Miley Cyrus raps in ’23′ music video as tribute to Michael Jordan: fierce or awful?

Miley Cyrus

For those of you who are sick of Miley Cyrus’ tongue, here’s a hopeful remedy — the grubby bottoms of her feet. Miley took to her Instagram last night to show off the fruits of her Rolling Stone interview. She got this jailhouse-looking tattoo during the session, and looking at it gives me the heebies. I’ve never had a tattoo, but feet are a very sensitive area, right? Ouch. At least she’ll be able to hide this tattoo (unlike her others) someday when she’s embarrassed about this phase in her life.

Miley appears in the new video for the Mike WiLL Made It single that features Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and a rapping Miley. The song is a tribute to Michael Jordan. The vid shows Miley smoking and sexualizing a high-school environment. She spends a lot of time feeling herself up while wearing a Chicago Bull-themed two piece swimsuit. Of course the music isn’t really important. I can’t stand Mike/WiLL’s voice, but at least Miley is better at rapping than Justin Bieber. I know that’s not saying much.

Here’s the video, which is full of NSFW language and plenty of drug references:

At least Miley’s wearing clothes. That’s really all I have to say about this song and video.

* Billboard magazine spoke to RCA president Tom Corson, who called the gross “Wrecking Ball” videoobviously high-quality, and the song is beautiful and wonderful.” High quality = $$$.

* You know how Billy Ray Cyrus says “Wrecking Ball” video would be a huge success even without Miley’s nudity? Well the director’s cut (only featuring Miley’s face) surfaced on YouTube, and it’s only gathered a half-million views in 24 hours compared to 19 million views for the gross version. Terry Richardson is the director, so “director’s cut” is ironic in this instance.

* Solange Knowles isn’t a fan of Miley’s antics. In the below tweet, she accused Miley of “playing black.” She didn’t stop there, and you can read the NSFW portion of her rant here.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Miley Cyrus on Instagram

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  1. QQ says:

    A Tribute to Jor… He is still alive and didnt ask for this shit, but im sure he wishes he was…ugh

    This chick is disgusting and awful top to bottom! Love Solange for those shots fired!

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Oh good. She left her grill at home for this one. Go Solange.

      Chicago and Jordan and The Bulls have no desire to be affiliated with Miley. Her in those jerseys is a travestry. Not what anyone had in mind when I was here for 2 of the Bulls parades/championship wins.

      It’s sad when the only thing cool in the video is the crystal studded basketall.

    • Mia says:

      Thank you. Why da fuq does Jordan need a tribute from her trying too hard self? Is she a fan of basketball? Is she a fan of the Bulls in the 90′s? Funny, I’ve never heard about her being that into basketball or any sports before this damn video. Lots of female celebs (Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Beyonce, Angela Simmons) have been seen at b-ball games. So at least if they said something like “paying tribute to Jordan” it would sound less contrived and stupid. What was she doing b-ball season? Grabbing another black stripper’s ass and going #Ratchet on Twitter? (Anybody feel free to correct if Miley has shown herself to be into sports and/or basketball.) She just comes off like the biggest phony on planet Earth.

    • A says:

      What does “play black” even mean?
      Is there one way to be black? Just because media loves to promote the stereotypes of black people does NOT mean that is what’s ‘black’.
      What Miley is doing has nothing to do with me and my skin color and I am sick of people saying this is what “black girls” are.

      • Littlewood says:

        Thank you, I was a bit confused. People seem more upset that she “plays black”, even though I’m not completely sure what that means (I mean, how can I prevent being accused of playing black, are there certain things I cannot wear or say? Is this list view-able online, is there a manual to being black?) Why are not more people upset that the media are stereotyping her behavior as “black”? How is that not racist in itself? Oh Miley is being ridiculous and nasty, no no she’s just “playing black”.

  2. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    One positive thing: her make-up in that music video looks pretty good.

    However, a tattoo on the underside of your foot? I have a tattoo on my wrist but I doubt it’s the same thing, anyone ever get a tattoo on their foot, what’s THAT like?

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I have a ton of inkwork (over 75 hours, closer to 100 hours, probably) and I would never get the bottom of my foot tattooed. If your callused, it doesn’t hurt as much, but the tattoo won’t last and if your feet are soft and sweet, it’s pretty sensitive and an area highly prone to infection.

    • Hillshmill says:

      I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist and one on the top of my foot. The 15 minutes it took to do my wrist was way more painful than the hour for the top of my foot. That being said, I’d bet money on Miley’s foot sole tattoo wearing off to almost nothing in 5 years. I just don’t see a tattoo needle getting the ink deep enough to avoid years of professional pedicures turning over the foot skin.

    • Trillion says:

      I have the tops of both feet and man, did it hurt. I have lots of tattoos but those are the only ones that actually truly hurt me. Couldn’t wear shoes for several days.

  3. Brown says:

    I watched the director’s cut of Wrecking Ball yesterday when it was released, but couldn’t focus on anything other than the huge snot stream coming out of her nose.

  4. Holden says:

    Tongue out with a wink really accentuates the stroke victim look. Also, mix some squats and lunges in the program.

  5. Dommy Dearest says:

    Posted this yesterday but I’m not aware of how many saw it.

    That’s all I have to contribute for now.

  6. rose says:

    Way to commit, Miley, that tattoo will wear off in less than 3 months. That’s if it doesn’t scab up and fall off in the next few days… unless she’s walking on her hands full time now?

  7. dorothy says:

    Want to shock us all? Put some clothes on and tuck that tongue back in your mouth!

  8. daisychain says:

    Well, between the grubby tatooed feet and the snot coming out of her nose, my gag reflex is in overdrive.

  9. aquarius64 says:

    Director’s cut got half the views? Let me guess: people were expecting a XXX version of the first one; didn’t get it; and the word went out. This is proof the ratchetness is selling Bangerz, not the music.

  10. embertine says:

    OK, Solange drinks tea, loves camper vans and waxes lyrical about her leg hair. I love her and want her to be my friend.

  11. Mirna says:

    I hate the new Miley persona. Hope she grows out of it soon. And no, she’s not acting “black” – she’s acting ghetto/trash. There’s a difference. That being said, I actually listened to “wrecking ball” and it is great song and she delivers it well. Great resonance and cadence to her voice. Refuse to see the video, though; refuse to add to the numbers of that train wreck.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      The song is beautiful and she does it justice. The video completely ruins it. So I have it on my ipod. The Backyard Sessions showed that Miley actually HAS talent, she’s just into the shock value right now.

    • Diana says:

      Sorry to desagree, but I think the vocals on that song are atrocious. I can’t even focuss on the lyrics having to hear miley’s chpmunk voice screaming all over the place.

    • Alexis says:

      Yeah it’s just so random and inconsistent and derivative. Why a Jordan jersey? She’s not from Chicago. Couldn’t she have picked the jersey of a Southern white athlete? That would have made this a little more interesting. It gets stupid when her handlers don’t even try to mix in aspects of her background and former work into this new image of hers.

      • connie says:

        As it clearly states in the title of this article, the song is an ode to M.Jordan, so that’s why she’s in said, Chicago jersey…..

      • DetRiotGirl says:

        Since no one else has brought this up, I just want to point out that I’m pretty sure the song is referring to the shoes that bear Michael Jordan’s name and not Michael Jordan himself. They’re rapping about wearing J’s and making incredibly superficial commentary about fashion; it’s not really about basketball.

        Jordan’s are a big deal for people who collect sneakers, and also a big part of urban fashion. So, rest assured, Miley is most likely not trying to say anything about MJ. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t even know who J’s were named for before she did the song. This is just yet another way for her to appropriate urban culture.

        Also, just wanted to point out that Mike Will is a producer and I don’t think he actually has any vocals on this song. So, Bedhead is probably annoyed by either Wiz or Juicy J. If I had to guess, I’d say Bedhead’s probably talking about Wiz since I find his voice annoying too. Lol

      • Nunya says:

        Miley has lives in Cali for how long?! She is not southern. We do not claim her. She may think she is a “country girl turnt up” whatever that means, but she is a Cali girl to us, doing whatever that is.

  12. fhm57 says:

    please, don’t make me look at her with her tongue out anymore than is necessary. STAHP.

  13. RMJ says:

    I see Amy said this above, but… What’s the big deal if she has a different opinion? Their opinions are not the only opinions that matter. Also, Miley’s not just appropriating black culture, she’s using black women’s style. A black woman is going to have a different take on that than a black man.

    • A says:

      “Also, Miley’s not just appropriating black culture, she’s using black women’s style.”

      *looks around* Well THIS black woman doesn’t know what you are talking about because Miley is not copying/appropriating my style nor is anything she does a part of my culture.
      Media sure has done a great job brainwashing the masses.
      Hiphop/twerking is not black culture anymore than country*/pole strip dancing is white culture.

      *Actually country music was a bad example since it doesn’t have a history of degrading white women and shock full of intra-racism and sexism. But I think you get my point, or so I hope.

  14. blue marie says:

    Girl, put your grocery getters away. And Miley rapping is laughable.

  15. Mika says:

    She looks cute in this video. That’s the only positive thing I can say.

  16. niederwelt says:

    She shouldve done a good version of 23 to remeber River Phoenix! 20 yeas this october ♡

  17. emmie_a says:

    I know nothing about rapping but is Miley really rapping? Isn’t that just talking with auto-tune?

  18. Stoner says:

    Haha – Basement Baby is mad.

  19. Susei says:

    it´s only a temporary tattoo. on the underside of the foot it holds around 3 months. a friend of mine said it was very painful and she decided not to renew it

  20. someone says:

    I’m sorry but I really can’t stand seeing peoples dirty feet

  21. Londerland says:

    Am I missing something – I didn’t see anything where Solange specifically named Miley Cyrus as the target of her ire? Not that she wouldn’t be a legitimate target for said ire, but still…

  22. Mylene - Montreal says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo Rihanna !!!!!! i can’t believe how much she do the same things !!!! if i was Rihanna i will laugh at her so much .. this girl is ridiculous ..

  23. Kaya says:

    True. And those guys don’t seem big on values or whatever when it comes to making money or selling records.

  24. sam says:

    This ‘tongue and wink thing’ just reminds me of Amanda Bynes.

  25. Green Is Good says:

    I’m sick to my back teeth of her tongue schtick.

  26. Kiddo says:

    Terry Richardson is the director, so “director’s cut” is ironic in this instance.

    Actually that is the opposite of ironic. It’s precisely what you would expect from Richardson.

  27. Shannon says:

    Miley’s “backyard sessions” we’re released less than a year ago, and in that time she has gone from sweet country girl to this. Seems a little forced.

  28. NeNe says:

    Miley Cyrus = Nothing but white trash

  29. Trillion says:

    I see what she’s doing. Like Madonna, she’s taking something that already exists and bringing it to widespread media. Brooke Candy, Yolandi Visser (maybe Iggy Azalea too) et al have this shit going on already but don’t have the connections Miley has. Or maybe they just don’t have the same need to be “above ground” that she does. She has some axe to grind with the Disney thing, like most of her fellow Disney alumni seem to.

  30. Lila says:

    I was watching Catfish on MTV last night and saw a commercial for a special called “Miley: The Movement.” All I could think of was that it should be called “Miley: Bowel Movement.” Seems more reflective of Miley and her “art.”

  31. mrspatrickbateman says:

    I’m really confused by the acting black comments, isn’t is racist in itself to say black people act a certain way and only they’re allowed to behave in such a way? I really don’t get things like that.

    • DGO says:

      Especially since Solange’s sister wears weaves made from white women’s hair.

    • Londerland says:

      “I’m really confused by the acting black comments, isn’t is racist in itself to say black people act a certain way and only they’re allowed to behave in such a way?”

      It is, if that’s all it was, but the real racism is much more insidious than that. I’ve heard people liken the situation (absurdly) to Elvis and the Beatles “being inspired by” black artists. It’s one thing for privileged white people to borrow artistically from non-white subculture and fashion, but the fact is it’s damned rare that it ever works the other way around.

      The fact is, Miley is a young woman going through phases, searching for her identity, trying these poses on for size, and that’s fine in isolation, but she gets to take them off when she wants. She can play with the stereotype of “ratchetness”* but the minute she gets bored or decides she’s tired of being seen that way, she can pick up her Gucci from the dry-cleaners and hey presto, she gets to be a rich white girl again.

      The reverse is not true for the working-class black girls from whom she is appropriating her style, the girls she wants to be like when she says “I want a song that sounds black”. Meaning, she wants to sound like she’s LIVED, like she’s struggled and suffered and earned credibility. The girls she’s talking about, they aren’t rich, they aren’t privileged, they can’t just change their clothes and have the world see them differently.

      That, to me, is the problem – she’s a tourist, daytripping in the lifestyles of people who have to deal with a lot of crap she will NEVER have to acknowledge. Not just colour but wealth too. She’s never, to my knowledge, had to worry about money, and how is she supposed to feel like an “artist” if she’s never suffered? So she thinks she can “relate” to the people who’ve genuinely had it tough, if she dresses up like them and hangs out with enough of them, but she can’t. She will always be just a rich girl playing dress-up.

      People who play at being “street” always remind me of the song Common People by Pulp, the rich girl who “thinks that poor is cool”: “You will never understand how it feels to live your life with no meaning or control [...] watching roaches climb the wall, if you called your dad he could stop it all”.

      * I should specify, I’m a white Brit and am still baffled by what “ratchet” is – to me, it just looks like what a lot of teenage girls have been doing since time immemorial: dressing kind of trashy and acting/dancing in a hypersexual way. But saying she wants to “sound black”, yeah, that really clears it up – to Miley, black culture really is that narrow, and that superficial.

  32. ThruRoseColouredGlasses says:

    Ummm weaves aren’t made from white women’s hair. They are typically made from Asian and or Brazilian hair… for the record.

  33. Jayna says:

    I really like the video. She looks adorable and her part on the song is great, not too overdone. Gaga and Katy who? LOL Miley is everywhere, songs everywhere. I really like her hair on these days. Her makeup looks great.

  34. Adrien says:

    The song is actually a tribute to Jim Carrey’s awful movie.

  35. some bitch says:

    UUUGH! The song is horrible!

    The Percocet reference is super classy. Great drug to mix with alcohol!

  36. Dragonlady sakura says:

    This the most craptastic thing I’ve ever heard or seen! Where can I buy eye bleach to unsee this?

  37. Leila in Wunderland says:

    Eh, I don’t care about them sexualizing a high school environment, as it’s been done many times before and let’s face it: high school IS a very sexually charged environment.

    I want to listen to this song and watch the video, but I’m at my mom’s house right now and she really, really, really doesn’t want to hear it: She doesn’t like rap, and she can’t stand Miley Cyrus. Plus, she’d be pissed if she heard bad language and drug references. I don’t have my headphones. Guess I’ll have to wait until later. :)

    And what makes them think a whole bunch of people would want to see director’s cuts of her videos? Once you’ve seen the originals, you’re already over it.

  38. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I hate to even say it, but Miley looks like one of those video girls/vixens. Whatever they’re called. Which is even worse, because she’s actually rapping (that ain’t rap!)–they couldn’t have her do something else other than gyrate?

    Generally I’m fine with a woman being sexy in her video (although I wish more people’s definition of sexy involved more clothes for at least HALF their music videos and didn’t always have to include gyrating, especially when there’s other guys in the video with them who don’t do that), but with Miley it is so forced. She’s like an 18 year old girl who just escaped a convent and is eagerly soaking up what appears to be sexy–which I suppose she is.

    I don’t know–maybe I’m just too modest/prudish, because even if I had the body for it, I’d never be able to show skin. I’d be too embarrassed.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Yeah, something almost sad about her VMA performance was that she eagerly dressed (and behaved) just like the girls from the Blurred Lines video. She has a way better job than Anonymous Rump-Shaking Girl #3, so I don’t get why it’s so desirable to pretend you’re the girl who was hired to grind on the star when, in fact, you ARE the star.

  39. OriginallyBlue says:

    Lmao. That was awful. She is not rapping.

    She looks cute though.

  40. IceQueen says:

    I thought is was funny. I don’t get why people take her so seriously and get upset. Try to avoid what you don’t like and it’ll be better for you..

    • Hakura says:

      @IceQueen – I do agree with you, there. People do take her way too seriously, then get upset over it, which I don’t understand. She’s being an idiot 20-something, screwing around & getting attention for it.

      You’re just giving her what she wants when you freak out over things she does. It gives her a type of ‘power‘, & encourages her to keep going with her nonsense, because she knows a HUGE amount of people are watching.

      I like to poke fun at it, personally. I just roll my eyes when I see a new post about her here, & say ‘here we go again…‘…

  41. Cirque28 says:

    OK, so talking to Jennifer12 and MorticiansdoitDeader about grunge & riot grrrl music reminded me of the critiques made by the older generation of that music. I used to think, “No worries, you’re not supposed to get it, it’s not for you.

    I remember someone (Joan Rivers?) saying Kurt Cobain’s style was an insult to homeless people. Hilarious. And painfully oblivious. (Oblivious to the fact that not everybody comes from the upper middle class and Kurt was simply wearing what he’d always worn.)

    So Miley’s thing is not for me and I’m not supposed to get it. It’s not for many of us. Apparently the people it’s for freaking LOVE it.

    OTOH, damn, what a poseur.

  42. Mia says:

    She is just another Marky Mark in the making. She is USING, not participating in, but blatantly using and exploiting a working class black subculture to be rebellious. She is using black dancers and strippers as props to make herself look cool. Once this album cycle and this rebellious phase are over she can and will easily shed this image and slip right back into mainstream white culture. The problem is that she can just easily shed this image but none of her black back up dancers will ever be able to. They can and will be looked at like HOODRATS and WELFARE QUEENS after Miley is finished with them and being #Ratchet. Would those dancers EVER be at the VMA’s with an artist like Big Freedia who is also from the same black and working class background? Even her dumb ass (white) stylist said ratchet is going out of style in New York Magazine. How da fuqq can she declare that something neither she nor Miley had a hand in creating is going out of style? Ohhh, she meant this way of being “black” that she and her client can stop appropriating and doing at will when they get bored of it.

    She has said that she wanted music that “sounded black”…does she think that all black people subscribe to ratchet culture? That is why I specifically reference it as a part of working class black culture, because as a black woman it doesn’t represent me, and it’s insulting for this stupid trick to think that it does. Is Janelle Monae ratchet? Is Shingai Shoniwa twerking? Never mind the fact that many black folks have and continue to use the word ratchet to describe something in a negative way, which is just a classic example of appropriating something an doing it WRONG.

    • ParisPucker says:

      Thank you for this, Mia. Said very succinctly – I don’t think many people realize the damage and ‘going back 5 steps’ this trifling twit is doing…it honestly makes me angry that it isn’t as obvious as what you’ve just’s offensive for all these reasons – but what are we most upset about…this twat getting away with it, or that the masses seem to be ‘celebrating’ her behavior? (And by ‘celebrating’ I mean giving her the RS cover and allowing to perform at the VMAs!) I really, really hope that there will be a big backlash — because if there isn’t, what does it say about the audience?

      • Mia says:

        Thanks for the appreciation. ;-) I think we both know what that says about the audience. A good deal of America’s populace is conscious of race but makes no real effort to be anti-racist and inclusive. They feel like people are “being too sensitive” or “playing the race card” and they hate being forced to be “PC”. I mean look at the VMA’s barely any people of color won awards. I think (anybody feel free to correct me) that Macklemore, a white guy, won all the hip hop awards. Thankfully he seems to get it on some level because he created a song called “White Privilege”. But that was literally the music industry being racist. I think maybe two POC won awards that entire night. Ridic. And I don’t know about you, but Rolling Stone just seems ancient as hell, lol.

      • Mia says:

        Actually I just checked up on this, lol: there’s only on Hip Hop VMA and Macklemore won it. But otherwise VMA’s were absolutely whitewashed with only two POC winning anything that night. One of them, Janelle Monae (who is not #Ratchet) had to accept her award offstage. But Miley’s ratchet ass got to put one of the worst pointless and self serving performances I’ve ever seen in my life. If you want to see a good performance that isn’t about someone acting out and using people check out Janelle Monae’s performance w/ Erykah Badu @ the 2013 BET Awards.

      • Sullivan says:

        I get that Miley and the masses that celebrate Miley’s act infuriate you. Do the back- up dancers trouble you?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Well written commens and very insightful!

        I noticed that she says she doesn’t think about the race of her back up dancers…yet EVERY performance she has done of the song, when she talks about “the girls with the big butts” there just so happens to be a black female there for her to slap their butt or rub her face in it.

        It is outrageous, but at the root of it all…it makes me really sad. Sad for the way our society treats people and sad for who we choose to celebrate and give attention to.

      • Mia says:

        @Sullivan- Why are you asking me about her backup dancers? Do you think you’re doing something new? You think you’re bringing up something I’ve never thought about before or that you’re blowing my mind? NOPE. So have several seats with that line of questioning. I have seen other people derail like this before, so let me make it plain: I am discussing what’s pertinent to this post and really the most pertinent issue in this entire mess which is that Miley is (incompetently) appropriating and USING a certain subset of working class culture for her own self serving reasons and Solange Knowles called her dumb ass out for doing it. I am discussing racism. And furthermore, don’t ever play yourself by putting words in my mouth. I never said that ANYTHING infuriated me. Thanks, boo boo.

        P.S. I mean since you put words in my mouth, let me return the favor just this once: By characterizing my response to #Ratchet Miley and her ignorant supporters as “infuriated” are you trying to say I’m an “angry black woman”?

    • Mia says:

      I’m sorry Sullivan but do you think you are saying something new?

  43. Mia says:

    Miley’s opinion of what constitutes blackness reminds me of the time when I was in college driving in rural area of New York and I confronted this white guy who decided to start tailgating me and trying to run me off a snowy road. All because he believed I cut him off. I told him that it was illegal to tailgate and that he could have killed me so I was going call the police on his ass. You know what he told me? “Go back to the ghetto.” And when I asked if that was because I was black, he said “Yes.” And I am not hood in the least, lol. It was simply my skin color that told him I was “ghetto”. Even though neighborhood property values where I grew up in New York were probably worth twice as much as the neighborhood he lived in. I was in COLLEGE and getting an education. Hell I, the black person, was going to call the police on HIM. That’s what Miley’s black back up dancers are dealing with.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Sigh. That is awful. Hugs. I am so sorry you had to experience that.

      • Mia says:

        Thanks. It was such blatant racism and so out of left field I was literally stunned into silence for a minute. After I recovered I said a couple of things to that piece of shit I’m not going to repeat here, but I did feel like crap for the rest of that night and it did rock my confidence. Which is what racism is formulated to do. I was shocked about how sad, personally attacked, and less then human I felt, even though I typically have the confidence in myself and don’t usually internalize people’s racist bullshit about black people. That dude definitely got me. It makes me sad for black children who have to deal with consistently obvious racism at school or in their neighborhoods. If I had to fight to not internalize it as an adult, what’s it like for them?

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Damn, that’s terrible and completely ignorant of that man. Racism is taught and it’s obvious he came from a line that believed they were superior to other races. It’s gross and disgusting.

  44. Hakura says:

    I kept waiting for the ‘rapping’ to start, because I wasn’t hearing it. Came to the end of the song, then realized “So.. that was supposed to be rapping?”

    She’s a pretty girl, but not impressed by this mess, or the ‘perc’ ref. It’s easy to see how young people come to think you have to be ‘on something‘ to enjoy a party. I wonder if she ever stops to realize that she’s perpetuating this with her lyrics, in every song…I’m guessing no.

  45. Madpoe says:

    the lettering looks a bit off.
    at first glance it looks like dollar bill sign plus the word “tone”. She should’ve went with “Rolling Stoned” instead.

  46. Mayda says:

    what an awesome commercial for air jordans.


  47. Jane says:

    Living in Chi Town for 49 years I can tell you a good number of Bulls/Jordan fans here are totally pissed off at Miley for this. Michael is one of the (if not THE most) famous and greatest basketball players in history-he and his number should not be associated with this entity. I could care less if people disagree with me.

  48. drea says:

    Sacrilege. She’s wearing his number on her ASS. Take it off (ha, like she needs convincing to take anything off). Jordan must be wondering WTF. Wouldn’t be surprised if her people are begging him to say something positive about this crap “tribute.”

  49. Side-Eye says:

    I want to slap whoever told Miley she has an ass.

  50. Kath says:

    What the hell happened to rap music? Public Enemy used to have incredibly complex songs about complex issues, and brought all kinds of musical innovations to the table.

    Now it’s singing about wearing shoes (!), and being “at the club” and waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care…

    When did rap and hip hop become so effing DUMB and one-dimensional?

  51. boltuprite says:

    I’m sure Jordan is just thrilled.