Madonna & Brahim Zaibat end 3-year romance, ‘clashing work commitments’


It’s the end of an era. As Kaiser reported last week, Madonna, 53, and Brahim Zaibat (which still, as CB once noted, hilariously sounds like “Jailbait“), 24, are on the rocks. This is very sad because Madonna and Brahim have been together since 2010. They’ve weathered several seasons together and even vacationed together (as these photos show) with Lourdes and Rocco as recently as August. Brahim even groped Madge’s ass as Mercy and David looked on. It was so romantic, but now it’s done.

I always assumed Madonna would keep Brahim around as long as he suited her purposes and then toss him to the curb with a nice settlement. Rumors of an engagement have persisted for years but have amounted to nothing. In 2011, we heard that Brahim wanted “to make an honest woman” out of Madge. The rumors repeated last August, but alas, it seems this fairytale has ended.

The Mail (citing Perez) says Madge and Brahim had a row over their careers and “clashing work commitments.” That’s funny because Brahim’s job was as a backup dancer for Madonna. That is, until he signed onto the French verson of DWTS and got cozy with his partner, Katrina Patchet. Now we’re hearing Brahim’s new job was a big reason for the split: “M thought that [DWTS] was too cheesy.” Madonna also reportedly feels “used,” and there is “no chance” for a reunion.

So yeah, Brahim is probably doing Katrina, and Madonna won’t put up with it. Good for her. I can only hope that Madonna won’t do Sean Penn again.



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  1. pao la says:

    She felt used??? USED? Give me a f-ing break! She is no victim here. They used each other. End of story.

  2. Frida_K says:

    I don’t find this guy attractive at all and I would be extremely disinclined to date a guy in his twenties even though I could…but hey. If it makes Madge happy, more power to her. It’s not like she’s not doing something that guys like Hugh Hefner or Alec Baldwin and other like do all the time.

    At least he’s not nineteen and looks fourteen like Joaquin Phoenix’s “love interest.”

  3. Vanderhootchie says:

    Nothing to do with the fact that she’s about 30 years older, no? Please… she’s gross.

  4. Tessa says:

    Remember her old boy-toy Jesus? Yeah, me neither. She’s just leasing these guys out for a couple of years. Raising their profiles and giving them a plush life in exchange for some regular sex and the maintenance of her “image” as the sexy cougar. I’m not even convinced these men are straight. It’s borderline high priced escorting if you ask me.

    • pao la says:

      I just realised Jesus and this other guy are not the same person. She changes bf as often as i change my underwear. can’t keep up.

      • Meredith says:

        “I just realised that Jesus and this other guy are not the same person”. LOL. But I can see where it’s easy to make the mistake!! Too funny, pao la!

  5. epiphany says:

    Anybody buying that story? Nah, didn’t think so. What really happened is what everybody knew would happen, eventually. Lourdes grew up, got hot, and Madge’s boy toy went after her, giving this narcissistic twit the thing she hates the most; a reminder of how old she is.

  6. Jules says:

    She’s 55 not 53, and looks like it as well.

  7. Anna says:

    Madonna is now the female George Clooney for when it comes to relationships. 3 years max

  8. KromBoom says:

    Can J Lo please break up with Casper now?

    • TG says:

      I second that.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Good one! Except JLo spouted crap about wanting to marry her gay boy toy and have his children. At least Madinna wasn’t that dumb.

      • christina says:

        Yes she was Madonna in many interviews talk about how in love they and how he was a great father figure to her sons. Only thing Madonna didn’t do was get Barhim invalid with her business matters.

    • Meredith says:

      There was a lovely item at blind gossip that this older diva had broker up with her younger faux “boyfriend” and introduced him to her gay hairdresser and how the two guys were so happy together but she maintained the facade of the relationship so she would look like a sexy cougar and because he was a really great “manny” for the kids (sorry for the run on sentence). All the guesses were J-Lo and Casper.

  9. Chris says:

    I think it’s on with her and Sean Penn, so she tossed this one aside.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Agree. But what’s this business about Sean Penn tying her up and hitting her years ago? I don’t remember ever hearing that before. If that happened and they get back together, doesn’t that ruin her strong, take no crap, empowered woman image? Can she afford to lose that image?

      • Maureen says:

        I remember it very well. It was a well-known story back in the day, and verified through the local sherif’s office.

      • Anna-fo-Fanna says:

        I dunno, I think that image of her has been blowing in the wind for a couple of years now, anyway. Her inability to age gracefully has shown a deep vein of insecurity that doesn’t jive very well with the image of a strong, take charge woman with her priorities straight.

      • Chris says:

        Back in the day, when it happened, she did not have that “doesn’t take sh-t” persona. She was controversial, but a bit more fragile. Today she’s a different person. I don’t think she’d take a minute of abuse from him now. But maybe that’s why this is kinda a nice story? Could two people, after being apart for 25 years, come back together as better human beings? I know we are talking Sean Penn and Madonna here–so probably not. But it’s nice in theory, no?

      • Maureen says:

        I second what @Chris wrote. Madonna was very different back then. She was very light-hearted, charming, cute, and care-free. Not so jaded and cynical and pushy and mean and intractable like today. She was also very, very much in love. She was only 25 (Sean was 24) if I recall correctly. Very young and free and in love. That by itself (being deeply in love with Sean) was part of her “weakness” which allowed her to tolerate his abuse for years. I believe that the straw that broke the camel’s back was when she actually feared for her life. There are lots of details about that incident that I just can’t remember all these years later, but she changed A LOT after that. Remember what immediately followed her divorce: her sex book and that whole era of anger and cynicism and domination. She did not soften again until she became pregnant with Lourdes.

  10. Leigh says:

    I think her and Sean Penn are perfect for each other.
    He’s angry, she’s pretentious, they’re both jaded and they’re both in the same age bracket…

  11. Kelly says:

    She looks so bad. She’s a few years older than me, and if I looked like that.. yikes. She’s steering into Wildenstein territory. I thought for all her hype she might have aged gracefully.

    I can’t believe I wrote that.

  12. Han says:

    He has a great body. But yeah, that whole DWTS was probably the end of that affair.

  13. Dani says:

    Are you sure it’s not because Brahim was more interested in Lourdes?? Who’s closer to his age than Madonna is? Madge is seriously delusional.

  14. GeeMoney says:

    I’m guessing she got tired paying for his services. Oh well… on to the next boy toy.

  15. Maureen says:

    Any theories on what’s wrong with Madonna’s hands? She’s been hiding them with fingerless gloves for years now. Arthritis, maybe?

    • Anna-fo-Fanna says:

      I think they just look old, and she doesn’t want to “remind” anyone of her real age. My mother always said that if you want to figure out a woman’s true age, check the hands first.

      Of course, this supposes that she thinks we all haven’t noticed her age, which makes me sadface, because, helloo! We’ve noticed, Madge.

      • Maureen says:

        She was still really beautiful and natural (or at least natural-ish?) all the way up to age 40 after she had Lourdes. I honestly thought she was going to age gracefully and naturally because she was SO into yoga and fitness and healthy eating and no smoking and being rich she can afford the best skin care. Well, I thought maybe she’d do some little nips and tucks here or there but I NEVER imagined she would get “chicken cutlets” (she so obviously has them and has for several years). It doesn’t surprise me that she had her eyes tweaked and her breasts lifted (also all very obvious). But the other stuff was so shocking to me. I’m fairly certain her butt is not all natural either. Likely some injections there. WAY too round and perky for her age and for being as thin as she is. Yoga does NOT give you a round tush.

  16. Tiffany says:

    So is he a star in France to get on DWTS. How was he introduced. Did they think Madge would show up in the audience.

  17. Dorothy says:

    Say what you want about Madonna, but she is actually surprisingly discreet in her private life. There have been many many times she had every right to publicly criticize or just reveal dirt on people that she once thought valued her, and then did her wrong. So, like her or not, you must give her credit for that! She has always, in her own way albeit, taken the high road. So good for her and am pleased. I grew up watching her and never really cared for her but if you look back now, she did have some really good songs, and again except maybe snarky comment here or there, she has been extremely gracious and kept her mouth shut whenthose around her knew it was killing her inside. Why? Because she has children whom she truly truly cares, for and she is a better person than me -and I am nice as most of you are too – but she really really has been misportrayed in press, and attacked by, and had her personal life (most sadly) ruined by celebs such as yeah, coincidence again, Gwyneth and she has never ever retaliated in a negative way in situations where even the sweetest of sweet would have. GP and Tracy Anderon tried to get Guy Martin to leave her for GOOPERS who was going to leave Chris. And Made, shut up for her kids while Gwyniie and Tracy Anderson – both her “loyal friends” betrayed her, twisted it so that Madonna was chasing Chris! Can you imagine? Yet, for kid and some kind of strength in her I guess, she did not humiliate her kids with backlash (oh and GOOPY didn’t get Guy, he hated her. Meanwhile, Chris still stuck with her publicly though he knows and another marriage with young kids lost to GP losing guy after all 🙂 , So yeah, who would have thought it but gotta give some respect for Madonna. Recent boy toy aside (and granted I just do not get that whole thing…Madonna has more class than we would have ever guessed when when we little kids watching her. And don’t please don’t hate me, but truth be told, Britney isn’t so bad either. Both give TONS TONS TONS of money to charity and don’t dis (too much) people that have really damaged them personally. So give it up for her and yeah she really should pick a man this time…any chance of her and Sean Penn? Me no clue. What do you guys know, think?