Liberty Ross hired a crisis manager as soon as she learned about Rupert’s affair


On Monday, I mentioned in the Nicole Kidman Vanity Fair story that VF had a very interesting coverline: “The Wife Who Outfoxed Kristen Stewart”. I assumed (correctly) that Vanity Fair had profiled Liberty Ross, the ex-wife of Rupert Sanders (Kristen’s then-married Mini Coopering partner). Personally, I think VF would have gotten more publicity if they had put Liberty on the cover with a great pull-quote about how she thinks Kristen Stewart sucks, but then again, I’m not a magazine editor. Anyway, VF has released the story! YAY.

British model turned actress Liberty Ross—looking better than ever in a sexy photo spread by Norman Jean Roy—speaks for the first time to Vanity Fair contributing editor Evgenia Peretz in the December issue about her husband director Rupert Sanders’s affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Kristen Stewart. “It was horrible,” she tells Peretz. “It was really the worst, really the worst.”

“I have no words to describe what we went through,” Ross says. “But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

Ross tells Peretz that Sanders told her about the affair with Stewart 20 hours before the paparazzi photos showing Sanders and Stewart kissing and hugging on the side of the road in Los Angeles appeared in Us Weekly and then went viral online.

“It was f—ing crazy,” Ross’s brother Atticus, an Academy Award­–winning composer and a close friend of Sanders’s, tells Peretz. “To some extent at that moment, Rupert was in denial, and Liberty didn’t know what was going to happen…. I’m texting people because I know this is going to be huge. I knew this had all the makings of what our world has become. This is going to be f—ing big, and Liberty needs to be protected. It was about it not destroying [Liberty]. I don’t think people understand what being in the eye of that storm is like.” Atticus called Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records (with whom Ross has recently been romantically linked in the press), who provided Ross with a P.R. woman experienced in handling media circuses.

A friend of Atticus’s offered Ross and her two children her home up the coast as a haven from the paparazzi. “I was able to be there completely secluded,” recalls Ross. “I just visualized [being] this sort of Masai warrior. I was just going to stand very still and very strong, and just let it all roll past me. I tried to keep as far away from it as I could and to understand that this is my family and it’s the most precious thing to me.”

Ross tells Peretz about the early days of her relationship with Sanders in London (they started dating when Ross was 18), when her modeling career was taking off: “We used to joke and call Rupert ‘the Hand,’ because he was always chopped off in all the pictures we did together.”

When Ross was pregnant with their first child, she and Sanders moved to Los Angeles to focus on his career. “I really felt like I wanted him to have his time to shine,” she tells Peretz. But she found herself more alienated by Los Angeles than she had expected. “I went from really the high end of it all, and then I’m living on a hilltop in Hollywood Hills, breast-feeding.”

When Sanders landed Snow White and the Huntsman, Ross tells Peretz, “it was all we’d come here for, and we’d done it. We were driving around town and seeing these billboards of his movie. We were so excited, like, ‘Wow, how did we do that?’ I was so proud of him, what he’d done—what we’d done. We were a team, and the movie was made out of love.”

After the cheating scandal, Sanders issued a public apology and wanted to reconcile, but Ross realized the marriage was over. “I’m not a quitter,” she tells Peretz. “I’ve done everything I could to be the perfect wife and mother and really support my husband. But I just didn’t have any more to give, you know?”

Stunned as she’d been by the affair, Ross tells Peretz, in retrospect, she now sees that something had already been off with her marriage, and that the pursuit of success and fame had corrupted their relationship: “I knew that I wasn’t feeling 100 percent right. I found myself on a roller coaster, like, I’m going to keep things moving, keep things going. I’m going to keep up this amazing [façade], everyone looking at me and Rupert, thinking, Oh, wow, you guys have it all…. Really, I had times when I felt very lonely, very disconnected from Rupert. We’d lost our real connection.”

In spite of everything, Ross tells Peretz, she forgives Sanders: “We were together for 16 years, and that in itself is really beautiful. And we’ve created two exceptional lives together.”

[From Vanity Fair]

I think a lot of people will probably shade her for hiring a crisis manager right off the bat, but if there was a walking advertisement for the efficacy of great crisis management, it’s Liberty Ross. Seriously, she conducted herself brilliantly throughout the scandal and because Liberty played her hand so well, both Rupert and Kristen came off looking even worse than they originally looked for their affair. But does Liberty’s admission about the crisis manager make her look conniving and self-absorbed rather than hurt and damaged? Eh. I think she was legitimately devastated and I think she should be applauded for having the presence of mind to hire a professional to deal with everything.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Her husband was a complete dick, but something about her rubs me the wrong way, and I really can’t figure it out.

    • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

      Yup. Ditto.

      • Lila says:

        Me too and this interview makes me feel better about that. I always felt a bit like a shady person for disliking her when she was in such an awful situation. While what Sanders did still sucks and I have no doubt it was very VERY hard on her, it sounds like she had a lot of support and great people on her side guiding and protecting her. So now I can dislike her without feeling shady about it.

        One catty thing though- putting Liberty on the cover would not have sold more copies. They had to put Kristen Stewart’s name in bold on the cover for anyone to even be able to place the story. People keep trying to blow Liberty’s profile up into more than it is. She’s not an under-recognized star. She’s a former model whose husband banged an A-lister.

      • aloe says:

        Kristen Stewart is A-lister only in the minds of her delusional stans. Her entire fame is based on Twilight and the showmance with Pattinson and not on boxoffice draw.

    • Apples says:

      Everybody who has worked with her in the industry (she was a big deal) likes her- she has A LOT of well connected friends and could have done some major damage to KScrew, a major motion picture promotion, and her putz of a husband when it would have hurt more.
      Just because someone wears sexy or revealing clothing instead of crying into the cameras doesn’t make them shady.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        IMO, putting Kstews name on the cover a year later IS an attempt to do damage to her. It is her husbands name in that headline.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I meant “isn’t her husbands name up there”.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        But Liberty Ross is not responsible for what is put on the cover of a magazine.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Paranormal, that isn’t necessarily true. You can absolutely get final approval on headlines/photos. A good PR person would make sure that’s in the agreement. You don’t know that she didn’t approve this headline.

    • Ok says:

      You know, from the blurb that I just read she should have really just kept quiet. There is a very self absorbed quality about it. But I guess if you are being interviewed about yourself……..

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Me too.
      I think part of it is that she’s doing an interview about it! If she was going to calmly let it pass, why is she exploiting it? Why not keep it private for the sake of her kids? That headline is a head scratcher 1 year later. I feel like people are over it.

      I don’t believe her when she acts like she just let it roll around her. At the time, I remember thinking the sheer tops with no bra on a red carpet were a definite cry for attention. I know she was a model, but I’d never heard of her before this.
      (Funny, I did know her brother! NIN )

      • Meredith says:

        Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods’ ex-wife) did one big interview a year after they split. Other than that, she never spoke to the press. I think it was her way of saying “It’s over now, It was tough but I’ve got a new life now. Let’s all move on because that’s what I’ve done”.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Meredith, does a person need to do an interview for people to know they’ve moved on? I would have assumed she did already…but this interview makes me think that assumption was wrong. I think just living your life is proof enough. I guess in the 24/7 gossip cycle, that event seemed like a really long time ago. Why stir it up after the dust has settled?

  2. Dani2 says:

    “This is going to be f—ing big, and Liberty needs to be protected. It was about it not destroying [Liberty].”

    Being a good brother – you’re doing it right.

    • Badirene says:

      Right, everyone could do with someone like him in their life with it hits the fan.

    • T.C. says:

      Her brother called the crisis manager to protect his sister I don’t see anything shady about that. Good for them.

    • Babalon says:

      I’m a fan of the music Atticus has created with Reznor. Had no idea that he was Liberty’s brother.

      This makes me like him more.

    • Efwcheryl says:

      Yeah, I read this and really like her brother for making sure she was as protected as he could make her, but I still care very little for her.

    • gg says:

      Too bad people like Lohan, Chris Brown, Kristen Stewart, et al. don’t have crisis managers to help them deal and handle it properly, instead of making things worse. They should all have them on call if you ask me.

  3. Kiddo says:

    I have no problem with it and I’m not a fan or devotee to anyone in the triangle. You have to be savvy when your life is that public. Celebrities could take a page from her book, instead of idiotically tweeting about everything.

    • mom2two says:

      +1 It just proves she is a smart woman. Meann and Brandi could take lessons from her.

    • johnnybadboytapia says:

      I think it was a very smart move, when you have kids, you have to think about them and hiring a CM IMO helped her deal with things so she can get her life and career back on track. Because you are being proactive does not mean that you aren’t devastated.

      • IzzyB says:

        Came here to say the same thing. Well done to her, it must have hurt to stand by and not say anything, she must have been so angry, it must have been very hard not to trash him.
        The crisis manager was worth every penny. When her kids eventually look this up, there won’t be endless stories of their protracted divorce and fighting (a la Cibrians).

  4. bammer says:

    I don’t know why anyone wound shade her for getting help. Rupert and Kristen have pr firms as well as a massive studio system behind them.

    • Lucy says:

      Agreed! And honestly I get so angry when I think about this Rubert and Kristen are both such dirty assholes I just can’t believe they did this and destroyed two kids family, I honestly wish they both received more backlash

      • Algernon says:

        Rupert Sanders was removed from the Snow White franchise and though IMDB says he has a couple projects in the offing, there doesn’t seem to be much movement on either one, so no one is in a hurry to work with him right now, when before, he was one of the hottest up-and-coming directors in town. Plus his wife left him and one day his kids will be old enough to Google all this and see what an asshole their dad is, so he gets to relive it all over again in 3D technicolor for his kids.

        Kristen Stewart’s career has completely stalled and though she’s always been unlikeable, she will now and forever be haunted by a dumb thing she did at 22. Other young women who get into these kinds of messes get to move on eventually, but this literally will follow KStew for the rest of her life, just like it does Angelina Jolie. No one is going to “oh, whatever she did, who cares, we love her so much” like they do for Meryl Streep. No matter what else Kristen Stewart accomplishes, this will always be there. Plus her boyfriend dumped her and she was publicly humiliated for the better part of a year.

        What more backlash is there?

      • Janet says:

        @Algernon: Bad analogy. Jolie has had an extremely successful career since she hooked up with Brad Pitt. Perhaps because, unlike KStew, Jolie has real talent.

    • Anna says:

      My problem is that her crisis manager’s advice seemed to be ‘show up everywhere in the most try-hard, vampy, over-sexed outfits so that you can out-young the young’un who did your husband’

      • blue marie says:

        ha, try saying that three times fast.

      • MissCherokee says:

        When is dressing up considered ‘try hard’? In the fashion industry people dress up. Have you ever been to fashion week – guess not – all the editors, models, and buyers dress up, précisely the way liberty did post crisis.

        I think all 20 ‘s something’s in fear of looking like ‘try hard” dress like sh@t. Case in point Kristin Stewart. With her oversized dirty t shirt knotted at the waist. Dirty hair and trucker caps. And dirty keds. Please.

      • Cheryl says:

        Agree. I lost some interest in her with those aggressively sexual get ups too. Case in point. Last Hallloween she dressed up (like so many of us neighbourhood moms) in a leather sm outfit…exactly the appropriate thing for a event with your kids.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t think getting a PR team is a bad idea at all. I do think this interview is a bad idea. It was so long ago, and it would look better if she had a new actual project to talk about.

    • Decloo says:

      What exactly did this Crisis Manager do for her?

  5. mia girl says:

    If I read this correctly it was her brother who was thinking rationally at the moment and arranged for the crisis manager. He was smart and I don’t shade her at all for agreeing to it.

    • Regina Lynx says:

      Me neither. I seriously have a hard time trying to fathom who on earth would shade her for hiring professional help – and for what? If your marriage and other intimate life is about to be ripped open and shoved into the spotlight, why wouldn’t you hire someone to help you steer through it?

      I really cannot wrap my head around why using PR services would make Liberty look “conniving and self-absorbed”, I really can’t. Quite the opposite, I think it makes her look savvy and compassionate, because not only did she protect herself, she first and foremost protected her children.

      • Dani2 says:

        You’d be surprised – the Robsten cult members (and yeah, that’s what I’m calling them because they have crossed the line from wacky fandom to cult) aren’t even throwing shade, shade is subtle, they’re outright calling her a famewhore for giving this interview. That, and they still believe Kristen was the victim of one of the greatest conspiracies of our time.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Dani, you don’t have to be a fan of Kstew to think this interview was a bad, awkward idea. It has been so long!

    • Naomi says:

      You do read it correctly. Her brother went to Jimmy Iovine who provided the PR person. The Twilight world is mad world. The Queen of that world has enmeshed herself on a scandal completely of her own making. You know her crisis team was in place. Liberty seemed to handle it well and yeah she probably did what she could to give her a boost. She still has her kids to think of and it seems her ex’ job prospects are not quite what they were.

    • An says:

      This. Liberty herself didn’t hire anyone.

    • Embee says:

      Also, she was likely in shock and not able to think clearly. Getting guidance or delegating decision-making whilst she processed her devastation was smart. I know when I learned of my ex’s affairs it was like a fog descended for a few weeks. And we had only been married a decade and with no kids!

  6. Jericho says:

    In all fairness, it sounds like her brother is the one who found and hired the PR/ crisis management person and Liberty agreed to it.

    That’s not to take away that she did, and still is, conducting herself in a classy manner.

    • T.C. says:

      Exactly. Her brother Oscar winner Atticus Ross hired the crisis management firm. Going against Twihards, Hollywood tabloids and a major studio I would have done the same in a heart beat. I don’t see any problem with this interview either. She have out no details about Kstew or Rupert just talked about how she handled the breakup of her marriage.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree as well – it was a smart move, and probably saved her a lot of stress in trying to navigate the media attention on top of all the personal stuff.
        The attention on Stewart and her life, especially at that time, was crazy. Liberty’s brother was smart, and awesome, to help protect her.

  7. blue marie says:

    I think it’s better that they didn’t put Liberty on the cover, makes it more like a sneak attack. Gossip seems juicier that way.

    The only other thing I got from this is that Liberty’s brother rocks!! He made sure his sister was protected.

  8. Ninks says:

    I think it was a very smart decision. She knew it was going to be a massive shitstorm and she needed to take cover. Her brother had connections and used them to help protect her and her two children. If I had the money and connections and knew my life was about to become the center of a international media storm, the first thing I would do would be call somebody who knew how to handle said storm. I don’t know anything about her, but I do think she emerged from the whole mess with her dignity and good name intact, which is an achievement in this day and age. A lot of other people should follow her example when their own crisis occurs – hire somebody who knows what to do and get the hell out of town.

  9. Evilyn says:

    Having been through a similar nightmare in my own marriage, I would have loved to have a PR person to handle my communication with the outside world so that I could curl up in a ball and cope with the turmoil.

  10. minime says:

    It doesn’t sound like she run to hire a PR, but that the people who liked her oriented her to get a crisis manager. After all, this was a bomb. A known director exposed cheating with one of the currently most known actresses (isn’t she?), who was also dating a famous actor??!! Oh well, even if she would have been able to make that decision solely by her own I would have nothing but respect. She didn’t ask for any of this to happen and I’m sure she didn’t have it easy either.

  11. Buckwild says:

    “We were together for 16 years, and created two exceptional lives”

    I like that line. If you can truly say that at the end of a long relationship, you’re in a good place. Good for her.

  12. Rose says:

    I totally agree, I think a lot of us would benefit from hiring a person to deal with a shitstorm when we’re in crisis, regardless of whether we’re famous or not. Can you imagine how much her phone must’ve rang in those early days or how many paps were trying to get ‘the first picture’, she did the best thing in a crappy situation i think.

  13. smee says:

    Hiring a PR person is just part of her job – she was smart to do it. I know she’s considered very chic, but based on that top photos, a stylist should have been hired as well.

  14. Sloane Wyatt says:

    ‘Ross hired a crisis manager as soon as she learned about Rupert’s affair’ – Of course she did.

    You can be deeply hurt and still have the guts to take charge of your life. Liberty Ross took instant action to squelch the devastation of her husband’s gut wrenching betrayal and mitigated on her own terms his damage to her and her children. Ms. Ross is fiercely protective of her children and took incisive immediate warrior steps to remove them from the packs of predatory paparazzi jackals who were waiting to pounce on her and her family. She should be writing the exit handbook for strong women who take no shit.

  15. Sunny says:

    Some people aren´t happy in their relationships and have no guts to end it in a proper way. Stewart and Sanders were easy paparazzi targets. The pictures look wanted and staged. Some people use non-hidden affairs to escape their relationships. When everyone knows about the affair and with all the public pressure the partner will end the relationship/ file for divorce. Bad style

    • Sarah says:

      “The pictures look wanted and staged”

      So Kristen and Rupert staged them to ruin their whole lives? doesnt make much sense to me.

  16. lorelei says:

    I don’t understand the title of the article. In what way did she outfoxed Kristen Stewart? It wasn’t as if they were both fighting for something and she got it, is it? So what’s the deal?

    • Another Ann says:

      This. Sadly, Vanity Fair is turning tabloidy – and Kristen Stewart’s name is a much bigger sell than either Liberty Ross or Rupert Sanders.

      Ross never mentions Stewart, and there is no “outfoxing” mentioned – so we can only conclude that VF created a sensational but misleading headline as an attention grab.

      Kind of sad for Liberty that a story about her doesn’t even mention her name in the headline. A more accurate headline might have been “How Liberty Ross kicked her philandering husband to the curb” – but that probably wouldn’t sell as many magazines.

      • mimi says:

        @Another Ann

        Good points you bring up. It seems Vanity Fair is becoming a tabloid these days. It’s a shame because I used to enjoy their magazine in its heyday. This headline is very misleading and seems better suited for a tabloid like Star magazine.

        I’m still confused by the timing of this interview. It’s been over a year and things have finally begun to settle down with all four people directly involved. Sadly both relationships have ended as a result but all four seem to be moving forward with their lives, both professionally and on a personal level. Why the need to rehash it now when the dust has finally settled. Even the public had put it behind them.

        Also, why does she think her children need to be protected from talking of her current romance with Jimmy Iovine? They’ve been romantically linked since January 2013 with lots of pap pics to prove it. It’s no secret they are romantically involved and have been for some time now. Yet, she feels her children need to be shielded from talk of her current relationship, which is or at least should be, a positive factor in her/their life now. It’s interesting that she feels they don’t need to be protected from her rehashing the end of the marriage to their father so publicly, which has always been unpleasant from the start. Wouldn’t it have been better for her children not to be reminded again of their father’s actions that led to the end of their parent’s marriage in such a public way?

      • SummersReign says:

        “Kind of sad for Liberty that a story about her doesn’t even mention her name in the headline. A more accurate headline might have been “How Liberty Ross kicked her philandering husband to the curb” – but that probably wouldn’t sell as many magazines. ”

        Agreed Ann,

    • NYC_girl says:

      Yeah, I read the article and didn’t understand the “outfox” angle either. I agree with Another Ann – VF is turning into a real rag. It seemed more like a bio of her, plus how she coped with her husband’s infidelity. What exactly did she do to “outfox?” She left the jerk. She has had what seems to be a charmed, fun life. Her brother hired the PR person. Deceit is terrible to live with, but many other “normal” people have gone through it and don’t have a house up the coast to escape to. Needless to say I don’t think I would ever want to be part of the Hollywood scene. And that first pic of her is awful.

  17. Sarah says:

    her brother did the crisis management. but even if she did i mean what would you do? its not just an affair but a media storm, too. i dont think anyone can imagine what that means, your whole life out there and paps stalking you, people on the street having a firm opinion. people advise you to go outside and distract yourself when you are dealing with heartbreak, how do you do this in such a position?

    im amazed how some hardcore twihards are seeing this still as a PR setup. so how did anyone have anything from this? Kristens careers has taken a huge face plant, Rupert would have gotten big offers if it wasnt for his wandering dong, Robert looked like a doormat and Liberty lost her family. No one, apart from all the gossip mags selling like crazy, had anything from this.
    if Libery and Rupert had gotten back together, wrote a book and made a reality show i could totally see a set up but who in the world would do something like this to screw up their private and professional life?

  18. PunkyMomma says:

    Agree that she was fortunate enough to have her brother looking out for her, and that he was savvy enough to anticipate the the attempts to throw shade at her to salvage the Snow White franchise.

    Liberty and her children are the wronged parties here – it’s to her and her team’s credit that nowhere in the article does she even reference Stewart. Liberty comes off classy and dignified.

    • Olivia says:

      You may think Liberty is classy for keeping Kristen’s name out of the interview but look at what name they used on the cover. Not Liberty, not Rupert but Kristen. Not so classy after all.

      • aloe says:

        Dear Krisbian,
        fucking a married man in broad daylight isn’t a classy or edgy thing.

      • mimi says:


        “fucking a married man in broad daylight”

        Sorry, but those 50+ pap pics did not show them “fucking” at all. Yes, they are seen kissing and making out but let’s not rewrite history now.

      • Allen Smithee says:

        How is that Liberty Ross’s fault? She certainly didn’t choose the headline VF ran. If you want to call someone out for not being classy about it, it should be Graydon Carter, VF’s editor.

      • Janet says:

        Sanders does not determine whose name is used on the cover. That’s the editor’s decision.

  19. REALLY???? says:

    Confused as to why this all requires a rehash. Maybe there is something new in the article but we all know she divorced and is now with someone else. End of story non?

    • mia girl says:

      This is celebrity gossip, so I’m not sure there is ever really an “end of story” for some of these scandals.

      Today we still talk about Elizabeth Taylor and her exploits, Angelina Jolie’s past loves, Bill Clinton and his history, etc etc. These things do not go away, especially when used to frame a celebrities’ image. Is there an article ever written about Robert Downy Jr. that doesn’t somehow reference his “dark time”/ past drug abuse – that was like 10 years ago? When Jude Law is discussed, isn’t his past affair with the nanny often used to tell the story?

      In this scandal there were four celebrities involved, one of which was not very liked by many to begin with. And in this case, it’s hard to be an end of story because, there was strong photographic evidence of indiscretion. Pictures never die.

  20. Ag says:

    I really like it that she’s still keeping it classy about the entire ugly mess. Good for her.

  21. Lopusta says:

    Liberty handled the situation pretty well and came out of the whole thing with her respect and dignity intact! Her brothers rocks!!! Now who wouldn’t want to have a sibling like that watching out for you.. I still wonder what Kristen and Rupert were thinking.

  22. Sonia says:

    She handled herself well at the time it occurred, but why re-hatch this…if I were in such a situation and my main concern are my children, I would not re-hatch this out of respect for my children even if their father did not have their best interest at heart in that moment. She would have come out classier had she remained quiet and with her held up high. I just believe that she wants to stay relevant and this is one way to do so…I’m sorry but I call it like I see it.

    • T.C. says:

      She’s not rehashing, this is her first official interview about the affair. She sticks to talking about how the breakup of her marriage affected her and what she did to handle the fallout. She doesn’t go into detail about Stewart or Rupert ending the interview by forgiving her husband. Well done I say. She has a right to talk about her side.

  23. Renee says:

    Smart lady. I wish her well.

  24. Kelly says:

    Nobody cares anymore. What else do you do for a living, apart form being the rich “cuckolded” wife?

    • aloe says:

      More than you.

      • Apples says:

        Oooooo, Kelly, you’re gonna need some “aloe” vera for that BURN!

        (Sorry, sorry…HAD to do it.)

    • Shannon1972 says:

      What a nasty thing to say!
      Actually, she is an extremely successful model. She was definitely more famous than Sanders when they married. She also had more money, so she didn’t need him for that. This is a woman who put her own successful career on hold in order to support her husband’s ambitions. I think she gets a pass on the “rich wife” thing.

    • Kelly says:

      Lol maybe defending you because we have the same name but don’t get why people got so angry at this comment

  25. Jennifer says:

    She’s so much prettier than KS, I don’t know what on earth that idiot was thinking. I mean, look at him. Obviously looks aren’t everything, but he’s a douche on top of it.

  26. Cary says:

    I won’t shade her for hiring a crisis manager but I will shade her for that Masai warrior quote. There is a shelter just a couple of miles from me that houses battered women and their children, where they have to keep a guard at the door in case a husband or boyfriend shows up. Liberty needs to get a grip and some perspective. Being cheated on sucks but you don’t deserve a medal for coming through it.

    • Summer says:

      Oh please, really? Must’ve missed the part where she said she deserved a medal. It’s not a competition that only women with the most fcuked up lives are entitled to feel bad about what happened to them.
      Liberty went thru a hard time and she felt like a warrior woman to protect herself and her kids. That doesn’t diminish how abused women living in a shelter feel about themselves and their lives. Stop dividing and comparing women, instead recognise each of us has our own unique challenges, and if we feel we survived it and came thru to a better place, then celebrate that.

    • Kelly says:

      Totally agree. She is too much. I’m tired of all the nastiness towards Kristen Stewart. She made a mistake. Move on.

  27. ali says:

    How can u look good if u have an affair?

  28. Pants says:

    I don’t really think she should get any shade for having a crisis manager, it wasn’t even her who sought it out, it was her brother. And smart for him to do so. It’s hard enough going through troubles in our lives, let alone if you’re in the public eye.

  29. aquarius64 says:

    Bringing this article around Halloween? That’s one hell of a Trick-or-Treat for the trampire.

    Affair = Mini-Coopering was not a one-off. Notice Rupert didn’t tell her it was a “momemtary indiscretion”.

    Kristen’s fans are mad this is still going to be with her.

  30. Bridget says:

    She behaved just fine, but is this a story that even needed to be told? It’s the oldest story in the book: married director has an affair with his young star. Not a particularly compelling subject.

  31. PunkyMomma says:

    @Olivia – Vanity Fair has control over the title and content. I’m willing to bet that had Liberty actually mentioned Stewart, it would have been printed in the article.

  32. gogoGorilla says:

    I don’t really like her, personally. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. However, I think she did the right thing with the crisis manager, because the end result was good for her. I’m also impressed that she admitted to problems in the marriage. Affairs suck and nothing excuses them, but it does take a big person to admit that they weren’t a total victim.

    • Apples says:

      He’s a nice guy to help distract attention away from this Vanity Fair piece and give the Twilight Twisted something to hope for this week.

      This public siting is not a coincidence at all. Nope, it has nothing to do with a Twilight Box Set which happens to drop in less than a week.
      Not a coincidence AT ALL.

      • hanna says:

        My God, you sound desperate. Please don’t go the PR route again. Really?

      • mimi says:


        LOL! Still going on with the stories of Rob and Kristen being permanent slaves to Summit a year after their franchise ended? If Summit was ordering Rob and Kristen to toy with the Twihards by appearing to be “together” in public to boost already healthy dvd sales, don’t you think they would have told them to be more obvious and public about it? Instead we get sneaky pap pics of them following eachother while driving in separate cars! That’s their BIG PR push to increase the new dvd box set??? Give me a break. While these pictures don’t prove a romance, it does prove they are on speaking terms at least and have maintained a friendship post breakup. Why does the thought of Rob being on friendly terms with Kristen make his stans all nervous and defensive? They’d rather make him out to be a lying, money-grubbing Summit doormat to the point of faking a romance with his ex-girlfriend to boost dvd sales? You Rob stans need to get a grip of reality for once in your lives and please put to rest your silly PR theories! LOL

      • Apples says:

        Calm down.
        I think they are friends and have quite possibly been in communication the whole time- PRIVATELY. I just think that given the fallout from her actions last year that this public siting is too convenient for the franchise that has a release THIS WEEK.
        I’m not judging either of them for PR- this is just as much a part of both their jobs as the acting part. People in the industry notice, and credit those actors that understand the game and will play, understanding that a project amounts to nothing if people aren’t sold it enough to purchase.
        Nobody thinks they’re slaves. People claiming PR think that the actors were rewarded financially at all points, not viciously trapped in a form of contract slavery- that’s silly. It’s more of a win-win situation.

      • pepper says:

        I agree! I hope that’s the truth. I would rather Rob be this business minded who plays the game to actually being with HER. UGH!

  33. Kat says:

    I’ve had an experience similar to hers (albeit not in the public eye) and it was incredibly painful – I would have done almost anything to escape it and give myself time to process it and get my $hit/action plan together. So I seriously cannot shade her for hiring a crisis manager. I hope she goes from strength to strength.

  34. magpie says:

    I was so glad she didn’t take him back. TEAM LIBERTY!

  35. Sandy says:

    Liberty Ross is a role-model to any woman (in public, at least, with any means of making a a living) of how to handle a cheating husband. Dump him. She did it better than anybody, handled it right for herself and for her kids. Mary McCormack, are you listening?

    Also, I had no idea who Liberty Ross was before the cheating thing, but she is beautiful, smart, strong and I’m a huge fan. The one thing that is weird is the JImmy Iovine thing. What’s with that? He swoops in and saves her, and now she’s with him? It’s odd. Or maybe not.

  36. Ariadne says:

    SOmething about her weirds me out. The name doesn’t help either. If she is happy.. fine. KStew and her Hubby had an affair, big deal.. Move on! The marriage had to have had lots of problems to begin with as well as Kstew and RPatz’s relationship.

    I am not saying cheating is okay, but life happens and sometimes people who say they will never cheat unwittingly fall for someone and bam! You just have to keep living.

    • megsie says:

      The article seems to center less on the affair and more on the resulting media circus. Extramarital affairs may be a dime a dozen, but the media onslaught Liberty, Rupert, Kristen, and Robert endured is not.

  37. JS says:

    What if the Vanity Fair article is the first step in the actual details coming out? That article mentions nothing. VF could decide to release more of their interview with Liberty online????? I still think Liberty wants people to know exactly what happened.

    • Another Ann says:

      They make their money off selling magazines. If they had a scoop, that’s where it would be. Also, the online version of the story is already posted.

    • SAHARA CHAN says:

      Why do we need to know what happened? He cheated on her, what else is there to know? Kstew got knocked up? Unless there is some big juicy news, who cares? She moved on, why bother even go back to that place. Sorry, her sympathy party is and should be over!

  38. megsie says:

    kudos to Atticus. Liberty has a tight, protective family. Her other brother, Milo, manages the Palma Violets and is also well connected in the music business. That said, I don’t think the help she received was outstanding. Either that or Liberty ignored some of the better advice.

  39. SummersReign says:

    Hell hath no fury…..
    It could not have been an easy situation for her though, just imagine all the pain. Her husband is a real POS. With that said, she does seem a bit famewhorey.

    PS. I always wondered whether she actually found out about the affair and was actually the one who tipped off the pap that caught Kristen and Rupert? Revenge? Its not that far fetched since her brother hired a crisis manager, they could have hired a private investigator before the scandal broke.

  40. GIRLFACE says:

    She’s beautiful, classy, poised and I agree that her grace makes Sanders and Stewart look much worse. Remember Stewart’s weird, unglued, apology to Rob? The whole thing was a serious mess. Who could shade her for hiding from the monstrous media insanity? I mean the pictures… completely humiliating and gross. No way those were staged. I would have hired all the human shields I could and hid with my kids in the woods too. And people who want to knock her for dressing vampy after the affair broke-I personally loved the giant cross necklace. So quietly cheeky. And if she wanted to dress sexy and feel beautiful after her husband’s huntsman dove into a newly minted forest burrow, more power to her. There is a definite therapy in a tight pencil skirt and heels. Snowhite also sucked and didn’t do well, so that probably helped her sustain the cool. I kind of like KStew but I unfortunately think she made a very bad mistake at exactly the wrong moment in her career : / and Sandy will probably not be getting too many enormous budgets either. I actually really like Rob. He’s super well spoken and charming but he’s too self-deprecating and sad to really put himself out there, on screen or off, his shyness comes off as uncertainty. I wish he would have done 50 shades for example! I love how Liberty said they built two great lives together, such a sweet sentiment to leave things on and the opposite of self-absorbed. Duh. It’s an interview about her and what she went through, it is a good lesson to all women that being nuts is not the answer and that when sh*t gets crazy, it’s time to love yourself really hard, surround yourself with people that care about you and take a big huge looooong time out to soul search before you even think about reacting.

  41. GreenHoof says:

    I understand Liberty is more well known in Europe than in North America. However, I think the media hounded her since the person her idiot husband cheated on her with was Kristen Stewart. I think it was smart, no doubt she was dealing with her personal emotions during this and deciding how she wanted to handle it in her own way. The fact that she allowed someone else to handle the media coverage was a smart move not only for raising her profile but so she could deal with herself and her family instead of adding the s**tstorm of media coverage on top of that by herself. I think the crisis team was a step in preventing her from doing something impulsive. Either way I am not going to throw shade at her and I am glad the affair gave her some perspective about the pursuit of fame I’m sure not only from Rupert’s end but from her own as well. I wish her the best. The fact her name has recognition in North America now is another added bonus. I see no losses for her.
    I didn’t realize Atticus Ross was her brother! Anyone connected to Trent Reznor is a friend of mine and I think those two make beautiful music together. Odd names for both children though. Are their parents anyone prolific? They seem like artistic types given their children’s names.

  42. ZAK says:

    I think the woman has a right to say her peace once and for all. What Stewart did was disgusting and wrong but I don’t understand why Stewart is getting more blame than Sanders who was the one actually married to Ross. The other woman always seems to get the most blame for some reason. Stewart is more to blame for her relationship breaking up. Also I think Stewart has a better chance of learning from this experience and becoming a better person than Sanders who at his age is pretty much guaranteed to continue being a piece of garbage.

  43. Calcifer says:

    Overall, I think Liberty conducted herself well after it all went so wrong. But somehow I also got the impression that she played the role of the wronged but dignified wife, who managed to be, in spite of everything very well-dressed and sexy and witty, a little too well. Remember the picture of a drunk Snow White she instagrammed, and how she went out trick-or-treating in an ultra-tight Catwoman suit (with a sheepish-looking Sanders and their children in tow). It might have been the crisis manager who inspired her to behave like this. But it somehow made me question the realness of her grief a bit. Compare this to the way Nigella Lawson looked in the middle of the crisis with her husband, disheveled and tired. I think it is OK when it shows that you have been hurt (as was the case with Nigella), as long as you keep your comments to a minimum.

    • GIRLFACE says:

      Perhaps her womanly intuition tipped her off before Sanders told her so she already started stepping up her sexy game and getting a little loose with it?

      • Calcifer says:

        The Halloween outing with her husband and children ( with her wearing the sexy cat woman suit) happened after the big debacle…. You could say she did that for the children’s sake, a family’s show of togetherness, but in that case the sexy suit was uncalled for…

      • booger says:

        Callcifer your name is so cute!

        As for her wearing the sexy suit, she’s a famous model and often wore those kind of outfits long before the cheating publicity circus (i.e. the dress she wore to Snow White premiere). If anything, I think she wanted to show that she was still doing her thing and wasn’t slobbing around all sad and depressed in sweatshirts and jeans.

      • Calcifer says:

        @Booger Thanks it’s from the Miyazaki film.
        Anyway, like I said before, I think Liberty mostly did very well. It takes a lot of strength getting through being cheated on by your longtime partner. I just meant to say that it is okay too to let people see that you’ve been hurt once in while. You don’t have to keep up appearances at all times, it’s only human to be fragile.

  44. bcgirl says:

    Too bad her crisis manager couldn’t help her with her clothing & and shoe style-

  45. Kosmos says:

    I like her so much, and especially like the way she handled everything, considering the gamut of emotions she had to go through. She was right to leave him high and dry and move on. Kristen was horribly wrong to have participated in the undoing of this family, so she’s still on my s*** list for being a miserable little immature twit.

  46. Sara says:

    She has every right to say what she said…

  47. Bridget says:

    It’s not exactly “Outfoxing” when apparently the key to success was having an Oscar-winning, mega-connected brother who can put you in touch with the right people. Good for her on listening to the advice, but still, this isn’t exactly some crazy gambit.

    So did she and Iovine break up? Because that would explain this weird interview – she’s hustling.

    • Bridget says:

      Though what would be an interesting read is how the studio handled the scandal, since all of this broke as they were gearing up to do the last Twilight movie. I would imagine that Summit really leaned on the Ross family to keep things quiet. There must have been some interesting negotiations.

  48. taxi says:

    Liberty isn’t cover material. Maybe she was known as a model in the UK, but she never got hot in the US. She got her bit part as Snow’s mother in the movie because her husband gave it to her.

    Her creepy husband cheated on her with a 22 year old. It’s over. She doesn’t exercise either class or dignity in her style of dress. She’s had her 15 minutes & trying now to build on that & get another shot. When she actually achieves or accomplishes something, she’ll be cover-worthy, maybe.