Jennifer Lawrence talks about sh-tting her pants on Letterman: gross or adorable?

Jennifer Lawrence

There’s something going on with Jennifer Lawrence, and I have a bad feeling about it. First let’s do some red carpet stuff because last night was the NYC premiere of Catching Fire. After getting cheeky in LA and sidebooby in Paris, Jennifer decided to let us all down by wearing this Dior monstrosity. Honestly? This dress looks like something I saw at Target the other day. It’s awful. I have no idea why Dior ruined a basic black dress by shoving a pink-and-green sports bra into the v-neck. How unflattering. JLaw’s stylist should be raked over the coals for putting her in this dress at all — let alone for the last premiere of the tour. With that said, Jennifer’s hair and makeup look quite pretty.

Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw will move past this style nightmare, I have no doubt. Now for the real weirdness. A few days ago, Jennifer skipped the LA afterparty due to illness. She was really, really sick! A few months ago, we heard an Enquirer story that said Jen was feeling overworked and headed for a nervous breakdown. Earlier this week we also discussed her history with social anxiety although many of you called bullsh-t.

Yesterday afternoon JLaw paid a visit to David Letterman before the premiere, and she breathlessly told a story of her hospital visit on Wednesday. She’s having health problems, and she’s putting on a brave face. Expletives and all:

“I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks. And you know you can only sh-t your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you’re like ‘I need to go to the hospital.’ I thought I had an ulcer, but it turns out it was a ‘fulcer.’ I went to the emergency room. I just did this thing yesterday called an endoscopo-something, where they put you to sleep. And the woman – it’s pretty clear when you first meet me, I’m a freakin’ head case and I’m crazy – so I’m in there like, ‘Ugh, what are these?! What do they mean?! What does that say?!’ The last thing I said was, ‘I’m paralyzed!’ I dreamed there was a nuclear bomb that went off…And the first lucid conversation I remember having was about the Kardashians!”

[From David Letterman on CBS]

I hope she’s okay. This certainly sounds like a stress-related ulcer, but her doctors will figure out the true source of her pain. Girl needs some time off soon, but I doubt she’ll get it with Oscar season coming.

Let’s do the rest of the NYC Catching Fire fashion, shall we?

Elizabeth Banks wins the red carpet again. Liz wore a very alluring Jenny Packham bustier top and pants. The embellished details are what make this outfit pop along with Elizabeth’s come hither attitude, coral lip pop, and an almost complete lack of accessories. The whole picture is just perfect. Whoever is styling Elizabeth needs to style JLaw for the next tour.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Jena Malone wore a white-and-grey Valentino dress. I actually love this dress on her. The fit is a little sweet and cloying but overall very charming and suits Jena’s looks and figure. Her smoky cat eye makeup lends a little adventure, and her (fried) hair looks great in an updo.


Jena Malone

Meta Golding looked fantastic again. I don’t have an ID on this dress.

Meta Golding

Stanley Tucci brought his gorgeous wife to the event. Lucky bitch.

Stanley Tucci

I don’t know what to do with Sam Claflin. He’s very velvety, but those pants look almost like jeans.

Sam Claflin

Helena Christensen showed up and looked like a dream. She gets better with age, right?

Helena Christensen

I’m surprised to see Chrissy Teigen on the red carpet after she tweeted, “I just ate beef jerky to cleanse my mouth of my stale breath. I am at home and have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste.” She kills me.

Chrissy Teigen



The Canadian premiere of Catching Fire was definitely an afterthought. Producers sent Sam and Jena to Toronto on Tuesday evening and called it a day. Jena wore a Dora Abodi midi dress, and Sam was scarfy and hip to be square.

Jena Malone

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. LahdidahBaby says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think the new hair-do ages her, even in some pics makes her look hard.

    • skipper says:

      I completely agree. I said the same thing the first time I saw it.

    • Rice says:

      You know that rhyme about the little girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead? When she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad, she was horrid. This is Jen’s hair. When it’s styled right, it looks very good but when it’s styled bad, it looks horrid.

      On another note, I think my hubby and I are the only people in the world who hated The Hunger Games. We were bored out of our minds. I really tried to like it but I just couldn’t.

      One good thing, Common is ridiculously hot!! Loved him in “Just Right” with Queen Latifah.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The movies can’t contain all the nuance of the books, so I think the people who know the story through the books are way more happy with the movies because they understand the story a bit more. Movies show and books tell and I think with this story, it is hard to “show” all of the story.

  2. LB says:

    I fully admit to be a stan when it comes to this girl. Sometimes I find her personality to be too much and I cringe at something she says but most of the time I’m either charmed or cracking up. I can’t help it.

    I also think its sweet that her man Nick has been traveling around with her and was with her at the hospital. I like the two of them, mostly low key and nice and funny.

    I do hope her contract with Dior is over soon though. Such a mismatch.

  3. fofes says:

    I find myself cringing at almost everything she says. She’s an alright actress, why does she have to try so hard?

  4. aims says:

    I had the same problem as Jennifer. I was sick for 24 hours. I went to the hospital and it turned out that I had colitis. I had to stay in the hospital for two days, being connected to an iv drip and morphine. It was horrible.

    • Katy-did says:

      I had that too one time! I lost 17 lbs in two weeks….the sickest I have ever been!!

    • Tazina says:

      She has the symptoms of someone with either ulcerative colitis or crohns. Hopefully it is something else which it very well could be. She’s a nice girl but still very immature. She knows it I think and it’s not a big deal.

    • Pegkd says:

      Sounds an awful lot like ulcerative colitis. You have it for LIFE, although if you eat right, deal with the meds and such you can maintain remission and avoid ERs…Katy-did, I’m glad that you are healthy now!

  5. Nina says:

    Here’s a fun fact for you: Helena Christensen has a kid with Norman Reedus (Darryl from Walking Dead)

    As far as Jennifer Lawrence goes: at least she wasn’t talking about her weight? That’s something I suppose. Hope she gets better soon!

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Love, love, love Norman. He is super sweet and humble to his fans in person. Plus he loves punk and metal, made a horned vagina sculpture and photographs taxidermy and road kill. He’s a lady morticians dream 😉

  6. TheCountess says:

    As Tom & Lorenzo say about someone who goes back to the same style wheelhouse: “Of course.”

    We get it, Jen. You’re “normal.” You’re “gross.”

    This girl can’t fall into Oscar oblivion fast enough for me. Tacky, gauche, untalented and by god, overrated. She must have given Harvey one hell of a beej to get this far.

    • Bubbles says:

      This. Minus the bee j. I don’t think she had to go that low. Marchesa dresses were enough.

      • TheCountess says:

        Ha! 🙂

      • Mary says:


      • Dani2 says:

        @Mary it’s one thing to disagree with someone but it’s another thing to be throwing insults at people you don’t know over the intetnet. What a sad and pathetic individual you must be. Grow up, work on your grammar and get a life.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Dani, I was agreeing with your comment until you called Mary “a sad and pathetic individual”. Come on now, folks! Both “B*tch” and “sad and pathetic individual” are too harsh. Lets hug it out, ladies! Let the celebitch-iness unite us, not divide us! 🙂

      • Bubbles says:

        Yes she has. A couple.

      • Dani2 says:

        @Tiffany you are a sweetheart and actually one of my favourite posters on here 🙂 I stand by what I said though, Mary was unnecessarily harsh. And she definitely is sad and pathetic because she’s getting all worked up and angry on behalf of a person that doesn’t know she exists. I’m a J-Law fan and there are others in this thread who have managed to communicate their thoughts without bashing other commenters.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Aw, thank you Dani! I totally understand where you are coming from and agree that there are definitely ways to disagree with folks without bashing others.

        I have to add an * asterisk to your comment about my being one of your favourite posters…there is also another Tiffany on here that doesn’t have the 🙂 after the name. I think sometimes people confuse us, but I don’t know how to resolve that without distancing myself from the many posts I have made over the past year! I tend to agree with her posts, though, so it isn’t the worst thing if people confuse us, I just don’t want to accept compliments that were intended for others! 🙂 If it really was for me, thank you very much!

    • T.C. says:

      You know she got an Oscar nomination and was cast for the Hunger games well before she ever met Harvey Weinstein? All those respected critics whose job is to watch 100’s of films each year and judge talent must also all be getting blow jobs from Jennifer Lawrence. Boy I met her mouth is tired. It’s good to know there are ignorant people who think women only advance in their careers from sexual favors. Guess Meryl Streep gave Harvey a great beej too to get her last Oscar.

      • marie says:

        But those critics also love Kristen Stewart so you cannot play the “critic” card.

      • Samtha says:

        There were critics who praised Kristen Stewart?

      • marie says:

        @Samtha saldy, YES. Actually, she gets really good reviews for most of her indies and all of them make sure to praise her performance.

        What people forget when they pull the “critic” card is that critics are paid by studios to give good reviews and the ones who do not get paid, give a good review anyway because that means web traffic and more investors.

        There was a critics a few years ago who lost his job because he gave RPatzz a bad review and twihards went after him.

      • Rachel says:

        I think there are a lot of people baffled by Jennifer Lawrence – myself included. I remember when Hunger Games came out. Everyone was raving over the movie as well as Lawrence’s acting. I thought to myself, “Huzzah! This series won’t be ruined for me like Twilight!” Then I saw the movie and, I shit you not, my thought throughout the entire film was, “…WTF…?”
        There are people who say Kristen Stewart has talent. They’re probably the same people who think Jennifer Lawrence has talent. Granted, Lawrence is actually ok by today’s standards – she doesn’t make me cringe, but she doesn’t leave me in awe either.
        It’s completely unfair to compare Jennifer Lawrence to Meryl Streep. I think it’s pretty indisputable that Meryl Streep is one of the greats. And to assume this person is saying that the ONLY way women advance in their careers is through sexual favors is idiotic. What they’re saying is that SOME women advance by trading sexual favors. It might not sit well with some feminists, but it’s reality, and men do it too.

        Btw, the Oscars – like most other things in life – is a popularity contest. She didn’t win one because she genuinely deserved it, she won one because people like her.

      • TheCountess says:

        Yes, and Gwyneth Paltrow had some cred before “Shakespeare in Love.” Doesn’t mean her Oscar wasn’t the result of some serious interference courtesy of Harvey Weinstein.

        And Jennifer Lawrence is as overrated as Paltrow. Lawrence never should have beaten Riva or Watts in the Best Actress race. If you saw all five nominated performances, you knew how weak Jennifer Lawrence’s was in comparison to the other nominees.

      • T.C. says:


        Kristen Stewart has never received the kind of reviews that Jennifer Lawrence gets on all her movies including the Hunger Games. If you think The New York Times , The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Time are getting money from the studios to write her excellent reviews for all her films then you ain’t just a hater. You are also delusional in your hate.

      • Dani2 says:

        @marie Show us the receipts, sis. I have never seen kristen get the kind of unanimous thumbs up that Jennifer did but maybe you can prove me wrong.

      • marie says:


        “then you ain’t just a hater. You are also delusional in your hate.”

        and you seriously need to learn how to give an argument without insulting others.

      • Rachel says:

        To the people who are calling her an overrated actress, have you seen Winter’s Bone? She is amazing in that movie. I was completely blown away by her, and immediately declared the Oscar to be hers that year. But she didn’t win that year. Should she have won for Silver Linings Playbook? No. Not at all. But she should have won it for Winter’s Bone. And the Academy is all about throwing actors a bone when they don’t win in the year they should. I’m not saying Weinstein didn’t play a role in getting her that Oscar. But I think a large part of it was that the Academy recognizes her talent and knew she should have won for Winter’s Bone, so they gave it to her to SLP.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Marie, critics don’t nominate you for Oscars. She needed the respect of her peers in the industry to get that.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        @ Rachel (the comment up thread a bit ^, not 2 posts above) : Great comment, I completely agree with everything you said. You covered everything and so I have nothing new to add :).

      • T.C. says:


        Guess what? There are people who think Meryl Streep didn’t deserve her Oscar over Viola Davis. Saying that it was only due to Harvey Weinstein she won. See how that works?

        Naomi Watts did nothing much than lay in a hospital bed and cry through The Impossible. Many people think she didn’t deserve an Oscar nomination. She is a hot mess in the Diana movie but I bet you wouldn’t say she got to where she is by giving blow jobs. There are many different opinions about acting performances.

      • Kezia says:

        Everything Rachel said I feel is spot on. Should’ve won for Winter’s Bone, so her Silver Lining’s win (which I felt she was god awful in) was really for Winter’s Bone. I have always felt anyway.

    • Lara Morgana says:

      It’s obvious that you hate her so why do you keep reading articles about her? So you can throw in your two cents worth that no one gives a rat’s arse about? Or do you just like spreading the hatred?

      • Spooks says:

        I like reading about people I don’t like. The comments are always funnier on threads about annoying people.

      • TheCountess says:

        Um, because this is a celeb site and I am entitled to read and comment on articles as I see fit. Particularly articles that request feedback on a given angle (please see the headline of this post, which is a question).

        If that nuance eludes your grasp, my condolences on your critical thinking skills.

      • Lara Morgana says:

        TheCountess – I think you just like to gripe and bitch because it makes you feel better about your own pathetic life. See if your tiny brain can grasp that concept.

    • Overmind says:

      Only beejays? Only Weinstein? I seriously doubt it.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this chick is a walking Kama Sutra. But you know, sex is just a transaction method in Hollywood. It’s kinda like a currency and a signing tool.

    • Dani2 says:

      @Tiffany nope, it’s definitely you 🙂 you’re always really positive. And you’re welcome hon!

  7. Bubbles says:

    Wouldn’t someone with social anxiety have trouble talking to a nurse she never met before?

    • jelynn says:

      Not necessarily, no. My anxiety, for example, only manifests in larger groups. If I’m in a situation where the room is small enough that I can see all the exits and there aren’t a ton of people, it’s not a problem. If she has generalized anxiety disorder, her stress about her health and the upcoming procedure could have outweighed any reticence she might have have had communicating with strangers.

    • marie says:

      wouldn’t someone with social anxiety have trouble actually speaking in general. She is awkward, yes. But this girl has no problems socializing.

      • Lara Morgana says:

        I also have suffered from social anxiety (which seems to be under control now). It usually would hit me when I was in a large room with lots of people and lots of noise. And I always, always had horrid anxiety attacks if I was in a long checkout line. I never had a problem talking to anyone one-on-one. But everyone’s experience with social anxiety is different.

      • Esmom says:

        Social anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean she’s had trouble speaking in general. And maybe her awkwardness is due to high anxiety levels. I don’t know why but I feel compelled to give her the benefit of the doubt. Stomach/GI issues can definitely result from stress/anxiety/mood disorders.

      • Claudia says:

        No. I currently have intense social anxiety. It’s so bad I couldn’t even *call* my sister (who lives in another state) on her birthday. The thought of talking about my problems with people I know freaks me out, but if it’s a totally random person in a professional setting– then I turn into a chatterbox about it. Sometimes I have days where I’m a motor-mouth, other days I’m really reticent in talking about anything. There is no one-size-fits-all for how social anxiety manifests itself as.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        No. Having social anxiety, even severe social anxiety does not necessarily mean one is not social or never social. I have a patient with social anxiety who performs well in everyday social situations, even in formal social situations. He doesn’t LIKE social situations and will avoid them when possible, but his job requires him to be involved in such situations. He takes a PRN when the anxiety is really bad and is working it out in therapy.

  8. blue marie says:

    I love Common (it’s his freckles, well and he’s pretty hot)
    Helena Christensen looks the best of all of them.
    I used to like Jena, not sure what happened.

    Jennifer needs to take a break, and stop over poo sharing. (Although I get it, she was raised around boys-I tend to do the same thing sometimes)

    • Bubbles says:

      I love Common too. Did anyone watch that movie he did with Queen Latifah? It was sooo cheesy, but so fun.
      I never though Helena was pretty, but she looks good here.
      Love Jenna.
      I used to love Jen, but now she just annoys me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I missed your comment.

      I am OBSESSED with Common and I’m going to tell you right now: DO NOT STEP, ladies.

      I’ve been listening to his music for 17 years and I never even knew how effin sexy he was until a few years ago.

      He’s gorgeous AND talented and has mad style.

      • blue marie says:

        ha all right, all right I’ll go hitch my wagon to another star then.. (watch your step though cause I’ll be waiting)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @kitten, do you watch “hell on wheels?” Common is pretty great in that. I only caught the first season, but he’s a great actor.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Mort-No!!
        Where can I watch that? Is it on Netflix Instant?
        Must see!!!

        @Marie-that’s right, girl. Our friendship has limitations, k?

      • jaye says:

        I’m sorry TOK, but you and I will have to have a capoeira fight in a field for rights to Common. I’ve been listening to him since he was known as “Common Sense” back in ’92. I gots seniority.

    • Anastasia beaverhausen says:

      I love his music. And he’s so handsome, but he should never be without facial hair. That was jarring.

  9. mark says:

    Again if this was some model they’d get backlash or even someone like Kirsten Stewart. The woman tries to hard simple as

    Also all he does is read lines, pose for photos, do interviews and make millions, what rest does she need? She’s not working in a coal mine.

    • Dani2 says:

      I don’t know why people keep using kristen stewart as a comparison. Back when I was a fan of here, I noticed that people didn’t like ANYTHING she did, even way before rupsten, it was always one thing or the other. If you’re going to compare Jen to anyone, compare her to emma stone – similar talent level, that whole “~they’re just like us~” thing, kristen and Jen could not be more different and the general public has ALWAYS seemed to enjoy hating her.

      • Spooks says:

        Because they did similar things, like wearng a see-trough dress, flippin the bird ( although JLaw did it at the Oscars, not at the paparazzi) , etc, and KStew gets torn apart, but Jen gets a pass. I do understand that Jen is more talented, but I don’t think thath is the reason. I think Jen gets a pass because she’s more likable. And out of the two, I would sooner believe that Kristen is shy.

      • Dani2 says:

        I hear you but what I said was that kristen has always gotten hate for no reason. In the early days, it was always she’s only got one expression, she can’t act (when actually she was decently good in welcome to the Riley’s), just everything she did was problematic in people’s eyes. Jennifer however has been hyped, loved, adored from day one – I just meant that she should be compared to someone on equal footing. Kristen has an image problem because even on this site, I noticed that the general opinion of Rob improved after they split up in May.

      • mark says:

        I’m saying if kristen stewart did half the shit has jennifer lawrence did she’d be bashed not stop even more than she normally.

        I don’t see how you thought i was comparing their careers and why you go so angry over it.

    • Dani2 says:

      Lol Mark, I used the caps for emphasis, not anger, I don’t know how to use italics on here. You should read my comment because I said that kristen gets hate for everything, even if she killed a fly, people would have something negative to say about that. That’s what I was trying to say. Kristen gets more hate than all the young actresses, even more than Rooney Mara who is quite similar in how she is in interviews.

  10. kixendawn says:

    I think she is soo adorable!! I love her! Definitly my girl crush. Watched her on Kelly and Michael this morning and she is funny too!! I LITERALLY CANNOT wait to see Catching Fire tomorrow!

  11. Rux says:

    ULCERS are not caused by stress, I wish people would stop blaming it on that

    • RJ says:

      The link you posted is about SKIN ulcers. I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer in 1994, right about the time researchers found the association with H Pylori bacteria. I was treated with antibiotics. The bottom line is doctors don’t know exactly what causes stomach ulcers, but increased stomach acid production (which can be caused by stress) is believed to be a causal factor

    • Nerd Alert says:

      Wrong type; there are a multitude of ulcers, and dermatological ulcers are visible–I doubt she suspected one of those. This is the ulcer you’re looking for:

      And when people get very stressed out emotionally, the pain and other symptoms can imitate the symptoms of a peptic ulcer. There is also this:

      And though they’re not usually caused by psychological stress, they are caused by physical stress. It’s the original meaning of the word “stress,” anyway.

    • IrishEyes says:

      As someone with Crohn’s disease (20 years!) who lives daily with ulcers, I can tell you, mine are caused by stress.

  12. Renee says:

    I’m OVER this kid, although I admit to never being into her in the first place. Howevah, even though I think that the getup that they have her in looks cray-cray I think that she looks really cute and is rocking it.

    I think that Meta Golding is GORGEOUS and I am envious that she gets to be so good looking and can speak three languages.

    I think that Common is pretty with his freckles.

    I don’t like Elizabeth Banks normally, I get bad vibes from her, but I think that she looks very nice and happy and her outfit, again is cray, but she looks nice and festive

    Jena Malone’s dress looks nice although I would never wear something like that.

    Everyone else is a combination of rough and respectable looking (i.e. I can’t be bothered to comment on the rest and Helena Christensen (whom I think looks ROUGH) has colored how I am regarding the rest).

  13. Audrey says:

    Elizabeth Banks is so lovely and underrated.

    Jennifer should really take a break. And find a new stylist while on it

    SPOILER: Claflin makes me feel kinda happy that finnick dies.

  14. Pants says:

    According to NYDN, she had cramps and gas LOL. Somehow I don’t find this surprising, girl lives for fart-related nonsense.

    And, Common is HOT.

  15. SuSu says:

    oh my. She goes down.
    My adoration for Anne Hathaway died when she tried this hard for an Oscar.
    It started the same with Jennifer Lawrence.. she was new, cute and harmless…now she annoys me. She tries so super hard. Too much.

    It´s time a new teenie-bookseries is filmed. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games… all the same, different actors but same destiny. They all will be forgotten when the next big fantasy series comes into the theaters. The hype will always be the same and the media will find a new cute girl to promote.

    • Spooks says:

      Look, all these are okay, but Harry Potter is Harry Potter. Miles and miles above all the rest. I really hope HP kids will make it, although some of them can’t act at all ( Emma).

  16. Anna says:

    Classy and talented and pleasant, she is not.

    • Mary says:

      actually, she is. WIth an Oscar and hundreds of positive reviews to her name. And she came across extremely disarming, witty, and fun to me.

      • anna says:

        You have your opinion, I have mine. She turned Katniss Everdeen into a mouth breathing, sullen young woman, and her acting in SLP didn’t deserve an Oscar. But since the award was basically bought for her…I guess that’s okay.

  17. marie says:


    Double standards make me sick. Any and I mean ANY (with the exception of Meryl Streep) other actor/actress would have been roasted to death for a comment like that. She gets a pass.

    It’s not just disgusting, it is tacky to talk about that in public, let alone on TV.

    • Overmind says:

      Why surprised? Humans are pack animals behaving like lemmings. We can do nothing about it.

    • Mary says:

      What is wrong with what she did? be FUNNY? Stop hating because your favorites are not well liked but Lawrence is. Lawrence gets aways with stuff because she actually goes on talk shows and like males, actually is funny. Why should she have a female filter on? BS.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      How about you stop insulting everything this woman does? Goes both ways, you know.

      Yes, she is in serious danger of being overexposed, but such is the nature of Hollywood. I like her, though I don’t consider myself a huge fan or anything (I’m a huge fan of Emma Thompson) but she’s a pleasant enough young woman with some degree of talent.

  18. Lauren says:

    Based on the title I thought she had pooped her pants while ON David letterman! Ha!

  19. Dani2 says:

    Okay so Jen is definitely doing too much right now, I can’t wait for her to take that long break that she said she would.

  20. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Who cares??!?!?


    I love him so so much….

  21. zack says:

    This chick annoys me to the point that I wish her boyfriend knock up her and she go away for long long time. Just like AnnE H.

  22. Nerd Alert says:

    Am I the only one who is never offended by poop or farts? I may not think they’re particularly funny, but I don’t understand being offended by her talking about it. I’m not a loon for this girl, I like her enough, but why are people mad she talks about that stuff? If it’s because every actress should be perfectly poised and “classy” to an unrealistic degree, I disagree. People aren’t like that in real life. People talk about farts and poop in real life, especially when one brings them to the ER.

    “Oh, what happened, Jennifer?”
    “Ohh heavens, I mustn’t say, it’s simply too gauche, darling!”

    Give me a break.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah it’s like the book says “Everybody Poops”.
      There’s something very Victorian and silly about pretending like that doesn’t happen.

      At the same time, do I really wanna here “funny stories” about other peoples’ bathroom time? Not really.

    • Spooks says:

      I’m not offended either, but I don’t find toilet humor funny. We don’t do that round here.
      Question, is any of these young actresses really sarcastic? Because I can’t think of one.They’re all pretty vanilla.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      First of all, I need to fix a glaring typo in my original comment “HEAR”, not “here” *sigh*

      And @ Spooks-For the most part, I completely agree with you. It’s very rare that I chuckle at bathroom humor and there are so many more clever ways of being funny. But yeah it’s not offensive at all to me and admittedly, the double standard of “GIRLS DON”T POO” sometimes gets on my nerves.

      That’s why I kinda loved the food poisoning scene in Bridesmaids, as low-brow as it was 😉

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I’m used to hearing about poop and farts. I went through med school and have kids.

  23. jane26 says:

    If Sean Young and Kristen Stewart had a love child, it would be Jena Malone.

  24. Sunny says:

    I love JLaw! However, I do admit that I think she should’t have won the Oscar although her nomination was warranted.

    I think she has a terrific talent and her work so far has been really impressive. I particularly loved Winter’s Bone(for which she was nominated for her first Oscar), and the bit role she played in Like Crazy(she had very few lines of dialogue but was somehow incredibly sympathetic).

    I think she suffers from over share way too much but she was raised around brothers, and as someone who was also raised around a ton of boys, it does tend to leave you tactless and blunt. She needs to learn how to soften that a bit.

    She also needs a long break from working. People think she has been working non-stop since her oscar win but she actually has been working almost constantly since her first nomination for Winter’s Bone. And with her social anxiety(and apparently her current struggle with health), I think she needs a good long break. I don’t know if she will get it though between this movie, promoting American Hustle, the next two Hunger Game Movies, the New X-Man sequel next year, the other David O’Russel film she made, and the best seller she just signed on to produce.

    • Dani2 says:

      I agree with everything here. I don’t think she deserved that Oscar but I think she’s a great actress, one of the best young starlets (not THE best, Carey Mulligan and Mia Wasikowska are alive) but definitely a really good actress that can play a variety of roles believably. I think she needs to stop trying so hard to come across as likeable, people liked her lol, stop over sharing , and go away for a little bit. Lord knows she can afford a long holiday.

  25. double standards says:

    Her interview offend me not because sh-tting story but because she has a chance to say something smart, witty, informative, that people can learn about BUT she choice just telling dumb, vulgar, unintelligent B-Sh-t. And her so called “illness” nothing but play The Victim Card to gain sympathy. Again. Remember, while this years awards season she already did this trick with pneumonia at The Jimmy Kimmel show by talking how she came to doctors bla..bla..bla. That is why i think JL in NOT natural and sincere but calculated and manipulative.
    Any other actress/actor would be torn on little pieces over such behaviour.

  26. Merritt says:

    She is like Cameron Diaz with talent. Diaz always had to tell disgusting TMI stories too.

  27. Cary says:

    You can keep the young dudes, gimme Stanley Tucci.

  28. Anon says:

    Maybe more young people will go to the doc because this young woman dared to say that she too shipped* her pants. IBS or too much stomach acid will wreak havoc on your bowels.

    • idk says:

      Yeah sounds like IBS (which can be brought on by stress and anxiety).

      • Sheila says:

        IBS or possibly Crohns. Both create major stomach aches that last a long time and you feel like a good s**t will take care of it, but they come back, both are chronic diseases, once you have them, flare-ups reoccur…especially when under stress.

  29. Samtha says:

    I watched the whole 20-minute interview and don’t really get what all the fuss is about. She’s quick-witted, funny and *performing*. Do we really want yet another actress who sits there like a statute, speaking in tired soundbites and platitudes?

    She did seem a little more hyper than usual, as if she’s running on coffee and adrenaline and ready to hit a wall. She definitely needs a vacation.

  30. Why? says:

    So people hate smart, talented, Harvard educated Natalie Portman who work in film industry since 14 and has tons movies under her bet BUT love this high school drop-out whos first movie came just couple years ago and who has nothing thoughtful to say about. LOL. That is why America has such a sh-itty economy – you are worshipping idiots because they make you feels smart. Amen.
    p.s. First The Hunger Games movie was pure crap. Its NO Inception or Alias or any other really good sci-fi genre film, just superficial teen tale.

  31. Emmeline says:

    I’m sick of Jennifer Lawrence . She is just tying to head off bad comments about her before some else starting saying them. But the thing is that she is at the top right now and there is no way to go but down honey, because she is not going to win Oscar every year or have blockbuster movies every year so she should just take a break and go away and spare us all of her bad hair cuts , dresses that don’t fit and gross behavior.

  32. Mary says:

    It’s so nice to a see an actress with personality and that isn’t a complete bore. Letterman is even charmed by her, because all other actresses have the personality of drying paint. She is witty, fun, self aware when need be, and cool. Oh, and really really talented.

    Catching Fire is sitting at Rotten Tomatoes at 95% with most critics again attributing the success to Lawrence….while you are staying pressed. Oh, and sexist people are here saying its because she gave HW a blow job…. he has NOTHING to do with the HUNGER GAMES.

  33. Tig says:

    This was Letterman, not a GI medical convention- no need for that degree of “sharing”- that’s not funny/witty, just gross.

    Re Harvey- don’t think anyone posting suggests JL performed anything, but his track record of somehow securing/getting Oscar noms and wins of actresses in his films for pretty minimal performances is a mystery. JL was fine in SLP, but compared to the other nominees? No way she should have won.

    Hated this dress, tho not as much as the transparent mess of the last day or so.

    • Lark says:

      I’m no fan of old Harvey, but I agree that it’s total bullshit to insinuate that Gwyneth Paltrow , Mira Sorvino, or Jen or anyone did anything with him. He does have a habit of getting wins for actresses over actresses that are seen as more “deserving” (Blanchett, Riva), but it’s down to his schmoozing. All these dumb rumors about him are down to the fact that he had some affair with Gretchen Mol way back in the day, but it got twisted around made even more tawdry and exaggerated and suddenly he’s supposedly doing every blonde in town for nefarious reasons.

  34. Emmeline says:

    IT is not hard to charm Letteman , wasn’t he charm by his staff assisitance. He like them young anyway just ask his wife.

  35. Lucy says:

    Seeing all these hate bores me to death. “What do you mean she’s a Hollywood actress with an actual personality???!!! OMFG no way, she’s totally faking it!!!” If she annoys you soooo much, what are you doing reading her articles?

    • lmk24 says:

      I agree! Seeing all the hate just makes me sad, actually. It must be exhausting to hate everything SO MUCH.

    • Gossy says:

      It must be even more exhausting to defend her over every little thing. Also, this isn’t a Jennifer Lawrence fansite….this is a celebrity gossip site, meaning people are here to gossip about celebrities, good or bad.

      J-Law stans are too deluded sometimes. If you dislike all the negative posts about her, then go to a crazy fan site where you can all indulge in how much you love her.

      • jaye says:

        So because people like her they are “stans”. And if you hate that there are a lot of people here who like the girl, I’m sure there are many “I hate JLaw” sites that you can go to and commiserate with the folks there. See how that goes both ways?

  36. Tiffany :) says:

    Here is my analysis of her! (lol)
    I think that she is getting tons of praise thrown at her left and right. I am sure the azz kissing she deals with on a daily basis could make a person fearful of buying into her own hype. The hype makes her feel like she can’t live up to expectations, so she uses self depreciating humor as a way to lessen expectations. It isnt a marketing tactic of “I am just like you!”, but more of a way to cut herself down so others don’t expect her to be superhuman perfection.

    I have a friend that can NOT take a compliment without insulting herself or bringing up something to lessen the praise. JLaw’s behavior reminds me of her.

    • Lucy says:

      That’s true! During the CF press conference that took place a few days ago, she was like “I totally suck in it. Everything else about the movie is perfect, tho”. She said the same thing last year. I always say she can do close to no wrong, because she’s imperfect and aware of it. I mean, look at her at award shows, for example. We all know she often has some minor incidents during them. The embarassed expression on her face as she brushes them off when she addresses them are pretty hard to fake, even for her.

  37. Emmeline says:

    Jennifer take your sh-ting health problems to Dr. Oz

  38. Grant says:

    I must be on crack but I don’t think JLaw’s dress looks that bad at all.

  39. Janet says:

    She’s suffering the common fate of everyone who makes it too far too fast in Hollywood: overexposure followed by ennui. She needs to disappear for the next six months.

  40. mal23 says:

    I love how the backlash is starting right on time! Y’all are so predictable. It’s only going to get worse when the American Hustle promo tour heats up.

    This is the part where everyone says “No, I hated her from the beginning!” Congratulations! You hated someone first!

    • Gossy says:

      Wrong. Most people here who dislike her, me included, have stated how we used to love her back in late 2011, early 2012.

      And why shouldn’t there be backlash when she does things other actresses would get intense hate for?

      You’re just one of the Jennifer stans….you’re so predictable. Showing up right on time to defend her.

      • mal23 says:

        I’m not a Jennifer Stan (I don’t even know what a Stan is, but okay). I don’t even think she should have won her oscar last year. I guess I’ve just been reading too much celeb gossip. I enjoy it as much as the next person (probably actually more haha), but all this intense hatred of people we’ve never met starts to creep me out.

      • Kcaia says:

        Ita mal. All this hate and anger between women brings us down, and for the pettiest things. How are men supposed to respect us when we don’t respect each other?

    • Lark says:

      I kind of agree. It reminds me of how people turned on Anne Hathaway, when she was like America’s sweetheart three years ago or so….I like Jennifer quite a bit actually, even if some of the things she does make me RME. But for some reason on the internet gossip blogs…it’s like you either have to blindly stan for someone or outright hate them and there’s no in between…and there is always some crazy backlash.

      Anyway, she looks cute here imo…I don’t mind the dress at all

  41. Jaxx says:

    I really like Jennifer but I’m sorry, she’s gone to far on Letterman. How many of us dreamed of one day doing something remarkable that would get us invited to sit by Dave? Never in my dream conversations did I imagine discussing my bowels or any other bodily function while on national tv and having my big moment on Letterman. That is just gross in my book, not to mention lacking taste, dignity, or pride.

  42. homegrrrrl says:

    I’m kind of happy this girl’s Dior is “target-y”. Since I’ve been fat and broke, Target has been my house of couture. Also, I am so flying my sports bra flag . Thankyou Dior-y, thank you JLaw-y!!

  43. jaye says:

    For those stating that KStew gets so much more hate than JLaw for doing the same things…I just don’t get that. People who find KStew off putting find her so because she comes across as a bit surly and over it. Could that be down to her being uncomfortable with the attention outside of the work she does? Sure. I personally think she’s relatively harmless, but she doesn’t come across anywhere near as approachable as JLaw.

  44. Val says:

    Why is it cool/funny to talk about your private “toilet” matters? I honestly don’t get the toilet humour. It really comes across as simple and tacky.
    You can still be charming and relatable without bringing down the “class” level.