Is Jessica Simpson worried about hiring attractive nannies to work around Eric?


Jessica Simpson was a bridesmaid at her publicist’s wedding over the weekend, and there are some photos floating around from the event – you can see her in her navy bridesmaid’s dress here. The header photo is from Jessica’s Twitter, and I guess that’s Eric Johnson’s mother. Jessica describes the woman as her “future mother-in-law”. Which is fine, that’s not important. The reason why I wanted to show you this photo is because I was taken aback by how Jessica’s lips looked. Right? Is she getting Nicole Kidman-esque lip injections? From what I know of Jessica, she’s admitted to the occasional lip injection, but that was years ago. Is she still doing it?

I’m also including a photo of Jessica with three-month-old Ace Knute Johnson which she posted on Twitter last week. Ace is a cutie – Jessica makes adorable blonde babies, how not shocking!


There are also some pics of Jessica and Eric at LAX yesterday. I’m irritated by the way Eric and Jessica walk side-by-side, with Eric holding his arm out for Jessica to take. It’s not just a one-off, they always pose like that. What’s wrong with holding hands?

Incidentally, Star Mag had an interesting story in this week’s issue. I would transcribe the whole thing but then we would just get twenty comments bitching about how we use Star Magazine as a source (enough already – just deal with it, we use Star Mag as a source). So the basics of the Star story: Jessica is very busy with her fashion lines and all of her projects and Eric is pretty much a stay-at-home father (you know, except for all of tge golf and K-Fed-ing), but they still need a few nannies. Star basically claimed that Jessica is worried that if she hires pretty nannies that Eric will just end up boning them while she’s at a meeting. So Jessica is hiring the oldest, least attractive nannies she can find. Which seems kind of obvious – don’t a lot of women do that?

PS… Is that a purse or a carry-on bag?




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Jess’s Twitter.

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  1. T. Fanty Fan says:

    I thought that was normal…I work with a guy who is not allowed to go home for lunch because his wife is at work and the nanny is there.

    • DEB says:

      And that’s called a “marriage” is it?

    • wiffie says:

      Hardly normal. unless men are purely boner driven creatures with zero restraint that will bed anything that walks, just drooling and humping. Oh wait no. they’re people. If they have respect for their marriage, any of them van be left alone with anyone and it shouldn’t be an issue. But I would cheat on a wife that crazy and controlling, ironically. Sounds like a crappy marriage.

  2. Dawn says:

    She looks good and her baby boy is a doll. She looks like a happy mamma.

    • RocketMerry says:

      She does look great!
      She has the best skin I have ever seen, even accounting for the super-expensive and high coverage make up that all celebs splurge on.
      Her skin-genes are gold.

    • Jessica says:

      She does not look great, Find the picture where she is walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid, You can tell she’s still fat hence why she is always wearing black (which WILL make a person look slimmer).

      • RocketMerry says:

        Soooo… being “fat” makes a person look “not great”?

        Sorry I’m losing you somewhere; one moment we were discussing how she looked happy and her baby was cute and her skin looked amazing, and now you butt in to say that since she isn’t back to a size 0 she’s ugly?! Wow.

  3. Frida_K says:

    Sausage upper lip and Bucky-Beaver front teeth…hey, if she feels pretty, more power to her.

    Cada loco con su tema (each crazy man has his theme, aka “to each his own”)

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      The lip injections are just way too much…

      • gogoGorilla says:

        Oh, yeah. Blech.

        Also, I think they walk like that because she is so short and it’s probably really uncomfortable to hold hands.

    • Petee says:

      She has been getting lip injections again.She complained about it before but it is obvious she has had them for awhile.Ladies take note these never look good.People can tell.

  4. HH says:

    I guess she’d want to hang on to him for the same of their family, but he definitely reminds me of K-Fed, but slightly more attractive. I’m sure Jessica will get a prenup, but he just seems like deadweight. What does he do now? Wasn’t he a pro or semipro of…some sport?

  5. May says:

    Apart from the lip injections, she’s looking pretty good. This is how it’s done KK.

    Is it wrong I love her purse? I really like the way huge, unpractical bags make you look smaller than your actual size.

  6. Sy says:

    I think the arm holding thing is due to their height difference

    • mojoman says:

      Really? I think it’s more because she is walking with high heels and need extra support by leaning toward Eric. My husband is 6’4 and I am 5’2, therefore when I have high heels on I tend to do that to him as well LOL!

      • Sy says:

        could be that too indeed 🙂

        but, could she reach his hand without him having to lean ? she really is petite

      • TheOriginalWaffle says:

        Agreed – my husband and I have a 1’3″ discrepancy, and the arm holding is SO much easier.

    • blue marie says:

      See, I thought it was to make him look more chivalrous?

    • gogoGorilla says:

      I just said that upthread. I think it’s totally the height. She is really short.

    • BRE says:

      I am 5ft2 and when I dated a guy who was 6ft3 and to hold is hand I would have had to bend my elbow so I get that. Agree that she tends to wear difficult heals and wants support

    • MamaJ says:

      ITA about the height difference. Holding hands is not comfortable, speaking as a fellow shortie.

    • Sonia says:

      Yep, my hubby is over a foot taller than me so when we hold hands I look like a 5 year old holding my daddy’s hand! We do the arm thing too. Plus I think it’s old fashioned and gallant for him to offer me his arm (aw shucks, kicks the dirt)

    • MsCatra says:

      Yep, I’m 5’1″ and think the arm holding is more comfortable.

  7. Caz says:

    Eric won’t be doing a Jude Law…he’s gonna hang onto Jess’s $$$$ for sure. He’s not gonna mess that up!

  8. Jayna says:

    I would never hire a young nanny in my home full-time, hot or even average, or even plain with a hot body. Jude Law anyone? Robin Williams anyone? Her husband doesn’t seem to work much and is probably home a lot, so would be around the nanny a lot. I can just him bumping into the young, hot nanny at night and her brushing up against him in the hallway. LOL

    I babysat for my neighbors when I was 17 and then 18. They were around 28 for her and 30 for him. He was a bank vice-president, a really good-looking couple, but they seemed so adult to me as I was still a teenager. His wife goes out of town and he is drunk calling around trying to find me. It was bizarre. I never even thought he noticed me, much less was fantasizing about me. He was calling my parents trying to find me for some bogus reason. I was waitressing at nights while in my first year of college. My mother gave it to him being naive and he called the restaurant. I never got the message as I was busy. But my dad told me when I got home he called back again and he realized something was up and that he was drunk. I never babysat for them again I was so grossed out by his douchiness because I loved his adorable wife. Men can be whore-dogs.

    I’ve always loved her white toothy smile. In the sea of fake chicklets in Hollywood, her smile is always adorable.

  9. Leah says:

    And they just made all the women still employed by Jessica feel like crap.

    Cute baby.

  10. Maria says:

    looking at arnold, if a person wants to cheat they will take whats available.

    on the other hand it seems kind of sexist to assume that its fine to keep the nanny away from the guy because he is a man.
    i know quite a few people where the woman pulls something like this but when her guys asks about her girls night he is controlling in their eyes.

    i mean what would the comments be like if the story was that he makes sure his wife has only ugly dancers with her on tour (doesnt matter about jessicas career, just an example)
    im sure it wuold be outrage about the controlling guy and saying he needs to grow a pair and that she needs to dump him. but with this story its pretty much cool with everyone and also totally normal for regular couples.

    its always as if only men are always cheating and women are saints. i remember a similiar story about Natalie portmans husband being worried about hot co stars and comments said that he should just deal with it.

  11. Murphy says:

    my husband and I walk like that-with his arm out, I like it. So there.

  12. janie says:

    Jessica is so cute & I think still naive in a lot of ways. She’s a terrific businesswoman and probably a great boss, just not a lot of common sense. I can’t imagine Eric cheating on her, but look at the examples you sighted? I wish her nothing but the best.

  13. T.fanty says:

    I suppose that’s the Hollywood mentality. My marriage is stronger than that. My husband owns bars and if I had to worry about him because he spends every night surrounded by hot, drunk twenty-three year olds, my marriage would be in serious trouble, as would my mental health. To be honest, it sounds like an immature response to an insecurity issue. I could not be in a relationship if I thought he was only sleeping with me because there was nobody prettier available.

    • j.eyre says:

      Mine is a professor – he is paid to hang out with nubile co-eds as they come of age. And I don’t doubt for a moment he is handling himself honorably.

      (Yes, I understand how many ways that can be interpreted. That is my little Monday morning gift for my fellow CBers)

  14. Jessica says:

    I totally believe this story… Jessica is so damn desperate and insecure.

  15. hopperlea says:

    Am I the only one who still wishes she was with Nick Lachey? She really let a good one go.
    She is stunning though.

    • Jessica says:

      I bet that Jessica still wishes she was with Nick.

      I also think she’s totally faking how much in love with Eric she is.

      It’s like she’s trying to convince herself and us (the public) that she’s really happy with him by constantly talking about how great he is etc.

      I’ve NEVER heard Eric say anything about Jessica.

  16. Madriani's Girl says:

    What is up with this chick always carrying handbags you could hide a Buick in?

    • Caz says:

      it’s the trick of carrying a big bag to try and help make the body look slimmer. carry it in front and it hides the belly. not sure it actually works 🙂

  17. pretty kitty says:

    he wont be w/ the nannies if asslee is around to keep him company. we all know how much those two love to hate / spend / f*ck / w/ jess”s life / money. she should watch her back more w/ assle than w/ nannies.

  18. Bread and Circuses says:

    It’s kind of uncomfortable to hold hands with someone if your arms aren’t compatible lengths, and it looks like Jessica and Eric’s aren’t.

    They might do the arm-grab thing in order to have that everyday contact without it feeling funny.

  19. Barhey says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong to be careful. If it buys her peace of mind to not have a beautiful nanny, then her happiness is healthy for their marriage anyway, even if he was never tempted.

    Plus we’ve all heard about the Hollywood nanny thing…I believe Tiger Wood’s ex wife is another example.

  20. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    All I see when looking at her is bunny teeth and pumped up lips that she needs to stop doing to herself.

  21. AnnE says:

    I wouldn’t through shade about the arm holding, I think it has more to do with the height difference. Holding hands can be awkward and get uncomfortable.

  22. Bridget says:

    Holy Restalyne!

  23. Bridget says:

    By the way, I’m pretty sure the armholding is to provide stability for someone not only tottering around in giant heels but also simultaneously sucking it in while wearing layers of spanx. It’s harder than you’d think!

  24. anon says:

    They flew to Italy yesterday for possible wedding planning