Ryan Seacrest is ‘quietly dating’ SI swimsuit model Dominique Piek: cute couple?

Ryan Seacrest

Well, well, well. I really have to hand it to Ryan Seacrest. Dude is a smooth operator, and I completely confess that I really thought Julianne Hough would couple up much faster than Ryan following their recent dissolution of contract breakup after over two years together in March of this year. In the aftermath, we collectively giggled at Ryan for supposedly harboring a mad crush on Selena Gomez while Julianne got dirty by rubbing up on Alex Pettyfer at Coachella while (probably) fielding inquiries from Tom Cruise.

Alas, Ryan has won this race of the quickest ex of this relationship to end up in a recoupled situation. It seems that Ryan has found himself a new lady already — he’s reportedly been secretly dating model Dominique Piek for a couple of weeks now. If Dom’s name rings a bell, that’s because she’s the most recent ex-girlfriend of Chris Pine, with whom she was first sighted last July before they eventually parted ways in April of this year. When we first discussed Dominique in terms of Chris Pine, most of you weren’t crazy about her at all, but I’m interested to see what you think of her in light of her new man … Ryan Seacrest. Really?

Dominique Piek

Ryan Seacrest is ready for love again!

In Touch has learned that the American Idol host, 38, has been quietly seeing Sports Illustrated model Dominique Piek, 27.

“She and Ryan have been out to dinner together twice in one week recently,” a source close to the South African-born model tells In Touch, on newsstands now.

According to the source, Ryan (who split from actress Julianne Hough in March) “gets along really well” with Dominque, also recently single since calling it quits with actor Chris Pine in April.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Damn. I never imagined that Ryan would go for a Sports Illustrated model, but who knows? Certainly, any up-and-comer could see an advantage of dating Ryan since he’s, you know, so powerful in Hollywood. Plus, the dude has great … teeth. Well, he does.

Ryan Seacrest

Dominique Piek

Dominique Piek

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27 Responses to “Ryan Seacrest is ‘quietly dating’ SI swimsuit model Dominique Piek: cute couple?”

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  1. marie says:

    Ryan annoys me and to me, Chris Pine is way better than Seacrest.

    • Gabby says:

      But they both pay their beards well – what’s the difference?

      My new assumption: SI models = beards.

      • carol says:

        do you really think shes a beard? how can you tell? I’m not good at these things :/

  2. Barrett says:

    Is she taller than him? He is very short.

  3. Tapioca says:

    Adorable! You can just picture them together – early dinner, Wicked and then back home to watch Beaches on DVD, eating low-fat frozen yoghurt desserts…

  4. Joanna says:

    so she’s in a relationship with a new guy two months after her long term relationship broke up? wow, good for her for waiting so long and not jumping into another relationship. thats amazing

    • linlin says:

      Well, Ryan Seacrest’s in a new relationsship as well, just about three months after his three year relationsship broke up- but of course that’s ok for a guy and its only a problem if a girl does it? Good for you for, you know, totally not having double standards! I

      • Joanna says:

        not double standards but I just addressed her because she’s a girl and I’m so tired of women jumping from man to man. So I addressed the woman because I’m a woman so I’m more concerned about the woman.
        It’s wrong for men too. But most of the time I see commitment phobic men, not men who jump from relationship to relationship. So it’s not as big of an issue with men. With men it’s more, stop swinging your d*ck around and settle down!

        I just know in my personal life I see many of my women friends start up a new relationship before they end their old one. Do you personally see men jump from relationship to relationship? I doubt it. Most men prefer to stay swinging single. But you’re right! Ryan, way to jump into a new relationship right away!Shame on you! Take time to process your breakup before you move on! It’s okay to be single for awhile!

        whew. there we go. equal for both. now maybe all the men who jump from relationship to relationship will have learned their lesson. all two of them.

    • wellnow says:

      they did not break up in April. they broke up in Dec. 2012, but Pine only spoke of it when he was doing Star Trek publicity in april.

  5. Maritza says:

    Julianne Hough is prettier. Although I still think she was just his beard, this was too.

  6. Mia 4S says:

    I hadn’t heard of her until she hit the tabloids with Chris Pine…and somehow I doubt those stories came from Chris Pine. The girl is looking for a career boost. Meh, fair enough, models have a short shelf life.

  7. TWINK says:

    He’s not bad looking at all but there’s just an aura he gives off that is the opposite of sexiness. So bland.

  8. MademoiselleRose says:

    Who cares…

  9. Holly says:

    Man, you know who would make a true Hollywood power couple that everyone would probably totally adore? Ryan Seacrest+Tom Cruise!!

    It’s so bizarre, it’s just right I tell ya!

  10. Nicolette says:

    I see he’s hired his new beard.

  11. amberly says:

    Wow, Dominique Piek gets around huh? I first knew who she was about two years ago because she was dating CJ Wilson, an MLB pitcher. Now she’s dating Seacrest and dated Chris Pine all in a very short span of time.

  12. aims says:

    what I don’t understand is how can Ryan give an interview a few weeks before his break up, telling the world how incredibly lucky he is to have his lady. Break up, then get with someone so quickly. After a three year relationship. Seems kinda fast.

  13. wellnow says:

    piek and pine were dating from sept 2011 to dec 2012. its just no one besides his fans really noticed or cared. pine was asked about it while doing publicity in april and he confirmed the break up so everyone assumed that’s what when it happend. she previously dated cj wilson from sometime in 2010 till july 2011.

  14. april says:

    I think they make a cute couple. I thought Julianne was actually sort of bland and had an annoying voice. However, Julianne’s probably the best female dancer I’ve ever seen.

  15. Daniel says:

    ok first of all he’s annoying. and second he’s gay so why is he prentending so hard? Doesn’t he know it’s ok to be famous and gay now?

  16. Angie says:

    Tom Cruise + Ryan Seacrest= Totally makes sense. Ryan Seacrest + Girl = Contract