Anne Hathaway wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Les Mis’

This was the big given of the Oscars, Anne Hathaway’s victory in the Best Supporting Actress category. It was a pipe dream to think that Sally Field or Amy Adams or Jacki Weaver or Helen Hunt would have a chance. That didn’t stop Anne from campaigning like a lunatic for (literally) the last seven months, nor did it stop her constant barrage of gaspy little-girl-voiced acceptance speeches. She became the girl everyone loved to hate. But I still liked her! But even I, a Hathaway apologist, struggled to love her tonight.

First of all, we need to have a word about her nips (which now have a Twitter account). I know, I know. We should be above it. And we’ll definitely talk about more tomorrow with the fashion coverage. But you’d think that coming into the Oscars as a guaranteed winner, Anne would have been careful to avoid being so… exposed? I could draw her breasts from memory at this point. I just think she seemed so… trashy. First the Oscar Beav and now the Oscar Nips.

As for Annie’s speech…well, of course she rehearsed it. You could tell that she had been practicing and timing it. She remembered everybody and she executed a perfectly out-of-breath little girl voice. She gave special thanks to Hugh Jackman (that seemed genuine – they love each other) and to her husband, who… I mean, let’s not judge a book by its cover, maybe? I didn’t really understand how Anne ended it on a note of, like, “let’s make the world a place where no woman has to prostitute herself” like that’s some issue that Anne has been actively engaged in? She’s barely mentioned that “issue” in interviews. But sure. I get it. She wanted to say “something” bigger than thanking her manager.

So… this is the end of AnnE’s Oscar campaign. Will you miss her? I think I’ll miss her. She was just so extra.

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  1. AmyLynne says:

    Ugh I hope she takes a nice, long break. She said she doesn’t have any movies until the fall so I just want her to step back for a while because I’m sick of her.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Yes! Loved the Seth/Sally bit about Anne winning. The win was as predictable as her lame speech. Would have respected it a hell of a lot more if instead of naming everyone she ever worked with, she would have stopped and said something meaningful about her experience to get here or with this film. She’s the new Natalie portman. Too much and everywhere. Little girl voice, rail frame, whispering names, dry milquetoast drivel. She should try emoting instead of going through the motions. She needs to hibernate.

      • AmyLynne says:

        I want her next movie, after a long and quiet break, to be something funny and casual. I have a feeling she’s all about being an Oscar award winning actress now. Sigh.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      This! Now that she’s won, can she please take a nice L-O-N-G vacation, like to the Kingdom of Far, Far Away? (Minus the Red Carpet press junket for Shrek & Fiona’s Ball, natch.)

      • AmyLynne says:

        Yeah, that’s the movie she’s got going on in the fall. I wish it was something else. Pull back and do something funny, Anne! Give us a break from the dramatics!

      • evie says:

        her husband will also star in the film.

  2. cmc says:

    I’m glad she won, and I was hoping the speech would be more obnoxious! I didn’t think it was bad at all, actually. Sounds like she remembered everyone.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I am glad she won too (mostly ’cause now she’ll go away). Though I do get the feeling that every single voter kind of went: “You know, let’s just give it to her, so she’ll shut up and won’t have convulsions if someone else wins”.

      Not really a great way to win, but kudos.

      • Kevin says:

        I love Anne! ALways have. Probably always will. Of course just based on looks and now her willingness to show a little skin in public. Thats the minor perv in me speaking. However it would have been a great show if she would have lost and went all hissy fit on it. I’m not above a good show after all.

  3. justme says:

    Nobody has worked harder for an Oscar. Since the campaigning has become so blatant, it takes some of the fun out of the Oscars. Maybe now she will be satisfied and be able to go about her career without all of the PR. She used to be just a regular, good actress.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      As insufferable as AnnE has been this campaign season, we can now start queuing next years contestants. who will have ripped off the ever present and obnoxious Hathaway campaign play book and will subject us to multiple AnnEs’ , not just the one we had to endure this year….it’s going to be raining “accidental”Beaves all over Hollywood come 2013.

  4. islandwalker says:

    Bummer. I was hoping for a miracle. Back to the Walking Dead.

  5. Jaime says:

    She is just.. UHHG. I can’t be the only person completely disappointed by Les Mis and her performance in it, in particular. I don’t think she deserved the oscar.

    • pretty says:

      that movie is so pretentious and overrated.

    • all_in_all_good says:

      I completely agree, she is so overrated and since when is 20 min of singing in a movie (that seems to last for 10h) worth an oscar compared to Sally,Amy,Helen??? I mean wtf???????

      The movie was the most boring movie of the year,it was terrible and she did not do anything special with her role or oscar worthy….I am so annoyed with the situation -.-

  6. allons -y alonso says:

    Oh……S**t!!!!!! Fine. Whatever. Can she go away now? Far far away?

    As stated in the Waltz story. I live in a world where AnnE has an Oscar and Amy Adams and my fellow Aussie Jacki Weaver don’t. Ughhhh.

  7. Migdalia says:

    Every woman no matter your cup size must wear a bra!!!!!! Especially in a gown! Ugh you literally have to have no cup size to not wear a bra lol.

    • ??? says:

      Yup. Especially with all the inconspicuous bra options available.

      I’m definitely not going to miss her, though I really don’t think she’s going to be gone for long, unfortunately.

      And she’s not going to go back to being “good old, likable Anne” — because that was never her! Her Oscar campaign showed her true colors; what we were subject to over the last several months IS the real Anne.

    • emmie_a says:

      Especially wear a bra to the Oscars. I didn’t need to see her little titties flopping up the steps to accept her award.

    • Sherry says:

      Even my 15 year old daughter (who loves AnnE) asked why she didn’t wear some kind of undergarment.

  8. Shay says:

    I thought her speech was fine. Less of the “I can’t believe it!” and more just that she was enjoying the moment she had worked SO DAMN HARD for.
    Whatever, I hope she gives everyone a rest from her for a while, because I used to like her. Now I find her irritating.

  9. says:

    Since we got a flash of the beav, why shouldn’t she show the nipples too?

    I just hope she goes away for a very very long time.

  10. TrustMeOnThis says:

    Awesome, now she can go grow out her hair and give us all a break!
    I used to like (and defend) her, until this ridic campaign. Now I think she’s overplayed.
    You guys win. 😉

    • KC says:

      She won. 😉

      I hope it was worth it because most people that I know that used to like her now can’t stand her.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Yup. I’m right there with you. I’m hoping my antipathy will fade with time and I’ll go back to liking her again. But given how irritated I am this morning at hearing she won it doesn’t seem likely.

  11. booboocita says:

    I like her and I don’t care who knows it. I appreciate a woman who works hard for the money — or the Oscar, for that matter. So she’s a little obvious about it. So what. Better a try-hard professional with talent — and let’s be honest, her work in Les Miserables was truly magnificent — than a don’t-give-a-flying-f*ck delusional crackie. You know who I’m talking about.

    • Debbie says:

      You’re not alone; I like her, too. I think lots of people do. But her earnest earnestness was very … a lot … this year. But she achieved her goal. Now maybe she’ll chill a bit.

    • Carol says:

      I like her, I thought her performance was wonderful, I believe she deserved the Oscar, I liked her dress, and I loved her speech.

    • Insomnicole says:

      I really like her — I didn’t see anything wrong with her speech and I’m happy she won.

    • Lyn says:

      She does work hard, and she’s really talented. She wore out my patience at times this season but I think she deserved the award. I do hope she’ll take a break now and recede from the limelight – in the meantime, the obsession with her nipples (????) and the up skirt photos taken without her permission reflect worse on the judgmental viewers than on her.

    • Rose says:

      Being better than a Lohan is a REALLY low standard.

  12. Debbie says:

    Thank God. After seven months of empathetic strain and tension, I can finally get some empathetic sleep.

  13. Dingo says:

    I think she is a little much – BUT she is great in Les M.. just loves her scenes.

  14. kibbles says:

    Great. Now she can go away for a long time like Gwyneth Paltrow or Halle Berry or some other Oscar winner I can’t even remember anymore. I don’t think that is AnnE’s style though. She’s probably going to try to use this to make a barage of movies in the next few years. I don’t think this is the last time we’ll be super annoyed by her. She’ll probably want to beat Meryl Streep’s Oscar record now. That’s just AnnE. Also, her dress tonight was awful and inappropriate. One of the worst dressed of the night.

  15. Vivian says:

    I don’t feel she deserved it either but oh well: she won. Now please go away and find a way to prevent the so call oscar curse.

  16. Arock says:

    What was that bit at the end? Something about how “and this win is for all the fictional characters like fontine and how awful it is to have all you teeth plucked out, hair cut off, and TB all in an hour so all the fictional characters never have to go through that in song” I’ve got to look back to see the exact wording, but what a random end. Was that an anti sexual slavery plug or just a wrap up gone wrong?

    • RosettaStoned says:

      I didn’t see it, but your version sounds pretty accurate so that’s what I’m gonna go with.

  17. SunnySide says:

    Damn it. She will be even more insufferable now.

  18. lisa2 says:

    bringing over from the other thread

    everybody had to know Anne was going to win. I think it is best to just accept and move on. But funny how upset some people are. Now you all get to see her talk about the win all week.

    and let me say. I saw Anne’s Mom being interviewed and after listening to her..
    “When I first knew Anne had It” well it is quite understandable where Anne gets it from. The Acorn and the Tree

    anyway.. Congrats on the win Anne.

    • Polk8dot says:

      @ ‘Now you all get to see her talk about the win all week.’

      If only!!!!
      You REALLY do not know AnnE if you think she will shut up after the week. In our dreams, maybe…
      She’ll be eating out on this win for at least the next 6-9 months. Then, if we’re lucky, she’ll get herself knocked up and the whole campaigning will start all over again, this time competing for the prettiest pregnant belly, the worst morning sickness, the highest pregnancy weight put on and the fastest post-pregnancy weight loss, and the cutest baby names, etc. etc. because she just HAS TO be the best in f-ing everything she touches.
      She’s the only person on the planet who can make earnestness seem like a megalomaniacal production by a raging narcissist.
      Can’t. Stand. This. Fake. Poseur.

  19. M says:

    The second I saw her haircut I knew her campaign had begun. Thank God its over with. Im considering making “I survived Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Campaign” shirts. Anyone interested? Haha

  20. Nev says:

    Yes Babs!!!!!!!

  21. S says:

    I liked her until this campaign happened.

  22. Elena says:

    Congratulations to Anne! I don’t really like her at this point but I appreciate her struggle, especially the physical part of it (I don’t do diets). I hope she gets to eat good at the after party and continues to do so in the future, because the opposite perspective just evokes horror in me, the food lover that I am.

  23. Sachi says:

    I like her but to be honest the OTT “Oh gosh, me?!” routine is so tired now. She sounded like a little girl with her small voice trying to look cute and like she had no idea she would win. Please.

    That being said, the speech wasn’t that bad.

    • Thiajoka says:

      If she had just admitted she wanted the damned award instead of playing coy and innocent–she would have cut a bitch over that doorstop and everyone damn well knows it. Plus, don’t use a little girl voice if you’re a grown-ass woman.

    • Pixietrixie says:

      Sachi, that is exactly what I thought when she came up to give her acceptance speech…Puh-leeze.

      Someone recently wrote, maybe on these boards, that she is a legend in her own mind, and that hit the nail on the head.

    • Lexie says:

      i have a huge problem with women who pretend to be little girls. little-girl voices and breathless, wide-eyed, ”who?me?” fake-surprise – i just can’t stand it. why in heaven’s name did she (or anyone for that matter? hello natalie portman, i’m talking to you) aim for the ”cute” angle? this whole campaign was like ”princess diaries” -.-

  24. Fran says:

    I wasn’t a fan of her earlier this evening during her seacrest interview, but I did like her speech and ya know, in the end I still like her. At least she isn’t pretending to be so over it, ya know?

  25. GoodCapon says:

    Hahaha Kimmy! 😀

  26. april says:

    Good for her that she won but her speech was soooo over rehearsed. Yawnnnn.

    I thought it was the darts in the dress that made it look like nipples.

    Anyway, I think that she is pregnant.

  27. BreeinSEA says:

    Uhm… love the name and lol! I can’t believe I went to get snacks when this ish happened!!!

  28. Sal says:

    I actually don’t think it was her nipples. The darts of the dress were weird and pointy.

  29. Isa says:

    I like her as an actress. If she’s in a movie, I will probably watch it. But as the real-life Anne Hathaway (or at least the Anne Hathaway that shows up in interviews and articles), I find her insufferable and disingenious.

  30. chopps says:

    So glad this is over…don’t know that I’ll ever enjoy her again….and that sucks!! She was formally one of my favs 🙁

  31. Pandora says:

    The only part of her speech that bothered me was the the ridiculous, “it came true” bit and her little girl voice..
    She needs to go away for a bit. I loved her in Rachel Getting Married, but I think we all need a break from her!

  32. lady mary. says:

    jlaw won toooooooooooooooo

  33. Gelina says:

    Congratulations to her…she certainly earned it!

  34. Tim Whatley says:

    She is aware of the best supporting actress curse?
    Mira Sorveno, Marisa Tomei, that other actress and what’s-her-name?

    • Kiki says:

      What’s the best supporting actress curse??? O.O

      • GoodCapon says:

        Allegedly the careers of the Supporting Actress winners go downhill after their Oscar win.

        Anne may be lucky because she’s relatively young and youth is always desirable in Hollywood. Let’s she how she fares in the next few years.

      • KC says:

        Their careers take a nose dive. Apparently six out of the last ten Supporting Actress Oscar winners had a decrease in box office earning after they won.

  35. Abby says:

    I feel bad. We watched her win and I was like YAY we’re done with her campaign. My husband loves her and we loved les mis despite her… But that’s what happens when you’re a guy and you don’t read celeb gossip/interviews. Time for a break from Anne. Seriously!

  36. valleymiss says:

    Those weren’t her nipples, those were the (very severe) darts of the dress. It was tailored to fit her boobs without having gaping under the arms. Very appropriate. I didn’t mind her speech til the last line about Fantine. She’s such a friggin’ Try Hard.

  37. aud says:

    Thank God this night is over.

    I’ve liked Anne for a long time. I was a Princess Diaries dork when I was younger. I love The Devil Wears Prada. Rachel Getting Married hit me hard. I’ve always enjoyed seeing Anne onscreen.

    I was so mad at her for making me dislike her so strongly over the last 6 months or so.

    She needs to now go be a hermit for a while. I need to be able to enjoy her again.

    Make me miss you, Anne

  38. Scal says:

    Good for her winning I guess, but she was my worst dressed of the night (with kristen stewart right behind her) That dress was a prom dress from the early 90’s. Poor fit, and she changed from a valentino last minute so I’m sure he’s pissed at her to.

  39. Marco says:

    I hate how at the beginning of her speech, she says, “It came true.” She is a corn dog. Sally Field was robbed!

  40. Kip says:

    Or maybe, her comment about prostitution was a reference to her role in Les Mis, WHERE SHE PORTRAYED A PROSTITUTE. Just a theory.

  41. Eleonor says:

    IT’S OVEEEEEER!!!!! Her Oscar Campaign it’s OVAAAAAA!!!!!

    • Adrien says:

      Not so fast, Eleonor. She’s now setting her gameplan to “Best Actress”. Specially now that JLaw won for it in SLP (JLaw’s character was originally offered to Anne.)

  42. HappyJoyJoy says:

    You’ve got your Oscar, girl. Now kindly STFU. So over her!

  43. Andrea says:

    Is it weird that I think it seems cooler that Amy Adams has been nominated for an award 4 times vs. actually winning? Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see her win. I wanted her to win this year. But sometimes the 4 nominations is better.

    • Ranunculus says:

      good point!

      I don’t think an Oscar win is necessary a guarantee for a long, successful and respected career. Look at Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock, none of them seem to be catching big interesting roles. None of them seem to be respected actresses either. I was really hoping Amy would win … but I rather see her in lots of interesting movies than campaigning for a stupid Oscar.

    • HotPockets says:

      I love Amy. I wish she would have won or Sally Field, anyone but Anne. Anne was begging for her Oscar, even if she did deserve one, the desperation to win wasn’t admirable.

  44. Hubbahun says:

    That hurricane that blew through LA was the rest of the world collectively rolling their eyes. Bride Wars, that’s all I’m sayin’…

    • Sophie says:

      Oh I figured that’s what it was too Hubbahun. I’m glad someone told her not to make a fool of herself with a squeeling ‘I won and I’m so glad I beat Meryl, I knew I could be versatile and I’m so excited to be here’ speech… But in true Anne fashion she did manage to let slip under her breath ‘dreams do come true’ which I believe was probably the statement that got that hurrican or eye rolls going in the first place…

  45. anna says:

    now she can go away FOREVER

  46. Ranunculus says:

    I hope she gotten so much dislike for her aggressive campaign that her career is over. I never liked her, always thought she was mediocre and that she was a big phoney. I guess I know why now.

  47. Snarky says:


  48. HotPockets says:

    I don’t think I can ever stomach another movie with Anne Hathaway in it. I just find her cringe worthy. She is talented, but far too overexposed and that is her own doing. I can no longer separate how annoying in real life Anne Hathaway is from her acting.

  49. Luxe says:

    Not gonna lie, when I refreshed imdb and saw she won, I was like “ugh.” She’s so insufferable and obnoxious. And she almost ruined TDKR for me. The Best Actor awards were a foregone conclusion so I was really hoping for an upset in Supporting. And she is soooo not going away.

    And she does realize that most people want the big one right? Best Actress? I have never seen such a display for Supporting.

  50. TalkyTina says:

    Proof the casting couch is alive.

  51. dcypher1 says:

    Im glad the oscar beav and nips are over. Good riddance. She was so annoying.

  52. veronica says:

    The first words of her speech were “(breathiness) it came”

    Caus I dreamed a lil dream and mine came true….
    Ah, she couldnt help herself!

    Ok, she wasnt hyperventilating but it was still lame!