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8 Responses to “Angelina Jolie’s adoption of four year-old Vietnamese boy to go through in May”

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  1. Tammy says:

    That sure does look a lot like Jennifer A. in the background. I never noticed that before and I have seen this picture a dozen times…

  2. kikistar says:

    OMG in the first pic I thought it was Maniston!! Ha ha! What a fright I had! Lol!
    That’s too cute, I love those pics!
    I can’t wait to see their new son!!

  3. Fabiola Thing says:

    She does look better with a few more pounds on her frame.
    She IS stunning, however, she has had work done…nothing major, just a bit of fine tuning.

  4. also anon says:

    She definitely had a nose job from before and after pics I’ve seen, but everyone in Hollywood seems to get that done.

  5. Mr. T says:

    That sure does look like Chinnefer. Whatever. Adopt a country of kids. Still do not see what the fuss about this woman is all about?

  6. chicmommy says:

    she’s really lucky that she has the resources to adopt and is financially able to support all those children. Maddox must be in high heaven right now, getting an instant brother his own age to play with!

  7. Caz says:

    The more i see how settled and in love this family are the more I think I like Angelina. They really do seem to be a happy family unit and I think its fantastic that she wants to adopt another child. What a life to be welcomed into! Lucky kid.

  8. Caz says:

    She loves those gold stilettoes.. they are rather fabulous though!