Does Rob Kardashian have a secret lovechild with a woman who hates fame?

Rob Kardashian

The end is truly nigh. Rob Kardashian, mad sock boy and hair growth ambassador, might be a secret father. If this tale is true, then Rob has a mystery 4-year-old lovechild who is the product of a one-night stand. All of this happened before Rob gained weight and declared that he lost his p-nis. Star magazine says Rob made a baby with a woman who is deathly afraid of fame, so the momentary couple decided to keep the lovechild a secret. Baby and mother live in Miami, and they occasionally see Rob. One of his friends caught Rob in the midst of preparations for a visit and then ratted him out to Star. Then there is the matter of some tweets-and-deletes from Rob about the existence of a Robert Kardashian III. Whoa.

This is the most bizarre and unexpected story. I’m leaning towards believing it simply because it’s so outlandish. Who would make this up? How Star dug up the information about the long-deleted tweets and Instagram captions is beyond me. I’m guessing that various services do archive celebrity tweets for all of posterity, so tweeting and deleting is pointless when it comes to drunken and/or stupid thoughts that make it into 140 characters or less. Rob was probably wasted during those times when he mentioned his (alleged) lovechild online. Here are the details:

Little brother Rob Kardashian has always lived in the shadow of his older sisters. But, as Star has learned, the 26-year-old may be hiding a huge secret that would put his headline-grabbing siblings to shame: Rob is a father.

Recently, Rob confided to friends that he has a 4-year-old son, the unexpected result of a fling with a woman who lives in Miami. “Rob had a get-together at his apartment, and some people noticed a teddy bear on his bed,” an insider claims. “They asked him why he had it, and he said that it was present for his son.”

The reality star may be uncomfortable opening up to his friends, but his family is another story. In fact, they don’t know the whole truth. “The possibility that Rob may have a child has been the buzz in the Kardashian circle for awhile, but no one knows for sure,” adds the source. “And no one will talk about it.”

According to the insider, Rob does have a relationship with the child, but he rarely speaks about it because he is determined to maintain a veil of secrecy. “Rob said he sees his son on occasion, when his baby mana comes to L.A.,” says the insider. “He got the bear because he’s expecting a visit soon.”

However, Rob has let his secret slip before — and in the worst form imaginable. This past May, Rob posted a cryptic Instagram note that led many to believe he may have a child. “Shout out to God, shout out to my hair,” he wrote. “Shout out Mom, Shout out to my Son’s Mom cuz she has been holding me down since high school n shout out to my Son Robert the Third. lol.”

Rob immediately deleted the post, but this wasn’t the first time he has talked about having a child on social media. In 2009, Rob shared a Twitter exchange with family friend Nicole Richie in which he also mentioned his son.

“Bout to take time today to see the ones whom I never see. Love God. Love Family. :),” wrote Rob. Nicole replied saying, “Like your son?” to which Rob wrote, “my Son unfortunately doesn’t stay in L.A. You know that. Don’t remind me.”

If Rob does have achild, his friends have no doubt he is doing the right thing. “He is handling it,” says an insider. “There is a good chance that the child’s mother wants nothing to do with fame, and that’s why she’s staying so hush.”

What’s more surprising is the silence of Rob’s mother, Kris Jenner, who hasn’t tried to profit off a new, pint-size Kardashian. “Anytime it’s even been slightly mentioned, Kris changes the subject,” says a family insider. “For whatever reason, Kris is fearful that Rob being a father might hurt the brand.”

[From Star, print edition, January 6, 2014]

Does anyone else find it strange that Kris Jenner wouldn’t try and pimp out a baby named Robert Kardashian III? That is, if that is this poor child’s actual name. If Rob’s baby mama really is trying to avoid fame, I doubt she’d saddle the kid with that name. I bet Rob just calls the kid that name for giggles. Poor child. I can’t imagine having a whiny sock designer with grand delusions for a father.

Kris Jenner

Rob Kardashian

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  1. Tiffw28 says:

    I love how Kris was worried this baby would hurt the brand – a brand that was built on a P$rn tape for Pete sakes! Seriously?! The morals of this group…..

  2. Dawn says:

    When it comes to this A-moral bunch I would never doubt it to be true and the way that Nicole Ritchie replied to his tweet “like your son” made it sound more like he is the one who won’t acknowledge the kid and now the Kraps are trying to make it sound otherwise! Can’t trust this family to ever be truthful.

    • The Original Original says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Sounded like Nicole was throwing shade for him not being involved in his sons life.

  3. Han says:

    These photos are really old. He doesn’t look like that nowadays.

  4. Launicaangelina says:

    Interesting and he may be much smarter than we think. Is there really a Kardashian who is actually thinking of providing his child a somewhat normal life, outside of the fame and limelight?

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I would mostly hate myself for having “relations” with Rob Kardashian!

  6. Reid05 says:

    Lucifer’s homegirl keep a secret? There’s just no way she wouldn’t have wanted this to become a storyline on KUWTK. Nothing is sacred to Robert’s famewhore mommy!

  7. Sam says:

    I have to say, I always sort of liked Rob on the show. He seemed to get lost in PMK’s incessant pimping of her 5 daughters and sort of got left to his own devices. He was pleasant enough on Dancing with the Stars too. He doesn’t seem as high-maintenance and high-strung as the sisters. If he is going through all this work to keep his child out of the public eye and give him a normal life, there’s something admirable about that. Personally, I think PMK isn’t so interested because I think the babies are just an extension of the daughters’ brand. North is just an extension of Kim, for example. There’s little to no brand with Rob, so why would his son be any different? That sounds so cruel, but I think that’s how they think,

    • Tapioca says:

      He’s my fave Kartrashian too, as he seems kinda harmless, but he looks like he’s wearing leather sweatpants in that last pic, so I may have to reevaluate!

    • TG says:

      @Sam – You said exactly what I was going to say. Rob is worth nothing to PMK so why would she care about any child of his? Especially if the mother of said child wanted nothing to do with the Klan. I think PMK had a son only for her husband and when he died so did Rob’s usefulness.

      • idk says:

        not entirely true…Rob can keep the Kardashian name going…if he has a couple of daughters, they can be the new Kardashian generation ! lol.

    • Han says:

      How is he harmless? I get the impression he is a misogynist that treats his girlfriends like crap. I actually think Kim is more harmless.

  8. QQ says:

    anything you tell me about these people I will believe;

    Butt fillers
    Sleep in a chamber of botox Upside down
    Secret babies
    Secret surgeries
    MTF Sex surgeries
    Eating puppies on xmas
    Lunch with Satan at The Ivy
    Putting a hex on men

  9. Sam H x says:

    I read this as the son’s mother not wanting to raise the boy in Hollywood cos she knows Lucifer’s home girl will somehow try and pimp the kid’s soul out to the highest bidder. So in some respects that makes sense, that she doesn’t want the kid anywhere near the Kardashian HQ or under E!’s surveillance. Even though he’s a douche, I’m glad that he wants to be in his sons life and is on civil terms with the mom. I hope it stays like that and hoping he matures with his new responsibility as a father. I think he has issues as a result of Kris neglecting him in a sense and a lack of father figure in his life. He has so much money but deep down I think he’s very unhappy and insecure. I think the rest of the family has issues too, just seem to hide it well for the cameras.

  10. Talie says:

    On the show, he has talked about this, but it’s always framed like he’s a pathological liar.

  11. Nroth Wset says:

    with mommy’s picture in the back. Just so he can get true the day..

  12. lovegossipbutnotL&E says:

    Omg. I can’t believe I’m going to say this…..but if it is true and he hasn’t tried to use this kid for his selfish gain, that’s a good thing right? The way this family works, I would be impressed with him. If it’s true. That is the only good thing I will ever say about this family, don’t tell anyone and I’m going to clean my mouth with bleach now. 😉

  13. Mon says:

    That woman seems to hate men. Maybe that feeling is so strong it comes before the famewhoring and moneymaking need. This would make him money if he agreed to speak about it and sold his story and she just does not want to she him being “popular” and receiving god knows how much cash & attention. He seems to have admitted himself she has been holding him down… Surely no one had though that the socks business was going to take off…

  14. Audrey says:

    At least the mother is doing the right thing, if this is true.

    Give the kid a normal life away from the she devil

  15. DB says:

    A few years ago on KUWTK, Rob had a one night stand with some chick that ended up in a pregnancy scare. Long story short: the girl was preggers and Rob was ready to put a ring on her finger and take responsibility for the child, but then the woman lost the baby. And she was never heard from again. This article has me thinking they wanted to make us believe she lost it, but she actually gave birth and they kept it a secret. Wouldn’t surprise me with this family.

    • idk says:

      I have also seen tweets where Rob jokes he has a son.

      But he’s also tweeted many times how he would never have a child out of wedlock, but then again Kim used to say the same thing.

      Kind of thinking PMK put this story out since their new season is starting in a few weeks…they need buzz and ratings…be prepared for A LOT of crazy Kardashian news in the next few weeks.

  16. Skye says:

    ….with a woman who hates fame.. but loves socks?

    That’s what popped in immediately when I read that headline. Vive l’amour!

  17. lucy2 says:

    Uh oh, sounds like PMK needs a new “storyline” for that disaster of a show.

  18. mrspatrickbateman says:

    I actually feel bad for Rob, I feel like he’s the black sheep of the family and can’t do anything right. It’s got to suck to be him and I’m sure it caused lasting problems. To know your own mother found you useless and your problems were never important because she was too busy pimping out her favorite child. I think that’s why he throws himself into relationships and takes the breakup so badly, the poor dude just wants someone to love him.

    • Anna-fo-Fanna says:

      I agree. PMK has screwed ALL those children up in different ways, but I think the particular brand of indifference she shows to Rob has got to be the most soul shattering. I’ve felt terrible for him a quite a few times over the years. I feel like if their father had lived, these kids would have had completely different, better lives. Sad, really.

  19. Noinin says:

    I always thought that for PMK Rob was only a dead weight. My opinion is that he was conceived because of the Khloe genetical disaster, and to hide the fact that PMK was cheating. If there was another child after Khloe looking Kardashian-y, she would be able to say that her marriage was fine and Khloe’s fairness would go unnoticed. That being said, I’ve always felt sorry for Rob who seemed to be completely ignored by his family, just like Kylie is now. If he indeed has a child and is willing to spare him all this craziness, I think he is doing the best thing and perhaps his son will turn out just fine.

  20. P.J. says:

    Yup. I believe this 100%. Last I checked, single 20-something guys (especially those with party lifestyles) don’t go around making up having children for kicks or purchasing stuffed animals for said fabricated kids (that whole thing actually sounded very sweet to me btw).

    As for this quote “What’s more surprising is the silence of Rob’s mother, Kris Jenner, who hasn’t tried to profit off a new, pint-size Kardashian.” Do we really have to question how this is? “No one [in the family] knows for sure” is right in the article and I doubt that is by accident at all. IF all of this is true then it seems like-in world’s most ironic twist of fate-Rob made a baby with a woman who has her head firmly on her shoulders, her priorities straight and someone who has quite consciously made the decision to keep her child away from those people. (And good for Rob for following suit, it can’t have been easy; they are still his family.)

    I actually think this all makes him sound like a WONDERFUL father 🙂

  21. Pumpkin Pie says:

    What does PMK stand for? MK is like mother kardashian (i have to wash my brain now)

    • Kim1 says:

      P is for Pimp

    • idk says:

      It stands for “Pimp Mama Kris”. People started calling her PMK when Kim starting dating Kris Humphries, so not to confuse the two names in blogs and comments.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        Thank you Kim1 and idk for clarifying that!
        (I can’t thinking they went for the k in kanye’s name; maybe they did maybe they didn’t)