Katy Perry covers W, rips Russell Brand: ‘Finally, I am able to speak up for myself’

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s abundant rack covers the November issue of W magazine to promote this week’s Prism release. The album will do very well, and most of us won’t understand why even it’s selling so well — even though “Roar” is growing in earworm status for all of us. W crowned Katy as “America’s biggest export” who “sings the language of sex and empowerment.” This is certainly a strange declaration about a pop star who recently stated how she’s “always getting kicked and rising from the ashes or something.

Even though Katy is an empty vessel as a subject, this photoshoot is strangely mesmerizing. I don’t like sweaters (too itchy) or pink (too stereotypical), but I kind of love how Katy is wearing this pink sweater.

Katy Perry

Not to mention this particular sweater. Katy looks so glamorous here. Let’s do some excerpts, shall we?

Katy Perry

On the meaning of “Roar”: “I do love a good innuendo. Mom and Dad know what this song means, but just sing along, kids–you won’t know what these lyrics are about for another 10 years. This song is about sticking up for yourself. People talk about bullying, but you can be your own bully in some ways. You can be the person who is standing in the way of your success, and that was the case for me. I was having a great professional streak, but personally, I was really immature, so I had to balance those things out.”

“Roar” is about Rusty: “If you are not happy with something, you should change it. So I went to a lot of therapy, and finally, I am able to speak up for myself: You are going to hear me roar!”

Her favorite song ever: “‘Killer Queen,’ by Queen. I was 15. Of course, I had heard music before that, but nothing had really struck a chord with me until that song. I was hanging out with my friend Morgan in Santa Barbara, my hometown. We were over at her house–she was that friend, the one that you idolize and maybe even have a weird obsession-slash-crush on. We were standing on her bed, wearing her clothes–because her clothes were cooler–and she put on ‘Killer Queen.’ My world froze. It was a very cinematic feeling, and it opened up this lyrical world.”

Her own teenage style: “My style icons were Gwen Stefani, when she was in No Doubt, and then Shirley Manson in Garbage.”

Is she religious now? “I try and keep my connection with the G-O-D or with a power that’s bigger than me. It’s important–otherwise, you don’t have any kind of accountability. If you think, Hey, at the end of it all I am just going to be dust, or I have no soul or whatever, why not just be a menace to society? For me, accountability works.”

On her early record-contract days: “Yes. I was a little entitled, a little bratty. I was living in Beverly Hills, and a big famous producer had taken me under his wing. I was getting a monthly allowance–I had a Louis Vuitton key chain for my Jetta! I thought I was the bee’s knees. But it didn’t last: I got dropped from my record label. And the Jetta was impounded. And I couldn’t pay my bills. I suddenly heard no more often than yes. As cheesy as it sounds, the rejection built a lot of character in me. It takes strength to stick around in this business. And I have always been highly ambitious.”

Does she want to be a movie star? “Yes, but I hate mornings. So I told some executives who had asked me whether I wanted to act that if you want to start shooting at 11 a.m., then I’m your girl. Otherwise, I’m not interested. I live a rock-star kind of life where I don’t go to bed until 4 a.m. I’m very nocturnal. But I always say that if Ridley Scott wants to hire me for Blade Runner 2 to play Rachael, I am absolutely available.”

What movie makes her cry?The Notebook. And Titanic. And I always cry on planes. My boyfriend [John Mayer] and I call them ‘deprivation tubes’: You have a glass of wine, and you’re watching a movie, and then, wahhhh.”

Who’s her crush? “I actually am dating my crush. I had a crush on him for a long time, and it just so happens we fit together great.”

Did she like being married? “Of course. I really loved it. It was a new, fun, exciting journey. But I like how I am now, and I think all things happen for a reason.”

[From W magazine]

OMG, Katy actually named John Mayer as her crush in this interview. What a way to feed into the douche ego. Dare I say that Katy could do a lot better than John Mayer? Yeah I said it. Katy deserves a lot better than him, but it is excellent news that she doesn’t really want to be a movie star as previously reported.

In other Katy-related news, she’s still throwing ex-husband Russell Brand into the Thames river. She’s been telling us he made her suicidal, which came after claims that he informed her of their divorce via text message. Katy told the Sunday times (via subscription) she felt “punched in the face” by Rusty’s rejection. She was also “in bed for about two weeks. I was pretty f—ed, yes. It hurt a lot – I got a good knock.” Yes I sort of feel bad for her, but that’s what happens during a major breakup.

Now for more sultry Katy. She did well in this shoot. Very sexy without showing too much skin.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

kKaty Perry

Photos courtesy of W magazine

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  1. blue marie says:

    Shut up and leave Russell alone already, he’s moved on why haven’t you?

    She looks like Kristen Stewart in that top photo. In the rest she kind of reminds me of Winona Ryder playing dress up in Mermaids.

    • MrsB says:

      She looks great in this photoshoot, it might be the best I’ve seen her. But yes, she needs to STFU and move on.

      • Kate says:

        she looks wonderful but I wish she’d get Russell out of her mouth. I don’t know if he’s ever had an interview talking in detail about his marriage to her. she needs to let it go, since she’s with her “crush”

    • Rin says:

      I will admit that I watched her movie and if you saw how much time apart they were and how manipulative the people around her were to keep them apart I can see why Russell said “bye”. Katy is not empowered. She’s muscled around by people she trusts.

    • David99 says:

      She needs to STFU.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly. Has she not moved on with Douchemayer by now?

      Leave Russell alone.

      That being said, this photo shoot is amazing–the best she’s ever looked.

    • Darkladi says:


    • Ok says:

      Hmmmmm. Sounds like someone regrets their divorce and being stuck with their current gross significant other

    • Nikki says:

      Can we got off Brand’s dick? Why does everyone defend him? He’s a narcissistic womanizer who dumped her by TEXT message. She’s thrown shade at him what, twice? Three times? Compared to Brandi Glanville that’s nothing.

      • shannon says:

        ^^THIS^^ geeze people, it’s not like they dated for a couple of weeks, she went through a divorce. Sounds like it was a pretty tough time for her, and she’s entitled to speak about it. It’s not like she’s calling him names and slagging on him all the time. Having been through a divorce, I find her honestly refreshing – you feel like you’re the only one who takes it so hard until you read something like that.

        I think Brand is an awesome comedian and probably a very nice man, but I honestly have no problem believing he probably wasn’t a great husband. I have been with guys who everyone thinks are funny and brilliant, but at home they’re subtly – and no so subtly – putting you down. And when you get out of the relationship it’s hard, because your self-esteem is in the sh!tter, but after it stops hurting you’re like, “YES! I can be myself again!” S

      • blue marie says:

        Ha, I’m not on his d-ck, all I’m asking is for her to quit bringing him into every single interview (which is way more than 2 or 3 times). Every freakin interview is about how bad Brand is while Mayer is awesome, yeah ok. I get it, she wants him to see how much better her life is without him, we all get it now get over it.

        I never said Brand was the end all, be all I’m just tired of hearing/reading about it. She was so broken up about her divorce that she signed her name with a heart, go peddle that sh-t somewhere else to someone who’s buying.

      • Nono says:

        I’m not on Russell’s —.

        Bringing him up in every post-divorce interview is hardly empowered! It’s grating, irritating, and whiny! That’s why everyone’s complaining about her.

        Also, “Roar” is just about the blandest song ever. I’m hard pressed to think of a more pastiche ditty.

        This woman needs to get herself together already.

      • Bella Bella says:

        Thank you!! Russell Brand is a sleeeezy bucket of crap. I think Katy Perry is gorgeous! But damn, she has the worst taste in men.

  2. Eve says:

    You were married to a man who has been nothing short of elegant when talking about you AFTER the divorce, you’re now dating an idiot who once said he had a “David Duke d*ck”…and you choose to rip the former?

    Bitch, stop. Just stop.

    • Rin says:

      Thank you.

    • Dani2 says:

      THIS. I would be more inclined to be sympathetic IF she hadn’t moved on to a bigger douche.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Only a matter of time.
      When John Majordouche moves on to the next one, we´ll get lots of teary interviews from that as well.

    • Andrea1 says:

      True that!

    • Anna says:

      “nothing short of elegant” –
      Brilliantly put, Eve, and so absolutely on-point. About 90% of my like for RussB comes from how he handled that relationship before, during and after. ESPECIALLY after.

      • Insomniac says:

        The man was too good for her–and he proves it by not making a point of saying it every time he talks to the press. Take notes, Katy.

    • poppy says:


    • Insomniac says:

      Haha, amen. I realize that she thinks that she is ‘winning’ something every time she shows herself to be the classless one in the split, but she just comes across as immature, whiny, at fighting a personal war with common sense.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


      Keeping it real as always, Eve.

    • Liberty says:

      Applauding your comment, Eve.

      • booboochile says:

        John is a douche canoue f*cktard it’s true, but how do you know Russell was all that wonderful behind closed doors.I dunno some people need to vent…to move on. That’s just how they are built. I’m very skeptical of piling all the blame on one person though I happen to like Russell Brand more than Katie any day, he is charming, funny, intelligent…yet I don’t know who he is behind closed doors. She might be a dim bimbette..that’s her public persona, yet I don’t know what kind of a wife she was…only what they showed the public and that can be misleading.

    • Bridget says:

      You know things are bad when Russel Brand is more elegant than you and the person you’re with.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:


    • Crabcake says:

      Elegance is when someone says they would think of anyone but her when having sex?

      Gosh, the bar has been set low these days.

      • bns says:

        Right? This thread confuses me, but I guess it’s okay because he’s a comedian or something.

      • Ella says:

        That “thinking of anyone else in bed” quote was so taken out of context. It was part of a joke he was making about MARRIAGE IN GENERAL, not Katy personally. And it was said during a gig, to a small room, which is not exactly the same as throwing someone under the bus in every major interview like she does to him. He always declines to say anything negative about her when asked, so yes, he IS more classy than her, despite the widely misreported quote you’re referring to here.

    • littlestar says:

      YUP YUP YUP! Brand was an absolute gentleman in regards to their divorce. Katy is unnecessarily bashing him just to sell more records. You obviously haven’t matured like you say you have, Katy.

      I loooove that pink sweater though!

    • elisa says:

      Yes, THIS, exactly.

      Her continual “throwing him under the bus” shows more badly upon her than upon Russell Brand.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree completely, Eve!

      She has been harping on this one note for so long. Did she forget she already made a movie a year and a half ago that focused on their divorce? Find a new angle for yourself! This is getting really, really old and your attempts to garner sympathy for yourself are doing the opposite!

    • Assistant Rachel says:


    • cs says:

      Oh Yes Guuurl!

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      The more I hear from her, the less I like her.

    • Nikki says:

      This was barely shade. Brand is a womanizer and dumped her in the shittiest way possible. No he hasn’t badmouthed her, how could he without looking even more like an evil asshole? He’s a narcissist and not nearly as funny or intelligent as he thinks he is.

    • Catriona says:

      BOOM! 🙂 I agree with you 100%, Ms Eve! 🙂

      On another note, I’m so sorry I know people love this photo shoot but I kept thinking, “Budget Adele”, especially in that turtleneck picture.

  3. merski says:

    Uh, for all of her “empowering” shitty pop songs, she sure can’t seem to shut up about Russell Brand, huh?

  4. MoxyLady007 says:

    In the black and white photo where she is sitting on the edge of the bed- what the F is going on with her feet? Is one on backwards?!?

  5. Victoria says:

    She looks fantastic and quite glamorous on the cover/in this shoot. I’m not sure whether it’s the lighting or makeup, but it really suits her – I also like her poofy hair. I’ve got nothing to say on her comments about Russel other than I’m glad he’s keeping it classy.

  6. Really say what says:

    She is gross.

  7. Kiddo says:

    They were going for an Amy Winehouse look?

  8. Tia says:

    She needs to stop talking about Rusty. I am sure there is so much more to it that he could talk about, like the fact that he is a recovering addict and she wanted to party with her posse, but he doesn’t. Show some class, Katy!

  9. magpie says:

    Russ has stayed classy and never said anything negative about Katy. She needs to STFU. When they were married it seemed like she was more into her career and party friends and now she’s all crying about it boohoo. Maybe she was really hurt but I think we’re all sick about hearing about it.

  10. Daaahling says:

    Katy, this is an interview, not therapy. A man can’t make you do what you don’t want to do. Stop blaming your ex for… Whatever. It’s done. Over with. A lady would just ignore and never acknowledge her ex. It’s in the past. Keep it moving. I like Katy, btw, just tired of the digs at her divorce. Heffa, you put a smiley face on the divorce decree, so be happy.

    • Ok says:

      Daaaaaahling — you said “heffa you put a smiley face on your divorce decree””

      Love love love your post.

    • ChicagoGirl says:

      Is this why she doesn’t think she’s a feminist? Because a man has this much power over her? She lost me after saying that. She’s clearly immature and doesn’t think any of the onus is on her. Considering so much of feminism is about women being empowered and taking responsibility no wonder she’s not down with it.

  11. Lindy79 says:

    They have been apart nearly as long as they were married so it’s time to just stop, especially when you’re constantly banging on about how over him you are and how empowered you are.

    This shows the exact opposite.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Her ego is more hurt than her feelings.

      • magpie says:

        This. I think Katy is po’d that Russ doesn’t give a damn. All those “Mayer is a genius” quotes are slams to her ex.

    • booboochile says:

      Divorce and breakups can make you very bitter…some get over it in a month others years. At least she’s not burning down his house like Lisa left eye Lopez of TLC. That was just messed up but also hilarious, some waiting to exhale sh*t, right there.

      • Bridget says:

        It’s not like Left Eye got insanely pissed and intentionally burned down Andre’s house, she just thought she was burning some of his stuff in the bathtub that turned out to be fiberglass. And didn’t he give her a black eye in the fight that led to the fire?

  12. CaribbeanLaura says:

    One of my dreams is to look totally smoking in a sweater dress one day. Too bad I live in the caribbean. Plus I don’t have the body to pull it off yet, but wait and see you’ll hear me roar!!!



    • Lucybelle says:

      It’s freezing cold here in Indiana-perfect sweater dress weather! We can trade locations until May if you want! 😀

      • CaribbeanLaura says:

        LOL….it’s actually one of my dreams to experience winter. How cold is it in Indiana?

      • Sunlily says:

        I’m in Indiana too, (Go Colts!) and I woke up to some light snow this morning. Too damn cold for this time of year.

    • Ok says:

      Laura — if you are in the carribbean then I am coming to visit. Michigan cold winters suck

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m in the UP and it’s already snowed for two days…sucks up here. And we’re right by Lake Superior too.

      • booboochile says:

        Come To Kenya or SA on Safari, I come from both countries. Kenya is warmer though, plus if you don’t want to see wild life in their natural habitat, we have white beaches and azure oceans but also terrorism…ah well the carribean might be safer.

      • CaribbeanLaura says:

        You can all come!!! Celebitchy Vacation!!!

  13. eliza says:

    Ugh. Is this the only thing she has to talk about? SHUT UP! Jeez.

  14. REALLY???? says:

    Biggest mouth in Hollywood. Annoying as hell.

  15. Greata says:

    Grow up Katy Perry! Is it necessary to shade Russel so that your current DOUCHE looks good?

  16. Kaye says:

    She has a great face.

  17. MrsBPitt says:

    Um…she’s not really talking about RB…she is speaking to how SHE felt during the break-up…so I don’t see what the problem is.

    • Ella says:

      That would be fine, if it didn’t result in every media outlet (except this one) using her quotes to try to paint Russell as the bad guy and some kind of ogre because of what he did to “poor Katy.” She’s entitled to her feelings, of course, but continuing to talk about them (and by extension, him) in every single interview is just tacky because when both parties are famous, it affects both of them.

  18. Monkey Towz says:

    She looks beautiful & I look forward to receiving my next issue of W. So much nicer than Cara Delidontgiveafuckwhatever.
    However, I do wish she would STFU about RB & dump that douche so that we don’t have to hear or read about him when they inevitably break up.

  19. poppy says:

    she most certainly could do better than dirty dick john mayer but she’s a complete imbecile so what can you do?
    have to say she works the PR really hard. she’s saying everything and meaning nothing.

  20. Jackson says:

    Wow, so much hate here for KP. I’ve read the excerpts from *this* interview twice. What is it exactly that she is saying that’s so bad about RB? Not much at all that I can see. I’ve got no dog in this ‘hate KP fight’ but jeez people, she barely said anything about him.

    • bondbabe says:

      I guess it’s not so much THIS interview, but she keeps going on and on and on that is getting a little off-putting.

      I believe her ego was hurt because Russell didn’t want the party life she wanted to live and said goodbye.

    • bns says:

      She said nothing wrong here. I don’t get it either.

  21. Nev says:

    Not a model. W is starting to get on my nerves now. Stick to the fashion formula. Put Katy Perry on Teen Beat. Really what fashion person is going to buy this issue? Seriously.

  22. mar says:

    Um you were married for 5 mins Katie, Im getting out of a 15 year relationship- and I do not dwell too hard!!!

  23. AlmondJoy says:

    She’s gorgeous and her songs are catchy, but she always strikes me as superficial… there’s no depth and all her responses seem so surface.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree – don’t feel there’s a lot of depth there either. Love the pink sweater – otherwise, I think she looks just like Kat Dennings (with apologies to Kat).

  24. Delta Juliet says:

    Good Lord she was married for a hot minute. Move on lady.

  25. lucy2 says:

    She looks really pretty in these photos, but I’m tired of this manufactured empowerment stuff. Why is she acting like she’s been censored and unable to speak up to this point? She’s been talking about her divorce since it happened.

  26. Mel says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he recently say that he used to think of “anyone else” during sex with her at a stand up event of his?

    • Kim1 says:

      I guess he gets a pass for making “jokes” about his horrible marriage years before she even mentioned it.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Not only that comment but I remember reading a few other ‘jokes’ he made about her and their sex life. OUCH. She became the butt of several of his jokes. That ain’t classy. That’s downright mean.

        She’s talking about trying to pick herself up — what’s so bad about that??? Geesh, people.

      • Kit says:

        I still think he was a total jackass for posting that deer-in-the-headlights photo of Katy without any makeup. Sure he took it down soon after, but not soon enough obviously. I mean WTF was he thinking?? She probably wanted to murder him when he did it… perhaps literally.

    • Stoner says:

      I’m fairly sure he was saying it as a compliment – like men who claim to think of baseball or anything “boring” during sex to delay orgasm.

      • Franny Days says:

        Lol what a compliment

      • Mel says:

        I don’t think that is what he meant at all this is the whole quote:

        “When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone,” he said. ”When you’re married, it’s one person. That’s one more than a monk. It’s not that different. I’d be having sex thinking, ‘think of anyone, anyone else.’”

        I’m not a KP fan but I was just surprised at all of the RB love around here.

    • Bridget says:

      I’ll give the dude credit, when he’s been asked about KP Russel has refused to take the.bait and only said kind things about her. What ends up backfiring on Katy isn’t necesaarily that she’s angry at their divorce, but the fact that she’s continually taking shots at him amd talking about how terrible her divorce was while conveniently forgetting any of the thingsshe did to contrubute to the relationship’s demise. Like continue to party and drink copiously while married to someone in recovery. Or the fact that it’s just as much her fault that it apparently never occurred to either of them to actually discuss how they were going to handle 2 in-demand careers within their marriage. Part of being a grown-up is not placing blame for all your problems on the other person.

      And for the record, I love RB as an entertainer, but think only an idoit would marry him.

  27. Miss M says:

    “Katy deserves a lot better than him”

    Does she?!

  28. Winnie says:

    Pretty sure Good Ol’ Rusty HAS made comments about Katy. I think it’s crazy that everyone is putting her down when she’s doing the same thing y’all are doing- voicing what bothers you. Katy was young, that was her first marriage and she very well could have been crushed. Why not?

    • KLaw says:

      Thank you. Everyone is so hard on her, but she is entitled to feel hurt and talk about it. I have a feeling that Brand is not the nice guy people are claiming he is. For goodness sakes, he broke up with her on a text message. He married her and didn’t even have the guts or the respect to sit down and talk to her about why he wanted to split. What an ass.

  29. TheSageM says:

    All of you going on about Russell “keeping it classy” obviously have missed his very ungentlemanly comments post breakup about how he used to think about “someone else, anyone!” while he was in bed with her. Also the fact that he started sleeping around indiscriminately days (or hours, more like) after they broke up. Personally, I find his promiscuity quite revolting and would question the self respect of any woman who would want to go there. I will concede that KP should have known that monogamy is simply not in his genes.

    • Huh says:

      Hoo boy. You’re upset that he had sex with whomever after he and Katy Perry separated? And anyone who is with him for any period of time or reason afterwards is questionable? You are pursed-lips, Dana Carvey as Church Lady Up. Tight. Damn! And I’m an old married broad, not Russell’s lady of the moment.

    • Ella says:

      He didn’t actually say that. He makes a joke about marriage being “where you sleep with only one more person than a monk” in his current tour, but that part about how he’d be thinking of “anyone else” during sex was made up by the press. I have friends who were at the gig in London where he was reported to have said it, and the way he was quoted was not at all what he said. So, basing an opinion of how “ungentlemanly” he is on one unsubstantiated quote is questionable. It doesn’t exactly compare to how KP has definitely, REPEATEDLY talked negatively about him in the press in every major interview. Russell has declined to comment negatively on her in any interview this whole time, AND declined his legal right to any of her money, so I still say he deserves credit for that.

  30. Aggie says:

    She’s trying way too hard with this female empowerment stuff. Its just trite at this point.

  31. Madriani's Girl says:

    I hate to tell her this but being “empowered” does not mean walking around on stage with hardly any clothes on and shooting liquid out of your costume’s breasts. THAT is degrading and pathetic.

  32. Merman says:

    I couldn’t care less about her personal life but I almost had a stroke reading the Blade Runner comment.

  33. Jules says:

    She is very pretty and has a bangin bod. And I’d take John Mayer and his Mayer Dong over Russell Brand’s strange suppressed homosexuality any day.

    • Kit says:

      I can’t help but think John Mayer must be pretty damn good in bed cos he sure seems (from what I’ve noticed) to inspire an inordinate level of fawning and devotion in those he’s dated. I dunno… he’s never been attractive to me in any way and I loathe his music, but if a sex tape of his ever surfaced I’d be curious to have a peek.

      • Tia says:

        I think he just picks a less intelligent partner and plays mind games. He always dates needy women which gives him the power, so am not convinced he is some sex god. I am sure he would like you to think so though.

      • Kit says:

        @ Tia

        Hmm, that’s possible too.

    • delorean 5000 says:

      What a ridiculous thing to say.

  34. Jen says:

    I’m always frightened of people like Katy who think that without God or some sort of higher being they’d have nothing to be accountable to and be a ‘menace to society’.

    • TheSageM says:

      Yes, I picked up on that too. I don’t need to be threatened with hell to know that harming another person is wrong.

    • Sooloo says:

      What’s it to you, though? If these are her beliefs and it causes no harm to anyone else, what’s the big deal? If that’s what she thinks to keep herself accountable (in whatever way she wants to define it), who are you to look down on it or question it? Again, it’s causing no one any harm, and it’s not like she’s saying “this is the only truth/the only way to live FOR EVERYONE, so if you think differently, you’re wrong”.

      • Jen says:

        I have no problem with other people’s beliefs at all, but the reason that some people give that if there was no god there would be no reason to act in a humane manner does scare me. I have my own moral compass with or without a god. I don’t need that threat to treat others properly. What if people who need the threat or whatever of a god have a crisis of faith and begin to doubt. Does that mean they have no reason to treat their fellow human beings right or in Katy Perry’s own words become a ‘menace’?
        If all that’s between a person treating other people right or rampaging, is an invisible man in the sky, then yes that do worry me.

    • Leen says:

      Yeah that part of the interview pissed me off more than anything Wow thanks Katy for insulting every atheist/agnostic in the world. We have a moral compass thank you very much, and we definitely don’t need a higher being tell us not to kill or steal.

  35. mia girl says:

    Katy Perry doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, I’ll take her over most of the other female pop stars of her like. She looks great in this shoot.

    In tems of RB keeping it classy, I hear what many of you are saying…I just don’t know if that is an indication that he’s a better person in the situation. I wonder.

    Case in point – One of my closest friends was a real piece of work with his ex-wife when they were married. He really put her through all kinds of emotional ups and downs, mostly because he himself was insecure and not ready to be married (plus he was a notorious flirt). Their divorce was kinda ugly, she was really hung up on him and took the divorce hard. To this day he has never said a bad thing about her. Not from class, but because he knows what a sh*t he was to her and that he carries a lot of the blame.. He feels its the least he can do.

    I’m not saying this is exactly what happened with Perry and Brandt, but it gives me a different perspective on why RB may not talk about it.

    • Kit says:

      Great, thought provoking comment.

    • Huh says:

      I like this comment a lot, mia – a great perspective. I do think that when celebrity is involved, as here, that people like Katy Perry are obviously very canny about marketing to their potential audience, and that’s what she’s doing here with ‘Roar’ and ’empowerment’ and all of her other prattle. It’s hard for me to have any regard for her when she seems to be trying to bury her ex in passive-aggressive ways and chat up her new guy like she’s a tween. In Perry’s case, I think it’s hitting her hard because she’s incredibly shallow and somewhat narcissistic.

  36. Ginger says:

    Having been divorced I can tell you there are two sides and both share blame in a break up. I hope therapy helped her. I do feel bad for her that Russell chose to break up with her so impersonally. Now that she seems happy just be glad you didn’t have a child with Russell. Pick yourself up and move on.

  37. snappyfish says:

    all three of them are gross.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Good ol’ Rusty has thrown plenty of shade at Katy and their marriage. It just hasn’t been covered here. He’s no saint. Neither is she. And she really didn’t say anything about him. She was talking about how she felt. She’s allowed.

  39. bns says:

    The comments in here are kind of pathetic. Criticizing her for being “over the top” with female empowerment? Even if it’s manufactured it’s better than what Miley Cyrus is doing.

    She gets points from me for mentioning Shirley Manson.

  40. lovegossip says:

    She seems to be saying everything right. How she knows she was “bratty” at one point, how she has changed and seen the light (ha) and is now so much more mature. Why don’t I believe a word she is saying? I think she is saying what she thinks she should be saying. Total fake b!tch.

  41. connie says:

    I think her music, roar especially is atrocious. Although, everytime a new KP song is #1 I think that is the worst she has ever put out…
    That said, I am clearly NOT a fan but do recognize she can be very pretty and styled well, in this shoot, I do not find that to be the case…I think she looks like Karen Hill from Goodfellas

    And for all of her victimization, poor me pandering she’s been doing post-divorce let us all remember she signed the papers with a smiley face… obviously in her suicidal depression :eye-roll:

  42. pnichols says:

    In a text….that’s some cold s***.

    • Andrea says:

      I broke up with a boyfriend of 3 years via AIM. Yes Instant messenger, our now equivalent of text messages. Why? Because he was an immature alcoholic and would threaten to kill himself otherwise. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the description applied to Katy also. I don’t think its harsh when you are dealing with someone like I described above, its easier for both parties and far less drama (I still got crying/angry voicemails for a few years afterwards).

  43. Hally says:

    In that center headshot she looks like adele! Maybe it’s just in this makeup, but I think the resemblance is there!

  44. kim says:

    That whole interview is a huge eye roll. God you can tell how she’s changed and how she’s morphed into a total wet tampon…disgusting to see. I’m done with her fake ass self. She can keep the little girls and be the same as taylor swift. Effing drunks…

  45. Dommy Dearest says:

    Can someone explain to me how she empowers women? Maybe I’m just not hip on the ways of empowerment through the selling of sex versus intelligence and overcoming obstacles that do not involve flashing her cleavage.

    Her Roar song is terrible. I change it every single time it comes on the radio.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree 100%! I cracked up after seeing this cover, because just yesterday people were saying that she doesn’t sell sex. On the positive side, at least with this cover she isn’t selling sex to kids, like she did with her previous album and videos.

  46. TherapyCranes says:

    I don’t understand the comments telling her to move on/shut up. Some arbitrary time frame has passed so now she’s not allowed to discuss it ever again.

    Are you only allowed to be upset about a divorce for 1 year? If you go over that time frame then you’re badgered? Pfft please. As an artist and human being she’s allowed to draw upon those past experiences and pitfalls in her life and discuss and sing about it.

    Also, he informed her about the divorce by txt… But apparently he isn’t a douche? Ok.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      She’s allowed to talk about the divorce as much as she wants…TO HER FRIENDS. Maybe just STFU about it to the press though?

      Just a suggestion.

      • linda says:

        Maybe you need to STFU about telling Katy to STFU about russel.

        Just a suggestion.

      • Angie says:

        Honestly. She had to be married to him and have her heart obviously crushed by him. And that is the point; SHE was married to him, not any one of you. She can talk about him whenever and however and for however long she wants, she has more of a right to be commenting on his level of douchiness than anyone here which, she really isnt and doesnt, by the by.

        She didnt even bring him up in this interview as far as I can tell. Saying the song was about Rusty seemed more like a deduction, to me. But even if she did, so what? She is saying she was hurt, not that he was a scumbag. Is she not allowed to talk about her own experience, because Russel doesnt seem to care enough to be bothered to? And why should she follow his example, anyway? He, nor his actions, have any power over her. He deals with it the way he does, and same for her. She can do what she wants and feels, that IS being empowered.

        I dont mean to demonize him, he is who he is, but the knighting of him is laughable. So classy, that Brand, to dump his wife by text and totally disrespect and degrade her here and there on the sly, whislt tossing out a few disingenuous/apathetic/indifferent pleasantries to the bigger media. She is obviously still not recovered from whatever he put her through. Whether she was naive or not, it’s sad and pathetic to see so many fellow women rallying behind him as though he were a saint and demonizing her for being honest, NOT malicious or ‘obsessed’. People did the same to Jennifer Aniston and to this day she cant own her own divorce without people acting as though it is no longer hers, because theve decided enough time has passed, already. It was like that after a year and it is still like that. The woman is literally not allowed to comment on her own divorce. This is so common! Treating the man as cleansed and the woman with suspicion and contempt and derision. Bitter, crazed, obsessed, and clearly incapable of holding onto a man: IOW, damaged goods. There *must* be something wrong with her, after all.

        Aside from that,the real kicker is acting like she should be over it by now. Just never should she mention it again, if not for her sake, then *for his*. A divorce stays with you for life, it is always your burden to bear and your experience to do with as you will. For life. No one elses. And it sucks and it is hard. My in laws are both still bitter as hell, 25 years later. Let her talk about if she needs to. Who is she hurting? Certainly not Brand.

        Also, a person shouldnt have to abstain from enjoying a healthy relationship with alcohol because their partner is an alcoholic; if your recovery is that delicate you are not ready to even be in a relationship. But I highly doubt Brand was bothered by her drinking in the least, because he’s well on into his recovery and doing just fine. And if it were a problem Im sure Katy wouldnt have treated it as flippantly as people would like to portray. The truth is very likely that Katy could enjoy drinking because she can, and Brand abstained because he can not, and that was that. A non issue. That is a part of being in recovery, learning how to hold yourself accountable, an not using others drinking as permission for you to do so. Accepting that others have freedoms you do not because they are not alcoholics, you are.

        Sheesh, Im not even a fan of Katy Perry. Good lord, people.

      • Catriona says:

        Please, she was married to the guy for how long and spent how much actual time with him, again? A total of three whole days?

        Let’s get real Katy Cats, she used the “empowerment” schtick to gain sympathy from the public due to her divorce last year for, “Part of Me”, and she’s using it again because, well whaddaya know, her albums coming out!

        Like you guys haven’t seen other celebrities successfully dupe the public and exploit 3-day old relationships for money. Case-in-point: Taylor Swift.

        I agree with The Original Kitten, obviously, and there was nothing wrong with what she said, why should she have to STFU, it’s the comments section of a gossip site, unlike Katy, she isn’t exploiting anyone for money with her comments.

  47. shellybean says:

    “She did well in this shoot”…. You act like her fashion mag shoots are styled by her. That is most likely not the case, ever.

  48. Ella says:

    I swear I read in another interview that she confirmed “Roar” was about John Mayer — specifically, about the time period when they were broken up. She said she had lost her identity and was trying to change for him and then realized she had to be herself, or somesuch. So, I don’t think this particular one is about Russell.

  49. Maggie says:

    What’s wrong with John Mayer? Serious. Why is he considered a douche?

    • Andrea says:

      He’s just humped and callously dumped half of single Hollywood. He comes across as a womanizer and a douche, not in the sexy, funny way like in Russell Brand, but in the sleazy, he is banging your best friend too sort of way.

  50. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    She looks great in the photos, the best I think I have ever seen her look. But she should STFU. She really does say the dumbest sh!t.

  51. The Original G says:

    That “song”, Roar, sucks.

    In my experience, I’ve never heard a woman who claims to be with the love of her life constantly talk about about her ex. Methinks it’s about creating effects.

  52. RHONYC says:

    Her own teenage style: “My style icons were Gwen Stefani, when she was in No Doubt, and then Shirley Manson in Garbage.”


    DAYUM! i had to put on my sunnies for that straight up S-H-A-D-E.
    i do believe she just called these bishes old! smh 😯

  53. loveisthecoal says:

    The thought of “Blade Runner 2” coupled with her playing Rachael is just too much. I think my head exploded.

  54. Au de toilet says:

    I like the boobers and that pink shirt, well done miss Kate, well done. 😉

  55. GirlyGirl says:

    Memo to Katy Perry

    Hey Katy, I’m glad you could finally stop being such a wallflower and come out of your shell.

    Also when you write your break up song about John “Diseased-Wang” Mayer, you may have a tough time finding a word that rhymes with syphilis, gonorrhea might be easier. You will find that very few STD’s rhyme with ’empowerment’ so good luck.

    Love & Yawns
    A Bored Public

    • Nono says:

      “You will find that very few STD’s rhyme with ‘empowerment’ so good luck.”

      I almost wet myself.

  56. liliwoman says:

    Gawd, I find it so irritating that she said she was suicidal. You spent all of 3 days together while you were married. If you spent time together, maybe he wouldnt have had to text you! Just because you went to bed because you were sad, doesn’t mean you were suicidal. I just don’t buy it.
    As someone who has seen depression and suicidal tendencies first hand, it’s just insulting. Why don’t I believe her? Don’t know. I just don’t. You were sad/depressed. We’ve all been there. You weren’t suicidal. Next she’ll be a lesbian (oh yah, she’s already kissed a girl).

    • linda says:

      How can you dismiss her suicidal claims, where u there with her? So because u have witnessed people with suicidal tendencies you are now an authority on all things depression and suicide related. Hmm

  57. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Russell definitely has thrown shade, even though I think he started out being kind about her he is clearly a complex character, and sorry but anyone who ends a marriage by text is never going to be completely blameless. They both played a part.

    I agree she is just saying how she felt, so what it’s her right.I kind of like her cheesy music, in a driving in the car kind of way. Roar is pretty bad though.

    Nice shoot but could they have avoided making her boobs look so lumpy in the sweater shot?

    I like that she isn’t coy or faux humble when asked the movie star question. BUT She needs to dump Mayer, stat. The only good part of that godawful Timberlake/Mila Kunis film was when they nailed John Mayer to the wall.

  58. Bridget says:

    This from a girl who’s Teddy C blind item name wad Strawberry Snort-Em.

  59. Nimbolicious says:

    I don’t know about all this female empowerment business. I heard that her people threw Lorde under the bus for not wanting to go on tour with her by basically saying that Lorde is too much of a partier when in fact it’s KP who’s allegedly the big boozer and coke-fiend. And that she showed little sympathy for or support of RB’s sobriety when they were together. I’m not sure if any of that is true, but if so . . .Not cool.

  60. Kosmos says:

    After having one failed marriage, it seems like Mayer might be another failed relationship, in time. But maybe she doesn’t care because she’s enjoying him in the moment and it seems to be working (for now). I just don’t think it will always work, and maybe even her career and popularity won’t always work, so I hope she’s investing for the future. Isn’t it true that average music careers last about five years? Good luck to her, and I hope she doesn’t turn into another woman throwing her sex around in order to get attention.

  61. Moi says:

    I’m confused, where in the interview did she mention Russell Brand again? Stop being followers already. If anything, she was talking about her parents in that song ‘Roar’ wouldn’t you think? Not only by her comment regarding the meaning of the song, but conservative bible banging Christian parents vs Russell Brand. Come on now.

  62. Missykittens says:

    I like Katy.

  63. Rachel says:

    I don’t believe in god and yet not once in my lifetime have I thought about being evil or whatever just because it won’t have any consequences in the afterlife. It’ll have consequences here and I don’t just mean legally. I think people should hold themselves accountable to their fellow people and other living creatures, not to god. If you define what is good through god, you’ll miss out on what it really means to be good. Like, the “Christians” who have put themselves on a pedestal and have made it their mission to make everyone else that isn’t on the pedestal miserable. Just because the bible says something is bad, doesn’t mean it’s bad. End of story. Note: I said “Christians”, not Christians – they’re completely different. The former uses god as a means to disseminate hate. The latter does not.

  64. MegG says:

    I’d choose Russel Brand over John Mayer any day.

  65. Aud says:

    This is odd indeed.
    More recently [last week] in Australia, she was interviewed by the Marie Claire editor [Aust] and she was a real diva, told her PR manager twice to inform the interview that she stepped over the line asking questions about marriage, etc.
    This created a bit of controversy, as the singer of now defunct band Savage Garden was all for Katy and criticised the media of bullying Kate, meanwhile the network that broadcast the interview were all huffy and said, ‘this is the real Katy Perry’ [attitude wise].

    Katy got pissy because she only wanted to discuss her new album.

    • Nono says:

      Hm. Maybe all of the interviews coming out were done months ago, and she is actually over him at this point? If so, good. It’s about time.

  66. delorean 5000 says:

    God, she is seriously annoying. Brand dumped you, now you’re dating some douchebag. We know, shut up already. And your music sucks, stop trying to pretend it’s deep while you shoot whipped cream out your tits, you stupid fool.