Katy Perry’s leopard Ungaro & rainbow grill at the VMAs: fierce or hilarious?

Katy Perry

I kind of feel bad for Katy Perry right now. In her mind, last night was supposed to be “her” night and big return to pop-star glory. Katy had really worked hard for this moment, you know? All those magazine covers and vitamin regimens, and the VMAs were supposed to be her big, post-divorce return with a performance under the Brooklyn Bridge, but no one paid attention at all to Katy’s “Roar” because of Miley Cyrus’ antics.

Katy tried her hardest to be a hot mess though with this leopard-print Emanuel Ungaro dress that fit every nook and cranny on her body, and Katy also went with her usual flattering high ponytail (she’s one of the few who looks good with a Croydon facelift), but it just didn’t matter. Then Katy whipped out the final (inadequate) weapon in her arsenal last night: a rainbow-colored grill. For real.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus didn’t win a single Moon Man statue last night even though she was nominated for four awards and completely dominated the stage show with her gross antics. I guess MTV is content to let her grab some ratings, but when it comes to handing out rewards, they’re all, “Focus on the music next time.” Of course, I say that like MTV has standards and hasn’t become the “Catfish” channel.

In sharp contrast to her onstage vinyl wedgie of doom, Miley’s red carpet outfit wasn’t bad at all. She wore vintage Dolce & Gabbana in the form of a bejeweled, black crop top and pants, and if she had just kept this vibe going for the entire show, I think people would like her better right now. Instead, she has graduated to fameho extraordinaire.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez looked absolutely fantastic in Versace, and she managed to look both sexy and sophisticated. From a distance and with a front view, the dress looks rather subdued, but the navy really flatters Selena’s coloring and sleek hairdo. Upon closer inspection though, the dress is a lot more revealing with an intricately detailed and exposed bustier and a sexy side slit all the way up the right thigh. She’s so gorgeous!

Selena also grabbed the coveted Moon Man for “Best Pop Video” away from Miley. Selena won for “Come and Get It,” which wasn’t a good video at all and was mildly offensive to the East Indian culture, but I’m just happy that Miley’s antics haven’t earned her all of the rewards that she so desires.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Rita Ora

Rita Ora looked surprisingly washed out in her humongous Alexandre Vauthier Fall gown with a huge, egg-shell blue train made of feathers. The look was meant to present straight-up drama with a plunging neckline and tons of embellished crystals on the top half of the dress, but Rita gets lost in the gown. Her makeup is blah, and this train is wayyyy too much.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Allison Williams

I keep trying to figure out why Allison Williams is at all these music awards shows lately other than the fact that she is Katy Perry’s BFF, but Allison did present an award last night (with Joseph Gordon Levitt), so I guess that’s good enough of a reason. Allison didn’t exactly make an impact on the red carpet though because she seemed out of place in an elegant (and embellished) white Valentino dress. This seems like something she would wear to a premiere or screening, not to a “wild” MTV show. In a sense, I guess that makes Allison the true rebel of the evening.

Allison Williams

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  1. Tulip Garden says:

    Love Selena!…Hope she is over the whole Justin Bieber thing. That was the only thing about her that I had a problem with. Otherwise, I find her beautiful, well-spoken, and immensely likable. Um, talented? As much as she needs to be, I guess.

    • Bubbles says:

      Her only talent is that she’s beautiful. She can’t sing, can’t act, doesn’t write her own songs, nothing. She also seems vapid to me.

      And she’s not likable at all, at least not to me.

      • Sunlily says:


        I sometimes refer to random cardboard boxes I have lying around as “Selena”. I actually paid good money to take my nieces to see this piece of wood. Never again.

    • RPG says:

      Agreed. If she hadn’t been boning Bieber nobody would know who the hell she was.

      She fades away and no one would notice.

  2. Rice says:

    I wonder if Katy’s face hurts this morning from snarling all the time.

    Sorry, I might be the only one who thinks Selena’s dress looks horrible.

    The rest… meh.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      You are not alone.

    • lenje says:

      I also don’t like Selena’s dress.

      And I just can’t with this grill trend!!

    • Sunlily says:

      I agree, that dress is pretty hideous. Like WTF is it trying to be? What in the mariachi hell is it trying to be?!

    • DesertPoppy says:

      I hate Selena’s outfit too. I also hate Miley’s outfit but I don’t expect to like anything she wears these days.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      I’m with you Rice. I’d describe the dress as hooker chic.

      Where was Justin Bieber last night? I’d have liked to have seen his delight at Miley’s raunch. They’re twins in spirit.

    • gg says:

      The Katy Perry grimace is hysterical. Yes, this looks sexy ya’ll – everybody go out and get some nasty 3-D crap to stick on your teeth so you can’t close your mouth … /sarcasm/

  3. QQ says:

    Selena looked great

    Katy perry another one in the bandwagon of “white girls thinking acting vaguely hood is cute”, Iggy and Miley driving on that shitty little situation btw

    • Jojo says:

      This 100%! How is vaguely appropriating black culture fashionable now?! It’s looks tacky in Katy’s place and in Miley’s case trying way too hard.

      • Kcaia says:

        Its been obviously popular even since the 90s. For examples, just google pictures of Britney, Christina and N Sync in the 90s and compare with pictures of Aaliyah and Usher in the 90s. Black culture has influenced white youth since before I was born.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      It’s funny how desperate Katy has become now that her sex kitten church angle has been played out. On to the next attempt for attention!

  4. Mandy says:

    Katy and Miley both looked ridiculous. Obviously, Miley more than Katy. Selena looked awesome as usual. Her stylist does not mess around! She is such a pretty girl.

  5. Nicky says:

    I hope she was making fun of others with that stupid grill ugh! Please for love of anything and everything Miley keep your tongue in your mouth where it belongs. Just disgusting.

  6. bondbabe says:

    Selena looks fantastic!!! Beautiful dress color and styling.

    For the love of everything good, can we PLEASE put a moratorium on grills? Please?! You end up looking ridiculous, not edgy or forward, just ridiculous.

  7. Nicolette says:

    Katy, please shut your mouth it’s not becoming to you at all. Stop it.

    Selena’s dress is great, love it.

  8. CreamSoda says:

    Katy Perry’s toes are everywhere in those shoes. That totally bothers me, probably more than it should.

    • lori says:

      I’m right there with you. I noticed those finger like toes more than that stupid grill.

    • Sisi says:

      yeah those shoes annoy me the most out of everything posted here.

      Next up is the grill. What’s up with grills lately. Even Ryan Lochte would say that is soooooooo last year.

    • emmie_a says:

      OMG yes!! Her toes are totally distracting in a gross way. They look like little fingers clawing their way out. ugh.

    • Jules says:

      She should at least try shoes that fit. Those toes look like they are trying to escape. As well as I would if I were one of her toes. The ultimate try-hard.

  9. Holden says:

    Close your f’ing mouth Miley Cyrus, goddamn it.

  10. David99 says:

    Allison Williams is so pretty.

  11. Samtha says:

    Aside from the grill and shoes, Katy looked beautiful. Selena looked best, though. Perfect hair, makeup and dress. Gorgeous girl.

  12. sunnydaze says:

    No more gills. Please, PLEASE no more.

    But in fairness, I though Katy was trying to bring back colored bands for braces.

    Miley with the tongue…Nope. too early for this s*it

  13. Nev says:

    Allison is GORGEOUS.

    Selena is losing the baby-fat in the face I think!!! Once that happens, watch out!!!

  14. Linda says:

    Are Beyonce and Rita Ora sharing a wig at the moment?

  15. Rhiley says:

    I wish the Fratellis from Goonies would’ve made an appearance on the red carpet and threatened to cut Miley Cyrus’s tongue out of her mouth. It is so gross and pointless to stick it out in EVERY PICTURE.

    • Lisa says:

      This is the best comment here. I wish Miley would do the Truffle Shuffle instead of the Harlem Shake.

  16. Asdfg says:

    Katy looked amazing – I don’t like the grill at all. Grills from a far make you look like you have a mouth full of decayed teeth. TRUTH. Miley’s a joke. Selena looked gorgeous I loved her dress and everything. I liked Rita’s dress. I like her make up too. It’s different from her signature look.

  17. loie says:

    Why do you want to look like one boob is hanging out? Great dress if you’re nursing and you have to hit a red carpet event though…
    Ugh, Katy Perry. I feel like she’s going to be embarrassed when she sees photos this morning. Grills are so dumb.

  18. Gretchen says:

    Haha, Katy’s face, that ‘fierce growl’ makes her look like an angry teenager with braces.

  19. janie says:

    I didn’t care for Selenas dress at all. She is such a beautiful girl & doesn’t do sleezy well. I love Katy, but I’m so done with these grills & I think they are trashy.

  20. neelyo says:

    Selena Gomez is boring and her eyes are dead. That dress is the only interesting thing about her.

  21. Lucy says:

    Selena looked absolutely stunning!!! Everything was perfect, and I love the peek-a-boo effect, even though it could have looked pretty tacky (it didn’t). Everyone thought Rita was actually Bey, myself included. And all I know about Katy’s performance is that she was dressed as a boxer. As for Miley, no comment.

  22. Blech says:

    Katy’s dress is hideous, but nothing new there, still kitschy her toes are freaking me out and I refuse to even entertain the mouth. Miley looks like she is in some low rent Zumba outfit. I thought she and her mom sat at home and “bedazzled” one of her skanky twerking spandex numbers. Alison, cute. Selena too much going on I think, Rita Ora who cares.

  23. judyjudy says:

    Grills wouldn’t be so bad if the wearers didn’t make that awful “look at my grill” face.

  24. magpie says:

    Poor Katy. Miley stole the show as the hot mess, Taylor and Selena were the high fashion good girls, Riri was cut to every 3 seconds…no attention for her and Meyer didn’t even come as her date. He was probably scared Taylor would out him as the true inspiration of that song (which I think she did). The song’s about Meyer, not Harry imo.

  25. Hoop says:

    KP has really ugly feet.

  26. tifzlan says:

    I really love Selena. I’m sorry, i can’t help it!

  27. The Original G says:

    RE: the Grill thing.

    Dear Madonna and Katy Perry

    The fact that Miley Cyrus has affected this look is incontrovertable evidence that this trend is officially and totally over. What are you both thinking?

  28. Jayna says:

    Selena looked gorgeous. I actually loved Miley’s look for the VMAs on the Ted carpet. Katy was tragic.

  29. mar says:

    Katy Perry is SOOOOOOO overrated.

    Selena is so adorable!!!!

  30. Decloo says:

    Hey Katy Perry, Alexis Carrington called. She wants her dress back!

  31. Audrey says:

    Why is miley always sticking her tongue out?

    Not cute. Not sexy. Just sad attention whoring

  32. Debbie says:

    I thought Katy had the performance of the night. Everyone else was trying way to hard and JT didn’t actually sing. Although he was entertaining.

    Katy was the best, I can’t take gaga and Miley and Taylor swift is just way to bitter for her young age!

  33. UsedToBeLulu says:

    Wow. Allison Williams needed to get her contouring blended! Her nose and her chin – yikes.

  34. Kelly says:

    These are the top females of the night? That’s just sad. Katy Perry looks ridiculous and Miley Cyrus is just a joke at this point. Selena Gomez has basically zero charisma. I don’t get it.

  35. skuddles says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Katy Perry just wore the grill to be funny? As in I think she’s poking fun at celebs like Miley and Madonna and RiRi who think grills are the cat’s ass?

  36. Mon says:

    K perry – not a good look. She looks like a karddashian! And that grill is really a no no…

  37. Ella says:

    I think Katy & her team made the wrong move by having her perform last. She probably thought performing last would be the most prestigious slot, like she’s headlining the whole thing, and maybe that’s what was intended, but in reality it meant a lot of people didn’t even see her. The show was so damn long, Katy’s performance didn’t even air until after 11 pm. So she probably lost a lot of audience by that point.

    I also think having her performance off site did her no favors. Yeah, it probably seemed cool, to perform on the Brooklyn Bridge, but it meant she wasn’t actually AT the awards, so they couldn’t pan to her in the audience or have her really be part of it.

    So, combined with Miley’s antics stealing the show, I think all of this resulted in very low visibility for Katy on what was supposed to be her big night.

  38. Ron says:

    I believe Linda Evangelista rocked that Miley out fit back in the day and looked amazing. I just can’t get over her f*cked up hair. Alison Williams looks beautiful. and….

    Grills are awful. On everyone. For every occasion. For every reason. They do not and will never look cool.

  39. blaize says:

    Selena’s outfit was my third-favorite outfit of the night. It would have been number one if it were a more interesting color. I don’t like blue on her.

    I like Miley’s outfit, particularly the pants. Hate the makeup, don’t really have an opinion about the hair at this point.

    I don’t like Katy’s outfit. Looks budget.

    Hate Rita Ora’s outfit, and Alison’s is boring.

  40. LaurieH says:

    What’s up with the grill trend? It’s not attractive. It’s not edgy. It’s just stupid. As to Rita Ora… I had to take a triple-take. At first glance, I thought it was Beyonce. Then I thought it was Kelly Pickler. That can’t be a good sign.

  41. Chrissy says:

    I love Selena usually but that dress isn’t classy.

  42. Vanessa says:

    I think Selena outfit was really good she look matured and classy I don’t understand the hate Selena Gomez gets she might not be the best singer In the world but so what Miley Cyrus sound like a cat in heat when she sings yet people praise her at sing Katy perry doesn’t have the best voice either. Selena works with what she has she trying to cross over from childhood star to adult star at least Selena is doing it the more respectable way she not trashly or ratchet like Miley Cyrus .

  43. Sophie says:

    Allison’s black shoes don’t go with that white dress.

  44. This is part of what I love about Katy Perry. I believe it was the grammys back in 2009 where she was making funny faces with her award. I thought it was fabulous that she was just having fun and enjoying the fruits of her hard work that year.

    Especially after last year and the crack down on the dress code its good to see that shes gone another direction to get the spotlight but in a fun way.

  45. Irishae says:

    Selena looks great on my screen from 15 ft away. Up close though, it looks like someone assaulted her by tearing the front of her dress off. The dress is unhooked at the shoulder panel to show the half corset underneath. Pretty awful.

  46. Bette says:

    Katy’s grill actually spells out “ROAR” but it’s a fail because you can’t actually tell unless you see an extreme closeup. And even if you could see what it says, it’s still dumb. Why is she always so literal? “My song is called Roar so I must wear a leopard print dress and spell out the name of my song on my teeth and make snarling faces all night long.” We get it, Katy, you’re the eye of the tiger, we’re gonna hear you roar, etc.

  47. Dannielle says:

    Okay, now THIS I found hilarious. Somehow I think she was mocking this trend more than participating in it.

  48. All Mark says:

    The Roar performance was #lame #corny

  49. Maria Diyan says:

    i Love Katty Perry