Kristen Stewart signs on to her first acting job since the Mini-Coopering

Remember how so many people had all of those predictions about Kristen Stewart right after the world learned that she Mini-Coopers married men? People claimed the scandal would help her. People claimed that she would be more in-demand than ever, that she would become the next Angelina Jolie – meaning that Jolie’s career flourished even more after she “stole” Brad Pitt away from America’s Sweetheart.

The Jolie-fication of Kristen Stewart is something I was following with some interest, but the side-by-side comparison between the two doesn’t always work out. For one, Kristen’s career has seemed to seriously falter post-scandal. Part of it may be that she’s actually not that great of an actress, and the “demand” for her acting talents was limited to the Twilight franchise. The other part of it is… hard to explain. I’ve actually been wondering if Kristen hasn’t been black-listed by some prominent people as punishment for her affair and partially for her general unprofessional attitude and “miserable c—tiness”. First, she dropped out of Cali, a film which would have had her playing the wanton woman. For a second it looked like she was going to work with Ben Affleck… until he pulled out really quickly, probably not wanting to associate with Kristen any longer. So Kristen has been unemployed for a while, and it even seemed like she was actively begging for work. Well, she finally got a gig!

Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks are joining Jim Sturgess in Steven Shainberg’s The Big Shoe.

Sturgess plays a gifted shoe designer forced to break free from a family who want to turn his designs into mass-produced knock-offs. The family hires psychotherapist Mary Kay (Banks) and muse Delphi (Stewart) to lure him back to work.

Shainberg says the film will combine eroticism and humor in a similar way to dark comedy Secretary.

[From Deadline]

I love Elizabeth Banks so much. That’s the kind of role model Kristen Stewart desperately needs. The bad news is that this sounds like a weird/funky/bad movie in which Kristen will be playing “the girl” – a bland, eye-rolly, lip-biting, awkward hipster accompaniment to the infinitely more interesting male character. It feels like a step down for her career. But what do I know? Maybe it was the only thing she could get.

Photos courtesy of V Magazine.

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  1. watchingyoubitch says:

    She s an horrible actress and after * dry humping a married man* people just got tired
    of her.glad her career is going down hill.

    • Liv says:

      I doubt that it was just dry humping 😉

      I really liked her before, but the scandal showed her true colors. Can’t stand her anymore. Kristen with Jim Sturgess? Noooo!

    • Jazz Fabulous says:

      yeah, she’s just so overrated as an actress. Have you seen her in Adventureland? She kept biting her lips and ran her hands through her hair. I even counted, she practically did it like 38 times throughout the whole film! I hope that her career dries up. Ugh.

    • Eh says:

      She’s a horrible one note actress. Her only chance of redemption would be playing against type; muse in a bad shoe story isn’t it. Let me guess, there will be sex and her basic function is to help the male character discover himself. She’s played this type of role over and over again. Nothing about this movie sounds remotely interesting. The director’s last effort FUR flopped badly.

    • Jordon says:

      How the mighty have fallen. This is some weird foot fetish flick, not Oscar material, not even Sundance material. The director is only known for Secretary, and although that film was interesting, it didn’t make a profit, nothing he’s ever done has made a profit, so KStew is a perfect fit, as none of her indies has ever made a profit either, not even Adventurland.

      Coming off of such a big bomb as ORT (and it’s Rotten on RT), even this movie is a comedown, but it does look like all she can get.

  2. Monie says:

    Her eyes always look so dead. I’ve seen more life in corpses depicted on the Investigation Discovery channel.

    • c'est la vie says:

      LOL. They have more charisma too.

      And she still got a job.
      How is it possible?

    • c'est la vie says:

      I’d love to see another Shainberg film like Secretary, but I have a feeling I’ll be skipping this…

    • c'est la vie says:

      Um, good for you.

      Are you her mother?

    • macy says:

      If you’re depending on her “inner beauty” you’re screwed. Loyalty, empathy, personal responsibility, humility…she’s a total void in every category.

    • Lauren says:

      Great actress and a lovely person, really has the support of thousands of fans, she is the person most worthy I know!! Admiration and respect for her!!

  3. Brown says:

    Honestly, the fact that her career is suffering from the minicoopering is a huge disappointment for me. I always wanted her to be blacklisted by Hollywood and have fans turn away from her in droves, but I hoped it would be because she is a shitty actress. Not because she hooked up with a married father. Bummer.

    • Erinn says:

      Ahahaha Brown, I love this.

      • Liv says:

        Susan – Chris K – Samantha: Wtf?! Changing your name doesn’t help.

      • Gail says:

        Look at it without prejudice and you’ll see the person more of the world and sweet, a beautiful heart and a noble soul!! She is more than a talented actress is one example of person!!

      • Enny says:

        Um, yeah. The big giveaway, Gail/Samantha/et al, is that you all have the very same strange grasp of the English language. I will generously assume that this is the reason why you haven’t noticed Kristen Stewart’s sub-par acting. But, you know, look closer. Lip biting and eye rolling are a universal language, right? And that’s really doing something for you? Wow.

    • Micki says:

      You know what’s funny?
      I saw a documentary yesterday about prominent divorcees.One couple: Taylor/Burton.
      When they got together they were BOTH married. Didn’t give a sh*t about it though. Imagine how the general public would’ve lost it if THIS affair went the same way…

      About the bad acting – agree completely.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I totally misread that and thought you wrote ‘I saw a funny documentry about Taylor/Burton’ I genuinely thought you were talking about La Cracken.

      • Micki says:

        @Kiki: The documentary was actually interesting. I was thinking a lot about a “star quality” and “star power” after it. Today people identify a lot more with the stars I think. Plus all the “reality stars”, how are “people like us”. Years ago the film divas used to say very little in comparison, kept private stuff private and looked beautiful. Plus I think people were more aware they were sold dreams and not lifestyle.
        But what has Cracken to do with it?

      • Kate says:

        Ingrid Bergman wasn’t so lucky. When she left her husband for Rosselini, she was attacked from the United States Senate in a speech. Her reputation was shattered.

        It seems fairly arbitrary, really.

    • marie says:

      ha, agree. she’s a horrible actress

    • Lucy says:

      She’s made something like 18 films and never been nominated for an Oscar or even a Golden Globe, which says the industry doesn’t like her. For contrast, look at how they’ve embraced Jennifer Lawrence, she’s already got 2 Oscar noms.

      If KStew was so talented, she would be getting good scripts, not low budget indie left-overs. This script has been kicking around for years, no one wanted to invest in it. And Jim Sturgess is a nobody, he can’t carry a film. One Day was one of his huge bombs, even Anne Hathaway couldn’t save it, and KStew is nowhere near as talented as Anne.

      • Anname says:

        I think Anne Hathaway (and her bad accent) was one of the main reasons in didn’t do well, actually. Sturgess was fine, from what I read.

    • pepper says:


    • Delilah says:

      Thanks for the laugh Brown. I am tickled by this.

    • Delilah says:

      God, that film–One Day– was pure garbage. I tried watching it a 2nd time & got a quarter way through…both times.

    • Delilah says:

      God, that film–One Day– was pure garbage. I tried watching it a 2nd time & got a quarter way through…both times.

    • Irishae says:

      All your base are belong to us.

      (Any nerdy chicks up in here?)

    • Kate says:

      @Irishae – sorry, your princess is in another castle.

  4. stellalovejoydiver says:

    “Shainberg says the film will combine eroticism and humor in a similar way to dark comedy Secretary.”

    Hahaahaha, no, f–k off. This will not be even a poor man’s version of “The Secretary”, Maggie Gyllenhall and James Spader were so great in it.

    • mia girl says:

      Completely agree about Gyllenhaal and Spader…
      but I’ll give the director Shainberg a pass for saying that because he actually adapted and directed Secretary.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        haha, ups, that was embarassing, should have checked it. OK, now I actually have faith in it, except for KStew and I couldn’t care less for Jim Sturgess.

    • mia girl says:

      Hey, don’t be embarrassed … in fairness, this post has an excerpt of the story. I just happen to see the entire story yesterday on Deadline.

  5. mln76 says:

    She’s a terrible actress but it’s also that when she’s onscreen it’s like she is the center of a black hole-she’s anti-charismatic. When people say the scandal is what made Angelina famous that is B.S.. People are fascinated by her which is why they are so scandalized by her personal life.
    I think that she isn’t getting parts because when the scandal hit and she alienated her fans the feeling in the industry was that she doesn’t have enough talent to garner a new fan base which is probably accurate.

  6. Pandora says:

    You think Hollywood can afford to blacklist ‘people who have affairs’? Bwahahahaha!!

    And actually, when has Stewart’s attitude ever been c***ty except towards the paps? She always seems painfully – almost ridiculously- impassioned about her movies.

    • RavenClaw says:

      There’s no morality police in Hollywood, give me a break. Also, as hard as it is for us normal people to understand it, Kristen seems well liked and respected in the industry and she’s still got some years left to her career

      • Ann says:

        Respected by who?
        Male producers and directors, Jodie Foster who loves to appologize for Polanski and Gibson, Sean womenbeater Penn?

        The press has been kissing her arse because of Twilight and now that’s over and no amount of manipulations through paid gossip bloggers can make her a star.

      • Amelia says:

        Well put, Ann.
        I really, really struggle with Jodie Foster, I used to think she was awesome but then the Polanski sympathising thing came along, and … gah.

      • Shy says:

        No. It’s just that everybody are polite in Hollywood. It’s not that they adore Kristen. They will never trash some actors in press. They even clapped to Chris Brown and Mel Gibson.

    • Bugsrunny says:

      Yes. Times 10.

    • jamie says:

      I actually agree. No one’s getting blacklisted because of poor morality. But they DO get blacklisted for lack of popularity (her tribe of crazy stans aside, no one likes her) and attitude on set/during promotion. I think all of that was causing Kristen career problems long before those pics came out. It’s not like Cali, which she signed on for at the height of her popularity, sounded any better than this film. Her actual career has never matched her hype. NONE of her films have been ones that were highly sought after with a list of other A-list actors campaigning for the role.

    • terra says:

      exactly. She isn’t blacklisted, I don’t even know why people think that. She’s done with her franchise, post-franchise is always a weird time where people are re-evaluating you. Her minicoopering probably complicated that evaluation on top of it, but the thought someone’s getting blacklisted for a lame affair is laughable.

    • A says:

      She’s probably not blacklisted but there are loads of director’s wives out there who wouldn’t let their husbands work with that trampire in a million years.

      • Cazzie says:


        Women, especially married women, aren’t going to be too happy about their husbands being exposed to KS through working with her – she already shagged one married director, why not another?

      • Reao says:

        I think if your a director’s wife, then then the possibility of an on set romance with your actress is always a possibility, whether its kstew or no kstew. The director-actress affair is a cliche for a reason. Directors have to get these neurotic, self-involved actress types to “trust” them, an intimacy is usually established, and that can often cross lines into physical territory.

        Look at Claudia Schiffer-she’s freaking Claudia Schiffer!!! and she still had her director husband cheated and fathered a baby with January Jones on the Xmen set.

        If it can happen to Claudia, it can happen to all of us.


      • David says:

        No married woman in her right mind wants Kristen Stewart working with her husband. She’s a proven homewrecker. This is fact, well known, not speculation or gossip.

        She’s proved that she will lie and cheat, and the fact that a man is married is not going to slow her down. Who wants to work with someone like that? Who wants to be on the set around them? She can’t be trusted.

        When trust is gone, nothing is left. There are too many good other actresses with good reputations to choose from. Which is why she’s getting offered a small, insignificant part in a low budget movie. This isn’t even a co-starring role, it’s a small supporting role. Quite the step down for someone who has such a high opinion of herself.

    • Matt says:

      Many scandals can be overlooked in Hollywood, but cheating in public with a married director, when you know his wife and 2 kids is not one of them.

      She broke the cardinal rule of getting caught with her pants down, lots of pics, and it just showed how arrogant, careless, stupid, and narcissistic she is. That’s what they can’t overlook. It wasn’t just a rumor or gossip, the pics showed it for what it was–and it was unacceptable. No one rushed to her defense, even Jodie Foster didn’t write that ridiculous essay for several months.

      The lack of support she’s received speaks volumes. Her peers have not been supportive at all and what has been done is too little, too late. She’s basically toast, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything above a Lifetime TV movie.

      • pepper says:

        That is the main reason I think Rob has seemingly taken her back, so she doesn’t become more of an outcast. Help her out as a friend who meant something to him for the past couple years, give her a chance to salvage her image and help the movie too in the process.
        She deserves to be dumped by him, no doubt but I think he has mentally checked out and will be officially out around this summer.

      • terra says:

        oh please. Jenuary Jones made a BABY with her xmen director and Claudia Schiffer’s husband and everyone’s let that one slide.

        That gossip girl chick totally banged ben affleck, and she gets to play the blushing bride a couple years later.

        Actresses banging their directors is a cliche for a reason-cause it happens all tghe time. Kristen’s blew up more because they had such damaging photos of it and she was one half of american sweetheart couple robsten.

  7. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Meh. I still like her. I don’t know why.

    BTW–Elizabeth Banks in a dramatic role? Die over it. Just die. So good.

    • Lissanne says:

      Good for you. All of this “blacklisting” talk is nuts. She’s a young woman who did a stupid thing. It will blow over. If she can act, she’ll do well, if she can’t, she won’t. End of story.

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    If my husband was a movie director, and he came home and told me he was going to direct KS in a movie, my exact statement would be: HELL NO!!!!

    • kingkayski says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if u’r husband leave u someday,if u’r that insecure over a girl,that is if u’r even married.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        lol…kingkaysi…you must be a twilooney!!! Hey, I’m just keeping it real…men are men…and things happen…I wouldn’t throw my child in front of a speeding car and just trust that because I love my child and my child loves me, that it won’t get hit…why play with matches!!!

      • kingkayski says:

        Just keeping it real too sweetie,insecure girl is insecure,if u got to watch your man 24 hrs a day for fear of being snatch away by some young hot burger stuff ,u probably think u’r not stake enough for him,dig it?

      • Dani says:

        That’s a terrible thing to say to someone, Kingkayski. Just because someone wouldn’t want their husband working with a known homewrecker doesn’t mean they’re insecure. Even if their husband wouldn’t act on it, it doesn’t mean she won’t try coming onto him. Mrsbpitt your husband won’t leave you and if he does you won’t be alone because I’d never let my husband work with her either.

      • X says:

        I have to back Kkski on this one. Dictating your significant other’s career choices based on who may or may not seduce him into breaking his vows to you seems totally obsessive, insecure, and unrealistic. If you’re in a committed relationship, that commitment (that verbal or written or ritualized commitment) is between you and your significant other (perhaps it is even between you, your significant other, and a higher power). But it is not between you, your significant other, and all of the other women (and men) in the world. The rest of the population does not and should not have to actively work to ensure your significant other continues to be faithful to you. 😉

      • Ann says:

        That’s hilarious coming from “MrsBPitt”. Did directors refuse to work with Angelina Jolie after she had an affair with a married man (and broke up the marriage)?

        Have they refused to work with Claire Danes? Did Hollywood blacklist her for having an affair?

        Come on people. “Hollywood” couldn’t care less about affairs. They’re commonplace in that world. Their morality boundaries are very different than yours.

        While it’s obvious that people here are rooting for Kristen Stewart to fail, she will continue to be given chances by Hollywood for awhile. People with the power to cast movies consider her talented, whether you do or not. They still see potential in her, and 22 is considered young and still developing. If in a few years she hasn’t grown as an actress, things may change. But she’ll have her shots for a few more years and a chance to prove herself. It’s not a slam dunk for her by any means, she made her path harder than it would have been. She needs to choose roles wisely, work on her image, and stay out of trouble.

        But for people who assume she’s done – she’s not. Not yet anyway. Might as well get used to it.

        Looks like I need to change my name. I may go with Another Ann since there are two of us commenting on these threads. Confusing!

      • megsie says:

        People are “blacklisted” all the time in HW. For being immoral? Hardly. For being caught. For not toeing the company line. For handling their own press badly. I just commented on the Ben Affleck post. There’s someone who admitted to being put in “actor’s jail” after the Bennifer fiasco. It took years of hardwork and good behavior before Ben was able to crawl out of that hole. In fact, Ben said he choose to direct because he wasn’t being offered good roles. I doubt she’ll be run out of town, but chances are Kristen isn’t being sent the best scripts.

      • mina says:

        i need to be honest, I dislike KStew very much for the reasons most none-twilight fans do. She’s unworthy and unappreciative of her luck, etc, etc, etc. For some reason -their own agenda- this site is making this weird assumption that her career isn’t going places because of the scandal. Not true. If anything, most people thought post scandal she’d get more jobs due to the it!
        As much as it annoys, I have to say that the jury is still out on this one (stewart) and not because of the scandal, but because of twilight’s end. The snow white movie wasn’t really a 600+million success but a moderate one, that definitely can not be pinned on her and her star power exclusively. Sure the scandal complicated things a bit, but it’s not what will determine her future in the business. And the question here is, will she become a movie star or a known Hollywood actress, cause going away complitely..she won’t! Unless of course sth huge happens, like substance abuse, etc. But IMO, this question was on everybody’s mind anyway, regardless of the scandal. The scandal just added some gossip juicyness. I agree with some people above, she will continue to be given some chances for the next 2-3 yrs, enough time for hollywood bosses to make out if she’s worth it or not. If it’s one flop after the other, well, then, she definitely won’t worth it. What I’m saying is, it’s all up in the air with her still, and since I don’t like her at all i hope, i really trully hope she never makes it big!
        PS: her character flaws, especially poor social skills, are NOT working in her favour..!

      • kingkayski says:

        I’m not being rude to you ,i’m just keeping it real remember?When u start worrying about u’r man or anybodyelses man for that matter,there’s got to be something bugging u.Remember when the thrill is gone in a marriage,it’s gone baby,it ain’t never coming back,don’t worry about somebodyelses husband worry about yours.I hope u’r not one of those wife who fussed about their husband 24 hrs a day and never take care of themselves,30 yrs gone by,your husband still young and you are looking like his mother,i hope u’r not one them coz that will make me sad even i don’t know u.Congratulations on 30 yrs of marriage,i hope everything is a-okay in a home front.

    • nina says:

      the problem though with that thinking is assuming that Kristen and her behavior are the exception, not the rule.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @nina – exactly…cheating happens all the time in real life and much, much, more in Hollywood. where actors and crews are on set away from their husband or wife for significant periods of time…
        @kingkayski – really no need to personally attack me for my opinion….I have been married for over 30 years…I do not feel the need to “stalk” my husband 24/7…I’m just saying that I would not feel comfortable having my man go to a set location for months on end with a known cheater…thats just me…why tempt fate…if that wouldn’t bother you, then good for you…

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        MrsBPitt- ITA w/ you, kingkayski could have been a lot more polite in her response. No need to be so rude to another poster. 🙁

        I agree w/ both of you, actually. I would not be pleased at all if my adorable husband wound up on a set w/ Kstew. But that would be a reflection of my own insecurity. If your marriage is good and your guy’s not a dog, it shouldn’t matter.

        It does annoy me no end to see people who are rude in their responses on here. Ya, I get that this is Celebitchy,but for real?

    • A says:

      This. I thinks this is the reason she’s not getting work.

    • Chordy says:

      I would also like to disagree with you, but I’ll try to do it politely! I hold my man to the same standards I hold for myself. If he can’t keep it in his pants, then he’s not worth keeping around. No excuses. I feel like it’s pretty rude to men to assume they inherently lack such character that they couldn’t remain faithful. It all depends on the relationship though. Some marriages are more allowing of outside dalliances than others. My husband told me cheating would be a deal breaker, so the same rule applies to him, and I trust him to live by it.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      @kingskayski – I seriously don’t know what your problem is…in my initial post, I was just trying to be funny and lighthearted…I wasn’t being serious…this is after all a celebrity website, and as such, I didn’t think that anyone would take what I said so seriously…if you are this invested in Kristen Stewart’s reputation, then you have more problems than any I have…and by you attacking me, accusing me of letting myself go…etc. only makes you look like a nut…

      • kingkayski says:

        Obviously honey,you’re taking my reply to heart all the time,i was just saying “i hope you’re not one of those housewives who look after their husband 24 hrs a day and neglect themselves” i didn’t mean you.U obviously adore u’r husband & there’s nothing wrong w/ that sweetie,but what you say to other people reflects how u would bahaved obviously w/ u’r own husband,and i just happened not to agree to that,and if that is being nut ,i must be one,sorry.

  9. CTgirl says:

    I don’t think she was blacklisted because of the affair. She was blacklisted because of the combination of the horrible way she handled the fallout with that hysterically ill advised public apology and her craptacular persona. She consistently comes across as so unlikable and pre-teen emo rebellious. Oh, and she really sucks as an actress. I didn’t lead with that because being a sucky actress doesn’t guarantee failure in Hollywood. But the combination of being unlikable and untalented can be a career killer.

    • Melissa says:


    • agreed says:

      Yup! No one’s career will be over in Hollywood for being a cheater, bad actress, plain jane looks, & bad attitude. But combine ALL THAT + zero likeability, you are pretty much dunzo. At 22 her emo hipster doucheyness is getting might boring.

    • Lexie says:

      i totally agree!

    • pepper says:

      Yes and she SUCKS at interviews. Too bad she gets movies to work on. Means she wont disappear any time soon 🙁

    • Conner says:

      She has no warmth, she’s not likable, her personality is actually repulsive rather than attractive. She has no charm. She always seeks awkward and uncomfortable in her own skin, that’s not something that draws people to you.

      Combine that with her habitual scowl, flipping the bird, constant swearing, even in interviews, and you have a recipe for rejection. The only reason she’s been getting work is the box office generated by the Twilight franchise.

      That’s how she got Snow White, but again, she was propped up in that by 2 good looking guys. She can’t carry a film on her own, and audiences stay away, even when she takes all her clothes off, as she did in OTR. Why hire her when you could get Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway?

    • Dalovelee says:

      I agree 100%. You don’t get blacklisted from an affair but her lack of range as an actress and her suck face arrogant attitude puts audiences off. She’s tabloid fodder and lacks charisma. As someone pointed out wives of directors don’t want this “transpire” working with someone who’d sleep with her director. Stewart dug her hole and now she has to dig out of it. Hollywood resents actresses who use the casting couch as a means to get ahead.

  10. kingkayski says:

    I think Kristen career will be just fine,she’s about the only actress right now who’s interesting enough to talked about even MIA for a while now.

    • Ann says:

      Wishfull thinking.
      She’s talked about because she fucked a married man and there are 50 photos all the while she exploited her showmance with the sparkly vampire.

      • kingkayski says:

        Bet u can’t stop looking at those pictures right?Makes u hot and bothered and interested.

      • B says:

        Kristen is so full of drama & bad press. The problem isn’t even the cheating. It’s the fact that she simply isn’t pretty enough or a good enough actress to be that cocky. Angelina comparison is actually hurting her. Kristen is soooo plain, that a dry piece of toast is more charismatic than her. Bad press isn’t always better than no press.

      • kingkayski says:

        MIA for 1 month and still people can’t get enough of her ,not bad for a girl who look like a dry piece of toast.

  11. Deb says:

    Yeah we’ll see if this film ever gets made with her in it. Cali didn’t happen, focus didn’t happen & I doubt this will happen at least with her in the cast. Who wants to work with a talentless uncouth sulky brat?

  12. MrsBPitt says:

    Does anyone else just want to slap that look of KS’s face in those pictures…damn…

  13. T.C. says:

    I don’t think she was blacklisted she’s just not a talented actress with range. Except for Twilight how many successful films has she lead in the last 5 years? In Snow White and the Huntsman Charlize Theron had more of a speaking part with Kstew looking more supporting. She is only a supporting character in many of her other films. Usually playing the sexually wanton teen girl trying to seduce the lead male character. That’s what she is typecasted as. That is what it sounds like she will be playing in this film too. She will be the sexually wanton young “muse” who seduces the lead male back to the family with her sexy feet and vagina. Yawn.

    • lamamu says:

      +1 Playing a muse isn’t exactly a step forward for a young starlet’s career. It’s just standard Hollywood typecasting:

      Young, pretty (white) actress = Muse
      Young, pretty (black) actress = Maid, Slave
      Young, handsome (black) actor = Thug with/without heart of gold
      Young, handsome (white) actor = Hero / Superhero / Avenger

      Jeez, I’m feeling cynical today…

    • Ann says:

      If we look at it objectively (which would be a change here, I know!) we need to consider that in the last 5 years, she’s been pretty tied up with Twilight, having filmed 5 movies. And those were hugely successful, so it’s hard to say she’s done nothing. She fit a few indies in around it, and SWATH.

      Critics liked her in On the Road and The Runaways. She is considered someone with potential by many critcs and casting people. In many ways, her “grown up career” starts now, in the post Twilight phase. Industry types will watch what she does now that she is past Twilight and will start playing more adult roles, not teenagers. She will have her shot. It’s now up to her what she does with it.

      • Elroy says:

        Critics hated her in SWATH, she got some of the worst reviews any actor has ever received. Some critics liked her in ORT, but the majority didn’t. The film is Rotten on RT, the reviews are all there to be read.

        The Runaways was a giant bomb. It doesn’t matter if a few critics liked her in it, the audience didn’t like her enough to buy tickets. Film is a business and if an audience rejects you often enough, you stop getting cast in anything.

        Her time is up, she can’t live off the Twilight franchise forever. SWATH2 is still up in the air. She has a horrible media image now, and her PR team isn’t doing her any favors.

  14. mia girl says:

    I love Jim Sturgess and Elizabeth Banks, plus I like Shainberg’s films. So please, KStew don’t eff up this movie. Please take some acting lessons before shooting begins.

  15. Anname says:

    This whole blacklisting thing is sort of ridiculous. Whether posters here admit it or not, she does have an industry-reputation of being totally dedicated and talented (even if it is limited to a certain type of character). I don’t have to like her to recognize that.

    She has always had a divisive personality -it attracts attention. The cheating scandal has just enhanced this, and the chatter around her is louder – both negative and positive.

    I really don’t think she will have a problem getting quality movie roles.

    • ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

      Still waiting for those quality roles to materialize.

      Tick. Tock.

      • ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

        The awkward, emo, sexually precocious teen? Beyond not playing it well, how long can an actress moving into her mid 20’s continue to play teens?

        And the role in question here, at best, would usually be cast by a C-list actress. Which seems to be where Stewart has landed to.

      • Anname says:

        Not everyone agrees with you. No way to know, but I think she will find her niche. And I don’t see it being C list, no matter how much you want to see her fail.

      • ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

        Well, let’s see. Stewart has been unemployed for over a year. In that time she signed up for a crappy movie called ‘Cali’ from the guy who directed My Sister’s Keeper and co-starring Alex Pettyfer. That was dropped.

        Focus – can’t seem to get a cast and Affleck dropped out

        And now this piece of crap where Stewart plays a supporting role to C-list, Jim Sturgess.

        The proof is in the pudding. Her career is all hype, no substance.

      • Anname says:

        I I think you have to look outside your blind dislike of her and realize that your opinion is probably not as popular as you think it is, outside of gossip boards.
        All the points you mentioned can be spun differently, depends on your point of view:
        -Kristen dropped Cali, it was the wrong time for that type of role.
        -Focus, still in preproduction apparently, Affleck dropped because he has other things to do, not his type of movie now anyway, after the Oscar glory directing a drama.
        – your insistence that her new movie is a C list production is a bit silly, it’s really not.
        -she has not actually been unemployed for a year, she made $34 million last year, perhaps she made a deliberate choice to take some time off and wait for a project she wants to do.

        Trying to be objective here, she does have a fanbase and does have some talent, like it or not.

      • terra says:

        Any industry person will tick her name off for the short list of actresses in her age group who gets to see the best scripts first.

        Now that could change in the next year if she doesn’t pull off some nice indie projects alongside more commercial ventures the way someone like Jennifer Lawerence or Emma Stone have.

        But as of right now, she’s still on the short list. Simple as that.

    • CC says:

      You know, you just contradicted yourself. A “talented” actress can play far more than one role. she is typecast because it’s the only role she can plays, and while the Twihard gravyboat still manages to pay, she’ll find some work…until it dries up.

    • Michele says:

      Directors, producers, fellow actors who have worked with Kristen, also stylists/make up/hair people have all said wonderful things about her. She’s always punctual, prepared, full of ideas, enthusiastic, and dedicated to her role and the film in general when she steps foot onto a movie set. When it comes to her work, she’s extremely professional.

      She has admitted that she is attracted to roles that depict young women who are troubled or facing/overcoming difficult circumstances. I think she’s very good with those roles and I can see how she has become typecast. Hell, even her Snow White character in SWATH was dark.

      I’d like to see her in something light, maybe even a rom-com or a dark comedy. She needs to get out of her comfort zone and explore some lighthearted characters for a change. Hopefully, this new film will start her on the right path.

  16. Miss Kiki says:

    Love Elizabeth Banks, K-stew on the other hand , I wish she would eye roll her way into total obscurity.

  17. nina says:

    She’s had an extremely high q rating since twilight started so I don’t buy anyone in the industry would blacklist her due to her high rating alone. What I do think happened was that Snow White movie’s box office performance as well as Kristen helming it gave people some reality checks about what she can do outside of the franchise. It was a solid but middling effort basically, so thoughts of her being the next Jolie didn’t pan out like some were hoping,
    so it’s back to the drawing board and most people still don’t know what to do with her.

    No one’s gonna blacklist her for a silly dalliance, they wouldn’t even raise eyebrows unless a goat and gerbil had been in the minicooper. Please.

    • B says:

      It shocks me that she actually thinks she could be the next Angelina. Does she have a mirror? I am not even a Jolie fan but come on. And why would anyone want to be the “next” anything. Create your own style. Kristen’s career is based on hype & the more they shove her long chin in people’s faces, the more the public will dislike her.

    • boredsuburbanhousewife says:

      Does anyone actually know what her current Q rating is? I tried searching for her current score in various ways but only came up with hits from 2010 and 2011. Whether those high numbers still exist is unclear.

      • terra says:

        lainey gave kristen’s q rating last year to illustrate her viability still within the industry post-scandal. Sure she’ll have to make some smart choices though post-scandal and post-franchise to earn that rating now.

      • mia girl says:

        @bored – if you are looking to see the impact this scandal may have had on her QScore, then you’ll have to wait until this March when the first scores of 2013 are released.

        PerformerQs are measured twice per year, Jan and July, so the last measure captured in ’12 was likely finished just before the scandal, which broke the last few days in July.

      • Suzeque says:

        Where can you find an actor’s q score?

    • katie says:

      Kstew is one step away from being relegated to Lifetime TV movies. She’s gone from being famous to infamous.

      Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen have high Q ratings, too, but who wants to be in the same category with them? A Q rating just means your name is well known, not that you have a good reputation.

      • terra says:

        no, it’s a cross reference for familiarity AND appeal. The appeal part is the part that matters here in terms of popularity.

  18. jamie says:

    We’ll see if this ever happens. With Jim Sturgess as lead, it’ll be a hard sell. They were already supposed to film last fall but financing fell through.

    I don’t think Kristen’s been blackballed because of the affair. I think she’s suffering blowback from the public just not liking her. That was really the big problem with the scandal. People normally would get past infidelity. But they already didn’t like Kristen, and now they felt justified.

    I also think the fact that her affair was so meaningless makes people regard it more harshly. If she’d fallen in love and tried to make it work, people would’ve understood more. Messing with a man’s family and breaking your bf’s heart for no real reason, while still insisting you “love him, love him”? I think that causes more eye rolling and less understanding.

    • CC says:

      THIS, 100%.

      It’s not that she cheated, it’s the fact that she cheated with some random guy she wasn’t even interested in “keeping”. What is the reasoning of going after a married guy twice your age that you don’t even want, other than cheap (and extremely selfish) thrills?

      Before you could say about her: “shitty actress, but at least she’s nice enough as a person”. She can’t even be placed in the same stratosphere as Angie Jolie or Elizabeth Taylor (he couldn’t, talent-wise either), they stuck with the guys they went after.

      • Melissa says:


      • kay says:

        Oh please, this scandal would be ten times worse (if thats possible) if Kristen would have left Robert Pattinson for the director. As for the backlash, the media never liked Kristen. She didn’t seem grateful enough to them being that many of them would have died to be in her shoes. She didn’t kiss their ass and act all phony. Now they have their revenge.

      • andrea says:

        lol @kay

        The media worships KStew. Her PR team have made sure of that. Go to E! or Gossip Cop and read all the fawning, irrelevant articles. Every article during OTR/BD2 promo had paragraphs dedicated to how she’s so misunderstood and omg, people have to stop being mean to her. The media was NEVER who went in on Kristen. It’s the general public who’s never liked her.

        And stop with the “she’s never kissed their ass”. Girl is media-obsessed. She has one of the most powerful PR teams in the biz. Check out her magazine cover count sometime…even with hiding out of shame for months, she still has more than any other actress.

      • kay says:

        That why the media calls her Trampire because they like her so much.

  19. pfeiffer87 says:

    SMIZE woman!

  20. Nola says:

    Why do people think she’s unprofessional and difficult on set? Did she pull a freak out like Christain Bale or something?

    Please don’t list not smiling, having unwashed hair or flipping the bird as answers.

    Also I think that Kristen/her people realized that the scandel made her beyond overexposed and is lying low. It’s good that she’s trying to re-establish indie credit. She needs to pace her career so it has longevity.

    • sy says:

      She flipped of professional photographers during the photocall for OTR in Cannes and that was the purpose of being there, to be photographed with the cast but Miss I’m too cool had to do it, she acted like an asshole on the red carpet, she calls fans retards, compares herself to rape victims and demanded reshoots for Eclipse because she didn’t like her wig. She is a liability and therefor unprofessional, her publicist can whitewash her as much as they want she is still insufferable.

    • nina says:

      She is well known for arguing with directors, and she had a temper tantrum on the set of the Eclipse reshoots that caused them to shut down production for the day. She was pissed off that Rob didn’t rush from London to Vancouver early, to be there the same day she had to start filming.

      He showed up a day earlier than he needed to, but she had already been there for 3 days and started screaming at him when he arrived on set. She was jealous that he had been to a charity event in London with burlesque dancers. Slade had enough of her ranting and dismissed the crew for the day.

      Jake Scott said directing her was like trying to “wrangle cats,” not a compliment. You don’t hear much about this because people are protecting their own jobs, not trying to protect her reputation.

      • terra says:

        eye roll

        Directors deal with a bunch of egotistical, neurotic idiots all the time. You know why? THEY DIRECT ACTORS.

        Saying a director had to deal with a difficult actress is like saying my hair is brown and it’s naive to not understand otherwise.

        And your characterizations are completely inaccurate in terms of Jake Scott and Eclipse. You took a piece of the retelling from Laineygossip for the Eclipse reshoots, and totally twisted it. Lainey blamed Rob for the problems on the set because of his now infamous issues with that movie’s director. Doesn’t mean Rob didn’t have some legit problems with that movie, but it just goes to show once again that a DIRECTOR HAD TO deal with yet another neurotic actor with baby gloves until he got the shot he needed.

  21. Tig says:

    I agree the clock is ticking re her being able to play angsty/ dirty “girlz”- she’s getting older. This role doesn’t sound all that appealing, but the press tour may be interesting- when the first interviewer asks her about how she feels about shoe fetishes vs say, arm pit licking!!

  22. patricia says:

    Actually he didn’t direct Secretary he produced the film. He did however direct Fur with Nicole Kidman and that was awful!
    I agree with everyone who says she’s been typecast but what else can she do?At some point Mia Wasikowska was attached as was Joaquin Phoenix but I like them and I would never want to see them part of such crap.

  23. patricia says:

    Actually you’re right he did direct it. I wonder why when they were shopping this film at Cannes no one was buying then they downgraded the cast and so here we are.

  24. B says:

    She is one of the worst actresses out there. The funny thing is, there are good amount of new Actresses coming out who are very talented. Not very diverse but still good. Out of all of them Kristen is the worst & the least good looking. She really is all hype. If it wasn’t for dating Robert Pattinson, the industry would not be giving her this much attention.

    • kay says:

      Don’t know what Kristen looks like in person but she looks good in a pictures and thats all that matters. Besides Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are no raving beauties.No matter how talented you are you need to be noticed that why you hire publicist. The supposed romance between Kristen and Robert Pattinson has also benefitted Robert right up until the scandal. If it didn’t he would not be in it in the first place.

      • andrea says:

        Pattinson hasn’t benefitted at all. He was more popular in 2008-2009 before they dated. He was more popular post-scandal when people thought he dumped her. He’s looked on as a joke now, and his career is worse off than Kristen’s.

      • honeybee says:


        How do you conclude that his career is worse than hers? From the list of movies listed in his Imdb page?
        He is filming with Michod as we speak, Mission Blacklist is said to start filming right after that. Maps to the Stars will be in preproduction in May and most likely be filming in the summer. What more does a young actor need at this point in his career other than working with acclaimed directors? These are his choices of movies and I believe he is happy doing them.
        His career is where he wants it at this time. You keep reaching though.

      • andrea says:

        @honeybee I don’t think any of his films will happen. Viggo dropped Map to the Stars, so I’m sure the funding is dead now. Mission Blacklist is too hard of a sell. There’s been no progress on Hold Onto Me. And Jude Law has dropped Queen of the Desert and said he doesn’t think it will happen. Rob’s career is dead. He has nothing lined up after The Rover and what little cache he had, his likeable personality, is in the toilet now as most of the public thinks of him as a bigger wuss now than they did when he was Edward Cullen.

      • Zelda says:

        @andrea, how about you stop lying about Rob’s career? Map to the Stars is still in preproduction, the producer, Martin Katz, said so today. Funding has nothing to do with Viggo, they got funding for Cosmopolis based on Rob’s name alone. And he’s a bigger star now than he was 18 months ago.

        Mission Blacklist has a start date for production next year, in April, it’s a total go.

        Hold On to Me begins filming in April, just 2 months from now, it’s a total go.

        Jude Law is not the producer of Queen of the Desert, he’s out of the loop. It’s also still in preproduction with no start date, but the producer, Elewes, is still very much involved and on track.

        And besides those films, Rob is also attached to a film about The Band and a thriller that has yet to be announced. He’s got enough work to keep him busy for the next two years, and of course he will continue to be offered roles over the next two years.

        Just try to deal with the fact that his career is hot and her’s is not.

      • honeybee says:

        HAHA!! You wish!! His career will be fine. At least he is not sitting at home wondering what to do next unlike your cheating idol 😀
        Rob has done absolutely nothing wrong other than be the bigger person here and forgive his cheating slut of a gf. He came through last summer from hell with grace without playing the pity card or the outraged bf card. That shows a strong sense of character. All the power to him while that bitch was the one publicly begging him to take her back.
        His image is fine and sooner than later he will dump her sorry ass and will not be faulted for that move either as except for her stupid stans everyone will agree with that decision.

        You keep dreaming though 😀

        He has made those indie choices KNOWING well they are hard sells. He wants to make interesting movies, he is having the chance to work on projects that makes him happy. GOOD! The industry will take note of his professionalism and he will always come out smelling good and will be given better chances unlike your cheating idol 😀

  25. gorda says:

    This bitch isn’t going anywhere, as much as I would like that…hollywood loves giving second chances. I don’t think they punish for having affairs eg. Siena Miller, Claire Daines, just look at Siena Miller she diidnt have work for a few years but now she is back. So as much I and others think tha Kslut can’t act and doesn’t have any reedemable qualities, this bitch is here to stay.

    • megsie says:

      I don’t know if Claire Danes has ever commented on the situation, but Sienna Miller did admit that her affair with the married Balthazar Getty cost her work. She said she had a difficult time getting good scripts and auditions, and even lost a few good roles as a direct result of the bad press.

      Kristen might be in a similar situation for awhile.

      • Michele says:

        I think there is a huge difference between Sienna and Kristen’s scandals. Both young women were caught by paps with married men who had families but Sienna continued her affair after getting caught in a very public way. She was photographed with her bikini top off while the married guy grabbed her bare breasts. The paps got loads of pics of them fooling around acting all playful and unapologetic after the affair was already exposed. It went on for months. Sienna never apologized for her actions. The married actor’s wife was even pregnant with their 4th child during the affair.

        Kristen, on the other hand, did not flaunt her fling after the pics were released. She issued a public apology immediately, then disappeared from public eye. When she finally surfaced to attend TIFF, it was obvious she had lost an enormous amount of weight. I thought she looked way too skinny and gaunt at TIFF. Rob too, looked like he lost alot of weight during his Cosmopolis promo following the scandal. Thankfully, both have regained their lost pounds and look healthier and happier these days.

        If Sienna was able to recover from her notorious scandal, Kristen will also.

      • Suzeque says:

        I agree with you megsie. I think Kristen is going to falter with getting great scripts for awhile, whether she succeeds in a full come back, is up to her. Personally I don’t care for her and would not be heartbroken if she were never in another film.

      • megsie says:

        No two scandals are perfectly alike, of course not. But this is irrelevant to my point. The affair is not the issue here – the pr scandal is. Public perception is the issue. The Miller/Getty affair itself may have been a more intense, but the scandal was not. Did Claire Danes endure half the publicity Kristen did? Not at all. Yet from a moral standpoint it could very easily be argued that she committed the greater sin.

        Also, I didn’t say Kristen couldn’t recover. Of course she can! It’s more than possible, perhaps even likely. But it will take time. Same for Rupert. You don’t think he’s not in director’s jail, do you?

      • mina says:

        since I’m her age, I remember how Claire was also pushed as the next big thing in the movie industry. She had movie stardom potential, on top of being very very talented. But that never happened, did it? She fell back to indie films, some interesting, some not, some TV movies, always giving her best self, but still, she never became a movie star. Now she has this huge hit TV series, getting all the awards, but still..she never became the superstar she had the potential to become some 15 yrs ago..oh, how I rooted for her….. :/

      • andrea says:

        I don’t know what pictures you’ve been looking at @michelle, because Rob looks like hell. The best he looked in years was Cosmopolis promo in August. Now, he’s started smoking again and looks unhealthy and gross.

      • pepper says:

        @andrea – you are a liar. He is not smoking again, where did you get that info? Pics please!!
        His career is fine and he is hot as always.

      • Janet says:

        @Michele: You still don’t get it, do you?

        KStew isn’t getting so much negative reaction because she had a fling with a married man; it’s because of her whole attitude. She’s a very unlikeable individual. She’s rude, snotty, arrogant, whiny, and just plain nasty. Not the best way to win friends and influence people.

      • Michele says:

        “KStew isn’t getting so much negative reaction because she had a fling with a married man; it’s because of her whole attitude. She’s a very unlikeable individual.”

        So, in other words, if you’re likeable and people think you’re swell, you’ll get off easier if you have a fling with a married guy. Well, since Kristen is getting attacked as if she committed the most heinous crime known to man, I’ll take your word on that.

        Hear that Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain! If you decide to have a fling with your married director, you’ll get off easy with probably just a slap on the wrist because both of you are so likeable and popular and such darn swell individuals!

        And I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way towards Jennifer and Jessica because I’m a big fan of their movies.

      • Michele says:

        “I don’t know what pictures you’ve been looking at @michelle, because Rob looks like hell. The best he looked in years was Cosmopolis promo in August. Now, he’s started smoking again and looks unhealthy and gross.”

        Probably the same pictures you’ve been looking at minus the Kristen Stewart hater glasses.

        1) The New Years Eve pic of a happy, smiling Rob and Kristen posing with workers at a restaurant in England they went to. The pic was posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Hear that PRstens and showmance/bearding conspriracy theorists…Rob and Kristen spent New Years Eve together again. That makes it 4 years in a row now.

        2) Rob presenting at the Golden Globes. Wow…he looked so handsome and seemed in good spirits.

        3) Rob papped arriving in Australia walking through the airport, greeting fans and looking very hot and sexy carrying his guitar.

    • Angela says:

      There are huge differences between Kristen’s public cheating scandal and Sienna and Clare Danes. In the first place, Kristen is a certified homewrecker. Liberty filed for divorce, which is a far worse consequence than the other affairs.

      Sienna never broke up any marriages. Both her affairs ended badly for her, but the men went back to their wives. So she fooled around with married men, but it obviously wasn’t that big of a problem to their wives, since they didn’t divorce.

      As for Clare, back then, she wasn’t that well known, and Billy wasn’t married. He was in a relationship, but it wasn’t marriage, so she didn’t break up a sacred union. He turned out to be a jerk, which she discovered, but she should have known it from the start, since he cheated on his significant other.

      The other main difference is that neither Sienna or Clare were ever part of a huge franchise. Kristen knew she had BD2 coming out in Nov., but she put that film in jeopardy by her reckless public affair. Producers will take that into account before even sending her a script now. She behaved selfishly and in a way that could effect their bottom line, which is what means something to them.

      • pepper says:

        Yes, she was doing all this while spouting off nonsense like how truthful and honest she is. Her mantra all along was honesty and being real. She was quoted in her EW interview just before the cheating occurred, saying how she would never hurt the people in that room – that is Rob who was sitting next to her. I wish someone would throw her hypocrisy in her stupid face and catch her reaction on tape.

  26. Hmmm says:

    Sounds like another film that will require her to get naked for her “art”.

    • Becca says:

      I’m guessing you’re a Kristen stan Andrea? Ok maybe you don’t like Rob, each to their own. But he most certainly doesn’t look like hell. You may need to take a look at IMDB before you imply Rob’s career is looking worse than Kristen’s too. He’s filming five, very interesting projects this year alone. Nice try though.

  27. KellyinSeattle says:

    She is just not pretty. There are prettier actresses everywhere so I get tired of her. I just want her to go away.

  28. erika says:

    My worst torture scenario, FYI, would be the following:

    Strapped into a white jacket, forced into a small 5X4 ft room w/ no windows, food and dirty water and nothing but lip biting video playing kstew movies day and night….

    • Michele says:

      I find it funny, with the amount of knowledge Kristen’s haters and worst critics seem to have on every little thing that pertains to Kristen, and I would not hesitate to believe that they were:

      “Strapped into a white jacket, forced into a small 5X4 ft room w/ no windows, food and dirty water and nothing but lip biting video playing kstew movies day and night…”

      Seriously people, you DON’T have to watch all of her movies, read every one of her interviews and click onto her picture links ever again if you can’t stand her or think she’s untalented. You are NOT being forced into following Kristen’s life and career as closely as you have been. Just say “No more Kristen” and actually practice what you preach! Easy peasy.

  29. Kristy says:

    It says so much about the state of celebrity, of Hollywood, and the industry in general that someone like Kristen Stewart is someone 1. allowed to act in movies 2. widely followed by fans and 3. someone we care about all out of proportion to her meagre and, at best, minimal talent. She can sell the tar out of a magazine, I suppose.

  30. The Original Mia says:

    There’s no way she’s being blacklisted for an affair with a married director. Puhleeze. This is Hollywood. She’s just not being hired for roles. There is no grand conspiracy to keep Bella Swan unemployed. That’s fiction created by her fans, her PR, and those who want to believe she’s a victim of the misogynistic attitude of Hollywood. Give me a break.

    • dahlia says:

      I think its fiction too but it’s mostly her detractors who imagine a blacklisting as a form of karma for all her trespasses, at least that’s what I see from celebitchy threads. Her fans think she’s not blacklisted.

  31. Get a clue says:

    The movie sounds like a bore. Am I the only one who crushes on Jim Sturgess?

  32. kendra says:

    Actually, Focus is her first sign on after the cheating scandal. And it’s a Warner Bros. movie, not just a small indie like all of Rob’s future projects. So either you’re lying or you’re just ignorant, but most probably both. Glad Kristen is still around to keep you in business though.

    • Becca says:

      Why do you feel the need to comment on Robs movie roles. He may be doing indies right now, but take a look at who he’s working with. There is no comparison between what he’s doing and this piece of crap movie.

    • pepper says:

      Focus isn’t happening any time soon – *snickers*

  33. Liz says:

    I think someone’s still angry that Kristen Stewart is still fvcking baby Jesus right Celebitchy?

  34. von says:

    Love Jim Sturgess since I saw Across The Universe. As for Kristen I hope her acting in this new project will amount to more than just eye rolling and lip biting –

  35. Marie says:

    Is she still being paid for this? : lip biting, open mouth, eye rolling, nail biting………
    Twihards are going to be crazy when jimsten happens . She is so predictable and the worst actress

  36. Shy says:

    That’s what her career will be after Twilight. Starring in “Straight-to-DVD” or “limited release in 10 theaters” movies. And that’s what it was supposed to be even before scandal.

    But unexpected success of Snow White (because of Charlize and great visuals) made people think that she is some big player now. She was simply lucky to be in that movie. Just like Orlando Bloom had Pirats and LOTR. Everybody hated her in Snow White.

    She is bad actress, all her movies outside Twilight failed at box-office. She can not carry movie with 50 millions budget. That movie will get some 13 millions and studio will lose money. And she can’t shine in indie movie and get awards nominations. So she will star in those small weak movies that will be ignored by everyone.

    And same will happen with Pattinson. All hat craziness with Twilight, $300 millions gross for every movie… and he couldn’t score role in any big movie. Only small movies that will have hard times with getting wide release. If Remember Me would get 60-70 millions then we would now see Pattinson starring in $100 millions budget movies. But his fans failed him. They proved that he can’t carry movie.

    • katie says:

      @Shy, you seem to be confused. Remember Me actually made a profit, something none of KStew’s indies has ever done. Water for Elephants also made a profit. So outside of the franchise, Rob’s had 2 films that he carried on his own both make profits. They weren’t big franchise films where he had to be propped up by others, they were his films, he was in every frame.

      He has 6 films in the pipeline at the moment, with respected directors. He’s an actor, he isn’t interested in selling his soul to be in another franchise or big studio film. He’s interested in the art, not just commercial filmmaking.

      He isn’t working to get rich or famous, he doesn’t need to be in a studio film. When a good script comes along that interests him, he will take it, regardless of the size of the budget.

      And you can bet he’s getting sent the good scripts, unlike KStew who is picking up crumbs that everyone else has already turned down. Mia W. had been attached to this kinky foot fetish film, but she dropped out when she got a better offer.

      • Shy says:

        No he ain’t. Remember Me and Water for Elephants might get their budget back. But it’s not charity. When studio puts money in a movie – they want back much more money, not just the budget. And those movies did not deliver it. Robert Pattinson and his fans did not deliver it. They can’t cast him in big $100 millions budget movie because he will not sell it to public. That movie will get some 60 millions and studio will lose money.

        There were so much words from his fans about Cocmopolis, how it has such acclaimed director, such a good movie… And then it get 1 million at the box-office and was ignored by everyone. That is not career of Star. Leo DiCaprio after Titanic went to star in different films with acclaimed directors. And all those movies were success at the box-office.

        Robert Pattinson can score only roles in small budget movies. And half of them probably won’t be even released in theatres and will go to DVD. Or will have some 30 theatres limited release. Like that Bel Ami movie that couln’t get to wide release. That career will lead to nowhere.

        “He’s interested in the art, not just commercial filmmaking”… That would look different if he would have any acting talent. He does not. He can’t shine in indie movie and then get in awards season like Jennifer and Bradley did in Silver Lining Playbook this year.

        If his so-called fans would support him an Water and Remember Me would get big money then right now Pattinson would be leading big movies. But they failed him. In 5 years Robert will be in “where are they now list” with his straight-to-DVD movies.

      • David says:

        @Shy– How dumb are you? You don’t know the difference between making the budget back and making a PROFIT? To make a profit, a film has to earn 3 times its budget. That’s what Remember Me and Water for Elephants did– they earned 3 times their budget, which means they were profitable.

        NONE of KStew’s indies has ever made a profit, and most of them haven’t even earned their budgets back. You can put the box office grosses of The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys and The Yellow Handkerchief together and they still don’t total the gross of Bel Ami. It wasn’t a big hit, but at least it did better by itself than her 3 film put together.

        You should stop trying to discuss things you don’t understand, makes you look dumb.

        As far as acting goes, Rob got rave reviews for Cosmopolis, and the movie is on over 20 “Best of 2012” lists. Noticably absent from those lists is OTR. Chew on that for awhile.

    • anti says:

      Rob is doing very well, working with gritty directors, he is not chasing superhero, prince charming roles. He wants to be in films he wants to watch, working with Directors he admire. He said he loves movies more than acting. KS on the other hand , I never been in awe of her roles. She was not the bella in the twilight books, in the movie bella becomes bitch bella aka KS (like Taylor Lautner said that out of the three of them, KS was the most similar to her character in Twilight) yikes.

    • CeCe says:

      So, SWATH was a success because of Charlize but if it had failed it would have been because of Kristen. Ridiculous.

      • Shy says:

        Yes. It’s true. Everybody hated the idea of that movie, they hated that Kristen was in it. But then trailer arrived and Charlize was looking so cool in it, visuals were so interesting that people went to watch it and tried to ignore Kristen every time she was on screen. Because she was so bad.

      • B says:

        What’s so ridiculous about that? I went to watch it in the theatre because Charlize looked amazing in the trailer. I nearly walked out because it was so boring & drawn out. Kristen not only looked ridiculous playing Snow White, all she kept doing is breathing heavily to show sadness. Since Kristen is not a beauty, I really did not see how she is beautiful on the inside either. Overall Rupert & Kristen were the week link of Snow White.

    • akku says:

      I saw Pattinson in Water For Elephants. What can I say. He cant act for sure. All he does is meaning less grinning and reading scripts. There is no emotion coming from his eyes other than blank stares.
      I cant understand how can anybody do such emotionless acting. Then he has no chemistry with any of his female costars. He does not have the confidence and manliness to take charge of the romantic scene. He looks so uncomfortable and awkward with his female costars. He has no future beyond few unsuccessful indies. He is going to fade very soon. Also his looks are fading.

      • gorda says:

        Totally agree with you on everything you said.

        This guy is overrated and I don’t find him cute, he behaves like a 13 year old boy, I don’t understand how women find that attractive.

      • Get a clue says:

        I think he has the potential to improve and would be pretty decent. The problem is , is that he took acting advice from KStew and he hasn’t grown professionally as a result. It’s a good thing he is working on several projects without her and can be around actors with a lot of clout. I think you will see him improve as a result.

  37. Saraneth says:

    This film is going to flop like On The Road. The film sounds bad and I think the only persons who will watch this film are Kristen her fans. She has been fornicating with a married man, got caught, wrote a non apology and then went hiding. She only came out to promote OTR. She even didn’t go to do one of the promotions because she had the flu. JenLaw was more sick than her ad she went to work. I hope she will use this free time to take some speech and acting lessons so she can give normal answers and stop stuttering garbage when she is promoting films. Playing the victim and acting like she doesn’t care will not convince me to pay to see any of her movies.

  38. Liz008 says:

    The people who run this site are not biased against Ms Stewart at all right? right?

  39. Neill says:

    I’d take this troublesome plank than that hypocrite tryhard poseur witch from harry potter.

  40. Sam says:

    I am so looking forward to this movie with Kristen, Elizabeth and Jim Sturgess. I miss Kristen very much, and I am glad she is trying out for different types of roles. Beautiful girl.

  41. CeCe says:

    Don’t lose any sleep over Kristen. She is fine. She was anxious for Twilight to end so she could go back to doing indie movies she loves to do. She never intended nor was looking to be some big movie star. She had to be out there for Twilight for five years but she said doing it allowed her to do small indie movies. In fact while doing Twilight she managed to do The Runaways, On the Road and Welcome to the Rileys. She loves that in indie films the filming time is shorter, cast is smaller, the stories are better and promotion is not that extensive because of the smaller budgets. She instilled in Rob a liking and appreciation of indie movies and Rob loves them. She is a homebody who does not like to be away from home, does not care for the red carpets but understands that is part of the job so she does it, and you won’t see at tons of events if it is not part of her work or to support a friend. Kristen is doing just fine and her fans are anxiously waiting for her next projects.

    • Anname says:

      Um, Rob did not require Kristen to “instill in him a love of indies”. He is a cinephile, and talks a lot about his experiences on Little Ashes and How to Be, long before Twilight.

      And Kristen seems to be just as interested in studio movies – Snow White and Focus are NOT indies. She said in some red carpet interview that Focus would be the most commercial project she has ever been involved with.

      I agree with you that Kristen’s career will probably be just fine, but you are bending the facts in your comment.

  42. lili says:

    She was pleasant in The Runaways and On the road, the only movies I saw with her. I find her courageous.

  43. mimi says:

    Didn’t she get that racy film after the scandal?

    That film where she gets naked and gives 2 guys a hand job while they are all in a car.

    IDK. I think Hollywood types tell silly young women like Kirsten that if they get naked and do sexual scenes then that would “help” their career.

    In reality no one cares, at best. Audience don’t like someone more if she got naked.
    No critical acclaim will come anyone’s way due to doing racy films or pretending to give someone a hand job.

  44. jasmine says:

    great actress. can’t wait to see her in more movies….

  45. Delilah says:

    She entertains me. She will continue to do so as long as media speculation is maintained. It doesn’t matter what she does or doesn’t do. The woman draws a crowd. Acting quality has zero to do with it. Thanks Kristin.

  46. Mr.Smurf says:

    Here’s Kristen’s greatest ‘acting’….there’s a particularly good burn on the comments, when the poster said to the effect of “I would say that this person has too much time on their hands, but it wouldn’t have taken long to collect that many sighs, lip biting, and messing with hair”

    • Get a clue says:

      Lol. That’s just unbearable to watch. I couldn’t get through more than 20 seconds. She totally sucks.

  47. Emelu says:

    The Big Shoe: sounds like a biopic of Paris Hilton.

  48. Daisy Mae says:

    Well let’s just vote Kristen Stewart off of Celebrity Island.

  49. Daisy Mae says:

    I think Kristen is choosing the roles she wants to at this time and I don’t think she is being punished by Hollywood.
    She is well known for having the utmost professionalism and work ethic on the set. Directors and co-stars all say this about Kristen. Bill Condon was full of praise for her.

  50. male says:

    Its sad that Screw gets the attention while she is only the Muse . The same happened with OtR, she had a small role and every Media outlet wrote about it like she carried that Movie. To dry hump an old guy gives you lots of attention, I’m curious what Scewart will pull to make everybody forget the main characters in thius C-class Movie

  51. whatthewhat says:

    Or maybe she’s pulling a brad pitt and trying to be more selective and do some smaller roles so she doesn’t get pigeonholed.