Justin Bieber tried to change his name to ‘Bizzle’ so he can be a rap star

Justin Bieber

Over the weekend, I was looking for some new Justin Bieber photos for an update post that went nowhere. Our agencies rarely get new pap photos of Team Swag, so I usually check the Bieb’s Instagram page. As of Sunday, the account wasn’t loading properly, but I didn’t stress. Well it seems that Bieber changed his Instagram account name … to “Bizzle.” I’ve included a screenshot of his account in the gallery. His new “rap” avatar was that of a court jester.

Bizzle also happened to be the new nickname chosen by Bieber for his new rap career. Funny, right? Bieber tried to rap once before, and it was a disaster. That won’t stop him though. He’s been busily Instagramming photos of himself with P. Diddy, Rick Ross, Stalley, and Jermaine Dupri. Bieber has even been in the studio with T.I.:

Justin Bieber

The only problem — besides Bieber’s incompetence as a rapper — is that “Bizzle” belongs to an already established Christian rapper. So Bieber changed his Instagram name back last night and pretty much ruined this story. I don’t think this is over. Bieber trying to gain rap cred is hilarious but not completely outlandish. Look at how rap artists (however briefly) embraced Miley Cyrus. Bieber’s trying to weasel his way into the genre, and it might work. He was pictured hanging with Jay-Z & Beyonce during Super Bowl weekend. A source told Us Weekly, “Justin behaved a lot better that night!” Let’s not forget that Biebs and his daddy were extremely abusive to a flight attendant en route to the Super Bowl.

Some more Bieber updates:

* Team Swag is trying to quash a new video that’s surfaced. The footage shows Bieber during his Miami Beach jail stint. I haven’t watched the vid, but TMZ promises that it shows Bieber in “various states of undress.” The swaggy one reportedly stumbles all over the place and urinates all over his holding cell. Of course.

* TMZ isn’t giving up on the silly notion that Bieber could be deported. They keep resurrecting the thought that Biebs will be convicted on felony vandalism charges. Then comes the possibility of immigration finding him gulity of a “moral turpitude,” which would mean the US would not renew his work visa. It won’t happen. I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years, and if Bieber ever gets deported, I’ll eat a rotisserie chicken.

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Justin Bieber Bizzle on Instagram

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74 Responses to “Justin Bieber tried to change his name to ‘Bizzle’ so he can be a rap star”

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  1. BooBooLaRue says:

    How about “Fizzle”?

  2. Tracy says:

    Oh baby Biebs… funny stuff.

  3. Lindy says:

    I’m starting to grill that chicken right now for you.

  4. magpie says:

    TMZ seems to be supporting the Beibs with their posts on how he’s got “sick flow”. lol! Maybe all this bad behavior is a giant ruse to get street cred and start a second career. I doubt that will happen, but hey stranger things have.

    • eliza says:

      I laughed at their post with “sick flow”. It is sick alright but not in the good way.

      The audio was laughable.

    • Tippy says:

      Of couse it is. The Goody-Two-Shoes image has played itself out.

      With the requisite street cred Bieber can gain acceptance into the Hip-Hop community and appeal to a more mature audience.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      TMZ seems to be Team Bieber because his team is giving them information. Kind of like with the Kardashians and Lohan, TMZ will take a negative tone on their coverage until the celeb’s camp starts supplying them with information. Seemingly overnight, the TMZ coverage goes from negative to ass kising.

    • AnnaL says:

      I think in Baby Biebs’ case, “sick flow” refers to his apparent incontinence. Is there anything he won’t pee on?

  5. lilian says:

    You Should eat something tastier then a Rotisseri Chicken. Lobster or lamb chops. Sorry that’s the only interesting part about this story.

  6. Deanne says:

    This just gets sadder and more pathetic by the minute.

  7. missmerry says:

    this has to be a “im still here” type joke right?

  8. eliza says:

    I love the fans on TMZ who say Bieber is waaaaay better than Eminem and when he makes his “rap” album it will break sales records like never before. Lol.

    Is Diddy still a thing?

    It pains me to see how many people in the industry kiss this punk’s ass. He is ridiculous and ill mannered. If he didn’t perpetually act like an asshat I wouldn’t care but he is an awful, entitled brat who thinks because he has money and a career in music he can do anything he likes and have no consequences for his actions.

    When will his 15min. be up?

    • bluepoppy says:

      I would guess that his 15 minutes are already up and we’re just seeing his career sputtering out. He doesn’t seem to get that his career isn’t really about singing, it’s about being a fantasy boyfriend for 12 year olds. If I were a 12 year old with a crush, all that stuff with the strippers and hookers would have killed it for me.

      • Tracy says:

        Biebs won ‘t realize his target audience is 12 year old girls until he totally trashes the career that has made him rich and famous and he becomes nothing more than tabloid fodder.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Did you see what Nikki Sixx from Motely Crue said about Beiber? It is actually REALLY wise.

        “You need to know who your audience is,” he wrote. “When your audience is 11 – 15 year old girls, you can’t promote yourself as a pot-smoking, hooker f—ing wannabe thug….I understand that your [sic] 19 and your balls just dropped, but you gotta use your brain and let your audience grow with you. You’re jumping the gun and leaving your fans behind and now they are confused…If i were you, I’d take a serious look at who your audience is…”

      • GirlyGirl says:

        Oh yeah

        Hey Biebs, you’ll soon be hanging with Hanson, The Jonas Brothers, 98degrees, the Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and most of the members of N’Sync, ( JT may stop by depending on his “acting” career )

        You can get together and talk about how you all should have saved some money while you had it


      • bluepoppy says:

        “pot-smoking, hooker f—ing wannabe thug” LOL! Perfect description!

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    That part about the new name made me cringe. Oh, Justin, Justin, Juusstin. Honey, no. Don’t rap for us again. Seriously. Please. Just for once, don’t be a complete embarrassment to yourself. Don’t make us suffer. Don’t hurt rap. What has rap ever done to you?

  10. swedish chef says:

    These guys he is with HAVE to be putting these ideas into his head to make him look like an idiot and slowly lose his career. Like they would ever take this puny, white boy seriously.

  11. Dani evans says:

    J Bizzle sounds better…:-)

  12. seijidan says:

    He should rename himself stupid

  13. Mark says:

    Terrible just shows how garbage rap is now and none of the rappers care about their art. If they’re just going to embrace stereotypes and work with anyone to make themselves some money.

  14. greenie says:

    Bizzle means bitch. It’s perfect for him.

  15. JaDeRu says:

    Howz about “Bissel”
    Cuz he sucks…

    I’ll show myself out…

  16. Evi says:

    Bizzle? More like jizzle…

  17. CrazyCatLady says:

    I read an article last night where the Biebs threw a fit in Starbucks when the barista refused to serve him because he was shirtless. NBA star Blake Griffin was in the Starbucks at the time and tried to calm Bieber down and when he couldn’t Griffin smacked him so hard he knocked him to the ground. I was hoping to see some coverage of that on here today. I’m seriously hoping it’s true.

    • doofus says:

      saw that too, but almost immediately someone commented “hoax. welcome to the internet”.

      too bad, I was hoping he got smacked, too.

    • Tracy says:

      I don’t think I have ever, ever wanted something to be true so badly but it was a hoax. Damn it!

  18. jwoolman says:


  19. Jacqueline says:

    I’m sure Lil Jizzle isn’t taken…

  20. jewel64 says:

    There once was a brat named Bizzle;
    Whose career was starting to fizzle;
    People signed a petition for his extradition;
    I pray that he soon disapizzles.

  21. Skins says:

    Well, it doesn’t really take much talent to make it as a rapper, so “Bizzle” will fit right in. What “Bizzle” doesn’t understand though, is that his only fans are 12 year old girls, and I doubt that they will support his rap career. I think all the weed has fried “Bizzle’s” brain. I have to admit though, it will be amusing watching this little twit try to make it as a rapper. “Bizzle” indeed!

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Kinda picky on my part maybe but rap, like every other musical genre, has ranges from the extremely talented to the extremely pathetic. Also, successful artists can be found anywhere along that spectrum. JMO :)

  22. yennefer says:

    Does he really need a street name anyway? He will always be called JB no matter what. Snoop Dogg can tell you a bit about that.

    On the other hand, Lil Biebs sounds cute and appropriate.

  23. MonicaQ says:


    I vote B-Bare as his rap name. Oh god I needed that laugh. Too good. Too freaking good.

    P. Diddy, Rick Ross, Stalley, Jermaine Dupri, and T.I., be ashamed. I mean, P. Diddy is cornball as they come, Rick Ross hasn’t had a good album since the first one and lied his keister off, Jermaine Dupri is…I’m going to leave that one alone, who da hayle is Stalley, and T.I.–come on man! I liked you!

    That 23 song Miley Cyrus had was an abomination. She won’t rap again. It was like “Cake Like Lady Gaga” but somehow worse. I don’t know how she managed it.

    • GirlyGirl says:

      I vote for MC Twink, as prostituting out his skinny white b-hind maybe his only source of income in the future

  24. bondbabe says:

    Or Drizzle? Since he has this fascination with urinating in/on everything.

  25. kimbers says:

    Just put in the cupboard and in 17 years bring him out and dust him off. By then the the late 00′s early 10′s will be retro and trendy and he’ll have a take 2.

  26. capepopsie says:

    Ladies,ladies! Thanks for the laughs.. . .!
    Now I can go back to work with a smile on my face!
    Drizzle, Pizzle says it all!!! :)

  27. Jayna says:

    I find his life becoming very sad. I almost understood at one point that he was just going through a phase, trying to get some cred in the music industry past a tween bubblegum pop idol and was going through a partying phase, but it’s every single week there is something. And then to have his dad as his party buddy traveling around with him encouraging his behavior is even odder. He’s lost.

    His body is much more buff these days. I thought it was steroids but wonder if it’s just he’s getting older and putting on some weight and working out. Nah, steroids.

  28. Tiffany :) says:

    He reminds me of Bud Bundy from Married with Children, going through his Grand Master Flash phase. He looks JUST like him!

  29. Dommy Dearest says:

    I just want to know why he looks like that posing with T.I. Disrespectful brat. He should be lucky someone with that success is willing to help him. Diddy, nope. Makes sense. Look sad with an actual rapper and look happy with someone that hasn’t rapped since that Every breath you take remix.

    Can we just throw Justin into the ocean? We can cut his finger. Sharks smell the blood you know.

    • pru says:

      He’s pouting.
      Maybe T.I. is pinching him, or squeezing his shoulder? I hope so.
      He probably just realized that no one is going to think he’s black if he stands next to a real black rapper.

  30. Vampi says:

    Shizz Nozzle is my vote! :)

  31. Melanie Link says:

    I think we should call him Lil A$$hole or Lil ShizHead.