Did Duchess Kate befriend ‘older sister’ surrogate Reese Witherspoon?

This is almost totally BS, but I just thought it was an interesting concept. Star Magazine reports that Duchess Kate has made a (discreet) new friend! Back in 2011, just after Kate and Prince William married, they traveled through Canada and then to LA for a slew of events celebrating them and various charities. At one of the LA events, Kate met Reese Witherspoon, who vocally adored Kate and fan-girl’d her in the press. Now Star claims that Kate and Reese have been in touch and Kate feels like she can confide in Reese, and look up to Reese as some kind of gauche, American big sister.

The Duchess of Cambridge has a new best friend in Hollywood royalty. In fact, Kate is so tight with mom of three Reese Witherspoon that the royal has been turning to her nonstop for advice.

“They have developed a very strong bond,” says an insider. “Kate knows Reese would never reveal anything about their talks, and Reese knows what it’s like to live in the spotlight. They have a lot in common.”

Reese first met Kate when she and Prince William toured LA last year. The pair instantly hit it off, with Kate sending Reese a Union Jack onesie when her son Tennessee was born in September. They’ve been thick as thieves ever since.

“Kate talks to Reese about all her questions and concerns,” the source adds. “She has become kind of an older sister Kate can confide in.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Obviously, this is crap. But what bugs me is that I would love for this to happen. For whatever faults Reese may have, she doesn’t beat around the bush – she’s blunt, she’s a straight-shooter, and she’s super-organized. Kate SHOULD have more friends like that. Unfortunately, Kate probably jettisoned whatever girlfriends she had on her own and she simply adopted all of William’s friends. I always think that’s why she spends so much time with her family – because all of the other people she spends time with are part of William’s crew, and they’re mostly loyal to him, not her. Also: a Union Jack onesie? Please, that wouldn’t happen. Even I consider that gauche.

Incidentally – but on the same subject – the Enquirer has an interesting piece about Kate and the Queen fighting over who will be the godparents to Kate and William’s baby. Kate really wants her brother (James) and her sister (Pippa) to be the godparents but the Queen wants Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice to be named. Allegedly, William is not backing her up either – he’s concerned about Pippa’s party girl reputation and James’ whole weirdness (apparently James’ cake company is on the verge of bankruptcy and he’s had to borrow heavily from his family – Uncle Gary to the rescue once again?). I find it weird that no one is bringing up Harry, right? I feel that Harry will definitely be named the godfather. And probably Pippa as godmother, with Zara Phillips as backup godmother.

Last thing: guess what Kate did the day after her EXHAUSTING 3-and-a-half hours in Grimsby, England? She went shopping, of course. This woman and her “retail therapy”.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. christinne says:

    OMG! The pictures of her talking to Reese….lost my appetite for the day!!

  2. Barrett says:

    Reese is normal weight but must want to burn those photos. Kate makes her look chubby!

    • JenD says:

      I think Reese was pregnant during that time. I could be wrong, though – I have a terrible concept of time.

    • Suze says:

      It’s that whole short versus tall thing – a tiny bit of extra weight on a short woman photographs terribly. And, of course, Kate was at her thinnest in this period.

    • sophie says:

      Reese is far from chubby – pregnant or not. These pictures simply highlight how emaciated Kate became after her extreme dieting.

      • Joy says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. Kate went a bit too far with her need to be skinny.

      • Jennipurrr says:

        Reese is definitely more attractive by comparison. That is an unflattering angle on Kate.

  3. inthekitchen says:

    “For whatever faults Reese may have, she doesn’t beat around the bush – she’s blunt, she’s a straight-shooter, and she’s super-organized.”

    While I agree that Reese seems like a straight-shooter (although I like her a lot less than I used to for some reason), the problem here is that if Reese looks up to her in some fan-girl way, then she will NEVER be blunt and honest with her out of fear that Waity would then cut the connection.

    Also, to the point at the end about shopping again and wondering if she knows how vapid she appears, I’ve come to the conclusion that Waity is, in reality, really, really (REALLY!) stupid. I think she is an intellectual dim bulb and also very spoiled.

    She can’t seem to see the bigger picture of trying to make the public actually LIKE and want to continue the monarchy. I think she and WillyBoy both think that because of who they are (or who they married) that they can do no wrong and any mistakes and stupid behavior will be forgiven by the public. I don’t know if it’s the Diana connection or what but what they seem to not add into their equation is that Diana ALSO worked her butt off. So she may have gotten away with a lot and still been loved by most of the public, but she actually worked. So when she shopped and vacationed, it was okay (with most of the public) because she was seen to have earned it!

    This is why I think Waity – and WIlly – are super stupid. They cannot seem to grasp this fact and play the bigger con.

    Also, Waity has THE WORST posture. Look at her! It’s atrocious.

    • daisydoodle says:

      as far as the “dim bulb” statement…the sky is blue, and the grass is green, and I feel none of the royal family will be getting their mensa ring anytime soon!

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I’m going to say something nice… Her posture has improved since that picture of her with Reese.

      Here’s a theory. Since she always seems to shop with or without an engagement preceding it maybe no one’s telling her it looks really bad? It just looks worse when she goes somewhere that is suffering financially, tells them to buck up through a speech someone else wrote, and then spends tax payer’s money through Charles’s plastic on clothes she will not wear to an event.

      She is kind of dim and lacks common sense, but why isn’t anyone telling her she’s really hurting the image of her and the RF?

    • Mel says:

      I must say, I am somewhat disappointed in Reese if it’s true they are best chums now. I wouldn’t have taken her for a starry-eyed “Royal” groupie.
      But of course, it is entirely possible that she simply likes Kate. If so… good for them.

      As for Kate and William’s “stupidity”… I don’t know whether they are stupid or not – they could be, for all I know – but I think their general attitude towards the public is not indicative of stupidity.
      Rather – and I said this once before, in another comment – I think they simply DO NOT CARE (what the public thinks).
      That’s the most astounding thing of all.

      Maybe they already know there won’t be a monarchy by the time it’s their turn to ascend the throne. And so they may be living the motto “après nous, le Déluge”.

  4. LAK says:

    She always goes shopping directly after an engagement. At this point I speculate that it is a form of coping therapy after the hour spent with the peasants.

    I don’t care that this Reece friendship is a made up story because I want it to be true so she can have at least one person in her corner who is her friend as opposed to William’s friend.

    The godparent story is iffy. Looking at the ones chosen for the other RF, it’s more predictable that they will have a smattering of wealthy, connected and royal godparents. Unless William throws them a bone, I doubt The Middletons will figure.

    • marie says:

      so you’re saying shopping is a “peasant cleanse”? ha, I like this concept. Although in order to be able to afford all the shopping I would need to do it at Goodwill, and I think that might defeat the purpose. Can the peasant cleanse the peasant clothes?

    • lower-case deb says:

      i think her charities need to consider moving their headquarters somewhere near the high street. maybe make a deal with some of the shops to open their office at the back of these shops.

      that’s the only way they can get her to visit non-secretly more often.

  5. JulieM says:

    Friends with Reese, not happening. I can believe the godparent stuff though. Willy is reaping what he has sewn. He shuts his family out to the extent that he is called William Middleton and isn’t with the Queen and his father for Christmas, and now he wants to cut her brother and sister out of godparent status! Pippa and James would be very tacky g-parents; Pippa a little better, though.

    And where, indeed, is Harry in the mix?

  6. lower-case deb says:

    well, i guess she’ll need fortification.
    2 in a(n almost) row in less than 2 weeks time. and no vacation in the horizon, i don’t think. or is there?

  7. GoodCapon says:

    Does anyone else find it weird that she spends an awful lot of time with her family? There are always Kate sightings on Twitter and she’s usually spotted around Berkshire. Sometimes she’s spotted at London but strangely enough never at Anglesey (which is where they’re supposed to be living right?)

    I get that she’s close to her fam, but she already has a husband and now they’re starting a family. I never see her with her in-laws unless William is with her. It’s like she doesn’t ever want to spend time with the Windsors.

    • LAK says:

      This baby is a miracle indeed.

      Kate is essentially living back home and when not doing that, is in London alone.

      William is in Wales or with friends/highgrove and occasionally in Berkshire/London.

      It is so odd that a 31yr old pregnant, MARRIED woman is still living at home with mummy. It’s not as though WK don’t have the option of a home or is saving up to buy her own home etc. WK have surplus homes.

      And the continued lack of friends besides the nuclear family is still a worry. Although, she has been papped on 2 occassions recently with a really old friend who had been abandoned in the William Pursuit. Perhaps she’s finally making changes now she is inside and sees the reality wasn’t worth the sacrifices.

      • siobhan says:

        Lak – When you said the baby is a miracle – did you mean it’s a miracle she conceived because of the dramatic weight loss? Just curious…

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Miracle baby is so true. They are only together for events or vacations. The rest of the time Kate is at her mother’s and William is off with his friends. They’re getting this “separate lives” lifestyle down so they’ll never divorce imo. Another divorce wouldn’t be good.

        I dislike and pity this girl. I just pity that poor unborn child. It’s sad all around.

      • LAK says:

        Siobhan – by miracle baby I mean that these two spend so little time together generally that it’s a miracle they conceived.

    • LAK says:

      An additional thought; if Kate wants to stick with family because of trust issues, it’s a pity she hasn’t sort to look to those windsors that are within her age range for company eg Zara/Mike Tindall, Peter/Autumn Philips, Gabriel/Frederick/Sophie Windsor, Davinia/Gary Lewis.

      • Suze says:

        LAK, I hope you’re in PR or something like that because you are very good at this stuff.

        The royal family – Kate in particular – could use some good advisors like you.

      • LAK says:

        Suze – I used to be. Celebrity PR then I moved to crisis management PR, and am now in film.

        Film people don’t seem so crazy, but at least they have a skill I can respect. The sorts of people I had to deal with before were possibly truly crazy, but it was my job to make them appear sane. A completely thankless task, and I grew to despise many of the clients.

      • Thinker says:

        LAK, All those people are all busy with actual work, charities, hobbies, and their own friendships. I doubt they’re available to just be Kate’s friend on a shopping trip in London for a few hours.

        Also, Zara and Mike just moved onto Anne’s property too… I think if your parents have a really luxe lifestyle then you can stay indefinitely with them in complete comfort.

      • LAK says:

        Thinker, i agree.

        It’s still a shame that in her mindset of dropping her own friends due to trust issues, she didn’t and doesn’t befriend that group of people within the Windsor clan that are her age and she can definitely trust.

        when you look at the things she’s shown interest in, 3 of these ladies are on that page. celebrity [Sophie Windsor], Photography [Gabrielle Windsor], lowkey mum having babies [Autumn Philips].

      • Nancy Blue says:

        It is often reported that the reason Kate isn’t friendly with other younger members of the RF is that they just don’t like her (some can’t stand her) and consider her to be and act like a jumped up social climber. It has been said that her fake accent drives some of them mad!

  8. Talie says:

    Royal/Aristocratic kids usually have about four or five godparents, I think. So, they can squeeze enough people in there.

  9. Suze says:

    I think that Kate could benefit from a savvy friend like Reese, but I agree, it’s not on. It’s just a fantasy. But she could use a few friends who are honest and I hope she finds one or reconnects with one.

    I do my share of eye-rolling in her direction, but I don’t think she’s stupid. Maybe misguided, out-of-her-depth or in need of a good advisor, but I don’t think she’s dumb.

    As for the godparents, I think they’ll follow royal tradition on that one. I don’t think they’ll load up on too many relatives – after all, the relatives will always be there. Maybe one relative or two, but not a whole sackful.

  10. lin234 says:

    I think she’s too lazy to have a friend overseas. It’d mean she’d have to figure out the time over there and stuff. That’s wayyyy too much work.

    Anyways, she’s about to give birth to her best friend/excuse.

    Since I’ve been so snarky, I’ll say something nice: whatever her parent’s motives/ambitions are, she’s lucky she gets so much support from them.

    • Suze says:

      Lately I’ve been posting more nice things on Kate threads, too. I have my issues with her and how she’s reported in the main stream, but I don’t think she’s evil incarnate.

      I agree, she’s lucky to have such a supportive family.

      • lin234 says:

        I don’t think she’s an evil incarnate at all either.

        Personally, I could care less if she had a career before she got married. Most people work for money- to pay the bills. If her parents are willing to support her, then I could care less. Isn’t it better that whatever job she choose to not take goes to someone who needs and deserves it more? And yea, once she got married, she would have to give up any semblance of a career.

        The problem is that with the current position she’s in, she has the ability to literally change lives and do so much good in this world. It’s a duty even the Queen understands – and who else could be more silver-spooned than her? I think that’s why Kate irritates so many people. There is more to the Duchess/Princess role than being a wife/mother, you have a responsibility towards your country and people too.

        Kate really should have just married a rich aristocrat. Then she could shop and vacation all she wants without any criticism.

        Serving your country as a royal isn’t hard. You get pampered every step of the way. All you have to do is put on a pretty dress and smile and people who get to greet you will talk about it for the rest of their lives. Also, you get showered with gifts and flowers every step of the way.

      • Suze says:

        I agree 100 percent, lin!

        I worry that there will be backlash against the backlash on these Kate threads, and my perfectly reasonable (lol – imo!) doubts about how she conducts herself in her role will get lost.

        But you stated it perfectly.

  11. m says:

    Well the Queen gets the final say with the godparents. Andrew is Harrys godfather so he wont be around this time. I predict Harry, Zara,Peter Phillips, Jecca Craig, and possibly Princess Bea. When it comes to their second child, it can be whoever they want. I will be flabbergasted if James or Pipsqueak are chosen.

  12. dmg says:

    Kate definitely has a real girlfriend – Trini Lough. She was with her on her birthday at Cirque du Soleil and they were spotting in Kensington Gardens last week walking Lupo. She’s a friend from way back.

    • Ally says:

      Don’t waste your breath dmg, facts and reality aren’t important. People believe what they want to believe, especially about the royals, it was the same with Diana.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:


        Don’t be silly. Facts, reality, logic, and reason are very important. I would like to hear more about Trini and how long they’ve been friends.

        There’s only 1 time on these Kate posts that Logic, truth, reality are shot down. That’s when someone says something Kate defenders don’t like. Her critics here are very open to hearing the other side.

      • LAK says:

        FLORC – Trini Foyle is Kate’s friend from before William days. Kate sort of kept up with her from time to time during the William pursuit, but not in a substantial way. There is maybe 5 occassionas they were papped together during the ten yrs. She definitely dropped her as she did everyone else as the William pursuit intensified, didn’t attend her wedding etc.

        However, contact has been resumed in the last few months because Trini was indeed with Kate at her birthday and was papped with her in the park. That’s practically an epidemic for Kate. It’s the first time they’ve been seen in public together in years.

      • LAK says:

        And Trini didn’t attend the royal wedding. Can’t know if she was invited and couldn’t attend, but fact remains that they haven’t been seen together for years, then suddenly in the past 2mths, they’ve been seen twice.

        Personally, I feel that any friend brought back into the circle who isn’t a friend of William can only be good for Kate. And I encourage this trend.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Lady LAK
        Thanks for the info. William seems like such a pain of a spouse, but it’s what Kate chose. I can see many of Kate’s friends leaving for many valid reasons. Having a friend from PreWilliam time might encourage her to grow. This is good. You can’t just have your mom, sister, and friends loyal to William to talk to.

        Too bad about the weddings. I can understand not getting an invite to Kate’s, but depending on when the Trini’s wedding was I hope it wasn’t missed because of William’s wants.

      • LAK says:

        FLORC – Sadly, Trini’s wedding took place when Kate and William were on a holiday. I think it’s a safe bet that Kate didn’t attend to Trini because she was attending to William. That’s how she rolls.

        Regarding the Royal wedding list. It reads like a horror story that is also very revealing of WK relationship.It makes me sad for Kate. The wedding guests invited as friends of the couple are ALL William’s friends bar Rupert Finch who was Kate’s BF prior to William. His friendship credentials are somewhat tainted when you know that he is engaged to Natasha Rufus Isaacs who was one of William’s exes. So was the invite for him or Natasha……

        And SAM BRANSON was definitely not invited!!!! one wonders why ;)


      • Another K says:

        Hoo boy, Ally, I definitely agree. Some of the ridiculous stuff on here that people actually believe is hilarious. Entertaining, absolutely! But kind of scary, too, the way all these factless fan mag stories are embroidered and embellished and spun in the worst possible way. But, I guess that’s what gossip is all about.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        That wedding list is a true shame. The alleged “one that got away” aside, I would have thought a Branson would have made it on the list. Rich, powerful, and influential to the economy are all reasons why I would have expected at least 1 to show up. I hope now that William has settled in his life away from Kate she’ll feel comfortable bringing more of her own friends in. The “trust” reason aside, I think William played a part in why she had none of her own friends.

      • LAK says:

        The Bransons are on there. ONLY Sam wasn’t invited.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m going to say something terribly horrible, and I deserve 30 lashes with a wet wiglet, but Kate may be one of those women who feels more comfortable with people who are less better looking and/or competent. To compensated for their own feelings of inadequacy.

        And the Reese Kate thing was reported when they were in LA.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Lady LAK I ended up watching the wedding because of a flight delay at the airport. I only remember it so well because it was on every tv and Kate was billed as the 2nd coming of Diana. Outside of the RF I only really knew of the Branson family, but didn’t see them at all. Not inviting sam, but instead his whole family makes me see William as a sore loser.

        Baroness Bluhare I don’t doubt Kate has low self esteem and needs to bring others down or feel like she’s superior. The clothes, accent, and overall behavior is evidence enough. I blame William for that. A little bit her mother, but mostly William. How he and his friends degraded her self worth is shameful. I pity her that
        his man is her husband. I can’t help, but pity her and hope she grows a backbone and puts little Willie in his place.

  13. MyLittlePony says:

    Oh, I am so disappointed in Waity. I think she actually did rather well while waitying all those years, and I had rather high hopes for her in the line of say Princess Mary of Denmark, or Crown Princess Victoria. But oh no! Waity seems just really really stubborn (does not seem to able to learn a lesson), has no interests at all, and on top of everything, seems to be quite insecure which is blatantly clear each time she is expected to make even a slightly more meaningful conversation. Personally, I do not think she is even that interested in fashion and/or shopping, but that it is just one way of killing time i.e. being who she seems to be as person, she just does not come up with anything better to do. Nothing upsets or bothers let alone excites her kind of people that much because they simply lack any kind of substantiality. No passion, no wit, not even a sense of duty. No-thing at all!

    • bluhare says:

      This is where I feel sorry for her. Despite everything, she is always compared to other people. And in her mind she comes our lacking. I think Kate has a pretty low self esteem and the halting comments maybe more nerves or being afraid of making a mistake and getting yelled at later.

      • MyLittlePony says:

        Agree, and I too feel kind of sorry for her. Mind you, not too sorry because after all she is a grown up woman at least in years (she is in her thirties, not in her early twenties) who has had this “job” for two years now. I think she should simply pull herself together, and start doing things, but somehow I cannot see this happening… Even if her public duties are limited as not to outshine other senior royals, she could do a LOT more in a more private manner for her charities etc.

  14. taxi says:

    Except for RF weddings, I haven’t read of W&K socializing with the Tindalls. The bride at the recent Swiss wedding was said to be 1 of Zara’s Olympic teammates but the Tindalls weren’t @ the wedding. Maybe the Tindalls were busy elsewhere or maybe not invited. William was in the wedding party.

    Andrew’s reputation is too sketchy to make him a godfather candidate, even if he weren’t too old.

  15. phaksi says:

    Can the charities “fire” her if she really isnt doing anything to help them?

    • Kelly says:

      That would be awesome if they did nd then got someone who actually worked for them. And I would hope Reese gets over her fangirling because how could she admire Kate? Ugh

  16. Patrice says:

    Oh pleaaaaase. Reese wishes! Lol. She seems alright, but the future Queen of England *cough* is hardly calling her up across the Atlantic and 3 time zones to have late night gab sessions, never mind asking her advice about how to raise the (future) heir to the British throne!! God, I mean, the very idea of it is kind of super laughable.

    Side note: I’ll never personally understand aunts/uncles being named as Godparents. They’ll already have a pretty prominent role in the child’s life so, I just don’t get why it’s necessary…

  17. Patrice says:

    P.S. Don’t Bea and Kate sort of openly hate each other?? If that’s truly the case then I kind of LOVE it if the Queen did pull rank and choose her granddaughter for godmother against Kate’s wishes :D (Is that too mean?) Someone needs to start showing Kate who’s boss around there one way or another and God knows it certainly won’t ever be Charles…

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:


      This is in response to your 2 posts. My family on my mother’s side is very large. 9 aunts/uncles + their spouses + 41 1st cousins. Having my aunt and uncle as godparents makes them the ones that would have me if I was orphaned. With that large family everything is set, no fighting over who got me or didn’t want me because all would be set. Also, I was able to form a stronger bond with them since the family was so large. Made it easier to not lose touch.

      I wouldn’t say Bea and Kate openly hate each other. I’d say Kate & Pippa have been caught mean girling The York girls. The sisters have never retaliated though so maybe the dislike is more one-sided. The sisters are very busy leading productive, independent lives. There must not be time to be petty in their lives.
      Isn’t Eug the favorite with the Queen? This all sounds like manufactured gossip, without an ounce truth. It would be epic if the Queen forced them to take her choice of Godparents! EPIC! However, If the Queen was going to step in on W&K’s affairs it would have happened sooner and not on such a minor level. And William is already pulling away from his family (not the money). That would make him thrown a huge tantrum. And no Middleton will be a godparent. No Way.

    • Another K says:

      I doubt if the queen gives a flying fig about who is the child’s godparents. She strikes me as a wise woman who has perhaps decided that it’s best not to get too involved in every little family drama.

    • bluhare says:

      We are godparents to our two nephews and were their legal guardians. They’re adults now, but those kids were so cute.

      Mr. bluhare and I did fail in our responsibility to keep their lives wholesome. They always wanted to come over for sleepovers because we would let them watch South Park (which I’d previously viewed to make sure it was OK!!).

  18. Elly says:

    OMG Kate has a T-Rex-like posture.

  19. karen says:

    Who is Kate looking at and listening to in that photo…certainly not Reece.

  20. Carolin says:

    Kate looks like a whippet in these pics. Emaciated.