Is Kim Kardashian seriously claiming that she’s only 140 pounds?!!?

As Kim Kardashian increases in size from her first pregnancy, her maternity style has just gotten worse and worse. While I feel bad about noting her weight gain, I do not feel bad about discussing her awful style and how she literally has no idea what looks good on her body (with or without the pregnancy). But… that might be about to change. Here’s how I feel about all things body-shaming, body discussion, etc: I will defend you until you lie to me. As soon as some horses—t comes out of your mouth, I will stop defending “your body, your choice”. Because lying about it is also a choice, and you should have made the choice to just own the way you look without apologies or explanations.

Unfortunately, the following story is not the first time Kim Kardashian has blatantly (and hilariously) lied about her body. Remember her claim (back in 2011) that she’s a size 4? Yeah. The delusion is heavy (!) for Kim. Take a load of this one:

Contrary to reports, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t settled on a baby name. Though several media outlets claimed the couple had agreed to name their daughter North — and others said the name would begin with the letter K — the pregnant 32-year-old has other ideas in mind.

“I think it would be really cute because Kanye and I are both K’s, but half the names on our list aren’t K’s,” she told Extra of choosing a moniker for their firstborn. “We still have time, [so we’ll do] whatever feels right.” Kardashian added that her rapper boyfriend, 35, “wants something that’s unique.”

Kardashian also addressed the scrutiny surrounding her pregnant body, which has been at times mocked in the press. “There are maybe two or three covers just this week that say I am 200 pounds. I’m like, ‘You are 60 pounds off here!'” she laughed. “It wouldn’t even bother me if I gained all the weight. And I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love junk food. Being pregnant I don’t like any of it.”

The fashion designer said that aside from eating carrots and celery with ranch dressing, she hasn’t had any unusual cravings. “I’m waiting for the moments when someone’s like, ‘Let’s go to McDonald’s and Taco Bell!'” she joked. “That’s not happening for me and I’m kind of sad about it.”

Being pregnant hasn’t been a smooth ride for the twice-wed star, whose divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries has yet to be finalized. “I’m not going to lie and be like, ‘Oh, it’s been amazing and I’ve adjusted great,'” the Temptation actress tells Extra. “At the beginning it was tough for me when your body changes so much, but once you kind of grasp that and embrace it, it’s amazing.”

After a pregnancy scare in early March, Kardashian added that she’s easing up on her work commitments. “I kind of split up my days. I’ll do half a day of work and then I’ll do half day of really just resting and taking care of myself,” she says, “but I haven’t been tired at all.”

[From Us Weekly]

“There are maybe two or three covers just this week that say I am 200 pounds. I’m like, ‘You are 60 pounds off here!'” ARE YOU JOKING?!!!? I sent this to Bedhead and she was like, “So… she’s either 140 pounds or 260 pounds.” And this is biggest problem with responding to body-shaming – you can’t turn around and LIE YOUR ASS OFF to the body-shamers. I would have completely ignored this story if Kim’s response had been, “Whatever, I’m pregnant and I’m gaining weight. What did you expect?” Do not tell Us Weekly that you’re 140 pounds when clearly WE CAN SEE YOU.

Just to be clear – I’m not sure if she’s 200 pounds. But I know for sure that she’s not 140. Not with that ass and not with those boobs. My guess is that she’s maybe 180 pounds, although my assumption might be off because she actually is pretty short – she’s only about 5’2″. CB thinks Kim might be something like 160-170, but the gist of it is… she’s NOT 140.

Also – I think she’s lying her ass off about junk food too. She’s been going out for ice cream a lot.

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  1. Aria says:

    Why doesn’t she dress like any other pregnant woman?!

    • MG says:


      Most normal pregnant women don’t tuck in their shirts at that stage of pregnancy. A pair of maternity skinny jeans and a flowy top would look great. Wtf is her problem?!?!

      • nofkksgiven says:

        she could be 140. she is very short and doesn’t have a lot of muscle mass… I image she started out around 110 or and is probably about 140 now….30 lb weight gain so far…

      • Clare says:

        I wonder why no one, and I’m referring to people who actually know her, no one is telling her how awful her fashion choices are? And I used to think she was so pretty… tsk tsk tsk…

      • MMRMB says:

        You mean her as$ alone weighs 110? If she ever weighed 110 after 13 y/o. Then I’ve got a broken g-d scale.

      • zinjojo says:

        Yes. Why is she trying to create a waistline with a tucked in shirt — and the black and white just cuts her in two and highlights all the wrong places. And that black outfit with the balloon mullet skirt is one of the worst fashion choices ever.

        If she still wants to do body conscious (because she knows nothing else), she could at least improve the proportions and line of her styling — tunic style top, skinny pants or skirt. Girl needs a style intervention.

      • Steph says:

        Ooooook kim, whatever you say. I’m 5 foot nuthin, and I’m 118 and pretty petite. I’m muscular/compact, but there is NO WAY she’s only got 20 lbs on me. A friend of mine is 5’4 and curvy booty/hips/chest. She is 140ish, but def way thinner than Kim.

    • Jane says:

      I think she likes the attention. She would not get daily blog posts or tabloid covers if she dressed well. If she does not want people to discuss her weight, then she should not mention it herself or she would dress better.

      I think she is doing exactly what she wants and getting the exact reaction she wants as well.

      • Susie Q says:

        I’m SURE she LOVES the attention…we are treated to every single thought that comes out of her head and she is boring, boring, boring.

      • Clare says:

        I guess she’s never heard of the saying “no news is good news”. Attention for bad fashion? No thank you! for shame! for shame!

    • mrs j says:

      She’s to stupid to think for her own self.

    • Dea says:

      @Aria: because she is not pregnant just fat. This is my assumption though.

  2. Agnes says:

    140? sooo… she was 75 lbs before the alleged 65 lbs gain?

    • Lauren says:

      Picture her in 9 month of pregnancy. She will be look like asteroid from Armageddon. Every poud is like hug from baby Jesus for me. She looks horrible and it makes my day. She is finally useful.

      • Daahling says:

        And she will be 145 pounds, thankyouverymuch.

      • erika says:

        smile! ; )

        agree. after all let’s remember what’s important.

      • bros says:

        haha! she’ll basically look like when that one girl in charlie and the chocolate factory turns full on into a blueberry and has to be rolled out of the factory.

      • Inconceivable! says:

        And she will probably claim to be only be a size 12 at 9 months pregnant. Kimmy Humphries thinks we will believe anything!

      • Green Is Good says:

        Ha ha ha! I have no problem weight shaming this heffer, especially when she lies.

      • Sandy Pandy says:

        OK, that made me laugh. I have to agree with you!

    • energydrink says:

      I hate to be defending her, but this topic always grinds my gears..

      While I do admit Kim bullshits about her weight/size sometimes, WHY do people find it so hard to believe this 140 pounds figure? I am 4’11( yes I know when you are this tiny every inch matters but hear me out). I have the same shape as Kim, same big butt, though smaller breasts(lucky me right? :D).

      Since I’m just so petite, and aren’t an ectomorph, especially in pictures I look majorly chubby and wide, surprising anyone who actually sees me in person. The camera isn’t that flattering to petite women in general, unless you are an Olsen twin, so you look twice/triple times as huge as you really are.

      Frankly, I’m borderline overweight now, and up from my usual 93-98 pounds to my heaviest weight yet at 110, and I look very similar to her, and I’m not even pregnant.

      I know everybody loves to hate on her, but she really, really isn’t as fat/chubby as she is made out to be, and I totally believe her current weight to be 140. Even her butt isn’t as huge as most people like to say, mine is the same and I know plenty of people with similar sized/shaped ones.

      • energydrink says:

        Sorry I also forgot to add that even at this higher weight, I can still wear my size eu 34 dresses with ease… even I don’t understand how, but I can.. this is why it wasn’t surprising for me to read her claim to be a size 4.

      • Marigold says:

        You can defend her but I still choose to believe she weighs more than that, especially after reading some comments from short and pregnant women downthread. Also, I’m not sure of her exact height but she might have 3 inches on you. That matters when it comes to weight. She’s short but not quite as short as you are.

      • energydrink says:

        I can’t reply to Marigold directly..of course we are all just guessing, there is no way we can know for sure unless we measure her/weigh her. However think about what you just wrote: especially if she really is 3 inches taller than, if we would be the same weight, she would look thinner, not fatter than me. Since I mentioned that we look very similar, I think me weighing 110 at 4’11 and looking this way is equivalent to her being 140 at 5’2(since I’m so short, 110 pounds isn’t tiny on me like it would be on somebody 5’3 and above).

      • Hakura says:

        @EnergyDrink – “While I do admit Kim bullshits about her weight/size sometimes, WHY do people find it so hard to believe this 140 pounds figure?

        I am 5’1, & as of my scale today, I can say I am exactly 140 lbs (I’m even built like her with a booty, but I have no implants or any fake body parts). I’m a C-cup American bra size.

        I’m off my goal weight (that I am when I’m taking care of myself better than I currently am, eating wrong constantly & not being active enough to burn calories) is 125 lbs. I’m not happy to be this weight, So I’m being completely honest.but Good Lord, she has to be delusional to make *that* claim. Her breasts alone look like they weigh 15 lbs xD

        But I DO NOT look like a pinata. There is NO way in hell she’s 140 lbs.

      • Hakura says:

        @EnergyDrink – “I also forgot to add that even at this higher weight, I can still wear my size eu 34 dresses with ease… even I don’t understand how, but I can..

        It really just depends what parts of your body the your weight is in. I’ve had the same experience with some of my pants, but not all. I happen to carry almost all my extra weight in my thighs/butt >.<

      • janie says:

        Energydrink.. Are u joking? If anyone knows how to pose for a picture to give the illusion of whatever she wants… It’s Kim! There is no defense to her lying, period. The woman lives in her own fantasy? Where is baby daddy?

      • Mini-Me says:

        Kim has no credibility whatsoever. She lies about NOT EATING ICE CREAM. Of course she’d lie about her weight, too.

        “What’s so funny is I love junk food and I love fast food, I love sweets, ice cream. I haven’t been able to eat any of that since I’ve been pregnant. I am so sad that I’m not craving like In-N-Out and Taco Bell. None of it. That’s what I was craving before. I’m craving like carrots and celery with ranch.”

        ^compliments of dlisted

      • Hakura says:

        @Mini-Me (To what Kim said about junkfood/ect.)

        Bull. S***.

      • Nev says:

        Yeah since it’s so acceptable I will be weight shaming everybody on here now.

      • Lou says:

        She’s not 140. I’m 5’2 and 145, and I don’t look like her. I’d say she’s 160 minimum. She holds her weight where I do, too. I see my future pregnancies in her! *sadface* At least I won’t pretend to be 140.

    • CTgirl says:

      Maybe a 140lbs for each ass cheek and 80lbs per breast.

    • Fatkid says:

      We’re all assuming she could do that math on the fly, in an interview….

    • LadyBird83 says:

      My sis was 5″3 and 115 when she got pregnant. She gained 50lbs. She was huge all over. My guess is Kim WAS 120ish and is now 140ish. She will most definitely balloon up to 160. And she will be puffy as hell and miserable.

  3. Nibbi says:

    those skirts!!
    wow. just, why.

    • Sandy Pandy says:

      I know! She’s like an elephant in a tutu – I’m saying that because of those silly shoes. So delicate looking with those trunk thighs and all that skirt material. Just a bad look, whatever her weight claims are.

  4. Nev says:

    If the media is saying she’s 200 pounds, why shouldn’t she say 140?!!!!! Haha
    Leave her alone in that regard, she’s pregnant.

    • Belle says:

      If she felt the need to address the 200 pound stories, she could have done so without countering them with what seems to be such an obvious lie. She is going to catch even more flack now.

      I don’t get it… why even mention a weight? She could have laughed off the rumors with something like, ‘yes, I’m pregnant, and gaining weight… but not quite that much!’.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      She’s pregnant and shouldn’t be worried about her weight as long as she and the baby are both healthy. Belle is right. She started tossing out numbers that don’t add up.

      • Nev says:

        I hear that. But isn’t she allowed to do and feel however she wants? She’s a pregnant woman and the comments on here are really vile. Doesn’t every woman carry different according to the pregnancy. Aren’t her breasts suppose to be huge? Who really cares that she got peed on in the video. Has nobody on this thread or website had kinky sex before? She’s a tv celebrity NOT Hilary Clinton!!!! So what if she’s PAP hungry or spoiled? There all the same these celebs even the so called refined and low key ones!!! Leave the pregnant woman alone you bullies!!!!!!

      • Nina W says:

        I don’t like bullying either but, get real Nev, Kim is one of the biggest bullies on tv. I no longer watch her show but when I did I was frankly horrified by what a mean and selfish person she is. She didn’t improve as a human being just because she is knocked up.

    • Noi says:

      why should she be given a pass for being pregnant? idc for her past nor her future but hunny if you go out looking a mess your gonna get called on it

  5. dave says:

    Ehh.. I dunno… maybe not 65kg but she is reaaaaaally short… (isn’t she like just over 5ft?)

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah – if she’s 140 pounds and 5’2”, then she has a BMI of 25.6. And the overweight range for BMI starts at 25, so that puts her in the overweight range. So its plausible.

      • dave says:

        Well.. but she isn’t ‘overweight’, she’s pregnant. That sort of cancels out BMI calculations

      • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

        She is NOT 140 lbs. I am 34 weeks pregnant and 5’0. I am 130 pounds right now and my boobs are a 34B. Even at 34 weeks, and I look ENORMOUS for my size, I am still probably half the size of KK, and she is only 2 inches taller. Then again, I wear Gap maternity dresses that are super comfy and they don’t make me any more bulbous than necessary. Unlike this get-up.

        I think she is dressing this way for the attention, so that we keep talking about her. I like it, though, because it makes me feel better about myself. I might feel enormous and gross, but at least I don’t look like that!

      • Kcarp says:

        I a 5’2 and I weight 150lbs I look like a stick compared to her. No way is she a little overweight.

        I get it that she is prego. I kinda feel bad for her because I got up to 219lbs prego and I was crying every time I weighed at the dr. It must be even worse to have the whole world thinking you are a fat a**….

      • minime says:

        It could be plausible, but wouldn’t it be necessary to discount the massive silicon from her breast and ass (maybe the breast is real, I don’t really know about that)? 😉
        Still, I don’t think that she weights 200 pounds…but neither 140. Anyway, she’s pregnant and her weight shouldn’t be a topic, so she should also shut up about it.

      • CC says:

        She#’s actually obese, not just simply overweight. No way a pair of those boobs belong to a simply overweight person. Neither her upper thighs for that matter.

    • yolo112 says:

      !!! What the hell ever!!! This bish just makes me sooo irritated. I’m 5′ and shaped A LOT like her, minus the fake t&a, I JUST had my baby (like 4 days ago) and I am smaller than her already! I’m at 150! I just dropped 20lbs after having my son! She is delusional, 100 % delusional. She is definitely living in her own reality. Gawd, I just wish she would be honest with herself, just this once, since now it would be more acceptable than any other time..she’s preggers, she has a reason. I would probably be less likely to loathe her if she would just stop and be honest. OK, that’s a lie. I’ll always loathe her. But, enough already! Start dressing like you’re pregnant! Stop lying about your weight gain! And stop spanxing the hell out of your poor child!! Durn!
      BTW, the headline alone almost made me pop some

      • Lady D says:

        Congrats on your baby boy bundle of joy yolo112.

      • Sugar says:

        Congrats on your baby:) and thank you for a pint of reference here. Kim Has always lied about her size & just because she is pregnant I give her no pass. I have two grown kids so yeah I’ve been through the body morph of pregnancy weight gain & boobs changing. She may be pregnant but she is still a liar.

      • yolo112 says:

        =) thanks!! I am A LOT obsessed with my little man. A LOT. =)

  6. DeltaJuliet says:

    My boobs ache just looking at her. And sorry, there is no way that I weigh 5 pounds more than her. No. Freakin’.Way.

  7. Amanda says:

    So she weighed like 80 pounds before she got pregnant? Come on! Get your story straight Kim.

    • Kim says:

      You realize a tabloid printed the 65 pound weight gain story.I think she weighs about 150 pounds.She is only five feet two inches.Normal weight 110 to 120 she has gained about 35 lbs so far with four to five months to go.Her big ass pre pregnancy made her appear larger.I think she will get up to about 180,190 though

      • Marigold says:

        Not only do I not believe she weighs 140lb now but I do not believe she weighed between 110lb and 120lb pre-pregnancy.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I believe she weighed 110-120lbs before she was pregnant. Pre pregnancy is about a 30 years span of time for her. I think she’s doing what Bey and Jessica did. they take their lowest weight and always want to remember themselves as that.

        Once she met Kanye he started plumping her up.

      • Anodyne says:

        Didn’t she say she was jealous when Kourtney said she is 115 on KUWTK? I doubt she would say that if she was 110-120….

    • sam25 says:

      I’m surprised so many people think Kim weighs 200lbs. She doesn’t even look that big. I think she weights 150-160lbs. Also Kim’s height should be considered. Extra weight always looks much worse on a short person.

      • Sarcasmo says:

        I don’t GAF HOW much she weighs. She dresses like shit! And until I see otherwise, she always will.

  8. i'm french don't kill me says:

    her boobs are huge! Jessica Simpson must be jealous!

  9. Rachel says:

    Holy Mother of God, those BOOBS. She’s carrying around 140lbs just on her chest! I agree she shouldn’t lie about her weight, but those makes me feel kind of sorry for her.

    I just want to take her aside and have a little chat about learning what looks good on us, and what makes us look ridiculous.

    • Amanda_SB says:


      I was thinking the exact same thing! She has to be completely miserable with that large of a chest. I would not be surprised if she has back problems as a result. She just looks miserable.

      Time to stop wearing snug-fitting clothes, Kim.

    • Sarcasmo says:

      OK, let us just take a moment to discuss: Us naturally endowed (I’m trying to be polite here) women experience PHENOMENAL boobage-alteration (again, trying to be polite) during pregnancy/nursing. (At least I did. I do not profess to speak for any other woman, because I’m like that. We’re all unique, and we ALL deserve respect.) And the boob pain was the FIRST sign I was pregnant. Every. Single. Time.

      I don’t have implants, but my God-given D’s turned into some epic FFF’s. I mean, how can your boobs be larger than your newborn’s head? SERIOUSLY.

      • Peanut says:

        Dude, I’m naturally a full-A to a small B, and MY boobs were still bigger than my newborns head by the end. I look at those early breastfeeding photos in shock and awe.

  10. acp says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was around 140 now. Isn’t she only 5’1 or 5’2 tall? That’s interesting that she would even admit that the mags were 60lbs off the mark. How many celebs have EVER uttered their weight in public? Her sister got on a scale on that TV show soon after having Penelope and weighed 114 or something, and Scott was telling her to lose weight faster (jerk). Anyway, she might actually get up to 200lbs – doesn’t she have 3-4 months left in her pregnancy? Then those silly mag covers can just recycle their nonsensical stories (which they tend to do).

    • judyjudy says:

      I agree that 140 doesn’t sound too far fetched. She is really really shorts.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Nope. Sorry. I’m 5’2″, with boobs and an ass and I am currently the heaviest I’ve ever been at 145. I am about 1/2 the size of KK at this point. There is no way she is 140. None.

      And actually, my mom is 5’0. She weighs 165. And SHE is much smaller than KK here. KK’s at least pushing 180. And I’m being generous.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Camera adds at least ten lbs though

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        I’m with you on that one, I am 5’0 and I weigh 165 lbs and I’m not anywhere as big as that, those boobs! I just cant get over the size of her boobs, she looks so uncomfortable. I dont understand why she wont just embrace her pregnancy get some cute maternity wear and be comfortable. She looks miserable.

      • JenD says:

        But baby, even though it’s taking up that much space, is going to weigh less than that size in fat. So I believe she could weigh that, even if non-pregnant, same weight women are much smaller than her.

      • Nessa says:

        I am 5′ 2″ and topped out at 150 right before I gave birth. She is huge compared to what I was. Now, I’m not good at guessing weight, so I wouldn’t have a good estimate as to what KK weighs right now. I sure as hell know it’s not 140, though. No effing way.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        You can’t fairly assess someone’s proportions from watching them on tv and guesstimating their measurements to yours. Nope. Sorry. It doesn’t work like that.
        1. You don’t know her actual measurements.
        2. how she looks on tv is at various times from months ago.
        3. She dresses several sizes too small in those pap’d pics. If I put on size 00 jeans I cold give my size 2 frame a muffin top that would make me look like a size 6.

        I can’t hate on kim. She’s only famous because people watch her shows and buy her clothes. She earns her own money and works through her pregnancy (cough). She does need to shut up about her weight. I know it’s all for a weight lose endorsement, but Jessica really messed that up for her.

    • Samigirl says:

      @moxy, how many f*cking cameras are on her?!

      • Zigggy says:


      • DeltaJuliet says:

        LOL Nice Friends reference 😀

        And also, I have pictures of myself too. And I look bigger in them than I think I do in real life. And I AM STILL way smaller than her. I’m not even cracking on her weight. But quit lying.

    • Cait says:

      I’m 5’2, 19 weeks pregnant, and just hitting 140 lbs. I am wearing somewhere between a 4-6 (depending on the brand), and I look nothing like this. Nothing.

      And I have a curvy frame and pretty wide hips.

  11. audrey says:


    Oh my god she’s delusional. Show her on a scale and I’ll believe it.

    She is at least 170-180. I’m sure she’ll break 200 before her pregnancy is over.

    Just don’t comment on it if you’re going to lie. She’s an insult to every other pregnant woman

  12. L says:

    If she’s 140, then I claim my new weight at 100. I weigh 175 and am nowhere near as large as she is (she’s slightly shorter than me, but still) I totally believe she’s in the 200 range.

  13. GiGi says:

    What is wrong with her? I don’t think pregnant women should even discuss weight. As long as you’re eating well and you’re healthy – there is no “right amount” of weight to gain. I’m quite a bit taller than Kim but still gained 45 & 50 lbs with my pregnancies (the last one we adopted & I *still* managed to gain weight somehow!)

    My point is that she should just leave it alone. So what if people think you weigh 200, or even more? You are growing a person! Stop defiling that by making claims that are just ridiculous.

    • Amanda says:

      Actually, excessive weight gain during pregnancy can be dangerous to both mom and baby. So it does matter how much weight she gains.

  14. April says:

    Id love to see her in some really cute sweats and flip flops.

    • Leni says:

      I so agree April. Something comfy and sensible just for the pregnancy. These separates are doing nothing for her-like sausage in casing-and that is not her weight but the ugly clothes she wears. Tunics, just right size trousers, no short skirts and No black-it is not slimming at this point.
      As far as Kanye dressing her he is not exactly Mr. Smart himself.

    • VanillaDeeLite says:

      Is there a sensible middle between the extremes of what Kim K is wearing now and sweats& flip flops?

  15. Yellowshaba says:

    140 yeah, in her ass!! But really and seriously why does she continue to stuff herself in her clothes? Your pregnant kim Dress comfortably for once, give your body some room to breath, its ridiculous

  16. realitycheck says:

    do implants also enlarge with pregnancy?? cuz that azz and those tatas just aren’t normal for anyone! even in pregnancy weight gain. unreal. she is the most awkward pregnant woman ever. horrible clothing choices and showing leg with heels does NOT help.

    • Renee says:

      Well, I don’t think that the implants enlarge but women who have implants tend to have enormous breasts during pregnancy. For example, Christina said that she went up to an E-cup and I remember that Salma Hayek and Halle Berry both had enormous chests during their pregnancy. Now I can’t vouch for Salma but I know that Halle Berry has implants.

  17. aims says:

    She is out of her mind if she thinks she’s 140! She also looks bigger over her bad choice of clothing. There is no way in hell that she’s 140, 175 I would buy. And that is to be expected when you’re pregnant.

  18. Just Passing Through says:

    I hate to break the bad news to Kim, but her pencil skirt has turned into an El Marko skirt.

  19. Debra says:

    her lips weigh 20 lbs a piece, so I say Bullsh** on the 140

  20. coolio says:

    Shes so ridiculous. How can she say shes proud of her body type and rhen claim to be a size 4? Thats just a size bigger than all of hollywood so it tells women who arent a size two that its okay to be a little chunkier but after 4 its over

    • erika says:

      i have a friend who’s a working model in NYC, and walked runway in london, paris, milan….she is a size 4.

      no runway/print, model looks like KK. size 4? ha. why does she make every attempt to alienate herself further from just being a regular, easy going, female?

      she’s as embarass

      • energydrink says:

        I understand your point, but PLEASE don’t use models as examples to prove that she isn’t a specific size. A size 4 5’2 tall woman will NEVER look like a size 4 5’11 one… that doesn’t mean she is lying about her size, or that is “the way a size 4 should look”. Also keep in mind that you can be a size 4 with totally different body frames and muscle/fat ratios…

  21. Marigold says:

    You know what weighs 140lb? Her boobs. Holy sh*t.

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Normally I would say lay off, she’s pregnant.. but this woman makes her weight a talking point with her dumb weight loss pill endorsements and tiresome bikini pic tweets. On top of that, she consistently lies about her weight-she does women no favors by lying and pretending she weighs less that she does, so I think the discussion is fair.

    No, she is most definitely NOT 140 lbs.

    • marie says:

      agreed. I’d say add at least 20lbs to the 140.. I don’t understand why she talks about it. she will say anything to get media attention I think.

    • audrey says:

      I usually make excuses for her and Kate. Cause you know, I’m pregnant too and I know it sucks and people are judging you constantly.

      But she’s bringing it on herself by making this claim.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        But before she made this claim Kim has been attacked consistently. Throwing numbers out just gave more ammo to her critics. You may have defended her, but the minute she started gaining and showed her frame in skin tight outfits a kind word was rarely said.

      • audrey says:

        just saying that I personally did not attack her. I defended her weight gain and how she was carrying it. Being pregnant is rough and you usually can’t control how your body changes during pregnancy

        But she lost me now that she’s lying.

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA. I never snark at pregnant women for gaining weight (though horrible fashion is another thing entirely) but I just can’t with this creature any more.

      If she wants people to stop yapping about her weight then the first thing she needs to do is stop yapping / possibly lying about her weight.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Totally agree with this. Plus, what’s with all the obvious bullshit about eating nothing but carrots and celery? She is either seriously delusional or she thinks the public is just dumb (or both).

      If you don’t want people speculating about your weight, then don’t tell throw out numbers in the hopes someone will believe them. Like Kaiser said – WE CAN SEE YOU! Geez.

      My back hurts just looking at those giant balloon boobs.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – this is the only thing her fame is based on, and she’s full of BS and always has been, so I don’t see a problem calling her on it.

  23. fd says:

    She is 5’2″. That is the same height as me. I have no trouble believing she is 140 lbs, those of you who aren’t short don’t know how little weight it takes to make you look really heavy when you are petite. When I was pregnant with my last kid, my weight stuck at 141 lbs for a long time there in the middle of my pregnancy and then eventually went up to about 155 by the end. I am pregnant right now with 5 weeks left to go and I think I am already at 155, I’ll probably gain 5 more lbs this time, no biggie.
    And btw, I have no trouble believing she’s a size 4 when she’s in shape. I’m a size 4 when I’m in shape. When you are 5’2″ you have small bones, small shoulders, small waist. You can be really curvy and still be a size 4. I also am curvy. Short, curvy people photograph heavier than they are.

    • erin says:

      agreed, this might be an accurate number. i’m 5’1, and if I weighed 140 I promise I would look HUGE.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Yeah, it’s tough to guess her weight, with the cameras adding 10 lbs. I’ll hazard one by guessing 150. If she keeps packing on the weight she is risking gestational diabetes.

      • fd says:

        Yeah people who are guessing 180 are way off in my opinion — if I weighed 180, I would be obese.

      • Chichai says:

        I’m 5 feet even with 38DDD bra and I have the same shape as her. Short women carry weight differently. It takes 15 lbs to notice that I gained weight.

        Kim you are most likely not 140. I would say more like 160 – 180. And no way you are a size 4 now. I agree when she is fit its possible but I’m rocking a size 12 and proud.

        To all my other shorties it does depend on your build. My bones and build are thick so yea I was destined to be curvy. Now that I embrace it, I’m having a lot of fun. Please Kim, just embrace your shape.

    • FJUNKIE says:

      Your comment is off the mark honey. Not all short people have small shoulders etc.. And small bones?! Have you EVER seen a big boned skeleton? I’ll wait.
      I’m 5’2 and I’m at my heaviest at 158. 34DDD 28 inch waist and 44 inch hips. No one thinks I weigh as much as I do. So this whole ” short people don’t weigh a lot” and are small statement is invalid. I’m not attacking you, but that irks me when people say that.

      • fd says:

        Oh for goodness sake relax. Everyone’s body is different, I just think Kim looks like her body is very similar to mine, she is big breasted, but has a small waist, shoulders, and wrists. I am heavy at 140 and I think she likely is too. I have no trouble believing that someone else who is 5’2″ would not look heavy at 140 or even more, but I do.
        And by the way, I am very skinny at 115, but I have a friend who is 2 inches taller than me and weighs 110 when she is “heavy.” People’s frames really are different.

      • anneesezz says:

        When I worked out a lot I weighed about 140 lbs and was a size 4 at 5’4″ No one ever thouht I weight that much because I appeared thin. My point is that muscle weighs more than fat. And that ain’t muscle she’s lugging around. I also did not believe she was a size 4 with that large as$ of hers. I will not pick on her pregnancy weight gain, but she needs to find clothes that fit. She looks ridiculous.

      • Tessa says:

        Bones vary in width, just as they do in length. All bones are different, and YES, some people have bigger bones than others. So, maybe you should look at more skeletons. I’m pretty sure Kim’s doesn’t look like Khloe’s, and Khloe’s doesn’t look like Lamar’s…etc.

      • energydrink says:

        To nitpick a bit, while every skeleton is “thin”, there is definitely such a thing as being large framed and small framed, and it would be silly to deny it! Regardless of how fat or thin somebody is, in case they have wide hips by bone structure, they will never fit into a smaller size no matter how much weight they lose, same thing with shoulders, ankle joints, etc.

    • NovemberBaby says:

      I agree. I’m 5’1 and 145. I wear a size 6. At 135 I wear a size 4. I have a bigger butt and comparatively smaller waist. She could be 140.

    • drdoolittling says:

      I’m 5’1″ and 3/4, weigh 132 and wear a 27-28. I am muscular, but there is no way we are in the same weight range. None. I lost 80 lbs. over the past two years, and while she does not look 200+, I would mark her around 175-180. Which is FINE for her when she’s pregnant, but would she stop lying. Ridonkulous.

  24. erin says:

    i don’t want to hate on ANY pregnant woman for how much weight they did or didn’t gain, but I do have to say that that is the most ridiculous/least flattering picture of Kim ever at the top of this post! i kind of love seeing her look like that, because she’s so vain and full of herself and quite honestly needs to get knocked down a rung or two.

  25. M says:

    No way is she 140lbs. She’s at least 170. She looked good in that tan thing she wore the other day. Wearing regular clothes that are bigger are not helping her. There are so many loose dresses she could wear.

  26. bammer says:

    Where is she going all the time in these horribly unfashionable outfits?

  27. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    She has reverse Body Dysmorphic Disorder. If it hasn’t been discovered before i’m discovering it now. She perceives her body to be more ideal that it is. She’s delusional.

    • MinnFinn says:

      My ex had that disorder. Lots of men have it.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        HA! Good one….and I’ve noticed that, too.

      • Victoria1 says:

        Hahahahahaha @MinnFinn that made my day. I was just talking about this at the gym… There was some crazy infomercial for “magic jeans” and I was like why don’t men have these things? They’re also fat

  28. Joy says:

    Normally I would jump all over this and bash with everybody else BUT she is super short. People who are short like that look bigger with 5 extra lbs let alone 15 or 20. I could buy into her being 140, but I think she’ll probably top out at 175 before it’s all over. I predict she will spend the last month in hiding, then resurface after her “c-section” AKA tummy tuck. Weight loss endorsement deal here we come!

  29. erika says:

    I hate this woman….hhaaaaaaaaaaate

    wait a minute, i’m not even going to refer to her as a ‘woman’. No. ‘Women’ don’t pull this s***t, no way. Real Women that is. Not 1/2 silicone/1/4 lip injection, full one LARD ass b**tch!

    um, i weigh about 140. no, around 146, there ya go ladies. no fibbing. although i’m 5.5 and not as short, there’s no comparison. None.

    Her boobs alone? come on.

    this woman LIES for a living ok? she even lied to another human being while entering marriage. She just couldn’t bring herself to say no, so the ditz walks down the $60M dollar aisle.

    She lies all over her reality show, enough to where court documents prove it!

    enough w/ this trick. Kanye, my bearded friend, you may not have a Gold digger,but one thing you could buy for her is a BRAIN, batteries included.

  30. ladybert62 says:

    OMG! That dress is hideous – 145 pounds? well maybe in her butt.

  31. Erinn says:

    I’m 5’3″ and at my heaviest I was 180- that was not a good time. I looked smaller than Kim, though. However, the size of her butt and her boobs might make her seem bigger than she actually is… but at the end of the day her being 170-180 wouldn’t surprise me. Being short does distort things, but not as much as some people think.

  32. kc says:

    Agree – Kim, just STFU. Please for the LOVE of PETE, dress for your body type. Peplum is a big no, no. Try a v neck so you don’t get the “boob shelf”. As a curvy, busty woman myself, I know better. GOOD GOD.

  33. lori says:

    I’m 5’8″ and I got to be huge during my second pregnancy and went up to 198 lbs. Kim is not that big. I kinda believe shes around 150-160 right now.

  34. Leek says:

    She is delusional. I’m 5’1″ and eight months pregnant and 156 pounds. I know everyone carries differently but there’s no way she weighs less than me right now. She’s a moose. I have my pregnancy thunder thighs and think I look like a piece of chewed up bubble gum when my clothes are off but STILL I look up pics of her every day so I can feel better about myself. And it works. She is a liar and deserves every critique that comes her way.

  35. SW says:

    I think that is right about where she is at. I’m 5’9 and was 140-150 before I had kids and I was SKINNY. I am now 200ish and heavy, but she is short. I htink 140ish is what she could currenlty weigh….

  36. Elceibeno says:

    140 pounds, girl please! She is every bit of 180 pounds and at the end of her pregnancy she will be 190 pounds. Her breasts are huge. She is a walking dairy farm.

  37. Renee says:

    You know, she might be telling the truth. I remember the Fug Girls reporting on their site that they saw her at Fashion Week a few years ago and that she was tiny. I remember that they italicized the word tiny. Also, she looks like she has a really small frame. She has skinny legs and small wrists so she might not be as large in reality as she looks to be in these photos.

  38. Mayday says:

    I can’t believe I am about to defend here and I DEF think she could be fibbing a little


    She is 5’2. that is SHORT.

    There is NO WAY she is 200 so the mags are exaggerating big time.

  39. Beatrice Sparkplug says:

    The delusion is strong in this one. In the US Weekly “journalist” quoted here too. She is described in the short blurb first as a “fashion designer” then as a “star” then as an “actress.” Once it’s been established from the get go there’s no basis for fact, there’s obviously no basis for elementary math. 140 lb.-65 lb. weight gain = caught in stupid lie.

  40. Janet says:

    Maybe one of her legs weighs 140 lbs…

  41. HH says:

    Her outfits don’t upset me as much as her heels! She’s constantly dressing in stilettos.They look uncomfortable, not just because she’s pregnant. They look awful to walk in period. At this point, I would even give her a pass on wedges.

  42. Kim says:

    Unless you are 5′ 2″ or less you have no idea how much a 35 lb weight gain changes your body. She,weighs about 150.

  43. thinkaboutit says:

    Maybe she’s just so big because she’s completely full of HOT AIR. If so, I can believe the 140 claim.

  44. Gabrielle says:

    I think her poor outfit choices are making her look way bigger than she actually is. She should be wearing more comforatable looking things, like tunics, maternity jeans, bell shaped dresses. All this leather and lace is not doing her any favors.

  45. Dawn says:

    Since we all know that Kim has a slight problem telling the truth, I will take her latest comment with a grain of salt. I know she likes to pretend to be a size four with alterations made for her behind so I would say that she may have started out this pregnancy about 20 pounds lighter than she is now. I grudgingly would say that right now she may be close to 140 but I think she is more like 148. Bottom line is she can’t be believed to ever be truthful so who knows. I think she will be about 180 when she births that poor child but she could be smaller if she stops with the butt injections and lets her butt be what it is normally but that is not her style. All I know is this chick should NOT be celebrated for anything more than what made her famous to begin with and that is not her horrible fashion line or her fake ass reality show (shame on you Ryan Seacrest). I hope she is saving her money because the closer she gets to thirty five the less she will be making money at parties. I feel sorry for Kanyeee because he will end up paying through the nose for life. Yuk.

  46. Cletus says:

    I am just over 5 feet 1 inch tall and I weigh 145, and I do not look anywhere near as big as she is. What, are her bones hollow like a bird? Then stand by while she crumples in on herself. When I was preganant, my 5 foot 1 inch self got up to 200 POUNDS (true story) and I looked about like she does, only with less boob-action. So 140? No friggin way. Absolutely not. No.


  47. Happymom says:

    i’m not going to comment on her weight-whatever. I will criticize her for the lip plumping and the most god awful outfits I think I’ve ever seen. And for someone who supposedly feels good and is excited about having a child-she looks miserable. all. the. time.

  48. Dani says:

    She actually COULD be 140, especially at her height. My mom is 5’2ish, and when she was pregnant with my brother she was like 150-160 and looked double the size of Kim, so anything is possible. However, I’m having trouble believing that she really is 140, but it could just be the size of her butt/boobs distorting her body because if you look at her legs, she actually isn’t heavy. Regardless, as a pregnant woman, I have no idea why she’s even discussing her weight. I cry just looking in the mirror.

    • Jenny says:

      Not responding to your comment in particular, but a lot of people have mentioned her “slim” legs. I’m not seeing it.

      Her legs look larger and looser than Beyonce’s and everyone is always commenting on how large her thighs are. I don’t get it??

    • Dani says:

      They’re definitely not toned by any means, but they aren’t fat at all. She does have huge thighs but its possible to have average legs as opposed to just being bottom heavy as a whole.

  49. teehee says:

    “Haha… only if she’s 5’3” –Sir Mix-a-lot

  50. Lard Ass says:


    She is just a walking a joke now.

    And what about that stupid grin? Girlfriend is stoopid.

  51. megsie says:

    Oh my goodness. Poor girl looks so uncomfortable and increasingly unhappy. This pregnany just isn’t sitting well with her imo

  52. chenyi says:

    I easily believe she’s 140. I’m 5’5″ and 108 lbs, and a 3 lb weight gain is noticeable on myself. Even though 5’5″ and 140 isn’t even really overweight, I would look horrible if I weighed that much. Some people are just light and show weight gain easily. If Kim is 5′-5’2″, she could easily be 140, especially if she has a small frame. Also, dressing poorly + unflattering camera angles could easily add 10-20 lbs. Even in the pictures posted, she appears to gain/lose 20 lbs.

  53. LeeLoo says:

    When you are under 5’4″ every single pound shows. So I can see her normal weight being around 140 lbs or so. At this point, I would agree that she’s probably closer to 165. But she’s so small it’s hard to say. But don’t think I’m actually defending this trick because I 100% agree with Kaiser about her lying. I try really hard not to body shame (I must admit Jessica Simpson put that to the test with baby #1 because of her constantly discussing her terrible food choices) but I also don’t expect you to be constantly discussing your weight either. Like the rest of the world, Kim needs to accept that her body is one of those types that will naturally blow up during pregnancy. If she wasn’t trying to be so blatantly unrealistic and uncaring about what designs she was stuffing her body into then I don’t think anyone would care.

    • chenyi says:

      For some women “blowing up” is weighing 140. People of the same size can be radically different weights, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that she weighs 140 currently. People suck at guessing other people’s weights, and if she is 5’2″ or under with a tiny build, even with her curves she probably originally weighed under 110. My grandmother was 5’2″ with a curvy build and weighed about 100 when she was young. She looked a little thinner than Kim K pre-pregnancy, but not that much thinner.

      • LeeLoo says:

        By blowing up, I meant looking radically heavier than normal. I didn’t mean she blew up because she weighed 140. Whatever her actual weight, that’s her business but the fact she thinks we’re all stupid and is lying about a number very few people actually care about is insulting. She’s thrown these numbers out about her dress size and weight that seem completely unrealistic for her body shape. I didn’t believe her when she said she is a size 4 why would I trust her now? 140 is not out of the realm of possibility. But Kim’s been caught lying so many times I wouldn’t believe her if she was telling the truth.

  54. nikzilla says:

    Whoa..those boobs. Ouch.

  55. palermo says:

    I have NEVER seen an unhappier pregnant woman. It is entirely about her looks and “sex appeal”, not one word of concern about having a healthy baby. My guess is she will never get pregnant again, she hates it that much.

    • Dawn says:

      My guess is your right but that could change if she needs more money and more attention. You can never say never with this one. I have read on another site that she has already hired three nannys to make sure the child has round the clock care. I guess we know that care won’t be coming from her.

  56. alliboballifefifofalli says:

    MAYBE she’s just really bad at math lol

  57. Melma says:

    Bitch, please. I’m 145 lb and pretty slim but not tiny (size 6). I’m taller though, 5’7″, HOWEVER there’s no way in hell she weighs less than I do. If she were my height, looking the way she does, she’d be hitting 200. At her height, I’d guess probably 170-180.

    • Bobbie says:

      Yup Melma. I thought the same exact thing. Everyone does compare using their own weight. I’m exactly your weight/size and I agree. There’s no way she ways less than me even at 5’2. .

    • Ida says:

      Agreed. I’m the same height and weigh around 132 pounds. My sister’s height is the same as Kim’s and she weighs around around 125 pounds. We both wear sizes 4 and 6. There’s no way in hell Kim weighs 140 pounds. Height doesn’t make SUCH a difference.

  58. Miss Jupitero says:

    Hmmm. I am 5’3″, 126 lbs, totally rail thin. I have an ass thanks to my near eastern childbearing hips, which probably accounts for a fair number of those pounds.

    I was 140lbs at my heaviest, and I remember what I looked like then– still kind of thinnish, and an easy size 6. I lost the extra weight when I took up running, and gave up coffee and pastries.

    There is NO WAY that this is a picture of 140lbs. I. Am. Not. That. Stupid.

    Granted, I am one or two inches taller than she is, but those boobs alone are at least 60lbs of weight. My back hurts just looking at them.

    I don’t want to body shame either, and I am sick to death of all the things that aggravate eating disorders. I think one thing that has to end though is celebrities lying about their numbers. This is part of the problem. Young girls really take this crap to heart.

  59. j-asorous says:

    I feel sorry for those skinny heels. Imagine carrying all that weight. They’re gonna break off at any moment.

  60. Green Is Good says:

    Sorry, Kimbo LardASSian doesn’t get a pass because she’s pregnant. ZERO sympathy for her. That fetus is just another prop in her “LOOK AT ME” parade.

    The second she has that kid C-sectioned out of her ass, she’ll be getting sucked, tucked and liposuctioned in Brazil.

  61. Winnie says:

    Can someone please get her to wear a flowy dress once and for all?! I get an owie belly just thinking about how constricted her clothes are.

  62. Meggie says:

    All she craves is celery an carrots…right…
    Like she was also a size 4…..
    She’s twice the size my mom was at that supposed weight and she’s also a shorty.

    Ugh, with her. At least Jessica Simpson admitted to eating crap and that was the reason for her blowing up size-wise.
    Look, I get all women gain differently during pregnancy but bitch, please. I’m also in my second trimester and all I want is fresh produce (well that’s all I don’t get sick over), BUT I also haven’t gained anything.
    It must be nice living in the land of delusion.

  63. lylaooo says:


  64. Hmmm says:

    I say bull – blind gossip has an item that says SOMEONE wanted to borrow SOMEONE’s fake baby bump to look bigger while she is not showing. Kim is FAT. But not much of that is pregnancy weight.

  65. Karen says:

    I’m bad at guessing weights, but she looks like she’s probably gained at least 30-35 lbs being pregnant. Her boobs, ass, and belly have all expanded. I think she should stop trying to wear such tight clothes, and just go for the muumuu-type clothes, I’m sure she’d look and feel way better.

  66. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    “I’m waiting for the moments when someone’s like, ‘Let’s go to McDonald’s and Taco Bell!’” she joked. “That’s not happening for me and I’m kind of sad about it.” .. LOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. mar says:

    she for sure weighs at least 165-170.

  68. Annie says:

    LONG RANT. What makes me sad is that, it’s actually really good to see women like the Kardashians on the spotlight so much because they are not the American prototype of beauty (white, skinny, tall), they’re sending a positive message and it’s good for other women to see that, even if they are completely useless at everything else and total attention whores, it’s very important to see diversity, size wise and ethnicity wise, on TV and magazines. And sooo many girls in America don’t fit that prototype either so it helps them so much to have that. The Kardashians are heavier built, they embrace their dark hair, dark skin, etc. But Kim is seriously fighting that. She wants to be skinny, which she will never ever be, she got a nose job to make it look more European and less middle eastern, all this plastic surgery and lighter cakey make up to wash away her ethnicity… It’s sad that she doesn’t realize just how important it is for people to see beautiful, stylish women in ALL sizes and in another race that is not white. She used to dress really well. I don’t know what happened to her. She wants to squeeze into these clothes that were made for tall and skinny girls, she lies about her size and weight. It’s like, girl, you are a prominent figure on TV. Whatever you do, you are still a prominent and successful person. You don’t need to do that. It’s very good that the biggest reality star right now is not white and skinny. This proves that America really doesn’t care about that, and as much as we are made to believe that only white and skinny girls should be in magazines, people will like anyone in any other race. The ratings don’t lie, so maybe producers of movies and tv shows will cast more diverse actors too, realizing that anyone can pretty much bring in good numbers and lots of money. Why did they become famous? Even if we don’t like them, lots of people do, including white people. I’d dare to say white girls are their biggest fans. People really don’t care. It’s very cool.
    Doesn’t she realize that? As much as I don’t like her, this is a big deal. And this is the main problem that I have with her. She wants fame and fortune in the most shameless and superficial ways, she doesn’t realize that it’s a pretty big deal that a family of middle eastern descent is so successful and popular on TV, and that her body type doesn’t have to be skinny, size 0 to still make it in the business. She could send that message and say “You know what, I’m never going to be skinny because my genes and ethnicity are not those that build skinny women. So I’m not going to pressure myself into being something that I’m not, and neither should other women, because it’s impossible.” But no, she actually sends the message to all girls, but especially ethnic girls: “our body types are not ideal, are features must be changed to look different and be successful. This is why I made it.”

    So, so sad. And yeah, you look stupid in those clothes, Kim. Borrow Kourtney’s stylist.

    • MrsB says:

      And she looked SO much better before all the work. She shouldn’t have done anything to herself, she was beautiful. Now all I see is plastic.

    • Bodhi says:

      YES! She was really pretty before she started jacking with her face & yoyo dieting.

    • Dawn says:

      Ummm you do know that Armenian is only half of their genes right? Cause PMK is Irish and Scottish. Plus I do believe that they should be looked at as Americans because that is what they are, I do believe that their Paternal Grandparents came here but that their dad was born here, so he was an American too. No one celebrates diversity more than this country does. The Kardashians are not good role models for anyone regardless of their race.

    • erika says:

      Such an articulate and well written post. You nailed it and not only that brought up the more important matter here, highlighting the diversity in this country and her failure to be a figure of pride and true beauty.

      Here’s another doozy. My take is KK has a tremendous low self-esteem (I know, I know, don’t play the low self-esteem card). What I’m saying is she is so overly glam-fied and body plasti-zied because she feels it masks her real feelings of inadequacy.

  69. Vivacious says:

    I’m 5’3 and I looked like that at 8 months pregnant at which point I was about 165. Now I’m 130 and there is NO WAY she is 10 pounds heavier

    • Austin choocha says:

      I am 5’3 and looked like her right around the time i gave birth at 174 pounds … I think she looks heavier than i was .

    • Austin choocha says:

      She is about 180 Or 185 Im 5’3 and i know what that looks like pregnant .
      She is not 140. Lol .. She might be 140 a year after giving birth like i was , but man this girl os delisional as hell

    • Austin choocha says:

      She is about 180 Or 185 Im 5’3 and i know what that looks like pregnant .
      She is not 140. Lol .. She might be 140 a year after giving birth like i was , but man this girl os delusional as he!!

  70. yeahright says:

    She’s 5’2. There is no way she is 200lbs, not even 170-180lbs. I am willing to bet she is between 140-150lbs. Large boobs really do not weigh much.

    • Rachface says:

      No way. Go to and compare 5’2″ with 140lbs and 200. I’m guessing she’s 200

    • Jane says:

      I am 5’2″, have a large bust and have been north of 160 lbs. I think Kaiser is right in that she is not 140 in these photos. I think she is between 150 to 160 lbs. in this photo.

    • Alana says:

      I’m 5’2 and I’ve been over the 130 range since…around 6th 7th grade. Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you’re a tiny little thing. And no, I dont look huge. My shape is…like that shorter blonde girl who plays the girlfriend of that one guy on Big Bang, not Penny.

  71. FireNgin says:

    Have to agree with all of the petite ladies chiming in above. I’m 5’1” and in my 40th week of pregnancy I was 140lbs. I had huge tatas but I have never had an ass or hips to speak of. She is much bigger than I was. I’m just confused as to why she is even trying to claim this.

  72. Holden says:

    Oh god, those pictures.

  73. Just Sayin says:

    Those shoes are saying: “Ooooooffffttt!” I’ll bet those heels are putting divots in asphalt!

  74. Melissa says:

    I could care less what she says about her weight. I’m calling b.s. on her being a “fashion designer” and an “actress”.

  75. Grace says:

    I don’t know why but I’m starting to feel really sorry for her. Her family is awful, her boyfriend is crazy, and she’s too insecure to wear cute maternity clothes or enjoy her pregnancy.
    She needs to think about getting counseling now.
    The hormone crash after she gives birth is going to be really ugly.
    She is definitely in the 160+ weight class.

  76. Syko says:

    It’s not so much her weight, it’s her deplorable fashion sense. She keeps trying to dress like a sex idol and it’s just ridiculous. Her clothes are ALWAYS too tight, pregnant or no. She is no doubt experiencing bodily discomfort from the pregnancy, so why not treat your body to some sweats and flat shoes? I can’t wait to see her at 8 months, remind me not to have anything in my mouth when those pictures get posted.

  77. lucy2 says:

    I’m still laughing at the idea of her “working”. She doesn’t work, she parades around for paparazzi.
    I also call BS on her saying she would be OK gaining “all the weight”, because she’s still trying to dress like she hasn’t gained an ounce. It’s like she’s in some weird denial, but man, pictures don’t lie. She’s gained a lot, and I bet will have a hard time taking it off.

  78. Tig says:

    On a sadder note, heaven help her once her milk comes in. If you think they are big now-!

    I don’t see her nursing, tho- guess once she’s through, she’ll get some procedure to lift them bec they will be pretty deflated, tho not sure how that works with implants.

    Can’t imagine the procedure Jessica Simpson will have to undergo with 2 pregnancies back to back- there is only so much a bra can do!!!

  79. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow, I’m still stuck on the idea that she’d name her baby “North”. Wtf is that?! It’s one of the most stupid names I’ve ever heard (hoping none of you celebitches have kids named North). I guess the name could be for for a girl or boy, kind of like “Dakota”…here’s the new popular name I’ve noticed…”Fanning” ???

  80. Stuart Horsely says:

    I can’t believe how much press this useless, vapid and impossibly vain COW gets. MOO.

  81. sheila says:

    bitch please, I have a few friends who are 5’2 and 5’3 – at least 2 of them were 140 pounds at one point and they looked MUCH thinner than the way she looks in these pictures.
    she’s AT LEAST 160 pounds.

  82. novaraen says:

    Don’t forget that this bish also paid a stylist to design maternity outfits for her. That stylist must be making bank and laughing the whole way.

    Still can’t even see the baby bump through all that body fat going on…and trick needs to lay off the teeny tiny heels. I know she thinks that making herself taller will make her look thinner, but she needs to realize that carrying a baby means no worrying about being thin till it’s born. Idiot!

  83. L says:

    I have a hard time believing she is 140, I am currently 8 months pregnant and weigh 145 at 5’3. I don’t look anywhere near her size. I would guess she is about 165-170 range.

  84. Chris says:

    I call BS big time. My wife is 5’6″ or so, 8 months pregnant, and currently weighs around 165 (I’ve seen it on the scale) and she’s WAY smaller than KK. KK looks like she’s gained weight everywhere, but primarily in the ass and boobs. Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s still trying to squeeze herself into clothes that are obviously too tight, thereby making her look even bigger.

    That’s what I find so funny about it – she supposed to be some kind of fashion maven yet she clearly has no idea of what’s appropriate to wear for her body shape. Interestingly, when Kourtney was preggers, she never looked that big – admittedly, she’s smaller to begin with, but she also wore clothes that suited her pregnancy body shape.

    Ironically, if KK were less vain, she’d probably look better now.

  85. Ruyana says:

    Haven’t read the comments yet, but the only way this woman weighs 140 lbs. is if she weighed 75 lbs. before pregnancy. Since it’s claimed she has gained 65 lbs. Is anybody buying that?

    I feel so sorry for the baby. Seems like the poor little thing will have a mother who just doesn’t care for babies.

  86. Rachface says:

    Bullshit on 140. Go to

    You can put in height and weight and see real women w those measurements. I’m believing 200 now

  87. Andrea says:

    I’m 5’2″ and 176 lbs and my boobs and bum look smaller than her! I’d say she is 185-190 lbs. She is NOT 140. At 140, I had MUCH smaller boobs and butt.

  88. Mar says:

    Honestly- I could care less how fat she gets because she will have lipo anyway later but the thing about Kim is there is absolutely nothing to discuss about her except her appearance

    • gg says:

      Exactly, so why bother?? (not you, Mar, all the news outlets posting this incredibly boring woman’s life everywhere, several times a day.) Sorry to rant but I believe I have reached critical mass with this stupid $#it. I will not be clicking on anymore of these nonarticles about her and her fat implanted ass.

  89. gg says:

    Why oh why does anybody really care what spews forth from this cow’s mouth this week? As opposed to next week and the following week, etc. and ad nauseam.

  90. Daahling says:

    I’m 5’6 and 150 pounds of hot woman LOL. I wear size 9 Kohls skinny jeans. Pregnant, I topped out at 220 pounds of maternal goodness. I have never been a size 4 past eighth grade. If Kim’s pregnant azz is 140 pounds, I will buy a GOOP product.

  91. Scavenger says:

    Her left leg is 140 lbs. That black outfit is just the shits. I am not sure who it would look good on, but certainly not someone with her figure.

  92. Belle Epoch says:

    Tight clothes REDUCE OXYGEN AND CIRCULATION. How can that possibly be good for a growing baby? Bitch, please. Dress appropriately and take off the Spanx.

  93. Kiddo says:

    I don’t know if that is true, but whatever the weight, there is no gray matter contributing to it.

  94. Mimi says:

    Here’s the thing. Like Kim, I am super short (only 4’11”) and when I was pregnant, I gained 32lbs. It looked like I had gained twice that! Weight gain is much more noticeable on short people. It’s not a pretty picture and so I feel bad for kim. 140lbs? Girl, please… Embrace your preggo bod and, for god’s sake, hire a stylist who knows how to dress a short, pregnant chick. That is all…

  95. Laur0406 says:

    Ugh. I hate discussing women’s weight, especially when they are pregnant. But, Kim doesn’t embrace what she is. EVER.

    She was not wearing a size 4 before. And that’s ok! But by lying, she is saying it’s not okay to be bigger than a 4. And there is no way she only weighs 140lbs now. And again, that’s ok. She just acts like it’s not, which is frustrating.

    She also doesn’t know how to dress fire her body type, before it during pregnancy. I’m plus – sized and 33 weeks pregnant. .. I sure as hell am not trying to squeeze into leather, wearing heels, etc. I an dressing fur my body in its current state. Lots of jersey fabric, maternity pants with the panel, dresses, etc. I feel comfortable, and look cute!

  96. Sophia says:

    I never thought that I’d see someone with worse dress sense than Britney Spears. Boy, was I wrong!

  97. lucy says:

    Could not care less what the number of pounds is.

    Her proportions are extreme and unattractive.
    So is how she dresses herself.

    Hard to look away from such a full-on commitment to ugliness.

  98. limaroca says:

    “North”? North West?!?! Good God, please tell me that’s a joke. I seriously think that’s the ONLY thing that stood out from this particular article.

  99. scarlett says:

    What I want to know is what is up with her face? Too much botox and fillers. If so, is she really going to be worrying about botox, fillers and injections while she is fourth months pregnant. Her face looks stiff and unnatural. It’s obvious that regardless of whether she gains 25 pounds or 100 pounds, she is very vain and dependent on her looks. What is going to do when the looks are gone granted she built her entire career based on that.

  100. Belle Epoch says:

    The baby named after an airline! The jokes make themselves.

  101. HK9 says:

    What does Iyanla Vanzant say…..” That may sound true to you but that doesn’t feel true to me.”

    Look, anyone who could misjudge her “maternity outfits” like she has is not going to judge her weight accurately. No way, no how.

  102. Dallas says:

    I’ve seen her IRL, I believe she is at 140-150 TOPS. Just because you are 5’2 and 160 or whatever and you look fine doesn’t make her a liar. I saw her shopping in Dallas and she is TINY. I am also 5’2 and a size 4 and she had a smaller waist and slimmer arms than me. I am not fat. Kim is a very small-boned person with a fake bubble butt but I wouldn’t have pegged her past a 26-27 jean size. I worked high end retail in college and am very good at guessing people’s sizes. I was very suprised at her size IRL though, she is little. She dresses hideously and makes herself look fatter and the camera is not a friend to the short & curvy.

    I don’t like Kim but I feel like a lot of the women on this thread are comparing themselves to her to make themselves feel better about their own weight. I am currently 120 and the largest I’ve ever been (for me this is thick), & I know it depends on your body size but some people are saying that they are 150/160 at this same height and are “half her size”…I can’t wrap my mind around that, not trying to be ugly at all, I just think you haven’t seen her in person.

    • fd says:

      I agree. I am also 5’2″ and it is not crazy to think she is at 140 lbs right now. Based on what you say about how she looks in person, I would be surprised if she goes above 150 or 160 max for her whole pregnancy unless she completely pigs out or is one of those women who just bloats more than usual when pregnant(though honestly, I am 8 months pregnant and I can only eat tiny meals because my stomach is so smashed in my small torso, so it is actually hard for me to gain weight at this point that is not simply baby / fluid weight). The first time I ever stepped on a scale that read above 130 was when I was pregnant, 130 is my “fat” weight and I would wear a petite size 6 at that weight and 120 is a good weight for me and closer to a size 4. I have always been athletic and I have muscle, so anything less than that is quite thin for me. Kim is always pictured coming out of the gym so she does work out and has muscle underneath the layer of fat and fluid you get when you are pregnant.

      • chenyi says:

        Yes exactly. Just because you weigh xx and are x height doesn’t mean other people look the same or carry weight the same way. Some people have lighter bones than others. I weigh the same amount as my friend who is 5 inches shorter, but she doesn’t look noticeably bigger than me. In fact, she looks tiny compared to me, since I am much taller with broader shoulders. Also, I easily believe she was size 4 before, given vanity sizing. I wear a D/DD bra size, have a bubble butt with 11 inches between waist and hip ratio, and wear a size 0 or 00 in the US with vanity sizing. A size 4 US is like a size 12-16 Australian or a 38-44 Euro sizing. I could easily believe, pre-pregnancy, that a short, small-boned, curvy woman would wear a size 4 US.

        Finally, photos are very unreliable for getting a good idea of how someone looks, and we’re seeing probably the least flattering out of an entire role. I can find photos of me that make me look fat and flabby. Add in unflattering dress, there can easily be an optical illusion of a 20 lb weight gain. We also

    • Melma says:

      Was she pregnant when you saw her in real life? Just wondering.

      • Dallas says:

        No,she wasn’t pregnant when I saw her, this was when Klohe lived in Dallas last year. But if you saw how tiny she is IRL to begin with, you’d realize that 140 lbs is about accurate for the way she looks now. She was way smaller than your average size girl and for short girls every pound shows. I know it does on me & felt fat compared to her when I saw her (I’m actually not). Before that, I would have sworn up & down that she was bigger than me. So it only takes a normal pregnancy weight gain to have her look like this. I can’t stand her but I believe her.

        You know who else is tiny? Coco, Ice-T’s wife. I had front row seats to her peep show in vegas in January and her waist was TINY. She is all T&A and even with that, I wouldn’t peg her in any dress size larger than a 4 only because of her implants (easily a sz 2 if it’s stretch material). I was blown away.

  103. McKenzie says:

    While I’ll admit she’s not dressing for her body type and size, I believe she could be telling the truth about her weight. And if not, how many of us have lied slightly about our weight before?

    I don’t have a body like Kim, however I’m 5’2 at 104 pounds with a D cup. So I believe it’s possible she’s only 140 so far.

  104. JudyK says:

    If she’s 140, then I’m 110 at 5-5-1/2″–the weight I was AT HER AGE.

    She’s such a loser…LYING is a requirement for being a Kardashian. So sick of her…what a POS…killed her puppy, whether intentionally or by lack of care, and is famous for being peed on in a porn case. Gag me. I hate her and her equally POS mother.

  105. trillian says:

    She probably converted her weight to metric pounds 😉

  106. Lemony says:

    I won’t comment on her weight, but HER BOOBS—ouch! My chest aches just looking at her! And in that black shirt it looks like she isn’t wearing a bra! WTF! I wear a 34D (I would die if mine got any bigger) but I’m 5’9, so maybe mine don’t look as large as hers because I’m carryin mine on a much longer frame.

  107. 90291 says:

    oooooH!! Blimpie K. has the boobs that ate Manhattan

  108. someone says:

    Why is everyone acting like Kim at 5′ 2″ is so short? That is how tall I am and I don’t feel like I am that much shorter than every other woman. When I go to a crowded place like the mall all the other women don’t tower over me. Now, if she was 4 8″ like Snookie THEN it would be fair to say she is “so small”. The CDC says the average American women is 5′ 4″.

    • Lemony says:

      Really? I must happen to live in a place where everyone is tall. I’m 5’9 & I’m the shortest one in my family. My hubby is 6’3. Everyone I work w/ who is younger than me is taller than me. One of my best girlfiends is 5’1 and her hubby is 6’4. They are the cutest couple. She literally stands at his belly button 🙂

  109. JessSaysNo says:

    She is not 140. I think she is about 155 here (certainly not 200 dear GOD). I can understand her lying about her weight to the media but thats as far as I can defend her. She is an idiot and I gotta say I’m loving her weight gain because even the
    ‘pretty girls’ have to get fat and birth out babies. HA!

  110. Thiajoka says:

    I’m 5’5″ and my weight fluctuates between 130-135lbs. I’m still considered petite even though I don’t have the bone-thin arms and small boobs that I had in my mid-thirties. I wear a size 7–size 6 is a touch too small and size 8 a too touch big. No way she’s 140 lbs. And yes, it does matter if she lies about it–the woman is pregnant for Christ sakes and if she can’t own her own body-image while pregnant there is no way she’ll ever own it otherwise.

  111. Claire Renee says:

    My sister is 5’2″ and weighs 140lb…we were “weighing in” as we are both trying to lose weight. I know that everyone carries weight differently but my sister is not very “muscle-y” and doesn’t have big boobs or butt…she looks NOTHING like KK! My sister dresses to downplay her weight and looks great! So I call BS on “140 lb” kartrashian.

  112. Hakura says:

    What she needs to get through her thick-self-deluded head is that she is a grown woman (not a teenager) who is with child. She has a *human life* developing in her body. She is pregnant.

    Girl, get the f**k over yourself, own your current weight & be proud that you’re a mother & that you have a (so far) totally healthy child developing like it should, which is more than some women get to have. (She should also consider Khloe, what she would *give* to be in Kim’s place right now, but that’s another issue entirely).

    OWN IT. No BS. Stop trying to be something you currently aren’t. It’s so shallow that it irritates the hell out of people. YOU give tabs your personal business, so YOU opened the door on this one.

  113. Alexis says:

    I mean…there’s no way she’s her claimed weight. As a general rule, actresses lowball their weight in public fora.

    Furthermore, my college roommates are her height and also have hourglass figures. They’ve never gotten above 125 or so as far as I know, but they are still nowhere (I am 5’7 and small-boned with a slim-pear-to-hourglass shape, so I concede that my case is entirely different. 140 is the heaviest I’ve ever been, and I normally hang out in my mid-120s.) Honestly, I think KK may have been 140 at her very thinnest. Probably not pre-pregnancy with Kanye (she gained some happy weight then) and definitely not now.

    I think she kind of has a responsibility as a representative of a non-standard, curvy body type to be at least reasonably accurate about her weight (should she choose to share it–and I don’t think she has to). Putting this silly size 4 140 pound stuff out there isn’t doing curvier girls any favors…but it does get her name in the news…

  114. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She’s full of lies. I’m 5’3″ & was 140 at New Year’s. I didn’t look half that size. I’m also a 32A so unless she had her boobs weighed & subtracts that, there’s no way she’s 140. I think she started at 140 & is now 160. Having just lost 20 pounds I know how much difference that makes on a small frame.

  115. NannaB says:

    Those arms are really chunking up (future bat-wing material – better get the dumb bells out and use them) and lordy >> it looks like there is a party going on under that black dress/skirt!! She’s really getting big fast! And, lately, all I see her eating is ice cream. She’s craving veggies?? My azz!!

  116. Cherylk says:

    Fat Injections..causes a non absorption affect. Lipids spread. I just hope that kid is not too ugly or she will not want it.

  117. Megan says:

    In Kim’s defense (or not) she probably has no idea what math is.

  118. Rachel says:

    If she only weighs 140 lbs than I am a purple elephant who can fly and speak Spanish. I mean really?!? Just admit your a fat as* and let’s get on with it.

  119. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Eh, my Mom is 5’2″ and 140 for her is a little chubby, sorry. I think everyone’s frame is different as well – some people carry weight better because of their frames. Plus Kim’s butt is probably pumped full of god knows what fillers and implants, which probably do not weight as much as an actual human butt. Plus are her boobs real? All I’m saying is fake body parts probably will make you look fatter when you gain, and she is petite. I’m sure she is fudging, but she is dressing horribly as well which doesn’t help. No way is she 200 at her height.

  120. Jane says:

    What a blooming idiot. She must think the vast majority of people are stupid. Anyone can tell she is way over 140. I am one inch taller than her and weigh 140…and I am tiny compared to her!

  121. Stephy says:

    Wow, I am usually with you guys on your posts but on this you are sooooooo wrong. I am 5’2″ and about 137. I am chunky. The only thing bigger on Kim than me is her butt. Her 140 looks completely accurate. The only reason why I am agreeing to even that is because I am just assuming baby fluid/extra blood has weight. When I am a size for you can easily look at me and be like “you can stand to drop a few pounds.” At 170-180 she would look morbidly obese. She probably won’t be there at the end of her pregnancy. Keep in mind what Kourtney looks like during this season of Taking Over Miami. Not fat, but definitely has a few extra pounds and she is still only 115. Kim is tiny. Her proportions may be huge on her but on an average size woman they would look normal. There is no way in hell she weighs anywhere near 170.

    • Hakura says:

      I said it way up the posts, but I know this topic has a ton of them, & it gets tiring to read everything. xD

      I’m 5’1, & according to my scale, I’m exactly 140lbs. I don’t have any ‘fake body parts’ like she does in her behind & chest, but am a C cup, & have a booty. Admittedly, my goal weight, that I weigh when I’m taking better care of myself (eating right/burning calories a bit more), is 125. I was always naturally thin, but my chest changed size from B recently, so I went from 120-125.

      I think my build in the hips is a little less wide than Kim’s (not taking current weight into account for her).

      But the moral of sharing that, is that I’m heavier than I want to be, & carry it in my thighs/butt. I still have an (almost) flat stomach, the lower aspect is where the trouble starts.

      I look nothing, NOTHING like Kim. I don’t care where she carries her weight.

      The ONLY way Kim could weigh 140 right now is if she’s weighing herself on another planet. Period.

  122. nanster says:

    Kim never seems to wear flattering clothes and now, during her pregnancy, nothing is different. She could use her celebrity to be a really influential style “role model”, but instead she looks like 10 pounds of flour squeezed into a 5 pound sack. Doesn’t this woman have a stylist?

  123. Dawn says:

    Wow…no wonder we have to see pictures of Kimbo doing nothing every day, look at the number of posts she gets for “like” being a liar because “like” she doesn’t weigh that much and because “like” happy mommy means happy baby “like” she has a lot to learn because baby doesn’t care if mommy is “like” happy or not. When you read her quotes its like reading something a ninth grader may have written while watching herself in the mirror. What a vapid nothing waste of air she is.

    • erika says:

      thank you so much for bringing up this woman’s inability to string a cohesive sentence. My God. Really.

      For the amount she takes on, the boutiques, the clothing/makeup/blah blah crap, the reality show, the interviews, the world travel…you would think this woman would have ‘picked up’ some elements of speech.

      In other words, “Like, learn how to like, you know, speak and like, Bible it that you’ll like literally try.”

  124. Tiffany says:

    And she married Kris Humphries for everlasting love.

  125. Leslie says:

    “Like” where is Kanye, “like” her baby daddy? Has he “like” run for the hills? Seems like a really long time since there have been “like” pix of them together.

  126. Cirque28 says:

    Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.

    KimK’s tortured try-hard pregnancy style is dreadful. And I realize the Loubs in the top picture are expensive and the height of fashion, etc, but the transparent strips are as tacky as hell. If you saw them in K-Mart with black soles, you would say, “Look at the awful hoochie shoes,” and keep walking.

  127. beGoodSherre says:

    So far those thighs look a lot bigger for someone who seems to ONLY gain weight in her buttocks specifically.It will be interesting to see the fat distrubtion at the 8 month mark. Can you do cosmetic procedures whilst preggo – I wonder? Anyone else noticed her arm was missing on the x-ray although it was resting barely above her hip film when it was being done?

  128. beGoodSherre says:

    So far those thighs look a lot bigger for someone who seems to ONLY gain weight in her buttocks specifically.It will be interesting to see the fat distribution at the 8 month mark. Can you do cosmetic procedures whilst preggo, I wonder?

  129. beGoodSherre says:

    Anyone else noticed her arm missing on the x-ray film although it was resting barely above her hip? Besides taking regular clothes and her fat appearing bright white instead of grey. Or was that camera glare? Lol.

  130. beGoodSherre says:

    Anyone else noticed her arm missing on the x-ray film although it was resting barely above her hip? No zipper or buttons & her fat looking bright white instead of grey. Camera glare? Lol.

  131. beGoodSherre says:

    Anyone else noticed her arm missing on the x-ray film although it was resting barely above her hip? No zipper or buttons. Xrayed fat looks grey not white.

  132. beGoodSherre says:

    Anyone else noticed her arm missing on the x-ray film although it was resting barely above her hip? No zipper or buttons. Xrayed fat looks gray.

  133. Austin choocha says:

    Im not lying about her weight . Im 5’3 and 107 pounds now . When I got pregnant I went up to 174 and I was not looking like Kim …ok maybe close but I know what 140 pregnant looks like . She has rolls spilling over her skirts. There was a time that she was thin , maybe when you saw her in Dallas five years ago but not lately . Its pretty insulting that anyone would say that I need to lie about Kims weight to feel better , I worked my a$$ off to take off the weight and I sure as heck didnt try to squeeze my big old preggo butt into a leather mini with rolls hanging over it . I sure as heck didnt tell people that I was only 140 when I was 165 or 174 ! People knew I was huge . This heffa is not skinnier in real life .

  134. Austin choocha says:

    Im not lying about her weight . Im 5’3 and 107 pounds now . When I got pregnant I went up to 174 and I was not looking like Kim …ok maybe close but I know what 140 pregnant looks like . She has rolls spilling over her skirts. There was a time that she was thin , maybe when you saw her in Dallas five years ago but not lately . Its pretty insulting that anyone would say that I need to lie about Kims weight to feel better , I worked my booty off to take off the weight and I sure as heck didnt try to squeeze my big old preggo booty into a leather mini with rolls hanging over it . I sure as heck didnt tell people that I was only 140 when I was 165 or 174 ! People knew I was huge . This heffa is not skinnier in real life .

  135. Austin choocha says:

    Im not lying about her weight . Im 5’3 and 107 pounds now . When I got pregnant I went up to 174 and I was not looking like Kim …ok maybe close but I know what 140 pregnant looks like . She has rolls spilling over her skirts. There was a time that she was thin , maybe when you saw her in Dallas five years ago but not lately . Its pretty insulting that anyone would say that I need to lie about Kims weight to feel better , I worked my booty off to take off the weight and I sure as heck didnt try to squeeze my big old preggo booty into a leather mini with rolls hanging over it . I sure didnt tell people that I was only 140 when I was 165 or 174 ! People knew I was huge . This girl is not skinnier in real life .

  136. Austin choocha says:

    Im not lying about her weight . Im 5’3 and 107 pounds now . When I got pregnant I went up to 174 and I was not looking like Kim …ok maybe close but I know what 140 pregnant looks like . She has rolls spilling over her skirts. There was a time that she was thin , maybe when you saw her in Dallas five years ago but not lately . Its pretty insulting that anyone would say that I need to lie about Kims weight to feel better , I worked my booty off to take off the weight and I sure as heck didnt try to squeeze my big old pregnant bum into a leather mini with rolls hanging over it . I sure didnt tell people that I was only 140 when I was 165 or 174 ! People knew I was huge . This girl is not skinnier in real life .

  137. Austin choocha says:

    Im not lying about her weight . Im 5’3 and 107 pounds now . When I got pregnant I went up to 174 and I was not looking like Kim …ok maybe close but I know what 140 pregnant looks like . She has rolls spilling over her skirts. There was a time that she was thin , maybe when you saw her in Dallas five years ago but not lately . Its pretty insulting that anyone would say that I need to lie about Kims weight to feel better , I worked my bum off to take off the weight and I sure as heck didnt try to squeeze my big old pregnant bum into a leather mini with rolls hanging over it . I sure didnt tell people that I was only 140 when I was 165 or 174 ! People knew I was huge . This girl is not skinnier in real life .

  138. Dawning Red says:

    140 lbs is her weight. On the moon.

  139. tifzlan says:

    Hmmm…. i’ve never been pregnant but Kim doesn’t look like she has the “pregnancy glow”. Actually, she doesn’t even look that happy.

    • Nicolette says:

      She doesn’t look happy at all. She never smiles, always that same stupid vapid expression. All she cares about is her image *cough*. Does she really think anyone would believe she’s 140? In her ass maybe.

      • tifzlan says:

        Apparently she has fertility issues? i would imagine someone with fertility issues to be extremely happy at carrying a child. But she always looks sour, unhappy and miserable. Her face seems to be getting uglier too. Sorry to say that, but she looks so different nowadays. Plastic surgery?

        140 in her ass, 140 on each boob. Maybe that’s what she meant.

  140. Sophie says:

    I am 5’2″ and 5 months pregnant, the same as Kim. I weigh 136, up 15 lbs from 121.

    I think Kim has about 10-12 lbs on me, making her 146-148. She would look much thinner if she just dressed differently.

  141. lee says:

    i can believe it. i’m 5’2 and 110 pounds. my thinnest when i was in high school was 105 pounds. 140 pounds would be very heavy for me already.

    • Oops says:

      I don’t agree with you, it’s difficult to believe it, I’m 5’2 and because of a med and health problem I was 115 pounds ( too much for my body type everybody thought the same : friends, doctors etc) and I looked thinner than her, so I don’t believe she was 115 pounds pre-pregnancy so I don’t think she’s 140 pounds now.

      • Alana says:

        I’m 5’2 and well past 140! And I’m not obese looking either. People have different frames you know.

  142. Angie says:

    Na uh. We’re actually built similarly, other than the ass — it’s big, but not THAT big — and hell no. basically, we have the same body type so I can say this (somewhat) with authority; she is lying her considerable ass off. Im 5’3 and 145, also carry all my weight in my butt/hips/breasts, and while I do have strong legs (again like her, actually) I’m not muscular. I’m much smaller than her, as she is atm. When I was a bit heavier thanks to a weird BC I was on I got up to almost 160, and even then, I was still smaller than her atm. There is no way in hell she is 140. Period. End of. She’s about 165-170ish. WHICH is a perfectly fine weight to be. She carries it just fine.

  143. Celeste says:

    Propping your arse up on the bathroom counter durring weigh-in in considered cheating.

  144. D says:

    She’s the Pamela Anderson of this generation, a classless, easy pair of tits on a hot body with no intelligence or personality. She’ll end up like Pammy too, desperate for attention and over the hill at 40. Karma.

  145. Alana says:

    I’d believe it if she was very willowy. But she has hips, thighs, defined calves…some people who are very short are just feathers, but she still is curvy with a nice amount of muscle. I dont’ see how she could be 140 right now.

  146. sall says:

    NO way is she 140 pounds…she is more like 260. She’s a shorty little cow

  147. Helvetica says:

    Her butt alone weighs 140.

  148. Shelly says:

    Yeah, she has to be lying. Just recently on her show they showed Kourtney on the scale and she weighed 115. Kim looked to be about 15 pounds heavier than Kourtney at that time. So I think she started at 130-ish, so there is NO WAY she is only 140 now. She looks like she has gained more than 10 pounds. I don’t even know why she is discussing her weight. It’s not like she just got fat. She’s pregnant. She needs to chill and wear some comfy clothes.

  149. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    Okay this is me and its what I’m using for reference:

    I was 32 weeks pregant and 141 lbs. I am almost 5’1. I know not every pregnant woman carries the same but there is no. fucking. way. that those pictures show her at 140. None.

  150. Bella says:


  151. Brat says:

    Maybe she’s not good at math. Didn’t realize 200-60=140

  152. EscapedConvent says:

    Hilarious! Does anyone remember the dancing hippos in Fantasia? And before anyone tells me I’m a jealous hater, I look just like one of those hippos in a tutu.

    If Kim weighs 140 pounds now, would that mean that she was 90 pounds when she got preggy? Okay, I’m out.

  153. Karen says:

    Does she have Michael Jackson skin issues in reverse? Her face looks more like a black woman by the hour.

  154. sixx says:

    I used to love Kim K. She has disapointed me so much. She is so fake. She looks stuffed in her clothes. If she wore normal pregnancy clothes I’m sure she would look fine. She should of just said I’m pregnant so what . She cares what people think about her so much. Her sisters are so real. You can tell they don’t even like Kim. No one in her family respects her. It’s the klan —— then Kris and Kim . I dont know who is more fake , Kim K or her mom. Her babies dad will regret this one day. She never has anything of substance to say. EVER. The way she spends money . She is so weak minded. Until she loves herself and is comfy in her own skin nothing will be right . She has to enjoy her own company before someone else can enjoy her. All the money she spends and all the fat injections and lies. She has no idea what its like to be a real person. Her sisters seemed to stay a little more grounded. I Think she is jealous of both kourtney and Aunt Koko. So cute MASON. I just wish her baby the best and hope she is good mother material. Hell , maybe thus baby Will wake her up to the real world. I call bulls&*t on 140. Be honest with Ur fans . You’re pregnant , why lie. Just shows the kind of person you are. Kanye will regret you. I think differently of him now. Used to be a fan . Didn’t think he was weak minded. He must not have anything of substance to say either. What do you talk about? You are all about being fake and perfect. When someone’s perfect we just pick them apart. Be yourself , I’m sure she’s beautiful. I hope u don’t do your baby the way Kris did you. Try and be like Kourtney and put your child first. Seems to me your already ashamed of your baby and your baby weight. Pregnant woman are beautiful and your hiding behind drag queen outfits. Take a seat baby girl. Your old and a tired lier.