Shania Twain’s husband had no idea she was dating his mistress’ husband

Shania Twain and boyfriend try to hide at JFK in NYC

People were kind of shocked that singer Shania Twain, 43, was seen at the airport earlier this month with the husband of the mistress who is said to have broken up her marriage of 15 years. Shania and her husband Mutt Lange lived a quiet life in a compound in Switzerland, where Mutt is said to have cheated on Shania with his married estate manager. Shania and her husband were good friends with the other woman and her family, and Shania trusted the woman and felt understandably betrayed by both parties.

Shania may have set up photo opportunities with new boyfriend
It looks like Shania is finding solace in the arms of the hot husband of her ex’s new girlfriend. Both In Touch and The National Enquirer have photos of the pair out together in Key West, Florida, where they’re seen having lunch, laughing as they take a stroll and even parachuting together. There aren’t many paparazzi in Key West and considering the quality and variety of the photos of Shania out with her new man, I would say it’s safe to assume she’s more than happy to share her new relationship with the world and of course her cheating ex.

The National Enquirer confronted Shania’s estranged husband with the news that she’s now with Swiss businessman Frederic Theibaud, the husband of his mistress, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. He said it was the first he’s heard of it, but he gives them his blessing:

When we broke the news to Mutt that Shania was dating his love rival, he seemed to give the extraordinary “wife swapping” arrangement a green light!

“I had no idea at all! Seriously, I am out of the loop and I just didn’t know,” Mutt told The Enquirer on December 8 – four days after Shania and Frederic, 38, were first photographed together.

When asked if he was “upset” Shania was stepping out with Frederic, Mutt replied: “Not at all. He’s a great guy. I have no idea that is even the case. They are very good friends anyway…

“I wouldn’t mind if it was the case they were dating, not at all.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 22, 2008]

Mutt went on to backtrack a little and deny he’s in a relationship with Marie-Anne, saying “The whole story was just a story as we are just friend in the same way Shania and Fred are.” I bet they are.

Good for Shania for moving on and rubbing it in her ex’s face. I hope her new boyfriend is decent to her. If they’re just playing an elaborate hoax on the media and their cheating spouses I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up turning into something more.

Shania Twain arrives in JFK airport New York with her new mystery man in the background
Shania Twain arrives in JFK airport New York with her new mystery man in the background

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24 Responses to “Shania Twain’s husband had no idea she was dating his mistress’ husband”

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  1. elisha says:

    UP-graaaaaade!! For both of them. Their respective ex’s got the raw end of the deal.

  2. Ron says:

    Good for her! Ride that pony!

  3. jen says:

    I apologize in advance, but I am a grammar snob, I can’t help it…

    This is the second time you’ve pluralized “mistress” regarding this story. I’m pretty sure he only had one mistress who in turn had one husband. Normally I let this stuff go, but for some reason it was really bugging me.

    Again… sorry.

  4. Baholicious says:

    @Jen: “normally I let this stuff go,” – weren’t you the one who nailed me for my Morrisettization of ‘irony’? 😉

  5. Celebitchy says:

    What is Morrisettization? That is way over my head. Jen I’m glad you pointed it out as when I screwed up that word it made the title too long so maybe I can add in that it was her “estranged” or “ex” husband. 😆

  6. guest says:

    spouse swap – eeww

  7. barneslr says:

    Oh, how generous of her ex to “not mind” that she’s dating the guy.

    Who cares what his opinion might be?

  8. Feebee says:

    @Jen, are you talking about the Headline “mistress'”? If so, there’s nothing wrong there, it’s not a pluralisation, the apostrophe is showing ownership (as in husband) and it’s correct to drop an s if the word ends in s. Otherwise I can’t find where in the story you’re referring….
    As for Shania, whatever she’s doing, keep doing it. She looks great and if rubbing her ex’s nose in it helps (and when doesn’t it?) then more power to her!

  9. Kink says:

    Duh..of course he doesn’t care…to him it validates his own affair. Also, I’m with Jen on the grammar and spelling…This is the third story I have read this morning with errors…spell check folks-it’s a good thing!

  10. brista says:

    Ha, I had to read the headline 3 times before I finally uncracked that love rhombus. It’s like Days of Our Lives over in Shania Twain’s house. And with a soap opera story, that means two or more of them might also be related. They better check up on that.

  11. Leila says:

    Actually, because “mistress” is singular, it should read:


  12. gg says:

    HA! Shania got a way better deal than Mutt did. And the obvious upgrade.

  13. kelly says:

    Who’s to say it wasn’t all a swingin’ thing that went horribly (yet predictably) awry? Come on…what are the chances of her hooking up with him had there not been some previous “relationship”, emotional or physical?

  14. Jag says:

    @Leila ~ mistress’s = mistress’

    They are the same thing.

    If Shania is just doing a photo op, I still think it’s grand.

  15. Ally says:

    I’m guessing Morrisettization is a reference to Alanis Morrisette using “ironic” in all kinds of wrong ways.

    I think this is an upgrade for Shania, (a) this guy is way handsomer; (b) Swiss men = very classy; and (c) this is the first time I’ve seen her not dressed like a crazy person.

  16. lindsay says:

    Aww. Even if she is dating somebody new, did her ex husband have to be so cool about it?? He gives his blessing? Sounds like he is having a really easy time getting over Shania. And that breaks my heart for her!

  17. A. says:

    i think it was the first People story about their breakup that detailed how much money they have…..several hundred millions….they own land properties investments… it would be interesting to possibly find that again and post it here as a little story. i am not sure what her settlement was, but she did excetionally well money wise.

  18. Carena says:

    How did both of these successful, attractive people get stuck with fugly spouses? Definitely an upgrade for both of them.

  19. raven says:

    So who paid the check for that lunch in Key West? As I recall, she and her husband used to be poor as dirt. Isn’t the man she’s with now an employee? She should dump the lot of them and let them find their own means of making a living. Then find someone who would treat her right.

  20. Aspen says:

    It’s perfectly natural that they should be comforting one another right now.

    Go for it, I say.

    A good rebound romance has its place, you know.

  21. 88modesty88 says:

    I read somewhere that Shania may have been the one who cheated first.
    There’s also a blind item on one of the sites about a “wronged woman” who got all the sympathy while she was actually the one cheating.

    Just sayin’ …

  22. James says:

    What a mess! She might not be the innocent one in all this as we were led to believe.

  23. James says:

    What a mess! She might not be the innocent one in all this as we were led to believe.