Tom Hiddleston’s Flaunt pictorial, with dragonflies: too cutesy or just sexy?

If you’re anything like me, you looked through these photos and said, “Ooooh, I want that green t-shirt!” The green t-shirt is John Varvatos, just FYI. I’m not so in love with the dragonfly coat, and I think it’s a particularly cloying choice for Hiddleston, who mostly seems like a nice enough guy, but can sometimes come across like… a Pollyanna, you know? A self-conscious naïf. And you’re going to put him in a dragonfly coat? Anyway, these photos are from a new Hiddles photo shoot with Flaunt Magazine. I think Hiddles is a traditionally handsome man, and these artsy photos don’t really do that justice. I’m not into it. Tom also did a little interview, and here are some of the quotes:

How he chooses work: “Every time you consider a job, you have to check in with your inner compass and say, ‘Does this fit in with how I see what the work is for? Is this going to be something interesting and valuable to contribute to the world?’”

He calls his UNICEF work that of a “town crier”: “I’m someone who can write about it and make people aware, but I’m not distributing vaccines; I’m not organizing transportation; I can’t make fortified milk for infants who are malnourished; I can’t build schools and find jobs and build training systems; I’m not a chemist; I’m not an engineer; I’m not a politician – I’m just in a position where people, some people, a few people, will read what I’ve got to say.”

[From Flaunt via Broadway World]

“Is this going to be something interesting and valuable to contribute to the world?” For goodness sake, YOU ARE AN ACTOR. You don’t need an inner compass to simply book acting jobs. And how did playing Loki contribute to the world again? Maybe Tom’s idea of “contributions to the world” includes “fan-written Loki erotica”.

Ugh… so, yeah, while I still like Hiddles, I need him to not talk about his contributions to the world right now. And I need him to stop wearing dragonfly coats. He can keep the green t-shirt though. It makes his eyes pop!

Flaunt photos courtesy of Steel Machines.

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  1. ds says:

    Yes! I’d wear that green shirt…but you know this is the kind of shoot that sells you the fantasy of spending a lazy day in with him after hot night and then you get to wear that shirt. I love it! They sold it to me

  2. Miss M says:

    “Is this going to be something interesting and valuable to contribute to the world?” For goodness sake, YOU ARE AN ACTOR. ”
    This!!!! His quotes were a major eye roll inducer.

    The Loki erotica contribution was an awesome comment, Kaiser! What a cotribution to the world…


    I cannot stop laughing, seriously…

    I finally realized he doesn’t do a thing for me these days. He is a mix of two ex-boyfriends.

    • Liv says:

      That’s not what I read out of it. I thought he means he won’t do films like Scary Movie 1-? or Good Luck Chuck (does someone remember? Ugh!). The film has to be “special” or interesting to him, but this can also be a film like Thor.

    • Eve says:

      @ Miss M:

      “The Loki erotica contribution was an awesome comment, Kaiser! What a cotribution to the world…”

      But that is a contribution to the world…to the world of comedy! And so are some of his tweets :D .

    • T.Fanty says:

      Don’t diss the Loki erotica. It is keeping tens of women happy.

    • AD says:

      I agree with you @Liv about his answers. Also unlike Franco, Hiddelston graduated from Cambridge and went to RADA so I don’t really feel like he’s gonna pull a Franco or Hathaway anytime soon.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Um, Franco graduated with honors from UCLA, and has also attended Yale and Columbia. Got his MFA at Warren Wilson which, as a poet, I can tell you is not a lightweight undertaking.

        I believe he is currently a Ph.D candidate. I don’t like his literary work, but he is serious. One of my closest friends is finishing her Ph.D at Columbia (and just scored a huge book contract– i am so jealous!) She knows him and has said he is well respected.

        Is he just a tad pompous? I think so, but I think the effort is sincere. I think Tom’s efforts are also sincere– I just don’t think he sees himself a that we or has much depth. Unlike Wddie Redmayne who I think is genuinely and truly brainy.

        I think it’s a good idea to take university pedigrees with a slight grain of salt. None of this is as impressive as it sounds on paper. i went to Oxford and met plenty of silly people. Listen to what the person has to say. Look at the results. Nothing else really matters.

      • Miss M says:

        @Ms. Jupitero: Thank you for your comment! I was about to post the same here. If we are going to compare level and quality of education, let’s be fair. Even though, the story about Franco’s professor and “D” grade is a bit sketchy. I still give Franco a pass because I have a soft spot for him, :)

    • AD says:

      @Miss Jupitero I don’t take university pedigrees seriously if it is gained AFTER that actor became famous, but Hiddelston’s was gained BEFORE he was famous. Also lot of people have called BS on one of Franco’s degrees because one of his professor’s failed him but was then fired by the University and Franco was given the degree anyway.

      • Miss M says:

        That story is sketchy, but to be honest… It takes more than giving a student a “D” to get fired… Specially in Grad school, when grades don’t matter as much as your research does.

      • T.Fanty says:

        That story was so sketchy. But then again, it is NYU and their priority is the bottom dollar.

        Plus, on the Franco topic – he’s no more of an ass than MANY English grad students I have known. He just has a more public forum for his sanctimoniousness and self-importance.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Eh sorry, I spent some time in Oxbridge circles and am a lot less impressed by those degrees, which can be paved with an awful lot of privilege and entitlement. Hiddles comes from a highly privileged background. Points for reading classics and doing well, but he has had plenty of doors opened for him.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        +1 Tfanty! I was just thinking “pompous? Hot air? It’s par for the course!”

        Can I also add: I think there is a limit to how much a man can toot his horn about a degree he earned more than a decade ago. Hiddles’s ideas and literary tastes often strike me as those i would expect from a bright college boy. I don’t see signs of continuing growth in that area. He seems much more interested in the self-help movement, motivational gurus, and the philosophy Lite of Alain de Botton. No crime in that, of course, but I don’t think of him as especially intellectual.

      • V4Real says:

        Hey why are you guys going so deep with this? Anyways Hiddles is still one of my Golden Boys even though sometimes I wish he would shut up and just smile for the camera instead of trying to push his intelligence in our face. I notice no one mention how great it was that he actually took time to go to Guinea in support of UNICEF to help the children living in poverty..

      • Eve says:

        “…he actually took time to go to Guinea in support of UNICEF to help the children living in poverty..”

        …and brought his publicist along with him.

        Yes, I’m fully aware I’m being a cynical bitch. But, honestly, bringing his publicist was a bad, famewhoring move on his part.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Miss Jupitero:

        In the UK, I think that people who were educated in the public/private sector (like Tom was) have more chances to go to Oxbridge because of how they were educated. They were molded from a young age to be the exact candidates that Oxbridge want. And it really depends on the school; I’m sure Eton provided lots of opportunities for a young Tom to excel in areas he took great delight in.

        All I’m saying is… how exactly is an Oxbridge education any different from an Ivy League’s? And AFAIK Oxbridge don’t entertain the ‘legacy system’ that is prevalent in the latter. :)

      • V4Real says:

        Eve I can agree that his priority might have been to let people see him doing something charitable to tug at our heart strings but if his famewhoring is going to bring attention to a good cause, than famewhore away. The same can be said with Angie; no matter what cause she is supporting it’s always widespread news but I believe her intentions are pure.
        But who knows; Tom could have fans that want to contribute to the charity just because his name is attached to it. I see it as a win for Tom and the Charity.

        My only problem with Hiddles is that he is a “try hard.” I never heard so much intellectual BS spewing from one mans mouth. Ok, you’re educated, we get it; now shut the hell up and focus on your movie career.

      • Miss M says:

        @Eve: I remembered him bringing his publicist. So odd… Is he his shadow?
        I still didn’t sallow his blog comment: ..” I’ve improved my French too…”

        I mean, kudos for him to shed some light on it, but I got to be a bit impartial (skeptical, if I may) when come to those celebs and their humanitarian work.

        ps: I sound so b*tch today, don’t I?!

      • Eve says:

        I hadn’t seen the “improved my French” comment…ugh! By the way, Luke Windsor can’t be his shadow — because even his own shadow is not that present in his life.

        And you, bitchy? Who am I to say anything about that…I mean, have you seen *my* comments here? I can’t really judge you.

      • Eve says:

        @ V4Real:

        I agree with your take (if his famewhoring is going to bring attention to a good cause, so be it).

        I really don’t mind him doing any charitable work (whatever humanitarian work might be), I actually applaud that. It was just the fact he brought his publicist that made me raise my left eyebrow and go “hmmmm…”.

        Jolie, however (as far as I know), doesn’t bring a publicist along with her during her trips. Maybe a bodyguard, but never a publicist. I’ve read she doesn’t even have one (she does have an agent, but not a publicist). Lainey, when she interviewed Jolie in Cannes while she was promoting Kung Fu Panda, said she didn’t have a personal assistant with her during the junket (even Dustin Hoffman had one, for instance).

        P.S.: I wrote “even” three times in my comment. Please, slap me in the face.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I give him credit for his UNICEF work, i think it made an impression upon him, and I liked what he wrote– though I too feel skeptical about bringing a publicist along. My question is: is he going to be serious about this and do real work, or does being a “town crier” mean that he plans to pose for pictures and give interviews about UNICEF to various fashion magazines, and gk to star-studded fundraisers. Not impressed by the latter if it does *at least* include the former. I’ll give him a chance to prove himself.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Good capon: I hear you on the legacy system in the US. It’s deplorable!
        In the UK: I read some articles recently about gown only 7% of the population gets to have that kind of an education. It is very expensive, and requires a huge level of privilege. While you can say accurately that okay, so he got the opportunity to follow his heart and develop his abilities, I don’t think you can remove the privilege factor and the many, many, many advantages it brings. There a lot of blank cheques that go to those who already have, and for those that have, these are mostly invisible.

        Thisis not aimedAt Hiddlea per se– but it’s a subject close to my heart. I would like to see greater equality. All children should have these opportunities, not just the children of the rich.

      • Spooks says:

        In my country, university education is completely free. There are a few private colleges, but they are mostly attended by rich kids too stupid to go to public ones.

  3. GoldenState says:

    Ok, well I usually love me some Hiddles, those quotes are a bit much. Oh noes, is he already beginning to become smug and self-satisfied? No no no! He is supposed to stay humble and charming forever!

  4. Hannah says:

    I really like him, he seems so lovely. He’s a good actors, smart, funny, charming. But sometimes he is a bit aaarty, isn’t he?!

  5. allons-y alonso says:

    Oh, Hiddles I adore you so and you do seem genuinely lovely but please, leave the aarty stuff to unlikeable people like James Franco. It’s more fun that way.

    I’ll be generous and give him a pass this once because he knows the words to Tim Minchin’s ‘Inflatable You’

    • Eve says:

      He’s five “intellectual” essays away from becoming James Franco. But there would still be a substancial difference between the two of them: Franco is the better actor (or, at least, has the better body of work).

      • T.Fanty says:

        Wow, Miss Eve! You’re really not on the Hiddles train, huh?

      • Eve says:

        Sorry :( .

        But in my defense, it was Allons-y Alonso who brought Franco’s name up.

      • T.Fanty says:

        No apologies necessary! I actually like him as an actor. If it weren’t for that, I’d be right there with you.

      • allons-y alonso says:

        @Eve: True, i did bring up the forbidden word. I sadly agree that the d.bag Franco has a better body of work.
        I do however think Hiddleston will build up something really solid eventually once he relaxes a little.

      • Eve says:

        @ T.Fanty and Allons-y Alonso:

        I don’t think he’s (Hiddleston) horrible, but he certainly does not warrant the praise he’s received so far, not even for playing Loki. I quite enjoyed his performance in “Thor” (though there were moments I thought his performance seemed contrived) but thought he was rather annoying in “The Avengers” — seeing Thanos at the end of the movie was more exciting than watching him during the whole thing.

        But as I watched one of his non-Marvel films (The Deep Blue Sea), I realized I didn’t like his acting. I actually cringed during a moment where he yells “Oh, My Gooooooood!” — the fact he was acting opposite the phenomenal Rachel Weisz didn’t help either.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I loved Franco in Howl, and even in Broken Tower. I respect his intellectual interests and wish I could like his writing– but his poetry is just awful.

        Hiddles: I think he means well, but this is a really silly interviewand photo spread. If I squint my eyes and say “Just take it as an interview with an emo boy,” it’s not so bad.

        I really like Hiddles as an actor, and really do look forward to Only Lovers Left Alive. But my God, he is really becoming full of himself. There are worse crimes in the world, but holy moly.

      • T.Fanty says:

        You see, I’m in the minority of people who LOVED The Deep Blue Sea. The original play is something of a melodrama, and he stayed true to that. I also liked his Prince Hal. I think he’s a great actor, but because he takes himself *so* seriously, he doesn’t show any range at all in the characters he plays.

      • Eve says:

        @ T.Fanty:

        I thought you had said his Prince Hal was weak — or am I mistaking you for someone else (if so, I apologize in advance)?

        P.S.: I can’t say anything about The Hollow Crown series since I haven’t watched it yet.

        EDIT: Oh, ok. I see now :) .

      • T.Fanty says:


        I didn’t like his Henry V. He was great in Henry IV. In Henry IV, he had Simon Russell Beale and Jeremy Irons to work with and he really stepped up.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I *almost* stopped watching Deep Blue Sea– I thought the beginning was just awful. I was glad I kept watching– it’s a great film, Weisz is amazing. Hiddles has his strong moments and his weak moments. I don’t think he proved himself to be a great actor, but he was good. As Hal, he was superb.
        He has great promise– I just don’t think he has really proven himself yet, and is in huge danger of becoming a one trick pony. I am still mystified that he is not grabbing up a wide variety of roles and using this time to expand. This is the time to do it.

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss Jupitero:

        “I am still mystified that he is not grabbing up a wide variety of roles and using this time to expand. This is the time to do it.”

        He can’t — he’s too busy tweeting.

      • GoodCapon says:

        The first time I watched The Hollow Crown I was caught off-guard. I never thought they were going to be faithful with Shakespeare’s plays down to the last word! It took me a while to get used to it.

        It’s Richard II I’m having a hard time watching though. The rhyming dialogue came off wooden in some parts.

      • Miss M says:

        I liked him in “the deep blue sea”. But sometimes, his acting can be a bit theatrical for my taste.

    • Miss M says:

      @Allons: I said before in one of the Franco’s thread: I love him unconditionally. I di dnot even see him in Howl (yet). I know it’s available on netflix, but I am preparing myself emotionally to see him and Aaron Tveit playing his love interest. Two in one, it’s a combo I need to be prepared to see it, :)

  6. Miss Jupitero says:

    I want the green tshirt, but I suspect it cost $300 or something. (Kind of weird to talk about giving to the world while wearing couture, but whatever).

    Edit: its a $70 tshirt. nice collection.

    Hate the dragonfly coat, but it is very Hiddles I have to admit. I suspect he has a very fanciful wardrobe.

    He photographs well, he is very good looking, but I have to agree with you: Loki? Whats this doibg for the world? How did that fan documentary and the Wendy book contribute to the world exactly?

    • ncboudicca says:

      I seriously want to buy it – where did you see it for $70? I just looked at the Varvatos website and see some tees for $158.

      • ncboudicca says:

        Oh wait I see it. But the collar on what he’s wearing looks more like this one: Only problem is that it doesn’t come in green! Though the long sleeved version does…

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I looked at the website– there are tshirts for $70, but also nicer ones for up to $200. I’m using my iPhone, so I admit I am not looking all that closely. I suspect Hiddles is wearing one of the nicer shirts. I appreciate it: I like to be dapper myself!

        If he wants to pitch UNICEF I really think he should take some lessons from Jolie or McGregir about how to do this right and how to not come across as superficial. The key to celebrity charity work is whether or not the actor has the skill to transform fan interest in him into interest in the cause. This interview isn’t quite the way to do it IMHO. Removing all bling, being really humble, and doing actual work is more likely to hit it. I’ll give him time. He is certainly earnest.

  7. EscapedConvent says:

    I like him scruffy & moody like this. These are some of the best pics I’ve seen of him.

    He’s wearing the dragonfly coat for his nutty-buddy fans who believe he is a precious woodland creature.

    Hiddles, you darling little wood sprite, you.

  8. T.Fanty says:

    I just want to flick the dragonflies off his jacket. Now, I love me some Hiddles, but the lad does take himself WAY too seriously. Compare this to the Eddie Redmaye article, who comes across as seriously artsy, but entirely cognizant of how he portrays himself.

    That said, the green is so good on him.

  9. moon says:

    those profile shots look a lot like fassbender

  10. andrea says:

    I like the shots where he’s sullen/surly, but the others are just too cutesy. But no matter, I’m sure his fangirls are loving those. As for the quotes, meh. I’ve given up on reading pretty much everything he says or writes, if only to preserve the crush a little longer.

  11. T.Fanty says:

    Poor Hiddles. How quickly we turn.

    So, I’m starting to think that we need our own reality show. Kind of like the Shark Tank, where hot young actors can present themselves to a panel of judgy CBitches (read: us). They win if a CB is willing to adopt them as an imaginary husband. There’s no way Bravo wouldn’t buy that.

  12. Samigirl says:

    I was determined to not fall for this man, but damn he makes it so hard. I want to BE that green shirt. I want it on my bedroom floor and I want to put it on the next morning while I fix him breakfast.

    Sigh. He’s so damn sexy.

  13. Feebee says:

    He suits the green for sure but I think it’s photoshop making his eyes pop.

    He does seem overly earnest, eager to please. A tad too serious about things but I can say that I do think he contributed to the world in the Avengers because I missed most of the promotion for it, hadn’t seen Thor, didn’t know who Hiddleston was but walked out of the Avengers thinking I had to google the Loki guy. Okay so he just contributed to my world in 2012.

    I find his other stuff hit and miss. I saw a Wallender episode and the best bits weren’t when he was speaking but just seen brooding in the background….

    I liked the stuff he did with UNICEF… Maybe if he could speak a little more plainly, I dunno. I like Tom, I like liking Tom. I don’t want to be annoyed by him.

  14. Lemony says:

    A big NO to the dragonfly photo, and a big YES to the rest of them. He looks best kinda scruffy. I disagree with the Franco comparison. I haven’t seen all of Hiddleston’s work thus far, while I have seen most of Franco’s & I think Franco is a great actor. Outside of acting & aaaaart I find Franco’s personality so annoying. He acts like he’s too tired, too stoned, too cool or whatever to engage in an interview or even pose decently for his premieres. It only bothers me because I really enjoy his acting so I guess I just want his personality to match the one in my mind I’ve created for him ;)
    Part of Hiddleston’c charm for me (besides being really attractive) is when being interviewed, photographed, etc, he is alert, engaged, pleasant, professional & genuinely respectful of those he’s conversing with.
    It’s refreshing to see that, and for me personally, I’m in a sitation currently with some collegues with zero professional or social skills & it makes every day so damn annoying ;)

    • Eve says:

      It’s all right, girl! :D

      And I’d like to take the chance and apologize for my super bitchy comments so far (and I hope you’re not taking anything personally).

      • Lemony says:

        Darlin, no need to apologize, I don’t view it as a personal situation…I enjoy the conversation! Oh, I thank you for the Tumbler heads-up… I think Hiddlyanna is a sweetheart but Lord almighty, he is gonna end up chained in somebody’s basement if he doesn’t shut that crap DOWN…I’d hate to see that green Tshirt get torn up(by anyone other than me).
        In regards to bitchiness, this blog helps me get amped up for my day. This bitch had to fire someone last week & it looks like I gotta fire someone today! Aarrrrrgh. ;{

      • Eve says:

        But I did step back and saw that some of my comments were really bitchy and even I was like “whoa, girl!”. I promise I’ll try to tone down a bit.

        Anyway, I’m glad you’re not taking it personally — and you shouldn’t because if you’re not one of his Tumblr lunatics/Twitter followers, I’m definitely NOT talking about you.

        P.S.: Firing someone must be really stressful and draining. I once saw a guy getting fired right in front of me (I wasn’t even the one who’s firing him, and he might have deserved it, but it was still heartbreaking to see).

      • Lemony says:

        The firing last week was of a woman about 20 years older than me, kind of like she could be my mother’s age, which was really hard. But she committed a HIPAA violation & broke contract of confidentiality, which is always grounds for immediate termination. The Great Firing of Today will take place this afternoon & will be much easier…a 19yr old girl. I have no problems crushing the spirits of those younger than me! Ha :)

      • Eve says:

        “The Great Firing of Today will take place this afternoon & will be much easier…a 19yr old girl. I have no problems crushing the spirits of those younger than me! Ha :)

        LOL! Now *THAT* was Celebitchy-super-bichy trophy worthy!

        You may end up taking it (the trophy) home today ;) . Miss M and I are tough competitors though.

      • Lemony says:

        Be afraid, be very afraid. :)
        I may not have an aresenal of freshly-sharpened shanks at the ready, but if you hear the words “Shall we step into my office for a chat?” uttered in confusing tones of ominous pleasantness remember to trust your gut… Good day to you all!
        *straps on stilettos & hops aboard broomstick*

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Eve, I am all PMSy today, so if my bitch hat has been a sombrero, this is the reason.

        Nobody should *ever* take this stuff too seriously– and sometimes stepping back to nibbling some chocolate is precisely the right thing to do. We’re all just dishing here, and celebrities are fair game. As long as we treat one another well, I say ride on cowboy, ride on.

      • Eve says:

        *pulls Miss M aside and whispers*

        We’d better get the f*ck out now. You too, Miss Jupitero.

        Let’s all back away and slowly walk towards the exit.

        *leaves Celebitchy-super-bitchy trophy on the floor and slowly walks backwards, never losing eye contact with Lemony*

      • Miss M says:

        @Eve: I ran way before you thought about dropping you trophy! Phew! That one is dangerous…

    • Miss M says:

      The fear Lemony imposed on us yesterday, made me realize that I wrote “ran way” instead of “ran away”… hahaha

  15. dasha says:

    Ooh Tom looks good, yummy…

  16. Agnes says:

    I appreciate this guy’s work with UNICEF – I contribute to them, but that’s pittance compared to what he could donate (or inspire his fans to donate). Good for him, too many celebrities are totally useless when it comes to doing stuff that actually contributes to the real world. And I wish that he saw that aspect of his life as a contribution to society, not playing Loki. :)

  17. rightgrrl says:

    I didn’t read any of that, was too distracted by those BEE-YOO-tiful pics… (Swoon)

  18. Jess says:

    I dont think he is traditionally handsome at all. In my opinion he is slightly awkward looking in a sometimes cute sometimes full on odd looking way. Maybe its because is am english and dont see the appeal in awkward looking english men, too many of them.

    And please Kaiser and celebitchy, why dont you ever cover Adam Driver from girls, now there is sexy!! Check out his shoot for interview magazine. Swoon.

  19. Ginger says:

    I will take the green shirt with him in it! I personally like these photos except for the one where he’s pointing at the ceiling…or something…WTH? Anyway, if he is a bit of a polly anna and self conscious…makes me wonder is he’s a bore in the bedroom???? He does seem genuinely nice which is a great quality of course. And the fact that he’s intelligent…LOVE smarts! I’m so done with a-holes.

  20. MissThing says:

    Hmm. Not all Tom fans are insane. Some of us actually recognize his numerous flaws.

    I read the article and not one time was his work for Marvel mentioned. He really is trying to distance himself from it. He is stuck in a contract with Marvel whether he likes it or not and whether anyone else is happy about it, that exposure did get his name out in the world.

    I read someplace that he wants to do theater work again but that doesn’t jive with the attention mongering (and yes he does do that) What I don’t get is how on one hand he encourages his fans, yet on the other he comes across as he really wants nothing to do with them except as a flush of ‘golly gee shucks that is so nice of you to notice me’.

    I wonder. Is he like manic depressive or something? Insecure yet full of ego? I dunno.

    I am waiting for the fan freak out fest about his comment that he ‘has a family but no kids yet’. Speculations run wild. Does he indeed have someone he is hiding someplace? Or was that just a mis-quote and what he really meant was yeah, he has family but not A family.

    First timer here BTW ;)

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I’ve been told that among his colleagues, his Marvel work is considered to be very, very lightweight, and he has embarrassed. He wants to be Daniel Day Lewis, but is spending all his time in spandex. I do *not* think he really has the acting chops he would like to have, and I think he is way too invested in what other people think of him. “Town crier” my ass: sorry Tom, you are just trying to impress us. Most celebs who do the serious work don’t bring along their publicists or push their causes in fashion magazine spreads. I think your priorities are clear.

      • GoodCapon says:

        With the possible exception of Watchmen, all comic books adaptations are all lightweights.

        I think Tom’s first love is theater but he wants to be mainstream too. He got that with Thor and The Avengers but he’s not really considered to be a serious actor yet.

    • Eve says:

      @ MissThing:

      I think he’s stuck in a contract with Marvel as far as super heroes movies go. He’s probably free to play something else, as long as it isn’t a super hero-themed movie (especially one from DC). If he’s been unable to distance himself from this particular role, then I believe that’s partially his fault.

      And he’d better be really thankfull to everything Marvel has done for him — the reason why people noticed was his role in Thor and The Avengers. Most people had no idea who he was before these movies.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I think the exposure was good for him, and if I were him would beat while the iron is hot– do what Cumberbatch is doing and take on a wide range of parts, diversify and get himself established. He was doing that for a bit, but now, with the exception of this muppet cameo, isn’t doing much. I have to assume that’s a decision — I can’t believe he doesn’t have opportunities– but I think it is a poor decision.

        Why wouldn’t stage be good for his career? Look at what James McAvoy is doing!

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss Jupitero:

        Totally agree.

    • dasha says:


      Well the other day he said he would play Loki as long as Marvel wants him and the audience wants him to play him. Did he say this to remain neutral or not to bite the hand that feeds him so to speak. I think he is a nice bloke, abiet naive and perhaps not exposed to the world like the rest of the world if you get my drift. A lot of people didn’t like the way he mentioned the doctor, because the doctor’s background reeked of privilege. He is also an actor who has a well crafted image to uphold, I doubt he’s about to go Sean Penn on us, but then again it would be an interesting twist from his good guy image.

      Lets be honest here, looks wise he is not leading man material, he is not from that cookie cutter factory that Hollywood so loves. So if he wants to get away from Loki, he’s really going to have to find a meaty role that will appeal not only to the art house crowd but to the big megaplex crowd too.

      As for the family quote, personally I think he meant his family unit, parents, sisters, extended family. If he is hiding a gf or wife from his insane fandom, he is hiding her very well, like she must be wearing an invisability cloak or something because even people who get into fans not allowed industry events don’t see him with a recent gf or wife or even a ring on his finger.

      Whatever he meant, if it caused some of those crazy fangirls at least one night of agony over it, that’s a plus in my book.

      • Eve says:

        @ Dasha:

        “Whatever he meant, if it caused some of those crazy fangirls at least one night of agony over it, that’s a plus in my book.”


        Now, seriously: they’ll only learn the hard way (that is, IF they ever learn at all).

      • GoodCapon says:

        What doctor are you talking about dasha? I googled ‘Tom Hiddleston doctor’ and I only came up with Doctor Who references.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Google-queen to the rescue! (Seriously, I need to turn my research skills into a paying job.)

        There are more quotes from the same Flaunt interview…

        On the Oscar-nominated film Amour: “That film is like a mountain. It’s a piece of wisdom that is in the background every day and [director Michael] Haneke has just shown it, saying, ‘So, you know, this is what you want. This is the intimacy that you’ll be lucky to have when you get to the end of your life…’ When I saw it, I couldn’t stop thinking about that film for an entire month. It just made everything else seem so flippant and disposable.”

        On a doctor asking prying questions once: “He was knocking my knees with his hammer to test my reactions and he said, ‘Do you have family?’ and I said, ‘I have a family but I don’t have children,’ he said, ‘Do you want children?’ and I said, ‘Yes, very much one day.’”

        Could that be what Dasha is talking about?

        It doesn’t reek of privelege to me, but it does seem pretty random. I can see the segue from Amour to family/kids, but mentioning the doctor seems odd.

        However, I put it down to editing. It’d totally make sense if the conversation went something like:
        TH: Amour, blah blah, I want to be in lurrrve.
        Journo: So you want kids? Or wait, is that too personal?
        TH: I think it’s a fairly normal question, my doctor asked me the same thing just the other day, He was knocking my knees …

      • dasha says:


        Sorry, I meant to answer this yesterday, but interwebs problems…*sideeyes* Time warner.

        I meant the doctor he mentioned in the article, he is some kind of fancy pants doctor that have a lot of people frowning at Tom for even mentioning. I suppose it’s like Tom saying his doctor went to Harvard medical school and now works at say, the Mayo clinic or something. Not just a regular doctor, but one of the best in his field.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Thanks for the replies Lucrezia the Google-queen (also for linking the full interviews below!) and dasha! ;)

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      If he has a secret relationship, he is wise to keep it secret– he might want to consider witness protection. His fans are *nuts*. I think though that may be a misquote– if he had a partner, wouldn’t he just say “I have a partner, but we are putting off having kids?” And if he were being so secretive (which would be a lot of work) why blow it by mentioning it at all? Also he has a reputation for being on the make pretty much all the time. That doesn’t sound partnered to me. I suspect he meant that he values family and is close to his.

      • dasha says:

        I think it was a misquote too, while his fans are insane, he is too honest for his own good at times and I think he would say “my wife or girlfriend or partner and myself” if he was set into a serious relationship.

      • MissThing says:

        His past appearances give the impression that if he did have someone, he would show her off publicly since that is what he did previously. He made no bones about kissing and touching on his partners in public (on the carpets) before so I assumed he would do so now if he did have someone he genuinely was hooked up with.

        I won’t lie. I am a huge Tom fan (my tumblr is 80% Tom) but I see his various flaws and still would like to meet him despite them.

        I do also think that a large portion of his fandom are stupid girls who have no idea what is ‘too much’. And that stuff with the British Cinema documentary… yeah that really sticks in my craw (and not from jealousy). From what I can tell it was all women he started following on twitter for one reason or another and then they had a way to DM him personally to set it all up.

        As for baiting an encouraging his fans, I am still wondering how much of it is a self image issue. (I could go on for ages about my theories on his self image). All in all though I think he comes across as a decent guy and I genuinely think he was ‘unaware’ of his privileged upbringing, at least initially.

        It would be nice to see if the man is anywhere near as ‘ok’ a person as he pretends to be. If someone ever finds out let me know!

    • Izzy says:

      Welcome MissThing! I’m late to this party, so I don’t know how many of you will pick this up, however…

      When The Avengers came out on DVD, someone turned my attention to the blooper reels and vids of Tom Hiddleston’s impressions.

      They were hilarious, but at some point I did wonder if some of it was based in insecurity and a need to be liked. He did the impressions at Comic-Con. He did them on TV show appearance. He did them on radio show appearances.

      Don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but still… a little overdone.

      • MissThing says:

        I know some people who are natural mimics like he is. They really can’t help themselves. It’s like the person who always has to reply in conversation with a pun or other annoying sarcasm.

        I think that Tom just really is that gregarious. But I also think that he DOES have some serious deeply embedded insecurities about his appearance. Too many outright comments about it from him directly to discount it as false modesty. (As well as an unusually high amount of old scarring on his face – probably why he wears that foundation so much)

        Though I am betting his ego is getting a hell of a boost right now though from all the rabid fangirls that want to throw themselves at him – which reminds me…

        Can someone who is ‘in the business’ tell me why if he is always looking for a piece of tail, that he doesn’t just go tap the better looking fans instead of competing against his peers for the attentions of vapid models and bimbos?

        Oh wait.. he is a guy. NM lol.

  21. Anya says:

    Forget the clothes! I would wear him!
    Dayumm :)

  22. Hoganbcmj says:

    I think he’s attractive, but am I the only one who thinks he’s incredibly thin?

  23. interiris says:

    Great pictures.I love the Alexander Queen jacket and even more so the man who is brave enough to wear it.Tom is one of the few actors who risks being himself in public and actually talks about issues that interes him.My understanding is that Luke is a close friend as well as his publicist and had links to Unicef and travelled with him as a friend.Having compared Jolie and Hiddleston’s feedback on the issues Tom was far better at providing a coherent narrative.

  24. interiris says:

    I first became aware of Tom through the Hollw Crown and was quite mesmerised by his acting.Since then I have explored most of hie ealier work which is both varied and intriguing.More so than actors like Fassy or evev Cumberbatch he is able to morph into a charactoe in the same way that Danial Day Lewis does but lacks the experience or the roles to really move this forward.

  25. Miss Melissa says:

    I’ve got to say, I often lurk and find you folks very entertaining, but man, this thread is pretty harsh.

    I’m going out on a limb here, but this guy is Mr. Enthusiasm and positivity. And this interview is in print now? That means it was given just after he got back from Africa. Probably within days of his return.

    And the doctor visit? Probably to get clearance to go. The point is, it was clear by his blog work that the trip made a huge impression on him. I don’t believe for a minute he actually had enough time to make many serious career decisions between the timing of his trip and the interview. I think the interview is a reflection of his new resolve because the trip changed his perspective so very much. As it would anyone, I’d imagine.

    As for the publicist, yes, it’s creepy. The guy is EVERYWHERE. But then again, Hiddles toiled in nowheresville for the better part of a decade, and hiring Luke to increase his profile certainly seems to be an attempt to strike while the iron is hot.

    In any case, here we are talking about him, so at least he’s on the radar.

    He seems like a nice guy, I’m cutting him some slack. I’ve met plenty of people in the business who aren’t kind at all. So more power to him.

    • dasha says:


      Yeah Luke is a creeper, he is probably the most visual PR person I have ever seen. He is so visual some people actually think that he and Tom are in a romantic relationship. Personally I think it’s more interesting when Tom goes all free range without Luke, like he has for several of the past theater events he has gone too.

  26. Miss Jupitero says:

    Phew! That Alexander McQueen jacket cost a cool 7K!

  27. Karina says:

    I think Tom is VERY naive. Why else would he mention seeing a Harley Street doctor in an interview? That’s basically advertising that you are extremely wealthy and can afford to pay thousands of pounds for a doctor so you don’t have to be in contact with the little people. It’s a huge step beyond just having private insurance in the UK. It’s flashing around that you are of the privileged class. And I don’t think he’s a bragger. I think he likely has a good heart and good intentions. But I think he’s incredibly naive about how people who aren’t privileged actually live. Him letting Harley Street slip just shows that’s his normal. Very strange for him to think it’s okay to advertise that like it’s an everyday occurrence.

    Though I love him as Loki! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m a massive geek, so Tom bringing Loki to life is kickass in my book. Just think he’s got his head in the clouds most of the time.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Could someone explain the Harley Street doctor reference? I assume he doesn’t bother with NHS, and I know he has been top drawer from get go, but is liketpknow in real terms what this means.

      Cluelessness: part of being kind is being willing to unpack your own invisible suitcase of privilege And understand how the world works for others. He has talked about class privilege before, but only to moan about how labeled he feels. He doesn’t seem to get it that thisis a real thing.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I just found the link to the whole interview. I linked it above, but it’ll probably get missed, so here it is, so everyone knows what we’re talking about:

        I don’t think Hiddles was bragging or even being oblivious to what Harvey Street means. He liked/quoted something the doctor said, and used the fact the doc was from Harvey Street to emphasise the idea that the doc was knowledgable/skilled, and thus worth quoting.

        To me, it’s like saying “a senator told me” rather than “a politician told me”, or “MIT-graduate” rather than “an engineer”. (The US equivalent might be “doctor from the Mayo Clinic”?) It might sound like name-dropping, but the point is entirely different – you’re just trying to underline the authority of the person you’re quoting.

        The problem is that skill in one area doesn’t necessarily translate to other areas. There’s a big difference between quoting the Mayo doctor’s opinion on cancer and quoting their opinion on the local football team. Since Hiddles was talking about this doc’s philosophy on life, the reference to Harvey Street is a bit dubious. He seems a smidgeon too impressed by authority. True wisdom should stand up for itself, regardless of whether you heard it from a nobel prize winner or from a check-out chick.

        (But then again, I’m an Aussie … I think appearing impressed by authority is against our national religion. Even if you are impressed you’re supposed to pretend you’re not. The fact this rubs me the wrong way could be a cultural thing :P )

      • Karina says:

        Oops, I fat-fingered my reply, so I can’t tell if I goofed it or not! So I’ll try again.

        Seeing a Harley Street doctor is the next (huge) jump up from paying for private health insurance in the UK. It is VERY expensive, so that level of care is only reserved for the privileged class. I think it’s likely very common that celebs go to Harley Street docs, but they don’t publicize it like Tom did. Again, I don’t think it’s bragging on his part. I think it’s an utter lack of understanding of normal reality for most people.

  28. Marie says:

    I think Tom does want to be like his fanboy crush Daniel Day Lewis, but he needs to learn how to take the piss out of himself like Daniel does. He takes himself WAY too seriously, so expressing his desire to do “meaningful” work comes off really up his own arse.

  29. RebeccaR says:

    He needs to start shutting up – seriously. He doesn’t come across as hugely intelligent to me either, merely someone who has had to work very hard to get where he is – he’s not naturally bright. His need to constantly try and ‘prove’ how talented he is and how many things he can do (speaking languages, playing instruments etc) is just so tiresome.

    That said, he wouldn’t get kicked out of bed but I imagine he is a tad selfish so I would make sure I get my needs satisfying.

  30. Queen R says:

    Acting is an ART , ART is a major and valuable contribution to the world.

    STOP making celebrities into your wanna be heroes and appreciate what they are contributing to our knowledge of the human experience. Know anything about Loki? The trickster god? The archetype? Read a book.

    Artists contribute far more to the world celebrity bloggers.

    • Karina says:

      I’d argue that Tom is detracting from this experience you’re describing by doing these types of interviews. It’s a strange dichotomy between the man who wants to be the spokesperson for poverty and the man who doesn’t think twice about showing his privilege.

      That said, I don’t deride his playing Loki because I actually have studied the Prose & Poetic Edda quite extensively, so I appreciate what he brings to that character.

  31. Bret Heidler says:

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