LeAnn Rimes’s rep releases a denial, Eddie Cibrian releases an email to Brandi

I don’t know if LeAnn Rimes is a sociopath. I don’t know if LeAnn has a “severe eating disorder” and she pops laxatives like candy. But I do know that Brandi Glanville believes those things, and I know that Brandi is feeling particularly scorched-earth these days. Brandi is no longer paying lip service to the happy, well-managed blended family that no one ever believed was real anyway. First Brandi gave an interview to HuffPo calling LeAnn a sociopath and claiming LeAnn “endangered” Brandi’s sons Mason and Jake. Then Brandi followed that up with a balls-out exclusive interview with Us Weekly in which she called out LeAnn on many, many different topics.

So, what has the response been so far? Denials. Hysterical, nonsensical denials. LeAnn’s rep issued a statement to E! News that made me roll my eyes until they nearly fell out:

“Her whole show is based on controversy, drama and publicity,” Rimes’ rep Marcel Periseau said in a statement to E! News of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills player. “She is the only one to gain by spewing forth inaccuracies, rants and half-truths. It’s time for people to see it for what this really is…What better way to keep herself relevant?”

Glanville, meanwhile, tells E! News that the story she gave to Us Weekly regarding her concerns about Rimes’ parenting skills—including the laxative claim—is “all true.”

“Why is all the name calling just coming from one side?” Periseau continued. “Brandi keeps using threatening and mean-spirited statements like ‘I think she is a sociopath,’ ‘I don’t hate her I feel sorry for her but if she hurts my kids I will cut a b–ch or probably something worse,’ ‘I wanted to kill her,’ etc. and all LeAnn says is ‘my boys,’ ‘my family’ etc. Are LeAnn’s words threatening or mean-spirited? I beg to differ. LeAnn and Eddie have the boys 50 percent of the time, so they are a family and LeAnn is a great and caring co-parent. As Brandi stated ‘my boys love her’ and LeAnn loves them.”

“Brandi keeps grasping at straws to make LeAnn seem like an unfit person. Brandi’s story changes daily, one day it’s an eating disorder, one day it’s Twitter, one day the boys aren’t safe, etc. She says she hasn’t seen or spoken to LeAnn in months but yet knows everything that is going on. None of Brandi’s allegations are true. People need to see it for what it is—PUBLICITY! It’s time for Brandi to move on,” he concluded. “LeAnn has!”

[From E! News]

That was the most unprofessional-sounding denial I think I’ve ever read from a PR professional. Right? PR mistakes: don’t substantively restate your opponent’s case; don’t overestimate your client’s popularity or celebrity, or mistake “infamy” for celebrity; don’t fail to make a rudimentary attempt at a logical explanation. I mean, when the dude is listing all of the “name-calling” he acts like all of those things could not be true at one time. They could be true at one time. And they probably are all true right now. Meanwhile, Eddie Cibrian has publicly released an email he sent to Brandi Glanville, so we’ll know that Brandi was totes lying when she said that she doesn’t communicate with her ex-husband. This is so ridiculous and funny.

Wowsa! There’s no doubt whose side Eddie Cibrian is firmly on! After a brief period of relative peace, the actor’s ex and current wife are embroiled in a bitter war of words once again, with name calling and accusations flying thick and fast — but Cibrian is not afraid to step straight into the war zone, and make it clear who he is backing – sharing with RadarOnline.com exclusively a scathing email he fired off to Brandi Glanville.

Brandi claimed that the only way she can get any kind of response from Cibrian is to post a rant on Twitter, but RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained email evidence to the contrary… Eddie is calling bull on Brandi’s claim, passing on to Radar the email he sent to his ex-wife on December 2, in its entirety.

“I know your life exists solely for the purpose of living and creating drama,” Eddie wrote. “It’s a sad way to live. It’s so obvious that you have to constantly mention my wife so people will care what comes out of your mouth. One day when wine and narcissism are not consuming you, you will realize how fortunate the kids are to have LeAnn in their life. She is amazing with them, as the kids will 100 percent attest to. You should be so lucky to one day find someone who will love and respect Mason and Jake as she does. Although, I really don’t know how anyone can put up with your constant bullsh-t. No wonder you have lost so many ‘close’ friends.

“Grow up already and for once, PUT THE KIDS FIRST!”

[From Radar]

Much like “Eddie’s statement” to Us Weekly yesterday, I feel LeAnn’s presence in this email. She might not have typed it up herself, but she was definitely in the room while it was being written. I feel her energy. Incidentally, is anyone else seriously perturbed by the repeated statements that Brandi should consider herself “lucky” that LeAnn is there for Mason and Jake, and that the boys are “lucky” to have LeAnn as a “bonus mom”? That really bugs me. First of all, it feels like a threat, like, “Well, LeAnn is here IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU. Aren’t we lucky?” And secondly, it’s just further evidence of how LeAnn’s narcissism permeates every single thing ever. It can’t be about the boys, it’s about how the boys are LUCKY to have LeAnn. It can’t be about Brandi’s (legit, IMO) concerns about how her sons are being co-parented, it’s about how Brandi should feel LUCKY that someone so amazing (LeAnn) is now married to Brandi’s ex-husband. It’s all about The LeAnn Show.

Also: “I know your life exists solely for the purpose of living and creating drama” – people who live in glass Twitter palaces shouldn’t throw drama stones.

UPDATE: …. and Brandi has already responded to Eddie’s email leak. Do I need to go into details? No. You can read it here.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    i like how the liar and the cheater (eddie and LR are interchangable with those labels) are admonishing the mother on how she wants her children raised.

    fucking creep

    • Mich says:

      “Wowza!” Eddie is a first class as$hole. That email is horrible.

      “You should be so lucky to one day find someone who will love and respect Mason and Jake as she does.”

      She thought she DID you jackass! When she married YOU and had your children.

      Unbelievable. This man humiliates his wife by cheating on her repeatedly, marries his mistress, flaunts his new insta-family, stays quiet while his old wife is stalked by the new one, refuses to be in the same room with the mother of his children (as if she was the one who broke up the family), refuses to communicate with her about the children and THIS is what he has to say for himself and the situation??

      I have never really cared about this triangle but am now firmly “Team Brandi”.

      • oliveo says:

        Agreed and agreed! Eddie doesn’t get enough blame in this entire situation and we probably see less than 10% of how awful he is to the mother of HIS children. I see where she’s coming from because he’s a total scumbag…

      • Lauren says:

        Never watched RHW show, but I believe BG. Completely. Eddie is a degenerate liar, who defends his wealthy wife that supports him. Leann behaves & looks like she has addictions, and-or mental instability. Eddie is a po$r dirtbag, who disgusts me in every possible way.

      • JennaR says:

        Agreed all around!

      • Lady D says:

        Ediot is probably angling for a raise in his allowance. Or another boys only vacation. Maybe his raise will be enough to buy himself a set. I can’t believe how gutless he comes across in that email.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Obsession over things (like house cleaning, school work, twitter etc.) are common with adderall addiction. Her unnaturally thin physique and mannerisms are classic adderall addict. Also, the excessive dental issues could be from clenching and teeth grinding, also common with adderall addicts.

      • DreamyK says:


    • Sweettart says:

      I think Eddie and Leann are both ticked that Brandi has more going on and is more popular than either of them right now.

      Otherwise, the appropriate thing to do would have been to respond to Brandi’s concerns in the first place. CPS can be called on “celebrities” too.

      If one of the boys didn’t have a helmet on (isn’t it a law there?,) the response should have been, “You’re right, he should have had a helmet on. They were just so excited to go riding that they forgot. We’ll make sure it happens next time.”

      If Leann is so unstable that she can’t be trusted to do something so basic, then he . . . the father . . . should say, “I’ll make sure that they don’t go out riding unless I’m with them.”

      They only have the boys 50 percent of the time and it’s not like he’s working, so why isn’t he there whenever the boys are with him.

      Regardless of what Brandi says about Leann, he has a responsibility to address the issue.

  2. brin says:

    Absolutely agree! That “energy” you feel is all the adderal!

    • Amelia says:

      Oh dear . . . Dumb Question Alert, but isn’t Adderall ADHD medication?
      I’m struggling to comprehend how that would be abused. Prescription speed?
      These three are the ones who should be back in the playground, not the kids.

      • brin says:

        Yes, prescribed for ADHD.
        Mood alterating otherwise.

      • emmie_a says:

        Adderall is abused for energy and weight loss. It is not necessarily a mind-altering drug it just makes you more alert and helps you concentrate.

      • Cass says:

        Yes a lot of celebs use it for weight loss here’s a link http://www.adderallweightloss.net/

        Isn’t it amazing how quiet Leann is at the moment – there is no way she let Eddie fire off that email its all her and now its done shes got her satisfaction – you may see more from ‘Eddie’ in the future. I had a ‘friend’ who very like Leann the ex (and her child) couldn’t contact her ex-husband unless it was through her phone or her email and if she did contact them for any reason she would respond – not the husband/father … and this still continues to this day!! So yes there are some fantastic stepmoms out there but there are also some nightmares too.

      • oliveo says:

        Adderall is- to use a timely simile- like candy on college campuses. Lots of my friends study on Adderall, lots of my friends party on Adderall, lots of my friends go to the gym on Adderall… it’s extremely easy to get a prescription for it and/ or make money selling it.

      • Evelyn says:

        In high school but especially in college, people take them to study, take tests, get trough the day, etc. Because if it’s not prescribed to you, it gives you a TON of really focused energy. Some people do it recreationally. When I was 18 my friends and I took it and went on a hike so we could climb rocks and hike for hours without getting tired hahahaha

    • Jane says:

      Adderall is a type of amphetamine, it’s basically pharmaceutical meth.

      • wenderwoman says:

        Before spouting off about Adderall, do your homework. I suffer from ADD and Adderall literally calms me down. I can take it at night and it will help me sleep. But any drug can be dangerous if you abuse it.

  3. marta says:

    I think that email was written after brandi got mad on twitter over the weekend thus making it true that eddie only responds when she makes things public on twitter. Brandi needs to get herself lawyered up THEN make this all public if the end result she wants is things to change. She cant afford a lawyer in the level of leanns money but she can have the element of surprise to show she is serious about LeAnns issues affecting the kids.
    Leanns pr guy is probably the same one who recommended she go to twitter rehab for sympathy so itsb obvious hes an amateur in this game.
    When it comes to her kids Brandi will get all sorts of fired up and irrational like most moms would be initially but I wish just once shed put the anger into something constructive like a good offense.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, I agree.

    • Poink says:


    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree.
      Brandi is well within her rights to worry about her children and should consider ALL legal options to keep them safe. She should also consider radio silence while doing so, just to avoid being caught up in the Rimes/Cibrian crazy-cray.

      The rehab/mental-institute stint Leann did a couple of months ago should help her case, no?
      And I swear, Eddie is sounding more and more douchey every second. He needs to stop, look around and seriously consider WHO the drama-addict in his life really is (that’s Leann, Eddie, just in case you happen to read this and fail to pick the right answer).

    • aims says:

      I agree. Leeann is a nut case, for real. Brandi has every right to speak up on behalf anytime when it concerns her children. Yes leeann wrote or influenced eddies statement. Im really getting sick of the whole drama. Someone needs to suck it up and be the adult. Yes, the kids deserve it, but also what about everyones peace of mind? When you fight nonstop for years it takes its toll. Leeann is a selfish, crazy crappy person. No doubt about it. Eddies a spineless,lying has no integrity gross man. Brandi is a spiteful angry as hell women. No one wins as person of the year here. Everyone is very very flawed. But someone has to stand up and say “ive had enough.” And walk away. Its already taken a really ugly turn, i dont want to see what else these people will do. I have a question. If brandi got her way and leagaly eddie had to chose between the boys or leeann, who would he chose?

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        He’d probably choose a new mistress/woman.

      • LAK says:

        It’s all very well being an adult, but no one can be zen forever especially when they are continually being pushed. Not even the Dalai Lama.

        I am presuming that now she has the financial means from her RHOBH salary and other ventures she’s has a financial safety net, however small, that she doesn’t have to play nice with Leanne and Eddie anymore.

  4. Dana M says:

    What a goat rodeo!

  5. Megan says:

    I would be happiest if all these people went away…. I dislike all of them

  6. Katie Too says:

    Guessing the ‘lucky’ comments were referring to LeAnn’s money.

    • Mirna says:

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Otherwise, how are these kids “lucky”? They were living with their mother and father and now they have cray-cray in the mix.

  7. Jill says:

    Actually Eddie proved that Brandi was right. He sent that email to Brandi after she talked about her youngest being without a helmet while biking. See Brandi Glanville’s twitter timeline. So apparently she can only get a response from Eddie if she goes public. And Eddie didn’t address anything real about kids safety in email. Just attacked her. Pointless. Yep, Brandi is making it public thru the press, but LeAnn makes everything public thru her twitter. Pot meet kettle.

    • emmie_a says:

      Agreed Jill. And I think LeAnn wrote Ediot’s email anyways. I tried to read it while pretending I wax Eddie and it’s just not happening.

      • claire says:

        Besides the fact that it just totally sounds like her in general, the line about finding a man someday is very very similar to a line from that blog she wrote that got a lot of press – the blog about how there’s no “step” in stepmother for her. I 100% believe she wrote the email.

  8. Skipper says:

    I thought Brandi mentioned that he finally sent an email but all it did was rant about Leann

  9. lucy2 says:

    OMG, like, is Leann’s rep her BFF from junior high?!? Seriously, what kind of moron wrote that?

    If Brandi thinks this stuff is true (highly possible) then she needs to tell it to her LAWYER and the COURT, not HuffPo and Twitter. I get that she’s rightfully angry, but this is not the way to handle it and only feeds into Leann’s victim persona.

    I think L wrote Eddie’s email (you KNOW she knows his passwords!) but no, those kids are not lucky to have her. They’re not lucky that her and their father’s cheating destroyed their family and led to this insane public circus.

  10. lisa2 says:

    I’m just curious.. Other then when Eddie didn’t want the kids on that show Brandie does is there any evidence of him saying anything about how the boys are treated or exposed to when they are with their mother. Someone on another thread said something about Brandie saying she slept with every man in LA or something along those lines.. not sure if she was joking or not. My question is does Eddie see it as when the boys are with us we will do things this way and when they are with you do it your way and lets all stay out of each other’s lives.. NOT DEFENDING ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. I honesty don’t really care about any of them. The whole situation is really disgusting on all sides. I’m just wondering why Brandie says she needs to talk to Eddie about the boys and he doesn’t feel he needs to be in any contact with her. I’m not divorced and never have been, but I’m sure there are similar situations where parents that don’t get along don’t talk. I don’t see how that works. And Brandie said some very specific things about what is going on in their household. How does she know this if the boys are not unhappy and talking bad about LeAnne and their dad. If her son doesn’t know what laxatives are how did Brandie know that LeAnne has them in all her purses. If she has not contact with them and has not seen them. Eddie is the Father and he is the one she should be focusing on.

    They are all really gross at this point. No one is clean of blame. NO ONE.

    • claire says:

      Brandi made a joke on RHOBH, when she was meeting someone at a party, and learned the connections of that person to others there that, (not verbatim) “oh, haha, yeah. It’s LA. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone’s slept with everyone.” Leann’s defenders have ran with that as if it was literal and she was saying she slept with everyone in BH.

      The speculation is just that Leann controls things there, and since she’s been hating on the ex since the beginning, and acting very insecure from the beginning, that she just doesn’t want those two to have communications together or be alone together.

      As far as knowing everything at the house, when Mason told her about getting sick, she might have just been asking how it happened, and he told her that those pills are around the house. Who knows….in the email she said some of their mutual friends/contacts tell her things about Leann and Eddie, so it could also be that. Who knows…

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Brandi said in the US interview that Eddie’s assistant told her about the incident out of concern for the children.

    • LAK says:

      never underestimate the guileless chatter of a child and ability to spill beans unintentionally.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    1) Leann has quite capably made HERSELF look unfit;

    2) Edward SHOULD be willing to step into the war zone, as he had a 50 percent partnership in creating it (by cheating on Brandi w/Leann) so, sorry honey, but no bonus points for manhood on that;

    3) ANYONE who has kids knows to keep medication, RX or not, up high, out of reach of children (no matter their age) or locked up. How would a “bonus mom” feel knowing she’d poisoned or killed one of her boys?

  12. Prinny says:

    I think Eddie put the final nail in his career coffin. Total d-bag!!

  13. OXA says:

    Laxatives explains the constant “straining” look on LeAnn’s face.

  14. sauvage says:

    Well, Eddie, wasn’t that a nice little prove that you are regularly communicating with your ex – not. Show me an e-mail you sent to the mother of your children on, let’s say: September 16th, and I’ll believe you.

  15. truthful says:

    That final info from Brandi about PeeAnn, was straight, no damn chaser!!

    correctol poppin, adderall loving…

    the part about Eddie’s close friend calling her AngelFish–cause she sings like an angel but drinks like a fish, HAD me in Stitches!!!

    Eddie only cares about himself, its obvious and he knows his boys are safe w/their mother ONLY.

    so her slim down was laxatives, adderall and booze? smdh.

  16. LucyS says:

    I feel badly for those kids. Someday (and the oldest is what, 9?, so maybe someday soon) one of them is going to Google his parents and all this sh*t is going to come up. I’m sure they see and sense the tension between their parents, but to have it be so public… These people need to grow up and stop using their kids as weapons to hurt each other over and over. I hope they’re saving for those kids’ therapy bills.

    • Jayna says:

      I just see the poor kid at school today. Ha-ha, you took laxatives and pooped in your pants. Ha-ha, your stepmom is crazy. I feel for him more than anybody right now.

      • claire says:

        I have a hard time believing that 9-year-olds hang out on Radar Online and US Magazine, but, nonetheless, I think it’s also going to be a weird moment when the kids are older and look back and go, huh, so that song stepmom kept playing for us when we were little kids and we all sang along to was actually about her sneaking out to hotels and sleeping with my father while he was married to my mom?

        Imagine the mindf**k THAT’s going to be.

  17. Jennifer says:

    So Brandi- currently on a hit show- is trying to “stay relevant” while Leann and Eddie loaf around? How do they not see how ridiculous this sounds?

  18. Blondie says:

    I believe Brandi. I think Leeann is a danger to those kids and Eddie is doing nothing to protect them. Brandi needs to get a lawyer and get to court and get those kids away from those 2 losers, before something bad happens.

  19. marie says:

    hmm, so while they are publicly fighting back and forth over the kids, are the really thinking of the kids? in the media is not how you handle parenting disputes-they are all idiots..

  20. Simple Red says:

    Here we go again!!!!
    Only half I’d being said on twitter and the other half in private….
    I don’t understand this at all.. Brandi says she knows nothing about what’s going on in their house but knows enough then she sits here says all sorts of personal things out loud but it seems to be only one way.
    LR seems to post pics but I don’t see her saying personal things out loud OR maybe I missed that part.

    Now CB commenters/writers doesn’t think the man is intelligent enough to write his words… Really how do u if a person is dumb, smart or not capable of forming their own words… Tsk tsk

    I think someone above said that maybe when he has them with them it’s one way and when she has them it’s another way…

    Maybe Brandi just don’t like LR at all no matter what…

    I swear these people need to really chill there are kids involved

  21. heidi says:

    I respectfully disagree with Brandi that Eddie is “a good father”. Rather he comes off as disinterested and self-satisfied to an extreme.

  22. Talie says:

    Look I like Brandi on Real Housewives, but it’s because she’s nuts and unstable, and says anything. They all have problems and I don’t buy for a second that these kids are being shielded from it all as has been claimed.

  23. Paloma says:

    Eddie is in love with LeAnn’s $$$, and I believe LeAnn will not allow him to attend parent teacher conference with Brandi because of jealousy.

  24. Simple Red says:

    All my typos oh god sorry iPhone and me don’t cooperate in the morning apparently

  25. valleymiss says:

    While I am firmly team Brandi, I think that telling the world how her 9 year old got sick on laxatives is just setting him up for massive teasing at school. How awful and embarrassing for him. Did she think of that at all?

    I mean, I think it’s particularly well-played that Brandi managed to out Leann as a laxative-popper (pooper?!) while at the same time exposing Leann’s carelessness around their kids, but at what cost?

    • Lan says:

      Oh come on! 9 year old boys wouldn’t even be able to spell laxative, let alone pronounce it or know what it is for. Not to mention boys that age are more interested on playing computer games and on sites like that, than reading adult gossip sites about boring adult stuff. And if by some extremely rare chance a kid that age somehow gained access to the gossip, could read it and understood what any of it meant even, boys LOVE toilet jokes about pooping, and I’m sure Mason would have a good time laughing along with his classmates about all things pooping. He’d probably even be king of his group for a day or 2. He certainly would not get any ‘crap’ (pardon the pun) for it from 9 year old kids who’d think he was cool and brave.

      • mln76 says:

        @Lan respectfully I disagree…kids bully and a story about a kid with diarrhea in tabloids would totally leave him open to bullying by schoolmates..It was a selfish decision.

      • Jayna says:

        You’re dreaming with that scenario. King of his group for a day? You have to be kidding.

      • Riana says:

        …you think other 9 year old boys would think he’s cool for eating a laxative and that would make him king for a day?

        …that’s a very nice fantasy.

      • UghInsomnia says:

        My 9 year old son can spell laxative, and would be extremely embarrassed for his classmates to find out he got sick from taking a laxative. Then again, he knows better than to put something in his mouth that has been on the floor. He can also tell the difference between a Skittle and Not A Skittle. I would assume most 9 year olds can.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Children are too busy playing video games to pick up an US Weekly. I highly doubt another parent who might know of the story would speak about it to their children. His peers wont even know about this story.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Parents wouldn’t TELL their children, but the kids will overhear their parents discussing it. When I was 11, the kids I went to school with came in and told me that the town owned the house we lived in and their parents paid for it. This from some idiot parent who thought the Mayor (my father) and his family lived in a township owned home payed for by taxpayers. Kids listen and repeat everything. Even if they don’t quite understand it.

  26. valleymiss says:

    Also, the “publicist’s” statement is freaking hilarious. WAY too long, WAY too emotional, and WAY too obviously composed by Leann. All they needed to say was, “The boys are happy and healthy and getting along well with their stepmom,” thereby focusing on the boys’ well-being. Instead, as many have pointed out, it drones on and on about how “lucky” the boys are (that their dad left their mom to be with Angelfish?)

    • emmie_a says:

      Yes!! You know LeAnn’s publicist’s statement sounded just like the one you wrote — until LeAnn got her hands on it and re-worked it. There is no way in hell a trained publicist wrote that statement.

  27. Dawn says:

    What “hit” show is this Brandi on again? The RHO whatever are really NOT hit shows, maybe for cable reality shows they do alright but they are in no way a true definition of “hit”. None of us really know what is going on between these three people, but as a divorced mother I know how important it is to the child/children that the step parent really cares for the child or children because in many instances that is NOT the case. And although I believe that this Brandi chick has 100% right to call out her children’s father and his wife if she feels the children are not being cared for properly it should be in PRIVATE. And if she can’t afford a lawyer while being on a “hit” show she should shut her mouth in public until she can or better yet ask the producers of her “hit” show to hire an attorney for her. That would end the twitter war.

    • Simple Red says:

      I Agree!!!!

      Like u said its better to have a step parent that loves, and care for Ur children than to have the alternative

  28. Krock says:

    I feel for Brandi, but I’m glad she’s finally coming out with guns blazing! Maybe if she can’t afford and attorney she could try to go to a mediator?

  29. dorothy says:

    My first thought was, LeAnn has a rep? Why? She doesn’t do anything professionally anymore.

  30. mln76 says:

    wrong thread.

  31. I.want.shoes says:

    Damn. Merry Xmas to the Cibrian kids. Here’s a nicely wrapped box of CRAZY, and a stocking full of Adderall and metamucil.

  32. kay says:

    Brandi would have more creditably if she controlled her anger, even while posting on twitter.

    I feel for her. If my kids were with a woman like Leann, I would be devastated. However, she would do well to remember “cooler heads prevail”.

    Her “response” was embarrassing to read. I was team Brandi for a long time, but at this point I think they all need to stop talking.

    • Alana Fajina says:

      I agree with you Kay. I can definitely feel for Brandi but after reading her response, she sounds just as bad as him [Them.] It’s about THE BOYS, not your egos.

  33. natalina says:

    whoever wrote this for celebitchy is hysterical i love the pics they add too, just so unflattering

  34. HotPockets says:

    Brandi should feel thankful, she wouldn’t have a “career” if it wasn’t for this publicized z-lister drama. I understand her frustrations, but on the same token, she is going about it the wrong way. Both parties are, but as they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    To me, this whole thing doesn’t feel like it is about the children, it’s about the same wave of frustrations that have been building for years. I think the true source of Brandi’s anger is at Leanne for taking her family from her. If it were really about the children’s safety, she would have contacted CPS, bottom line.

    In all honesty, I read part of Brandi’s email and it reads like a child wrote it, with “ur” instead of your and misspelled words and typos in every sentence. I think both Leanne and Brandi are mentally stunted and both need to focus on bettering themselves out of the public eye. Eddie needs to man up and admit his wrong doings in all of this, but seriously, none of these people are acting like adults, so I can’t side with anyone.

    • mln76 says:

      I totally agree with you there is a reason why Family Court and CPS cases are sealed and that is to protect the children. No one in this situation seems interested in doing that.
      Oh and not to defend EC (he is a pig) but if their public interactions are this bad the worst thing they should do is communicate in private. I would recommend they all go to therapy and communicate through a lawyer until they can grow the hell up.

      • HotPockets says:

        I was amused at first by this trio, but now it is ridiculous. The fan girls are even more ridiculous, especially the Brandi ones, it’s like they live vicariously through her.

        Yah and I agree, if any one of them gave two $hits, they would utilize something like family therapy and Brandi would contact CPS..unfortunately, it’s all about them, not the kids.

  35. Cam S says:

    Peeps at my gym sell & take adderall. I confess I took it once a year or so ago, and dayum did it up my gym routine! I was invincible. But Im not a pill popper, except for some baby aspirin before I work out. Made me feel horrible after the rush wore off. Isn’t Leann a self professed gym rat? Just sayin.

    I remember that day everybody thought I was on cocaine cause my speech was so rapid and I was hyper. JUST like Leann Rimes everytime she speaks in interviews.

    These accusations are not far fetched, especially considering Rimes went to rehab. Or should I say, fake rehab? Everything this trick does is shrouded in mystery as far as her illnesses go. WHERE did she go for rehab, wtf is going on with her dental drama? She tells her fans “I hope to be able to explain it all one day”. Ummm, explain what? That you are addicted to painkillers? Idiot

    • brin says:

      Yeah, I think Brandi explained it perfectly.

    • emmie_a says:

      Just a note: You had those extreme effects because you don’t have ADD. If you actually have ADD you don’t get such extreme effects from the drug because your body actually needs the chemicals to function properly.

      • Lady D says:

        I take morphine for pain. In 7 years I’ve felt a “buzz” from the morphine twice. My Dr. says if your body needs it you won’t get high on it.

      • Riana says:

        Very true, I wish people would at least research how ADD medications work on an individual with the symptoms before popping the pills themselves.

        There’s a lot of brain chemistry you’re messing with taking those pills when you don’t actually have ADD/ADHD.

      • Shannon says:

        Not to mention that because they’re stimulants, combining them with working out could be lethal if you don’t have a prescription. Any underlying heart condition would do you in.

    • claire says:

      It would explain the accelerated speech patterns, the concert reviews that say she is hyper, fidgety, unfocused and rambling. And maybe the laxative explains the concert where she ran off stage before finishing it with no explanation. She might want to consider a real rehab for sure.

      • lizbet says:

        It’s ridiculous how crazy this drama is. I honestly can’t think of any celeb crap slinging in recent memory that is near its equal.

        The reason you feel LeAnn’s energy in that email is because he was writing it under her influence. I don’t know that she was there physically, but she definitely dictates everything that he does from inside his mind.

  36. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Brandi is delusional if she thinks her two boys know nothing of the accusations and mud this trick triangle so energetically sling at one another. Kids at school are happy to tell them all about ‘US Weekly’ articles and tabloid covers at the checkout lane.

    Also, if someone wants to TwitterStalk, the easiest thing is shut down your account. It’s totally unnecessary to trash talk to your mutual ‘friends’ as well because that fans the flames that will only end up burning two innocent children.

    All three so called grownups should have long ago turned to a court appointed mediator and hashed out any substantial concerns regarding the children with sealed documents.

  37. Riana says:

    The only real question here is: When these facts are brought before a judge who will he rule in favor of?

    I am not denying LeAnn has done a lot of bad things, but much of what she has done has to be proven. Brandi will have to produce evidence and show facts.

    Much of what Brandi has dome however is blatant. It is publicly being stated by her and she’s making these claims.

    Unless there’s real proof to show for it (and please, look at it from a professional standpoint where LeAnn would have to be DIAGNOSED, not merely casually assigned traits by a non-professional) judges don’t like parents accusing other adults in children’s life of being sociopaths. They don’t like them being called bulimic/anorexic and what not.

    The biggest issue will be Brandi proving EVERYTHING she has done is in the best interest of her children. Proving it was not spite or bitterness motivating her, as such the statements should ALWAYS have been worded around Eddie and the children, not LeAnn.

    Public opinion can mean shit. Gabriel Aubry wasn’t able to maintain his fight for Nahla this long because everyone loved him, it was because he kept his actions absolutely reduced to only things involving his daughter that weren’t inflammatory or vindictive.

    I’m worried Brandi is shooting herself in the foot eagerly. Compiling all the info she claims to have with a lawyer and pursuing purely legal channels would help her 10x more than lambasting LeAnn (deservedly) for Twitter followers and Tabloids.

  38. Dani says:

    I think all 3 of them should stay away from the boys. Brandi is just as unfit as LeAnn, and Eddie doesn’t aid the situation at all.

    • skuddles says:

      I agree Dani – all three of them are acting like idiots. I get the sense LeAnn and Brandi are just itching for an excuse to attack each other, and moronic Eddie is just happy to be a useless, unemployed lump. Nobody seems to have the children’s best interests at heart. Just a whole lot of drama for the sake of drama.

  39. eileen says:

    I’m completely FLOORED that “Eddie” sent this email to be posted online! How in the hell does it in any way prove anything? It just confirms what a complete ASS he is to Brandi. It makes them look 100Xs worse than before that they are proud of it enough to have it posted for everyone to read.
    And it just confirms everything Brandi said-it took her being upset on twitter for them to email her.
    I bet anyone major dough, Eddie did not write that OR give it over to be published. Even he isn’t that stupid. Leann is because she thinks it makes her look like he loves her and protects her and doesn’t think about how badly it makes Eddie look…because, ya know….everything is about her.

    • heidi says:

      That it’s out and circulating is wonderful. Now the world can see what a hard-hearted douche he truly is.

    • Rita says:

      Eddie’s email has all the tone and ear marks of Darrell Brown’s writing. It could very well be that Eddie was unaware LeAnn sent it from his account. If true, I think Eddie’s gone.

      • claire says:

        I wondered that myself. I could see him off at some restaurant kicking back with a waitress and some tequila, and being oblivious that Leann was sending this stuff out. LOL.

        The other day I said I wished the tabs would focus more on his involvement in all of this and voila! Wishes do come true, Eddie, you dumba$$.

  40. judyjudy says:

    Of course this is all for publicity, and while I agree wholeheartedly that Leann is crazy, the more I hear from Branding the more I believe she’s just as crazy and spiteful.

  41. That rep statement was rather ridiculous.

  42. Deanne says:

    While Brandi has spoken out because of her concern for her children, Eddie’s email addressed none of those concerns and rather only insulted Brandi while praising LeAnn. He basically provided the perfect example proving Brandi’s assertion that he and LeAnn have zero interest in peaceful, co-parenting and mutual respect. He and LeAnn just want to do whatever they want and be able to dictate what Brandi can do as well. Eddie’s affection for LeAnn’s deep pockets is clouding his judgement. I’ve noticed that LeAnn speaks rapidly and in a rambling manner lately and that is a symptom of Adderal use and abuse. LeAnn instability is obvious to anyone reading her Twitter tl, so I can’t imagine the crazy that goes on behind the scenes. To people who keep saying Brandi should be glad that LeAnn isn’t cruel to her children and should therefore be grateful, that is a crock. Just because she “loves” the boys doesn’t mean she isn’t a danger to them and the fact that she has been so horrible to their Mother, is in fact, an abusive act towards the boys. I hope that LeAnn gets the help she so obviously needs before she hurts herself or someone close to her.

  43. MSat says:

    While I understand the concerns Brandi has, and the frustration about not being allowed to have her children involved in her work, I have some questions about all of this.

    First – Brandi says that LeAnn is unstable, self-centered, and possibly abusing medications. All of which I believe. But after watching about 10 minutes of that Real Housewives show she is on, I have to wonder- why would she want her boys around any of those psychotic hags? They are truly awful people, and I can’t see how any of them are any more stable than LeAnn.

    Second – Why does Brandi even pay attention to anything LeAnn does or says on Twitter at this point? Why not just block her, and be done with it? Clearly, LeAnn’s tweeting is done with the intention of getting a rise out of Brandi – removing herself from the situation would take all the fun out of it, don’t you think? I mean, if Brandi just stopped following LeAnn, I’d be willing to bet there would be no more “My boys” messages.

    And finally – What kind of man lets this kind of bickering go on and on after years? Does he have any balls whatsoever? It seems like he gets off on this. Which is wrong and gross.

  44. Theresa says:

    There is now a sub-category of celebrity, with the proliferation of social media, Twitter, online gossip sites updating in real time, etc. It doesn’t surprise me that all of this drama is up for public consumption, the drama exists because of it.

    That being said, this triangle is as old as time, exes fighting, kids caught in the middle, sides being taken, mud being slung.

    What makes this story seemingly so compelling is the objective observers seeing the clear evidence of hypocrisy, lying, jockeying for public sympathy and adoration that LeAnn Rimes has engaged in. I am only on the side of Glanville because I know women who have suffered at the hands of the “new woman”. She didn’t ask for LR to be in her life, and now she must deal with the backlash of her ex-husband’s poor choice in new mate. She has every right to deal with this mess in the way she wants. Eddie owes her far more respect and consideration for betraying their marriage and breaking up their family. That he and Rimes do not get that their relationship is based on lying, deceit and betrayal from the git-go is pretty sad. Yes, it was a while ago, but because neither of them behaved with appropriate decorum and restraint, instead went balls-out and glorified their affair since the beginning, essentially now they are reaping what they have sown.

    All need now to take this behind the scenes. The kettle has boiled over, which in the end should be a good thing. Obviously there have been LONG simmering issues that have now been pushed out into the open. Public opinion should not matter at this point. Both sides have their allies and adversaries, but John Q. Public will not raise those children, nor should it. Eddie and Brandi need to deal with their problems, LeAnn needs to let them do that and then honor the boundaries and rules they establish.

    *Sigh. However the chance that any rational and reasonable solution will be hammered out is slim. This is, after all, c-listed celebrities we’re talking about that still think any publicity is good publicity.

    Those kids, that’s all that really matters. But it’s always the kids that suffer.

    • mimifarrow says:

      Brilliant post, Theresa, very well put. 🙂 Also as a previous poster mentioned, all communication should be done via a court appointed mediator.

  45. natalina says:

    Im glad Brandi called Leann out on the laxative and adderal. I knew that she ate those pills for yrs

  46. Squitch says:

    These people are all crazy IMO, but if every woman with an eating disorder was considered “unfit” to be around children, half of the kids in LA would be in foster care.

  47. Jaana says:

    Team Brandi.. I know most persons who are saying lawyer up and go to court wish Brandi the best, but that would be the worst thing ever. They would win even full custody from her in a heartbeat… Trust me, Twitter is the best forum for her right now, LeAnn is rich and she expresses her love for the boys constantly and believe it or not her TV antics CAN hurt her in court, the odds are against her. Show their asses on Twitter Brandi!!!! /

  48. Lulu says:

    I got some really great advice after my divorce. And that was, that I have absolutely no control over how my ex and his new wife choose to parent our daughter. The only thing I can control is how I choose to parent her.

    Both sides are guilty of engaging in a bitter war and the only hostages they are taking are their children.

    • Squitch says:

      Totally agree. Yesterday people were sniping about Leann not keeping sweets in the house and that it was “no wonder” the kid ate something he thought was candy off the floor. Seriously? Whether or not someone keeps candy in the house is not a form of child abuse. Their house, their rules, unless the kids are in danger or being abused.

    • Theresa says:

      Amen, Lulu. Amen.

    • lettylynton says:

      That was some good advice you received. I wish Brandi wouldn’t have done this like this if she thought her children were in danger, and I wish Eddie and LeAnn’s rep wouldn’t have responded publicly. I understand the anger on Brandi’s end and i can see how Eddie and LeAnn would be upset by her making things public (if they’re true), but I don’t think it should have been done publicly. If that’s the only way Eddie will respond, I think previous commenters are correct that Brandi should have just waited to get a lawyer. She should tell her kids not to eat off of the floor, send Eddie an email or voice mail expressing her concerns, but do it only for the record if she knows he won’t respond.

    • Relli says:

      Great Advice!

      When I was a kid i sent to a therapist becuase my juvenile delinquent cousin was living with us and it was mandated that I go. He gave me the best advice, that has remained with me to this day:

      You cannot control others, you can only control yourself.

      Now whenever I am frustrated in a situation or with someone and their actions; I stop and think about what can I DO personally to make this situation better/different. It makes me accountable for my actions and also takes the blame game out of a lot of situations because I now that i did everything in my power to make it positive.

      • Cam S says:

        I agree with all the comments above. But as a child of divorce, asking a Father to help co-parent should not be an unheard of request. Especially when custody is 50/50. It can be VERY confusing for young kids to follow two different sets of rules. That leads to them coming home to Mom, and them saying “Well Dad let’s me do it at HIS house”.

        Saw this a lot growing up with my friends and I thought it was better and less confusing for me that my parents though divorced, agreed to represent a united co-parenting front. Kids need stability.

      • Lulu says:

        Cam S: No, of course it’s not unreasonable to request and hope that the other party will coparent. But you cannot force them into it by publicly shaming them (or even privately). Your only recourse is through legal channels if something is endangering the child, or how you choose to handle the situation on your end.

        It is very very hard not to play the blame game. I struggle with it all the time, and can’t say that I always manage to take the high road.

  49. apsutter says:

    Whenever I see these pics of leann acting over-the-top happy with her damn mouth open guffawing all over the place I just want to punch her right in her horsey face.

  50. Rita says:

    From the mind of Eddie Cibrian

    “Brandi, you are a narcissist. You never appreciated the peace of mind I gave you when I got snipped. You never had to worry about some young girl claiming I was the father of her child.”

    “The day I got clipped I was in so much agony I couldn’t wear my boxer shorts as I lay with one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the couch. When you came in the back door I grimaced in pain as I called for you to bring me a bag of ice.”

    “When the sounds of giggles filled the room, I opened my eyes to watch your BFF exclaim, “OMG, it looks like an over grown Chia Pet with a bald spot”, as the others gagged and gasped.”

    “Well, now I have someone in my life who anticipates with pleasure fullfilling my wants, needs, and desires. Someone who will gladly get me a bag of ice and enjoys gently and lovingly holding it against my inflamed scrotum. Yes Brandi, Darrell Brown is just that sort of humanitarian.”

    (A mind is a terrible thing to waste but sometimes there’s nothing else to do with it)

  51. candigirl says:

    I love Kaiser’s take on this crazy, the writing is so funny. It does sound like Leann helped write both the publicist’s and Eddie’s statements. It’s her writing style and language, her tweet-style. ITA with all the comments about Eddie. A good dad wouldn’t do any of this, lie, cheat with multiple partners publicly, play house with an unstable drug addict (did we call that on here!?! no wonder her hair and teeth are falling out) constantly pap out all his kids’ private moments and info. In all the photos of Eddie with his kids, he is posed. You never get the sense of real affection. He barely even holds their hands, ever. I think this guy loves his own comfort, not his kids. I think he’d be okay if they disappeared and he was free to play. But Leann needs the kids for her “happy home” image, to sell photos to the press.

  52. OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

    If successful co-parenting means you do not talk to your ex and can not attend the same PTA meetings then he has a truly warped idea of what that means. Clearly, he wants to cast himself and LR as victims of BG’s ire which could not be further from the truth. If you want hostilities to increase then continue co-parenting as you are doing now Ediot!

    Now let’s talk about his talent or lack there of. Anytime his name is attached to a project it is bound to fail even before his personal business was all out in the world. I would NEVER support anything he does. He is mediocre at best. He is nothing but a glorified gigolo and BETTER hold on to those looks for dear life because it is all he has going for him. As for LR, let’s see what happens with this album I keep hearing about. It would be nice if they did handle things the old school H’wood way: Act cordial and smile in public, but secretly despise each other behind closed doors. It would mean less for us to gawk at and talk about, but at least it would give EC and LR a chance to resuscitate their dying careers.

    Of course it would be better if they would not take to the tabloids or social media to air their differences but if your ex was intentionally uncommunicative, what would you do? I am TEAM BG no doubt. She seems of sound mind and I bet she’d prefer to handle their co parenting grievances in private but these IDIOTS force her hand time and time again.

  53. Rex says:

    Team LaR.

  54. Memphis says:

    Hey Leann…you forgot to capitalize WIFE in your statement.

    I find it hilarious that Eddie has Brandi still listed as Brandi CIBRIAN in the email! HA! That must be one reason Angelfish is downing Adderall while crying on the crapper.

  55. candigirl says:

    Brandi should be the new host of “Divorce Wars,” “Co-Parenting Nightmares,” “Meet Your New Stepmom,” “Extreme Family Makeovers.” I think she’d be funny and a great host, but she would need coaching. Someone like Katherine Ford, who likes her and wants to help her clean up her act could do it.

  56. Maddie says:

    Why do I have this bad feeling that this is going to turn out bad in a Phil Hartman way?

    LRimes seems way to obsessed with little boy man Eddie its very creepy and unhealthy.

    • Under My Skin says:

      I’ve thought the Phil Hartman thing for a very long time now. Never underestimate the power of the crazy. LeAnn only knows her way, all of her life. She is scary and evil and combine that with her kind of CRAZY – you get disaster.

  57. NATALINA says:

    I cant stop thinking about Leann on the toilet now! HAHA

  58. Newtsgal says:

    I’m thinking Eddie didn’t even push the send button on this one!

  59. Me says:

    Leann is continuing to passive agressively tweet about Brandi. “No hate is being spewed from my mouth!” um. right leann, just hate being spewed from your husband and pr man last night.

    go eat another laxative you crack head!

  60. LeslieM says:

    Why do we keep hearing about all this stuff. Can’t these people keep all this private? The children don’t need to hear about all of it.

  61. LAK says:


    that is all.

  62. Izzy says:

    There go LeAnn and Eddie again… putting the “ass” in “classy.”

  63. Grace says:

    Those boys are in deep trouble and Eddie doesn’t recognize it. It’s one thing for a kid to accidentally eat a laxative thinking it was a skittle but it’s entirely another for a 5-year-old to ride his bike without training wheels or a helmet on a road well-known for speeding and crashes.
    LeAnn is going to do the exact opposite of what is good for those boys if it upsets Brandi.
    Eddie needs to man up before something serious happens to them all.
    Eventually LeAnn is going to find out about his side piece and really go bonkers.
    Brandi needs to get off the internet and file for emergency full custody of her sons before LeAnn loses it for good.

  64. Chell says:

    Brandi called LR a ‘country c***’…that is the BEST!

  65. xx says:

    eh?! they look like brother and sister

  66. eileen says:

    OMG-u guys gotta read this! I was HOWLING in my office! Coke through the nose. LOL!


  67. Me says:

    Eddie and Leann are the most defensive angry people EVER.

  68. Violet says:

    I’m sure Brandi’s being honest about LeAnn’s personal pharmacy. And LeAnn is definitely nutso, so I hope that there’s a nanny around whenever she’s around the boys.

    For example, who can forget the “favorite things” birthday cake LeAnn gave Eddie for his last birthday? LeAnn and Eddie in a bed on top of the cake, while the boys are sitting giggling on a bottom tier. Words fail.

    LeAnn better hope her money — or, as Eddie likes to call it, LUCK — doesn’t run out, because that’s pretty much the only reason he stays with her.

    • ya says:

      I don’t think she is being honest. If she were, she would go to court rather than the media – especially if she has proof from witnesses, etc like she says. And I say this as a family lawyer.

      • Violet says:

        I didn’t say I thought Brandi was being 100% honest about everything. However, I do believe that LeAnn is using pharmaceutical aids to keep her weight down.

  69. truthful says:

    I remember when it started simmering (for this chapter)

    Leanne sent out tweets of the boys and they were not wearing helmets while riding their bikes and their training wheels were off.

    Brandi took to twiiter because Eddie nor his “Angelfish” would respond to her concerns while these two are “parenting” the boys.

    How horrible to not be able to get a response nor contact the idoits that have your children.

    it would drive me insane—at least have a nanny act as a “go between”.

    “drunk, cheating and drugging”

    nice new title for our Angelfish.

    druuuuuunk, cheating and drugginnnnnn
    oh, how I need yo lovinnnnnnnnn


  70. TheTruthHurts says:

    I hate to say this because I really dislike her and think she is the C word, but Brandi should really look into hiring Gloria Allred. She is all for supporting “scorned women” and will be a pitbull in court regarding this. Plus, she has such a big mouth that it will be public humiliation for Cibrian, that he might just start treating Brandi decent again out of fear. If not, Brandi will have a big mouth in her corner representing her that can get the job done.

  71. candigirl says:

    Someone on another thread mentioned Brandi call CPS. This could happen without Brandi’s participation. In California, anyone who thinks the boys are in danger or neglected can call anonymously. CPS doesn’t require a name or relationship to make an inquiry. The caller only needs to have the children’s names, the general location of the school or home, and a suspicion of a problem. Then CPS makes the visit and determines whether to open the case file, investigate further or remove the children. Often it’s a concerned teacher, caregiver or friend who makes the call.

  72. tabasco says:

    that top pic kills me every time. laughing WAY too hard to be sincere. is her mouth ever closed?

  73. SusieQ2 says:

    I’m so tired of all the drama, I don’t bother to read the Leann/Ediot/Brandi posts anymore.

    However, I’ve had a thought. A scary thought.

    If this is how Leanne-still-married-to-Ediot treats Brandi, what the hell is she going to do to her when the marriage is over? Because it will be. And you know she’ll blame Brandi for everything.

    • claire says:

      Kidnap Brandi’s kids.
      Seriously, I hope they’re with Brandi if/when that ever happens.

      When they got engaged, they released it to the media then went on vacation. Brandi had the kids then and they left her with having the talk with them. Maybe they’ll do the same when the divorce announcement happens.

    • Jayna says:

      Or the opposite. I had a co-worker, whose husband had left her years before, and the new wife played games all the time (there was a child involved), trying to be the mother, etc. My co-worker’s life was not too happy for ten years dealing with them. Then, guess what, the husband left that wife for a new woman. The second wife all of a sudden was calling my friend saying, now I know how you felt. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. He’s such a creep. She was trying to be all buddy buddy to have someone to feel sorry for her and understand.

      That’s what I see. Eddie dumping LeAnn for another girl, and LeAnn trying to latch on to Brandi for sympathy.

  74. Jennifer12 says:

    The drama is exhausting just reading about it and I feel so sick for those little boys. Everything Brandi says has the ring of truth to it, but I’m not sure that going to the media is the way to do it anymore. She has a little more power at this point. She needs a lawyer- someone to protect her interests and those of her sons. Get Gabriel Aubry’s lawyer and get everything legal and on paper. Everyone loses it at some point- just Leann saying she’s a great coparent would get me, as she is NOT THE PARENT AT ALL- and I can’t blame Brandi for exploding after dealing with this lunatic in her life and her boys’ lives. But I think it’s time for it to be legal and through the courts and not giving interviews to the media anymore.

  75. AmyB says:

    I am a divorced parent. Get along with my ex. I can call him any time. These people are a joke. I think each and every one of them is lying in some way, who knows. All I know is that those boys will suffer the most. Like my daughter did. Divorce is horrible. Although I have to say, I feel most sorry for Brandi….Leann seems clearly unstable. Just my amateur opinion.
    What a hot mess…

  76. tmbg says:

    They are all getting on my nerves. LeAnn is the worst, but I wish the other two would go away also.

    If LeAnn is that bad, then I would think Brandi would file for primary custody and Eddie can visit over at Brandi’s house.

    Fighting it out like this is getting old and dull and it’s really great for the kids! (/snerk)

  77. Jayna says:

    Brandi may dislike LeAnn, but at least she knows she’s prettier and their marriage isn’t great. You can’t help but feel a little better about that. No one likes to see your ex run off into the sunset madly in love with the hottest woman in the world, or if even LeAnn was really a cool, together chick, still popular and showing her talent, and had a real southern sweetness, not a high-school acting, tweeting hot mess.

    I would be immune to the bonus mom crap by now and would never pay attention to and tell fans not to tweet me about it. There are so many cracks in the relationship that a lot of what LeAnn posts is to pretend to the world. So why let it get to you. The bike thing is different.

    The third wife might even be more of a nightmare. A 20-something, partying blonde bombshell who is a raving bitch to the kids and has Eddie completely wrapped around her p — I mean, finger where he is just ga-ga over her and he is going into debt taking care of her, ultimately which hurts the boys. At least he has a good financial plan going with LeAnn.

  78. indi says:

    I wouldn’t believe anything that came out of Eddie Cibrian’s mouth. The man is a proven liar. Let us not forget…

    The stars of Northern Lights are not fusing together. So says Eddie Cibrian, who costars with LeAnn Rimes in the upcoming Lifetime movie and who awoke Wednesday to find himself the subject of a scintillating Us Weekly cover alleging an extramarital affair between the two.

    “Other than being friends and two actors who were romantically intertwined in a movie-for-television we filmed last fall, there is no truth to the reporting initiated by Us Magazine,” the 35-year-old married father of two said in a statement obtained by E! News. “It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship.”

    Pretty hard to try and convince people you’re not a liar and a cheat when the evidence is out there for all to see. Any statement issued by either Rimes and Cibrian is tainted by the fact they have lost all their currency in the market of truth.

  79. darkladi says:

    her mile wide apart breasts frighten me

  80. Jane says:

    To quote one of the members of Metallica…I swear…this whole thing is one big cluster f*ck. I feel sorry for only two people…those defenseless kids who have little clue of the chaos around them. Let’s pray for them to ensure they try to come out of this unscathed!!!!!

  81. Andrea says:

    I cannot believe more people buy into the cray cray that is dished out by leann. She is JUST as crazy as amanda bynes, lindsay lohan and the old britney spears. Different meds, same result. Read her twitter. No one that famous should be on it THAT much. I DO feel sorry for the kids and Brandi!

  82. Jennifer12 says:

    Dear Eddie,

    Putting the kids first means that you don’t give your venomous email to Radar. It also means giving your kids some time to deal with the separation before you make out with your mistress at soccer games and bring the kids on vacation with her like she’s the new mommy. No wonder Leann doesn’t think she has boundaries. No one but you and Leann thinks you guys are right, kind, decent, or possess common courtesy. Putting the kids first means finding a way to get along with their mother. It also means not allowing your wife to post their pictures, videos of them, and tweet about them endlessly. Putting them first also means PUTTING A HELMET ON A FIVE YEAR OLD WHEN RIDING A BIKE. Especially when taking off his training wheels. Did I mention the two of you suck?

    Jenn and the rest of the thinking world

  83. Francesca says:

    Radar online is such a REPUTABLE source. NOT! Geez ladies and gent, can’t you just shut the eff up and deal without advertising your shit?

  84. Sway says:

    Wow. That first photo is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. Who “laughs” like that!? She looks like a neighing horse, with one hoof lifted and everything.