Halle Berry goes solo at LA premiere for ‘The Call’: where’s Olivier Martinez?

In case you needed a reminder, Halle Berry is still incredibly beautiful and ageless. These are photos from last night’s LA premiere of The Call, in which Halle plays a 911 operator who seems like the only one trying to save young women from a crazy serial killer. The film costars Morris Chestnut and Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin. Halle wore this leathery ensemble which… again, seems very dated. Halle has been wearing a lot of stuff lately which seems straight from the 1990s (her heyday). With that body and that face, she could wear almost anything, but it seems like she prefers clothes that remind her of her Swordfish days. I also think she might want to try a less flesh-y shade of lipstick?

Incidentally, CB covered a new Halle interview yesterday, in which Halle referenced her continuing problems with the paparazzi, especially when they’re taking photos of her daughter. It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had a bunch of drama from Halle. I wonder what she’s planning next? Maybe a breakup with Olivier Martinez? It would be so much fun to hear about how Olivier is a racist now. Where IS Olivier? Why didn’t he come to the premiere? Hunh. Several weeks ago, the Chicago Sun-Times had a source who claimed, “Olivier really does not like L.A. He wants to just be in France — except when work takes him elsewhere. Halle wants to be with him full-time too, but this whole situation has made life difficult, and has begun to add a lot of pressure on them. … I get the sense things may not be going so well.” It’s about to get good, y’all. Stay tuned.

Abigail wore an Alice + Olivia ensemble. Doesn’t she look so grown-up? She has grown into a lovely young woman, but just to nitpick about one thing: I don’t think this shade of blonde suits her. It’s too light. She needs a darker shade of blonde, or perhaps she should just return to her natural brunette shade?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Hannah says:

    What is that outfit?? Good god!

  2. brin says:

    Source being Balle Herry maybe.

  3. HotPockets says:

    To answer your question, probably screwing around with some escorts.

  4. Oops says:

    It’s not a surprise. After the thanksgiving fiasco, I was sure she’s going to dump him he’s useless now.
    Wonder who’s her next victim

    • TG says:

      @Oops – I agree. He is useless to her for two reasons. The first is she lost in court so can’t use his living in France as an excuse to take her daughter away from her father and the second is he failed to take out a target. I don’t believe for one second she has decided to put her daughter’s best interest first. I also believe this relationship with this thug of a fiance has been a business arrangement from day one. You can rest assured that she and her lawyer are carefully coming up with another scheme.

  5. Ms Kay says:

    The outfit would normally look somewhat “tacky” with that belt and leather stuff, but no she still manages to pull the look, damn that crazy woman!!!

    Well, methinks Olivier Martinez is somewhere secretly looking up for another high profile woman to hook up with very quick as he wants get off Hell Berry claws (and stay relevant by extension).

  6. swack says:

    “in which Halle referenced her continuing problems with the paparazzi, especially when they’re taking photos of her daughter” I’m not sure how many problems she is having with the paps as we rarely see pictures of her daughter. Think last week there was one with her but that was the first one in a long time. Sometimes I think she does like all the drama and makes situations seem worse than they really are.

    • Dinah says:

      She does read a bit like a study in Borderline Personality Disorder, doesn’t she?

    • Jane says:

      I remember one actor (can’t remember who) saying that for the most part you can keep your privacy by staying away from certain known locations that the papps hang out regularly.

      He said everyone knows this, celebrities know where to go to photographed and where to go if you don’t want to get photographed. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule, those celebrities who are really famous, like Brangelina, but HB isn’t in that category, so I am not buying her sob stories about the papps.

      You don’t see the papps running after Julia Roberts getting her kids from school. There is a reason for that.

      I also remember reading Marilyn Monroe once said if she really didn’t want to be noticed in public, she could do it. She said she could walk down a street New York city and not be recognized just by changing a few things about her appearance.

  7. Lola says:

    She’s gonna work with Fassbender in X-Men. If they click, it’s gonna be crazy epic :d

    • anonymous fan says:

      @Lola DON’T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT GIRL! That crazy 50 year old jumpoff better stay away from our Fassy.If he needs a sista that bad he should be with me.Not that terrible, lying drama queen.
      Speaking of that, CB isn’t doing enough Fassbender,Farrell posts.Alot of the ladies here like English guys fine,but I love a hot Irishman.:)

    • I Choose Me says:

      I’m the making the evil eye sign at you right now.


  8. MaryMaria says:

    Look how good Abigail Breslin is…she grew up greatly…love her blond hair…awesome….

  9. Stuart Horsely says:

    Hopefully he is coming to his senses as to what a gigantic bag of bitch this woman is.

  10. alc says:

    I really just can’t stand this woman. I know, I’ve never met her but her actions and mean-spirited behaviour to anyone who comes into contact with her just makes me sick. And I still think she only picked Gabrielle Aubry for his genetically-blessed looks to be the sperm-donor so she could have a baby before her eggs dried up. Surprise was on her when it turned out the guy liked being a dad. As for Martinez, oily is the word that comes to mind. They were perfect for each other except he went and pissed her off at Thanksgiving. Off with his head!

  11. Penny says:

    I thought Abigail was Kirsten Dunst at first.

  12. PinkG says:

    Did she get cheek implants? They look “pointy”.

    • emmie_a says:

      I don’t know what she did but she is definitely messing with her face. Botox and fillers for sure.

      Her top looks dumb — it looks like it had a plunging v-neck and she pinned it.

  13. dorothy says:

    If he has any sense he took off running. He’s no catch either, but she’s a bitch on wheels.

  14. bagladey says:

    OM serves no purpose now when Halle can’t move Nahla to France.

  15. Merritt says:

    Abigail Breslin is certainly grown up now. Not a fan of the blonde hair though.

    This movie looks like such crap. Yet another movie about trying to save a blonde woman.

  16. JL says:

    OMG her cheeks are bigger than her boobs! That dress is horrendous. As for Oliver, a boy toy can only take so much until he looks for another sugarmama.

  17. serena says:

    Oh my god, Abigail Breslin! She sure is all grown up now but she’s still too young to sport that make-up and platinum hair! I liked her a lot when she had brown-reddish hair..go back to that!

  18. Elly says:

    her face looks so… strange. Especially the grey areas around her eyes. Hell Berry looks “gone” and old.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    I am getting to the point where Halle really bores me. Abigail looks lovely; it’d be hard to photo next to Halle and look good, but she manages it.

  20. Reece says:

    I think I would Halle’s outfit better as a pants suit. Maybe. It’s so much sameness.
    That is def not a good hair look for Abigail. The color and style make her look so generic.

  21. Lexi says:

    Helly Berry still be wearing her engagement ring!

  22. gogoGorilla says:

    WHAT is going on with her shoes in that first pic? Is there a big ball between them, tying them together??

    That’s one of her worst outfits evah.

  23. skuddles says:

    I used to think Halle was a very attractive woman but now I just can’t get past that tinge of anger in her eyes. It’s ALWAYS there, in every single pic I see of her now – even when she’s smiling. Of course it’s not a big secret that she’s rather emotionally unhinged. Poor Nahla.

  24. anonymous fan says:

    Then again maybe Olivier Martinez just doesn’t want to see this terrible movie.Halle Berry and Kate Hudson are 2 women that are not interested in starring in good films.At all.

  25. Oyn says:

    Hopefully, he is in rehab.