Michael Fassbender’s definitely dating Gerard Butler’s ex, Madalina Ghenea


Back in November 2013, there were some rumors and photos floating around, and some people thought Michael Fassbender was dating/hooking up with Madalina Ghenea, better known as the exotic beauty who dated Gerard Butler for the better part of a year. Madalina has always reminded me of the kind of woman that George Clooney would like – she gives me Elisabetta Canalis vibes, and by that I mean Madalina sometimes seems like an international “party girl,” dating high-profile men for fame.

Well, even though the Fassy-and-Madalina rumors have been around for months, Madalina only recently confirmed her breakup with Gerard Butler. I suspect Gerard dumped her months ago, for what it’s worth, but it was only made official recently. So to celebrate… Michael Fassbender took her to Italy. Seriously. There are photos – go here to see. That’s definitely Fassy and that’s definitely Madalina. Huh. Just Jared theorizes that Madalina and Fassbender met at the Toronto Film Festival and that’s where this crazy train began. I have no idea.

So, I’ve gotten tweets and emails from the Fassloonies about this, asking me if I’m going to keep my promise. I promised to breakup with Fassy for good if he was really dating Madalina. Well… you have to realize, I was already half-way there because of Fassbender’s asinine refusal to “campaign” for an Oscar. Fassbender was and is acting like a child who got told “NO” one time and now he’s sitting in a corner in a self-imposed huff. His petulance is the whole reason Jared Leto is now the front-runner for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. So, I’m actually more pissed about that than I am about Madalina. But Madalina might be the final straw. Conclusion: Yep, I’m breaking up with him. I’m sorry, Fassy, but I just can’t with you anymore.



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  1. lourdesdx says:

    Oh my god,what do they see in her? Does she literally have honey in her crotch?
    Btw she looks very clingy in the pics.

    • Lori says:

      maybe she just doesn’t charge much?

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      he is not all that either, except for his fame they are on the same level

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Well not really. He is a highly acclaimed Oscar nominated actor. She is….?

      • Em' says:

        Well, fame + talent, because there is one thing you can’t denied is how good of an actor he is.

      • Lori says:

        He’s only been Oscar nominated for a couple of hours.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Not sure the timing matters. Fassbender – whatever one thinks of him – is almost universally regarded as one of the most promising actors of his generation. This Madalina, by contrast, is known (and only on gossip sites) just because of the men she has dated. Bit of a difference.

    • Kelly says:

      See? It’s comments like these. Why do we feel the need to knock down other women when they happen to date men we may feel are attractive. What do we gain? Are they going to date us? No. Are they going to look our way? No. So what is the prize?

    • lola says:

      She’s hot.

    • Moneypenny says:

      What does he see? She’s attractive. She could also be funny, intelligent and/or kind. Or are men supposed to only be interested in women for their looks?

      • jaye says:

        Whatever the reasons…If they like it, I love it. Gone and ride it like a bucking bronco, Madalina! Do you, boo boo.

    • SABA says:

      His best conquest was NICOLE BEHARIE! In fact she is the only woman he came out and said he was dating. Also he would mention her in his articles and say things like she is smart and strong. I gather that is the one that got away..

  2. frisbeejada says:

    Considering where she’s been – YUK!

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      he has been around the block quite a couple of times as well

      • frisbeejada says:

        he certainly has but I’ve never heard of him going around the block with Gerard Butler – the walking Petrie dish – they probably all need to get tested….

      • Tiffany27 says:

        THANK YOU! If anyone has “been around the block” that would be Fassy. She should protect herself.

    • lola says:

      He ‘s been around the block just as much it’s like genitals were made for each other.

    • Elise says:

      So, Michael’s gross because he’s been “around the block”? Guys, he’s always said he doesn’t want a relationship. He’s free to date who he wants, so we can stop with the labeling. The same goes for Madalina. She’s a grown woman – it’s her body. She can f-ck and date whoever she wants. Enough with the slut-shaming.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I read the headline as “Michael Fassbender definitely *banging* Gerard Butler’s ex…” I guess I’ve been reading this site too long. Anyway, yuck, I would not want that man’s sloppy seconds.

  3. Lori says:

    Same reason I left him too!

  4. MacScore says:

    “Fassloonies”? Er, hello, I think you helped create us. But, we may have no choice but to follow your lead on this one.

  5. Gwen says:

    Dating Gerard Butler’s ex?? Oy..

  6. blue marie says:

    Eww if she loses at “Who did Gerard do” then you just have to pass

  7. Elodie says:

    *grabs popcorn and sits comfy*

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I join you with donut holes…..(I’m willing to share).

      Seriously though, I don’t get the fuss. It’s not like he’s going around saying he wants to get married and have kids RIGHT NOW–that he’s searching for that special person. What he’s looking for is FUN, plain and simple, in between films. He’s not made himself out to be this completely monogamist guy, who ALWAYS has to be in a serious relationship, no one night stands or purely sex relationships–so what’s the fuss? Like I said below, as long as he’s not banging her in porta potties, or sticking his finger up her butt in front of the paparazzi, then I don’t see why anyone has to stop liking him. He’s never pretended to be anyone that he wasn’t.

      • Maria says:

        I guess we women want a man to be a bit more discreet. He has talent and looks. He Oscar material, so we expect a bit more class than to sleep around with what ever and whomever takes his fancy. While I do agree it’s his life to do what he wants with, it’s just a crush kill to see him doing what he is doing. And if it were a female doing this Lord only knows what name she would have. For me, he is slowly, but surely, losing his appeal. I’m sure he’ll lose sleep over that fact (not sarcasm).

      • Maria says:

        That was supposed to be “NOTE sarcasm”

      • Well, I don’t see how he’s NOT being discrete–it’s not like she’s on his arm at a premier or a film festival. My guess is that they met at some party, he thought she was hot, loved the idea of banging someone in a place as beautiful as Italy and said let’s meet up. I have no issues with that, just like I have no issues with a woman doing the same. As long as you are wrapping it up and/or are on birth control, who cares?

        I don’t find it a crush killer at all. Like I said–what’s a crush killer is to go around in interviews talking about how much you want to get married and make babies, but then go around and date as many inappropriate people for that (gee, remind you of anyone? 😉 —that’s what gets me. After that, as long as he’s keeping his business tight, and not banging randoms in porta potties, who cares?

    • Maria says:

      Yes, I guess as long as he ain’t banging randoms in porta potties it’s all good.

  8. Ice Maiden says:

    I think Fassbender is very sexy (though considerably less sexy than he was a few years ago) and a brilliant actor. Though what he is doing with this piece, I do not know. I could understand the attraction for someone tacky with Gerard Butler, but I’d expect a bit more from Fassbender. Maybe that was my mistake.

  9. Abby says:

    Fasssyyyyyyyyyyyyy gosh I am gonna slap him left, right and center. He needs to come back to his senses like why would you go with a famewhore??? ughhhh morning ruined

    • jaye says:

      I’m pretty sure he’s getting something VERY specific out of it. She’s probably not reading him Shakespeare and serving him tea. Or maybe she is, one never knows.

  10. Eugenia says:

    I just got my transfer and am officially off the Fassbender train.

    Swimming in Gerard Butler’s sloppy thirds is the dealbreaker of all dealbreakers.

    • Anna says:

      Sloppy thirds? I’m sorry, is there anyone here a virgin?
      Most of us had our fair share and aren’t they sloppy, only because they are anonymous?
      And considering the level of worship here for Fassy, if he would pay attention to one of us, should we say no, otherwise we would be whores? She liked him, she said yes. I don’t think she puts up with him for his money – most of us would support him entirely if given the option..

      • Eugenia says:

        One thing I have noticed about Fassy, is that going by the public knowledge of who he has dated, none of his girlfriends them seem to live in the same country and in same cases the same continent as him. All his relationships seem to be long distance. He lives in England, yet his girlfriends live in LA, NY, CA and wherever the hell this chick is from. The one exception might be the chick who filed charged against him and then dropped them as he seemed to live with her for a time. Part of me believes he was just saving on rent money while he tried to ‘make it’ in the States.

        I think he is a commitment phobe that wants tons of space and some semblance of a relationship when he wants it – flies into town or goes on holiday with her.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Eugenia, I don’t think someone like Fassbender really lives in any one place. His home is in London, but due to his career, he’s moving from one continent to another all the time. And, given this context, and the fact that his career is on a roll right now (a few years from now he might be in the Hollywood dustbin, who knows) I don’t think you can call Fassbender a ‘commitment phobe’. He has said openly that he doesn’t have either the desire or the time for a committed relationship at this point in time because his priority is his career, so any woman he’s with is aware of that. And plenty of women would be more than happy to oblige.

  11. harpreet says:

    OMG, love her lip color in the last pic.

    • Tulip says:

      It actually is a very pretty shade! Well, at least she has that going for her. I wonder what brand it is?

  12. bammer says:

    Well he can’t win either way. If he went full out Oscar pleading Ben Affleck style he’d be pathetic. If he refuses to campaign, he’s a child throwing a tantrum. If he’s banging some famewhore model he’s like, well, Benedict Cumberbatch, right? Oh well, more Fassy for me.

    • LidiaF says:

      Campaigning for an award is really tacky I think. Fass did it once, didn’t like it, so he simply burst his own bubble and went on with life. Don’t think he’s being childish at all. Commenters on this story on the other hand…

  13. Kelly says:

    At least he doesn’t pay for it, unlike his co-star 😛
    What, too soon?
    (I’m kidding people, don’t impale me)

    I think she’s very beautiful, gold-digger sure, but very, very beautiful.

    • alexandra says:

      I’m Romanian and I don’t find her beautiful at all. She’s had lots of things done but what is obvious for any Romanian is that she’s a gypsy. You’ll find her lookalikes ( prettier because not fake) in every gypsy community in Romania.

      • m says:

        “but what is obvious for any Romanian is that she’s a gypsy”

        so what?

        i’m part romanian, i don’t think she’s pretty nor do i feel obligated to think that just because she’s “one of my kind”, da hell?

        “You’ll find her lookalikes ( prettier because not fake) in every gypsy community in Romania.”

        why do you feel obligated to compare her to other people? i think she’s ok, a lot of people are better looking than her, sure, but so what?

      • Kelly says:

        @alexandra from romania

        We get it, you’re a racist who hates the Roma community and you’re obviously jealous of this woman in some way since you have the need to comment on every article she is mentioned in and then degrade her based on her appearance alone.

        I don’t care if she’s the ugliest person on Earth, she doesn’t deserve to be hated because she belongs to one minority or another, what the hell is wrong with you??

        And she is indeed very beautiful, control your insecurity issues please.

  14. AG-UK says:

    Do women just go to these events (how do they get in) just to pick up famous men? Takes a lot of planning. Sort of pathetic but hey that’s just me. She looks ok but sort of like someone else that I can’t put my finger on. He has loss his appeal to me. It comes/goes.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      ”Do women just go to these events (how do they get in) just to pick up famous men?”

      From what I can tell, yes. I suppose they get in because they’ve got friends in high places and organisers of these events like to invite ‘attractive’ women to add some glamour.

      • AG-UK says:

        I do think he is a fantastic actor but hey he is human and a lot think not with the head that sits on their shoulders 🙂

      • dede says:

        Agrees. I’m STILL a Fassbender fan. His personal business is just that …personal! He’s a fine actor and I look forward to seeing Macbeth, Frank…

    • GiGi says:

      Oops – this is supposed to be a reply AG-UK!

      It’s not hard to be a player on that scene if you want to. Especially if you’re a beautiful woman. Events (clubs, parties, etc.) are always looking to fill the room with eye candy. You make friends with people (usually promoters, owners, etc.) and then you’re just invited. Someone should write a manual, lol!

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I think it would take quite a bit of luck, hustle and ambition though. Pretty girls are 10 a penny, especially in showbiz circles. So you’d have to be well-connected and good at self-promotion to ensure that it’s you, and not the million other girls who look good in an evening gown, who keeps getting the invites.

      • Kelly says:

        “Someone should write a manual, lol!”

        Ahahahaha, I second this!

      • AG-UK says:

        that’s a good job better than sitting here at my desk listening to fiance guys ask the same question over and over… sorry don’t micro manage grown people. LOL

    • Kelly says:

      “Do women just go to these events (how do they get in) just to pick up famous men?”

      Apparently she was in a movie with Jude Law, it screened at Toronto, that’s where they met.

  15. MynameisPeaches! says:

    Whoa! Why is this woman getting so much hate?! Fassy seems to be a major player and hits anything with a pulse. To be fair is Fassy such a good prize? He’s seems to be rather a crappy boyfriend, has a wandering eye and seems to be afraid of commitment. It was Fassbender’s fandom who built him up to be this cool dude, different to the rest of the Hollywood crowd. So if his fandom is on meltdown well they have no one to blame but themselves for putting this guy on a pedestal. Also Fassy seems to be big ole slapper himself so if the rumours about her are true they deserve each other.

    • Kelly says:

      Because a man can sleep around all he wants, and he’s a sexy “playaaa” but a woman is a “gross, skeezy whore”.
      Personally, I think he’s slept with way more people than she ever has, but there you go, people will slander her always.

      • drea says:

        I think the issue is more about being a “famewhore” as opposed to being a “whore,” because we all know Fassbender wins on that one, LOL. She has a reputation for being a star-chaser. That’s all she does and that’s all she’s known for, it seems.

      • Kelly says:

        @drea true, I’ll give you that, but it’s interesting how people dislike a “fame whore” more than a “man whore”, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Joanie says:

      There are no lies in your statement, Mynameis. *slow clap*

  16. Samantha says:

    Maybe he just wants something non-commital right now. He’s generally seemed like kind of a serial monogamist, so could be it’s time to just have (hopefully safe?) fun?

    I admit I was hoping for a Fassbender/N’yongo relationship, though.

    If you all break up with him, that’s just means he’s mine, all mine. 😀

    • Lukie says:

      Serial Monogamist?
      I would like to rub Lainey’s gossip genie lamp and stick him with JLo…

    • maitime says:

      Sorry I was not rooting for them, N’yongo is way to smart and talented. She has so much going for her than being a “professional girlfriend” who is always on a yacht in Cannes type.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I don’t get the fuss either—as long as he’s not banging her in porta potties, then I really don’t care who he dates, especially since he’s already said recently that he doesn’t have time for a real relationship–so it’s not like he’s gonna marry this chick. They probably have fun hanging out and having sex…..as long as he’s wrapping it up, what’s it to me?

    • GlimmerBunny says:

      I would love for him and Lupita to get togetehr too! What a beautiful couple they would be..

    • Jen says:

      Why in the world would you want someone like Lupita to be in a relationship with an alcoholic/possible abuser?

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Heavy drinker, yes, but alcoholic?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        He IS NOT an abuser–this has been rehashed a million times. His ex girlfriend who accused him of bursting her ‘ovarian cyst’ (or something), by shoving her dropped the charges against him. Furthermore, in California (where this happened) the DA will investigate ALL charges of domestic violence, whether the victim wants them to or not. The DA investigated him, and dropped the case. Plus, the ex has a history of falsely accusing at least one of other boyfriend of abusing her as well. So please–stop it.

        It’s one thing to not like him, for whatever reason, but don’t accuse someone of something that is THAT serious.

        And when he starts slurring his words at an awards show, during an interview, or otherwise not doing his job because he’s hungover–then you can call him an alcoholic.

      • Jen says:

        Aww, I love Fassbender stans. Their knowledge of the law is so cute.

      • Your condescension is unwarranted and unappreciated….

  17. Delorb says:

    She’s okay looking, but…coming in 2nd to Gerard, is skeevy….for both of them.

    Read that some think she’s a paid escort, so does this mean they fit the BI that people thought was Benedict and Katia?

  18. Renee says:

    It seems Fassbender has a lot of fair-weather fans.

  19. Dingo says:

    Fish tank did also kind of ruin him for me. But he is a great actor!

  20. Dani says:

    Never really cared for him but he could do better. She screams fame ho. If Gerard dumped her you know there’s gotta be something going on there.

  21. Sad says:

    And the rumours are saying that she’s pregnant and seen in an hospital with him the same day… I begin to believe the rumours about him… Oh he goes to the Oscars? We have forgotten en yes Jared Leto will win!!!!!!

  22. ByeBye says:

    He says he admires Daniel Day Lewis… Far there… And he says he wants privacy? With a girl posting photos with him kissing her on Facebook… Far there… There are realy bad buzz around him and too many bad rumours… i’m upset 🙁

  23. Em' says:

    Good lord if I were his agent or his publicist I would be so pissed : Dude, you get papped with that girl the very same day you get your first Oscar’s nomination…

  24. Leah says:

    The fact that she dated Gerard is a big turn off. He is just so gross.

  25. maitime says:

    I was rooting for you Mikey, I don’t care who you date but Gerry’s ex? professional girlfriend? she gives off crazy vibes like that first professional girlfriend.

    She will find a way to get to the oscars.

    • ByeBye says:

      It doesn’t matter… Jared Leto will win… i’m just sure about it, it will not be him. no campaign and bad buzz… Game over!

  26. TSwise says:

    Wait. Ben Affleck campaigns for an Oscar, and that’s bad. But Fassbender doesn’t want to campaign for an Oscar, and that’s also bad.

    Which one is it? You can’t have it both ways.

  27. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    First Gerard Butler, and now Fassbender—Kaiser, I think your picker is broken/cursed.

  28. Talia says:

    She lives in Milan. He didn’t take her there. He was supposed to be a guest on the Graham Norton Show, which filmed yesterday but suddenly he was no longer in the lineup. He went to Milan after she had an alleged medical emergency yesterday. There are reports of them being spotted at a women’s clinic there. Then they got spotted and photographed walking the streets. Gee, I wonder who called the paps, alerting them to where they’d be? She’s been dropping hints on all her social media sites about the two of them. This woman is a classic fame whore. And fame isn’t the only type of whoring she’s done, either.

    • stinky says:


    • maitime says:

      she is really jockeying for the “clooney type smug arm candy girlfriend” award, I don’t care who he dates, I just don’t really care for the smug professional arm candy types. He could do much better but oh well.

    • lady mary. says:

      looks like she has earned herself a permanent residency at the dong emporium

  29. Maria says:

    I’m a Fassy fan first so I hope he wins the Oscar but because he refused to kiss their asses, I doubt it.

    As for for this girl, like Michael, they both seem much older for their actual years (could work).
    Like Michael, they’ve been around the block to the corner store up the hill and back, so I’m sure they have lots of fun together.

    /That’s all I got

  30. lenje says:

    I don’t understand why people her will oppose Fassbender hooking up with a Gerald Butler’s ex. She’s got something that both men find attractive, so…? This said, I’d love it if Fassbender goes back to Nicole Beharie (although I’d also like her to make a real life couple with Mison – gorgeous pair!), or dates Lupita Nyong’o — or Zoe Kravitz!

  31. Eugenia says:

    One thing I have noticed about Fassy, is that going by the public knowledge of who he has dated, none of his girlfriends them seem to live in the same country and in same cases the same continent as him. All his relationships seem to be long distance. He lives in England, yet his girlfriends live in LA, NY, CA and wherever the hell this chick is from. The one exception might be the chick who filed charged against him and then dropped them as he seemed to live with her for a time. Part of me believes he was just saving on rent money while he tried to ‘make it’ in the States.

    I think he is a commitment phobe that wants tons of space and some semblance of a relationship when he wants it – flies into town or goes on holiday with her.

    • Talia says:

      LOL @Eugenia’s “saving on rent money” comment. You are probably right! He seems to be extremely frugal. I hope this gold digger knows it.

  32. Mark says:

    Him not going for oscar really bugs people? You must have an easy life if that keeps you awake at night

  33. lunchcoma says:

    I’m surprised that this is a thing with people. I love the guy’s acting and am kind of lukewarm on his public persona, but I don’t see what new information this adds for those who are fans. He’s always been pretty honest about not really being a settling down sort of person, and he’s had some questionable relationships in the past.

  34. hadleyb says:

    I don’t care who he dates he’s a great actor.

    I wish we didn’t get sooo much info on actors — I want to enjoy my films, the acting etc

    Love Leo the actor but as a person he seems a douche, and so many others.

    I wish as a society we enjoyed good actors, and didn’t raise them so high to think they are “nice” people or exceptional in some way besides acting. And I also wish the actors themselves wouldn’t talk so much — I loved Kate Winslet for years but her interviews have turned me off her and I hate it!

  35. lola says:

    Lol- I remember when people were being so catty about lenny s daughter with him and I posted be careful what you wish for when everyone wanted to break them up. She’s looking real good now isn’t she?

  36. Cora says:

    Fassy didn’t take Madalina to Italy. She was already there. She lives in Milan. 🙂

  37. Miss Scarlet says:

    She’s only 25? Yikes.

    • Isabelle says:

      She’s attractive but no way is she 25.

      • zozo says:

        I know, she looks much older. I have a feeling she will trap him with something . She has dated way too many men , she needs a good one to keep, and this one has it all: Money, fame, career. Hard to lose.

    • Charie says:

      People who went to school with her say she’s 10 years older than she claims, just like them. She about 35.

  38. I Choose Me says:

    Pfft. She’s hot. This news doesn’t affect my Fassy fantasies in the slightest. Not like he’s gonna marry and have babies with her. They’re just two single people getting their freak on. I ain’t mad atcha Fassy.

  39. Helvetica says:

    I am so glad we will see him at the Oscars.
    Madalina is BEAUTIFUL!

  40. paradise says:

    It is not s lut shaming it’s gold digger or fame ho shaming, let’s be precise. Think Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Think Kimye on a smaller scale. Just as much criticism for the men here I’ve noticed for their own s luttiness.

  41. paradise says:

    Drea thanks I was trying to think of a word other than fame ho – starf**ker is the word used in Hollywood a lot.

  42. paradise says:

    Professional arm candy, I like that term. It seems more genteel.

  43. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I don’t care who he dates (as long as its not a Kardashian, Hilton or Aniston), or what he does in his personal life (as long as there are no crimes committed and he isn’t hurting anyone), I love him as an actor and I continue to be a fan of him regardless of who is his latest bang-buddy.

    • dede says:

      I know that’s right. He’s too talented for me to stress his love life. I hope he takes care of himself tho.

    • paradise says:

      You just contradicted yourself though, you said as long as it is not Kardashian, Aniston or Hilton, so even you have a line he can cross and for all you know he’s already been there except only Kardashian comes closest to meeting his usual criteria. If you were a true fan of his acting you wouldn’t care even then. Look at all the people that still support Polanksi and Woody Allen, it’s all about the art you know.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Yeah yeah, ok so as long as he doesn’t look hook up with those people- I don’t care who he dates. Gee does that clarify things better for you now, geez *eye roll*.

        TBH I would still enjoy his acting, but his shine would be mightily dulled for me other wise.

  44. heileen says:

    Honestly I don’t understand the reason why someone has to stop liking him as actor because he’s dating a woman who,clearly, should have been avoided.Yes,she’s probably an attention seeker,she’s known in Italy because she took part in the Italian version of Dancing with the stars as a model.. Now she’s trying hard to be an actress,she attends many red carpets,events to be noticed,and surely she has moved heaven and earth to link her name to him.
    Now,he is behaving naively,I hope for him he can find someone better,but if he’s making a mistake, then that’s his own problem.
    He has always been discreet about his personal life,so I don’t understand the hate.He remains one,if not the best actor of his generation.

  45. Kimberly says:

    His new slam piece is a major downgrade from Zoe and Nicole. I miss seeing him and Nicole Beharie together. 🙁

    After reading through the comments here, I can’t believe this chick is 25!!!!!!!!!! I thought she was in her mid 40’s. Seriously………. But then again, I’ve never seen Fassbender with a woman his age or older. He likes em young LOL. However, this is the 1st young chick I’ve seen him with that looks sooooo old.

  46. Kimberly says:

    She and Minka Kelly have a lot in common. They are known more for who they date rather than any actual talent.

  47. Luna says:

    He’s always been honest with his fans and I admire him for that.

    What I find funny that if a guy sleeps around he’s called a player


    If a girl sleeps around she’s called a whore.

    I’m not condoning this woman’s history, chances are it will be over by May. He’s openly said he doesn’t want a relationship at the moment.

  48. St says:

    I hope it won’t be for long.

    About the Oscars – yeah it is sad that he might not win now after he refused to promote. But I respect that decision and if Jared will win then it kinda proves Michael’s and Joaquin’s point. That actors win not for their role but for they way they campaign. And it’s not right. And Fassbender and other actors should do this every time. Just ignore that awards season even if you will be nominated. Show up for awards and ignore the rest. And be like: “Whatever other actors. If you want to beg for that Oscar and kiss every butt then do it. I don’t care…”.

    And if Fassbender will lose Critics Choice and SAG to Jared then he should just not show up for Oscars. That would be epic.

    • JaneS says:

      Yeah right, he won’t show up. And Gerard Butler cleans his hands after using the toilet.

      I know Fassy stans want to exist in a world where their boy is above the hoi polloi of celebrity but he is the same as them all. Only last time he got burned so he’s pretending to be all cool about it and his fans love it.

  49. vv says:

    So, the guy who is so often quoted about how his dating opportunities have been upped since gaining fame, is dating that woman?

    That’s ‘dating up’ in his world?

    This just confirms my sneaking suspicion that there is something a little ‘off’ about him but I still like his beautiful face and his giant penis—to quote Mindy lol

  50. ?? says:

    She was seen crying? Either a miscarriage or an abortion. Or she doesn’t want to be pregnant.

  51. peaches mcdooby says:

    at least when he punches her she won’t need to worry about the black eyes showing ….she’s already got them

    I don’t care for Fassbender or Butler

    they both treat women like crap and are far from husband material

    in the end she will be left for someone newer , younger and easier to bed.

  52. Andrea says:

    I would think you’d all be excited, it proves to me that any woman can snag him now!

  53. Aly says:

    Man, I broke up with Fassbender a LONG time ago. Where he was once number one on my to do list, he no longer even qualifies.

  54. Candy says:

    Why are people hating so! The brawd is hot. There’s no mystery to why he’s giving her his 9 iron. And also I think it’s obvious that he’s more interested in his career then a relationship, so don’t shed tears over him lowering his standards that are? Two previous co – stars. Convenient enough. It’s her that’s probably gonna get dumped. And I’m just happy that he’s not gay, so I can tell everyone that I meet, who seem’s to think that he is ‘gross and gay,’ that he’s not, and that babe seems to think so ass well. And to be honest, Leto did out act him. I’ve seen both, and Leto made me cry, legit. Fassy just made me wish that he was in my room with that whip. But I still hope he gets it. Love my Fassy!!!

    • whiskers says:

      Leto did a lot in this movie, but he for sure did not out act Fassbender from TYAS.
      Leto’s movie is about a topic that has not been presented in this way before. It is a hot sh*t theme about a minority that has been ridiculed before and put into the porn corner.
      Helping to shed new light on this is Leto’s merit. But trust me, he did not out act Fassbender.

      • Candy says:

        I hope you are right… although I think he showed more emotion in Shame. He shoulda got the Oscar for that, but maybe if he gets one for 12 years he will up his game, and act in even more insane roles. Emotional impact wins out in the hearts of people, and I can see how voters would be more willing to give an award to a role that you can sympathize with, compared to a sadistic character that is undoubtedly acted spectacularly, which is unfortunate.

      • whiskers says:

        I don’t think I will be right about that. All signs hint at Jared Leto. But it would be really cool to hear Fassbender’s name instead at the oscars 🙂
        ” compared to a sadistic character that is undoubtedly acted spectacularly, which is unfortunate”
        That’s exactly why I think Fassbender gave the better performance. It is so much harder to portray a sardistic but very self tormented character and bring out his human-ness than playing Leto’s role. Fassbender walked a thin red line to get it right, if he becomes too “human” audiences wouldn’t buy the character if he portrays him too much as a monster and nothing more, he defies the role’s purpose and lets the audiences of the hook too easily. Well done, MF.

  55. Cristina says:

    Fassy didn’t take her to Italy, she lives in Italy. I’m Romanian and I didn’t know about her until I heard about Gerry and her, because she’s been modelling outside the country ever since she was a kid. Well, I’m not hating too much, but I am quite happy that Mr. Fassbender is getting so close to me… Maybe if she decides to bring him home, I’ll be happy to stalk 🙂

  56. LondonGal says:

    This seems unsavoury to me purely because Madalena, as attractive as she is, has mysteriously hopped from one noted actor to another despite not living in LA and not being an actress, which does somewhat whiff of famewhore. Which ought to be beneath him, really. I feel the same whenever I see Wagon and Hemmers. Yeah, they’re in love, but a man who can love a famewhore and not be bright enough to see that immediate lowers in my estimations. Not that any of them would give a flying f*** of course, but that’s my 10p worth.

  57. Lolita De Las F. says:

    So, here is what happened “Monk Style:” They met in Toronto’s Film Festival, he thought, great, sex, she thought, great, sex. He went to Australia or New Zeland, she followed and thought, great, movie part, he thought, great, sex. He went to Romania, she thought, get him drunk, so I can have his baby, he thought, great, sex. He brought the sis to the Globes, probably did not even consider breaking up, cause they are not an item, after the Globes he received a call, “I am preggers!” He thought, “what!” Did the responsible thing and went to Italy to that hospital, results, negative …. She is thinking, I AM going to the OSCARS, he is thinking … oh, F**K.
    But honestly people, we should learn with the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, let’s live life OUR OWN, and forget about speculation, especially of strangers …. Have a great day!

  58. Coffetime says:

    First, she’s beautiful, regardless of what every gelous person thinks. Even the most beautiful people can look pretty crappy in some pictures. So stop bashing someone’s appearance based on a few pictures on the Internet.
    Second, if Butler or Fassbender came to you, how many of you would turn them down? Did you all date and marry your high school sweethearts?
    Third, she is quite known in Europe, for modelling and several roles she’s had in a few television series and a couple of movies, one of them coming out in the States in April 2014. She won a few awards in Italy as well, so yes if she dates famous, hot men, good on her! Why wouldn’t she?

  59. ByeBye says:

    Someone know why he’s cancelling so much: he cancells norton Show yesterday, he cancells his presence at Premiere Sundance and there are a lot of events he’s nominated like Critics awards and he’s not there….

  60. BettyBlue says:

    I think she’s better looking for a woman than Fassy is for a man.

  61. FreeBunny says:

    Fassy is a great actor but certainly not husband material.

    His previous girlfriend was lovely, beautiful and talented. Madalina just looks like all these girls who abuse plastic surgery. She reminds me KimK, same face, same eyes, same mouth, same boobs and certainly same IQ and talent.

    And no, she’s not better than any other gold digger and it’s not sl-t shaming, she’s hardly a model for anyone.

    Fassy just gets a pass cause he’s talented and sexy.

    He’ll certainly dump her in the next weeks but this girl, the cancellation of important events and his ridiculous tantrum about the Oscar race don’t make him look good or professionnal.

    By the way, from the reviews have read Leto deserves his Oscar and Fassy could have win too if he wasn’t sulking.

  62. zoria says:

    Fassy should run away from this woman as fast as he can. This time around she has an agenda, and he is the right catch given his fame and fortune. She is in search of a husband to keep her home and provide since she doesn’t have a steady flow of cash from her own work. Michael be ware!!!