I’m a certain size, but I don’t mind if you bully people who really are fat.” Instead, Jennifer is saying, “they are criticizing me for looking normal,” (in response to critics calling her “beefy“) and she is well aware that dropping to a size 2 would only encourage fans of Katniss to do the same. Here are some excerpts from the Elle interview:

Jennifer Lawrence

On her body: “In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach. I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress who doesn’t have anorexia rumors. I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I keep waiting for that one role to come along that scares me enough into dieting, and it just can’t happen. I’m invincible.”

Why she won’t starve herself: “I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner.’ That’s something that I was really conscious of during training, when you’re trying to get your body to look exactly right. I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong, not thin and underfed.”

On Nicholas Hoult: “[My boyfriend] is honestly my best friend, and hopefully I’m his best friend too. He’s my favorite person to be around and he makes me laugh harder than anybody. We can eat Cheetos and watch beach volleyball and we turn into perverted Homer Simpsons, like, ‘Oh, she’s got a nice ass.’ I never thought we’d have such different opinions on asses.”

She hasn’t bought a mansion yet: “Ten million dollars and I’m still living in my parents’ condo. I’ve always lived in a tiny rat-infested apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in [her native] Kentucky. I think it would be very bizarre to live in a big mansion by myself.”

[From Elle]

On that last note, we once posted photos of Jennifer’s $600,000 condo that her parents paid for before she was famous, so I guess that’s why she refers to it as her condo. The place is a 2BR nook in Santa Monica, and I think Jennifer does live there by herself, but it’s nice that she hasn’t splashed out on some huge, overwrought mansion. If I were an actress, this is what I’d do too. Get a little place that’s just big enough, and throw the rest in the bank.

Here are some photos of Jennifer leaving the gym after training for Catching Fire. There is no possible justification for describing her as “beefy” in my book — she’s healthy and toned, and quite frankly, she could probably kick all our asses in one hot minute.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Elle, Fame/Flynet, and WENN

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  1. Chatcat says:

    I love this girl…as a person and she is a talented actress. Hope she doesn’t get turned by the Hollyweird machine. More aspiring lady celebs should try to look like and behave like her…healthy and happy…both mentally and physically.

    • marie says:

      completely agree..

    • LadyAnne says:

      + 2

    • The Original Genevieve says:


      This girl is gorgeous in every single way and whatever her weight is, it’s nice not to see her clavicle and ribs showing through her clothes.

      Nice attitude, too! Everything about this girl says “grounded”. I am certain that a long, financially rewarding career in Hollyweird will be hers. If not? It sounds like she has the moxie to figure something else out.

      EPIC win!

    • V4Real says:

      I only have one problem with this post and that’s who in the hell called this young lady meaty. She has a body to die for. Most normal people would call her slim but I know it’s those damn Hollywood standards.

      Anyway her bod is kickass and check out the pic of her in the skirt. She looks fab. I’m a woman and I keep starring at her from neck down.

      • Miss Beca says:

        Right? She has the most enviable figure i’ve ever seen! Whoever called her “meaty” should have their credentials taken away.

      • testington` says:

        when she was first cast as Katniss many people complained that she didn’t look thin enough to be somebody living in District 12. They wanted some starved Keira Knightly type in the role and I’m glad the producers, and Jennifer’s people decided to go with her being a healthy size. She’s obviously thinner than your average American, but really this size is a healthy ideal and should be celebrated.

  2. heatheradair says:

    I’m holding out hope that it IS possible that she can remain “normal” and well-adjusted. I fear the day that she’s looking like Nicole Richie on the beach from back in the day, saying, “oh, my metabolism just really kicked in when I hit 25″ or whatever……..

    For now, I’ll choose to believe that it IS possible to insulate yourself from the body image crap, because she looks amazing (and — let’s be honest — thinner and fitter and healthier than most of us).

  3. BreeinSEA says:

    I love her body! She seems like a sweet, down to earth goofball. I’m hoping this lasts and she beats the Hollywood odds of EDs and stereotypes.

  4. RN says:

    I think that women have been scammed about weight for so long. It’s just another form of repression. If you’re starving all the time, then you don’t have the energy for anything else, especially political or social action. It keeps women “in their place”, so to speak.

    If women harnessed and redirected all the time, energy and money they spend on dieting and exercise, the world would be a different place.

    • lola says:

      So true, RN.

    • Amelia says:

      Very good point, RN, I never thought of it in that way.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Did you read the Beauty Myth?
      “A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience. Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.”
      ― Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        This point could apply to the common use of fragrances as well – people walking around smelling like flowery chemicals in order to have odour ‘protection’. The FDA doesn’t require any ingredient list on these perfumes – we have a quietly mad population with this fragrance epidemic as well.

    • Lisa says:

      Hmm. This is an interesting point, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Dieting (as in, being aware of what you eat, not just jumping from fad to fad) and exercise aren’t inherently harmful or wasteful. It’s counterproductive to spend five hours a day in the gym and another five planning what you eat, definitely. But there’s a happy middle ground. Someone else mentioned Naomi Wolf… that’s one problem I have with her, that she’s too focused on the extreme. You’re either starving and repressed or independent and nourished.

  5. diva says:

    We’ll see how long that last. Couple more years in Hollywood and couple more movie roles I doubt she will be saying the same thing.

  6. Lipsy says:

    I’m guilty of having never seen her movies… but I actually read all her interviews because she says some funny stuff. I hope she never changes!

  7. Eleonor says:

    This girl is right, I totally see her point.
    More than half of Hollywood actresses are underweight; I give a rest to the naturally thin ones, but in an industry where Victoria -4 size Beckham is one of the model JLaw can be seen as “fat”. Kudos for her for not starving herself.

  8. diva says:

    We will see how long that last. Couple more years in Hollywood and couple more movie roles I doubt she will be saying the same thing.

  9. Feisty says:

    They call her beefy because her head isn’t the biggest part of her body. And her arms don’t look like they would snap in half easily.

    She looks amazing and sounds like a normal person.

  10. Bella Bella says:

    Her body is insanely hot. She’s a gorgeous girl.

  11. Cam S says:

    I’d kill for her waist to hip ratio. Sexy as all get out. Being a bobble head doesn’t look good imo, I think it ages people. When they get too thin, then they have to get facial fillers to fill in where a woman’s natural fat would be. Big head + tiny body = looks unnatural to me. But to each their own, I don’t like body shaming women.

    To me, she IS thin. But perhaps since the camera adds pounds, actresses stay a little below normal weight?

  12. INeedANap says:

    She has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, and I love her teeny waist and fuller hips. It looks very feminine, but her workouts also make her look strong. And she is one of the few actresses I see leaving a gym with some sweat on her. Good on you JLaw!

    • T.C. says:

      She is one of the few that comes out looking like she actually worked out, sweaty and tired. There is no problem with losing weight for a role like a cancer patient but these actresses then keep that weight as their new normal. Starving their bodies.

      I like that she is aware Hunger Games fans do see her as a role model and will try to imitate her looks. Especially young girls.

  13. BW says:

    She looks skinny to me. Skinny, as in, nice normal skinny.

    Everyone in Hollywood must have body dysmorphic syndrome, given that they all seem to think duck lips, frozen foreheads and bolt ons look normal.

  14. Jessica says:

    I love this lady. She’s really good. I was particularly impressed by her answer to an interview from her “Winter’s Bone” days. Someone asked her if she felt sorry for the women living in that area (the impoverished area where the movie was filmed) and maybe the increased probability of spousal abuse there. She said “No, LA men cheat on their wives. It’s all different but it’s also all the same.” Or something to that effect. I guess I expected her to be condescending to that way of life or something but she came across as being insightful and smart.

  15. sal says:

    “I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong, not thin and underfed.” She is TOTALLY missing the point. While she is more muscular than others in District 12, Katniss IS thin and underfed. So sick of her talking about it and acting like people are attacking her. People are attacking her because she didn’t look right for the role.

    • kay says:

      well this is exactly what I think as well.

      Katniss was not fit and healthy, she was better fed than most from the Seam but not fit and healthy by far.

      This girl, playing Katniss, looks like she was from District 1 or 2, a Career. Not a girl from the Seam

      I cannot stand her, hate her bangs, her acting, her interviews. just so bland.

      • jess says:

        Agree with everything you said about her. She is overrated. Shes already on her way to being Leann Rimes skinny.

    • RN says:

      And the people who were attacking her for not “looking ‘right’ for the role” are people who are small-minded and unimaginative. Thank goodness intelligent people know that it’s ACTING and don’t expect an actor to match perfectly to every single word in the script. After all, how many movies were made about WWII where not every person featured wasn’t emaciated? Yet we all somehow understood the basic plot.

      • Summer says:

        you totally lost the point lol. people criticize her because she refuses to lose weight for a character that needs it. her attitude is very arrogant. no one is criticizing he acting though

      • RN says:

        @Summer, I got the point and my reply was on target. Disagreement doesn’t necessarily correlate to a lack of understanding, just as fiction doesn’t necessarily correlate to reality.

      • hoopjumper says:

        ITA. She was 100% convincing as Katniss. I would say I thought her hair and wardrobe were a little too nice for someone from District 12 (that leather jacket she wore to go hunting looked waay too expensive) but she was great.

        @Summer, question: as someone who found her less convincing as Katniss because of her weight, were you also bothered that Gale and Peeta weren’t underweight? (Gale was downright beefcakey.) I think part of the reason people are fed up with fans criticizing her weight by saying it isn’t true to the novel is that the same fans don’t seem to be saying anything about the boys…

      • kay says:


        I posted below that the guy casting was just as bad, that all the casting was to me, except Cinna, who was just boring but looked the part.

        but for the 3 main characters, it was terrible, just wrong. They looked like District 1 or 2, not 12.

        edited to add: Caesar Flickman was also pretty darn good in that role. But he looked as he should have as well, down to his make up.
        also, we can hardly be blamed if the press are not asking the guys about their weight, can we? Rest assured if there is ever a post on CB about the guys and how they feel about their bodies, I would comment I thought they were too “beefy” for the roles. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that I think.

      • Summer says:

        @hoopjumper the guys are terrible. zero chemistry with Jennifer and so boring to watch. PLus none is handsome and terrible acting. They are not movie stars like Jennifer.
        On a side note, I did not dislike Jennifer’s performance. I think she was pretty good. Although I don’t think she was as good as everyone says she was but that’s just my opinion. I enjoyed it. I just don’t like that she disrespects the material she is given. I think that as an actress that’s the first thing you should do but she is “invincible” so her ego will never let her understand that.

    • D1 says:

      It’s weird how people who complain about Lawrence looking unrealistic for someone malnourished & poverty-stricken solely focus on her weight and don’t also complain that she didn’t have missing/decaying teeth, thinning hair, and sallow, flaky skin.

      I guess some types of realism are more desirable than others. Bad teeth, skin, & hair may be realistic, but not they’re not pleasant to look at.

      • kay says:

        was she described in the book like that?

        If so I must have missed it.

        I think if you are going to make a novel into a movie, you owe it to the author and the audience who loved the novel to be as fair to it as possible.

        However, this is why I rarely see movies made from novels that I love, like Jack Reacher. The physical and emotional descriptions should be maintained from book to screen.

        I didn’t like the actors who played the other roles either, with perhaps the exception of Lenny Kravitz who played Cinna. Though he was as boring as hell in the movie and not at all in the book.

      • D1 says:

        If you were annoyed because her body looked unrealistic for a character who is a malnourished girl who lives in extreme poverty, but weren’t equally distracted by her absurdly unrealistic perfect white teeth and lovely complexion & hair, it might be worth asking yourself why that is.

        It’s quite interesting how illness, malnourishment, injury, etc. in female characters very rarely manifests itself in a way that would make them unappealing to look at.

        And of course, if any of us really cared about realism, we would have rejected the main premise of the film – that someone who was really that thin & malnourished would have the physical stamina to not only survive, but win, such a brutal & prolonged competition – as ridiculous.

      • kay says:

        You’ve gotten a bit mixed up.

        I don’t recall saying I was expecting her too look malnourished, etc etc.

        I am saying I expect characters to conform to the books images- artistic license is one thing, but having the main character be something she is not is entirely another.

        Katniss, in the book, is stronger than those in the Seam, because she can hunt and sell to provide for herself and family. She is not, by any means, meant to look like she comes from District 1. That is how she looks to me, even while in the Seam- polished, healthy.
        I would rather her look impoverished and then very much changed in appearance by the solid food and her team from the capital. But there is little difference in the movie- she looks pretty much the same throughout, and in the novels she very much is not.

        So you are somewhat correct- I would rather her look as she should for a girl from the Seam, who is then changed by the Capitol.
        So I don’t need to ask myself anything :)

        as for your comment about how she won- she didn’t win on strength, she won by using her mind and outwitting people (the tracker jacker nest, the berries).
        People helped her all along, she didn’t do it by herself.

        Now I do enjoy a good debate and this is a good one :) But I realized something even more important- I know waaay too much about these books!

      • hoopjumper says:

        @kay–Thanks for replying to my comment above. Technical difficulties are preventing me from replying to you on the proper thread. :)

        I saw your comment that you “didn’t like the actors who played the other roles either” but it wasn’t clear to me whether you just thought they were bad actors, boring, whatever, or if you had the same problem with their physiques that you had with Lawrence’s. Thanks for clarifying.

      • D1 says:

        @Kay – Then I assume you were also upset that Peeta didn’t lose his foot & part of his leg in the film, even though he did in the book?

        Besides a few disability advocacy groups, it seems like very few people felt moved to protest that the lead male love interest was no longer an amputee. Certainly, the people who yelled loudest about how Jennifer Lawrence’s body didn’t match the character oddly didn’t seem to feel the same way about Peeta, or be as worried about realism when it came to depicting the realistic costs of being forced to compete in the Hunger Games.

        Not to mention that it would have been genuinely groundbreaking for this type of film to depict a heroic lead character & love interest with a disability.

        And yes – shooting arrows long distances, hauling one’s body weight up trees, running at top speed over long distances, etc. requires a lot of physical strength & stamina. I’m quite tired of the “super-waif” trend – if you’re going to show me an action heroine, I want her to look like she could realistically do the things she’s doing.

      • kay says:

        @ D1

        Would you like me to pen an open letter for you?

        If you would, I will, and I will detail all that I did not enjoy about this movie.

        You assume too much. To assume that the only issue I have with this adaptation is her body type, is quite limited. There are many things I disliked about the movie.

        Upset? no. Annoyed? no. I don’t have an emotional investment in this movie, nor in this topic. I do enjoy a good debate though, but it seems you are not up to the task.

        However, if you would like me to start at the opening sequence and work my way through the movie I will. I have much to say.

        As a parting gift to you: The scene at the Cornucopia was horribly done.
        From the moment Cinna taps his fingers under his chin to say “head high” to Katniss as she goes up into the arena, I felt it. The book brought me there, my imagination brought me into that world.
        The movie did not even do that much for Cinna’s character. The battle scene at the Cornucpia itself, Katniss fighting for the orange backpack, the boy being knifed in front her- I felt that. In the movie, with no sound and in that strange cinematography, it was lifeless. It was nothing- no conveyance of emotion, no way to understand and feel what she did.
        It was poorly done. it could have been so much more.

        There!! if there is anything else I can write to please you, let me know.
        Perhaps next we can touch on Effie Trinket? Or the fact that Capitol in the movie was grey. Grey! Where were the colours? the Candy coloured building? the brightness so unlike the Seam and District 12? or they way they rushed her make overs, or the fact that her opening ceremony costume was repellent and not at all like the book?
        Or yes, the fact that Peeta did not lose his leg. He very much should have.

        edited to add: she didn’t just start doing those things once she hit the arena- that is how she lived every day. and yet she still was not as strong as the Careers, not as agile and used her mind to win. She was strong compared to… well, me for example. I could do any of those things. But in the context of the book, even WITH those skills she was still weaker. I hope that clarifies :)

      • D1 says:

        Nope, just wanted to give a Hunger Games specific example of what I meant in my original statement, which you seemed to take issue with: that when it comes to an actor’s physical appearance, “some types of realism are more desirable than others”.

        This simply reflects the fact that people find certain physical imperfections, such as missing limbs, particularly unpleasant to look at/think about, and therefore do not really want to see them on their movie screens, even if it’s realistic, and especially if it has the effect of diminishing an actor’s sex appeal.

        Super-skinniness, however, is a perfect physical “imperfection” for a film character because it doesn’t mar the beauty of the actress playing her (in fact, as depressing interviews with actresses like Mila Kunis indicate, they often get tons of compliments on their looks when they drop unhealthy amounts of weight for a part). Which explains why super-skinniness so often appears without any of the yucky, boner-killing physical symptoms that are associated with whatever illness, addiction, lifestyle, etc. that supposedly caused the character’s weight loss.

        THG is simply an example of an overall trend.

    • RobN says:

      Very true. Not sure why she takes it so personally, it was clearly about whether she fit the role and for some reason, it’s turned into a cause.

  16. Summer says:

    She’s got great body. Whoever thinks she’s fat is a moron. I wonder what makes people think they can tell others to diet or not. Every one has the right to decides for himself.

  17. RobN says:

    I really like her but I’m getting a little sick of hearing her talk about her weight. She talks about weight more than people who have actual eating disorders.

  18. jane says:

    she looks amazing and has an awesome personality…i like her alot!

  19. MiMi says:

    Am I the only one concerned that they showed the picture of her condo? Maybe I’m the only one old enough to remember Rebecca Schaeffer.

  20. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Talk about a perfect and natural hourglass figure! One hot momma

  21. Chelley says:

    She has a great body. Skinny is way, way too overrated. It’s fine if you are skinny but you’re not the only sexy people in the world.

  22. Mirella says:

    She looks fantastic & seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I hope it stays that way.

  23. megsie says:

    She’s lovely. A beautiful old school hourglass figure, yes, but in HW that can be considered heavy. The straight line from her upper arm down through the lower, when instead her elbow joint should be sticking out like a lethal weapon – horrors! Absolute insanity.

  24. Jess says:

    She’s lucky she has a small waist and big boobs. If she was apple shaped, she’d probably have to diet more. It’s all about body type. Hourglass girls get away with eating more.

    • Joanna says:

      yep, as an hourglassed shaped girl, i totally agree. any weight gain is evenly distributed, and I don’t have to work out as hard to see results.

  25. mara says:

    big fat ego. no pun intended.

    • Ashley says:

      I totally agree! She is clearly a beautiful, talented actress, but she has to understand that sometimes you have to lose weight for certain movie roles. She’s taking the whole “not hungry-looking enough for Hunger Games” thing a bit far. I highly doubt a lot of people criticize her for being too fat in real life. She clearly has an amazing body and I’m sure she’ll land a lot of great roles in the future. Every woman’s different. Just because you’re super skinny doesn’t mean you’re anorexic. You might have a thyroid problem or a weak immune system. Some people like myself have to eat a lot just to maintain our weight. The more she talks about her weight like this, the more conceited she comes off as to me. Again, I think she’s an incredibly talented actress, but I just wish she would stop acting like she’s going against the grain of modern Hollywood, like she’s a trendsetter. Girl, please!

  26. Nya says:

    I saw Silver Linings Playbook at a screening last night and her face was really…doughy? It was honestly kind of distracting. Just because her eyes and mouth are so small and her head is so fleshy.

    They definitely showed her boobs off as much as possible in that movie though.

  27. Kaboom says:

    I’d hit it as is, no starving required.

  28. oliveo says:

    She’s so likeable that I might go see ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ even though I’m sure I wouldn’t if it featured a different leading lady. So… J. Law and her PR: 1 Me:0

  29. Lulu says:

    I think that her body shape is what other actresses strive for (hour-glass) but they don’t know how to get there in other way except to starve themselves. Because less than 8% of ALL women have a natural hour-glass shape. The rest of us are apples and pears.

  30. j.eyre says:

    I have professed my adoration of Jennifer Lawrence before so this comes from a place of love; I don’t like that she tried to show the ridiculous standards of Hollywood’s obsession with bodies by calling out Val Kilmer. Isn’t that perpetuating the problem? This disappointed me.

    My guess is that she discusses weight so much not because she is empowered but probably really hurt by the comments. I would have been as well and this would have been my defense mechanism kicking in.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I think it´s more that this is her image niche, like Nat Portman is the “thinker actress”, Emma Stone the quirky hipster girl next door, Rooney Mara the akward, edgy, androgyn similar to Audrey Hepburn etc., JLaw is the down to earth, fun girl from Kentucky who likes to eat.
      Similar to Kate Upton when girls are getting critized for being too fat while looking perfectly slender, women are solidarizing with them and grow a sympathy for them, “because they are just like us”. She benefitted from the fat criticism PR-wise.
      I think she is really confident in her own skin, she called the fat-criticism the bullshit that they were and brushed it off, but her PR-team prob realized that they could milk this and spin the legitimate criticism about her looking to healthy and normal weight for playing Katniss.

  31. Crystal says:

    She has a GREAT body. Just amazing. I just wish she would dress it better. Jessica Biel used to look like this-before she got strung out on JT

  32. Memphis says:

    She looks amazing.

  33. Aubra says:

    Lady boner

  34. LittleDeadGirl says:

    She has an amazing body. I wish I had the willpower to exercise enough to get that body. She talks very intelligently about her body but I hope she doesn’t bring it up too much. The best thing is to kinda ignore these topics. The less fuel the less fire.

  35. Ang says:

    As much as I dislike her, I gotta say her body is amazing!

  36. Izzy4ya says:

    I’m so tired of these Hollywood fat girl stories. Nd I don’t think what she’s saying is that much different from Cole or Gags. All these bitches are entirely too sef absorbed

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Yup. I don´t dislike her but why does she feel the need to constantly talk how diffrent she/her body is? I mean, she is young, white, cis, thin, fit and able-bodied. None of this is a bad thing but she – in fact – fulfills all of criteria for a Hollywood body 100%!

      So no need to spill her talk like she is the most unique and revolutionionary unicorn. Especially when Hollywood wants us to believe that a causacian girl with a fake tan is what Katniss supposed to look like according to Suzanne Collins. And I´m not talking about the weight.

  37. stellalovejoydiver says:

    I want to like her, but she comes off arrogant when talking about the weight issue.
    On her body: “In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach. I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress who doesn’t have anorexia rumors. I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I keep waiting for that one role to come along that scares me enough into dieting, and it just can’t happen. I’m invincible.”
    She judges other actresses who are obeying to the skinny doctrine in Hollywood, but she is so strong, healthy and feminine. She reminds me of Kstew who critizes everyone for being fake and a sellout, but she is so real, skinny to Jlaw is fake to Kstew.
    She is milking those fat cricism comments(about her being in character as Katniss) as long as she can, saying that Hollywood considers her a fat actress is complete bullshit, esp when there are women like Melissa McCarthy, Oktavia Spencer or that girl from Precious. Also Mila Kunis got a lot more shit for her weight than Jen did, most people were defending her.

    • Summer says:

      I have to say that this is exactly why I don’t like her. She definetely plays it for the press like the down to earth thing she does, I don’t buy it. She comes off as an idiot at times but because she laughs at herself people like it. Her acting is nothing extraordinary, I mean, she is really good but she is at the same level that other young actresses but the hype is making me dislike her even more!
      And, also, she is JUST LIKE KStew, both of them like fame, otherwise they wouldnt be part of the business. Jennifer just learned from KStew mistakes and does the complete opposite in order to attract people because she knows they will compare her.

  38. Lisa says:

    omg ok we get it, you eat food, unlike the rest of us who subsist on air and water. Take your superiority out to dinner and have a nice long conversation about yourself, with yourself.

  39. dj says:

    I love her sassiness and self-confidence. She also curses like a sailor which I can relate too. LOL. She is a good actress and self-aware of her influence on young women is fantastic! So refreshingly honest. Lastly, her body is banging! She is healthy and has managed to keep her boobs. Wonderful role model for women in general! Team Katniss!

    • CC says:

      Like her as an actress, but like most actors (male and female), they should learn to keep they mouths shut, TBH. They’re not exactly knows for their thoughts, and their “theories” are BS. When it comes down to it, theirs is a tough business to be on top of, and they’ll end up doing almost anything, for the most part.

      Oh and HATE the magazine cover. Her candids are much better.

  40. Sara says:

    I am sooooo tired of this talk.. she is like “I am the only woman that eats” really???

    I honestly think Kristen Stewart, Jena Malone, Ellen Page, mia wasikowska are naturally skinny. So?! are they less beautiful than other girl?? NO!!!

    Emilia Clarke and jessica brown findlay are others example of more “normal” height and they don’t speak all the time about.

  41. sassypants says:

    She honestly seems like a pretty cool girl and I’m glad to see someone in Hollywood who looks fit and athletic, not stick skinny. Some people have complained that she yaks a lot about being “fat” in Hollywood but do you blame her? Since she got nominated for that Oscar, she has probably heard it nonstop from everyone… producers, casting agents, directors: “You’re great but you need to lose about ten pounds, k?” On a similar note, my friend lives in Santa Monica and says he has run into Jennifer out at the bars and at the grocery store. He says that she always smiles and her big beefy bodyguard always gives him the stink eye, haha. What do you think the Cracken would do to you if you dared to make eye contact??? So J-Law seems all right.

  42. Diana says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I find her in this interview very arrogant. It seems to me she’s holding on to some critic’s comment from months ago and is now milking it for all it’s worth. It is one thing to have principles about your weight and body image in your real and personal life; it’s another entirely to try to dismiss the fact that she did not reach the expectations in regards of the image of Katniss. K was not a skeleton but she was not that beefy either. To the character standars she WAS indeed too beefy. So she is invincible for disregarding the base material of the movie, the books? why would she take such roles if she is not committed to them? And for me it wasn’t even an issue that could have not been resolved by make-up! they just simply got it wrong as they got wrong the two male leads.

  43. erin says:

    she has a killer fucking body, it bothers me so much that there’s so much criticism of it/discussion about it/her defending it. she looks better than any of the ‘lollipop’ girls.

  44. Micki says:

    I think she has a good toned body but she reminds me of Christina Ricci and Scarlet Johanson, who both have said the same and then in the course of time have lost weight considerably.
    Seeing is believing I guess.

  45. Christa says:

    Boy, I know I’m gonna get my ass handed to me for this comment…but I think she is a bit overrated. Pretty girl and a better actress then most her age, but some people act like this girl is the second coming of Christ or something. I think it was pretty rude what she said about Val Kilmer, and I’m not even a fan of his really. It was just mean. And who are all these people she tells us are calling her “obese”? All I ever hear people say is what a great body she has (and she does). So why does it seem like everytime I read an interview by her all she does is complain? She seems like a sweet girl, but very immature at times. I think the real talent around is Carey Mulligan. Great actress and she might not be as flashy as Lawrence but she has got some serious class. Just my humble opinion, though I’m sure it’s not a popular I’ll just show myself to the door lol

    • A says:

      @Christa. I pretty much agree with all of what you say…She’s a pretty girl and talented, but she’s not anywhere close to being incredibly beautiful (i.e. Rachel Weisz, Marion Cotillard) or near the level of Meryl Streep in my opinion. Plus, it’s one thing to call someone names on an an anonymous blog or generalize about people without specifically calling someone out, but I find it kind of rude to specifically name certain people in a negative way in a publication. I called Jon Hamm out for the same thing, and I love the Hamm dong…but I thought it was (to be Jen Aniston) uncool of him and Jennifer to talk trash about the Kardashians. Just like I think it was uncool for her to say that about Val Kilmer. Of the under 30 actress set, I think Carey Mulligan and Saoirse Ronan are the creme de la creme. Also, she’s a pretty, white talented blonde with a banging body…her declaring herself fat and going on about how Hollywood judges her is kind of eye-rolly when you think about the struggles talented actresses like Octavia Spencer face.

  46. Jordan says:

    Gorgeous young woman…..I believe that Jennifer Lawrence takes being a role model seriously and has been doing a phenominal job. Talent, beauty while staying grounded and true to herself amidst dizzying success. Simply amazing.

  47. Kelly says:

    Sorry to add to the millions of comments, but LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! She is beautiful and definitely genuine. She has nothing wrong with her body and I love reading her interviews. She seems like such a good person.

  48. pink giraffe says:

    Those of you trashing J.Law as “arrogant” must be Kristen Stewart Twihard fangirls. Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic. She does talk more about her food habits/weight than she should, but it’s a straight-up PR move, and it’s a smart one. If you think your fave actor/actress/vampire/werewolf isn’t playing the media just as hard as Jen is, you’re naive.

  49. B says:

    I find her statements very obnoxious-clearly an invitation for us all to collectively exclaim that she is *not* in fact fat and fawn over her very genetically blessed body. The fat comments are so ridiculous, they don’t even deserve comment; the fact that she’s using them to garner flattery is very off-putting.

    I also found the “I’m such a bad-assed chic that I sit around with my boyfriend and sexually objectify other women” comment equally off-putting. Female Chauvinist Pig, anyone?

    • Sara says:

      and C’mon no one is telling her she is fat, maybe some haters from IMDB. But I don’t see them here or ONTD.

      • angie says:

        wow are people bitter and jealous here?
        i am loling at people comparing her to carey mulligan,marion cottilard, rachel weitz saying they are all better actresses than her when Jennifer Lawrence is still younger than all of them and at 22 years all, has achieved so much.
        i mean she got oscar nominated at 20 yrs old and 2 years later, she is the leading lady in a one of the biggest franchise in the industry and is in another franchise and still, she is getting great oscar buzz and could be getting oscar nominated at yet again
        i mean you may think she is overrated but i think it is stupid that people dismiss her talent just cause she is not the typical Hollywood foreign actresses out there that people here fawns over and is pretty much a babbling idiot sometimes, which she admits in the interview anyway
        what i admire about her is that contrary to kristen stewart, Jennifer Lawrence is known for her acting abilities rather than her lovelife, i think she is hardworking and seems to be ascends Hollywood the right way by first breaking out in her role in winter bone and tehn,getting cast in X-Men, HG
        I mean so nactresses out there are not really that talented and just happens to be lucky to be cast in a franchise and they become famous when they are not really anything special
        At least Jennifer Lawrence, you may thinks she is a bad actress but the critics and people in the industry seems to think she is a major talent, i prefer to take opinions from experts in Hollywood who have watched so many movies and know talent when they see it than bitter people on the internet who think their opinions are facts when they are the least knowledgeable people out there JMO

      • the Nood says:

        What I find amazing is when people use the “you’re just jealous/bitter” line when they don’t agree with what someone is saying. Seriously angie are you a teenager? Do you really think the people who don’t like Jennifer Lawrence are sitting around, thinking about her and how fantastic her life is compared to theirs? The jealousy and bitterness just building up because they don’t have lives of their own. Really?

    • Christa says:

      @angie-ummmm..ok? You took the comments as people being “bitter” and “jealous”? Why? Because we don’t find her to be LIKE OMG THE GREATEST ACTRESS EVER!!?? She is talented. No is saying she isn’t. I just find her to be overrated and rude at times. I can tell you’re a fangirl judging by your incredibly long response. No need to get defensive here. I like Jennifer, I just like Marion and Carey more. JMO

      • wonkey says:

        The reason these comments sound bitter and jealous is because they have no point but to bring someone down. If you really find someone uninteresting and overrated, the mature course of action is to ignore them and let fans be fans. Going out of your way to say derogatory things about a person, unless you have something insightful to contribute to the conversation, is petty. I can’t prove that it’s bitter and jealous, but it sure comes across that way.

  50. barbiegirl says:

    I saw this actress in person when I was on vacation in London this summer. I had previously read the descriptions of her as beefy and heavy. She is nothing of the sort–she’s actually quite tiny

  51. Jordan says:

    Both Jennifer Lawrence and Mulligan are fine actresses…..both are acclaimed, but Lawrence displays the kind of skill that most actresses don’t achieve until they reach their 30′s. Jennifer Lawrence is the best actress of her generation.

  52. Str8Shooter says:

    Love this chick. She is the SHIT indeed! So refreshing to see a majorly talented, pretty actress refuse to look like a stick figure in Hollywood.

    Stick to your guns, Jen!

  53. Marie says:

    I don’t think I would’ve even bothered to see this movie if it hadn’t starred Jennifer Lawrence. She IS the best of her generation and elevated what could’ve been a mediocre caricature or meaningless adolescent romp.
    As to the facts of the character of Katniss..: I don’t recall her ever being definitely described but it did let us know that District 12 was a little more lax, and the districts representatives were corrupt and easily bribed. Katniss was able, after her fathers death, to freely maneuver through the fence to hunt regularly and to use some of that to barter for other things they needed. Like bread. She was suppose to be fit and not emaciated.
    People insisting she be starving aren’t paying attention to the details.
    Life was hard, yes. But she was suppose to have ingenuity.

  54. Meanchick says:

    JL has stayed too long at her own pity party. She’s making movies and money, so STFU! If she really is concerned about H-Wood standards, then become an activist and fight against it for ALL actresses! This smacks of fishing (for compliments) for me.