Cheating husband in “Dirt” to be based on Brad Pitt (update)

Jennifer Aniston is going to appear as a guest on the final episode of Courteney Cox’s FX show Dirt. She was said to be encouraged to appear by producers asking her if they should create a cheating Brad Pitt-like character to ridicule on the show. Aniston was said to be all for it, and word is that the plot will include a married celebrity falling for his sexy female co-star, just like Brad and Angelina:

An insider told The Enquirer: “Jen wants to be on ‘Dirt.’ She just hasn’t decided who she wants to play or when she’ll do it.

“But insiders say she [Jen] will definitely want her [Courteney] to include a Brad-like character, as well as an Angelina character.

“I think Jen would like to have her ex-hubby squirming in his seat seeing some guy dump his adorable – and adoring – TV star wife for a sexy co-star!”

The idea of Jen appearing on “Dirt” was a joke at first, said the source.

But after Courteney asked Jen if she wanted to play herself, someone suggested getting an actor to play Brad – and the idea took off.

“A thinly veiled character based on Brad would be a natural for ‘Dirt,'” said the source.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, January 29, 2007]

The article is worded kind of tentatively, like someone thinks it would be a good idea rather than it being a done deal, so we’ll have to see. They’re right though, it sure would boost ratings.

Our posts about the Aniston/Pitt/Jolie triangle are always heated. I’ll add to the controversy by mentioning that while googling something else I ran across a website that discussed the different ways that people cheat by examining high-profile celebrity infidelity. They claimed that the way Pitt left Aniston was “emotional cheating” and that it is often the most dangerous. A relationship expert said if you suspect your spouse of having an emotional affair with a friend or coworker you should not wait for it to progress and should confront it right away.

Another site I found detailed the many ways Pitt’s “friendship” with Jolie undermined his marriage, and how it’s a lesson to jilted wives everywhere. Note that I am just reporting this in response to a lot of heated comments on it and am not saying I agree. Personally I think that relationships end for a lot of reasons, and I have the kind of hoaky notion that things happen for a reason and that no one party is to blame. A lot of people are firmly in one camp though, and that article lays out the arguments for team Aniston.

Brad and Angelina are shown at the Bridge of Life Museum of Bio Diversity in Panama City on 12/28. Pictures from SimplyBrad.

Update: Sorry for beating a dead horse you guys, but it’s still fun. Now there’s news that Aniston and Cox are going to play lovers in Aniston’s guest episode. Given their friendship with Sheryl Crow, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me.

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  1. Sorceressss says:

    Whatever already… we get it! Brad and Angelina have made their beds–for now at least and they seem to be happy with eachother. I feel sorry for Jennifer, but she really has got to move on. If this story is true I think it’s pretty pathetic.

  2. AC says:

    I agree that he cheated emotionally. He just became so smitten, they probably had amazing conversations and flirted etc… and he just … stoped giving his marriage the attention it needed. Thats how affairs start. Im sure it did horrible damage to his marriage and thats why they broke up. I don’t think he cheated on Jenn physically until after problems started and they separated. But im sure he sped up the process so he could get some.

  3. vj says:

    for real just move on. that can’t be all she still has in her life.

  4. Fabiola says:

    Sheryl Crow is a lesbian?

  5. Viv says:

    829 Signs? Shit, by sign 30 you ought to know! And I think if someone were to buy this book in the beginning, they have already come to terms with the realization that their relationship is on the rocks.

    I wonder if Jennifer has read the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You– He’s Into Angie.”

  6. Jenna says:

    Still whoring out the breakup for publicity Jen? Way to show you’ve moved on.

  7. KIM says:

    I have a really hard time buying this story. Firstly, I can’t believe that Aniston would say she was all for the cheating hubby plot line and secondly I can’t see where she is still dwelling on it. I think the tabs like to keep the rumors floating around when both Pitt and Aniston have obviously moved on because it sells. Everyone needs to get over this already- it’s way old news.

  8. Alex says:

    I’m not sure why some people in the past have been so fired up in defending Pitt for cheating. Something better than 50% of married men have or will cheat on their spouse. Emotional cheating is just another form. As my therapist once said, an affair never starts with two people having sex…

  9. FF says:

    I actually agree with you CB, I think relationships are based on an interplay and very rarely can the dissolution of any relationship be blamed on one isolated thing.

    Sometimes someone takes their eye off the ball, sometimes people play games, sometimes people don’t feel they should have to have their eye on the ball in the first place. Sometimes it’s a fragile balance of how people respond to each other at any given one time.

    I’m sure it’s a mixture of reasons but even if you feel righteous in your belief of being wronged, it’s always better to let it go and move on.

    Even if Jen’s laughing at this report, I still don’t feel that she’s moved on. And I feel she rebounded pretty badly with Vince Vaughn. I also worry that her seeming dependence on Courtney Cox is going to strain her marriage.

  10. FF says:

    ps – does anyone remember that line in Closer about there being a moment you can give in to temptation or resist it.

    Brad did emotionally cheat, imo, and he knows it.

  11. mimosa says:

    I don’t think this story is true.

  12. kailie2 says:

    OMG.. is Courtney really THAT desperate for ratings and Jen for revenge? I read somewhere else about the lesbian undertones–I guess they’ll both do anything to boost this terrible show. How pathetic. As far as emotional cheating… I agree that there is such a thing but cheating to me means having a relationship with someone while maintaining the marital relationship — in other words, many men cheat but 99% of them don’t want to divorce their wives and it’s basically a diversion, not a serious matter. I think that Brad fell for Angelina because things were not well in his marriage and he wanted different things in life–Brad and Jen didn’t even see each other for most of that year. Not that it’s a good thing to do but things happen for a reason-he obviously wanted out of his marriage and I don’t know if Jen was that invested in it or had the same goals in life. Brad seems like a monogamous guy to me, never had affairs and all his ex-girlfriends speak so highly of him. I think he cleared things with Jennifer before he moved on physically with Angelina, which is something even Jen said at the time. If she’s doing a show ridiculing Brad now, I guess she can’t fully move on with her life. Good for ratings, bad for her.

  13. carrienae says:

    pretty pathetic,innit??!!!

  14. Action says:

    It sounds like middle school. I highly doubt this is true. Because, if it is, it’s pathetic.

  15. m says:

    ‘squirming in his seat’??? like pitt watches tv, much less dirt! he has 3 kids under 6, a movie career, hobbies in flying and architecture, charity work – i doubt he has the time or even the desire to watch tv. especially if it were going to do this.

    ps – i am also in the no one person camp, i’m not in anyone else’s marriage, i don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and in the end it isn’t any of my business how people decide to walk that relationship line unless i’m a part of that relationship!

  16. frewtloop says:

    There’s plenty of photographic evidence of Jen and Brad pre Angelina looking very pissed off with each other. Actually if I remember clearly it was usually her looking really pissed off with him.

    Their marriage was crap, he moved on. End of story.

  17. Justme says:

    I seriously DOUBT this crap is true!!! I am no freakin’ RICH movie star but I have gracefully had enough Lovin’ to know that as LIFE goes on love may come and go, but as long as the HEART can mend there is always a BETTER, stronger and kinder Gentle-Man out there waiting in the wings to meet your acquaintance, make you shiver again and take you through the journey of………… What it shall be!

    Not letting go of a fuKKed up past will not allow you to love Love again!

  18. Z says:

    How Desperate… Is the only acting role Jen can land these days the one on her best friend’s show? And lesbian kiss? And revenge plot? It all sounds very predictable and desperate. What happened to good witty writing and acting in comedy shows? (I am missing Fraiser, Will & Grace, Seinfeld!!!) I am not going to waste my time watching that crap…

  19. Mr. T says:

    Chinnefer must be pretty desperate if she still wants vengence on BP. BP wanted a wife and not a best friend. Maniston and Courtney Cox must really be lame if they want to immitate real life and seek to embaress BP and AJ. Live and let live. Enough already with Friends Friends. Friends sucked. Courtney Cox sucks, Maniston sucks. BP and AJ have kids to raise. Leave it be.

  20. countrybabe says:

    Why are you people so cynical? Pitt is not christ. Go on Courtney and defnd your friend. Maybe Jen thinks if she irks them enough Ang will go off the deep end ,which she will.

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    SHUT UP to all the above who said Jen has to move on. JEN IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS MOVED ON.

    So if any show or movie that may be connected to Jen or one of her friends, has a cheating husband in it….the world is going to BLAME jennifer???????????

    When Brangelina get bad press for : taking over Namibia causing humanrights groups to point out that they cost the tax payers there thousands. Bad press for: turning thier kids into commodities and mini celebs against there will, for having a very OBVIOUS and phony political agenda. Bad press for her not spending her last christmas or any holiday for that matter, or last days with her dying mother…..etc.etc

    Then all the Brangeloonatics say it is Aniston’s fault


    Leave aniston out of it.
    There are many movies about cheating husbands, sleazy woman out there. What does that have to with Jennifer…..NOTHING.