Poor Halle Berry “feels she’s left with no alternative but to quit her career”

Sorry I missed all of this new information in my earlier post. If you want to read what we’ve already covered about this Gabriel Aubry-Halle Berry-Olivier Martinez story, go here. The latest news is that Gabriel filed for his own restraining order against Olivier, and Gabe is now claiming that Olivier attacked him and tried to kill him. Gabriel submitted photos to the court which show his badly beaten face, and his version of the events is in direct contradiction to Halle and Olivier’s side of the story (which they got out early – suspiciously early). Here’s more info:

*We’ve known for a while that Halle had security cameras set up on her property, and that Team Gabriel really wanted those security tapes to see the light of day. According to Radar, Gabriel swears in his application for a restraining order that he “repeatedly asked cops to secure security footage before it was destroyed” immediately following the fight with Olivier. Gabe says in his declaration: “I told the officers that [Martinez] was the one who attacked me, and repeatedly told them to get the security tapes from Ms. Berry’s security cameras before she and Mr. Martinez deleted them.”

*We previously heard that Olivier threatened Gabe repeatedly before and during the Thanksgiving fistfight, but Radar says that Olivier’s exact words (as Gabe remembers them) were: “We called the cops, [and when they arrive], you’re going to tell them that you’re the one who attacked me, or I’m going to kill you.” Does anyone else think that this whole attack might have been premeditated?

*Gabe will be family court today asking the judge to lift Halle’s protection order so that he can see Nahla. Gabe’s defense is that Olivier instigated the fight. Halle’s lawyers will be appearing during the hearing too, and Halle might show up herself.

*Yesterday, LAPD detectives arrived at Halle’s home to interview her and Olivier. We don’t know what was said.

*Radar has a hilariously obvious pro-Halle story up right now – it’s all about how Halle the Martyr has resolved to “give up” her acting career because of all of the horrible drama. A source says:

“Now that a court has ruled Halle can’t move to France permanently, she feels she’s left with no alternative but to quit her career. It may seem pretty dramatic, but Halle doesn’t know what else she can do to stop the tabloids writing about her. In the last few years, she has worked on only a handful of films, so she can dedicate most of her time to Nahla. She also thought that would make her less of a target for the paparazzi, but with all the drama going on in her personal life that hasn’t been the case. Halle thinks that Nahla’s upbringing has been far from ideal. Her picture is taken by photographers all over the world whenever she’s with her mom, and Halle would hate to think that Nahla may come to believe that’s a natural occurrence. But she made a life as an actress, an Oscar-winning one too, so it would be hard for her to just quit,” the source opines.

[Via Radar]

Oh, poor, poor Halle! Such theatrics! So much angst! So much drama!

Anyway… just buckle up. Everything is going to get a lot crazier and messier from here.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Please, do Halle. Bye!

    • giddy says:

      …she’s a stupid venal bitch… wouldn’t see anything she’s in EVER… hope Gabriel wins sole custody…

      • gg says:

        I agree with your opinion of Halle the Drama Empress. But one thing both of them inexplicably fail to understand, NO judge is just going to give away full custody to one of them. They both need to just let it the hell go and stop enriching their lawyers’ wallets, because that is ALL that is going to improve if they keep fighting in and out of court. Meanwhile, Nahla’s life deteriorates every time they succumb to their nasty impulses and fight. There needs to be a neutral third party doing the handoffs. idiots.

        One more piece of advice to Halle – MOVE TO THE COUNTRY, STUPID. There are entire states where no paps are. France has zillions of paps just like here. Moving to the French countryside is no better than finding a quiet place in the States, unless she actually has been planning to move to Paris just to keep Gabriel away, which is my suspicion. Halle’s being intentionally obtuse about her privacy is maddening to watch. Her believability is nil at this point.

      • julie says:

        WHAT CAREER/ not one single studio will touch the cray cray that is Halle Berry. vindictive ,selfish woman who cares for no one but herself. The court should never let Oliver M anywhere around that little girl. He is as crazy as Halle. He apparently has a vicious temper

        Halle Berry.

      • Orna says:

        Yeah except Halle is supporting cutie Nahla and rage boy Olivier and boy toy Gabriel.

        Between failed actors and aging models needing to be kept in a certain standard of living, Halle you will be working for a long looooong time to come.

      • Lou says:

        You sound nice

      • leelee says:

        while Gabe needs to learn some impulse control and stop taking Halle’s painfully obvious bait, she needs lots more help than that. Everything she does is about what SHE wants, not what’s in the best interest of her daughter. She first tried to bring Gabe down by using her nanny to antagonize him, then enlisted her boyfriend to pick up where combative nanny left off. When she couldn’t convince a judge Gabe was an abuser, she switched to the paps, contending their abuse was so relentless and dangerous, she had no choice but to take the kid and abscond to France, of all places, where her current bf usually lives. Narcissists like Halle always make awful parents because they can never put anyone’s needs, including their kids, ahead of their own.

      • SS says:

        You’re getting so personal about someone you’ve never met. Is she responsible for foreign policy or the economy? Is she a politician that made you a promise?
        You guys overeact over something that has no bearing on your own lives. You don’t support her dont’ see her movies. Simple.

      • Vesper says:

        @ leelee:

        Gabriel needs to learn impulse control? Did u see the pics of his injuries? They took closeup shots of his hands, and he has not a cut or bruise on either one. He doesn’t even have defensive wounds. The pics strongly support his version, which is that Oliver blitz attached him from behind. He likely never even had a chance to throw a punch.

      • sauvage says:

        @ ss: I know these are probably your initials, but as an Austrian citizen, your nick name makes me slightly uncomfortable.

      • stellas says:

        sauvage says:

        November 28, 2012 at 4:01 am

        @ ss: I know these are probably your initials, but as an Austrian citizen, your nick name makes me slightly uncomfortable.
        @sauvage: Quite frankly, I can’t think of a more ridiculous comment than what you just said.

      • sauvage says:

        @ stellas:

        I guess you’d have to be born in a country which was directly involved in the Holocaust to understand. The SS, the Schutzstaffel, killed hundreds of thousands of people.

        Apart from the ideology behind it, I can’t see anything ridiculous about the Holocaust. Ridiculous to care, huh?

      • SS says:

        Your bringing up the holocaust is quite a manipulative tactic. It does not take a genius to understand that my putting the two letters together is not some type of support for a past evil political regime. In addition, this a celebrity site, not a geopolitical site. So your supposed outrage is disingenuous. I will continue to use the moniker. If it still bothers you? Seek Help!

    • so true says:

      as if she can act anyway, jezzzzzzzzz PLEASE GO BYE BYE!

      I utterly hate what they are doing to Gabriel!

    • Loulou says:

      YES!!! On Radar Online:
      UPDATE: A judge has ruled that Gabriel Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with Nahla, with unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety. Story developing…

      • L says:

        And interestingly enough, right around the same time as the protection order was lifted Martinez had a doctor wrap his “broken” hand (why wouldn’t they do that 5 days ago?)

        Such a obvious ploy to counteract the renewed visitation and the pictures of Gabe beat to a pulp. Do they think they are fooling anyone?


      • emmie_a says:

        Yeah – Maybe someone with medical knowledge could clue us in, but why would Olivier get his hand wrapped now? Why not after it was first injured?

      • LAK says:

        …..especially after attending a hospital immediately after the brawl so it could be seen by a doctor then!

      • skuddles says:

        Having managed to sustain three broken bones in the last year and a half I can say they def want to wrap or cast those bones asap. When I broke my wrist (fractured in 2 places) I thought I must have just sprained it badly so I didn’t seek medical attention for a week. The Ortho doc who treated me gave me all kinds of hell and said I may have caused further damage by not having wrist immobilized right away. I also broke my finger this year and they had it wrapped up tight as soon as I came out of x-ray. So yeah, I totally think there is something very hinky going on here.

      • H26 says:

        I am an ortho RN, if his hand was so bad, the ER would have splinted it until he could get a brace like the one he has on. ER’s have ortho docs on call even on holiday weekends and if an ortho thinks the person needs a brace, usually there is a brace person on call, too. I call shinanigans, he didn’t even have an ace wrap on over the weekend.

      • Addison says:


        Thanks for the link. The injuries are truly gruesome. Yes it sounds fishy that he gets this brace now. Maybe his hand was swollen but they would have put some kind of splint at the hospital I would think. Too bad there are no witnesses because she said/he said is gonna be hard to prove. God help Nahla.

    • ewewew says:

      Honestly, I could give less of a crap about Halle, I mean I don’t, EVER, remember seeing a trailer for a film and thinking MUST SEE! She’s got loads of cash, so does Baby Daddy, and other than the divorce and paps, what far from ideal upbringing? Divorce is so normal here, and, when you are a celeb, paps are a given! She needs to appreciate what she has and stop this mud slinging!

  2. the original bellaluna says:


    Your career’s in the toilet anyway. And even if it wasn’t, your reputation overshadows your body of work.

    • Eve says:

      Almost exactly what I was going to say. I’d like to add that I never thought she was a good actress to begin with.

      She won’t be missed — certainly not by me.

      • Little Darling says:

        Me neither. I’ve always found her acting to be mediocre in almost anything she’s ever touched with the exception of Monsters ball, but now knowing how crazy she is, and the drama she creates in her head I wonder exactly how far she had to reach inside to portray that character?

        Anyway, she needs to go away. Pronto.

      • Amelia says:

        ’nuff said, really.
        The only thing I know her from is X-Men and Die Another Day.

      • Liv says:

        Great, that we all agree on this.

    • Birdie says:

      Yup, it is not like she had this successful box office-gold or good critic-receiving career anyway. Cloud Atlas flopped.

      • DreamyK says:

        Yup. She’s box office poison.

        I’m thinking that she took some of the shine offa Olly’s star, too. Which is as it should be for anyone crazy enough to hook up with that f*d up creature.

        In a few years Olly will reminisce about his time with Holy Hell Berry and how she helped destroy his career. Which is as it should be, too.

      • Eve says:


        Ok, I’m not going to call her (Berry) any names because I will not give an iota of chance for her fans to call me biased, but “Holy Hell Berry” is truly priceless.

        You, my friend, win this one.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        “Holy Hell” Berry is most excellent!

        P.S. I love that beautiful Nahla looks like her Daddy!

      • sauvage says:

        “Cloud Atlas” flopped because it was a poor excuse of a film.

    • mel2 says:

      Agree plus the only reason why she’s even in the media is b/c she is a spiteful evil witch and everyone sees thru her and no one in America is gona support a mother who tries to eliminate a responsible father.

    • Kamar says:

      I agree with your general sentiment but have to correct you regarding Halles career.

      For a FEMALE in her 40s Halle is actually doing very well. Shes at an age where roles for women disappear or are extremely weak and patronising. And if you think about it, her contemporaries have already suffered that fate and either been forced into TV or stage work. Think Hellen Hunt or Angela Basset.

      The women who are consistently getting film work through this age band like Helen Bornham Carter or even Aniston are all white women. I dont believe an Asian, latina or black woman has ever done this.

      That she can even still attract funding for vanity projects like Frankie and Alice is remarkable. The woman may be bitter and nasty but shes defying the odds what with Hollwoods sexist ageism and racism………is it so wrong that this 43 year old Asian woman celebrates a woman whos beating a system built against us?

      • V4Real says:

        Kamar I agree with you that Halle is a good actress and she has had over 20 years of success in this business. More power to her for that.

        On a different note if it’s true she wants to quit (which I doubt) then peace out girlie hop the next crazy train to nowhere land.

    • Tommy says:

      Well out of these 3 she is still the main bread winner. She is supporting both the ageing model and the fledging actor. So… shrug

    • Helena says:

      Her career’s in the toilet and so is she apparently.

  3. lucy says:

    What career? I’ll bet you anything no one wants to work with her with all this drama. When was her last film and how did it do?

    • Yasmine says:

      Cloud Atlas was her latest movie and it bombed at the box office.

      • brin says:

        Exactly…her career was over anyway.

      • Kamar says:

        Sorry to correct you but Cloud Atlas was an ensemble film with Tom Hanks at the helm. Also it was very distinctly marketted as a Wachowski film …..remember the Lana Wachowski media blitz.

        If you see my other post, I have no problem with people hating on her for her personal life. I just wish that we stop re-writing her professional life. Shes doing pretty good for a middle-aged woman of color in Hollywood if shes still getting film offers.

      • unspoken says:

        Let me guess…… Halle B was also the second shooter.

        Cloud Atlas was not her movie in any real sense n you would be screaming that top of your lungs if it had done very well.

        Re-callibrate your hate ladies. You are working each other up into a mild hysteria.

      • ewok says:

        “mild hysteria” is a good description. its like when one dog starts barking at the moon and then every dog for 5 miles also kicks off.

    • Eleonor says:

      +1! And this mess has PR disaster written all over it.

    • Sweet Dee says:

      Right! See ya later, Halle. One less sh*t actress with a bitchy diva attitude would do us all good.

    • Meredith says:

      @ Kamar
      I think you’re right that Berry has had a very good career but I don’t think it’s been going too well lately especially Cloud Atlas. And now whatever film role she takes will be overshadowed by the circus that she has turned her personal life into.

      • V4Real says:

        Well I know she’s in this movie due out soon called Movie 43 and the trailor looks funny as hell. I will be seeing it.

        I am neither team Halle or Gabe but I am now looking at this from the business side. Yes a celebrity career can take a serious blow if Hollywood execs decide to not want to work with them because of scandals. Look at Mel Gibson his career suffered a bit but I think his career was dwindling down anyways but Charlie Sheen’s career is still going pretty strong. So it could go either way for her.

      • Hague says:

        @ Meredith: I doubt this will affect her career. Unless some official investigation finds that they as a couple plotted to harm Gabriel Aubrey. Only then does it shift into Mel Gibson territory (whos career WAS recovering until he messed up again). Right now its just a bitter custody dispute that a very negligible movie going public is following.

        Even of this small circle of gossip-watchers, we eventually forget and move on. Dont you remember how many people who swore off Angelina Jolie after the Pitt incident? That was a much bigger story and guess what, they got over it and moved on. More recently there was Kirsten Stewart.

        As long as there is no criminal component, shes all good. Even then, it wont be a complete killer. Whatever. I wouldnt want her career to die anyway when shes the main bread winner in this mess.

      • Helena says:

        Hague……..there’s no comparison between this situation and the breakup of Brad and Jen’s marriage or Kristin Stewart’s story.

        For starters, there’s a child involved here, who has likely seen and heard far more than she should have at the age of four. Neither of those situations involved one party making a series of specious claims against the other and regularly hauling them into court, nor was anyone beaten to a pulp, as happened here.

  4. dorothy says:

    This reeks of a planted story. And really, does anyone really care if she quits?? She’s ruined her career with her vicious behavior anyway.

    • emmie_a says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. The movie making business is not going to end because Halle quit acting. She’s not a national treasure and there are other versions of her out there. She just wants attention and unfortunately she’s getting it.

  5. BreeinSEA says:

    What? She’s just begun it a few years after Nahla was born….oh you mean ACTING? Hahahaha

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    Good, go away!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Well her career already quit her so she won’t be missed.

  8. loma says:

    Bon Voyage! Au revoire!

  9. Sisi says:

    to me this story seems an attempt to counter the jarring photo’s of the model who cannot work because of his black and blue face.

    I still find it strange that Halle didn’t give all the securitycamera materials to the police immediately as evidence for her claims. Even if in her opinion they don’t show anything, the police might have gotten something from them, since … you know… they are the experts, not her.

    • kay says:

      good point, I never thought of that- why didn’t she give the tapes right away?!

      • Little Darling says:

        Probably something to do with the fact that…hmmm…she knows they might potentially screw her over. Regardless of first push, touch, word etc Oliver gave a BEATDOWN to Gabriel and the camera certainly will show that at least…unwarranted behaviour from Ollie!

      • gg says:

        It’s clear to me she just wants to control everything that gets out. How tiring her histrionics are.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      She didn’t give the police the tapes right away, because there was nothing on them to “prove” her allegations. The cameras had been conveniently repositioned and weren’t covering that part of the property.

    • Sisi says:

      lol, guess I should’ve made my cynical tone more clear in my post. I was implying that Oli’s and Halle’s reasons are hella shady, but I didn’t want to sound too mean

    • Izzy4ya says:

      Gabe barely worked before her got knocked out. He was collecting Halle’s checks like a basketball wife. And if you read Gabe’s account carefully, it becomes obvious that he is lying, at least partially, as well. All his face proves is that he got knocked out the hardest, not that he didn’t start the fight or antagonize. I’m sure the truth is in the middle.

      • T.C. says:

        Gabe has no offensive wounds. His hands are clean. The pictures prove his side of the story that Oliver was the offender. This was a rage filled beat down and it shows. This sexist talk about a man getting child support to keep his daughter at the level of living she gets from the richer parent is hog-wash. This is 2012 men and women get child support get over it.

        Gabe has a job. Has always had a job. You Halle supporters have no leg to stand on except to insult him cause the facts are on his side.

      • M. says:

        If working alongside Kate Moss and Christy Turlington in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Burberry or Hugo Boss and being No.2 on the Top 50 Male Models list on models.com (all before Halle)means “barely working”…

      • LAK says:

        When you look at his work campaigns during all this drama, you can see that he has reduced his work rate BUT he has retained the BIG money campaigns so he doesn’t need to work as often. And even with that reduced work rate, he is considered a top money maker world wide.

        His disadvantage in this is that model money, even for a top model,will never hit the heights of movie star money. except for Gisele.

      • Zvonk says:

        Yes, it’s very clear that Gabe vindictively attacked Olivier by repeatedly striking Olivier’s fist with his own head. The bastard!

      • Kate says:

        Zvonk – you forgot the broken ribs. Scheming bastard grabbed Olivier’s hand and broke it against his ribs, just to upset Halle. Shocking.

      • Vesper says:

        So tired of reading inaccurate reports about how much of a loser Gabriel is.

        According to Wikipedia, Gabriel is one of the highest paid male models in the world. Various net worth sites indicate he is worth $4 million.

        While he was still involved with Halle he owned a restaurant in a trendy area in Manhattan. He also released an album, which he produced. He is an avid golfer and participates in celebrity tournaments.

        Child support is a legal right, regardless of gender, and it doesn’t make someone a golddigger. If Gabriel was such a golddigger he would have married Halle, and requested alimony payments when they split up.

  10. palermo says:

    Her best acting seems to be after she is done with a man, she is always the mistreated victim. I’m team Gabe all the way.

    • Little Darling says:

      This is exactly what I think. Her acting was at it’s height in Monster’s Ball…and I have a feeling her “method” was to sink into her own head and just slightly churn out the victim role she must have elevated in her brain to great heights.

      I feel for her, I do, to be so confident in yourself yet be SO APPARENTLY messed up and scarred…it’s like she didn’t take the experiences she had growing up (that are certainly hard for anyone to live through) and change for the better. Grow from the experience? Not continuously sabotage not only her own life, but the lives of COUNTLESS others?

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      Her life seems to be drama, drama, drama. Don’t forget about the car accident she had a few years back and just drove away and then said she didn’t remember that it had happened. As far as her quitting acting, who cares?

  11. Laura says:

    This poor child. What a bad example set by all. Nahla should come first and these people obviously are so self absorbed they can’t get over themselves to see that. This child should be removed from both homes until the older children can start acting like proper adults.

    • Christne says:

      Not sure what Aubry has done to be ashamed of. From the looks of it, he was attacked by the boyfriend because he managed to avoid being shut out of his daughter’s life. Sounds like a good dad.

  12. julia says:

    I would write more about this tragedy, but I can’t hold back my tears any longer about this painful loss.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Dear Halle,
    You do not have a career anymore so there isn’t really anything to quit there. One sure fire way to stay out of the tabloids that you say you hate so much is to stop being a crack ass drama queen!

    Jennifer in Atlanta.

  14. MARIA says:

    Here’s an idea if it is so terrible that your daughter is being stalked by paps: give the father full custody. He’s just an ex model and shouldn’t be that interesting

  15. Jennifer says:

    P.S. Sorry for the double post, but I would also like to say how much glee I would find if she had to pay Gabe the money he is losing from not being able to work as a model. That would be pure Karma.

  16. Jaxx says:

    I won’t ever watch anything with her or that thug she’s engaged to ever again, so no loss to me.

  17. e.non says:

    i totally believe it was a set-up; and if they refuse to provide the tape, then that confirms it.

    what i find interesting about ms martyr was how she and martinez provided photo ops immediately afterwards — where he could show display his hand (if he was in such pain, should he have been driving); and her taking the kid to that event — courtesy of 4 police motorcycles escort.

    she really is a loathsome person.

    • Cazzie says:

      Also, how completely delusional are Halle Berry and her boyfriend? She looked vindictive and triumphant in the pictures taken the next day, like she’d “won” because of the temporary restraining order. The current boyfriend is shown with an untouched face and a huge injury to the knuckles of his right hand.

      Meanwhile GA has a face that looks like hamburger and no marks whatsoever on his hands. WTF? Do Halle Berry and her boyfriend really think that people aren’t going to notice the fact that the physical evidence *totally* doesn’t match their story?

      • Helena says:

        Cazzie……..I was thinking the same thing myself. She looked so pleased with herself that day compared to the nastiness that she generally projects.

  18. Guest says:

    How will Saint Gabriel get his child support payments and legal fees paid if she quits?
    I feel sorry for the hate Halle has had to endure but she now know how her two ex-husbands feel. They simply paid up and walked away. “Sister to Sister” printed their version pf affairs; and DM did one on her father after his death refuting all the abuse allegations.
    She will now learn “live by the media; die by the media”.
    Although I sense she has a genuine need to get away from him; the die is cast.
    I think GA should get a job; be a strong father so that if Halle is mentally unstable he can protect his daughter; he cannot do so if he is collecting payments from her mother.
    I hope this comes to a peaceful end.

    • kay says:

      so all the women who need and accept support payments are not strong mothers who aren’t protecting their children?

      seriously? what does his gender have to do with it? she makes more money, and provides support payments. just like many fathers do (like tom cruise, for example, and Katie also has money).

    • Sapphire says:

      Er, the same way he did before his face got re-arranged-he’s employed!

    • Lisa says:

      He has a job: he’s been a model for 10+ years, and according to some lists, he’s one of the ten highest-paid male models in the world.

      • Orna says:

        Oh come off it. We can be Team Gabe while still acknowledging that this himbo needs to grow up.

        If I remember Tyra accurately, top cream male models earn about the same as mid-tier females. And male modeling opportunities are far fewer, not even half as many catwalks or magazine spreads. Male models almost always have to moonlight…..some as cabanna boys for gay designers and others as boytoys for oscar winning actresses apparently.

        He is aging plus what if an accident (or a beat down) took away his looks permanently? I hope for Nahlas sake that he has some skill. Otherwise he’ll have to do like fellow aging model, Brandi and go into Reality TV.

        I would say the same to an aging female model with a kid to raise btw.

      • Liv says:

        Orna, please. Not everybody shares your opinions.

      • unspoken says:

        LOL at the GroupThink today. Modelling is NOT a long term prospect. I doubt his income is enough to keep him and Nahla for the rest of his life. He will need a new job – or rich gf – after modelling.

      • Lisa says:

        If he’s been a high earner in the very competitive field for a long time, I think he’s financially far better off than most of us. Major drains on his wealth will be Halle and her insanely protracted legal battle.

        As for long-term prospects, if he’s intelligent or has a decent manager, I’m sure he’ll find other things to branch out into. I’m not worried about him being poor!

        Also, “Come off it?” I’m not a snotty twelve year old.

      • ewok says:

        on datalounge, a gay site that tends to have a lot fashion insiders, they are speculating that he is a five figure talent at most. they are pointing out that personality branding doesn’t work in male merchandising unless its a sports star or a recognisable action film star. if a company is going to drop big money they just pay an actual male star not a male model.

        also, he fought and won child support that included 20,000 dollars a month for home rental. he claimed that his current rental was costing him 2,000 and that he was not a homeowner. everyone was righly screaming gold digger when that came out in june. he may not be starving yet but he is not rolling in it either. being among best paid in a comparatively poorly paid industry doesnt mean much.

        big fish small pond.

    • Liz says:

      The picture of Nahla leaning against Gabriel – and many other pictures of father/daughter together – is adorable and suggest he is a strong, involved father.

    • Debra says:

      Maybe Gabriel would be able to get back to work and a normal life if ScaryBerry would quit trying to ruin him… the fact is, she has kept him in court for years fighting to be a part of his daughter’s life and that adds up.. that is how the rich folks do, you know, the one with more money just keeps on until the other is broke and has to give up.. that’s why I have no problem with Gabriel getting support from Halle

  19. Ms Kay says:

    YAY Good riddance!!! Ooohhh Halle like you say in Monsters Ball “Make me feel goooooood!”

  20. GiGi says:

    If she were wise… and that really stretches the imagination… she would leave Olivier with a “the best thing for my child is for me to be alone” statement. Then she might have a chance.

  21. Me says:

    I always liked her, but lately I been thinking that she just used him as a “sperm donor” and figured he would forget about their daughter once they broke up. So I do believe she is a little pyscho and so is her boyfriend. I do believe he attacked Gabriel. Because I don’t believe Gabriel started the fight, he’s too pretty and his meal ticket is his looks.

    • gg says:

      Me too. This is what happens when you don’t know your co-parent that well, kids. Don’t EVER have a baby with somebody you haven’t known and loved for several years.

      Also: Didn’t Olivier abuse Kylie Minogue and then leave her wnen she got breast cancer and had to seek treatment? I know they were seen visiting together afterwards, but I remember he was sketchy then, too and I formed a bad opinion of him. When I saw him with Halle I thought, ruh-roh …

      • Liv says:

        I thought Kylie said he really cared for her when she had cancer – when she was cancer free he immediately broke up with her though.

      • Aud says:

        I don’t think there was anything about abuse in that relationship, and I doubt that it was all his fault. Kylie may as well be a commitment phobe or something else, because no one stays with her that long.
        Before Michael Hutchence died, he gave an interview and basically said that Kylie was too much into fame and he hinted that everywhere they’d go as a couple paparazzi would ‘mysteriously’ appear, insinuating that she didn’t mind.

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    Halle is a beautiful woman on the OUTSIDE, but on the inside she’s like an insidious dripping of water to me….and her “career” will be lost all because of Gabriel (mock crying and feeling sorry for her)…sometimes you make your own bed, and then have to pay for it.

    • Little Darling says:

      I’m not even finding her beautiful on the outside anymore. She doesn’t shine from the inside, and that is where beauty lies.

      Like Ellen DeGeneres…she literally SHINES from her face, making her far more beautiful than her looks suggest.

      Halle just looks cold, smug and dead in the eyes. 🙁

      • EscapedConvent says:

        You’re right about beauty, Little Darling. Cold, smug & dead-eyed isn’t a great look. Berry has a pretty cushy life but she still always looks pissed off.

        But look at Nahla’s face when she’s with her Daddy–the way she smiles at him, talks to him, touches his face. She adores him, & he adores her.

  23. taxi says:

    The sooner the better, please.

  24. DeltaJuliet says:

    I’m just sad at how much effort she puts in to keep this child from her father. She would benefit from some co-parenting classes. And, you know, THERAPY.

    This whole fight between Gabriel, Olivier and Halle sounded suspicious from the get-go.

    • gg says:

      Yep, energy that she should’ve used to act mature and care properly for her little girl, including working things out with her ex. Seems she just expected him to disappear after she had the baby, and is still pissed off that he’s still around. Which is delusional and absurd.

  25. mln76 says:

    Halle is a true narcisist not just a Hollywood made one.
    I really hope Nahla is OK and has someone stable in her life or a really good Therapist at the least.

  26. Dani says:

    Forget Halle for a second (which isn’t hard to do), has anyone else seen the pictures of Olivier shoving paparazzi? I’ve seen like 10 different sets, and it doesn’t even look like they were taking pictures of him, yet he still is enraged and violent, but he gets to stay with a child that isn’t his. WTF is wrong with CA law?

    She needs mental help, a lot of it, and a looooong break from men. I do believe she loves her daughter, but she’s just a tiny bit overdoing it. You can’t take a child away from their parents, especially when that child adores them.

    • Izzy says:

      Even Olivier Martinez’s relationship with Kylie Minogue had drama in it toward the end; he was womanizing everywhere he went – way to end it decently. I guess once Kylie got well again there just wasn’t enough drama to keep him interested. What a tool.

    • dang says:

      I googled photos of Martinez back the day. He was seriously good looking at one point. He looks like crap now! Halle nabbed him on the down slide.

  27. serena says:

    So they deleted the tapes? Good way to make you look hella suspicious and guilty.

  28. Summer says:

    My comments won’t show up. why?

  29. Mia 4S says:

    Oh no, Halle Berry is quitting acting!…said no one.

    We will miss out on all of those films like….no we won’t miss anything actually.

  30. Paloma says:

    What a load! I cannot stand look at that thug Olivier.

  31. Paloma says:

    Has Halle and Olivier erased their security tape yet? It will be two against one . I hope Gabriel has a good lawyer.

    • Sisi says:

      on the filed papers it says Shawn Holley, a.k.a. Lindays lawyer

      • littlestar says:

        Do you know if she’s a decent lawyer or not? She must be somewhat good as she always seems to get Lindsay Lohan out of her messes…… Ugh…..

  32. Shelly says:

    That Martinez guy creeps me the f–k out….looks like he gets his kicks out of scaring people.

  33. serena says:

    the daily mail has horrifying pictures of aubry’s face and clearly show knuckles without a bruise or scratch. oliver has a clean face and broken hand? how on earth is it a question of who attacked whom?

    this is appalling. that woman is bat shit crazy and unhinged. it is truly a tragedy that a little girl is stuck in the middle.

    no matter how angry she is, a normal person would still feel remorse and sadness to see the father of their child so badly beaten. she shows none of this.

    • Jane says:

      Exactly. I guess HB isn’t concerned about how her lover went bat shit on GA instead of controlling himself. She is so busy accusing GA of having a bad temper and being a bad father, that she ignores the fact that OM could do the same to her or Nahla if he gets mad enough.

      If anyone needs to stay away from that baby it is OM. I hope a judge or CPS starts asking questions about the stability of OM’s personality.

      • Loira says:

        …and she seems to have a penchant for driving men crazy with her bitchiness. What would become of her if Gabrie Aubry was like Olivier?

        I bet her attraction to Olivies is rooted in her mental traumas. I read in another forum how alike Rihanna and Berry are. How they are uncapable of relating to men who treat them well. They fall harder for the bad by = Olivier Martinez / Chris Brown

    • Jane says:

      So glad you brought that up. I can’t believe his face!

  34. Simply Red says:

    Oh well whatever man I give up on these adults, I’m just going to keep a prayer for Nahla….

    This is just too much, why don’t they just shut already!!!!

    As for GA won’t have the paps follow him oh yeah they would if gets full custody of Nahla…
    Cause they would watch him with her

  35. Janet says:

    Cheer up, Halle, there’s always Revlon commercials.

  36. Happy21 says:

    I loathe this woman. She is ALWAYS the victim. My husband cheated, my husband was abusive, me, me, me, my, my, my. I get In Style every month and last month she was on the cover and I REFUSED to read her interview or look at her photos.

    I don’t ever watch anything with her in it anyways so I don’t give a crap if she quits. By the sounds of it, it’s probably better that way.

    • lori says:

      I truely believe Cloud Atlas tanked just because she was in it. I don’t believe that is was too smart for audiences or any of that BS. People showed up for Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code. People just wouldn’t come out for a movie with this b!tch in it. I know that’s why I won’t see it.

      • Happy21 says:

        I wouldn’t doubt it because the movie does look really interesting…confusing but interesting…

      • Jayna says:

        Sorry, you can’t pin this one on Halle. Read the reviews. The movie was overly long and so boring and all over the place. It was always an odd movie that they say may fail big time in theaters but eventually could have a cult following for rental at home.

        The reviews are what kept me away from it. Plus, every time I saw Hanks trying to promote the movie it sounded uninteresting to me. I had no desire to see it after that. My neighbor went. She said it just can’t hold your interest and too many different plot lines with them being different characters. Her husband wanted to leave halfway through.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      Don’t forget the hit and run(s) she did as well, where she managed to make herself the victim then too.
      I haven’t liked her since the hit and run stuff, where she got away with it and I’m so glad that others finally see her for the awful person that she is.
      I feel so sorry for her daughter in all of this mess.

    • Aud says:

      I agree. Her film bankability is tanking. An overload of her narcissism I guess. She doesn’t think about the child in the middle. It’s all about her.
      And as for the person she is in relationship with?
      Like that’s a good choice. He’s a narcissist as well.
      I don’t even know how she has a career. From Gothika onward, she has been absolute crap in all of her films.

  37. Jazz says:

    So she’s whining about all the drama and paparazzi attention that she wouldn’t have if she wasn’t trying to cut her daughter’s father out of her life. It’s all of her own doing. I think she has issues with men and now she’s going to make damn sure that her daughter does as well.

  38. Rita says:

    The following charges should be brought:

    Oliver: Conspiracy to commit a felony, aggrevated assault and battery, lying to a police officier, obstruction of justice, and evidence tampering.

    Halle: Conspiracy to commit a felony, lying to a police officier, evidence tampering, child abuse, and being an insufferable bitch.

    Gabriel: Father of the year.

    • Little Darling says:

      Amen Rita.

      I had a super contentious custody battle with my ex, and I tell ya, sometimes his crazy made me want to give up the fight in my weakest moments….

      BUT I didn’t give up the fight for my kids and honestly, what Gabe is going through is so much worse, the allegations so atrocious and unfounded, yet he still fights, he’s still trying to let Nahla know that even her mom’s crazy won’t stop him from being there.

      Nahla will understand one day JUST HOW HARD HE FOUGHT for her. That will mean more than it’s weight in gold.


    • Stuart Horsely says:


    • geekychick says:


  39. Lulu says:

    I now firmly believe that Gabriel is more fit to raise his daughter than Halle is. All of the drama that is in Nahla’s life has been created by HALLE. The woman is deeply flawed and toxic, just as my own natural mother is. Look how peaceful and restful Nahla always looks with her dad. Who in their right mind would want to damage their child’s relationship to their other parent?? Gabriel has been more than compliant with the custodial orders and has asked for nothing more than to be a part of his daughter’s life. Halle on the other hand, has repeatedly tried to force him out of her life. The courts (yes even in California) take that very seriously.

  40. lori says:

    I don’t think Gabriel gets much work anymore because of Halle’s connection to Salma Hayek and Francois Piniot. FP is pretty big in the fashion world and if he put it out there not to hire Gabriel he wouldn’t get work.

    • Jayna says:

      To the contrary, she would want him to work so her support isn’t so high and Salyma would understand that since her husband is paying very high child support to the mother of his other baby. Why would they want to hurt their friend by making her pay all this money because they are banning him?

      • lori says:

        Because if he’s broke he’ll stop spending a fortune on lawyers and give up and let Halle have the kid all to herself as she wants.

      • Feebee says:

        If this was more than a theory then I would guess the money situation would only be part of it. It would be to apply emotional pressure. To let him know the lack of power he has. To turn the screws on self esteem and self worth – a man’s ability provide for himself and his family.

        The more I think about it like that the more plausible a theory would be.

      • gg says:

        Because Halle would cut her nose off to spite her face. Vindictive harpie just wants the child to herself because she’s selfish.

    • Loira says:

      SOOOOO that would be one reason for Halle to seek out Salma’s friendsfip and be chummy with her!!!! Salma probably feels empathy because Linda wanted money from her pooor husband!
      I like Salma, but if she ever divorces, she will be in disadvantage regarding Francoise. I hope she is fair and do not get involved anymore with the crazy antics of Berries and Olives.

    • PleaseICU says:

      IIRC, GA cut back on his modeling gigs due to this mess with Halle but he kept all of his big money deals, like his campaigns with Hugo Boss and LV. Still bringing in substantial money but less time required away from Nahla.

  41. OXA says:

    The only talent she has is playing the victim and attacking the character of her exes.

  42. Tanguerita says:

    do us a favor, bitch. Thanks.

  43. jk says:

    Hey HB take Ollie and head to France. He is a drunk and will pound your face to hamburger for you one of these days and who knows what he will do to your kid. The courts have failed this child by not taking her away from you and all your hate. You said your child was black because if you have one drop of black in you you are black, SO you picked a white boy to have this beautiful little girl with and then lie and treat him like dirt and take upwith how many different men? Oilie is trash pure and simple and you two deserve each other and the judge needs to see this and take that kid from you.

  44. Starlight says:

    I wish she would find peace and comfort from these problems. Take care Halle.

  45. chloe says:

    I was looking back at some old stories from when Halle and Gabriel first broke up, they were still seen together (in San Francisco) and several other places co-parenting Nahla, Gabriel was even seen oversees watching their daughter while Halle started filming Dark Tides and then here comes Oliver and then Halle starts bad mouthing Gabriel and trying to take Nahla away. I completely believe Gabe had something to say about Oliver and I’m sure it wasn’t good, but a parent should know who their exes have around their children. As for the arguments, you can’t tell me that Halle is totally inocent from name calling and lies, I don’t think you can find many relationships where there hasn’t been an argument or two and bad things were said. As for the whole pushing thing, how many of you out there would take someone saying horrible things right in your face without pushing them back. I’ve said this before Halle has the money to bug, record and spy on Gabriel (and probably does) if he was doing any of these things that she claims she would have had it on TMZ that day.

    • StormsMama says:

      If he started that fight those security tapes would’ve been “leaked” to tmz as fast as her “sources” got her story out on thanksgiving. She’s vile.

    • Lucinda says:

      This right here! I have talked many times about how early on Halle wanted to take Nahla to Africa while she was filming, making sure Gabriel had no contact and he agreed to live in Africa for two months to watch Nahla while Halle worked. That was the first time she really fought his involvement in Nahla’s life and he worked around it. But in the last couple years it turned nasty, all on Halle’s part. I wondered why they were fine when they first broke up and then suddenly he was a terrible person. The more she fails to get her way, the worse the accusations have gotten. I really fear something even worse is going to happen before this is done.

  46. LeslieM says:

    What career? Has she been in anything other than those 3 minutes in Valentine’s Day lately?

  47. Madriani's Girl says:

    First off, and I know I’m generalizing here, but every French man I have met is an egotistical a**hole. So I have no doubt Olivier threatened Gabriel on multiple occasions. Secondly, I think this was all planned by Halle (whose hatred for Gabriel is all out of proportion and stems solely from the fact that she can’t control him) when she lost the custody issue. This was her Plan B and Olivier is so besotted with the clinicaly insane beeotch, he went along with it.

    Halle wouldn’t be in the tabs so much if she would just STFU and go about her life but no, she creates and then feeds the drama and all of it is at Nahla’s expense. Stupid woman.

  48. The Other Katherine says:

    If I were in Gabriel’s shoes, I would never show up to a custodial handoff without my own attorney and a professional videographer to document E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

    Gabriel strikes me a nice, small-town pretty boy who is not overly blessed in the brains department, which means that Halle’s schemes blind-side him every damn time. The guy needs to learn to think defensively, which is what you have to do when you’re dealing with dangerous crazy people. It’s probably hard for him to believe that his daughter’s mom could actually do these things — and I get it, but it’s time to wake up and have the realization that this is who Halle is. It is, apparently, who she’s ALWAYS been. Between the hit-and-run and how she dropped her stepdaughter India like a hot potato, I don’t think Halle sees other human beings as real people — they’re just poseable action figures who inhabit her world.

    That poor wee girl. Most normal mothers would be *glad* that their daughter had a loving and involved father, even if the romance ended bitterly. A loving, non-abusive parental figure for your child is a gift, not a burden.

    • Faye says:

      100% agree with this comment. I think Gabriel seems like the French-Canadian version of a sweet dumb blond – nice, but not too smart. I don’t think he could even have imagined the depths of cunning and crazy someone like Halle (and Martinez) are capable of. I hope he gets some great lawyers who can clue him in.

      I don’t think he needs to be defensive, though — I think he needs to get on the offensive. Not physically, obviously, but he needs a strategy to get custody of Nahla and to stop these constant attacks on him and get ahead of any other possible upcoming schemes (cuz you just know Halle has a couple up her sleeve).

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Call me incredibly cynical (which I am), but I wonder when the sexual abuse allegations will start. For someone as crazy as Halle, that’s the next logical step once she’s exhausted everything else.

      • Faye says:

        OtherKatharine, I really, really hope you’re wrong, because God knows that could screw up Nahla even worse than the rest of this mess. But I’m sort of scared you’re right. Halle’s already tried racism, violence, etc., and hasn’t had any success. This would be a logical next step — and a lot harder for Gabriel to disprove.

      • Kate says:

        At this point, and with such a solid and well-evidenced history of her trying to remove him from Nahla’s life, if she makes allegations such as that it would likely count against her, not him. Parents who invent that stuff screw the kids up as badly as if they were being abused – it’s another form of abuse, basically. The courts might well remove Nahla if she did any such thing, or at least they would (and do) in this country. I can’t see how or why it would be any different in the USA. They’d investigate, clear him and then turn their attention to Berry.

        SO hope she doesn’t go there though. That beautiful little girl is being destroyed by all this, and imagine how much worse it will be once her schoolfriends are old enough to google all this crap. Has Berry stopped to consider what the photos of her father’s face will do to her when she’s big enough to understand that the guy they live with did that to him?

    • Dap says:

      “nice, small-town pretty boy who is not overly blessed in the brains department” ;-D)
      P.S: That’s totally how I see him too!

  49. L.E. says:

    What career? I thought she ended it already.

  50. andy says:

    No Catwoman 2??

    I will try to live with my disappointment.

  51. candigirl says:

    CPS do your damn job and get this child out of Halle’s home now! Halle is living with a violent abuser and it is a matter of time before he beats Halle and Nahla. This guy is sick and should not be around children. Halle deserves to lose the career of mother for putting her child in danger with this monster.

    • BestJess says:

      You might want to redirect your criticisms to legislators rather than under paid, under resourced, highly over worked and over stressed child protection agencies and workers. There is no state in the US in which a mothers new partner having a fight with the previous partner would be grounds for removal of a child.

      I find it amazing that there are so many people on these threads that blithely call for children to be removed from a parent. Removal of children is ALWAYS the absolute last resort because even in cases of actual abuse and neglect, the trauma to a child as a result of removal is often greater than if they’d stayed.

  52. Feebee says:

    Love the headline… is she quitting her career before it quits her, or is it when her career has yelled you’re fired and she yells you can’t fire me cos I quit?

  53. Agnes says:

    Gabriel seems like an attentive, caring dad. It’s a shame that people don’t want to put their differences aside for the sake of their children.

  54. Fleurthefrenchy says:

    Halle seems to be using the men in her life for a specific purpose, and when that’s done she gets rid of them…
    She chose Gabriel for his looks to produce a child…
    Then chose Olivier to help her keep Gabriel away and beat him up…
    I wonder whether she has anything else planned for Olivier or whether she’s ready to get rid of him now….

  55. Lucky Charm says:

    I just read the TRO documents on Radar Online. What I don’t understand is why didn’t Gabriel include Nahla in the protection order from Olivier? He included that OM has to stay away from her school, but it doesn’t include her. Is that because of the TRO on him (Gabriel) that says HE has stay away from Nahla? Perhaps one of the legal eagles on here can provide some information about that?

    • BestJess says:

      Simple, no-one is claiming OM ever hurt the child. Being in a fight is not enough to have you barred from the presence of children. The school ban is likely because unlike a TOTAL ban on being near the child, OM has no reason to be at the school where it is conceivable the two protagonists would come face to face. A complete ban would be completely OTT (you don’t get orders based on “gee he hit someone once so therefore it’s clearly a matter of time before he beats the child”). Orders (permanent ones that is, temp orders can be obtained on one persons say so) are not that easy to get and they don’t go anywhere near as far as the urban myths suggest. I was able to prove in court that my neighbour was breaking into my garden and peeping in my windows while masturbating. I lived alone yet the best I could get was an order stating he could not “harass, threaten or assault” me, pretty pointless really since all those things we ALREADY illegal. Because he lived next door I couldn’t even get a distance applied.

    • Lucrezia says:

      I’m not a lawyer, but a restraining order banning OM from contact with Nalia would effectively ban him from his own residence. That’s totally different from banning him from visiting Nalia’s school, and would require a different type of form (and I think a different type of case … you can only kick someone out of their home under a domestic violence order, you can’t do it with a civil harassment suit).

      GA probably could’ve filed for a domestic violence restraining order instead, but it’d almost certainly be overturned later (no-one is claiming OM is a physical threat to the child). All it would really do is force OM out of the house for a few days, and make him (and Halle) angrier. GA is taking the more reasonable route.

  56. Miss M says:

    It’s a sad sad day in Hollywood. One of the most beautiful, elegant and talented actresses of all time has…
    gone crazy and needs to treat her emotional issues.

    ps: But the Golden statue town won’t miss her, some say she was never that talented…

  57. RN says:

    **cleans out a large box for Halle to live in**

  58. Dany says:

    Yup. This smells a lot like a trap set up for Gabriel.
    Martinez must have been totally out of control because “defending” yourself after being “pushed” usually does not include a black eye, cuts and bruises all over the face and a broken rib. A broken rib! I always thought it needs more than using your fist to break ribs. Did he kick him while Gabriel was already on the ground?

    I would be scared to death having my little daughter being exposed to a man who obviously has anger issues! Like I said before – he could have killed Gabriel.

    • Relli says:

      Based on Martinez’s purchases the next day i am going to guess he was also incredibly sauced as well. Some people are happy drunks, some are violent, he may be the latter.

  59. tabasco says:

    here’s a thought. if this was premeditated, when olivier and halle break up (and they will) and she starts accusing him of being awful (and she will), does olivier fire back and publicly “tell all” that he and halle set this up? oooohhhhhhh.

  60. Relli says:

    I am actually ok with this. After her and Oprah ruined my favorite book “thier eyes were watching god,” they have both been on my shit list! Role she was born to play my ass…

  61. tabasco says:

    give me a break. if she was so damn concerned about the paparazzi , maybe keep the kid hidden, like many other celebrities manage to do. maybe give it some thought BEFORE you have the kid. and i dont recall halle carrying about nahla and the paparazzi until AFTER she split with GA. also, yes, poor halle. poor rich, beautiful, oscar-winning halle. im really starting to think she has mental health issues. b*tch is cray-cray.

  62. lulu1 says:

    Mostly we gossip on here, and try and guess what’s happening in the lives of people we don’t know.

    But one thing we do know, for sure, is that Olivier Martinez is a violent man. For a person like that, this isn’t a one-off. I wonder if Halle got more than she bargained for. We are all assuming that she is happy with the way this has worked out. But it could be she’s surprised, or scared.

    I know I would be.

    • LAK says:

      you know, it will be very hard to feel sympathy for her when she breaks up with Olivier and reveals [surprise] that he was a drunk abusive so and so and she was always scared for her life. she will cite this incident, nevermind that her instinctive first reaction was to have baby daddy on a protection order and making moves AGAIN to remove his parental rights because that’s where this is heading. AGAIN.

      • skuddles says:

        Exactly LAK, and don’t forget the racist accusations she’ll be hurling at Martinez one day…

  63. skuddles says:

    Great, see ya Halle! I sincerely doubt you’ll be missed.

  64. Starr says:

    Hope OM enjoyed his little career because it’s over now. HB’s will definitely suffer as well. All for a piece of tail. How these people don’t understand that this attention is all their own doing, I’ll never understand. There are plenty of celebrities with children who live a life away from the paparazzi spotlight. She seems to not understand that the days of bad publicity still being good are over. You may be talked about still…but it’s all for the wrong reasons. Ask Lilo. If she wants a career and the love of her daughter it’s in her best interests to give it all a rest and figure out a way to coexist with Gabe. Otherwise she will end up losing both.

  65. G says:

    Ridiculous. “If I don’t get my way, I’m going to quit acting and I’m going to act like a martyr for doing it.”

    Non one cares if you ever act again and the only danger that I’ve seen your daughter put in, is as a result of your narcissistic selfishness.

    • Loulou says:

      That, and when somebody cheats on her, she goes on a rampage crashing into other people. Much handle on herself and her priorities (eyeroll)

  66. Ms Kay says:

    I guess she wasn’t acting when in Die Another Day she explained the why of her Jinx name… and that James Bond film was so bad… oh the irony..

    Moral of the story is:

    – If you are a HW director, in case you haven’t been notified of code red top secret file “Jinx”, run up the hills if an agent drops Halle Berry CV on your desk!

    – If you find yourself attracted to Halle Berry for a one night stand, fair enough. But if you fall in love with her, then you are insane. If she falls back in love with you, you are a dead person or better yet call the 504 battery drive for men in black to have you isolated. Because this is what happens with Halle Berry : you become alienated!

  67. Loulou says:

    If I knew better, I’d say the studios threw Berry under a bus to make room for the Naomie Harris or other young actresses, by setting her up with a marginal actor like Martinez, giving her bad strategic advice and letting the potion simmer until poof! there went her career. That’s all I’m ready to concede in her favour is that she’s been played by the same people who enabled her this far thinking she was Oscar material. Hollywood is a cynical, chauvinist if not misogynist place. Women have to pander their sex (Kardashians), or in Berry’s case her motherhood, to be bankable. She’s no longer a hot commodity and her advisors didn’t count on a model being other than dumb. There’s something you don’t mess with, with us French-Canadians, is the loving bond with our kids.

  68. Paloma says:

    I hope this scheme backfires on Halle and her thug. Those pics of Gabriel’s face tell a story. He was beaten to a pulp.

  69. Jayna says:

    Here’s the ending to the story. She and Oliver will eventually break up a year, two years. Who knows? She will beg forgiveness to her ex, saying it was all Oliver’s fault and all of a sudden they will be friendly again until — he falls in love and the new woman is around the little girl. Back to games again.

  70. someone says:

    Does anyone else agree with me that Olivier is not very good looking? I don’t get the attraction. There are lots of pictures of him in the Daily Mail today and he is not aging well.

  71. mimi says:

    Why does it have to be France? Why not Connecticut where Meryl Streep lives.

  72. Nikita says:

    haha oh dear halle, as if ANYONE would EVER watch a movie with you in it again!

    Halles Career is officialy OVER

    oh and olivers too! if he ever had a carrer less then beeing the ex from kylie minouge and now, beater from halle berry haha

    • TG says:

      You know what is funny is Olivier is a model too. I just saw his pic in my Vanity Fair for YSL L’Homme perfume. I guess YSL knows how to pick them.

      Also, I think either HB or OM will end up in prison one day if not both of them for murder.

  73. Kellie says:

    The desire to become a parent is selfish to begin with. We dont need children we want them. So once you make that selfish decision to create a life that didnt ask to be here, nor requested you as a parent; the least you can do is have the wisdom of forsight. Halle obviously lacks this, because regardless of what she tries to make Gab look like in public, eventually Nahla will grow up and form her own opinion.

    Be careful of the hole you dig for others…..

    • TG says:

      So true @Kellie! This woman is a narcissist and maybe even a sociopath. Those kinds of people have zero empathy and feelings for anyone other than themselves. She won’t stop until Gabe is dead. I knew this all along and it is sadly proving to be true. She needs to be permanantly removed from her daughter. Also, people like her never take time to reflect on anything. They are always right and everyone else is out to get them.

  74. skuddles says:

    Here’s a though Halle, instead of quitting acting (although I doubt anyone would give a damn if you did), maybe you should just try to quit being such a nasty, vindictive bitch. You know, think about your daughter’s well being for a change…

  75. jenny piccolo says:

    She creates all the drama and negativity in her life. Plain & simple — she likes to fight & she loves the thought of two men fighting over her.

  76. PoliteTeaSipper says:

    If I had the person who was mocking me and threatening to take away my child getting in my face, I’d start throwing punches too regardless of who instigates it.

    Goodbye Halle. Please go.

  77. Dany says:

    From radar:
    “Update: A judge has ruled that Gabriel Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with Nahla, with unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety. Story developing…”

    • Lulu says:

      This is very good news indeed.

      • TG says:

        And they are reporting that Gabe is trying to get it so that Olivier can’t get anywhere near his duaghter. Which I can’t believe hasn’t happened already. I think the cops have been paid off for them to believe this BS being thrown out by HB and OM and her lawyer.

    • skuddles says:

      Good to hear!

  78. Chump says:

    I hope Aubry presses charges and the police investigate. That he doesn’t have a single red mark, bruise or anything else on his hands but Martinez does, speaks volumes about who the violent aggressor was.

    There is also a report that the security cameras were not repositioned, but that there was no tape or they were not recording at all. Is this correct?

    • Liv says:

      As if!! She’s so afraid of paps and stalker, so she doesn’t even have tapes/is not recording? What a liar.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Yes, it does speak volumes. I have no trouble believing Martinez was the aggressor & that he’s as nasty as Berry herself.

      And the security cameras? Hmmm…that’s interesting as hell. If I were going to orchestrate a brawl in my driveway & wanted no taped evidence, I guess I’d forget to have the cameras operating.

      Because according to Halle, she lives in terror of Gabriel Aubry, the paparazzi, Dora the Explorer & the Oompa Loompas, & so must have extremely tight security!

    • BestJess says:

      While my essentially just a guess opinion is that it was OM who instigated the fightt and caused more damage, the injuries received (or not received) by both parties doesn’t provide the damning evidence of this that CB posters seem to think.

      If a random member of the public took a swing at me there is actually NOT much chance that they’ll have any “offensive” wounds to their hands because most people don’t know how to throw a punch and it’s therefore usually just a glance. That would also mean I wouldn’t have much if any facial bruising. However because I have been kick boxing since I was a child, when I hit them back THEY will likely receive a fair amount of facial bruising and MY knuckles may well be bruised because my self defence punch would have had a lot more force behind it.

      You really can’t draw any conclusion based on the injuries.

  79. Intercontinental says:

    We are of the opinion Gabe needs to start fighting on HB & OM level he & his lawyers need to be calling on HB & OM exes for character assassinations (literally)! Facts will always rule over drama!

    *fights for place on sofa & delves into popcorn* 🙂

  80. rose says:

    Here I was looking for B.A.P.S 2

  81. LadyL says:

    She has terrible judgement. From the men she marries to deciding to flee to scene of a crime. They all need therapy- STAT.

    That little girl is going to resent all of them for using her. Both of her parents aren’t too bright- but Halle seems disturbed. The manufactured fight with the paps at her daughters’ school is just another example of how far she’ll go to get control away from another and all to herself.

    And- where is that stepdaughter she pledged her undying love to? Like Cher’s dad said “you divorce spouses not children” (a bit of paraphrasing from Clueless)

  82. Skipper says:

    That man (GA) loves his child, plain and simple.

    Halle’s career is OVER, in part b/c of her age and shitty acting, but mainly because of her personal life drama that SHE herself is orchestrating which has overshadowed her ‘work’… she is the eternal victim who can’t take responsibility for anything, who always blames others for her misfortunes… karma is coming b!tch and frankly I couldn’t be more pleased. Olivier is choked about the $3 million “they” have spent b/c that’s $3 million less that his sugar mama has to spend on him now… his meal ticket is starting to dry up. Break-up in 3-2-1…

    • tabasco says:

      which, p.s., they wouldnt have had to spend that 3 million if HB hadnt sued for custody in the first damn place!

  83. Victoria1 says:

    Listen, she won the Oscar for banging Billy Bob in Monster’s Ball, I mean wouldn’t give her the Oscar for it also? (I find him disgusting). After that her career tanked because she talks to much and wants to be martyred.
    I really hope this guy wins and she loses it all.

  84. spellman says:

    I hope everyone saying Gabe should just get a job will come out the next time there is a post about Justin Theroux and his leggings and say the same thing.

  85. d says:

    Hmmm…cynical ol’ me thinks that’s Plan C of Halle’s: quit acting, make less income, pay less to Aubry. And/or blame him for the loss of career and sue him. And this story suspiciously sounds like a spin to make her look good in light of support for Gabe now that everyone’s seen his face. I wish a judge would call them all into the courtroom with only their lawyers and then go in camera, and issue a publication ban and then read them all the riot act, tell them to grow up, stop leaking anonymous friend/source crap stories to the blogs and news, and sort their s*** out once and for all. None of this mess is good for that kid.

  86. Elizabeth says:

    Is Halle so filled with hate and bitterness because she wanted to marry Gabriel and he dumped her saying ‘he was attracted to other women and he thought Halle was ”older” and hence had to end things’ ??

  87. EscapedConvent says:

    Well, no one goes to her crap movies anymore—that should make it easier for her to “give up her career.” I laughed when I saw that headline!

    I have no trouble believing that this brawl was planned or at least “hoped for.” Berry was ordered to pay Aubry lots of dollars in monthly child support, & then she was smacked down by the court telling her she cannot take Nahla out of the country. She had to do *something*.

    Ex-couples drop their children off with the other every day, & they don’t have fistfights. It sounds like Martinez was the aggressor, simply because he had no business going out to bait Aubry, or to say a word to him. Why was he compelled to do that?

    What’s unfortunate is that Gabriel didn’t just ignore that assjack & drive away. He didn’t mean to help their case against him, but he probably did. I hope a wise judge will see through this manipulation a la Berry.

  88. dj says:

    If anyone has not seen photos of Gabriel after this alleged fight please do. Gabriel really looks shockingly bad. Olivier seems as crazy as HB. Poor Gabriel.

  89. Kate says:

    Personally I think Halle should hook up with Jesse James. They could stay classy together.

  90. Holden says:

    The point about the security tape is a valid one, it should be relatively easy to produce the footage, unless they are hiding something. I really do believe Halle Berry will not quit until she gets Nahla’s father out of the picture.

  91. DeCe says:

    revlon better cut their losses and dump this bitch, before she drags them down to gutter with her. she is now equivilent to a gang member! clearly a SET UP! aubry needs to get a restraining order for his daughter too! she needs to be taken from the selfish mother, who is endagering her with her killer BF and is harmming her mental state as well. maybe halle should get help as well, and when she’s in the phsycho ward, she should get some work done, her chin seems to be dragging a little. i wonder what her ex husbands are thinking now???

  92. Zombie Shortcake says:

    I wonder how long before Berry and Martinez go bats%*& at each other…

    • Vesper says:

      I don’t think we will have to wait too long to see the end of that relationship.

      No family law judge is going to ignore the fact that Halle is engaged and living with a man who has violently attacked another person, even worse the father of her child, and that he did it in the presence of Natalya. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was deemed that Natalaya is not safe in Oliver’s presence which would mean Halle would have to choose between her relationship and her daughter.

      I hope the judge takes it even further, and that Halle is called out for her many attempts at parental alienation, as well as her poor judgment of getting involved with violent men. It’s not like this is the first time Halle has been living with an abusive partner. She, herself, said that her first husband was abusive. That may be enough for a judge to decide that Gabriel should have primary physical and legal custody of Natalya, and Halle should be limited to supervised visits.

  93. G says:

    Oh Halle…promises…promises…

  94. Gal says:

    Those tapes will never be seen.

    • Vesper says:

      The tapes aren’t all that important anymore. The pics of Gabriel’s injuries including closeup shots of his clean hands (no cuts, bruises or defensive wounds) strongly supports his version of the fight, that Oliver blitz attacked him from behind.

  95. hannah says:

    I’m pretty sure she could find a paparazzi free spot to in/around Los Angeles , other celebrities seem to have no problems with that

  96. Tommy says:

    I am team nahla. These two idiots needs to grow up.

  97. luc4urself says:

    IMO Halle was always a mediocre actress. Most people I talk to thought her Oscar was really for recognition of all the actresses of color who had been overlooked for decades prior to her winning. I didn’t even like her in Monster’s Ball, it was crappy overacting and Halle showing hysterics. What is so sad, is that as a ethnic actress, Halle does not seem to grasp what amazing opportunities she had at her disposal to do great things for herself, her daughter, women. She took gold and turned it into shit. She is so self destructive. Most actresses would have been appreciative to have had the career she’s had, but she doesn’t even appreciate it. She is throwing it down the drain,for what a actor who will eventually get sick of her and go back to France and badmouth her for ruining his career too.
    Well at least she still has her Revlon contract.

    • Dalstongirl says:

      Who are these people you talked to? Halle won that Oscar because the Academy thought she gave the best performance. Her being a black woman had nothing to do with it. Smh.

      • dang says:

        And the Academy is a freakin joke. Halle Berry should NOT have won that Oscar if talent had ANYTHING to do with it. I am a Black woman and I look at the actresses who have performed to the so-called “Oscar” standard. Whoopie in The Color Purple, Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got To Do With It? Others. Halle did it doggy style with overall mediocre acting and got the nod. The Oscars are a joke and Ms. Berry unfortunately, exemplifies that. She’s just another one of Hollywood’s “court jesters. Adoration won’t fill an empty soul.

      • LAK says:

        there was alot of momemtum for awarding the best actress Oscar to a black woman. Even Oprah got in on the act to campaign for it. It really tainted the win for me because it could have been about talent [yes i know!] but it was very much affirmative action. You didn’t hear that kind of talk when Whoopi Goldberg [1990], Jennifer Hudson [2006] or Monique [2009] won their Oscars. or for that matter any of the black actors who have won their categories in recent years. Only Halle.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I think Angela Bassett should have won the Oscar for What’s Love Got To Do With It, if the award is to recognise a superior performance. Her competitors that year didn’t come close to what she did as Tina Turner.

      I almost never agree with those damn Oscars!

  98. Skipper says:

    Since Halle’s Campaign of Vengeance has pretty much failed up to this point: her next steps are going to be (as much as it pains me to say it): either sexual abuse allegations against Gabe, or a hitman. She will stop at nothing to completely eradicate Gabe from Nahla’s life. Interesing how the situation has dramatically worsened since that slimy boyfriend of hers entered the picture. I wonder how much of this BS is his idea/influence. All that money Halle is paying to Gabe every month must really be chipping away at Olivier’s retirement plan. Too bad Halle is such a pathetic victim of life (in her warped mind) that she can’t see what she is doing to her child – the only justice is full custody to Gabe and eliminating toxic Halle and her loser boyfriend of the minute from Nahla’s life.

    I disagree that Gabe is dumb or naive… he is probably just a mellow, decent dude who loves his child and didn’t expect or anticipate such a shitstorm. If Halle was ‘playing nice’ when they first broke up, he probably assumed it would continue that way – that they would both be decent about it for Nahla’s sake – and didn’t see this coming. Halle probably lost interest in him initially because he treated her too well and we all know how she LOVES to be treated like shit.

    • Loira says:


    • emmie_a says:

      I don’t know why people are assuming that Gabriel is dumb or slow or naive (bc he’s a model? blonde??). I think you’re assessment of him being mellow is on target.

    • Luxe says:

      I have to agree! Even with her history, who could have imagined Berry fighting so hard to ensure that her daughter has a bleeped up childhood like she did? I think that is what has all of us strangers so angry about it. She is actively trying to erase him from little Nahla’s life and replace him with a douchebag who has revealed himself to be a violent thug. How could a mother want this for a child? Anyone with sense would have told Olivier to find somewhere else to sleep for the near future. But of course, that would have been a PR disaster.

      I don’t get the knocks on his intelligence either. Seems like Aubry is doing things by the book. His behavior stands in stark contrast to hers and Olivier’s. and he is winning b/c of that.

  99. Stephanie says:

    Borderline personality dismother.

  100. Aud says:

    Berry should really think with her brain, not her vagina on this one and stop manipulating everything on the basis of her relationship.
    The ultimate irony for her would be the lose custody. I doubt any judge would allow her full time access when she is with Olivier either, so she shot herself if she manipulated everything to date.

  101. ghost says:

    Their connection comes across so beautifully in pictures. It’s horrible that she would try to separate a loving father from his child.

  102. Luxe says:

    Well, fiddle dee dee. What will we do w/o the world’s worst Catwoman? Trust us, Halle, no one will give a d@mn.

    Someone on TMZ was saying that the reason that Ollie Ollie Oxen Free just now has a bandaged hand is b/c they had to wait for the swelling to go down. I played sports in high school and worked in athletics in college, and um, you were never sent home from the trainer or from a visit to the hospital without protection over your injury so you can jack yourself up more. Even just an ace bandage or some athletic tape. OM showing up today with those photos (whether he’s in real pain or not) is a counter to those horrifying photos of Gabe. They probably never thought the public would see those.

    You’ll have to forgive me. I must’ve watched Gone With the Wind 3x while cooking for Thanksgiving. 🙂

    • LAK says:

      i LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. have book, dvd etc have seen it on the big screen – there was a showing of the restored print at the BFI in London a few years ago.

      Perhaps Halle will have an epiphany about better relations with Gabriel, unfortunately for her after THIS, he won’t give a damn!!

    • The Original Mia says:

      When my cousin broke his arm, the doctors waited for the swelling to go down before setting it. They did insist on a soft air cast to keep his bone in places for a few days. Olivier’s brace looks like overkill.

  103. emmie_a says:

    I’m confused about the restraining order — TMZ is reporting that the judge did not lift the order and it will stay in effect until it expires on Thursday (unless Halle or Olivier ask the court to extend it). This isn’t looking good for Gabriel. If the judge believed Gabe’s story about the entire incident wouldn’t he lift the restraining order?

    And something else I read — Gabriel called Halle his ‘ex-wife’ in his court papers. Were they married at some point??

  104. lisa2 says:

    I was just thinking after reading Gabriel’s accounts of things. When he said that Olivier said Gabriel had cost them 3 million dollars. Now I have to wonder if it is really Halle that is all set on moving to France then Olivier wanting to move to France. I think that Halle like a lot of women are following the man. Doing what he wants or needs. Olivier does not have any movie roles that I can see. So maybe he is the one wanting to move, and Halle is desperate to keep him..

    I stated on another thread that I wouldn’t be surprised if Gabriel asked for a RO against Olivier. Gabriel’s face is good evidence to Olivier’s violence.

    NOW I see Olivier sporting a brace. I hope the court system can and will sort it out.

  105. Ally8 says:

    It would be nice to have Revlon kill her contract, too. That bitchface is not selling me on any make-up.

  106. Dirty Martini says:

    And to think there are 1000s of lovely couples with open, healthy hearts and empty arms longing for a child to love and cherish.

    And then there is this horseshit.

  107. Newtsgal says:

    I have read that Gabriel could be deported for this…. well, isn’t crazyboy Olivier from France?
    I mean, can’t he be deported too?
    Oh!, and someone should tell ScaryBerry that anyone with Mr.Magoo’s eyesight can see that she is pullin the strings on this one.

  108. erika says:

    oh no! halle! give up what ‘career’? Drama ho!

    and on oscar does not gaurantee you for lifetime legitimacy as a thespian!

    Here’s an idea for you Halle – F***k off. For real. Seriously, F***k off, move to North Dakota, dress in Gap clothing, be single and take up a hobby like quilting and leave US all alone!

    so sick n’ tired of seeing your drama mug…YOU instigate the paps, YOU instigate the drama!

    PS – I wish i could call you over to my house and beat the crap out of you!

    Team Gabriel, hoping a judge sees through all this bullsh-t.

  109. irishserra says:

    When the two were together and right after, I thought they were both a couple of narcissistic nut jobs but Halle has proven to bypass his crazy by leaps and bounds.

    I think it’s totally fair to label this woman a desperate bitch. As someone mentioned above, she’s jumped from one accusation to another, each more dramatic than the last and she’s just crazy enough to think that anyone will believe her. She has disregarded the well being of Nahla along the way. This is so sad. For now, I guess I hope that the two parents can put aside their differences and concentrate on being parents to that gorgeous child, but I fear that at some point in the very near future I will be able to look at the situation and say that she is a very negative force in that child’s life, unfit to parent. Ugh. So, so sad.

  110. d b says:

    I lost respect for Halle loong ago – When she crashed into a car and sped away. Remember that little caper?

    Please Halle, quit showbiz.

    Oh for the days when female stars married rich civilians and RETIRED and devoted themselves to charity work or something.

  111. CocoBelly says:

    She was the first African American lady to win an Oscar right? For what?, dunno. Her acting sucks. The first African American to win shoulda been Angela Bassett as Tina Turner. Now that was some skill!

    Halle Berry needs to check herself.

  112. Kosmos says:

    I’m really really hoping they can prove that Gabe did not do much, if anything, and that Olivier did the damage, even had to kick his body when he was down so that he sustained fractured ribs….wow, what a nice guy. I really hope that Gabriel can continue to have visits with his daughter and that Halle not be allowed to move anywhere!! Olivier sounds like he has a vindictive temper and he needs the restraining order big time.

  113. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Let me tell you something….if my boyfriend even tried to lay a finger on my ex husband let alone beat the crap out of him his asz would have been flung out my door so fast he wouldnt have known what the heck was happening!!! Its unbeliveable to me that its ok with her that OM did this to the father of her daughter. Incredible. There is obviously something very wrong with her. No honor, no respect, no pride. No matter what Gabe is the father of her daughter.
    My ex and I had a very bitter divorce but no matter what I still loved him still, deep down and Id never wish to see him physically hurt.
    HB obviously has something wrong with her mentally.
    Sounds to me like Gabe is the one in need of security guards.
    As for her quitting her career…?
    Hey, Halle, dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  114. Yvie says:

    And what happens AFTER she and OM breaks up? Which we all KNOW is going to happen eventually….then what?!

  115. Mouse says:

    Martinez makes me think of Eddie Cibrian, only creepier. Both look like they reek of douchebag stank and seem to be taking advantage of mentally unstable women.

  116. Chrissy says:

    I totally agree that this was premeditated. I do not think that Halle is so hot that she is hounded by the tabloids; she’s greatly exaggerating. Or at least she was until this drew attention back to her. Boo-hoo, she has no choice but to give up her career. I don’t think her career is that hot now either.

  117. gobo says:

    When was the last time she worked? Nobody wants to see her in a movie. With all of this shit and the widely held belief that she is a crazy and vindictive B*tch? I don’t imagine she receives many offers for decent roles either.

  118. sauvage says:

    I have to apologize to Gabriel Aubry right now because at first I called out him AND Olivier Martinez for being immature idiots BUT it now seems that the conspiracy theorists were right from the beginning and this whole thing was a massive set-up which shows an amount of crazy I never could even imagine.

    What is this, f***ing Kindergarten? I mean, get a grip, there’s a child involved! A poor, vulnerable soul who should grow up to trust and like people. If this goes on, her trust in the world will be permanently damaged.

    I can’t believe anyone would to this. I know people do all kinds of crazy stuff, but I’m still astonished at times about what people are capable of for no good use other than getting their way.

  119. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Something about all this Halle-induced drama shouts “coke craziness” to me. And look at Olivier’s eyes …

  120. haha says:

    NAHLA is ur NUMBER 1 PRIO right now.DO YOU GET THIS< MISS HALLE? not the D!CK(S) ur running after.ur own PRIORITY went 0 when you had ur child.

  121. enya. says:

    I totally believe Gabriel was jumped and that Olivier planned this and I hopehopehope incontrovertible proof is found. Why didn’t the cops get the security video??????????

  122. Leah says:

    How about they all grow up and act like adults for the sake of Nahla? She’s the one suffering every time these three decide to get into a fight. I seriously hate people like this. Yeah, we get it. You hate each other. Suck it up and be adults for the sake of the kid(s).

  123. lrm says:

    This is SO disturbing! what if it goes further? at this point GA is in physical danger? wtf?
    SO disturbing and bizarre.
    Why would HB want to hurt the father of her child, physically to the point where he cannot care for her temporarily?

    wow. i’m speechless….

  124. Starsh says:

    Why do women hate halle Berry so much? I am mystified. Not one of you know the situation or the people involved personally!And Martinez was very supportive of Kylie Minogue during her cancer battle. Why jump on him now? Because he’s French? because he squints? please!

  125. mollination says:

    I’m pretty sure a dearth of current acting work isn’t going to stop a famous person from being photographed if they continually provide dramatic stories for the tabloids to print. Ask Lindsay Lohan.

  126. kayla says:

    I don’t know Halle berry or any of the other parties but what I do know is, what goes around comes around and if she and Olivier are lying and set this thing up, it’s going to eventually backfire and they’re going to pay for it big time!
    Already Halle is getting some serious backlash from this horrible crap.
    Her possibly ending her acting career has nothing to do with the violence that goes on in her household, the paps aren’t the reason for that so why bother to quit besides her acting is based on her looks which have been enhanced more than once with plastic surgery!

  127. ViloDeMenus says:

    No one wants to see her in anything, she’s a horrible excuse for a person, a mother, and frankly she’s done more to hurt her own child than is reasonable. Blinded by control issues, she doesn’t care about her child just her own selfishness. Go away, no one wants to see you act, no one wants you at all except for your money you weak woman who has to buy love.