LeAnn Rimes wants to star as the late Mindy McCready in a possible bio-pic?

LeAnn Rimes’ new album comes out on April Fool’s Day in the UK. Did you know that? The album is released a week later in America, but it’s a Fool’s Day release for LeAnn in England, which is a spectacular choice. LeAnn has been promoting this album for MONTHS. She began promoting it almost a year ago it feels like. So she’s probably exhausted by now. By the time her album actually drops, she’s going to have to make up some spectacular excuses for why she can’t complete the press tour. And then she’ll blame the incomplete press tour for the poor sales, and then we’ll have to do this all over again next year when she releases her next “comeback album”.

Or… LeAnn could just give up music for a little while? Maybe she should go back to… (cough) acting? The last time LeAnn “acted” in a few years – she did Northern Lights, of course, which was the Lifetime movie where she met Eddie Cibrian. She did a few appearances on some budget TV shows. But mostly LeAnn has focused on her music (LOL) and there are rumors that she might want to jumpstart her acting career again. She has a very specific part in mind too – she wants to play the late Mindy McCready!

While the country music world mourns the death of troubled singer Mindy McCready, who committed suicide in February and left behind two small children, LeAnn Rimes is making the tacky move to turn Mindy’s tragic story into a movie as soon as possible – with herself as the star!

“She is negotiating to buy the rights to Mindy’s story and star as Mindy,” says a friend close to LeAnn. Apparently, LeAnn feels a kinship to Mindy, who battled substance abuse and mental illness. Plus, LeAnn is keen to show the world that she’s more than just the queen of Twitter feuds.

“LeAnn is done with all of the drama in her personal life and wants to concentrate on her career, especially acting.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I don’t know… Mindy had REAL problems. Mindy had the kind of life-destroying problems that sent her on downward spiral for years. What does LeAnn have that gives her a sense of kinship? LeAnn is addicted to Twitter. She’s probably got an eating disorder. She’s a narcissist. Those are all awful things, but it seems rather silly to be like, “I could play Mindy McCready because I can’t stay off Twitter! Twinsies!” Anyway, I can’t see how this could ever happen. I’m sure Lifetime will probably make some kind of cheesy bio-pic about Mindy’s life (but even then…maybe not?) and if that happens, even Lifetime could hire a better actress than LeAnn Rimes. They should get Virginia Madsen!

That being said, I would love it if LeAnn found a way to “act” or be on TV in some way. I’ve been saying for a while that Simon Cowell needs to hire her for The X Factor (just for kicks) and if Lifetime wants to hire her for some “My Mother Stole My Breast Implants And So I Boned My Step-Brother And Killed My Twin” movie, I would be into it.

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  1. brin says:

    First of all she can’t act but even more disturbing is that she tweeted that they were close…if that’s the case, it is so disrespectful to rush to make this movie when the woman just died. Leann is all about Leann.

    • Debra says:

      every time someone in country music dies, Leann makes out like they were so close… I wonder if she ever tried to help Mindy while she was alive?? and now wants to exploit her troubled life and death

      • Cirque28 says:

        She probably sent Mindy reams of inspirational quotes and considered that ‘helping.’

      • claire says:

        Not just country music. Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, etc. Someone notable dies and she will attach herself.

    • Debbie says:

      She was a close friend, but didn’t even attend Mindy’s memorial or funeral, yet she will jump to be in a movie portraying Mindy? Yep, that’s Leann, making everything about herself as usual. What a piece she is! She is disgusting!

      • Itsa Reallyme says:

        It’s really, really gross. Let the woman’s real friends and family grieve before you decide to make money off of her problems. I don’t think a real friend would ever make this movie.

    • mrs j says:

      So true

    • candigirl says:

      Yes, sociopathically narcissistic.

  2. Arock says:

    Maybe she’d just tweet the movie.

  3. lucy2 says:

    If she’s already pushing for this, that’s disgusting. The woman JUST died. Give those who loved her more than a couple of weeks to grieve before you start lobbing offers at them.

    And no one wants to see Leann act in anything. She can’t even convince everyone how great her own life is.

  4. Lakemom says:

    Geez, poor Mindy can’t even catch a break in death….her life story in the hands of LeAnn Rimes? What a disaster.

  5. marie says:

    wow, vulture.. too soon

  6. Appleve says:

    She’s sick

  7. Susie Q says:

    She could at least wait until Mindy’s body has gone cold, she’s a moron.

  8. Blondie says:

    How can Leeann play Mindy, Mindy was pretty and Leeann is not.

  9. BeachBelle says:

    LeAnn thinks if she did this movie she could put her non-working husband to work, too, and still be able monitor his every move at the same time.

  10. Samigirl says:

    Lawd, she’s just asking to be lambasted.

  11. janie says:

    This poor woman just passed? What is she thinking? Mindy has 2 little boys who just lost a mom… Could she be more insensitive or tacky? I doubt anyone would be lining up to do a biopic of her!

  12. Cathy says:

    That woman is brain dead. I can’t believe she doesn’t have the common sense to leave that family alone. Let them mourn.

  13. Red32 says:

    Too soon! It’s like she’s missing a tact chip in her brain. Don’t have your stepkids watching you and their dad in bed on a birthday cake. Don’t fight random strangers on Twitter then call them on the phone. Don’t exploit the tragic death of a colleague less than 2 months after she’s buried.

  14. Prinny says:

    She was just on one of our shows in the UK. I swear if I hear the “tape over my mouth” comment one more time! The host called her the Queen of country music! Huh!?!?

    • Mamasita says:

      I know! I saw it too. It ruined my rare afternoon off. British daytime tv makes me feel less homesick (I’m in Switzerland) and switching on and seeing Squinty Mc Crazy, I nearly choked on my tea and biscuits! If you didn’t know what a nutter she is, you’d actually perceive her as a ‘normal All-American girl’. She hides her crazy so well, it’s scary. I didn’t even finish my fourth shortbread biscuit – that’s how scared I was.

  15. Leah says:

    Omg I’m watching her now on Loose Women live (Uk’s version of The View). She’s talking about her album. She says there’s a song about Eddie called ‘borrowed’ I think. Said watching her step kids enjoying their childhood makes her realise how much she missed out. The rest was about the country music festival that she’s here for.

  16. It’s perfect! She can let out all her true insanity she tries to hide! She can embrace her CRAY-ZAY and call it method acting! Dumb, disrespectful yo-yo!

  17. laleri says:

    LeAnn’s a boozin buddy w/Dean Cain, former fiance of Mindy’s which LeAnn’s rumored to have also cheated on Dean Sheremet with while married, don’t know if overlapped when Mindy dated him. Cain could play himself or Ediot could, they really look quite alike. YouTube drunk LeAnn with Dean Cain while he was helping LeAnn cover-up her affair w/Ediot after finger sucking but Brandi & Ediot still trying to deny affair.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      Interesting. Up until she started stalking people on twitter, I really hadn’t ever paid her an ounce of attention. I knew she had broken up a marriage but I didn’t realize she had been a cheater before that. She and Eddie really are 2 peas in a pod.

    • Apsutter says:

      Just checked Dean’s imdb and for someone I haven’t seen in YEARS. He has been crazy active! I expected his page to be a dead zone but he has like 6 things in post productions right now! And I didn’t know he was engaged to Mindy.

    • Christin says:

      Dean and Mindy were a big item in the late 1990s. I just read his interview published days after Mindy’s death, and he was not complimentary. I realize Mindy wasn’t a saint, but he was very blunt (and she wasn’t even buried yet). The timing of his comments wasn’t great, in my opinion.

    • why? says:

      So Mindy dated Dean Cain. Why is Leann so obsessed with the exs of the men she sleeps with? She spends more time obsessing about these women than she does in the relationship itself.

      I thought it was strange how Leann was tweeting up a storm about Mindy M while other country artists were being respectful and just saying 1 or 2 statements about MM. Leann was being so disrespectful that day, even going so far as to act like she never told Nancy and ET that she wanted to kill herself.

  18. MoxyLady007 says:

    Are they still investigating Mindy as playing a part in the shooting death of her boyfriend?

    Because -as horrible as this is to say – when I read about that, Leann leapt to mind.

    • bagladey says:

      The police stated recently that she was never suspected of playing any part in that.

  19. Quinn says:

    Okay, that Virginia Madsen casting suggestion is BRILLIANT.

  20. lisa says:

    wouldnt they want an actual actress? i dont think that lifetime movie of hers is much of an audition tape

  21. Poink517 says:

    She’s just looking for a new husband.

  22. BravoCueen says:

    At the appropriate time, if it is created with integrity, I feel like a movie about her tragic life could serve a very noble purpose. However, I think someone with talent and substance, like maybe Kellie Pickler, should portray Mindy. I don’t know if she can act, but she has to be able to better than LeAnne.

  23. Elisabeth says:

    I’ll guess she’ll have to unblock mindy’s twitter act now

  24. dorothy says:

    This movie would rate right up there with Lohan doing the Taylor film and garner about as much ratings. Stick to what you do best LeAnn, posing in swimsuits at various locations and calling the paps.

  25. Cam S says:

    “By the time her album actually drops, she’s going to have to make up some spectacular excuses for why she can’t complete the press tour. And then she’ll blame the incomplete press tour for the poor sales, and then we’ll have to do this all over again next year when she releases her next “comeback album”. –
    ^^^^^ THIS. This exactly sums up her game

    • claire says:

      She’s so crazy.
      Under the premise of promoting it, she used it as a platform to slam Brandi, talk about her bonus kids, play victim to tabloids, and discuss whatever other self-created drama she had going on. Her album? She’d give it one or two sentences. I’m sure this album is gonna totally flop. I hope she takes this as her cue to go lay low. We can only hope!

  26. Celeste says:

    Only Leann would turn the death of a “friend” into a job opportunity.
    The movie would flop. Mindy was likeable. Leann is not.

  27. Rita says:

    When they make a movie called, “Eddie’s Dong Holster”, then LeAnn’s your gal. Until then, nothing.

    btw- In the bottom pic with Eddie, did somebody photoshop the lower half of Kim Kardashian onto LeAnn?

    • Sapphire says:

      No, but they photoshopped Beiber’s hair for the first one.
      You are always a delight, Rita!

  28. Theskinny says:


  29. Veruca says:

    At the peak of her career, Mindy was gorgeous. Even in her troubled times, she was a pretty woman. Leann – not so much. So between that and her “acting” ability, I’m thinking NO.

    • Christin says:

      Exactly. Find an actress that sings, or just dub the songs. In Coal Miner’s Daughter, Sissy Spacek (as Loretta Lynn) and Beverly D’Angelo (as Patsy Cline) actually sang and did a good job. Oh dear, next she may decide to do a Patsy biopic, since part of her teenage PR was to be compared to Cline. (Not even close, then or now, in my opinion.)

  30. DGO says:

    Mindy was a former beauty queen known for her looks, and she was an exquisite talent. LeAnn is a pug-faced, squinty-eyed yodeler. No comparison. LeAnn is not the right person to play Mindy.

    • bagladey says:

      Thaht’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read this story: How could Leann play a beauty queen?

  31. KellyinSeattle says:

    And then when Eddie leaves her, will she capitalize on her own loss and make a Hallmark TV show about that? Probably will try….it’s desperate.

  32. Christin says:

    The infamous Lifetime movie was on TV again, and I finally watched it. Less than impressive – I couldn’t understand what she was saying at times (similar to how I don’t think she enunciates well when singing).

    Compare the physical appearance and singing abilities of these women. Even during her worst times, Mindy was still pretty and had a lovely, sweet voice.

    Mindy was laid to rest on February 26 (just 17 days ago). Isn’t this incredibly rushed timing?

  33. Jane says:

    She is nothing but a vulture for even thinking of trying to do this. Sick sick woman!

  34. Crystal says:

    Dang, the woman’s not even cold yet. What a famewhore move on LeAnn’s part and honestly, it’s not a surprising one.

    Besides, I think Mindy’s story is a pretty well known one and I don’t think it would do anyone (especially her young children) any good to put it out there in the name of entertainment. Her kids are going to grow up hearing it all anyway, why compound it by making it into a movie that they would eventually see. Gross, just gross.

  35. TheTruthHurts says:

    Oh God in Heaven. LeAnn is a HORRIBLE actress, there is just no way. Hayden Paniettiere would be great if they can make her look more roughed up for the role. Enough with “singers” trying to act. Let the real pros do the job and Hayden can act first AND sing.

  36. Twez says:

    She is far too fugly to play Mindy McCready who was quite objectively beautiful.

  37. why? says:

    Her need to be the center of attention is getting worse. She has no qualms about who she uses to stay relevant. Brandi’s kids. Sick kids. Homeless children. Carly Rose. Whitney H. Mindy M.

    Leann whined and boo hooed about Brandi’s book, and then she turns around and gives more and more interviews about her album. Leann’s rep claimed that it was Brandi who was trying to profit from the affair and hurting people by talking about the private moments, and then Leann goes on Loose Women and details how she suffered during her affair with a married man and got relief from her pain by writing an album about it? How is this appropriate? Leann is pulling a Rielle Hunter and we all saw how that all worked out for Rielle. Why isn’t any of those media outlets who criticized Brandi for daring to write a book criticizing Leann for what she said today in her latest interview?

    Eddie looks drunk in the photos of him and Leann papped in London. Leann was tweeting about being at bar yesterday, which is funny that she is now having her mouthpieces back to fueling pregnancy rumors. How sad for Leann, she wasn’t in London for 2 days yet and Eddie had to go and get drunk just to tolerate the rest of the trip with Leann.

  38. skeptic says:

    God, everything about this woman makes me totally sick to my stomach.

  39. Sugar says:

    I didn’t know anything about Mindy. I don’t know her music & had no idea she was engaged to TV Superman. I really didn’t even follow LeAnn drama till I discovered this site. So like I did with LeAnn last night I read the archive Mindy posts & some comments to get a sense of Mindy & it left me sad.
    I don’t begrudge Dean Cain for his words at least he was honest about the hell of the relationship & I respect his statement more than LeAnn who said how long & well they knew eachother yet did she attend her memorial? I don’t know but it seems we All would have known it had she. Perhaps in a moment of truth & respect she went & didn’t make it about her because that would really be horrible.
    I hate saying this next sentence but here goes maybe the mention of the movie came out from somewhere because Brandi was approached to make a movie from her book…just like the ever so subtle Texas accent just because Brandi happen to be there-Making ones relevance just shows of jealousy.

  40. Lesalou says:

    This woman makes me sick. I don’t understand how someone who hasn’t sold any records in years and is so unpopular with the public can continue to be regarded in a positive light by the media. They continually put her ugly mug on tv and internet and refer to her as a country superstar. She really does believe that she is at the top of her game as she hits all the casinos on dirt roads in the U.S. She merely opened for Carrie Underwood along with many others and she is the only one you see papped and on tv that is there for the festival. How she even got that gig is beyond me. So, she goes to London and acts like she is the superstar. Makes people nauseous. Just don’t understand why the media feeds into her crap when she stopped being popular years ago and all she is known for now is her narcissistic behavior.

  41. Really LeeAnn!I can’t stand LeeAnn Rhimes.If she had died I would have said really could you pass me the salt.She didn’t even go to her funeral,but she was such a good friend.Where were all of her good friends when she needed them the most.She was so depressed over David dying and she is suppose to be ok,I don’t think so.I will not watch a movie with LeeAnn playing Mindy.I don’t no if I would watch any movie.She was not happy so why do they want to show a movie.Can’t she be left alone and get some piece.Mindy McCready was a beautiful lady LeeAnn is not she could not pull it off.

  42. I just can’t stand LeAnn.. She could never play Mindy.If Mindy had wanted a movie made she would have done one herself.She calls herself a friend,I don’t think so.I think her mother should get down on her hands and knees and ask for forgivness.That women just looks evil.I was happy to hear that the boys will not be going to McCready’s so called mother.Get over it LeAnn just sing your little songs and start looking for another man.You have been with this one for awhile it’s about time to change partners………….