Tom Hiddleston receives ‘truckloads’ of Loki fan mail: ‘I unpack it and I read it all’


Here are some additional photos from Tom Hiddleston’s GQ UK pictorial. We’ve actually got several pieces of Hiddlesnews today, so let’s get to it. Tommy is currently in Australia promoting Thor 2 – I think Chris Hemsworth was supposed to be in Sydney too, but I haven’t seen any photos of him. This morning, Hiddles appeared on a live morning show in Australia. Here’s the video – I like when Tommy tries his Australian accent – it’s actually pretty good! He moves into it with ease too.

Here’s a newish clip of Hiddles and Hemsworth from Thor 2. Is it just me or does Tom look very sickly in this scene?

And finally, Elle UK just released the interview they did with Tom – you can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

Do you get asked to do Loki’s voice as a party trick?
Never, actually. And the funny thing is that I don’t feel that I do that much of a voice. I’m never conscious of ‘doing a voice’, apart from just sounding a little bit menacing and mischievous, but I must do – it’s deeper and it hisses and growls.

Does Loki get fan mail?
Truckloads! Last summer, someone rang my doorbell and said there was a delivery for me. I said, ‘I’ll buzz you through’, because there’s a gate in front of my front door. No, he said, I’m in a van and I have to reverse in. I asked why he couldn’t just take it out of the van – and he said ALL of the stuff in it was for me. And it was a big van.

What did you do with it all?
I unpacked it and I read it all. The most flattering thing is when people understand Loki, because he’s a damaged soul. In the story, the way he turned into the God of Mischief is that he was lied to, cast out, abandoned and betrayed as a child. A lot of his reason for wanting to stir up chaos has come from heartbreak, and this resonates with people. They write these long, articulate essays about it. It was intentional that Loki should be an entertaining character but also that there should be a shred of truth. So it’s pleasing to get those letters. And then people send dolls and teddy bears of Loki, and some amazing artwork. I was hopeless as art as a child – it just wasn’t one of the gifts that was bestowed on me. So I’m always amazed by those. There’s some stranger stuff too. People write fan fiction about him and that can get a bit racy!

In period dramas, they say that the authenticity of the costume extends to the underwear. Does Loki have special pants?
It’s not really the same, but in metallic costumes and you want to make sure that, um, things are well protected from the sharpness of the metal. So I’ll wear under-armour jogging trousers. Apart from that, Loki keeps his underwear pretty simple!

[From Elle UK]

First of all, why is everyone talking about Tom’s panties these days? While I find Tom attractive sometimes, I don’t really want to think about him in his underwear. At all. Sorry, Hiddles Girls. As for Tom reading the fan-mail… um… I don’t know what to think. It’s like he’s bragging about how much fan-mail he gets, but I think his objective was trying to honor his fans’ passion(s), right? But why did he have to talk about reading every piece of fan-mail? That takes it to a creepy level.





Photos courtesy of Twitter, GQ UK, WENN.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Oh man…you just reminded me that I had a sex dream about him last night (!!!)

    And I don’t even like this dude. At all.

    It’s official: I spend entirely too much time on this site 🙁

    • curlsunited says:

      Bless him. Size does matter. It was a BIG van.

      This said I’m off this thread. I really can’t run the risk of having naughty dreams about TommyAnnE instead of, you know, the other one (no, not Thor).

      • Vesta says:

        @curls – I’m very thankful you mentioned this terrible risk that Tommy could end up in your dreams… Oh God, it would be SO awkward… to wake up screaming & sweating, and then Cumby would cuddle me, kiss me in the neck and ask: “Was that a nightmare, darling?” And what then would I say to him? I can’t lie to my man.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        It is SO annoying not being able to properly program one’s dreams.

        I want to dream of Cumby, but instead I dream of Loki. It is really starting to tick me OFF.

    • Shw says:

      @TheOriginalKit Oh god! Me too. I was shopping in Safeway with him, but like, sexy shopping.
      I’m off work today w/ a migraine so have been lying in bed wTching his episodes of ‘Wallander’.
      I hold this site entirely responsible for this new crush. I can’t stand the pretentious little twerp in print. So I will settle for having him as my hot, hot hate fuck.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh my god…so several of us have been afflicted? He’s spreading like a virus!

        I completely agree-he disgusts me but now that I’ve had that naughty dream, I got biscuit-tingles from looking at the pics of him here 🙁

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I am so glad we have phrases like “hate fuck” to explain this phenomenon. Everything about him is like nails on a board. And yet…..

      • Shw says:

        UGH. Help me ladies for I am disgusted with myself. I have spent the entire day watching TomEAnne over annunciate every syllable of every word he is given in the script. Don’t ever watch ‘Deep Blue Sea’.
        I think it might be a virus or something, because he’s *awful* but he does make my biscuit tingle. (I adore that phrase btw)
        I need a good Cumberbatching and a lie down.
        (What has this site done to me??? 😉 )

      • Sixer says:

        He is hot but tooth-grindingly annoying. I have come to the conclusion that he should never be able to say anything other than his lines – and only then when he is on set. I shall make an exception for Fanty – he is allowed to whisper about Shakespeare to her.

      • EscapedConvent says:


        It may have distorted your entire world view.

        You’ll start having those dreams soon. Once Cumberbatching has taken place, you may not recognize yourself.

        You could be right on schedule.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I loved ‘The Deep Blue Sea’! I thought he was good in it too.

        *pouts in the corner*

      • Shw says:

        @escapedc the Cumberbatching has already taken place. Usually he’s the one giving me the naughty tingles. I find that plain & logical . The man is sex. I’m just distracted at the moment by more irksome cheekbones.
        @LadySlippers (great name) I’ll concede that Hiddleston is the best thing about that film. The script was weak and Weises is a terrible actress. The film was saved by him and how well he wears a suit. If he had been bad, I wouldn’t have watched it.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I hope your migraine is better! I get them too and they suck.

        *bashfully* Why thank you *giggles*

  2. T.fanty says:

    Well, he did have a fair amount if time on his hands this summer. I believe this, 100%.

    • Vesta says:

      At first I misread you wrote “Well, WE did have a fair amount of time…” and so on. Which of course would make sense too.

      Edit: Or did you misspell ?

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Did Fanty just admit that *she* spent a lot of time on Tommy’s hands this summer?
        Hmmmm…that could explain a lot.

        It’s just awful how rumors get started, isn’t it? 😉

      • Vesta says:


        T.Fanty hasn’t denied the rumours, but her silence is telling. Like that kind of old celebrity trick would fool us! It is now very clear what she did last summer.

        *calls the yellow press*

        – – –

        Very soon after the call:

        >> the sound of newspaper printing press at work <<


      • T.Fanty says:

        Sorry – actually just spent the ENTIRE day either reading or watching Shakespeare (true story). Hiddleyanna would tell me he was proud of me if I would let him take off the ass’ head. It’s our little souvenir from the weekend that Cumby was getting his alien toes dirty at Glasto.
        *whispers* It’s the only thing I let him wear.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Tommy looks *so* good in that donkey’s head too. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a cuter ass….head.

      • Vesta says:

        Ah, there’s absolutely & positively NO reason to be sorry… Although TommyAnnE is pure Shakespearean comedy within a Shakespearean tragedy, the rest of the world hasn’t quite realized his enormous importance yet, and just keep on giving us all sorts of secondary tasks. Go figure, go figure.

        But still, I’m baffled – I was so sure it’s the donkey wearing a Tommyanne mask, not the other way around.

    • Eve says:

      I believe this, too. Also, in TommyAnnE’s particular case, reading extremely flattering fan mail must be reassuring…

    • Anna says:

      How freaking ADORABLE is it that he totally fangirls Chris and spends like a quarter of that segment (if not a third) promoting Chris and RUSH???

      I have warm, giggly butterflies in my tummy.

      • icerose says:

        Yes I Tom and Chris seem to have a great relationship. He is always so generous in his praise of other actors and from what the other cast members in both Thor and the Avengers said-a great actor to work with.

      • I Choose Me says:

        That was my favourite part as well. His Australian accent also stoked the fires of my crush.

        As for him reading all the fan mail, if I was him I’d read all of it too. Most especially the fanfic just for a good laugh or cringe. And there really is some fatastic Loki artwork out there.

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Hi Anna! Shouldn’t those warm giggly things in your tummy be dragonflies, dear?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I read a lot of explicit fanfictions–and in Thor fanfic world, Thor/Loki is the most popular. So I’m not surprised that at least a fraction of those writers send it all in. The weirdest one I’ve read was one that was actually ‘Tom Hiddleston’ as the main character–he was still an actor, but I think they got his personality all wrong because he was into bdsm i.e. the dominant, while the submissive was some fangirl who stalked him on twitter and tumblr, who worked on one of his film sets as a PA or something–and he started dating her, after he found out that she was his #1 fan because she wasn’t blatant about it or something–weird.

      But I want to write a Triangle of Doom story, so I guess I can’t talk.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Say what you want about Tom’s creepy fans but NOTHING compares to My Immortal.

      • icerose says:

        Actors often get sent copies of fan fiction in all forms. I only ever read character fan fiction because fan fiction about an actual actor is just not something I am comfortable with. But either kind can be racy. There is an amusing description by one actor about reading it to his mum or something like that.
        I think that reading his fan mail is great better than actors who employ someone to do it for them and then pretend they do.

      • Caroline says:

        How do you know he doesn’t have any Dom tendancies?

    • blue marie says:

      Yes, but does he dress as Loki to read/answer said mail?

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        He better.

        Don’t like Tom but I like Loki. I’ll kneel. He was an interesting character in the comics, him and Dr. Doom teaming up is always hilarious.

      • TommyAnnE of the Cold and Lonely Forest says:

        I do. And if I don’t wear the right knickers, I weep.

  3. Migdalia says:

    Nah I don’t think it was bragging (ok maybe a little with the truck load but lets not pretend none of us would mention that) and I do believe it was to tell his fans that he reads the fan letters that get sent to him. Some people never know if their hard work (art, letters) were sent to the celebrity because either their agent never passed it over or the actor is too busy to reply or read. I used to work at an agency where my boss kept his client’s fan mail and would barely attempt to get it to the client.

    • Migdalia says:

      Actually the creepy level it was taken to is people sending fan fiction especially erotic ones. Fan-Fiction IMO should be kept from fan to fan on AO3 or with 50 shades and people sending it to actors I feel like too much attention is being called onto it.

      • Felice says:

        I do agree. But I was laughing pretty hard picturing him reading some. I’ve never gotten past the descriptions in the tag.

        With how much his mouth flaps, I’m not surprised several fics have him wearing a ball gag.

        Do your thing though, I don’t mind the talking too much.

    • icerose says:

      What I find interesting is how it got to his home address because the article refers to Loki fan mail not Tom’s fan mail . Was it addressed Loki,London which I can actually believes happens or was it all through his agency which seems a bit odd as you think they would have given him a heads up

      • Green Girl says:

        I was thinking the same thing! And if it is through his agency, don’t you think they’d just select a small bag of a random selection letters instead of every single one?

      • Flower says:

        It’s supposed to be filtered through his agency, it would be so funny if it’s coming directly to his rich mucky muck house. I guess he had a real Beatles moment there, lol.

        But the fic, he has so seen the Hiddles fic on tumblr, he’s been seen surfing his tag so I believe he has seen it.

    • zobib says:

      It’s actually VERY common for celebrities to receive fanfiction or just erotic letters in general from their fans.

  4. Hello Kitty says:

    I like that Hiddles reads every piece of fanmail. He appreciates his fans. Remember earlier in the year when someone discovered a dumpster full of unopened fanmail to Taylor Swift?

    • dee says:

      I read somewhere it’s her agent’s fault. At least I hope so.

      • Migdalia says:

        See my post above. It’s a 95% chance that it is all her agent. The handlers can make celebrities look very bad

    • icerose says:

      Me to but whatever he says some people are going spin their own perception on it. I remember seeing Benny on Graham Norton running into the audience hugging fans and it felt to me like he was being very false especially after things he had said about fans in the past. But other people saw it differently. Tom has always been vocal in his appreciation of fans so what he says above makes sense. Its all about perception and has little to do with the actual actor

      • jammypants says:

        You speak sense.

      • Tish says:

        “it felt to me like he was being very false especially after things he had said about fans in the past”

        What did he say about them in the past????? I don’t remember anything offensive to them except the Cumberbitch term. And Norton was so shocked and fangirled like crazy so I do think it’s genuine.

      • Tish says:

        Though I do feel that when it comes to Tom, everything seems false and PR-driven because he’s too saccharine and “PERFECT” all the time.

  5. Anna says:

    The underwear thing in the interview comes from the incident with one of the One Direction blokes who had his undies stolen this week.

    I prefer my Hiddles, um, unrestrained.

    And it’s not HIS fan-mail, it’s Loki’s. I think it’s kind of great that he read it all. I <3 TommyAnne.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Loki is eternally appealing no matter how much people try to
      Make him”evil.” He is a clever outsider. The world js filled with bookish girls who have no trouble identifying with that.

  6. Spooks says:

    I like him. I especially like that he promotes the hell out of his work. It’s their job, isn’t it?

    • Lucija says:

      I hate when actors act like they’re above it all.

      • Tiffany says:

        Yet he is still getting crapped on for that. He reads fan mail and reply on Twitter. He is creepy. He talks of his love of Shakespeare, he is pretentious. He is too enthusiastic about promotion and it is still not enough. The man cannot win with some people. I like him.

      • jammypants says:

        hit the nail on the head Tiffany. I kind of feel bad for the crap both Hiddleston and Cumberbatch get. Luckily that gets balanced out with the good things as well.

      • browniecakes says:

        TH follows 1068 accounts on Twitter. I don’t know how he gets thru all the posts. So I believe the reading a truck load of mail.

  7. dee says:

    I really can’t believe people’s fascination with Loki until now. He’s not even that good of a character.

    • Elodie says:

      I can tell you that in the comics Loki is a superior level of awesome, not the funky version done big screen here… so yeah from the latter I don’t get the fascination either.

  8. yeueh says:

    *rolls eyes *Puhlease, save it Tom. I don’t believe this bull for a sec. He always comes across as eager to please.He just needs to chill, he seems like a cool dude, just a bit to try hard.

  9. Leah says:

    he must have a lot of time on his hands..

  10. Elodie says:

    He hit on a colleague of mine last year at the BIFA awards, it was just too funny, overcompensating every single word he was telling her, we were barely a few steps away from then. We made fun of her all night and she was a bit pissed because she had her eyes on Jude Law that night and it got a bit ruined by this dude 😀

    From that day, albeit I never spoke to the man and only met him from afar, I’ve found him… exhausting!

    Still, he (and his PR team) works hard trying to make it to the top career promo wise, gotta give him props for that.

    • Froop says:

      Hilarious. Details!

    • Anna says:

      AWESOME! The man is too much

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Awesome! Just curious, what does she look like?

      • Elodie says:

        He is tall, but looks even more tall because of his slim body; and he was introducing himself to whoever was around, but not like a pimpin’ himself way, more like an excited boy, it was almost cute.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        @Elodie… What does your friend look like?

      • Elodie says:

        @ Miss Melissa

        My colleague is a petite mixed race.

    • Mary-Rose says:

      I wonder how he reacted when she gave him the brush off?

      • Elodie says:

        Well the tone was funny, because he went all flirty and she went all friendly formal, and we were pissing ourselves laughing because he seemed either in denial or he really was oblivious. Then I got distracted as I saw Jared Harris and just walked-ran towards him for a chat.

    • icerose says:

      Stories about him hitting on a colleague at the BIFA awards seems to come up again and again on different sites under different names. He must have hit on a lot of ladies that night. All I can say is well done Tom. Keep up the good work. It gives people something to gossip about why you get on with your happy successful life.

    • browniecakes says:

      DataLounge is gonna get jealous if the tea spilling is going to happen here! More tea please.

      • Mary-Rose says:

        It probably is a DL refugee. TommyAnne’s threads keep getting pulled so they are probably coming on to here.
        And why can’t TommyAnne enjoy himself? He’s at the peak of career and by is own admission recently said he won’t make a good boyfriend at the moment. Let him get it out of his system. I still think we’ll see him settle down when he’s older , wiser and more established actor.
        He’s still young and this attention is all just new and picking up.

      • Elodie says:

        Sorry to burst the preconceived idea bubble, but I’m no “DL refugee”.

    • flower says:

      I can see where he would be exhausting, when the convo is all “me, me, me”. I’ve heard of him doing with different girls at other awards shows, clearly he has no shame. Lol.

  11. Sixer says:

    There are days when the ball gag just isn’t enough. I truly don’t think my teeth can stand any more grinding.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      The ball gag factory has made us Customer of the Year.

      • browniecakes says:

        LOL – and the year is not even done yet – Thor: TDW promo is just starting! Will they give you a discount on a case for next year?

      • Sixer says:

        I’m thinking of adding shackles to my HiddlyAnna Tackle Kit. So I can prevent him from going to any interviews. I’ll take them off for acting jobs only.

  12. Ginger says:

    Never fear Kaiser! I will do all of the thinking about Tom in his underwear for you! Speaking of…did anyone else see the bathhouse scene in the Hollow Crown? Tom in nothing but a towel and a smile…

  13. Anna says:

    Question about fan mail: where the heck do you get the address? I’d like to send some questionable letters to Michael Fassbenderand Idris Elba

    • Migdalia says:

      Hahaha right?! You can usually google it (I’d recommend imdb/imdbpro), but most of the time you’d send fan mail to their agent or manager and their office should be passing it through to their talent. I don’t believe it was directly sent from fan to Tom’s actual residence.

  14. LexieW says:

    You know, I actually think it’s adorable that he took the time to read all the mail. Were I an actor who suddenly had an unprecedented amount of success, I’d hope I’d have the humility to understand that fans are a big part of my success, and that to take them for granted is a big no-no.

  15. LadySlippers says:

    And notice how appreciative Tom is over the artwork. He fawns over it and doesn’t mention giving it away like his buddy (honestly) stated.

    Which means — Tom and his PR team don’t want Benedict’s backlash….

    • Maureen says:

      Did Benedict really get backlash for admitting he gives away most of the artwork the fans send him? I thought he was really honest and reasonable in his explanation. Besides, he also admitted he has kept some of the better pieces.

      Slightly off-topic: Anybody remember when someone (a neighbor? a pap?) caught sight of bins of fan mail put out with the trash at Taylor Swift’s house? Un-opened fan mail.

      • Maureen says:

        Nevermind. The TS thing has been covered.

      • Green Girl says:

        I felt bad for BC, too, when that happened. It’s not like he explicitly stated which art he kept. He also made it a point to say he gave stuff away instead of saying “I pitched it.”

        But really, what do fans expect celebrities to do? Many of them are inundated with fan-made stuff and they can’t keep every single item that gets sent their way.

      • jammypants says:

        so TH gets backlash for admitting he opens his fan mail but BC gets nothing for admitting he throws/gives them away? man you women…

      • LadySlippers says:

        Yes, Benedict did get a whole bunch of crap for not keeping everything fans send him. But my guess is that the furor was from his younger fans because most of us older fans get that it’s not practical to keep *everything*.

        Overall, I think both Tom and Benedict appreciate their fans (Benedict wore a sweater/jumper that a fan sent him — it’s hard to top that). And both try and avoid the ‘vitriol’ but that makes them seem a bit too OTT sugary sweet. Which is why I think they really can’t win. Sad though. It’s one extreme or another.

      • Flower says:

        At least King Lizard is honest about it, do I believe that Tom opens and keeps all the creepy mail he gets?

        Nah. I can see a lot of it ending up in la garbage, the creepiest stuff first.

      • Tish says:

        Geee. That’s actually reality, you know. I’d prefer that answer anytime. Do you really think all celebs keep and read all these fanmails???

  16. LadySlippers says:


    Are you feeling better? I tried to send you well wishes yesterday but it was lost somewhere.

    • Eve says:

      Thank you for your best wishes.

      It’s been a really nasty flu. Yesterday I missed a class (summer course) because I could barely stand up.

      I’m feeling slightly better today but I still have cold sweats, a stuffy nose and an intermittent headache.

      • Maureen says:

        I swear by the benefits of a humidifier. I’ve used mine with head colds, flu, and an upper respiratory infection I had last winter. The humidifier just does wonders if you can get your hands on one. Also, water with lemon slices. The vitamin C in lemons is powerful. If your mouth/throat are hurting Slippery Elm is a miracle-worker.

      • Eve says:

        @ Maureen:

        Thanks for the tips.

        Re: vitamin C in lemons — I’ve been drinking a mix of lemons with honey (it helps with the sore throat).

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Did you try that hot toddy I sent? 🙂

      • Eve says:

        @ EsCon:

        It arrived cold here…¬¬

        Don’t worry, I heated it up *whispers*between my thighs*whispers*.

        P.S.: Get your mind out of the gutter — it’s hot there because of the fever.

  17. Miss Jupitero says:

    You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, fangirls:

    He reads your fan fiction. All of it.

    Clearly he has a lot of time on his hands.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I know he does, because when I sent him a very elaborate & nauseating fanfic story I wrote about him as King of the Dragonflies, sipping tea with Hemsworth as a sparkly lavender unicorn, he read it, made comments on it, & sent it back to me. I’m selling it on eBay.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Are going to share this literary masterpiece w/ us before selling it?!? And is eBay really the best venue for your talent my dear? You should publish it and use the profits to upgrade Thornfield. Mansions *can* be expensive to maintain. Not only that, rumour has it hedgehogs are voracious eaters…

        Just a thought darling.

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t do anything rash. *yanks story off eBay*

        You have given me something to think about very carefully. The parties at Thornfield have begun destroying the place, it’s true. If only we could keep Miss Jane off the chandeliers, it would be so much easier to maintain.

        As for the hedgehogs, they will eat anything that they don’t get stuck to first. They’re sweet but also rather high-maintenance.

      • LadySlippers says:


        I’m glad you are pondering your next move.

        Miss Jane does seem a bit of a handful, doesn’t she? And there is a *fair* amount of blood shed (notice I was trying to be nice to Eve to avoid her wrath). I’m sure the dry cleaning bills are exorbitant. And both Tommy & Benny probably consume the entire wine cellar in one weekend. Plus, all the various restraints you use on the boys….

        Stuff ain’t free and all those things add up. *sigh*

        Someone has to plan for the future. Perhaps the band created a while back should try and sell records to fund raise as well?!? And the recreational videos you made of the boys (when not chasing hedgehogs) might also be a good source of income.

        Just some thoughts….

  18. Mary-Rose says:

    Has anyone got any info on that Q&A thing he did? I can’t find any details about it anywhere! His Q&A with fans are usually a good thing to read/watch.

  19. Maureen says:

    I don’t think for one second that he reads it all. A whole “big van” load? Give me a break. I can’t stand when celebs tell lies that aren’t even rational. I understand how they can feel compelled to exaggerate or lie in order to make fans feel good, but at least create a lie that’s logical.

    • LadySlippers says:


      I agree. I think he AND a team of people sort through his (and Loki’s) fan mail but I doubt he reads it all. At least Benedict has the balls to say he can’t keep everything.

      (but to be fair to both — they can’t win either way)

    • browniecakes says:

      I totally believe TH reads everything he gets. I also believe follows himself on the internet. He is that guy.

      • LadySlippers says:


        I can believe he’d follow himself. He seems kinda narcissistic, doesn’t he? But you really think he reads everything??? Like, all of it? There’s gotta be a lot out there! Lol

        Tom, while looking in the mirror: I AM handsome and sexy. And women just LOVE me (flexes muscles while smiling like Loki)

      • Green Girl says:

        Oh, I agree he follows his own press, too. I think this crop of actors in their 20s and 30s are very much aware of the fan sites, tumblrs, etc., and keep up with it.

  20. LadySlippers says:

    @ Eve

    I hate the flu. Glad to hear you are on the mend.. Even if it is slow.

  21. French Reader says:

    Guys, most Hiddleston articles and comments reference dragonflies. Since I don’t read *every* single post about him I must have missed the first instance of that so now I never get it, huhu… anyone care to explain it to me? 🙂

  22. flower says:

    He should see the hiddles fan fic, that is some vomit inducing mess.

    • LadySlippers says:


      Isn’t almost all fanfic, regardless of topic, a vomitus mess???

      • Flower says:

        Thus the mess. The worst are the “virgin the written by virgins” fics, they make me want to claw my eyes out.

        Yeah as if Tom would wait a few months getting to know you before having sex with you.

        Yeah as if he has been waiting all of his 32 years to lose his virginity to you.

        Yeah as if a cherry pops that way, nope.

      • Miss Melissa says:


        Is there something specific you are referring to? Because although your description does indeed sound vomitous, I could use a good laugh.

        Or would I die from embarrassment?

    • Flower says:

      You would die and throw up, well maybe not in that order. There are virgin fics listed on one tumblr that caters to TH fic, titling Tom tales or something it’s called. A few of it isn’t so bad, but a lot of it is hopeful Mary sue’s with a chaste Hiddleston, which is laughable.

      • LadySlippers says:

        @Miss Melissa

        And that doesn’t even touch the horrible grammar, poor storytelling, etc etc etc that goes along w/ fan fic.

        It’s bad bad bad…


  23. Mary-Rose says:

    I think he does read all the Internet gossip sites and tries to ‘correct’ himself all the time. But at the end of the day he can’t please everyone especially in the industry he’s in. He needs to take a leaf out of matey boy Cumberbatch’s book and not give a flying hoot what people think sometimes (but not to cumberbatch extent)
    So TommyAnne, if you are here. Log off and go and eat some smarties and stop trying to be please everyone – be who you are !

  24. allons-y alonso says:

    God those Sunrise people are painful to watch. At least it wasn’t that twat Kochie interviewing him. My friend went to the Q&A and said he was very sweet.

    • Mary-Rose says:

      I can’t find anything about the Q&A . Can you ask her for more information like what answers he gave e.t.c ? Pretty please? I’ll be in your debt

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Here’s the thing. I like him a lot.

      I think he’s flawed. I think he’s human. I think he does want to be liked. I think he does try hard.

      I also think he is well-meaning and harmless. Worldly but naive about how he comes across. Generally a good egg that hasn’t been too spoiled by his success – yet.

      I think his true character will be reflected in the partner he chooses. As it should be with all men.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        I agree with you. I stand by my belief that he needs a good friend to tell him to breathe in, breathe out (or a cartoon character to drop an anvil on him whenever he gets too excited), but I can’t help but like the guy.

        That being said, I think if (heaven forbid) I ever met the man in Real Life, he would probably exhaust me.

  25. EscapedConvent says:

    Tommy’s house has a GATE?!! That’s the part I’m excited about.

    • Mary-Rose says:

      It also confirms that the person in various disguises on DL is wrong about living near him (apart from other things)

      • Froop says:

        What does it prove? He lives in a house away from the main street/road, in a private gated area.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        The area where he lives is gated, but Belsize Park is not. There are wonderful bars and coffee shops where anyone can hang out, and plenty of people who don’t live behind gates., maybe even live in flats (though I would imagine that even they are horrendously expensive).

    • j.eyre says:

      Of course. He talks of underwear, does accents, crushes on CHemboy, giggles, does an impression of his disapproving mother and admits to reading every letter written to him and you take from it “gate.”

      If I wan’t convinced before, I am now – you are the love of my life, EsCon.

    • Sixer says:

      Here’s my question. Whose kitchen was TommyAnne in for the baked potato/living below the line aren’t I good person video thingy? Seriously? He said it was his kitchen. But that tiny thing didn’t belong in a fork-off mansion with a gate. Was it the housekeeper’s kitchen?

      *worries about noticing this*

      • Miss Melissa says:

        It’s his, with the green brick. He’s posted photos from there before.

        I don’t know many Brits with big American-style kitchens.

        What I noticed was the electric stove. No gas in the big fancy house?

      • Sixer says:

        I’m a Brit. Living in a bog-standard 3-bedroom semi (albeit extended). My kitchen is three or four times that size. That is not a kitchen in an £X million Belsize Park mansion. That is a kitchen in a London house divided into flats (as many of them are). If it’s Tommy’s kitchen, he doesn’t have the whole house. He can’t have.

      • Froop says:

        @ your second reply

        Read somewhere it’s not a normal house. It’s a converted art studio so it’s a funny shape with a large amount of empty space. He only showed a tiny corner of it.

        Plus he’s a bachelor, they don’t usually buy houses based on kitchen size! Even expensive places in London have small kitchens. Everyone eats out.

      • Ncboudicca says:

        We all know way too much about this dude…maybe the gate is to a courtyard or back alley/secured parking lot of his building?

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        What Froop said. I have heard it described as a converted farmhouse, very old and historic, and so with all kinds of odd details. The area is gated– you have to get buzzed in to get anywhere near. Sounds like the type of place where one might have to update the kitchen and bath if one wants, and I would expect TommyAnnE is busy with other things. It is definitely a whole house, not a flat. Cost about 3 million. Tim Burton and HBC live next door.

      • Sixer says:

        @Froop – I lived in London for the first 30 years of my life. My best friend there is an upscale estate agent. Kitchens in upscale London *flats* are rarely that small, let alone houses. It’s not a city where everyone eats out every night.

        @Miss J – thanks. If it’s an odd set-up, perhaps there’s a kitchenette attached to a suite or a studio or somesuch.

        @Nboudicca – I certainly have absorbed Too Much Information. I can’t believe I’m talking about the man’s kitchen. Will retire gracefully now!

      • DahliaDee says:

        Who said where that it’s a converted farmhouse, that it cost 3 mil, and that he lives next to Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter? The only place I’ve seen those facts on is DL and LSA, by people who supposedly heard it from “a friend of a friend”. I mean, it might be true, but frankly, “Puh-lease!” has become my knee-jerk reaction to it.

      • Froop says:

        @ DahliaDee that info is on Google. Like the bit about his neighbours.

      • DahliaDee says:

        @Froop, no it ain’t. Either that, or my skills are nonexistent. Oh, sure it says on Wikipedia that TH among other celebrities, including Burton, Bonham Carter, Simon Pegg(!!) live in the area, but to my knowledge, nowhere does anyone mention that they live “right next to each other”, appart from the aforementioned DL and LSA posters.

      • Froop says:

        @DahliaDee The latter I’m afraid.

  26. Naddie says:

    Boy. He sounds everytime like a boy, but in a cute way. I’d love to spill my pessimism on him, it’d be hilarious.

  27. Resnictem says:

    What…no mention of the Australia maids when he was at school story he told on Australian breakfast television? I swear, standards are slipping.

    How he has the stomach to wade through so much drek that gets sent to him, via his agency is beyond me.

  28. Claire says:

    God I love him.

  29. Redirected says:

    I believe I once read one of the fangirls on Tumblr actually contemplating sending him her nude pic, LOL. To which another fan replied that all his fan mail gets sorted by his agency and the most racy and inappropriate stuff is removed, so all the nude pics and such are just likely to end up in some clerk’s hands.

    As for the weirdest and creepiest fanfiction – I once stumbled upon one about actor Tom and *don’t remember profession* Chris, where actor Tom was an intersex person, which made him suffer lots of abuse and anxiety through life, until he met Chris and the latter meeting subsequently resulted in a graphically depicted happy-ending sex scene and, supposedly, relationship. Yes, I’ve read it until the end for some peculiar reason, although flinching throughout the process. And yes, wish I could un-read it.
    It does makes me wonder who are those people writing this stuff not even about characters but actual real persons.

    On a happier note though, there is also some good Loki fanfiction out there. I remember one particularly entertaining and in character, well-written, and with an actual plot. Shame that it wasn’t finished.

  30. Caroline says:

    I read that ‘Hiddle Me This’ fanfic. I couldn’t stop myself.

  31. Marie says:

    His house is a converted art studio, not a farmhouse. I saw the real estate listing when the stalkers posted it on tumblr. The estate agent should have removed the page once he bought it. The stalker fangirls found it through the home management group that he’s a part of (along with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter).

    It has a huge two-level living space (that you see in that silly video he did for MTV and that Wendy book), small kitchen, small bedrooms, and a back garden. Very sparse home (at least in the listing). Very bachelor.

    Though maybe I’m a stalker fangirl for looking at it? Curiosity, cat, etc.