Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes is a ‘sociopath,’ she’s endangering the boys

Whenever I write a Brandi Glanville-LeAnn Rimes post, it always feels like I’m releasing some tension. I hit “publish” and my anger and disgust dissipates and I stop thinking about them for a few days, hoping that after whatever outburst just occurred, it is now over and everyone can move on. But that’s a pipe dream. This situation ebbs and flows, but the crack drama never completely goes away. After the situation over the weekend – where LeAnn was tweeting about “my boys” and Brandi responded via her Twitter – Brandi has now given a new interview to HuffPo about the situation. Brandi is going HARD.

Brandi Glanville and country music star LeAnn Rimes are in a Twitter war again, after LeAnn tweeted “Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it’s a family tour weekend. It’s always more fun when they are with me.”

After reading the tweet, Brandi, a star on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” hit right back saying, “Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children ‘her boys’ Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now.”

Brandi, the children’s biological mother, shares custody with her ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, who is now wed to LeAnn. Since the split, it has been impossible to keep count of the endless public Twitter attacks both ladies have engaged in.

“She uses my kids as weapons,” Brandi tells The Huffington Post. “The problem with that is she endangers them while doing so. I think she is a sociopath.”

Prior to the tweet about “my boys” having “more fun” when they are with her, LeAnn posted a video of one of Brandi’s sons riding a bicycle without a helmet, to which Brandi responded, “I’m trying not to tweet about something I just saw…. Breathe,” adding “I’m taking a moment from twitter to breathe and punch some pillow.”

“A lot more has happened than just this video,” says Brandi. “She constantly uses my kids as weapons and puts them in danger. She needs major help — no way Eddie puts up with this for too much longer.”

A spokesperson for LeAnn did not respond to our requests for comment about Brandi’s allegations.

[From HuffPo]

“Sociopath” is such a clinical term, and it’s often confused with “psychopath” – you can read more about the differences here. There’s actually a wealth of information online – this a good piece on indicators of sociopathic behavior. Do I think LeAnn is a sociopath? Eh. I think she exhibits some of the characteristics, but quite honestly, so do many celebrities (and politicians). I would label Lindsay Lohan a sociopath before I would identify LeAnn as one, although this isn’t an either/or proposition. Besides, Brandi might be using some kind of pop-psychology rhetoric, emphasizing how “off” LeAnn seems sometimes. Is LeAnn a narcissist who thinks everything is always about her? Sure. But does that necessarily make her a sociopath? Unknown.

As for Brandi’s statement – “She needs major help — no way Eddie puts up with this for too much longer.” I wonder if Eddie talks to Brandi about his marriage? I wonder if he complains? I wonder if Brandi knows something that we don’t.

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  1. brin says:

    Brandi knows a lot more than we know and I hope it’s all in her book!
    I think you do us all a service by writing these posts so we can all let go of some anger at this situation.
    Leann does use those kids as a weapon and she is downright evil.

  2. Bookworm mommy says:

    Wow, she really is overreacting, she should be happy her boys have a loving stepmother.

    • brin says:

      I don’t think it’s overreacting when you see your 5 year old riding a bike without training wheels or a helmet in “loving stepmother’s” care.

    • Zelda says:

      I’m pretty much with you.

      “My Boys”? Eh, I’ve never been a bio mom in a divorce, so who knows, maybe that’s too far in a public forum.

      But I maintain that the “bonus mom” thing is cute. Nut-job aside, the term is a nice one that actually concedes that the stepmother is not on the same level as the bio mom. Just because people dislike Rimes doesn’t mean They have to hate all English words that come out of her mouth. Irrational.

    • heidi says:

      It’s a Ca. law. And I’m sure BG has her lawyers on it. We won’t see Rimes being so careless again, guaranteed

    • Prinny says:

      Like you said, Your son, LR is not the Mother to these kids. If you don’t think it’s a big deal to ride a bike without a helmet, even though it’s the law, that’s your right as a Mother. Brandi has a right to be upset regarding HER child. Let’s not forget, LR is currently suing someone who she feels broke the law.

    • srm says:

      Would you sometimes your kids ride in a car without a car seat/seat belt, no biggie?? I doubt it. A 5 year old without training wheels needs a helmet period. And I am sure Brandi knows how competent her son is on his bike and knows he needs a helmet. It might be a stretch to say Leann is endangering to the point of needing a lawyer to step in. She certainly needs to be educated about it though.

    • Talie says:

      I agree, while LeAnn may not be the picture of sanity…I think it’s evident that she cares about the kids and wants to do right by them. To me, Brandi doesn’t look anymore stable, here or on Bev Hills Housewives…she’s got some of her own issues with irrationality and anger.

      • emmie_a says:

        How is it evident that LeAnn cares about the kids?? Because she posts pics of them on twitter? She is using them for attention! She doesn’t care about their best interests — she cares about getting attention, one-upping Brandi and pissing-off Brandi (these are the three things on her ‘to do’ list everyday)

      • NeNe says:

        Are you kidding me? She only cares about herself, and making Eddie think she is the perfect stepmom. As well as, rubbing it in Brandi’s face. She is buying their love. Everything she does is calculated towards Brandi. Come on now, even a blind person could see that…

        I hope Brandi tells all in her book. I for one, will definitely be buying it!!

      • heidi says:

        @NeNe Concise and right on the nail

      • eileen says:

        What has Leann herself “cried” over for over a DECADE? Why is she always such a victim? She says its because she was pushed into the spotlight and forced to work at such a young age. She has said this numerous times. In a bid to protect her “Bonus Boys” from their mother, her and Eddie forbid Brandi from allowing the kids to run around in the background of RealHouseWives.
        Yet she has posted TONS of photos of the boys on her webiste that people have to pay to see, she posted a video of the youngest riding his bike-isn’t that kind of like him running around the background of the show? They said it was ok for Leann to post photos because they aren’t video….then she posts video? She has posted the address of her home, the name of the boys school on twitter and online because she refuses to stop whoring those kids out and doens’t think like a REAL parent would and see the dangers. She tweets where they are taking the kids before they go there, she doesn’t even obey simple laws like helmets to protect them, they have repeatedly fallen and required stitches-from bunks in tour buses and not being supervised. They invited Twitter fanatics to come party and drink with them after her shows WITH the boys hanging out with them.
        Leann tweets the entire world that they are rushing her bonus boy to the ER, but her nor Eddie can be bothered with even a text or email telling their mother… in the WORLD can anyone look at her track record and say she has their best interest at heart?
        She herself was “forced” into the spotlight, but she hires photographers to take family photo-ops to sell to the press. That’s just what’s out there for everyone to see. Believe me when I say there is MUCH more beind the scenes. She’s just a person who lives with their dad and uses them to try to repair her damaged rep as a homewrecker-she is NOT a “Bonus mom.”

    • gg says:

      Not really. Here’s the thing: every time one of them mentions the kids, it’s only to goad the other one, no real concern for the kids’ well being, or they’d not get mentioned in the first place. The kids are only used as a weapon to hurt the other side. If either of these twits had any maturity, they’d not respond to the taunting and the issue would be moot. Disgusting. Grow the f up, Leann and Brandi. You are embarrassing yourselves silly.

    • Lady D says:

      I don’t think Brandi is overreacting. I think it’s about gd time she spoke up. More power to her.

    • Babalon says:

      Unfortunately for your argument, your parenting values do not define hers. Also, it’s – strange – that you feel you know better than her what she should feel grateful for.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      She does not sound like a “loving” stepmother. She sounds, obsessive, overbearing and someone in dire need of several parenting classes.

  3. AlexandraJane says:

    I will actually feel sorry for her if they divorce. She hasn’t got much left of her career and would anyone be able to put up with her neurosis?

  4. Zelda says:

    I’m pretty sure Rimes meant that it’s more fun for HER when the boys are there, not the other way around. Rimes says enough stupid shit on her own; we don’t have to be twisting words to make stuff up.

    And the sociopath thing: God I hate when people use “big” words wrong. If you don’t know what it means, skip it. No big deal. Otherwise you just look both ditzy AND pretentious.
    See also: ‘literally’, ‘ironic’, any clinical term ever.
    So f*cking annoying.

    Now where can I get a version of Glanville’s pants from the top photo?

  5. heidi says:

    Stunning picture of Brandi in black jacket with pink scarf. Love the luscious mouth

  6. Birdix says:

    if they weren’t fighting, would anyone be paying any attention to them? crazy like foxes, those two

  7. marie says:

    hmm, seems preemptive,so now when Eddie leaves LeAnn he can say he did it for the health/happiness of his kids. not saying it isn’t true but he’ll get more sympathy this way.

  8. Sara says:

    All these people involved need to STFU. Their poor children. And all of Brandis defenders who always show up on this site need lives.

  9. dorothy says:

    While she may not be a sociopath, she certainly has some problems. Immaturity, insecurity, narcissism, jealousy… count a few.

  10. Jayna says:

    It was obvious LeAnn was saying she’s happier when Eddie and the boys are with her.

    The sociopath comment just sounds over the top in a soundbite. It doesn’t particularly help Brandi throwing out soundbites like that. Stick to things like she’s using the children, endangering them.

  11. Riana says:

    Yep, and telling the Hudfington Post all about it is really going to make LeAnn stop endangering the kids and put them in your custody.

    I’m not saying she’s not dealing with a whack job, but the more I hear and see from Brandi the more I see her as unsympathetic.

    How much of this is her trying to have the only career she can have now and how much is ACTUALLY trying to protect her kids.

    • busy ramone says:

      How much money do you think she has? Leann is loaded and can afford to battle Brandi for YEARS in court. Brandi would have been roughly 30 when her and Eddie married and started having children so she basically gave up her chance at a model/actress career in Hollywood to be a wife and mother to his kids.

      This reality show is all she has now that she’s Hollywood “over the hill”. She’s not getting any child support from Eddie since it’s shared custody and it’s doubtful that any judge would award her full custody with such limited financial resources and job prospects, not to mention the lawyering Leann could afford.

      Eddie basically f–ked her whole life over when he dicked around with numerous women and hooked up with a stalker who wasn’t willing to let him go. Yet despite the circumstances, she dumped his ass, so clearly she has a bit of self-respect. It must be a lot for Brandi to deal with.

      If anyone’s a sociopath, it’s Eddie. He’s pretending to love someone for their money and involving his children in the charade and refusing to use any of his influence over this woman to restrain her from constantly psychologically attacking his ex-wife.

      You know he could if he wanted to, but he’s obviously still angry with Brandi because she wounded his pride and his ego when she wouldn’t take him back. He’ll probably never stop taking it out on her. Personally, I think he’s a bit of an abuser when you consider the fact that he’s taking advantage of a mentally unstable person and that he requires his women to be extremely thin.

      This won’t end well for anyone involved. Except maybe Eddie.

      • Riana says:

        “Eddie basically f–ked her whole life over when he dicked around with numerous women and hooked up with a stalker who wasn’t willing to let him go. Yet despite the circumstances, she dumped his ass, so clearly she has a bit of self-respect. It must be a lot for Brandi to deal with.”

        In life we all have to make the best decision for ourselves. I’m not saying this isn’t a raw deal for Brandi or that LeAnn isn’t bonkers…but please.

        Brandi was, as you say, 30 yrs old. She was old and, hopefully, mature enough to weigh her choices for herself, her kids, and her future. Most girls from the time they’re 10 have their mother’s warning them about having a career and protecting themselves. Brandi CHOSE not to have a career and she likewise CHOSE a sh*tty dude who cheated on her. There’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at home Mom but you have to accept if it all goes downhill it puts one in a very difficult position, which Brandi is in.

        Personally, I’m not Eddie and I’m not going to pretend to know whether he loves LeAnn or not. He might, he might not, but you’re 100 percent correct he is the one choosing to allow LeAnn to goad Brandi and make the entire custody and interaction as difficult as possible. It is for that reason I’m surprised Brandi doesn’t aim more of her ire at him. So many of her comments focus exclusively on LeAnn and not on him.

        You’re right, this is only going to end well for Eddie, and that’s because both women are too busy attacking the other to see the real enemy. In the end I have a feeling they’ll both destroy the other before he ever gets a scratch sadly.

  12. marta says:

    “Loving stepmother” doesnt mean goading the actual mother at evrry turn. Leann literally said she doesnt respect brandi because there is ” nothing to respect” I saw it on twitter this weekend. Leann needs to realize she disrespects those boys every time she disrespects their mother. And she needs to stop with the ” bio mom ” crap because those boys are not adopted and leann is a stepmother which does not make her an actual mother in any way. Sorry. I had a stepmom and she was my father s wife as far as I was concerned as I have a glorious mother who could never be replaced or competed with by some woman who was only in my life as long as my dad wanted her in his.

  13. Lulu says:

    I certainly think Eddie has been in contact with Brandi about his unhappiness in his new marriage. But it sure would be nice if Brandi and LeAnn could keep their fingers to themselves. *sigh*

  14. lambchops says:

    I never comment on these posts, but I have to say, where is the man in all this? Is he not the father? Why is he letting this happen? He should grow a set and stand up to this crazy woman and stop her from posting photos of his sons on-line. It isn’t safe, but perhaps he is as attention seeking as she is, even at the risk of his sons’ safety.

    • Cass says:

      I totally agree … for example why do women always blame the other woman when they husband / partner cheats?? Eddie needs to MAN-UP and stop the crazy. I can’t imagine what these children have gone through the past few years … its ridicilous. I tend to be more sympathic to Brandie as she was the one wronged, but she needs to delete/block Leann from twitter and stop talking to the press. As for Leann, she’s becoming more and more unhinged. I would never want this kind of woman in my life, she’s a bunny boiler, a real life bunny boiler!

    • emmie_a says:

      Lambchops: Eddie is a bought man!! If he says anything he loses his allowance. I agree that he should take charge of the situation but he’s not going to do a thing because he’s not the *man* in this arrangement.

      • busy ramone says:

        That’s true to an extent but you must remember, Leann is absolutely and obsessively in love with him. All he needs to do is threaten her a little bit to make her back off Brandi. He’s already emotionally manipulating her into thinking he loves her, he just doesn’t want to use the power he has over her for good, I guess.

  15. Quinn says:

    Considering that I don’t know any of these people in real life, it’s irrational how BADLY I want Eddie to leave Leann. She’s going to get a dose of serious karma, and I just really cannot wait for it to happen. And, I think Eddie’s a total douche-he deserves nothing but STDs.

  16. mimifarrow says:

    Oh Kaiser, tell me you sit back with your preferred morning beverage and just watch the comments tick away on posts like this… ;)

  17. Nya says:

    Can anyone explain why this site attracts Brandi Ganville “fans” (wtf does that woman even do besides be some bimbo on a Real Housewives show?) like bees to honey? I think all the adults in this triangle are pathetic, but I’m so confused.

  18. Green Is Good says:

    Ban both these women Twatter. Done.

    • smartyparty says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if they BOTH got banned? Twitter should institute some rule wherein if you are endangering the emotional well being of children by airing all of your family’s dirty laundry and fighting over them, you get banned. That would be priceless, and they would BOTH get banned because BOTH women are guilty of putting themselves before those little boys in order to garner public attention and sympathy. BAN THEM!!

  19. TwoHearts says:

    The my boys thing is interesting. Maybe she calls them that because they’re her family (whether their mum likes it or not) or tweeting ‘my boys’ is easier than ‘my husband and his children’. Plus, how would the kids feel if she spoke like that, as if she has no bond to them at all? This situation has enough crazy in it without making this a ‘thing’. The way the kids are weapons by all parties? Yep. The fact these children witness such bitterness and sniping about their own family? Worth getting angry about. This is nothing.

    • Erinn says:

      She still could have said something like ‘spending time with the boys’ rather than ‘my’. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing. I don’t think it deserved that much of a blowup, though I’m pretty sure Leann does a lot of things to spur on Brandi. So meh. As long as the kids are happy, that’s all that really matters.

  20. Sal says:

    I’ve said LeAnn is a sociopath from day one. The question is, will Brandi finally, at long last, DO something about it? I love Brandi and will always be Team Brandi and will always defend her here, on twitter, anywhere. But for the love of god, Jesus of Nazareth, all that is beeping holy, I wish she’d get a restraining order against LeAnn whether for herself or the kids, I just wish she would DO something. No point whingeing about LeAnn if she won’t DO something about it. She has the money now and the connections, and god knows more documented evidence than is an attorney’s dream. I want her to DO SOMETHING.

  21. CC says:

    Well, everyone exhibits symptoms from time to time. I am guilty of not “letting go” of relationships I was supposed to, that can be interpreted in some circles and being a bit “psycho”. Depends on how you see it, and yea, LeeAnn fits the bill, she’s not a legal sociopath, but she does exhibits some tendencies.

  22. nomorerimes says:

    LiaR is too immature to have anything to do with the raising of these kids! She is emotionally and mentally a child herself! IF I thought it would help, I would urge that parenting classes be taken. But knowing how well LiaR takes advice, that would be a waste of time. I suggest instead that the time with LiaR and EC be cut down to a couple weekends a month and totally supervised.

    • Samigirl says:

      I agree that maybe LR and EC (who is letting her get away with all of this) should take some parenting classes. However, I also think that BG needs to step back from twitter or at least not respond to things. When my ex pisses me off, it’s SO HARD to not go trash talk him on FB, but I do not do it, I just make little notes and pass them along to my lawyer. I wish Brandi would do the same instead of giving her haters more fuel for the fire.

      edit: I have those Ray Bans and I wish I looked as hot in them as she does.

  23. Dee Cee says:

    My boys includes her husband.. she paid for them.. understand..

  24. Starlight says:

    She and Gabriel would make a nice couple. They have the same physical stucture and they both need anger management. Seriously, if this is the case, she should tell her husband not to bring those boys to LeAnn and that would solve the problem.

  25. smartyparty says:

    For some reason I feel like Brandi is becoming MORE to blame for this ongoing shameful drama. Because you know what, Brandi is somewhat correct about Leanne. Leanna is mentally ill, whether she is a “sociopath” or not, she obviously has some deep issues. So what is Brandi’s excuse for engaging in the SAME behavior at this point? Getting in twitter fights, publicly laughing at Leanne, and publicly declaring that she is just waiting for the marriage to end. If Leanne is a sociopath what does that make Brandi?
    I expect more from Brandi because, as we all know, she IS the boys’ mother. It really should not matter that Leanne calls them “her boys” because DUH Brandi you have made sure the whole world knows all about your messed up little family and we ALL know that you are the mother.
    I’m not defending Leanne, she is nuts and needs to sit down. But at this point I do feel she is unwell whereas Brandi is just vindictive and immature.

    • nomorerimes says:

      I really feel that Brandi is just so sick of all the trash spewed her way from LiaR and her paid-for friends. There is so much we don’t know and maybe this was Brandi’s way of letting people know what all is going on! She is a mother who will do anything to protect her kids and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about her–her kids are more important than image. I agree that spouting off about the “my kids” thing was knee jerk but the riding the bike w/o a helmet and training wheels incident–I totally don’t blame Brandi for getting freaking mad! LiaR has no common sense at all. Brandi and Ed’s kids are just pap material for LiaR!

      • Lady D says:

        Again, I say it’s about time she spoke up. It’s like people think she owes Rimes/Ediot some loyalty or something. She kept her mouth shut for years while Rimes acted beyond ignorant to her and her ditchpig husband encouraged it. Brandi mentions her boys or shows a picture and she gets slammed as using her boys. Meanwhile Rimes takes complete advantage of those boys. She doesn’t care about the kids, she only cares about her fake image and hurting Brandi, and obviously not in that order. I believe in treating people how you want to be treated, and Rimes has shown Brandi exactly how she wants to be treated.

  26. KellyinSeattle says:

    “But not for long”, as Brandi said. She does need to do something about it. Now is a great opportunity. Eddie has a free out now if he wants to proceed, but he’s such a purchased toy/wimp. I doubt the tweet was “my boys” because it was easier to tweet, and I doubt parenting classes would help; she’d send pics of herself taking them. I don’t think she deserves sympathy because she does use those boys and posts pics on them, and that would rub any mother the wrong way. Just because Brandi is on Housewives doesn’t mean she’s not a good mom. In fact, LeAnn would jump at a chance for a reality show, which wouldn’t be good for “her” boys. I think it all boils down to LeAnn’s idiocy and immaturity. My ex husband was a sociopath, and I think LeAnn might be one because they are without remorse as a main characteristic and don’t care who they hurt as long as it furthers their selfish agenda.

  27. sauvage says:

    As far as I know, sociopathy and psychopathy are synonyms. The leading book on this subject is by Robert Hare, PhD.: “Without Conscience”. It’s an interesting read and I can recommend it.

    Anyways, back to the gossip aspect: I can’t wait ’til all of this goes up in flames. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but I’m actually kind of looking forward to it. Can you imagine the drama, the interviews, the Twitter flood to be expected?

    *sits down comfortably on her couch and cracks open the first bottle of vodka*

    • Stuart Horsely says:

      They are NOT AT ALL the same things, far from it.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        @Aotearovian A psychopath is a person lacking empathy, and it appears to be biological in nature. They typically have poor impulse control, have trouble deciphering facial expressions, and are thrill-seekers.

        A sociopath is more like a hardened criminal. There’s no indication there’s anything biologically wrong with them, but they’re pretty hard to rehabilitate.

        That said, the two words do get used interchangeably by laymen.

      • sauvage says:

        I wouldn’t exactly call Robert Hare a layman.
        But it seems that there are different opinions in the psychiatric field as well.

        I got it explained (by a psychiatrist and clinical forensic, mind you) that way: There are two kinds of psychopaths. Those with no impulse control and those with great impulse control. Both kinds lack empathy and any kind of conscience.

        The first kind you meet in prison, the second one probably in the high ranks of a worldwide operating bank.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Actually, they are quite similar and have been used interchangeably for quite some time. The differences are more subtle rather than obvious. If you go through the criteria for diagnosis, most of them are similar or the same in nature. There is a school of thought, with some medical backup, that does show that the brain of a psychopath is different than the brain of a “normal” person though.

  28. Isa says:

    Eddie is a bitch. Just because Rimes is the money maker the one with the $$$ he lets her do whatever she wants with his kids. I don’t blame him, he is living, flying and eating off her $$$. Piece of shit…

  29. judyjudy says:

    Leann is crazy but she is not a sociopath.

  30. lynette says:

    The reason the “My boys” comment is inappropriate is because LeAnn is a step mom who homewrecked her way into that family. If my step mom called my 2 brothers “her” boys honestly no one (not even my REAL mom) would get upset. HOWEVER that is because my step mom didn’t screw around with my Dad, taunt my Mom about it, stalk and copy my Mom, and try to buy our family’s love. BIG difference. Just because you are/have a step mom too does not make LeAnn easy to relate to in any way unless you also happen to be a homewrecking nutjob

    I mean come onnnn to all you ladies from blended families talking about how Brandi should just be happy they are well adjusted and loved etc etc. Of course she is happy they are loved. Shes not happy that the homewrecking stalking skank who “loves” them is throwing her “happy family” routine in Brandi’s face after she helped take that family away.

    Also I’m no mother but I would be very upset if my 5 year old was riding a bike without training wheels, for the first time, without a helmet. That’s what I read somewhere

    • brin says:

      Well said, it’s called empathy.
      Leann herself posted the video of Jake riding a bike with no training wheels and no helmet. And apparently no father present.

    • Lil says:


      I so agree with all you have said here. With Leann it started from day one. She moved from mistress to step mother before she was even a legal stepmother. She started stepping over boundaries right off the bat. Any woman in Brandi’s situation would feel the same given the circumstances of how this all went down, and if they say they wouldn’t they are as bad as Leann is. Leann is too immature to even be left alone with those kids in my opinion. Eddie needs to man up, but he wont. He likes the $$$$ train.

  31. someone says:

    It really isn’t funny to throw the diagnosis of sociopath around so lightly. But all is fair when trying to sell books. And you all choose to see what you want to see about Brandi. Funny how none of these stories are repeating Brandi’s twitter comment about “cutting” Leann. Like that is normal.

  32. claire says:

    I think if you’re in a situation where the stepmom and her friends and employees bullied you for years, and the stepmom is doing whatever she wants, and ignoring you and mocking you online, when you make requests as the mother, and when the stepmother is constantly retweeting stuff about the stepmom being the best mom, blah, blah, and associating with a lot of stepmoms online who spend all day trashing the “bio” mom, and when the ex-husband is holding you to different standards than he’s holding his mistress-now-wife, and attempting to control you through the kids, then you’d feel a bit like your role as the mother is being disrespected, and the the ex/new wife are trying to play family and treat you like the outsider in the co-parenting relationship. It’s all very transparent the games that Leann plays. She does seem like a complete sociopath, or something, when you look at the big picture of all the crazy stuff she’s done. Heck, five minutes on her Twitter reveals the instability.

    So then the possessiveness of the stepmother, and the “I’m not a step. I’m their mom”, “my boys” stuff is just symbolic of all the other bullcrap mom is putting up with. At that point, the constant exploitation of the kids, and the possessiveness of the stepmother, is really just adding flame to the fire. It would be silly to take the “don’t call them my boys” at surface value and think that it’s only about that for Brandi. I get the impression that she feels if she doesn’t constantly call them out, but instead just let them do whatever they want, she’d be in a situation where they act like the primary parents and she’s just on the outside, going by their rules, their desires, their needs, their boundaries, etc.

    It seems silly to argue the points of whether stepmoms should use those terms or not. There’s lots of nuances in those relationships, and it’s totally right for some, and highly insensitive for others.

    And PS: Did Eddie seriously just say this??? DUDE. Your wife paps out your kids and uses their personal lives and photos as PAID features on her website, you dumb a$$. She paps out every second of your lives. Yeah, I’m gonna assume Leann wrote that for him.

    “It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal lives of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of her notoriety.”

  33. Rita says:

    Today’s Headlines!!!

    “Brandi Glanville’s book “Drinking and Tweeting: Other Brandi Blunders” Tops sales charts!”

    “Brandi Glanville’s the new shinning star on RHOBH!”

    “Brandi Glanville introduces new fashion line”

    A slow police chase is in progress at the south-bound on ramp to the 405 as a helmetless LeAnn Rimes rides her tricylcle down the center line while waving a pair of scissors over her head.

    Let’s keep a good thought. (Film at 11).

  34. megsie says:

    What an ungodly mess! I’m not qualified to label anyone a sociopath, but it’s fair to say both of these women are emotionally immature brats. I have a sliver more sympathy for Brandi, as I might very well lose it too if I believed my kids were in a dangerous or even extremely unheahlty situation. Unfortunately these public outbursts are only making that bad situation worse.

    Also, not a doubt in my mind Eddie is having second thoughts and has voiced them to Brandi.

    • Anon says:

      I’m glad that Brandi is speaking out but also fear for her because LeAnn/Eddie are probably going to sue her for slander now … i can tell that she doesn’t necessarily want to badmouth LeAnn as much as she just wants to be able to co-parent. I understand her not wanting LeAnn around the boys without Eddie. i’m involved with a man who has three children from two previous marriages, and if it ever got to the point that i was married to him, i doubt i’d be spending much time with his kids when he wasn’t there. his kids are sweet, but they have mothers. Even as upsetting as it is that she feels LeAnn may be putting the boys in harms way, i think the most upsetting confession here is that Eddie won’t even be in the same room as her. won’t even go to parent-teacher conferences with her?! i definitely feel that LeAnn has something to do with that. does Eddie really have a reason to hate Brandi?! after all, HE is sort of the one who f*cked HER over. you can’t co-parent if you refuse contact with the mother. even when she’s worried about the kids and sending texts/calling? you just don’t answer?! really not cool. again, if i ended up married to this guy i would never act that way. i already sit in the same room with him, his kids, his exes… it’s not easy but it’s reality.

    • someone says:

      AT least this story answers the question about whether Brandi talks to Eddie. Brandi says they don’t communicate AT ALL. That blows the theory that Brandi’s “for now” comment was base on something Eddie was telling Brandi about his marriage.

  35. Rita says:

    I agree that the term Sociopath is a clinical description with broad implications. Where LeAnn is concerned, I prefer the more definitive terms: Soulless, black-hearted, vindictive, bitch…in that order.

  36. Grace says:

    Brandi is right.
    Sociopaths, also known as psychopaths, are described as incapable of empathy toward others, are cruel and insensitive, and show little or no remorse for their actions.
    People had better remember that if something unfortunate happens with Eddie’s kids that LeAnn would have Eddie all to herself. She’d milk any unfortunate situation with those kids for all it’s worth.

  37. candigirl says:

    If all the Leann fangirls on here bothered to find out the details in the links above and in the old posts here on Celebitchy, they would be very afraid of Leann Rimes. Leann stalked and bullied Brandi for years, and that includes almost running her down in the street with her SUV, posting threats against Brandi with pictures of herself shooting a gun, paying teams of employees to create harassing websites about killing Brandi, and publishing details of the boys’ school address and soccer games. This is a tiny amount of the frightening things Leann has done towards Brandi and includes exploiting the boys to do it (pedophile cake??) But Brandi should have gotten serious long ago. This is not a game. Leann is probably a Borderline Personality and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Brandi cannot play games with this level of psychosis. She must get family therapy for herself and the boys. She must consult a security expert about how the family can deal with a long term stalker (you do not engage them on Twitter.) She must have her attorneys do their jobs. And with the videos Leann is posting, even if Brandi doesn’t, CPS will be making a visit to both of their houses.

  38. G says:

    LeAnn is a sociopath in the sense that she “has no moral compass” and only cares about her needs without the concern of others. What disgusts me even more is that Eddie allows her to do these things. I don’t know if Brandi “knows something” but I’m sure she knows Eddie.

  39. Grace says:

    On a side note, literally every single thing, except the frequent marriages, applies to Cracken on the sociopathy list. Every. Single. One.

  40. candigirl says:

    I would guess that Brandi knows Eddie has been trying to contact Scheana. I think that’s what the story about him trying to get a different cell phone was about. Brandi said he always had multiple cell phones. And Brandi and Scheana are both stars on Bravo now and she may have heard something. Either that or she knows what went on with Eddie’s recent solo vacation.

  41. TG says:

    @eileen – Wow, you should be Brandi’s lawyer. You wrote a good summary of LR’s reckless behavior around Brandi’s kids. What I wonder though, if all of this is true then why is she not taking it to the court? This all seems reasonable to me that LR should not be around those boys. And as everyone else has said taking it to twitter and the media doesn’t help much, other than provide us with gossip. Makes me wonder why Brandi hasn’t gone to the courts to remove those boys from Eddy since he obviously isn’t a good dad if he is allowing all this to go down. I can’t stand any of the 3 personally, but the same way I support Gabe in his custody war with that monster Halle and her hired thug Olivier I support brandi in hers because I think she is the lesser of 3 evils.

    Oh and I looked up personality disorders and I think this She-Man has Histrionic Pesonality Disorder. She fits all the symtoms to a T. Oh and thanks @kaiser for the link to the article on sociopaths – very informative and very scary too.

  42. I practice family and divorce law. I’m surprised there is no attorney willing to represent her for the publicity this would provide, and believe Brandi’s best course of action would be to file a petition with the Court – assuming there is enough factual evidence to do so.

  43. Aotearovian says:

    Just an FYI that I learned from reading Martha Stout’s book The Sociopath Next Door: there’s no difference between sociopathy and psychopathy. The terms can be used synonymously, and what they signify, in essence, is an absence of conscience.

  44. Aurelia says:

    Any new step mother who refers to another womans young children as HER BOYS is just a bitch. Any father of these boys who allows it is just a trouble maker. Shome healthy boundarys and respect for the jilted party.

    Reason LR luuuvvvs doing this sory of provocative shit is because Brandi loves reacting.

  45. HotPockets says:

    I wouldn’t let either of these women around my children, they are both unstable.

    I don’t know who is crazier, Brandi, Leanne or their fan girls, fan girls..the ones who post every detail they know of about this triangle on every Leanne/ Brandi post. I am going to go with fan girls.

  46. Lydia says:

    The differences between psychopaths and sociopaths is degree. They all lie, they’re entitled, easily bored, users, promiscuous, etc. Neither type can empathize with their victims, and none tends to feel any remorse for the cruelty they inflict. Psychopaths just kick it up a notch to criminal behavior.

  47. bappi says:

    “I wonder if Brandi knows something that we don’t”

    For god´s sake, of course she does! She is the one involved in this situation, not us. It doesn´t matter how “open” celebrities are… we really know nothing about them. Gossip can be fun, but let´s stop pretending we have some actual knowledge about these people´s lives.

  48. wrong says:

    Difference is psychopath is psychotic. lost touch with reality. delusions-false beliefs. Sociopaths are not suffering from psychosis. See the difference? Not interchangeable

  49. Vesper says:

    This is exactly why she is being sued by Adrienne. U think she would have learned her lesson. Speculation is not truth, and one who publically accuses someone of something that can negatively affect that person’s reputation, based on pure speculation = slander. Idiot!!!

    LeAnn has been in the spotlight since she was 13, and until she meet Eddie her reputation was spotless. People don’t suddenly become sociopaths in their mid-20′s. There would be a long pattern of sociopathic behaviour that would go back for years.

    If u are going to lie about someone at least pick something intelligent.

  50. dee says:

    If you believe your children are in danger you go to the authorities not to twitter or the Huffington Post. If you want to make the woman who stole your husband look bad, you go to twitter or the Huffington Post. It is not necessary to have so much as a nickel to your name to get the courts to intervene when the safety of a child is concerned. You call CPS if you can’t afford a lawyer. Generally speaking, however, if you wear designer clothing and get cosemetic procedures done to your face on an epic scale, the money might be found to hire a lawyer if you don’t want CPS involved. As to Ms. Glanville’s diagnosis of Ms. Rimes, it has as much validity as anyone else’s who is completely unqualified to make a diagnosis. No one feels they can diagnose diabetes or Hodkins disease without a medical license but so many feel they can diagnose a psychiatric illness in everyone they don’t particularly like.

  51. Laura says:

    I have a degree in psychology, and sociopath/psychopath/Antisocial Personality were all taught as the same thing.

  52. Dedicated Original Mom says:

    I sure as hell have a problem with the step-moms who don’t have their own kids who take on the badge of honor of “mothers” when they haven’t done any of the work required to raise these children.To try and take credit for these kid’s successes is self-indulgent and frankly, sick. The father needs to grow a pair and man up for his children and be decent to the woman who gave his children life. Show her the respect she deserves.